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    Big Brother UK 
  • The very first season had a moment where the housemates decided to prank Darren by telling him that Big Brother tasked him with cleaning the chicken coop (Darren is a afraid of chickens). Darren's face when he went to the Diary Room and found out Big Brother didn't give him that task is priceless.
  • From Big Brother 2006, there was a task where the housemates had to all go into the main room and recite the pledge of allegiance to the State of Susie whenever the fanfare played. As you can guess, they would often do this several times in less than ten minutes. Hilarity Ensues when Nikki is trying to take a nap and just about every time she goes to bed and gets comfortable, the fanfare plays.
    • Nikki was either really good for a laugh or really good for a bunch of annoyance.
    • Another Nikki moment was where she was told to go to the diary room and as punishment, had to sit in there in silence until Big Brother is satisfied. Nikki then proceeds to throw a tantrum, and after awhile had been in the diary room for about 20 minutes, and only silent for SIX minutes. Some of Big Brother's comments were also funny.
    "Nikki, is that silence?"
  • Pete falling into the pool is just a great bit of slapstick.
    • And inspeaking of Pete, he had a little too much fun with Automated Big Brother.
  • Later in the week, Automated Big Brother broke down.
  • Flood Night in 2010.
  • From Big Brother 2008, the Electric Shock task. The houseguests had to wear suits that had electrodes in them while three walked to the back and guided a wand through a complex maze. If the wand touched the wire, the housemates would all receive a shock. To say Hilarity didn't ensue would be lying - it was released on DVD for a reason!
  • Kathreya and her obsession with cookies in 2008.
    • The song "Cookie Love" that Kathreya and Darnell sang.
  • With due respects to her, Jade Goody could say a couple funny things that were unintentionally funny. However; people aren't as keen to make fun of her as much for obvious reasons.
  • The boys enjoying their "girls night in" in 2013. Especially Daley & Dan's DR session afterwards.
  • Celebrity Big Brother 2016. David is dead. Saying just David without a surname and a David sick in the bed causes a Black Comedy at it's finest.
  • Amanda from the 2007 series breaking so many microphones that they eventually gave her a megaphone instead.

    Big Brother US 
  • Big Brother 2:
    • Shannon scrubbed the toilet with Hardy's toothbrush to get revenge on him, and it became a classic moment. However, Shannon's temper crossed over into Dude, Not Funny! territory when she put chips underneath another houseguest's pillow implying she was fat.
      • Shannon was also called out on her toothbrush scrubbing because it was a health hazard.
    • In the endurance challenge, Will shifted around so much Nicole let go of the key and was eliminated from the challenge. Even if she was thinking "Wall Banger", it was funny to see what she did in the Confession Cam.
      Nicole: And I (silence) lost it! The most IMPORTANT (silence) competition!! AAAAAALLLLL because of Will's ASS!!!!"
  • Big Brother 4:
    • There was a Running Gag in the house where Alison's stuffed animal would wind up looking like it committed suicide. One of the funniest was when she found its head in the oven.
    • For the final question in the HOH competition:
    • How many days you dated with your ex in this house? Ali (Justin's ex):1. Jun (Jee's ex): 1,000,000.
  • Big Brother 6:
    • One week, the houseguests had to hold down buttons in the pressure cooker for a Head of Household competition. Most of the houseguests would get prizes if they lost, and Beau won a Martini bar - so for several hours he just made cocktail after cocktail after cocktail and got trashed. And then Janelle, his Sitcom Arch-Nemesis dropped and begun to have a couple drinks with Beau. April dropped out of the competition so the two wouldn't fight with each other and this exchange happened:
      April (in the Diary room): Really, I totally did it on purpose.
    • At least once or twice, Ivette would be in the Diary Room and instead of her occupation below her name, it simply said "She's gay".
  • Big Brother 7:
    • Will and Boogie just did not care to much about the game so in the Diary Room they had those chill town calls.
    • This footage of Marcellus and Howie at Loser's Lodge
  • Big Brother 8:
    • This.
    • Another task that Eric was asked to do was to mimic a houseguest. The public voted for him to mimic Evel Dick, and one time, Evel Dick basically throws cereal all over his face while everyone (including Eric) is clearly enjoying it.
    • The luxury competition wherein Zach, Dick, and Eric had to team up against Jessica, Daniele, Jameka, and Amber into taking off as many shirts from their body as possible and using the letters on the shirts to spell the words out to win the competition. The boys had taken off the letters to spell "Toga" but instead spelled "Goat" while they tried to figure out what the other words spelled. Then Jessica yells "Toga!" on the other side, which had been doing much better. Cue Oh, Crap! from Zach, Dick, and Eric as they realize they're going to lose.
    • Jen's breakdown: "I shall now perform....eating."
  • Big Brother 9:
    • When Sharon begun to drive the house crazy while baby-talking the guinea pigs, Joshuah and Adam started mocking her in the diary room. Then finally, someone in the writing crew had this funny idea:
      Guinea Pig: Sharon should go up on the block this week!
      Guinea Pig #2: Yeah! She's crazy!
    • Even later in the season, there is a montage of everyone saying they weren't lied to, and then the guinea pigs say they weren't lied to either.
    • When the writers returned from the writers strike, they begun to insert some Funny Moments through editing, such as when the boys were reading the bible, they showed a "Bible Buddies" screen.
    • Parker walks to the bathroom and hears Jen and Ryan having sex inside. He then looks towards the camera and smiles.
  • Big Brother 10:
  • Big Brother 11:
    • Jeff wins the Coup d'etat by public vote, and he's called to the Diary Room to collect his prize. But he can't quite pronounce it.
      Jeff: Coop-de-tat?
    • After Jessie was evicted, Chima, Lydia, and Natalie held a small "memorial" service in the kitchen and shared wine, acting as if Jessie had died and saying he would be missed. Kevin meanwhile just sat there looking at them weirdly, and mentioned in the Diary room that he was Surrounded by Idiots.
    • Casey received a punishment from a challenge that he had to wear a banana suit for a week. After the show? He started selling Banana-themed merchandise on eBay.
  • Big Brother 12:
    • There was a "punishment" where the houseguests had to stand up and dance whenever music started playing. Hilarity Ensues when Enzo has to get up and start dancing in the Diary room, and when they play it in the middle of the night. Ragan starts dancing while half-asleep.
    • When Annie revealed that Brendan has a Masters degree in Physics which he was keeping secret we get confessionals from both Andrew and Ragan both who lied about their jobs of being a Doctor and a College Professor both bragging no one knows their job.
      Andrew: Good thing no one knows i'm a Doctor!
      Ragan: Good thing no one knows i'm a College Professor!
    • Britney was good for a lot of laughs! When she was tethered to Brendon thanks to a challenge talking how he had to take a chum dip every couple of hours, you could see her mouthing "Help me" in the diary room.
      • In the first competition wherein houseguests would ride across on a giant hot dog to the other side, Britney was told she couldn't compete after she fell and hurt her ankle.
        "I lost my dignity on a giant weiner."
    • Enzo's "space adventure".
    • The Zingbot. It's clear the houseguests were having fun, too.
    • It's no secret that Jessie is a Creator's Pet, and was so even by BB 12, even some of his haters admitted that his appearance in BB 12 was Actually Pretty Funny. Britney was offered a chance to have a former Big Brother player give her some tips...except that they never specified what kinds of tips those were, so cue Britney locked in the Pandoras Box room with Jessie giving her tips on weight-lifting while the other houseguests were lead to a luau in the backyard.
  • Big Brother 13:
    • Dominic and Brendon have a superhero fight in the back yard
    • This was funny due to the editing. We see Jeff and Jordan talking to each other while Rachel and Porsche are running laps around the back yard. Every time Rachel runs by, music plays, and then stops whenever she runs out of sight. Then Rachel falls down.
    • That footage of Keith trying to get all the milk out of a fellow contestant's sponge suit for a competition is clearly not going away anytime soon.
    • The first veto competition, in which both Keith and Porsche (who are partners) are throwing it. This leads to this perfect cut to the diary room.
    Porsche: "I'm throwing the Veto competition and Keith has no idea."
    ( Jump Cut to Keith's Diary room)
    Keith: "I'm throwing the Veto and Porsche has no idea."
    • Even funnier is that Jeff and Jordan did worse than them. Yes, Jeff and Jordan did worse than the team that was throwing the competition.
      "I'm being beaten by a team that's throwing the competition!"
    • Rachel says everyone is playing the game for themselves and is mad at people for doing so. This is ironic because the person saying this is Rachel.
    • One time, the production forgot to turn off Rachel's microphone and she went to the OOPS!
    • Around Cassi's eviction, you can spot the Zingbot in the audience.
      • And now he's no longer just a cameo. Zingbot returns to zing the new final few, and even host his own competition!
    • Shelly: "I am probably the only one in this house who knows what a dishwasher even is, since nobody in the house does their dishes!"
    • The Zingbot again.
    Zingbot: Hey Jordan. The reason that Jeff hasn't proposed to you yet because he knows you are bad at answering questions!
    Jordan: *To the Confession Cam* What?
    • The look on Adam's face (and his overall reaction) when Tori Spelling walked into the house. One has never seen a grown man Squee! like so before.
    • Jordan, "We beat all odds!" This is extra funny considering that Jordan had been bailed out by a combination of Pandora's Box and two challenges that were tailored to Rachel's strengths.
  • Big Brother 14:
    • Frank's argument that Shane should use the Veto on him one word "Apreesshh".
    • Danielle and JoJo comparing their New York and Southern accents.
    • When Willie called a house meeting with no coaches, everyone started asking "Where's Boogie?", including the Coaches who weren't allowed on the meeting, thinking he was leading it. Jump Cut to Boogie sleeping.
      • Another similar moment happened when Janelle was trying to convince Shane and Britney to keep Joe in the house after a small argument, Janelle says she has to talk to Joe to convince him to deal with Shane saying that Boogie could be talking to Joe cut to Boogie, Frank and Ian talking about working out.
    • Ian appears to be trying to do some funny things, like poking around the house, running around naked...
    • Boogie saying that he used to work with Dr. Will, one of the greatest players of all time, now he works with Ian who kicks himself the face, saying that someone should kick him in the face.
    • They got Dr. Will to make a cameo talking about which coach has the best strategy, who would win etc but what was really funny was who Will thought was going to win.
    Will: I had to guess it would be Ian. Some people would think Ian and Boogie have nothing in common but that is not true because Boogie is just a forty year old Ian.
    • Ashley talking about the "Spiritual world", coupled with Britney's weird face since she was obviously having none of it.
    • Boogie during an argument with Frank and Ian.
    Boogie: This is the Big Brother house. We can bounce checks.
    • Britney talking about Janelle's lack of emotions.
    • Boogie sitting in the diary room saying that he drafted the brains and the brawn. Pan out to Frank in a spiritard and Ian in a dog suit.
    Frank: Go team.
    Ian: Woof.
    • Zingbot returns for his third time to deliver more glorious zings, but the best one by far, even considered so by the houseguests, was the one for Danielle
    Zingbot: Hey Danielle, I heard Shane's getting you something after the game...a restraining order! Ziiing!
    • Britney zings Boogie by saying Boogie's eyes are too busy looking up due to his Botox.
    • Ashley epically failing at the veto challenge. Then after the veto...
    "Awww it's a baby Zingbot. I love babies!"
    • The "Baby zingbot"
    • When Joe's family was introduced, suffice to say, he gets a few zings from his own family.
    Sarah: I'm Sarah and I'm Joe's-no wait, I'M SARAH AND I'M JOE'S WIFE.
    • Joe's kids even got in on the act, and say "Turn down the volume!". Heck, Joe's wife even says that amongst the gameplay advice she'd give is to turn down the volume.
    • Joe's son says to shave that white-thing on his face.
    • Jen trying to squeeze the lemon juice from Danielle in a Have Have Not challenge. Understand that this is pretty hot on the heels of Danielle getting over some ignorance of lesbians, and in a challenge where one person is to help other teammates wring out a padded suit wring out lemonade that they are soaking u. Cut to Jen, not only riding Danielle, but GRINDING in the process.
    • Boogie gives a really really rude bye message to Janelle. Britney gets back at Boogie by giving him a similar burn.
    • Joe's goodbye speech, which he was forced to make after a physically challenging veto competition, consisted of him pantomiming "kick her out and keep me".
    • The Brigade making a cameo.
    • Joe and Jenn fall off the endurance challenge before the live show's even over.
    • Frank's been more than willing to wear silly costumes, such as a carrot suit and the unitard. He even tried to lobby for his safety while wearing said Carrot-suit, and admitted people would take him more seriously.
    • After Jessie's fifth-time returning, he leaves out the front door and Frank says the one thing we've been wanting to say to Jessie since 2008.
    Frank: "..And don't come back!"
    • The second double eviction has several.
      • While attempting to have a private conversation with Dan, Jenn accidentally closes the door on Ian's fingers.
      • Dan then tells Jenn to leave, & Ian believes Dan's addressing him, and attempts to leave, before Dan calls him back.
      • At the nomination ceremony, Joe puts himself in the nominee seat before Dan has even announced who he nominated.
      • During the second eviction, the houseguests take their time coming to the living room, so Julie hilariously says "In the living room. Now........ don't make me come in there."
      • During Joe's eviction interview, Julie asks Joe once & for all what that white thing on his chin is.
  • Big Brother 15:
    • After being nominated, Candice told the others she wasn't going to just sit in the corner & cry. Cut to her crying in the Diary Room.
    • Andy says, "It's not every day you get to see baby pictures of the devil". The Devil referring to Aaryn.
    • Amanda saying she was afraid that Clowny, Aaryn's stuffed clown, would come to life and kill people.
    • Julie Chen zings Aaryn, Jessie, and Nick. in one, The biggest gem comes when Nick realized that Gina Marie was the only one who was really into him.
    "Well maybe you should have kissed Jessie - she'd give you a vote."
    • Aaryn says that she never said anything racist.
    • Howard decides to throw the have not competition just to make sure Aaryn and Gina Marie are have nots... and still manages to win anyways.
    • Aaryn's fight with Amanda.
    Amanda: What game do you think you're playing?
    • Week four, wherein America was the MVP and they got to vote on the nominee (and subsequent replacement). Hilariously, enough people voted Elissa that she got nominated.
    • Week five. Aaryn won head of household once more... and Amanda gave a hilarious diary room entry where she talks about Clowny. Then he gradually slides into the shot. Amanda has a lot of fun with it!
    • Andy talking about how the hammock is his place to relax and think about things... after which he is nearly attacked by a small bird in said hammock.
    • Everyone cracking up during the Week 6 nomination ceremony. Production even had the dramatic music suddenly die out when Judd started laughing.
    • Cutting off the basic necessities, Gina Marie spends 30% of time doing nothing and spewing mean things, spends 30% of time obsessing over Nick, and 50% of her time doing over the top stuffs that makes people wonders that if she is really over 30, her HOH blog that she written certainly told everyone that she is a trainwreck.
    • Helen and Gina Marie have a heart to heart discussion about one another's families. When Helen brings up that her Korean mother has difficulty understanding English, GM comments that it "would be like living in a different country".
    • Before Amanda's eviction, Elissa trades her(who decides to keep her further)wedding ring with Amanda's wedding band as a promise. Why it is funny? Because this move is originated from BB13, where Shelly trades her wedding ring (that is revealed to be fake) with Rachel, ELISSA'S SISTER, to lengthen her stay in this house.
    • Judd's punishment of the "Gift of health", repeatedly annoying him in the diary room.
  • Big Brother 16:
    • Everyone thinking Donny is ex military - the editors had so much fun with that. Bonus points because they're completely wrong.
    • Devin broke the door on the way to the veto competition.
    • While Julie was talking about how Hayden and Nicole's votes might align, Hayden and Nicole can be seen frog-hopping to each other.
      • Victoria does it a few weeks later by doing a funny walk when Julie Chen isn't looking.
    • Nicole trying to drink from a tankard and the lid fell right on her nose.
    • Cody getting the "penalty kick" punishment.
    • Nicole sending a pool ball right into Hayden's crotch.
    • While sleeping, Cody accidentally whacks himself in the face, looks around confused for a moment, the immediately goes back to sleep
    • Zach's eviction, which consists of said evictee throwing food at the remaining houseguests.
    • Say what you will about Jocasta, she had some pretty funny diary room entries, where she got "phone calls". What was extra funny about these was that of all people, it was Jocasta, who wasn't much of a joker to the house.
    • The Zingbot and Kathy Griffin delivered some - and were funny in VERY twisted ways. Among these:
      • "Frankie, how'd you get so tan living in your sister's shadow? ZING!"
      • Kathy Griffin to Victoria said "I would zing you but I'm only supposed to zing people that are actually playing the game."
      • Cody being told he's made no enemies... except for Christine's husband.
    • While the season overall has gotten pretty boring, the diary room entries have gotten to be quite hilarious - among these being Frankie saying "I will win this competition, I'm good at numbers!" only to get knocked right out, or all the diary room entries when the fake bombs exploded during the veto competition.
    • "DONNY! You are out!" Donny doesn't go sit down... because he was looking for something to eat.
      • Jocasta "looks" for a knockout token in the trash, then immediately dumps all the trash on the ground.
    • Victoria becomes the editor's chew toy, being portrayed as useless in competitions, and completely clueless as to what is happening behind the scenes
    • The look on Cody's face when he was told he had to put the dinosaur suit back on.
    • The entirety of the jury segment right before the Rewind twist had several:
      • Zach entering the jury house and being greeted with a birthday exact replica of the pink hat that Victoria cut up.
      • Donny imitating Christine's laugh, only for Christine to walk right into the area, and then getting the cold shoulder from all of the jurors.
      • When the jurors watched the video clip of Christine winning the bomb defusing veto, Donny can be seen muttering "Turn it off."
      • Donny raising his hands in excitement when Christine mentioned that she got booed.
      • Hayden asks Christine about liking people in dinosaur costumes (a direct reference to Cody), and Donny immediately responds with "Do you have an attorney?"
    • Victoria's story about being abducted by a crow as a child. This one was confirmed to be true.
    • There's something entertaining about Season 2's winner and fan favourite Evil Dr Will's conversation with the Jury of Season 16, as the Jury members essentially bash the exact kind of game Will himself played (and won) 14 years earlier (by winning absolutely no in-game competitions and very secretly being The Chessmaster). Whenever they'd talk negatively about how Derrick (The Chessmaster) and Victoria (who won no competitions at all) played, Will would just ask, with everyone almost talking over him, "Yes, but is that a bad thing?"
  • Big Brother 17:
    • After Da'Vonne gets the last laugh and answers the phone on the right moment she does a funny Happy Dance.
    • Steve is playing with the vases in one of the rooms, and the announcer comes on and says, "Steve, stop that."
    • Steve flirting with one of the cameras.
    • Almost anything that comes out of Johnny Mac's mouth.
    • John, Jason, and Liz's "Whackstreet Boys" punishment.
    • While trying to convince James to replace either herself or Clay with Austin, Shelly tells him that Austin's wrestling alter-ego was named Judas, and implies that this alone is enough to make him untrustworthy. After a beat:
    James: Have you partaken in any narcotics today, Shelly?
    • Vanessa's Oh, Crap! when she realizes she'd been spraying her hair not with hairspray, but with cleaning disinfectant.
    • James not knowing what brussel sprouts were when they showed up in Becky's HOH bag.
    • James talking about his daughter is mostly heartwarming, but it's funny due to him describing how he found out about her nine months after a one-night stand.
    James: I walk into the hospital in a daze and they go "Are you alright?" and I say "I...I have a daughter". They go "Congratulations!" And I go "I just found out two hours ago". They go "Ooohhh..."
    • The montage of James's pranks during the recap episode.
    • The Food Fight on Day 88.
  • Big Brother 18:
    • During the first competition for the teams to earn the right for safety, Tiffany is the first one of Team Freakazoid to fall off. In his Diary Room entry, fellow teammate Glenn chastises Tiffany that he can barely do good in anything physical and states that her falling makes him look superior to her. Cut to Glenn falling off next.
    • Paul's epic failure in the fourth roadkill competition.
    • Michelle zings Tiffany after how much of a crybaby she is.
    "These ropes are more sensitive than Tiffany."
    • The care package for Nicole is delivered... and it hits Natalie in the head.
    • Victor's fail at the dart competition.
    • When Nicole and Paul are fighting about her getting him nominated, Corey suddenly runs into the kitchen and starts taking his unitard off.
    Corey: "Oh, are you guys fighting?"
  • Big Brother: Over the Top:
    • In the second Head of Household competition, Jason talks about the discrepancy between Whitney and Justin as they use a prop sword to hold a fake crown onto a board. It repeatedly cuts between Whitney with a blank expression on her face... and Justin who is dancing while still holding the sword in place.
    • Kryssie looks out at a climbing wall and, without missing a beat, says "Aw for fuck's sake."
    • Justin intentionally tosses the veto competition.
    • Morgan's final speech alludes to Monte... cut to a dummy dressed like Monte with a balloon for a face (complete with a marker-doodle face) that had been placed into a corner.

     Big Brother Aus 
  • Everything Michael has done so far in Season 9. From his gay shark joke to hugging everyone enthusaistically as part of the challenge to win the Executive Bathroom for the day. The fact that he has the IQ. of a genius makes it even funnier.
  • Surly the fish, just Surly the fish. Even when he first talked he had Michael laughing.
  • Benjamin, the flamboyantly gay housmate provides some pretty funny material like saying "Scusi!" when he makes a mistake or when he called Michael a Bogan.
  • Surly's reaction to the reveal that the (fake) second house has its own mascot. An octopus named Rodney.
  • Layla catched Zoe talking to Surly and then Zoe simply claims she is talking to herself. Layla then takes this to Michael who thinks her claims of Surly talking are fake. Which is especially funny as he was the first person to be approached by Surly.
  • The radio challenge is absolutely hilarious because of how each pairing (Ava and Estelle, Michael and Josh, Ben and Stacy) work off each other for each of their segments. The radio station is called Double B FM and the tagline is "Radio that puts the 'Unity' in Community"
  • The unwelcome guests task in one of the final weeks and the people they got to enter the house, which included previous housemates, narrator Mike Goldman who still narrated from inside the house and even a ninja. The ninja even becomes an unintentional Call Back when Michael stealthily brings attention to it by telling the others he was nicknamed the "Ginger Ninja" in school (the "Ginger Ninja" being a main ninja in the Friday Night Games in the earlier seasons).
  • Travis from Big Brother 2007 had a chance to win a trip to Bolivia after winning a Friday Night Live touranment. Instead of reading "Bolivia", he read "Bolvia".

     Big Brother Canada 

Season 1

  • Andrew the vampire, complete with vampiric music.
  • When Suzette tries to play the veto where you knock out others plates, she accidentally gets her own plate.
  • During the double elimination, Talla accidentally slips in the Diary Room.
  • Any time Talla drinks is bound to cause a few of these.
  • Topaz getting her Bikini line waxed. Everyone hears her screaming and Gary goes up to investigate. After a little while he puts on headphones and starts dancing in front of Talla and Topaz.
  • Andrew tries to make the foulest thing he can.
  • Topaz keeps sleeping through the wake-up alarm.
    iPod and Headphones! Please go to the diary room!
  • The "Double date".
  • On episode 19, Peter is given a task to trick the other houseguests into thinking that Tom is returning. The entire house with the obvious exception of Peter are completely convinced. Emmett and Jillian even look around for the other items thinking there are more items.

Season 2

  • The very first words uttered on the feeds when they went up? Someone saying, "Where's the Maple Syrup?"
  • Anick trying to win the houseguests over with a Reiki relaxation session. Ika doesn't have any of it and even calls it a "Voodoo spell".
  • When escorting the three secret houseguests into the house through the back entrance, the production team had the great idea to blindfold them. Hilarity ensued.
    • And Scott was flirting with the secret agent escorts the entire time.
    • The three enter the super-secret soundproof War Room hidden within the Big Brother house, and their first reaction's really warm. And Nate really wants to know if he gets a bobble head of himself like the other houseguests.
  • Paul, Adel, and Kyle jokingly start their own show where they talk about every way they screwed up in the house. Hilarity ensues.
  • Gary and Peter's weekly rants on the after show about whatever important topic is concerning the house that week, which usually end in take thats to each other.
  • Allison's enters the house for the firs time while the other houseguests are waiting outside, and spends the next few minutes awkwardly sitting in every chair in the house.
  • Allison and Jon receive a secret mission: get completely hammered without any of the other houseguests noticing. It results in a dance party in the diary room, and them getting so drunk they start talking Newfie to each other.
  • The "I'm getting Beat up" dance.
  • one week, Canada was the Head of Household. The head of household room played the Canada, Eh? trope Up to Eleven, putting poutine, ketchup chips, and maple syrup as head of household treats in the room with a Canadian Flag in it.
  • Talla revisited the house.
  • The montage of everyone falling. However, it also veers into Dude, Not Funny! territory when you realize that some houseguests really got hurt.
  • Kenny coming out to the house in the most casual way possible.
    Kenny: It's a really nice day today...fuck it, I'm gay!
    Other houseguests: WHOOOAAA!
  • The side show, introduced in Season 2. It's quite amazing how well Peter and Gary play off of each other.
  • Marsha gives Adel a mission... and then Big Brother gave everyone else a mission. That mission? Make sure Adel fails his mission!
  • Adel decides that he doesn't need to win a veto at all to stay safe in the game... so he decides to throw the competition (Which is a speed competition by the way) by just doing a really silly walk for a few seconds before finally getting to the challenge.

Season 3

  • "I'm doing this for you Talla!"
  • Kevin's first attempt to pop the balloon fails - the music makes it worth it
  • Sarah looks like she's being built up into the next Talla for sure - her voice even has the same airy-quality that Talla's had.
  • Sindy tries to disctract Bobby when they're the last two in the HOH competition by grinding her butt against the glass wall between them. It almost works, too!
  • During one of the downtime conversations, some of the contestants can be heard talking about the strictly-Canadian absurdity that is bagged milk - a concept that reached memetic status on tumblr a few years prior.
  • When it starts snowing in the hot tub room, Kevin rushes in and starts making snowballs to pelt the other houseguests.
  • The Power Ranking Board from the side show: a magnetic board that Peter uses to demonstrate who's playing the best and worst game at the time - in theory. The firs time he uses it the name plates keep falling off, causing Peter to toss them off to the side and declare that the player has already lost. Furthermore, Gary snatches away Zach's name plate and sticks it on top because of his crush; Peter just declares "You only want him on top of you!"
    • The following week the board went much more smoothly, but Peter had shuffled Zach to the bottom of the board.
    Peter: Top to bottom Gary, isn't that what you wanted?
  • Most of the segments from BBTV, including Zach's impromptu striptease, Willow's perfect Justin Bieber impression, Sarah's stand-up, and Willow's interpretive dance.
  • Big Brother trying to get Godfrey to stop sleeping all over the house, to which the other houseguests snarkily reply "Wake up sleeping giant!", calling back to his boast from earlier that week.
  • Pilar manages to win HOH in week 6, to the surprise of everyone - including herself. She constantly gasped in surprise whenever she got an answer right.
  • Willow getting knocked right on her head in the football themed competition.
  • Kevin and Zach in french maid outfits. Godfrey's reaction to it doesn't help. You either feel sorry for them (walking in high heels for someone who isn't used to it like men isn't really fun) or found it downright hilarious.
    Godfrey: I wanted to have a threesome with two beautiful french girls. This was not what I had in mind!
  • Gofrey's nickname with the houseguest and the community is "God". Which leads to some rather humorous conversations where the houseguests and the viewers talk about "Evicting God", "Putting God on the block", "God is my target", or "Backdooring God".
  • The task where the houseguests had to make a road trip through Canada...and they hit Marsha.

Season 4

  • A complaints window is introduced in the pantry for the houseguests to use when Big Brother does something they dislike. The first person to use it is Nikki, complaining horrid she is.
  • Raul says he used to compete in baseball, and surely he should do well in the challenge. Cue him hitting the ball right into the wall instead of where it's supposed to go.
  • A veto challenge uses the same "roll a ball over a ledge x times without dropping it". The next few minutes shows everyone constantly messing up and getting frustrated.
  • Nikki spells "Saskatchewan" "Saskatchuuam"
    • Before that, Tim had said "Lake Supreme" instead of "Lake Superior" and said "Oh I was thinking of pizza!"
  • Nick and Phil are given a secret task to make the houseguests assume they were fighting. The way it was edited makes it look so obviously faked it comes off as hilarious.
  • Jared getting pranked with pickle juice.

Season 5

  • Sindy's Epic Fail in the second Head of Household competition, just Karen's response
    "Sindy! That sucked! With an S!"
    • To say nothing of Cassandra's fail as well.
  • The soap opera contained a lot of hilarious moments:
    • Gary's Large Ham act of him getting poisoned
    • Neda's letter from Jon... saying he blew up her house like he blew up her game.
  • The houseguests had to find barcodes hidden for a task... and Dillon pulled off a door paneling.
  • William gets a chance to track down a hidden Power of Veto, but is told that it will become void if he gets caught by anybody. He manages to find the secret chamber where it's hidden, but Karen sees him just as he comes back. How does Big Brother keep her from getting too nosy? By getting on the intercom and declaring "Karen. Stop that."
  • One veto challenge had the houseguests need to buzz in close to one hundred minutes, and then Big brother would distract them. When rabbits were placed inside their chambers, Ika flips out.

    Other versions 
  • Overlapping with a Crowning Moment of Awesome, the very first Danish season of Big Brother saw a fully fledged rebellion, where the remaining 7 contestants broke out of the house, after they had been punished for failing a weekly challenge. 3 of them eventually returned, but the other 4 decided to quit the show on the spot.