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Binge Montage
"Fifteen minutes later we had our first taste of whiskey
There was uncles givin' lectures on ancient Irish hist'ry
The men all started tellin' jokes and the women, they got frisky
By five o'clock in the evenin' every bastard there was pisky!"
The Pogues, "Body of an American"

Several characters get drunk, wasted and frisky over the course of a night, often portrayed in alternating slow and fast motion at wild camera angles, with heavy dance music over the top. Dizzy Cam, Jitter Cam and Facecam will be much in evidence. Someone free-pouring spirits into/onto himself or someone else is obligatory, alongside other assorted Alcohol-Induced Idiocy. Most likely there will be stronger drugs involved as well, which may be explicitly shown or just implied.

Sometimes shown as a still-frames montage, perhaps imitating either the Missing Time such parties tend to leave one with the following morning, or the effect of browsing a Facebook photo album.

A trendy modern variation on Drunken Montage;

See Wild Teen Party and A Party Also Known as an Orgy, common settings for the technique.


  • The "Don't Turn a Night Out into a Nightmare" series of Australian PSAs make heavy use of this.


Live-Action TV
  • Skins, especially the (in)famous trailers for it.
  • Misfits: Nathan and Ruth enjoy one of these in the second episode, with the two of them getting completely smashed on everything vaguely alcoholic left in the community centre, trying on costumes in the supply cupboards, and clowning around in wheelchairs.
  • The episode of Spaced where Tim and Daisy go out for the evening (and get into a finger-gunfight with a bunch of yobs).
  • One episode of Community has a montage of Jeff and Abed getting drunk, complete with odd costume switches and Breakfast Club style dancing.
  • In Parks and Recreation Season 3, the episode called "The Fight" where all the Parks employees get drunk on Snake Juice. It also features Ron Swanson doing a completely hilarious dance
  • Cougartown once featured a binge Photo Montage.
  • Breaking Bad had Jesse taking the money Walt gave him to buy an RV, and spending it all on strippers.
  • One of the Cold Opens on Six Feet Under involved a montage of a young actress at a movie opening ingesting a truly epic amount of cocaine over the course of the evening. Given the show, it was not terribly shocking how that ended for her.
  • Phoneshop portrayed a Klatchian Coffee binge this way, with the salesmen hypercaffeinating themselves in order to hit a sales target.
  • On Murdoch Mysteries, Constable George Crabtree's role in one investigation (that happens to take place in his hometown) is to get drunk with locals so that they can steal him a part of a treasure map and expose themselves to Detective Murdoch. George drinks, dances, sings and is forced to kiss a fish. Good times.
  • Subverted in Sherlock. Sherlock takes John out on his stag night, and despite his meticulous planning both end up drinking too much. We get this trope, ending in both of them collapsed in a heap on the stairs at 221b Baker Street - only for Mrs. Hudson to wander past and exclaim that they've only been out for two hours.

Music Videos

  • In Rock Band 3, once your band reaches a certain level of fame you'll be treated to a cutscene of them attending a party on the roof of a skyscraper. The video depicts them uncorking a bottle of champagne, acting intoxicated while partying, and it ends the next morning with them all passed out.


  • Lawn Justice: What do three 27-year-olds do with fifty bucks? Body shots, twerking, and making out with random passers-by, apparently.

Western Animation
  • Krusty did this once in The Simpsons (of course).
    • Also spoofed when Bart and Milhouse overdosed on Apu's super-concentrated slurpees.
  • Happened at least once in Tom and Jerry, namely when Jerry gets drunk during a fight between Tom and another cat that had a bottle of champagne dropping its contents on the mouse.
  • Metalocalypse:
    • Pickles, unsurprisingly, has one of these in the episode "Hateredy".
    • The whole band does in "Dethhealth" - during a vacation they took to get clean for a physical.
      Ofdensen: Well, judging by the way you look, and smell, I'd say you spent the whole week binge-drinking and doing drugs.
      Nathan: ummm...oops?
  • Futurama Bender in the short story where he is turned human. At one point, he wanders out of the bar at closing time to enter a doughnut shop as it opens. He then leaves the doughnut shop at closing time and heads back to the bar. This time with two sexy bakers in tow.
  • One of these scenes was storyboarded for an unproduced episode of Mission Hill on which Andy, Jim and a coworker go on a tequila binge. Notable is Jim inexplicably changing into a shirt that reads "One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor" halfway through the montage. A tequila binge that doesn't result in inexplicable clothing exchange is no tequila binge at all...
  • Archer, finding out he has cancer, uses it to guilt Woodhouse out of tickets to a Vegas vacation he'd planned all year with his brother. Cut to Archer and Woodhouse's brother in a still-picture montage of a serious Vegas bender.
  • Seen several times in "The Ghost", an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball: Each time Carrie possesses Gumball's body, she takes it on an eating rampage, with Gumball waking up the morning after in a pile of leftovers. The scenes themselves are a parody of the "Smack My Bitch Up" music video mentioned earlier.

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