Tear Jerker: Big Brother

  • In BBCan, Emmett telling Talla that she was going to be evicted. She was reduced to tears. When she walked out o the house, she stopped and spread her arms over the door, still fighting back tears.
    • Funnily enough, it was just like what happened in BB12 to Britney, although Britney took it better.
    • Before Talla, BBUK had Kathreya. Similar to Talla, she was one of the most carefree and friendliest houseguests ever, and at one point a choice to win. However, a surprise double eviction a few days before the finale started with the eviction of Mohamed (somewhat of a Shoot the Shaggy Dog story given his status as an Elimination Houdini) and then the next evicted houseguest was Kathreya. You could hear her and the rest of the houseguests crying because she had to leave.
  • Judd's eviction in Big Brother 15. It was unanimous. Almost everyone was crying about it. Poor Judd...
    • It was even worse in the recap that Sunday, where it showed us that during the commercial break everyone burst into tears while Judd sat there pleading for his life in the game.
  • Say what you will about Amanda, the episode before her eviction was one of the biggest tear-jerkers on the show yet.
    • For starters, she was expecting Ginamarie to put Elissa and Spencer up on the block, so when she and her boyfriend McCrae were put up instead, it came as a total surprise.
    • She then angrily accused Ginamarie of betraying her, going as far as to say she didn't want to be in the house anymore.
    • During the veto competition, it came down to Amanda and McCrae of all people during the final round. Cut to McCrae beating Amanda by less than a second to win the Veto and keep himself safe. This was one of the few times they didn't play the happy winning music, instead leaving the scene silent as Amanda cries her eyes out, realizing she is going home on Thursday.
    • During the Veto ceremony, Amanda again bursts out in tears as McCrae uses the Veto on himself and sealing her fate in the game.
    • Finally, despite getting a Hope Spot when Elissa decided to save her (which means she would have the majority of the votes to be saved), Amanda's former ally Andy formed a new alliance, turned and evicted her. After that she had to face the boos by the audience due to her behavior in the house..
  • The fourth eviction of Big Brother 16 had several:
    • Frankie receiving news that his grandfather had passed away from cancer.
    • Brittany being greeted by her children after she was evicted.
    • Derrick throwing the HOH so that Frankie would get a picture of his grandfather.
    • Made even sadder with Derrick's grandfather passing away the day after.
  • From Big Brother 2, Monica finding out about 9/11 and finding out that her cousin was missing.
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