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Replacement Scrappy: Videogames
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 intentionally does this with Raiden. Maybe he would have been more liked if he hadn't, to make his inherent not-Snake-ness worse, also for being a distinctly Bishounen You Suck character who spent a lot of time Narming at his girlfriend over the Codec. This is made even worse in that he remained practically hidden away by Kojima until the Prologue section of the game ended. The opening introduction even goes as far as to either show none of the Plant chapter, or when they had to, only show the villains, or to make sure Raiden isn't very visible. But then gave the fans something to talk about in Metal Gear Solid 4.
  • The Legend of Dragoon
    • Inverted. The substitute for Lavitz is often considered to be just as good if not better. Part of the reason is that Albert came into the game and had some time to get development in.
    • Played straight with the substitute for Shana. Miranda does have a small fanbase who adamantly believe she deserves more love, but she also has a hatedom because she didn't make a good replacement for Shana. Miranda came in at a bad time and didn't have that much of a chance to be developed. She plays exactly the same as Shana, and is the only character who cannot use additions. Both are undoubtedly the best healers in the game (Can be almost permanently in dragoon mode) but she can be just as easily substituted by items (or even Meru) for almost everything outside of her ultimate dragon attack. On top of that, Miranda's personality is rather abrasive and while she does get a few scenes where she isn't (and is even called out on being annoying!) it's a little harder to appreciate them.
  • Apollo Justice Ace Attorney attracted a lot of ire from fans of the old main character, Phoenix Wright; partly because Apollo simply wasn't Phoenix, and partly for necessitating Phoenix to become arguably Not As He Was Known in order to allow him to shine. No one can quite seem to decide what the problem with him is, though; depending on who you ask, the complaint is that he's "almost a carbon copy of Phoenix" or "not enough like Phoenix".
    • The unexplained absence of well-liked support and secondary characters important to Phoenix's character (especially the Feys, Gumshoe and Miles Edgeworth) also upset many fans, which means poor Apollo gets even more dislike directed towards him. In the tutorial case that Phoenix solved the case himself (leaving players feeling cheated and making Apollo look like a bigger idiot).
    • Alleviated by Dual Destinies where Apollo works together with Phoenix and Took a Level in Badass.
  • Devil May Cry 4 and "I'm-not-Dante" Nero.
    • Possibly made worse by the revelation that he's actually supposed to be "Not-Vergil" rather than "Not-Dante."
    • Dante from the new DmC is not having a good time either, especially since this Dante has black hair and looks like an emo poser. It certainly says a lot when the main feature that everyone's waiting on is the shifting environments as opposed to the story or even playing as Dante again. Pick any random review site or video game magazine; chances are the DmC article will showcase the "non-static" setting while taking only a minor note of everything else. The initial models of Dante's new look had an uncanny resemblance to Tameem Antoniades, Ninja Theory's Art Director and head of the project. The fact that he then spent subsequent interviews after the announcement bashing on the Dante's previous iconic look definitely didn't endear this new game to fans.
    • There's also Lucia from Devil May Cry 2, who many saw as a poor replacement for Trish (who was present in the game as a Secret Character; the irony of it all is that Lucia was most likely created because Trish wasn't playable in the original).
  • The title character of Mega Man X7 was demoted to Optional Party Member so the apparently 13-year old reploid Axl could steal the lead role.
  • Midori from Guitar Hero III, as noted by Yahtzee in his review of the game. She was added to the series' third installment while Clive Winston, Eddie Knox, and Pandora were removed. While Midori is a perfectly fine (and downright cute) character and the player's choice of avatar has absolutely no effect on the actual gameplay, people are still bitter about the removal of their beloved Pandora.
    • Strangely enough, Eddie Knox and Lars Umlaut could both be seen as replacements for Clive Winston (who got shoved into being an unlockable character in the second game before being removed in the third), but neither got anywhere near that much heat.
    • Rectified in Guitar Hero 4.
    • Due to the choice to remove nearly the entire line-up of original Guitar Hero characters in favor of unlockable real-life stars, Guitar Hero V has the interesting potential for the likes of Shirley Manson or Kurt Freaking Cobain to be Replacement Scrappies, if you liked any of the characters that were dropped.
  • Happily averted in Halo: Reach with Noble Six, who was basically as Badass as Master Chief and enjoyed customizable armor. His only flaw? He was unlucky.
    • Part of this stems from the fact that Noble Six is YOU.
  • Johnny from the third installment of the Shadow Hearts series was a poor stand in for Yuri, the protagonist of the previous two entries.
    • However, any fan of the series would realize Yuri is unavailable for the non-trivial reason that he's dead, damnit. He's not coming back. No one found the body. He's got his Stable Time Loop and he's happy.
      • On the other hand, the fact that Halley is never even mentioned at all is a little harder to rationalise. Particularly since he moved to the USA after the events of the first game, and would seem a fairly reasonable choice for a cast member given his psychic powers and prior experience of fighting at least one Cosmic Horror.
  • Emil from Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World... is an unhappy subversion because Lloyd never had that much fans and the problem the fandom has with his is his wangst, not being unable of living up to Lloyd's non-particularly high standards.
  • This gets leveled against all the Suspiciously Similar Substitute additions to Super Smash Bros. Brawl in some circles, although most of the removed characters were just duplicates of other characters who remained. Perhaps the one who gets the most heat is Lucario, though, as he's believed to have replaced Mewtwo, who didn't have any clone in the game. The fanbase still has arguments as to whether Mewtwo was a hopeless character that got replaced by a superior character in every way, or replaced by someone meant to hype the at-the-time latest versions of the Pokémon games and abandoned instead of retooled.
    • On a side note, Lucas was thought to be a Replacement Scrappy for Ness until Ness was confirmed to return.
    • Played straight with Toon Link though, since there are still a lot of Wind Waker haters out there, who went berserk when Young Link was replaced by him.
    • In a non-character related examples. Many of Wario's random moves in Brawl got a lot of ire directed towards them for replacing moves used in Wario Land. In particular the "Corkscrew" move is disliked for having nothing to do with the "Corkscrew Conk" from Wario World.
  • In The King of Fighters, lots of people hated May Lee for replacing Jhun Hoon. And lots of people hate K' and Ash Crimson for not being either Kyo or Iori. K', however is less Scrappy than Ash because he only links himself with Kyo's story once (in 1999, whereas actual Kyo clones appear, but even they don't play much to the story/main fighting) and doesn't bother with him much. Ash, on the other hand, had it worse due to his extremely flamboyant style, as well as him becoming a Creator's Pet by starting to actually UPSTAGE Kyo and his crews by stealing Chizuru's powers, and, later, Iori's, in EVERY game he's in.
  • In the Soul series, rabid Hwang fanboys (and HwangxMina fangirls) won't stop bashing Yun-seong for replacing Hwang in Soulcalibur II.
    • It's the same with Maxi, who is similar to Li Long, although it has to be said that Maxi's fighting style is more developed. Berserker and Assassin in Soulcalibur II have the same moves as Rock and Hwang (who are not in SCII) did in Soulcalibur. They aren't strictly Scrappies because they're not canon to the game's story.
    • Natsu, one of the newcomers in Soulcalibur V is shaping up to be this, as she's going to replace series stalwart Taki. Fans are not pleased.
    • Plenty of the new characters in V are getting this. Xiba for being a Sun Wukong Expy who only ever thinks about food, the above-mentioned Natsu for being arrogant and cocky rather than Taki's cold, get-the-job-done attitude, Patroklos for being a self-righteous Jerkass (even though he does get better later on in the story mode), along with Pyrrha for being a massive Spotlight-Stealing Squad to the rest of the characters... the list goes on.
    • An in-universe example occurs between Tira and the new Nightmare. While Tira had Undying Loyalty to the Nightmare of III and IV, that Nightmare was destroyed by Siegfried. Tira has since refused to accept the new and more subtle Nightmare, considering him a coward; instead, she plans to bring the OLD Nightmare back by using Sophitia's daughter Pyrrha as Soul Edge's host.
  • Von Bolt from Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the Big Bad replacing Sturm. Being a crippled asthmatic old man in a hovering wheelchair, and a subpar CO that was ludicrously easy to defeat on top of it, rankled somewhat when compared to Sturm; Sturm being essentially Darth Vader with a paint job who dropped meteors on people and had a leitmotif with an electric guitar solo.
    • Andy was bland, but his replacement Jake's Jive Turkey routine is grating and borderline insufferable.
    • There are those that look upon the entire Days of Ruin cast in the same way.
  • In the Donkey Kong games so far, Tiny in Donkey Kong 64 (for replacing Dixie) and Kiddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country 3 (for taking Diddy's place) have been seen as this. This changed the gameplay as well since Kiddy isn't as nimble and more specifically doesn't have Diddy's cartwheel.
    • Donkey Kong Country Returns was announced to much rejoicing. Then it was announced that the Kremlings were going to be replaced by the Tiki Tak tribe and the fandom went insane. Prior to that, this was the reaction towards a lot of the cast of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for replacing the other Kongs, Kremlings and long time enemies. It was only one game, but Donkey Kong Country fans have not at all forgiven most of them for this (especially the animal buddy replacements).
  • A lot of Naruto fans hate the Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 game, because the creators decided to give North America some exclusive characters like Kurenai, Asuma, Yugao, Baki, and Bando (the last one being an Expanded Universe character created solely for the game, the others (save for Asuma) have never been in the Clash of Ninja series, even in Japan). The thing is, in order to add these characters, they removed some old ones like Iruka, Kimimaro, and the Third Hokage.
  • A lot of Drakengard fans regard Nowe, the hero of the sequel, as a Replacement Scrappy for Caim... and even most of Nowe's fans admit he just can't compare as a character.
  • Inverted in Knights of the Old Republic 2 with the Exile. While fans of the game don't outright hate the character, the characters in the game certainly seem to! Just being present at the site of a major catastrophe will cause everyone to blame you for it and even doing good deeds (incidentally, one includes fixing the problem that you didn't cause but were still blamed for) still fails to earn more than a smidgen of respect. Instead every character in the game seems to want the protagonist from the original back. And yet they can't help but be drawn to the Exile.
    • Also inverted in that while most fans don't resent the character for replacing her predecessor, they DO loathe the (incoherent and just-outright-unfinished) game for how badly it fails to meet its legacy.
    • Many fans of the male Exile refuse to consider the female Exile canon. Not sure if it officially qualifies, except that until then, all the characters where the player picked the character's gender, from Rookie One to Revan, were all canonically male. This has led to people being banned from Wookieepedia for editing the Jedi Exile's page to make her male.
  • Prince of Persia (2008). Some fans dislike the new Prince's cocky, Han Solo-esque, one-liner spewing personality compared to the charismatic yet somewhat naive Prince from Sands of Time.
    • It has more to do with the Prince's new companion being capable of exactly the same acrobatics as the Prince, as well as having access to powerful magic, which is the mechanism you are rescued with when you screw up, along with the plot critical powers needed to undo the corruption. Also, that magic is how all boss fights are best dealt with. In short, the new Prince is more or less extraneous and serves as little more than a meatshield, and is probably closer to being a damsel in distress what with him constantly having to be rescued from fatally stupid acrobatics.
  • One GameSpy Daily Victim character complained about the disappointment he felt when, as a child, Clyde was replaced by Sue in Ms. Pac-Man.
  • Mass Effect:
  • Inverted in Kingdom Hearts II. Roxas starts with a lot of these traits (he's the first person you play as, he plays like Sora did in KH1, and Sora is nowhere to be seen), but the creator probably realized he had a potential reverse-Raiden on his hands (playable at the start but not for the main game, which was the opposite for Raiden) and promptly Dropped a Bridge on Him at the end of the Prolonged Prologue. Some players played this trope straight with their reaction to Roxas, while others actually would rather have spent most of the game as Roxas instead of Sora. Thankfully, it looks like Roxas will be getting his own game soon, so fans of his can rejoice.
    • People who aren't fans of his, on the other hand, have their feelings toward him increased. This review outright describes Roxas and his game as "Scrappy Doo getting his own show."
    • Similarly, Namine of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories fame was either hated by Kairi fans for replacing Kairi, or loved by Kairi haters for replacing Kairi. Once more, the fact that the two are the same being is ignored.
  • After Nintendo's contract with Mike Tyson expired (which, contrary to popular belief, was unrelated to Tyson's legal troubles), they replaced him in the game formerly known as Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! with Mr. Dream, a fictional boxer, while retaining the boxing style. To say the least, fans were unhappy with the perceived generic character.
    • Part of the problem was that people found fighting Mike Tyson cool enough to justify his insane difficulty (the game he appeared in is considered extremely hard largely because of how hard he is), but throwing a replacement that was exactly the same gameplay wise caused people to see Mr. Dream as cheap replacement.
  • The cast of Left 4 Dead 2.Rochelle, whom almost everyone hates because her personality comes off as dry to most...or because she's not like Zoey.
    • Nick and Ellis have been received rather well, and most people feel neutrally about Coach. Three out of four generally accepted into the fanbase isn't too bad.
      • Rochelle's popularity has seen a spike, thanks to the release of the DLC The Passing which gave her a more fleshed out personality.
  • Final Fantasy V has the Badass Grandpa Galuf die and be replaced (at his insistence) by his Token Mini-Moe granddaughter Krile. Many players felt the switch to be a downgrade since this makes the player party three-fourths princesses (being that princesses have a negative stigma of their own), or because they simply preferred Galuf over Krile. She does, however, get all of his skills, jobs and stats, so it doesn't affect gameplay much (Krile's base stats are SLIGHTLY different than Galuf's, but it's just a few points here and there).
  • When Pokémon Generation II remakes HeartGold/SoulSilver was announced, everyone assumed Kris from, well, Pokémon Crystal would return as the female protagonist. Instead, another character named Lyra was introduced as the new character. Quite a bit of backlash ensued, with debates ongoing as to which character had the better design, despite the fact that Kris was technically never a part of the original Gold/Silver games in the first place, though she was the first female player avatar.
    • Kris not being part of Gold/Silver is often used as an argument as to why she was replaced, but then you have to wonder why Eusine, also not in Gold/Silver, was included.
    • Applies to some of the Pokémon themselves, albeit mostly in Pokémon Black and White due to its reboot-ish nature. Examples include the hideous Timburr/Conkeldurr line for the Machop/Machamp line, and the fairly weak Pidove/Unfezant line for the much more versatile Starly/Staraptor line. Inverted in many cases, however; many fans were happy to see the Zubat and Geodude lines replaced with the Woobat and Roggenrola lines, respectively (with the latter also getting an unusually Badass-looking final evolution, Gigalith).
    • It was later revealed that Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 would have new protagonists instead of bringing back Hilbert and Hilda. The new male protagonist has become a major case of Love It or Hate It. He mostly receives hate for appearing to be more immature than Hilbert. The female has been received a bit more warmly, but that doesn't stop some from disliking her for being more girly in appearance than Hilda. However, a trailer done in the style of a movie trailer has won over many fans for the male protagonist, who is portrayed as much cooler than his official art let on.
    • For some, the next generation of Pokemon (IE: whenever the newest games with new Pokemon are released) are seen as replacement scrappies for the previous generation. This is especially the case for "Genwunners", fans who hate the newer generations of Pokemon simply because they're not Pikachu, Bulbasaur, or Eevee.
    • If there is a new Legendary Pokemon, or even just a next-gen Pokemon being featured to promote the newest games, you'll be sure they'll be seen as replacement scrappies for older generations.
      • Zoroark, in particular, was seen for the longest time by some people as being little more than a "Lucario Clone". It doesn't help that both are bipedal canine-like Pokemon (Lucario being a jackal and Zoroark being a fox) and that both of their pre-evolved forms are obtained via event (You're given an egg containing a Riolu in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and a Zorua offers to join your team if you have a Celebi on hand in Black/White (Or a former Team Plasma member will give you N's Zorua as a gift in Black 2/White 2). Not to mention that both Pokemon were used as Early-Bird Cameo for their respective generations in the films (Lucario for Gen IV and Zoroark for Gen V).
    • Perhaps the most infamous of these is the Spiky-Eared (or Notched-Eared in the original Japanese) Pichu. She essentially replaces Celebi in an in-game event, is unable to evolve, has poor stats and a poor moveset, and cannot even be transferred to the Gen V games.
  • In the Backyard Sports series, Samantha Pearce. This was probably because some other girls had the natural athlete personality, but didn't look the part, and was removed in favor of a new character. Soon after Samantha's debut, she became the most annoying character in the entire series (besides Joey, of course).
  • Contra: Legacy of War, the first of the much maligned 3D installments in the Contra series by Appaloosa, recycled the plot of Hard Corps while substituting all of its characters with new ones, with the sole exception of Ray Poward (who didn't look anything like the original character from the Genesis game). Sheena was replaced by Tasha, Brad was replaced by Bubba, and Browny was replaced by CD-288. Even the antagonist, Colonel Bassad, is just a ripoff of Colonel Bahamut.
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni:
    • The fifth arc introduces Erika, a little girl who floats to Rokkenjima practically out of nowhere, and proceeds to solve the epitaph and possibly figure out the murderer for the arc she was introduced, attracting some visceral reactions from fans who have been puzzling over this stuff for a bunch of arcs and have scrambled brains to show for it. She then proceeds to kill the previous antagonist and attempt to be the new protagonist of the story by turning Battler into a Decoy Protagonist. Fandom was... not happy. Played with, though, because Battler is still the protagonist, just under an And Then John Was a Zombie situation. Erika is being set up as an antagonist, and so it's likely that the author was actually trying to get that reaction.
    • In the seventh arc, Willard H.Wright replaces Battler and Erika as the main character. Subverted in that most readers in fact liked him more than they liked Battler. It helps that Will had a Moment Of Awesome or two every scene he was in.
  • ''World of Warcraft:
    • The Cataclysm expansion features Garrosh Hellscream becoming this for Thrall. To clarify, Garrosh was already a Scrappy and a Creator's Pet; making him replace Thrall as the Warchief just made things worse.
    • Cairne doesn't get killed solely by Garrosh. They duel, but Cairne dies from being poisoned by the Grimtotems. There's no word yet on how popular his son and successor Baine will be. Though going by The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm, he seems to be making a good start of it.
    • Ironically, the announcement that the last patch of Mists of Pandaria would feature a raid in Orgrimmar in which Horde players would seek to oust Garrosh Hellscream and restore Thrall as Warchief was also met with disdain. This was not because Garrosh had been Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, but rather because Thrall has become something of a Scrappy himself (mostly due to his spotlight stealing plots that bordered dangerously close to Black Hole Sue territory in Cataclysm). Instead, players have been asking that Garrosh be replaced by Vol'jin, Saurfang, or even Sylvanas. Blizzard actually delivered, once everything's done, Thrall relinquished his Warchief status to Vol'jin.
    • On the Alliance side, Varian Wrynn is a borderline case. He replaced Bolvar Fordragon (probably the most popular of the Alliance faction leaders) as the leader of the Alliance, but he existed for as long as Bolvar, who ruled Stormwind in his absence. His formal introduction into the game was one of the events leading into the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and he has been as destructive towards the fragile peace between the two factions as Garrosh since. Funnily enough, Wrynn has never gone to direct conflict with the Horde (though he has ample reason to) out of some respect for Thrall, Jaina, and Saurfang. He still despises them (ditto above) and is unlikely to back down in the face of Garrosh's inevitable aggression against Gilneas and Ashenvale. With the most reasonable Horde leaders being shoved aside, it seems that Varian is getting new respect from the playerbase.
    • The entire thing can be largely summed up by Blizzard becoming aware that all the huge threats facing Azeroth that force the Alliance and Horde to work together and respective faction leaders who try to forge a delicate peace seemed to decrease the impetus for the player-versus-player, Alliance-versus-Horde conflict. Seeing as they could not have that happen, the replacement faction leaders were needed to be Hot-Blooded enough to get the Conflict Ball rolling again, even if that meant pushing more level-headed and well-loved faction leaders to the side.
  • Half the Disgaea fandom will declare any main character that is not Laharl to be a Replacement Scrappy. Adell from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories got flak for being a Hot-Blooded He-Man Woman Hater, while Mao from Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice got flak for being too much like Laharl (he isn't, but makes a similar first impression). So far averted with Valvatorez from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. According to Word of God, they tried to make Laharl and his cohorts the central characters again, but ran into a wall, eventually deciding that they'd already come up with everything they could with them. In turn, in order to attract more people, they had to come up with new faces, new locations, new everything. Luckily for those fans Laharl, Etna, and Flonne will reappear as main characters in the upcoming Disgaea Dimension 2: A Brighter Darkness
  • Though the Super Mario Bros. series isn't typically seen as character-driven, it nonetheless has a few of these.
    • In Super Mario Galaxy 2, the lovely, mysterious, and compelling Rosalina was replaced by Lubba, an obese purple Luma who won't stop telling bad jokes except when he gives you generic words of encouragement. The same words of encouragement. Even after you've already heard them. Right after completing a Prankster Comet stage, which will not leave you in the mood for his rambling. At least Rosalina makes The Cameo in the ending.
    • The case of Bowser Jr. has zig-zagged over time. The character was seen as the replacement for for the original seven Koopalings, with their distinctive appearances and (slight) personalities; at least for a while. Once he appeared alongside them in New Super Mario Bros Wii, it tended to dissipate. But when Word of God confirmed the Koopalings aren't Bowser's children anymore, the hatred towards Junior returned with a vengeance. The situation was reversed once again when Bowser Jr. was cut out of the Mario Kart 8 roster while the Koopalings got in, amplified even further when the Koopalings were included as all seven of Bowser Jr.'s alt skins. Bowser Jr fans started baying for the Koopalings blood.
    • For many fans, generic series enemies (or drones, as they call them), such as Koopa Troopas and Boos, become this when they are playable in Mario games of the Go Karting with Bowser variety. The reason is that they're there instead of the large amount of actual characters the series has built up, particularly in its RPG entries; many of whom have massive cult followings, but were effectively left to rot after just one game. It's not hard to see why multiplayer games would be a fine place to bring them back, yet they haven't returned.
    • Rosalina's been getting this purely from Princess Daisy fans in regards to her role in the series and how much of a recurring character she's been since her debut. She's managed to appear in three mainstream titles, the first and her first overall showed her to be an extremely important character (she's basically God), the last one has her as a fully playable character (with her own unique abilities to boot), and she occasionally gets Ship Tease with Luigi; Daisy had made no such appearances and her romance with Luigi is steadily becoming nonexistent. Rosalina's design and personality effectively makes her a counterpart/foil to Peach akin to Mario and Luigi (right down to the almost related ties to her), and she could perfectly fit in with Mario, Luigi, and Peach. As such, she has been called an "emo Peach clone". She's even managed to be announced as a newcomer for the fourth Super Smash Bros. with her own unique playstyle, and there's still no mention of whether Daisy will make it as playable or return as a palette swap of Peach yet again.
    • In 3D World, Plessie is one to some Yoshi fans, although others think he's a worthy Expy.
    • Blue Toad and Yellow Toad (otherwise known as Ala-Gold and Bucken-Berry, or Wolley and Yvan) in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U were this for Peach and Toad as well as Wario and Yoshi. This was because Nintendo didn't want Competitive Balance, but they listened for Super Mario 3D World and brought back the former pair.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, some fangirls see Linebeck III as a poor replacement for his Grandfather, Captain Linebeck from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It doesn't really help that his clothes look an embarrassingly lot like a Sailor Fuku.
  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards successfully averts this with Adeleine; although she made Meta Knight suffer Chuck Cunningham Syndrome, she's become a popular character in her own right.
  • Red Dead Redemption suffers from this, and quite intensely. Fans are not hesitant in vocalizing their vehement hatred of the end of the game, wherein the player gains control of Jack after his father, protagonist John Marston's, death. Fan either hate Jack for not being John, or for being too much like John. Either way, finding fans who don't outright swear off the game after the twist is a difficult feat indeed.
  • In Soldier of Fortune II, Taylor is assigned to replace the late Hawk from the first game. However, she is obviously a poor substitute, never seen in combat, and is bumped off halfway through the game.
  • Possibly intentional in Sam & Max: Season 3 Episode 3, where Sam is forced to animate Max's body with the brain of a boy pharaoh, thus replacing him. Sam likes the pharaoh enough (he refers to him in dialogue as a 'nice kid'), but the player is supposed to hate him because of what he spends the third act doing.
  • Some were annoyed by Anders apparent attempt in Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening to take over Alistair's 'adorkable' role. But the most hate was leveled at Velanna for replacing Morrigan's Dark Magical Girl, mixing in Our Elves Are Better and a half-hearted attempt at Well-Intentioned Extremist, only lacking the good intent. Or any redeeming qualities at all. Also lacking what makes a successful subversion of The Chick; attractiveness.
  • The first Spyro the Dragon reboot, The Legend of Spyro, only included three characters from the original series. No revised versions of Bianca, Professor, Elora, Gnasty Gnorc, or Ripto. It has its own cast of characters, which hasn't settled well with old fans.
  • Some fans of the original Prototype are very vocal about how little they like James Heller, the sequel's protagonist replacing the original's Alex Mercer. The fact that Mercer appears in the game as the villain makes it worse. Heller doesn't really have much of a personality outside of being a stereotypical angry black man.
  • In The 3rd Birthday, Eve Brea may have the looks of Aya Brea, but she can never have her fire.
  • Example mostly occurring because of gameplay reasons in Dungeon Keeper, where in the 2nd game the dragon, considered to be amongst the best creatures in the original, is replaced with a much less useful creature called the salamander. Fans weren't pleased.
  • Golden Sun fans expected Saturos and Menardi, the villains of the first game, to return after their obvious Disney Villain Death for the second. But instead, The Lost Age introduced two new members of the same clan, Agatio and Karst, to be the antagonists. Karst ended up even more popular than Menardi had been due to her stronger storyline, Character Development, and attractive character design... while Agatio got all sorts of vitriol from the fandom for years because he was considered not to be as cool as Saturos was.
    • On a more meta level, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is getting some hate for not being what the first two games were.
  • Star Fox shows an example of a single character - Krystal - being a Replacement Scrappy for not one, but two others: Peppy Hare, whose role she took from Assault onwards and Fara Phoenix note , who coincidentally was first to play the role as Fox McCloud's Love Interest. Krystal mostly gets hate from fans of the latter, as they maintain she stole Fox from Fara.
    • A somewhat more justified example exists in the form of the Great Fox II from Star Fox Command. The original Great Fox, sacrificed in Assault, was elegant and somewhat foxlike in appearance as well as the mightiest warship in the Lylat system; alongside its 4 Arwings it was a match for entire fleets. The second, however, is a stripped-down carrier with minimal armament and armor, and looks nothing like its predecessor.
  • The first non-expansion sequel to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War gave us the Force Commander, a fresh-faced and newly appointed superior officer whose characterization hinges almost entirely on being incredibly skilled despite his relative youth and thus in charge of the grizzled veterans. He was less than well received after the charismatic Captains Gabriel Angelos and Davian Thule of the initial Do W series, and Chaos Rising really didn't help much. Then came Dawn Of War II: Retribution, where the Space Marine campaign was headed by Apollo Diomodes, the captain of Chapter Master Kyras' honor guard, who unknowingly served as an antagonist during the prior expansion throughout Kyras' secret descent into Chaos worship. Force Commander Vanilla Ice and about half of the less-popular members of the support cast are on the run, declared "renegades" by Kyras, and the fans seemed much happier with Diomedes and his positive Character Development than his predecessor.
  • This is often seen in racing games, with Porsche being replaced by the similar models produced by RUF in games such as Gran Turismo, Test Drive Unlimited, and initially in the fourth iteration of Forza Motorsport due to EA's exclusive contract to feature Porsche vehicles in their Need for Speed series. EA do sometimes give a sub-licence to other developers so that Porsche cars can be seen in the game, such as with Forza Motorsport. (Except for on the initial release of Forza Motorsport 4, with Porsche only turning up later in a DLC pack.)
  • Invoked in The World Ends with You with Joshua. Replacing Shiki from the first week, his attacks are much harder to use, weaker, and don't do damage until the end of a combo (where Shiki's lay hits every step of the way), and he can't jump or block. Even though he gets much, much more powerful later on, to the extent that he becomes easily the strongest partner in the game, by that time the damage is done and the player is probably very annoyed with him— perfectly mirroring Neku's feelings about this smug, condescending, secretive, Jerk Ass little prick who took the place of his friend.
  • Hoxton in PAYDAY 2 is not the same character that appeared in PAYDAY: The Heist. With the exception of Wolf and Bain, all of the crew in the sequel have been changed to different characters to reflect the ones seen in the web series. Nearly everyone hates the new Hoxton because he's American and lacks charisma and charm compared to the old version of the character that was British.
  • Assassin's Creed; Connor from the 3rd installment gets heaped with tons of this by virtue of not being Ezio what with being a near polar opposite character and 3 full games worth of character development behind him. He's got his fans of course, but finding them takes a lot more work than finding his detractors. His successor character - who's also his grandfather - Edward doesn't seem to be getting hit quite as hard, helps to be Jerk with a Heart of Gold pirate one can assume, instead of a Stoic Native American warrior. This even gets something of a lampshade thrown on it in the latter game.

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