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Abandon Shipping

Abandon Shipping is a fandom trope for an event or events which lead a Shipping fandom to abandon a pairing, irrespective of the ongoing canon or non-canon status of the pairing in the work.

Some Shippers are die-hard. They'll go through everything, Fire, Ice, Lightning, nuclear explosions, you name it, but they're still sticking by their One True Pairing no matter what. Even death is only a minor setback, thanks to the Alternate Timeline.

Then there are the other types, who, when something unexpected is revealed, drop a ship faster than a hot potato. Maybe it's because a character had a deep dark secret that severely makes people question their ability to even be in a relationship, maybe they're really siblings, or maybe there's some sort of other aspect to their relationship that suddenly Squicks people. When that happens and it suddenly seems like the former Shippers have dropped off the face of the Earth, they have Abandoned Ship.

There are also notable subversions, when what would seem like a cause to Abandon Shipping not only doesn't work, but makes the Shippers fight harder for it, especially in cases where theories about who will end up with who are Jossed or declared invalid by Word of God. There are some who enjoy things like Incest Yay Shipping so even the revelation of a familial relation reveal won't stop them, but these people are by and large a minority.

Some will drop a pairing because the fans are rabid, but let's not talk about that.

See Ship Sinking for when the creators of a work introduce something into the canon of a work that is intended to stop the development of a pairing, to break up a pairing or to destroy any likelyhood of that pairing becoming canon. Ship Sinking is not at all guaranteed to cause Abandon Shipping though.

Compare No Yay, which can lead to this if it's not there one moment and then shows up with little warning in the next.

Not to Be Confused with Abandon Ship, which was this trope's previous name.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Get Backers, manga only. Ship abandoned for Ban & Himiko because not only is she his little sister, but she's not even a real person. To make things worse, she dies.
  • In Bleach, many fans abandoned the Shunsui and Nanao ship when it was revealed that they're uncle and niece through his older brother.
  • Blood+: The fandom's small group of Saya/Diva shippers died off after Diva raped Saya's adoptive brother Riku to become pregnant and then killed him. Apparently, this was enough to kill off the "Evil Twincest" fandom that had sprung up.
  • Fruits Basket: After Yuki Sohma realized that he thought of Tohru as more of a mother figure than a love interest the overall support for Yuki/Tohru appeared to die down considerably, though not everyone agreed...
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Unbelievably this happened to a dozen of Roy/Riza doujin circles during the Briggs Arc, when their OTP went out of focus after the Ishval memories chapters; while said chapters also had their own effect in driving away some of the fans who were more for the standard office romance. The series finale didn't help, either. Word of God saying they were canon in an interview came a bit too late.
    • In 2003 a lot of fans jumped off Envy/Ed when we learned he and Edward are half-siblings. Though considering the fan bases love of brotherly incest a lot of fans stood firm.
      • Ed and Al apparently permanently being stuck on the wrong side of the Gate caused massive amounts of ship abandoning with almost every major pairing, though fans found ways around it or outright ignored it.
  • Gundam Seed had, during the initial run, a small but devoted group of loyal Kira/Cagalli shippers existed for a time... until it was revealed that Kira and Cagalli were twins a la Luke and Leia, which Word of God confirms was a direct allusion to Star Wars. There are still some shippers out there, though, especially after Kira rescued Cagalli from marrying the wrong guy and carried her away in a wedding dress in Gundam SEED Destiny.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: Negi/Asuna. Between the fact that their relationship works fine non-romantically, rival ships (like Nodoka, Kuu Fei, Yue, Ako, Makie, Luna aka Shiori, Fate, etc.), and the false revelation that Asuna is Negi's aunt, though debunked by the fact that she is way too old, somewhat reviving this ship with minor Tenchi-style family confusion.
  • Paradise Kiss: During the first volumes, Arashi Nagase and Miwako Sakurada attracted massive amounts of shipping. However, as the series progressed, readers tended to gradually back away from the (canon) ship, as Arashi's attitude towards Miwako started to become aggressive and sometimes violent, and then came The Reveal that he raped her during their first time. Even though Miwako doesn't hold it against him, Arashi feels very guilty about his behaviour, and tries to correct what he has done. Despite this, the fact that they end up together and even have a child has proven too squicky for many fans to overcome.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Many fans dropped Mikage/Mamiya (the show's first canonically gay couple) when it turned out that Mamiya was an illusion acted out by Anthy, a girl. Even without the Het Is Ew aspect, the fact that it was all an elaborate ploy by her brother Akio to make Mikage an Unwitting Pawn was also more than enough for the ship to be abandoned. Luckily, the manga's version of Mikage and Mamiya's story averts this by having Mamiya be who he appears to be, albeit in ghost form.
  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: What had been a very vocal group of Fay/Chii Shippers (in contrast to the majority of Kurogane/Fay shippers) mysteriously disappeared after it was revealed that Fay had based the design of Chii off of his late mother. Apparently this was enough to turn most, if not all, of the Shippers away from the pairing (and the former Trope Namer comes from the reaction of a poster on an internet forum.) There was also the small fact that Chii disintegrated after the Feather used to create her was removed, and that probably put a major damper on the idea of them being involved in the future.
    • And then cue the revelation that Syaoran is really actually the son of his own clone and his Sakura's clone, not the CCS pair. Fans are abandoning ship left and right, although there is a fair bit of confusion about which ship to abandon.
  • The Familiar of Zero: More than one Louise/Saitou fan abandoned the ship when, in the second light novel, Louise's beatings of Saitou went from Running Gag to downright Domestic Abuse. Seriously, Louise, using a real whip on Saitou and making him pass out from the pain? After you beat him last night? That's not being a Tsundere, that's just being a bitch.
    • Quite a few other people bailed on the pairing after Saito tried to have sex with Louise while she was asleep.
  • In Valvrave the Liberator, fans have abandoned the Haruto/Shouko shipping after Shouko decided to turn against Haruto and decide to send Haruto and L-Eif to the ARUS army in order to save the students of Module 77. Needless to say, it didn't work.. Others abandoned the Haruto/Saki ship after the very bizarre scene where Haruto raped Saki while in a Brainwashed and Crazy state.
  • For those not into Incest Yay Shipping, in Kill la Kill the revelation that Satsuki Kiryuin and Ryuko Matoi are (unknown to them for most of the series) siblings effectively killed off the ship. On the other hand, others have actually embraced the ship even more after said revelation.
    • The same happened almost unanimously with Tsumugu and Kinue once it turned out she was his older sister rather than The Lost Lenore.
  • The revelation that Mikasa and Levi of Attack on Titan share the same last name has caused that particular ship to be scuttled. Later revelations confirm that they're related, which further sunk it.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Most shippers of Kaneki x Uta immediately went for the lifeboats after it turns out that the latter was part of the group that was responsible for all the events in the series.
  • Hilda and N are amongst the top five pairings in the Pokémon games so it's natural people would ship their Pokémon Special counterparts. Almost everyone abandoned the White/N ship after the Ferris Wheel chapter, which is ironically a huge component of the game version.
  • The Naruto fandom is too large for any of the large ships to truly be sunk, but the fanbase can certainly take a number of dents along the way:
    • NaruSaku lost a number of supporters when Sakura claimed to love Naruto now in an attempt to make him give up his promise to save Sasuke, only for him to angrily call her out on lying to herself as well as to him. It took another dent when she knocked out some of her friends in a rash attempt to kill Sasuke, which failed because she loved him too much, and further on when Naruto called her his girlfriend in response to an inquiry from his (temporarily resurrected) father, her response to the suggestion was not exactly the most positive one... There is also her reaffirmation of her feelings for Sasuke, now that he's in the picture again while they fight the Big Bad... The finale movie The Last also doubled this with Ship Sinking, though in return the most devoted fanbase has shot back in response by going full Fanon Discontinuity and declaring Death of the Author.
    • SasuSaku was also damaged by the aforementioned incident of Sakura trying to kill Sasuke, but for a different reason - it convinced a good deal of the fanbase that Sakura's love for Sasuke was unhealthy to her well-being, considering that she was unable to do anything to hurt him and then he tried to kill her in her moment of weakness (Naruto saved her), all of which convinced her that she was unable to do much of anything but hope for the best with Naruto redeeming Sasuke. This was seen as Unfortunate Implications and her character regressing to her earlier characterisation (which many hated), and along with other events convinced many fans that she'd be better off with anyone but Sasuke. The ship was seemingly sunk when Sasuke KO'd Sakura with a genjutsu of him impaling her with Chidori in response to her pleading with him not to fight Naruto, then proclaimed he had no idea why she'd fallen for him in the first place, calling her a naive fool. After Naruto defeated him, however, Sasuke apologized to her and they hooked up. If anything, the matter of them becoming canon actually hurt the pairing's popularity, with many fans finding it completely implausible and the final nail in the coffin of Sasuke being anything but a Karma Houdini. The fact that Sasuke abandoned his family when Sarada was born and indeed never contacted his wife or daughter for Sarada's entire life, with additionally overt implication that Karin was Sarada's birth mother (a false revelation which didn't go down well in the fanbase). This has lead to many people completely dismissing Sasuke as a character and the majority of the fanbase called bullshit over the extremely half-hearted way in which the manga attempted to justify him and his actions by claiming he genuinely cared for them.
    • NaruHina, thanks to a number of incidents, has had its share of anti-shippers as well. Hinata's devotion to Naruto is questioned as to whether he deserves it, given the strong response people had to her Anguished Declaration of Love and Naruto's... complete lack of response to it; the pairing's main problem is the lack of development on Naruto's side, not Hinata's (though a smaller still sect question how healthy her devotion to him actually is). The Last did manage to clear things up with Naruto finally realising his feelings for her (as it turns out, his lack of response was because he didn't understand how strong her declaration of love was) and proposing to her, leading to Babies Ever After, but this led to a split between those who were satisfied and those who felt it was too little, too late (or just that along with much of the series, it was poorly handled and haphazardly developed). However, it has always been the most popular ship in the fandom.
  • In Death Parade, Ginti and Mayu seemed to be a Beta Couple to Decim and Onna's partnership, as both duos had unfeeling male arbiters and female humans who taught them about human feelings. Ginti and Mayu's antics and character interaction were so amusing that fans forgot what show they were actually watching and were caught off guard in the penultimate episode where Ginti sends Mayu to the Void.
  • Prior to the release of When Marnie Was There, there was very high expectations of it being the first gay Studio Ghibli film. Then the movie came out and it was revealed that Marnie is the ghost of Anna's grandmother. Needless to say that killed those expectations there and then.
  • Blood-C. Saya and Tokizane ship had sunk when it's revealed that Tokizane is a Grade A asshole who only join the experiment just for money and is disgusted of Saya's true nature. It sunk further when Fumito had the most of the cast, including Tokizane, brutally killed and nobody misses him.

    Comic Books 
  • ElfQuest: Ember hooked up with Mender once she reached puberty. The fandom generally liked him until he went off to fight in the war and was replaced by Ember's second love interest, Teir - who came literally out of nowhere. Now, the original authors and the guest artists/writers alike all collectively prefer Teir over Mender now... the fandom, predictably, is much more split on the subject, evenly between forgetting Mender even existed, and seeing Teir as an abhorrent Creator's Pet.
  • X-Men: Scott Summers has a rather unfortunate history with women. Scott/Madelyne lost all support when Jean Grey returned from the dead and Cyclops left his family with Madelyne and his newborn son Nathan to be with Jean again, an event that was responsible for the Inferno tragedy. Then in Grant Morrison's New X-Men Scott/Jean fans dropped Scott like a bad habit after Scott began an affair with former nemesis Emma Frost that that was ultimately solidified when the two made out on newly deceased Jean's grave. During Avengers vs. X-Men, Scott/Emma fandom took a heavy 1-2 blow when Emma revealed her affair with Namor and Scott choking out Emma to gain her half of the Phoenix Force.
  • The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye: A lot of people stopped shipping Brainstorm×Perceptor and Brainstorm×Nautica after it was revealed Brainstorm was a Decepticon spy.

  • Star Wars: The revelation in Return of the Jedi that Luke and Leia were siblings did kill off the fandom (and there was a fandom after the first two movies)... for a while. Since then they've grown up and have resumed shipping them. This happening in the past is why some people were hesitant to start supporting Kylo/Rey from The Force Awakens, who have some interesting interactions in the film. Some were under the impression that Rey might be Kylo's sister or cousin due to the popular theory that she was in some way related to the Skywalker family (either through Han/Leia or Luke); however, the theory was eventually disproven by Word of God. It appears as though history was not bound to repeat.
    • Most Finn/Rey shippers abandoned ship when John Boyega, who plays Finn, confirmed in an interview that Finn and Rey would have no romantic future in the Sequel Trilogy, prefacing the news with the fact that the two are just friends.
  • Early on, the Wreck-It Ralph fanbase shipped Ralph with Vanellope. As it turns out, Vanellope is a cute little nine year old girl. The fanbase immediately stopped shipping them and instead preferred a big brother-little sister, or even father-daughter, friendship.
  • Harry Potter: Although readers of the books were already clued in by the time the first film came out, the decision to pair Ron and Hermione off (which started to become evident in the third film) caught those who assumed Harry and Hermione were destined for shipping a little off guard. Not that this was viewed as a serious problem by some shippers.
  • Prior to the release of Frozen there was a good amount of speculation whether Kristoff or Hans would be Anna's or Elsa's love interest. Many shippers understandably shipped Anna with the handsome Hans. The film spectacularly killed it off at the end, with Hans revealing to a dying Anna that he had lied about loving Anna and was just after the throne. Nevertheless that killed the ship for most fans. Oddly enough Hans and Elsa are still an extremely popular ship despite them having no positive interactions and the fact Hans had always planned on killing Elsa. He left her sister to die and would have killed Elsa if not for Anna doing a Heroic Sacrifice.

  • The Harry Potter fandom has several examples:
    • When the book series began, the natural assumption of many was that Harry and Hermione were destined to be a couple (owing to the trope that the lead male and lead female characters in such storylines are often paired up), but within a few books it became obvious that Rowling was pairing Hermione with Ron instead, although, as noted below, Rowling did play with readers' expectations when Lavender was brought into the picture.
    • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
      • After the events of the book, previously vocal Harry/Cho Shippers appeared to Evanesconote .
      • It also saw the once-popular Percy/Penelope ship (it had the advantage in the early days of being the only canonical ship whose characters weren't old, dead or both. For a time, it was probably the largest ship not involving some permutation of Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco.) dwindle away to virtually nothing, for a different reason. J.K. Rowling later stated in an interview that Percy went on to marry Audrey, a woman who was not seen in the books, which killed off a lot of the remaining shippers.
    • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:
    • Believe it or not, Sirius/Narcissa was actually a moderately popular ship during the "Three-Year Summer" between the releases of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (The ship's popularity probably had much to do with it being a significant part of the ridiculously influential The Draco Trilogy fanfic.) When it was revealed in Order that Narcissa was actually a Black and Sirius's cousin (and then Sirius went ahead and died, to top it all off), the ship vanished from fandom seemingly overnight. Ironic, really, since incest and death haven't stopped plenty of other Harry Potter ships. Or the Blacks, for that matter, since they canonically married within the family to keep their bloodline "pure".
  • Song of the Lioness has an example within the story itself. Tamora Pierce realized that her planned ending of Alanna marrying Prince Jonathan wasn't really what Alanna wanted (to the point that Alanna forced Pierce to rewrite it) and wrote them breaking up after Jonathan proposed to her and he displayed an incredibly Entitled to Have You attitude. Instead Pierce paired Alanna off with her Gentleman Thief friend George Cooper and introduced Rebellious Princess Thayet for Jonathan.
  • Warrior Cats: Many shippers abandoned Whitestorm/Bluestar when it was revealed that he was her nephew. The ship was even dubbed 'Denialshipping'.
    • Similarly, Hollyleaf/Breezepelt shippers jumped ship after it was revealed the two characters were half-siblings. Well, SOME people jumped ship.
  • The Katniss/Gale ship was pretty much torpedoed in Mockingjay when Katniss first decides that since she can't have Peeta she wants to die, not considering Gale an option, and her sister Prim later gets killed in a trap designed by Gale.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In the Smallville fandom, the earliest handful of episodes saw Clana (Clark Kent and Lana Lang) enjoy a majority of fan support, but as Lana became increasingly unpopular, the Clana ship went from being popular and accepted to being the least shipped relationship (and undoubtedly the most hated) within a mere two or three years.
    • Chlex (original character Chloe Sullivan being paired with Lex Luthor) used to be a fairly popular pairing, often accompanied by tons of Draco in Leather Pants for Lex in fanfics. However, after the events of "Freak," the episode where Chloe is revealed to be a mutant and Lex orders his scientists to kidnap her and perform sadistic experiments on her, before almost killing her, most of the shippers quite understandably lost their taste for Chlex, as Lex had proven himself to be too much of a sociopath for even Draco in Leather Pants to make the ship popular anymore.
      • Also, many former Clark/Chloe shippers moved on to shipping Clark with Lois Lane once she arrived on the scene (which also torpedoed the once-popular theory among Clark/Chloe shipppers that Chloe would use Lois Lane as a Pen Name), and many more switched to Chimmy (Chloe and Jimmy Olsen) and Chlollie (Chloe and Oliver Queen) by the end, though there of course many continued to ship Chlark.
  • Battlestar Galactica had this happen to Kara/Lee mostly after the fans found the pair's actions in regards to their spouses during the Quadrangle of Doom despicable. Attrition though took place throughout the whole series with fans jumping ship as early as the first season finale, by the series finale Roslin/Adama overtook them as the largest ship in the fandom.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Many abandoned the Spike/Buffy ship after the infamous attempted rape in season six.
  • Dollhouse: More than half of Topher and Claire's fandom abandoned shipping when it was revealed that Claire was actually a Doll and claimed she hated Topher's guts. Those who left began to ship Topher with Adelle, until Bennett came into the picture and killed whatever was left of both pairings. (Before, you know, getting killed off by Claire...)
  • Friends: In early seasons, Richard/Monica was pretty popular, but vanished almost the minute Monica popped up from under Chandler's covers and the entire fandom jumped on the Chandler/Monica ship. jumped ship a long, long time ago.
  • Heroes: The Reveal that Peter and Claire are related did scare off most of the more casual 'shippers. However, many stuck to it, either pretending that the reveal didn't happen or just accepting it regardless. Considering that the fandom's most popular Ho Yay pairing is Peter and his brother, this isn't too surprising.
    • Ironically enough, the implication of incest didn't stop Claire and Peter's actors from hooking up. Of course, their subsequent break up (and rumors of Hayden Panettiere trying to get Milo Ventimiglia thrown off the show) might spike those particular wheels.
    • There seems to have been a significant drop in Mohinder being paired with anyone ever since his experiments with Super Serum kicked off a mutation into... whatever the heck it is he's turning into.
  • iCarly: The Seddie (Sam/Freddie) ship lost shippers every time Sam increased her level of Comedic Sociopathy against Freddie as well as bumping her Moral Event Horizon. Examples include throwing Freddie out of a treehouse after delivering to him a harsh beating with a tennis racquet in "iMeet Fred" and running a child labor sweatshop during "iSell Penny Tee's."
    • As with many pairings that get together and then break up later, there are fans who abandoned Seddie after their break up in iLove You. Shipping Bed Death, or having seen the relationship and not be satisfied with how they were as a couple or simply because they were satisfied by what they saw and wanted the show to go back to being about comedy.
    • After the finale saw the opposing Carly/Freddie pairing triumph, there were example of Seddie shippers abandoning it totally. With the majority of the Seddie fandom preferring Sam as their favourite character, they saw Freddie being kissed by Carly then celebrating it as a betrayal of Sam.
  • Victorious: The events of "Tori Goes Platinum" have caused some Beck/Jade fans to jump ship - though not all of them.
  • Lost: A decent amount of shippers in the fandom jumped ship when it was revealed that Jacob and the Man in Black are twin brothers. Others have continued to ship it.
  • Although there was Ship Tease between Arthur and Morgana in the first series of Merlin, many shippers soon lost interest simply because they barely interacted in series two, and were then revealed to be half-siblings in series threenote  (and still didn't interact in any meaningful way). Despite the potential for Foe Yay Shipping, they only had one brief scene together throughout the entirety of series four.
  • Robin Hood: The Sheriff/Guy ship seems to have died out in series three after Guy attempted to kill the Sheriff and later had a Heel–Face Turn ... then the Sheriff killed him in the final episode. He joins the outlaws around the same time that his sister Isabella does a Face–Heel Turn, which put off a lot of people who were beginning to ship Robin/Isabella.
    • However, the fact that Guy of Gisborne deliberately murdered Marian by impaling her on a giant sword didn't deter the shippers in the way that the writers apparently wanted it to.
  • Stargate Atlantis, once it was revealed that Teyla was pregnant with the baby of her fellow Athosian, Canaan, and after the child was born, many dropped all ships between her and anyone else.
    • Though the idea that a relationship could've taken place before her relationship with Canaan allows many ships to stay afloat, including but not limited to Sheyla (Teyla/Sheppard, the most popular pairing involving Teyla), Teyla/Ronon, and even McKeyla (Teyla/McKay, due to McKay, oddly enough, being the series' Launcher of a Thousand Ships).
    • The Sheppard/Teyla fanbase also shrunk a lot at the beginning of Season 2, it was strong going during Season 1 despite standing against the popular Sheppard/Weir but when Ronon arrived many fans switched to shipping Ronon/Teyla instead, making Ronn/Teyla and Sheppard/Weir the most popular het pairings.
    • It turns out that the main author of the post-finale novel series is pretty clearly a Sheppard/Teyla shipper, giving them tons of Ship Tease and effectively writing Canaan out of the story.
  • Stargate Universe: the Eli/Chloe ship was already on life support by Season Two, but the arrival of Ginn put the nail in the coffin.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: During the first couple of seasons all signs pointed towards a ship between Captain Archer and T'Pol, until the third season when all of a sudden the ship turned into one between T'Pol and Trip Tucker. (Made all the more frustrating for A/T shippers by the fact the third season also features "Twilight", an episode in which T'Pol devotes her life to caring for Archer after he is infected by memory-deleting parasites.)
    • With the series finale bringing back the idea of a T'Pol/Archer pairing.
  • 24: The potential Jack/Nina ship came apart at the end of Season 1 for very obvious reasons.
  • Kamen Rider Den-O appeared to have quite a bit of ship tease between Ryotaro and Hana, until Hana's actress left the show and the character reverted to her ten-year-old self, "Kohana." However, Ryotaro/Hana remained popular in fandom until the reveal that Hana was Ryotaro's niece; fans jumped ship abruptly.
    • Kamen Rider Kabuto has a similar example whereby Tendou was commonly shipped with Hiyori, until the show revealed that she is actually a Worm based on his sister. Whatever shippers were left after that ( since she's technically just a copy of his sister, not the actual one) drifted away or jumped ship when the show began to lean towards Kagami/Hiyori (and they got married in the AU God Speed Love movie.)
    • Yet another example happened in Kamen Rider Double with the reveal that Philip and Wakana are brother and sister, causing a lot of their fans to jump ship. The same happened to Shotaro/Akiko, which mostly died out after Akiko fell in love with and married Terui.
  • Doctor Who fandom saw a marked drop-off in the number of fics where River was paired with Amy and/or Rory after the reveal that she's their daughter. That did a fairly good job of killing Doctor/Amy/Rory too, which, as you can probably guess from the way it's that trope's page picture, was previously pretty popular. And even more dropped the pairing when the Doctor married River, making him Amy and Rory's son-in-law.
    • Prior to Amy and Rory getting married and Rory coming back into existence, there was also intense Doctor/Amy shipping (the ending of Flesh and Stone didn't help matters).
    • Mickey/Jackie, formerly a popular ship mate to Tenth Doctor/Rose, has pretty much died off since the pairings of Jackie/alternate Pete in "Doomsday" and Mickey/Martha offscreen at some point before "The End of Time".
    • Doctor/Rose shipping did reach a height towards the end of Season 4, until "Journey's End" closed that door forever by pairing Rose off with the Doctor's clone instead.
    • With the announcement of the Twelfth Doctor as 50-something Peter Capaldi, the "Whouffle" (Doctor/Clara) ship appeared to lose a lot of steam within hours. It then regained that steam and then some with Series 8, in which the Ship Tease actually seemed to increase between the new Doctor and Clara, aided by good chemistry between Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. This is ultimately a huge subversion: Many just assumed the casting of Capaldi was a case of Ship Sinking until they saw the actual episodes. Pro-Whouffaldi fans were (and continue to be) aided by contradictory Word of God statements. Although Capaldi is on record as opposing "hanky panky" between the Doctor and Clara (primarily due to the actors' age difference, though also due to his being an old-school classic-series fan), in other statements such as a September 2015 interview with the Canadian series Inner Space he outright referred to the Doctor and Clara's relationship as a romance. Steven Moffat defined the Doctor's forgiveness of Clara's betrayal in "Dark Water" as his equivalent of saying "I love you", and the episode "Mummy on the Orient Express" was noted for its romantic overtones — and Coleman has stated unequivocally at conventions that when she performed the closing scene she addressed that "I love you" to the Doctor, not to Danny. The phrase "duty of care" in Series 9, specifically its use in the finale, is also seen as an "I love you" equivalent — episodes that season saw the Clara saying things to the Doctor like "If you love me in any way, you'll come back" and a finale three-parter which pretty much canonized it all as the Doctor temporarily became a Woobie, Destroyer of Time in hopes of undoing her death. At the end they were parted for good and the Doctor forgot her appearance, voice, etc. and thus why he loved her, which would seem to end this love story forever. But one never knows.
    • Doctor/River Song took a hit when they said goodbye for what was implied to be the last time "The Name of the Doctor" and showrunner Steven Moffat started to get fan backlash, leading even people who liked River to complain that too much of her character was written to revolve around the Doctor. "The Husbands of River Song" two-plus years later was something of an Author's Saving Throw, giving her Character Focus that suggests a much richer life than this, revealing that (among other things) she has actually been stealing the TARDIS behind his back for years to have solo adventures he never knew about! It also rekindled some interest in the ship with the reveal that their last night together prior to "Silence in the Library" lasted twenty-four years.
  • Super Sentai:
  • Some fans backed away from the Chuck/Blair pairing on Gossip Girl after the season three episode where Blair agreed to sleep with Chuck's uncle Jack so that Jack would give back Chuck's hotel, only to find out Chuck had agreed to the deal beforehand. They still remained the most popular ship but some former fans became rather... bitter.
  • As the World Turns: Many fans abandoned the Luke/Noah pairing after Reid was introduced as another love interest for Luke. Some didn't particularly like Noah in the first place, but shipped Nuke because for a long time Noah was really the only option Luke had. Ship-to-Ship Combat ensued since there were a lot of fans who were still loyal to that ship.
  • Once Upon a Time: Wendy and Baelfire, who appeared in flashbacks together. As of season 3, she is still the same age, while he is now an adult. He's also revealed to be Neal, Henry's father.
    • In a similar boat with August and Emma, the Blue Fairy turns August back into a young boy with no memories of his adult life to save him from death.
    • Henry/Peter Pan was fairly popular until it was revealed that Pan is Henry's great-grandfather. Now its just straight up No Yay
    • In season 1 Emma/Baelfire had a small following that completely evaporated when it was revealed that Neal was Baelfire. Ironically, after The Reveal was when the ship actually gained popularity, but not for the original shippers
    • Some Emma/Rumpelstiltskin shippers jumped ship after Rumple's actual love interest, Belle, was introduced.
      • The rest disappeared after The Reveal that Rumple's son was formerly involved with Emma.
  • The Vampire Diaries:
    • Most Tyler/Caroline fans feel like the couple's entire history has been ruined after Caroline slept with Klaus.
    • After seasons 4 and 5, with Elena choosing Damon over and over again, the Stefan/Elena fanbase don't even want them together anymore, opting for rooting for Stefan to just move on from her once and for all.
    • The Damon/Elena fanbase shrunk after the revelation that Elena was sired to Damon. They are still the most popular ship on the show though.
  • Faced with accusations of teasing at a Jason/Pythagoras romance that would never happen, Atlantis tried to rectify this in the second season by introducing Icarus as a possible love interest for Pythagoras. This does seem to have had the desired effect of driving away a large number of Jason/Pythagoras shippers.

    Video Games 
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Trucy and Apollo tend to gather shippers early on in the game due to their quirky antics and how they team up to solve cases. However, at the very end of the game it is revealed that Trucy and Apollo are in fact ''brother and sister'', thus causing many fans to reject the pairing. To add insult to injury, there's also the fact that Trucy and Apollo are never seen learning the truth of their heritage...
  • Heavy Rain: Scott Shelby and Lauren Winter. All gone to hell when it is revealed that Scott was the person who killed Lauren's son. She whacks him in the most epic way though.
  • Shadow Hearts Covenant: Aw, Yuri and Karin make such a cute couple. Oh, wait. She's his mother!? Icky! Wait, how does that work? Stupid time paradox!
  • Tales of Symphonia: Kratos/Lloyd was looking good for most of the game. From Lloyd's jealousy of Kratos's strength, and Kratos's efforts at training and defending him, the strengthening of their bond while they traveled together, and Kratos's obvious desire to protect Lloyd (and Lloyd's equally obvious desire to trust him) after Kratos's Face–Heel Turn, the connection was obvious and easily made. ...Then near the end of the game, it turns out that Kratos is Lloyd's father.
  • The World Ends with You: Some people began to ship Beat and Rhyme due to their close interactions at the beginning. This was quickly dropped by most when we found out that they are siblings. And that Rhyme is SUBSTANTIALLY younger than Beat. But...
  • A lot of people playing Radiant Historia for the first time ship Stocke with Eruca right up until they figure out that the reason they're so drawn to each other is that she's his sister. This also makes a couple of earlier misunderstandings on other characters' parts much, much funnier.
  • In Bioshock Infinite, some fans thought that Booker and Elizabeth had a cute dynamic and would've made a good couple. Naturally, the revelation that Booker is Elizabeth's biological father ended that pretty quick.
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening, some fans bailed out of shipping Frederick/Cordelia thanks to their extremely awkwardly written S Support. It can be easily seen as Frederick being an Entitled Dogged Nice Guy to Cordelia (complete with him borderline badmouthing her Unrequited Love Chrom, which is even more awkward since Frederick holds an Undying Loyalty to Chrom that is almost Ho Yay-tastic), while she seems to settle for Fred to forget about Chrom rather than for her actually liking Frederick. The fact that their shared ending specifically states how Cordelia is not exactly happy in her married life to Fred note  doesn't help.
    • Henry/Olivia was an extremely popular pairing when a translation of their Japanese supports was released. The English version made several small changes to their supports that practically changed the tone of the entire thing (long story short, what was an I Can Change My Beloved in the Japanese version becomes just a case of All Girls Want Bad Boys), which caused many former shippers to reject the pairing. That, and the fact that Japanese-speakers have since shown that the translation most shippers based their preferences on may not have been entirely accurate.
    • Similarly to the Rhajat example below, both the Chrom/Sumia ship and Sumia as a character took a major hit in popularity when the localization came out and was found to have turned their S Support into one big joke about pies (Sumia only cooked for Chrom twice originally), adding uncomfortable Stay in the Kitchen undertones. Most shippers of the pairing now tend to apply Fanon Discontinuity to the localized version of their supports, or eschew viewing the S support in favor of obtaining their proposal event at the end of chapter 11.
    • Averted, interestingly, with the Seliph/Julia pairing from Genealogy of the Holy War. While many other incestuous pairings in the series are either abandoned or bashed, this couple involving two half-siblings tends to be adored, or at very least not given half the hate said ships get. There's also evidence it may have been intended to be canon at one point, though by the time the game was actually released it was made impossible to pair them up without exploiting a bug (their starting Relationship Values are sky-high, just a little short of already being paired, but the growth level for it is set to zero).
    • Another aversion occurs in Fire Emblem Fates. Male Corrin/Azura was one of the most popular pairings both pre-release and during the initial release...then the third path came out with The Reveal that the pair are cousins. The fanbase, after milling about in shock and anger for a few days, basically shrugged, said "at least they aren't siblings", and resumed shipping. It helps that cousin marriage is perfectly legal in Japan and Azura is still treated as the Implied Love Interest in-game, even having unique confessions should you S-support her.
    • Played straight in Fates, however, with Female Corrin and Rhajat, which was once one of the more popular Avatar ships thanks to Rhajat being the female Gay Option. As well as being blatantly implied to be the reincarnation of the very popular Tharja. But when the localization played up much of Rhajat's creepiness and unpleasant nature, especially in her supports with Female Corrin, the ships' popularity (as well as Rhajat's) took a beating. The pairing's still loved in some spaces, but it's become more of a niche ship than it was before.
  • Fans of Baldur's Gate were originally quite fond of pairing player character CHARNAME with his/her adoptive kid sister Imoen. Shadows of Amn would retcon Imoen into a Bhaalspawn, which made her CHARNAME'S actual sister as well. Although most of the fans predictably dropped the idea, at least two romance mods featuring Imoen have been created.
  • Spyro the Dragon and Elora were a pretty popular couple in the early days however with time it's become a rare ship, despite Elora being an Implied Love Interest. Elora disappeared post-trilogy and the series introduced more dragons so people prefer to ship Spyro with Ember, Cynder, or Flame instead of go for the Interspecies Romance route. There's also the fact Spyro is implied to be twelve while Elora seems a few years older.
  • Undertale:
    • Because one of Mettaton's quiz show questions asked if you would "smooch a ghost", there have been fans who ship Mettaton with the resident adorable ghost Napstablook. Buying the Mystery Key and using it on the house next to Napstablook's will unlock it, and through diaries and a phone call to Undyne it is revealed that they are cousins. People not into Incest Yay Shipping jumped ship.
    • After the Version 1.01 patch in January of 2016, modified content in the game added stronger implications that Sans is related to Gaster in some way, possibly as family. This has caused a lot of people to jump off the Sans/Gaster ship.

    Web Comics 

  • The Girl Genius fandom had a variant, in that shippers didn't ditch a pairing due to one of the characters doing something unconscionable, but simply because a better one showed up. When Tarvek and Bangladesh interacted, Bang's schoolgirl glee at seeing Tarvek again earned the pairing a lot of fans. Two days later, Bang met Vole, and everyone immediately jumped to that ship. To quote one of the posters on our own forums: "I support this ship. I support this ship so much it will not displace water. I support this ship so much it will be a skyship."
  • When it was revealed in Homestuck that Dave/Rose and John/Jade would be incest because those pairings are siblings, the ships dropped off the face of the internet. They do still exist to some mild extent, but the addition of many new characters since then such as the Trolls has made such pairings irrelevant.

    Web Original 
  • Gaia Online has a shipping scene. As a result, this has happened about three times in recent memory. The first was with Love Triangle between Ian, Sasha, and Gino. There used to be debate between Sasha X Ian, and Sasha X Gino supporters as to who she should go with. However, when she took yet a third person who was already in a love triangle of his own to a Halloween ball, everyone decided Sasha was Too Dumb to Live and abandoned ship. Since then, Ian has showed only passing interest in Sasha, and Gino has become hilariously inept at dating.
  • RWBY had the potential pairing between Blake Belladonna and her former White Fang partner (and leader of the group) Adam Taurus. Even though Adam hadn't been in the series outside of the "Black" trailer, people still held a candle for this pairing. That ship sank quickly come Vol. 3, Episode 11 "Heroes and Monsters", when Adam goes full Yandere on Blake, vowing to destroy everything she holds dear and starts by lopping off Yang Xiao Long's arm, then tries to decapitate Blake.

    Western Animation 
  • Batman Beyond: Terry/Bruce was a big favorite for fans. The way they were presented you'd think they were perfect....until JLU Epilogue came out and well, turns out Bruce is Terry's biological father and.... Well the pairing is now very rare. Actual incest is something that makes even Batslashers uncomfortable sometimes.
  • Total Drama World Tour provides an in-universe example: Loony Fan Sierra seems to have been a Shipper on Deck for Fan-Preferred Couple Duncan/Gwen, at least in part because Cody has a crush on Gwen and Sierra has a crush on him. (You following this?) However, Duncan was already with Courtney, and when he and Gwen hooked up behind her back, Sierra turned on Gwen out of principle. (Though the fact that Cody didn't abandon the himself/Gwen ship probably helped.)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • This can happen to an Official Couple too. Ursa and Ozai are married and have two children but there has always been a very vague stance on their relationship. The Search comics pretty much killed any notion of romance ever happening between the two. Many Urzai shippers were either angry or they abandoned ship.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • The series might set a record for turnaround time for a ship being created, then abandoned: A promotional poster for the show distributed at ComicCon 2011 featured Korra with an Earthbender boy and a Firebender boy. Naturally, some fans started Ho Yay Shipping them right away. Later, during the panel for the show, it was revealed that the boys were siblings, and everyone not into Incest Yay Shipping jumped ship.
    • When all that was known about Meelo was that there was a character with his name, people thought he might be Korra's Love Interest. Needless to say, when he turned out to be a toddler, that thought died out completely.
    • Tenzin and Korra. They were the first two named characters and were paired up almost immediately in a Mentor Ship... until it was found out that Tenzin was a married man in his fifties with three kids and a pregnant wife.
      • That same barrier, however, has done nothing to sink the Tenzin/Lin ship. In fact, it may be the Linzin ship’s impossibility of ever sailing again that has fueled its voyage through the hearts of the fandom.
      • Furthermore, Tenzin/Pema was shipped by nearly everyone until Lin's past relationship with Tenzin was revealed. Especially when it was further revealed that Pema was pursuing a relationship with Tenzin before he broke up with Lin, and in fact played a role in breaking them up. As one fan said:
      They did it. They actually did it. Bryke killed the show's one otp.
    • And Amon/Tarrlok gained a small Mind Game Ship/Foe Yay Shipping following after Amon de-bends Tarrlok in a fairly Ho Yay-tastic scene, only to fall into this trope once it's revealed they're brothers, meaning that anyone who didn't like incest jumped ship, and resulted in a few Hilarious in Hindsight pieces of fanwork before that particular revelation.
    • In season 2, many shipper shipped Bolin with Korra's cousin Eska due to promotional material. Turns out the relationship is quite abusive on Eska's side, leading many to jump ship, though others still hold firm.
    • An interesting variation is the effects that Korra has had on the parent show's Tokka ship. When Toph's daughter Lin showed up, with no father mentioned, a lot of people wanted it to be Sokka; however, when it came out that Lin used to date Tenzin (Sokka's nephew), most fans abandoned the idea. However, when it turned out that Toph had another daughter with a different unknown father, the idea picked up again, though others reject the implication that Sokka would become a Disappeared Dad (since he's known to have lived into Korra's lifetime).
    • Similarly, some Sukka (Sokka and his canon girlfriend Suki) fans jumped ship because Suki was the only Gaang member not referenced in the series. This combined with the above possible implications with Suyin made some worry that Suki and Sokka broke up eventually. Still a large sum stood firm because the series never proved Sokka and Suki broke up, or that Suki died at a young age, or whatever other topic that could explain how Sokka ended with Toph. She could just have been not mentioned.
    • There's also the fanbase's rather... belligerent relations with the Makorra ship. When the show was prepping for its debut and the key details of the cast were revealed, they were the most popular ship by far - Zutara shippers from the original series, in particular, picked up the ship as a Spiritual Successor to the one they favoured. This lasted until about midway into Book 1 and beyond, even with the Love Triangle with these two and Asami Sato... but then when Mako started becoming dishonest about the fact that he'd cheated on Asami and tried to deflect blame, a number of fans slowly lost their taste for him (and ironically Asami, who was disliked instinctively by many, became more popular), which was not helped by the extremely vague break-up kiss they had in the season finale before Mako hooked up with Korra. A lot of people felt they were Strangled by the Red String... Then, Book 2 had people turn off from Mako with either girl due to a break-up with Korra, getting back together with Asami, and then when Korra returns sans some of her memory he got back with her again - pretending their breakup never even happened. The Book 2 finale killed the ship for good and all when Korra got her memory back and they decided they were Better as Friends; Masami lost a good contingent of its supporters around this time as well (and is even deader). While there remains a vocal gathering who do wish the pairing had worked out by the end, the airing of Books 3 and 4 saw the majority of the fanbase turn towards Korrasami while most didn't want Mako with anyone anymore. As it turns out, this was deliberate - Word of Bryke has it that Makorra was only endgame for Book 1 and when they got renewed, they knew the couple was going to end in Book 2, and Korrasami is the canon endgame ship for both female characters.
    • Bolin/Korra was one of the top 3 ships in the fandom during Book 1 but dwindled astonishingly by Book 4. This is likely due to Bolin receiving other love interests, Korra not showing romantic interest in Bolin, and the fact that Bolin once liked Korra was ignored after Book 1.
  • Adventure Time:
    • Shippers of Finn/Princess Bubblegum got excited at the end of Season 2, but when "Too Young" rolled around in Season 3, well ... That caused many shippers to walk the plank. If you were still a fan of the couple, even the remotest chance of them being together was evaporated by the Season 3 finale. Shippers of the couple are scarce, very scarce.
    • Finn/Marceline shippers saw hope at the ending of "Too Young", but like the Finn/Bubblegum shippers, they too took a dive after "Incendium", where he finally got a love interest that was his own age and liked him back (Flame Princess) but even that pairing has been sunk for now.
    • Many say the Finn/Marceline ship died when the two agreed they were not romantically interested in each other in season 2's "Go With Me".
    • Those who shipped Lemongrab with his clone and brother, Lemongrab 2, understandably jumped ship when the former ate the latter alive.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • The ship of Bill Cipher/Dipper Pines, or Bipper, became the biggest OTP of the fandom for Season 2, to the point where it became extremely hard to find a fanfic that featured both of the characters that didn't ship them. However, come "Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future" and "Weirdmaggedon Part I", where a lot of the Draco in Leather Pants characterisation that fans had given Bill were blown completely out of the water, a lot of shippers jumped.
    • A lot of Dipper/Mabel fans abandoned Pinecest not because of anything defined in the series, but because they preferred other ships. Season 2 has more emphasis on characters like Wendy, Pacifica, Bill Cipher, and others to ship the twins with besides each other.
  • Many Teen Titans fans waited patiently for Terra to be revived and for her and Beast Boy to be an Official Couple. The series finale did bring her back but not as expected. It's implied Terra is either an amnesiac or is purposely lying to Beast Boy in order to avoid going back to being a superhero. The episode ends on a Downer Ending that almost killed the ship, if not for persistent fans attempting to 'fix' it or ignoring it. Nevertheless many fans stopped shipping BB/Terra.
  • In the original Ben 10 series shipping the two leads, Ben and Gwen, was the main ship even if they were cousins. As more series were made, many Bwen fans abandoned ship for other ships. Oddly Ben 10: Omniverse killed the ship as well simply because many fans hated Gwen's new redesign. Nowadays Ben/Gwen material makes a significantly smaller amount of fanworks than it did in the late 2000's,
  • In the early days of the fandom The Powerpuff Girls fandom, shipping Professor Utonium with his daughter's teacher, Ms. Keane, was very popular. The writers saw this and made an episode about this happening in-series. The episode is nothing but a Take That, Audience! against the shippers and went out of its way to portray the pairing as not working well. Considering it's a post-movie episode - and fans often think those episodes suffer from heavy Seasonal Rot - many opted to ignore it but it still created a noticeable dent in Utonium/Keane.