Awesome / The Dragon King's Temple

  • Janet banishing the yukiuso in Chapter 8
    "This," she spat, "is an infirmary. Dohman and Gabor are dead and beyond my help, and I certainly don't have a prescription for you." Her voice tightened into a whipcrack. "So you can consider yourself discharged with prejudice!"

    It wasn't her imagination. The line of salt Toph had laid around the edge of the infirmary flared, bright as the candles still flickering throughout the room. She had a strange sense of pushing

    And the yukiuso was gone.

  • Chapter 11: Aang is battling a face-stealer-class ice spirit above an alien world. Katara is in an airborne spaceship on the fringes of same and decides Aang could use backup and/or a Cooldown Hug.
    O'Neill: "... If you think I'm letting you walk out into the middle of that...."
    Katara: "I don't recall asking permission." (opens hatch and gets blasted into the snow-filled sky)