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YMMV: Big Brother
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Pretty much all of the house guests.
    • Likewise, alternate gameplay interpretations, too in the American version.
  • Base Breaker: During Season 8 of the U.S version, both Jen and Evel Dick were simultaneously loved and hated by the fanbase.
    • Brendon and Rachel are either loved, or seen as Creator's Pets. Indeed, Brendon's return caused quite a bit of people on the fan forums to just Rage Quit in disgust. Even people who sat through Big Brother 9 (considered the worst season) and Big Brother 12 (considered another of the worst).
    • Nikki from the UK series is either really really annoying, or actually pretty funny.
    • And from Season 13, the double eviction in which two powerful players (Daniele and Jeff) were evicted, Jeff by players he had targeted and accused of being "Floaters" who did nothing to stay in the game claiming that this is the worst season ever. Others were praising the three on their insight to take out the number one target over someone they all hated (Rachel). Others were also praising that Jeff was gone.
      • Season 13 in general was either one of the best seasons ever when Rachel realized being a complete jerk won't win her the game and got what she claimed to have deserved. Or you were suspicious at how Rachel seemed to get every single twist directly or indirectly benefitting from it, shaking your head at the Flanderization of the game into a game about competitions.
    • The end of season 14. Dan was either one of the smartest players (if not THE smartest) to ever play the game and was robbed by a bitter jury. Or, Dan played too aggressively and burned too many bridges on his way to the end, while simultaneously never succeeding at getting a large threat out of the house (Ian).
    • How about Amanda from Season 15? Just mentioning her name anywhere is bound to start up discussion on whether or not her racist comments were justified.
      • Similarly, Elissa. General consensus is that she's genuinely likable and the polar opposite of her sister, but some dislike her for the fact she's an obvious stunt cast, and some feel that casting her because she's Rachel's sister was an insult. Others hate her more for the fact that she was pretty much guaranteed MVP every week until America took over due to Rachel's fans.
    • McCrae also from Season 15. He starts off as a nice guy who everyone likes and then he teams up with Amanda... Let's just say despite not having said any of the racist, homophobic, or misogynistic comments, he's considered by many as guilty by association for hanging around with Aaryn and especially Amanda. Other fans still love him and think he's the most likable of the late-game players.
    • Season 15 in general. With the racism, homophobia, misogyny and bullying, in combination with the terrible gameplay, many fans are stating that Season 9 looked better. Or it is one of the stronger season in Big Brother, with it's memorable moments, minimal riggage, chilling downfalls, and a complex (albeit unlikable) cast that changes roles events by events (if you want a staggering example, watch the roles of Elissa or Judd changes from the start the the finish).
    • The winner of Big Brother Canada 1. Emmett, Talla, and Andrew all voted for Jillian, and Peter, Alec, and AJ all voted for Gary. Topaz meant to vote for Gary, but because she wasn't paying attention she thought they were voting to evict the final member, not for the person to win. Topaz votes for Jillian, Jillian wins, and everybody - fans and contestants alike- begin debating afterwards who the "real" winner is and what should happen (suggestions ranging from a revote, to simply Jillian handing the money or a portion of it to Gary). Gary, though, is fine with it, citing the previous sentences during the season where rule technicalities played a big part in the game and that the end result was still fair.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: During a discussion about his plan with Matt in the HOH room, Lane spontaneously declares that he needs some pop rocks. Cue him sitting in a chair in silence, the sound of the rocks being caught by his microphone, and Matt staring incredulously. And then:
    Lane: Green apple's not the best flavor.
  • Broken Base: The various fanbases of the show do not agree on anything.
  • Cargo Ship:
    • Daniel/a fake coconut tree in BB S11.
    • Will/the backyard camera in the US All-Stars edition
    • Gary and Marsha the Moose in BBCan 1.
  • Creator's Pet: In the form of Manipulative Editing, making Shelly look like she spent the whole week sitting around whereas Rachel was the one doing all the work. See Manipulative Editing.
    • The editors pick their favourites from all the players and decide to show them off to the audience. The problem is; they assume we'll like them too, or that we'll Love to Hate them. But we just hate them - making them Creator's Pets. Given that producers in the American version have the power to slant the show and make Manipulative Editing work in their favor, their favorites become even more obvious, and sometimes even though we loved them, we begin to hate them due to overexposure.
    • Brendon and Rachel because they take up 50% of the screentime and were already highly unlikable from Season 12, then returned for Season 13 having learned almost nothing. Jeff and Jordan are coming into this due to similar overexposure.
      • Not to mention, the producers even fixed an entire season for them.
    • Jessie seems to be hated all over the Internet, yet, he has now made an appearance during five consecutive seasons. He's been used as a punishment from Pandora's Box during the last three. And two of those weren't Actually Pretty Funny like the first.
    • Amanda of Season 15. She's easily disliked by nearly every viewer for her controlling attitude, racist/homophobic comments, bullying behavior, and her general bitchiness to all Houseguests. Yet, the absolute worst of her comments are kept exclusive to the live feeds as to portray her in a positive light, and rumor has it, the season has been rigged for her from the start.
      • Many of these rumors turned out to be quashed as production actually did not step in to bail out Amanda or Elissa the way they did Rachel in the past seasons.
  • Critical Dissonance: Season 13. According to CBS, season 13 was one of their most rated seasons for Big Brother. If you ask the fans, especially the ones who've been watching the show since 2000, it made Season 9 look like pure gold. And that is saying something.
    • Add Season 15 to that example as well. Ratings only went up after CBS decided to show some of the comments made by Aaryn and Gina Marie
  • Defensive Fans: Try saying you don't like Jeff & Jordan or Brendon & Rachel, or that you don't think season 13 was that good.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: When Tom opened the shower door while Alec was in it, exposing his privates to everyone. Alec actually broke down crying in the Diary Room later.
    • A similar event happens on the live feeds of Big Brother 2 Canada where Sarah burns Jon with scalding hot spoons and causes him to break down crying.
    • And then we have the montage of contestants crying in Season 15, which came across this when the scene where Candice was crying. Few people may have notice that her clothes that she was wearing was same like she wore on the BedGate...
    • Caleb's (from U.S. Season 16) unhealthy obsession over Amber has gone far beyond Gina Marie's obessions.
  • Ear Worm: Oats ay la Layla.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Automated Big Brother in 2006. Pete had way too much fun playing with it (and it once "Evicted" him!), and it even broke!
    • Jeff upon receiving the Coup d'état Power: "Coo...Coop deh taht?"
    • "Flood Night" in the recent season.
    • Also from Season 12, Enzo's "space adventure".
    • Big Brother 9 (UK) also had a task involving one of those steady hand games where you have to avoid touching the wire. In this case, all the housemates had to wear body suits that were fitted to give them all a shock each time the wire was touched. Cue lots of failed attempts and screaming housemates every time they slip up.
    • Travis from Big Brother Australia 2007 had a chance to win a trip to Bolivia after winning a Friday Night Live touranment. Instead of reading "Bolivia", he read "Bolvia".
    • Jen's breakdown in Season 8 (US): "I shall now perform....eating."
  • Elimination Houdini: Occasionally, a houseguest who is continuously nominated for eviction survives, or they wind up dodging the bullets.
    • Sharon and Natalie in Seasons 9 and 11 (US), Paul and Freddie/Halfwit in 2009 (UK). All of which were continuously nominated yet survived week after week.
    • Camilla from Season 6 in Australia. She was up for eviction ten out of thirteen possible times. She survived all of them and ended up taking second.
    • Frank in season 14. Through seven rounds of nominations, he has been on the block five times. He has been either the HOH or a nominee every week before being finally evicted Week 8, and only because he was ineligible to compete in the HOH that week and trusted Dan's lies.
    • Spencer of Season 15, nominated nine times, faced eviction eight of those times, and spent four consecutive weeks on the block.
    • McCrae also from Season 15 before being finally evicted at Final 4. He hasn't been nominated until 3/4ths through the game and every single time he was nominated he won the Veto, despite being a huge threat physically and mentally.
    • Sabrina in Big Brother 2 Canada. Unable to win any challenges, yet managed to become the runner-up and win $20,000 because Jon knew she'd be easy to win against.
    • In UK series 15 (2014), Pauline used her Killer Nomination on Jale. This meant Jale faced eviction each and every single week she was in the house. She survived three evictions.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Lisa in the ninth UK series entered with her boyfriend Mario, and was initially in his shadow and a background character, but after he was evicted she grew in popularity, because of her humour and the way she managed to be a bit of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander while being very down-to-earth at the same time, and was one of the few housemates to actually stand up to house villain Rex. When she was evicted it was a very close vote between her and Sara, who had been bullied badly by some of the other housemates. Lisa left with the crowd giving her the biggest cheers of the series even more so than any of the finalists that year.
    • Marcus in the tenth UK series said he was going to rebel and intentially tried to invoke this trope, calling himself "The Irrepressible Dark Horse". Although he didn't win, to an extent it worked, as he had one of the biggest fanbases of any housemate that series. This is added to the fact that currently he has the record for the most nominations for eviction of any housemate ever in the UK series.
    • Season 9 of the Australian Big Brother has Surly, who isn't a housemate but the pet fish of the house who can talk and can give challenges to whoever he wants. His first reveal had everyone love him because of how unexpected it was and all his actions after that have made everyone love him more..
    • Judd from the American Season of Big Brother 15 was well liked by fans but was voted off as the second person on the jury. He got closer, but was voted out before more obvious challenge threat (McCrae). He did took a level in jerkass when he returned though.
    • Peter and Gary from the Canadian Big Brother were both well liked by fans. Gary for being extremely Camp Gay and sassy at times, and Peter for being a Deadpan Snarker and one of the more amusing houseguests.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The head of household competitions in the American Big Brother actually have a bit of this. Strategically, you don't want to win Head of Household because it puts a target on your back as you reveal your targets and sometimes your alliance to the house; and you're often seen as "getting them out" even when all you did as Head of Household was nominate them for eviction, very easily someone can flip the votes around with you having nothing to do with it. Head of Household only votes in the event of a tie. So naturally, people try to avoid this until much later in the game, but the competitions are designed so that somebody has to win, and it's not uncommon to have someone win by default. A common strategy is to throw it to your own alliance members.
    • There's also some Fridge Brilliance for the final veto challenge in 12. It was actually set up like most multiple choice tests where you can eventually narrow it down to two possible choices. This was what allowed Hayden to win it, since he still had that skill of removing the blatantly-incorrect choices due to being a college student, whereas the other people in the challenge were a hotel sales manager, oil company worker, and insurance agent who had long finished school, or hadn't even gone to college.
  • Fridge Horror: A few houseguests spoke in their sleep (notably Michele in US season 11). Sometimes, these sleep-talks unnerved other houseguests (and even the viewers!) because one can only imagine what on earth was going on in their dreams. The answer? Probably something you do NOT want to know...
  • Friendly Fandoms: While many of the fandoms of this show tend to have a little bit of infighting over which versions are better (Note that the American, Canadian, and Brazilian versions are quite different than the others!) they actually do have people who enjoy watching other versions. One of the single most notable examples of this is Big Brother Canada - which was largely watched on YouTube by American viewers who couldn't get access to the SLICE TV channel that ran it. One poster even put it that Big Brother Canada was essentially "Big Brother Spring". For a little while, the short-lived "The Glass House" shared a few fans, but ultimately lost most of its viewers once Big Brother came on.
    • One reason Big Brother Canada caught on was that it staggered its runs with the American version, and unlike the previous spring season, had a much more colourful and memorable cast like the summer seasons.
    • Also with Survivor and The Amazing Race- in fact, Survivor and Amazing Race fans have been known to turn on Big Brother and watch it because when Big Brother is airing, normally most seasons of Survivor or Amazing Race are being filmed. Airing during the dead time also helps.
  • Game Breaker: The Coup d'état allowed the holder to take off the nominees and put up their own. The first time this was put into the game, the specter of it made people afraid to nominate their own way. The second time, it completely turned the game around.
    • During the fourth week of Big Brother Canada 2, the producers let Canada act as the HOH for that week (similar to international versions like U.K.'s version, minus the audience voting to evict) causing a complete reversal of power in the house.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • As noted, the show is popular in many countries around the world, most especially Britain (which is still ongoing with 13 regular series and 11 celebrity ones). But in the Netherlands, the country whence it came? Cancelled in 2006 after six series.
    • The Brazillian version manages to be one of the most popular reality shows of its country, if not the most popular. It's probably the only reality show that actually works in the country. No Limite (a Survivor knock-off) hardly managed to get three seasons in 10 years, Though a Seasonal Rot started to kick in with season 12, and the show is starting to overstay its welcome.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Houseguest Amanda referred to Candice (who is adopted) as the "Black Annie"/"Blannie", intending it as an insult. Fast forward to 2014 where Annie was remade...
  • Heartwarming Moments: From 5 in the US, the realization by Cowboy and Nakomis that they were siblings.
  • Ho Yay: Ragan (gay) and Matt (straight) in US S12. They're almost always together to the point where people think they're in an alliance, and Matt even referred to Ragan as "a good showmance partner". When Matt was put on the block, Ragan began to weep uncontrollably.
    • A few contestants even thought that the "secret relationship" Annie implied existed was between Ragan and Matt and that they had been dating before entering the BB House.
    • Week 1 when the Sabatour revealed that two house guest have a connection too each other Brenden right away thought that Matt and Ragan could be gay for each other.
    • A minor but hilarious example with AJ and Andrew from the Canadian version. As the two oldest guys in the house, they pretty much only talked to each other. Later on, during the veto competition (which AJ was playing in), contestants had to choose someone else by random draw to be their partner. Gillian pointed out in the Diary Room that almost everyone drew their showmance. Cut to AJ drawing Andrew to be his partner.
    • In Season 15, after Judd is evicted, McCrae has a Heroic BSOD on the live feeds wanting to be alone and wishing Judd would come back. The two were extremely close during the game and even though they are both straight, this still counts because McCrae wants Judd back more than anything even if it means getting rid of Amanda. The two seemed closer than most friends in the game even forming an alliance with Andy and Amanda. McCrae even wears his bear shirt!
    • Peter and Gary from BBCanada get some of this during their time hosting the side show in season 2. One particular moment is when Peter is criticizing Scott on his game (or lack thereof) and Scott interjects.
    Scott: Can I just say that I love what you're wearing tonight?
    Peter: I didn't wear it for you, I wore it for Gary.
    • Frankie and Zach. Just... Frankie and Zach. One houseguest thought they'd even start making out, despite Zach's claims that he's heterosexual.
  • Hypocritical Fandom: If someone lies, backstabs, flips, and whatever, they get derided by the fanbase, especially if they backstab a fan favorite. If someone gets far by making people think they're worthless and can beat them easily, they're called a "floater" and are told they're terrible at the game. Dr. Will did both, not winning a single competition in both his time in Big Brother and is still considered the best person to have played the game. .
    • One can also see Double Standard in this as people are much more likely to forgive players like Dr. Will and Jeff because they are Mr. Fanservice - but will hiss "Floater" at people who aren't Mr. Fanservice or Mrs Fanservice even if they make great moves.
    • Jordan was somehow considered a great competitor despite only winning a total of three head of household competitions throughout her entire run. Only one of which she actually won without having everyone else hand it to her or deliberately throw it for her. Adam, Kalia, and Porsche managed to win over twice that amont (complete with a few vetoes for good measure) and people continuously hiss "Floater!" at them. You just know that if you swapped Jordan with Kalia or Porsche, people would be crying "Floater!" at her.
    • In Big Brother 13, a lot of people supported Rachel's win because she won four head of households and Porsche, due to a twist, got two free weeks to sit around the house. Porsche manages to make a lot of great moves to get herself further, and she's called a "floater" and "undeserving" by both the jury and the fanbase. Fast forward one year - the fact that Dan literally got a free ride to week four and that Ian won over twice the competitions he did is completely glossed over and the Jury was clearly "bitter". Forget what happened last year...or even the fact that Dan messed up his social game.
    • For that matter, former BBUS player Ragan Fox calls out a lot of fans hating on one player for trash-talking another player... while obsessively trash-talking them on the forums. He also points out much of the double standards.
    • In the 2010s, fans felt that producers should only casts superfans because they knew how to play the game. While ignoring an important aspect: Will Kirby (and Richard Hatch from Survivor) was never a fan before he applied, because he has nothing to research to.
    • Every time a houseguest makes some comment about another houseguest, they will get hated on by the fans... who then proceed to... guess what? say rude things about them on the internet, call their workplace and ask that they be fired, send rude messages to their friends and family without regards to how they sank down to their level. And every time someone points out that making hateful comments about those houseguests isn't any better, they pull the old "But they are a sexist/racist/homophobic/hateful pig therefore they deserve it." thread.
    • Some fans took to Twitter to bash Amber when she rejected Caleb, while supporting Caleb's unhealthy obsession over Amber. This is a complete reversal over Season 15 when people took Gina Marie's obsession over Nick as humorous.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Ika Wong in Big Brother Canada 2 was given a Sadistic Choice between making a last ditch effort to save herself and give letters from home, or take $5000 CAD and shred the letters while the houseguests watched her. Ika knew she had no chance to stay so she instead took the money. Most of the houseguests (especially Kenny and Andrew) tore into her when she got in, only for Ika to tell them how much she didn't care. Sarah pointed out to the houseguests that even if she gave them the letters, they were going to evict her anyway and would have said What an Idiot if she didn't take the money.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Dr. Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling.
    • An honorable mention goes to Ian Terry from Big Brother 14 who's wit managed to make Dan look too arrogant to the jury and managing to slip under the radar for a long time without getting nominated.
    • A huge mention goes to Jon and Neda, the power couple of Big Brother Canada Season 2, who both played a flawless social game and got rid of potential threats (Arlie, Allison, and Heather) while getting past each week without so much as being nominated, let alone evicted. But then Jon realized Neda wasn't going to take him to the end, so he ultimately decided to evict Neda in the final three rather than face her in Final Two, taking the more disliked Sabrina over her. Arlie admitted Neda and Jon were Canada's equivalent of Dan Gheesling. Arlie WOULD have been this, had he not bungled his gameplay by coming clean. Also another honorable mention to Hayden Moss from the American Season 12, who had a near flawless social game as well.
  • Memetic Mutation: The Chenbot, as well as making montages of her saying "But First".
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • Amber's constant crying
    • Most of Rachel's temper tantrums, saying "Nobody gets between me and my man", or her constant bragging about how awesome she is. Oh heck, almost any time she opens her mouth.
    • Any time a houseguest eats something crunchy during the feeds.
  • Nausea Fuel: There was an obscene amount of people in the second season of Canada's Big Brother who belched, farted, picked their nose, went naked, and did other unmentionable things. Also they chewed with their mouth open so you could see the food being crunched into a mushy pulp in their mouth. Peter and Gary have noted that not all Canadians are like this.
  • Nightmare Fuel: One houseguest in the American version ran into the diary room and started to tell people that she needed an epi-pen and to be sent to the hospital because she was having an allergic reaction to something. (Likely a Bee sting.)
    • The antics of Justin from Big Brother 2 can make a person's skin crawl.
    • Caleb's unhealthy obsession has become very unnerving for many fans.
  • Never Live It Down: Jeff will be known for two things: Spelling "Technotronics", which isn't even a word, as "Tectronics", and accidentally throwing out the clown shoe he needed to win the veto and get himself off the block two years later. (To be fair, the latter was an accident.)note 
    • Marcellas will always be known as that person who won the golden power of veto when he was on the block, and didn't use it, resulting in his eviction.
    • Chima's meltdown where she Rage Quit and was subsequently ejected by Big Brother is arguably the most famous moment of season 11. (So much that when Jeff Probst hosted a show of the most memorable TV moments, Chima throwing her microphone into the hot tub was the only Big Brother moment that was even mentioned.)
    • Season 9 US will forever be known as a drug-running season. Never mind that only two out of sixteen people cast for the show actually did that.
    • Averted - Jade Goody would have never lived down the bullying of Shilpa Shetty in Celebrity Big Brother or her stints on the previous Big Brothers if she were still alive.
    • Nikki will forever be known as a Wangster.
      • Bunky will forever be known as the person who cried in the house. Interesting to note that his crying wasn't so much Wangsting as it was happy crying.
    • Season 15 will now be known as the most mean-spirited season for the US, with the comments made by certain houseguests.
    • The Australian series will always be linked to two unforgettable words: Turkey slap.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Big Brother 15 in the American version the most controversial season yet (similar to the Shilpa incident.) It received a multitude of controversies and people asking for houseguests to be evicted... and yet it received the most votes or fan favourite, and its ratings spiked when they decided to air some of those comments made by Aaryn, Gina, and Amanda.
    • Plus the fact that a lot of websites (in America) were talking about it for a week or two, and did you read the character sheet of that season? For extra fun, compare it to the character sheet for Big Brother 14 or Big Brother Canada - even the current season.
  • Pandering to the Base: Season 13 of the American version, which featured the unnecessary return of six fan favorites (two of them being Creator's Pets) with obvious slantings and bailouts when things weren't going their way. The live feeds would be almost perpetually turned towards them, and the edited shows would be about 90% Brendon&Rachel or Jeff&Jordan, denying any of the new houseguests any chance at screentime.
    • Season 14 of the American version also counts with the coaches essentially getting free rides until Week 4. Also subverted in the fact that 3 of the 4 coaches got evicted in weeks following.
  • Periphery Demographic: People often watch many versions for Sociological purposes. ie, studying what the houseguests do. The people who watch the US and Brazilian versions for sociological purposes (ie, alliances and pairings) also overlap with the people who do so with Survivor.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Some people liked Rachel's return, being able to see how she plays without Brendan.
    • Of all things, Aaryn has been this in some faces. During the first few weeks, she's a complete bully in the house... but then by week four and five, manages to win two head of households and avoids eviction.
      • A better example goes to none other than Gina Marie. Apart from the first impressions, she and Jeremy pretty much threw "Most hated HG" title back and forth due to their bullying of other houseguests and comments. (Yes, even more than Aaryn and Amanda for awhile - that's saying something!) As of week ten, she's one of the more liked houseguests because she nominated Amanda and McCrae, stood up to Amanda's bullying, was nice to the Creator's Pet Elissa, and will likely have the numbers to send Amanda out.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A bizarre example. Season 10 contestant Steven Daigle has recently gone on to a career acting in gay pornographic films.
  • The Scrappy: Aaryn is perhaps the closest the series in general has to this, in between her racist bullying of houseguests Candice and Howard to her outright denial of it.
    • Amanda Zuckerman. There is a problem when America decides to put her on a block, over someone who became The Scrappy due to racist comments, and that's before she took a bigger level in jerkass!
    • Earlier than that, Natalie from Big Brother 11 (US), who even had an (unintentionally) meaningful nickname of "Scrappy". The reason for that was that while she actually did try to shake things up a bit, she pretty much attached to Jessie and spent most of the game not doing anything (While simultaneously bragging she was a competitor), flat out not even TRYING to win challenges when her alliance really needed it, letting Kevin do the work, bragging how awesome of a competitor she was when she did win something, and perhaps the worst event were her actions with the first two Pandora's Boxes. The first Pandora's Box had Kevin's hand get trapped while dollar bills fell down in the backyard, and Natalie went up to get him, saw he was stick, and went to get more money rather than stop to free him. It took him threatening her to say nobody would win anything if he wasn't freed. And when she was head of household, and she needed to participate in the most important veto competition... which she gave up, forcing an extra weight to fall on Kevin.
  • Scrappy Level: A couple challenges had a Special Effect Failure or two. From the American and Brazilian version, the hot dog/soda challenge. What they had to do was split the houseguests into two teams and had to climb onto the punching bag shaped like a hot dog or bottle of soda and then ride it to the other side while the teams had to operate a pulley to get it from one side to the next.note  The challenge encouraged teamwork, but at the same time was slanted towards taller people because you would slip and fall right on off of the punching bag.
  • Seasonal Rot: Accusations of this have been made by the US fans following Season 12, which was filled with floaters and long, boring moments.
    • In the US, prior to season 12, the worst seasons were generaly agreed to be 4 and 9. 4 for its stupid twist and unlikeable cast, 9 for it's below 30 cast of eye candy (only 1 player was over 30, and even then she was a former Playboy model), a bunch of hastily cast players who weren't very likable with the exception of Natalie, a beginning twist that sort of screwed Parker and Alex (And originally Sharon) because people were evicted in pairs, its winner who became a drug dealer (yes really), and Joshua. Just Joshua. The next season, a back to basics thrown together 3 months later is considered one of the best seasons for not being like 9.
    • Season 12 (along with 2 and 10) is perhaps one of the best ways to demonstrate what the US Big Brother is actually like; the producers didn't really try to slant the season that much and they didn't show off that many twists that affected the game (sans the Diamond Power of Veto, which was a small-scale coup'de'tat note ) because the Saboteur twist ended early and failed big time when it was tried again beyond just annoying the houseguests. (Although it did screw over Kathy) However most people were rather...dull game players because they were booksmart and not really streetsmart. The Brigade shows a Boring, but Practical strategy. There were also a couple players who, if they were in another season, probably would have controlled the house but wound up on the wrong side of a four (later three) man alliance or didn't play too long. Heck, Ragan could've controlled the game; his main shortcoming was that he spent too long hiding behind house drama and didn't start playing hard until it was too late when the alliances were tighter.
    • Season 13 was considered even worse than season 12, depending on who you asked. Combine the Brenchel-centric editing during the entire season, the boring people cast as sacrificial lambs for the Creator's Pet to win, and the obvious riggings. What amazing luck that the second Rachel and Jordan are in trouble and might actually go out, the Head of Household is forced to open Pandora's Box, introduces a twist that mysteriously benefits them (and only them!), the veto challenge is a carbon copy of the first head of household competition, and the next head of household competition is a rehash from the previous season (Which has been done before) but one that Rachel described as having done well at a couple days before the feeds. Wow Rachel, what AMAZING luck. A lot of people actually Rage Quit the season because it was pretty much spelled out that the producers wanted one of the "Veterans" to win. The fact that Rachel even said that they were promised jury says a lot.
    • And then we come to Season 15 which is either regarded as one of the better seasons or an example of this. It didn't help that most of the likable characters were voted off early, and the rest of the cast was either racist, unlikable or at best, polarizing. The editing favored Mc Cranda and Aaryn though once the editors realized how popular Judd was, he became a bit of a creatorsPet too. The other things said about this season probably shouldn't be said here.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Being a competitive game, this is bound to happen. Some people are very competitive and attack people for playing the game differently than them, when people with different strategies have proven to work.
    • Brendon&Rachel and more recently Jeff&Jordan (But Jeff moreso) have shown themselves to be incredibly intolerant towards other peoples' gameplay, especially trying not to make yourself be perceived as a threat to others. Typically; what gets you further in the house is making the other houseguests think they can beat you - And winning competitions is typically a good way to make houseguests think they can't beat you. One almost wonders if they'd accuse Will and Mike "Boogie" Malin of having poor gameplay and say they are terrible players, since Will's entire strategy was making people underestimate him and target somebody else. (Boogie even lampshaded this in All Stars when he immediately dropped out of an endurance competition saying they(Janelle and Erica) had to take him, even comparing himself to Richard Hatch in the process.)
    • Fans from the BB US franchise can be extremely judgmental and extremely demanding on more gameplay than entertainment.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Jeff has managed to get away with homophobic comments and hate-speech. Among these are calling Russell a "Faggot", accusing Kalia's support of the GLBT community as just trying to get support on the show, even saying gay people should not be allowed to teach children and implying gay people were pedophiles. Surprisingly, people SUPPORTED him and said he is 100% right.
    • When Jeff was evicted by Shelly's vote, people made death threats to her family, even saying that her daughter should be taken away from her or have violent things done to her. Note that Shelly's daughter was, at the time, eight years old.
    • People criticized Kalia for "not being black enough".
    • On Season 5, Adria nominated Will and Marvin for her first HOH. This trope applies when they claimed they found their nominations in their bible (Will is gay and Marvin is black).
    • For that matter, any time racial slurs are uttered on the show, or by the fanbase.
    • Where to begin with Season 15 of the US series? Three houseguests (Aaryn, GinaMarie and Amanda) were even fired from their jobs due to racist comments, while another (Spencer) was investigated by the police for a joke about child pornography.
      • What's also a bit weird is that several racial slurs were aired during previous seasons but nobody actually spoke up.
    • Caleb from season 16 US - Alot of people are assuming that he will be just like Aaryn or Jeremy. Why? He's from the Deep South.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Paul Clarke in the 2001 UK series was nominated for eviction four times in a row by his housemates only to have the public vote to get rid of his fellow nominee every time.
    • It happens all the time in the Argentinian version known as "Gran Hermano", specially after the fourth one. A special mention goes to the winner of said edition, Marianella Mirra, who was shunned by most of her old house mates but received the biggest amount of votes in "Gran Hermano" history.
    • Played with (inverted?) in the current Brazillian version. The aforementioned Ariadna was the fan favorite just for being transsexual, yet was the first contestant to be evicted.
    • Evel Dick from US Season 8. So much the America's Player twist bailed him out.
    • Elissa from US Season 15. Her win in the fan favorite came from her own likability (or being the least offensive in the later phase), her sister's fanbase, and people who voted for her because just to rub it off to other contestants in the later phase (who viciously talk bad about her).
    • Many occurrences in the UK series. Alex Sibley, Jon Tickle, Victor, Science, Aisleyne, Rex, Freddie/Halfwit and Aaron.
  • Values Dissonance: Basically, viewers familiar with the US and Canada format would tends to put empasizes gameplay over entertainment. While viewers familiar with the UK format will try to make everything more and more entertaining for them.
  • Wangst: Nikki Grahme in 2006 would throw tantrums over some of the pettiest of things.
    • From the american series, Amber would cry over just about anything. In Season 13, Rachel comes pretty close to Amber in terms of constantly throwing pity parties and crying, while Brendon would just try to calm her down. Other criers from the American series include Daniele (8), Shelia (9), April (6), Chima and Lydia (11), Ragan (12), and Rachel (12 and 13). (Zig-zagged with Bunky, who had a reputation for crying a lot but his crying was more happy crying.)
  • What an Idiot:
    • The newbies had a golden opportunity to vote out Rachel, instead, Kalia decided to TRUST Rachel & Jeff, even though Rachel said 'to her FACE' that she'd target Danielle, followed by Lawon asking to be evicted, thinking he could beat whoever came back. "Win-nothing" Lawon, against either Dominic or Brendon, allowing the veterans to retake a majority. To be fair, Lawon asked to be voted out and there was no way for them to have known it'd be a challenge. And also to be fair, exchanging Rachel for Brendon would've been a better choice. But please, Brendon will just sacrifice himself for Rachel.
    • Anyone who volunteers to go up on the block and be evicted. Lawon and Dustin come to mind.
    • Happened to Boogie of all people on Big brother 14. The comptetition required the coaches to crab-walk across a balance beam and if they touched the ground with their feet, they were out. Boogie finished the competition and, either out of ignorance or pride, hit the ground before he touched the button. Britney even said this trope word for word.
      • In the exact same competition, Dan of all people. The Coach's competition meant that if you win, you could save one person from nomination and eviction. Instead of acknowledging that he really really needs to win this competition, he throws it. While it worked to get him far in Big Brother 10, his outright throwing the competition wound up giving Janelle an easy win, letting Frank's plans go exactly as planned.
    • Alec and Peter manage to pick up an Idiot Ball - Alec for one throws a veto to keep Peter in the game. Arisa immediately tells him "Why did you do that?". Then during the second double eviction... Peter wins veto. He has such an opportunity to throw a wrench into Jillian and Emmett's plans and use it, forcing Emmett to put up Andrew. However, he doesn't use it and evicts Topaz. He paints a huge target on his back and proceeds to remove any possible ally.
    • The entire Big Brother Canada (yes even Emmett and Jillian) house during a task Peter is given. The task basically consisted of Peter planting some of Tom's items and changing his black and white picture, with a coloured one. Everyone goes into panic and Emmett and Jillian assume they have to find all the items as part of a game. Naturally, this is Played for Laughs.
    • During the "counting" Veto competitions in the US version (in which the houseguests must guess how many of a certain item there is), there's always someone who guesses a ridiculously high number that has no chance of being correct, as well as someone who folds during the last round (meaning they're guaranteed not to win). Ashley from BB 14 deserves special mention for doing both of these.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Badass?: Anyone deemed "undeserving" or simply didn't play the kind of game that people didn't like them. Typically, if you wind up taken over someone or actually have someone backstab their alliance in order to take you further, then you've certainly done something right. Nicole expected this to be pulled on Dr. Will in Season 2.
    • Kalia, Shelly, and Porsche have had this. A lot of people hate them...yet they did exactly what Dr. Will did.
    • Surprisingly averted with Jordan - despite literally being carried in both seasons she's on, everyone claims that she is a better competitor for having won a luxury competition and only one head of household, to Kalia's two head of households, Porsche's one head of household and vetoes (As well as how many competitions she finished in the top three with), and Adam's two vetoes and head of household win. Amazing how this got glossed over, huh?
  • The Woobie: Some houseguests can be this due to mean spirited houseguests like Jon from BBC2 who is left out of alliances and hurt both physically and mentally by other houseguests. (Sarah scalding him with boiling hot spoons, anyone?) Also Alec from BBC1 after the aftermath of the shower incident. Another example is Candice from the BB 15 who was relentlessly bullied by Aaryn and Amanda especially after her bed was flipped by Aaryn's fit of rage.
    • Also from BBC2, Heather received a huge brunt of the bullying from most of the the girls in the house inexplicably.

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