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Awesome: Dragon Ball Multiverse
  • Cell from U17 vs Dabura from U11 near the end of the battle Cell gets hit by Dabura's Stoning spit and is turning to stone. So what does he do to avoid losing from this? HE RIPS OFF HIS HEAD FROM HIS BODY to regenerate from his head to to win because Dabura is too weak after the rest of the fight and was using the stoning spit as a last resort measure to win.
  • Vegeta says the Cell Jr the Super Namek is fighting is as strong as the original Perfect Cell. Super Namek blows the Cell Jr's brains out in one shot.
  • U7 Nail has one when he hits Frieza in the face while he's busy talking about his power level.
    • The whole damn chapter counts. Despite the Bittersweet nature of it. Seeing the collective might of the Namekian people utterly destroying Frieza is a joy. The best bit being how none of Frieza's transformations make any difference.
  • King Cold revealing his original form for all (including the viewers) to see. How powerful is it? If had this form when he fought Trunks, Trunks would have lost. Videl was right to quit.
  • Page 609. Pan vs U13 Kakarotto. Pan starts charging a Kamehameha, only for Kakarotto to stop her by grabbing her arms. The one thing he didn't see coming was Pan firing the damn thing from her feet, scoring a clean hit on Kakarotto!
    • And now Pan has gone Super Saiyan! Too bad she still forfeited the fight.
  • Pages 566 to 577 are a big one for Future Trunks. He can't go beyond Ultra Super saiyan(which cannonically has about the same power as Super Saiyan 2, but is hampered by a loss of speed) so he compensates by using it in a manner similar to the Kaiou-ken. The result being that he's able to fight Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta near equally. He still loses, but its enough for Vegeta to give him props, and a reminder that the power of a technique is not always as important as how you use it.
  • On Page 746, When Gast tells you to calm down, you calm down even if he has to magic you into a ball.
    • The Grand Supreme Kai gets one by near effortlessly replicating Gast's ability just by seeing it once.
  • The whole Baddack Vs King Cold fight. Cold goes to his final form and give the fight of his life to Baddack.
    • Not to forget that Cold actually manages to WIN the fight, reintroducing all of the terrified awe most of us felt when we first saw the Frieza family's power.
    • Not only that, King Cold reaches 100% of his power in a second when it took Frieza several seconds to do the same.
  • The Universe 8 Special Chapter, ending with Frieza killing EVERYONE might just as well be called: "Why Krillin is awesome." In a single chapter, he manages to behead Vegeta, kill Appule, and seriously annoy Zarbon. In the next chapter, he actually inflicts some serious damage on Monster Zarbon with his Solar Flare + Kienzan combo (Zarbon just barley dodged it, but not completely), which leaves him weak enough for an angry Gohan to finish him off. No small feats for somebody who already counts as a member of Team Cannon-Fodder.
  • Chapter 41 is basically "more Gast awesomeness." Upon encountering Cooler, Gast doesn't even bother with his subordinates, and goes in for the kill immediately. Cooler basically goes down in three hits. Oh, and Vegeta and Cui are still his bitches.
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