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Funny: Jimquisition
  • At the end of "Welcoming a Digital Future", Jim is too absorbed in his PS Vita to round out the episode properly.
  • In the "Let's End the FPS Sausage-fest" episode, describing how men in modern shooters apparently reproduce like Orks. Also, Jim in drag.
  • Anything involving "Miniature Fantasy Willem Dafoe."
  • When pedophilia is brought into the Mass Effect 3 Gay Option debate, he patronisingly lays out the difference concerning pedophilia, and there is a brief moment where he turns the patronisation Up to Eleven when his voice goes slightly high-pitched.
  • His response to people who moan about "biased" reviews was that they should hire bananas as review editors.
  • His opening to "I Hate Videogames (Because I Love Them)", mainly in part due to Jim's comical overacting. It starts with a promotional plug for Chick-Fil-A, before Jim spits it out and...
    It tastes like hating gay people! *sniffs the food and retches some more* And it smells of fuckin' shit!
    • Done again in "In the Hall of the Mountain Dew" where he opens the episode by drinking some Mountain Dew, before his eyes widen and...
    *Waves his hand in front of his face* I'VE GONE BLIIIIIIND!!!
    • And then there's his comical despair at continuing to drink it.
    It tastes like sugar and hedgehog piss...!
  • At the start of "Jimquisition: Changing A Game's Ending And Destroying Art," Jim is talking dirty on the phone. Then he looks at the camera in surprise, and quickly puts the phone away before finally saying "Fuuuuuuuuuuuck."
  • Jim starts his "Previewed, Preordered, Prescrewed" video by destroying a copy of Aliens: Colonial Marines with the Penetrator
  • "'Ell-ow. Ah ahm DAH-vid Cage."
    Jim: Now why the hell did they release that after I finished editing the David Cage episode?
    Jim!Willem: Who cares? I have emotions! WAAAAAAHHHH!
  • The end of "The Creepy Cull of Female Protagonists," where Jim suggests that anyone who is frightened off by female protagonists might be hiding something. But don't worry, because
    If you need me to be your Daddy, I will. *slllluuuuurrrrp*
  • "This just in, the Wii U has just obtained the most sought-after exclusive of this generation — an Aliens: Colonial Marines cancellation!"
  • His invitation for others to join him in an Evil Laugh over the "Xbox 180", complete with a clip of Megatron laughing with Jim's voice, is so perfectly timed that chances are you actually will be joining in.
    "And now, if you'll join me..."
  • In his "Sequel or Slaughter" video, he rounded out his ranting with how he thought all sequels weren't bad if there's justification, and then he points out "how much jizz is on this copy of Dynasty Warriors 8". Some then promptly drips onto his fingers. He licks one of them for some reason and then gags.
    And that is not the only time he licks things. At the end of Integrity, Journalism, and Free PS 4 S, he licks his "free" Sony supplied Playstation 4 while making disturbing noises and ends the video with "Did I game journalism or not?".
    And he does it again in Who "Won" The Next-Gen Launch? where he licks an Ouya at the end, only to start gagging and seemingly had a bad reaction to it's taste.
  • In "Dragon's Frown," Jim makes fun of the overreaction people had to the single bad review of Dragon's Crown, who said that the mediocre score ruined Dragon's Crown forever:
    Jim: *playing on his PS Vita* Boy howdy, I sure am enjoying playing Dragon's Crown for a bit. I don't think anybody could take away my enjoyment of this game. Unless...
    *images of the bad review in question, set to ominous music*
    Jim: *cut back to Jim, the Vita now replaced with a facehugger* AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH-
  • At the end of Time To Get Paid, Jim keeps his promise from last week's episode and plays with a Dragon dildo sent to him by a fan... to the tune of the DuckTales theme song no less. It... It really, really needs to be seen to be believed.
  • In the video version of Jim Sterling's game review of Beyond: Two Souls, every single scene with Willem Dafoe is replaced with clips of Willem Dafoe from his live-action movies. Both a riff on Willem as well as a silent riff on the fact that Beyond: Two Souls is more of an interactive movie than a game.
  • His summary of Walking Dead: Survival Instinct in his list of the worst games of 2013:
    Michael Rooker: "Merle and Daryl, in a game. What could be better than that?"
    Jim: "Apparently most things, Mr Rooker."
  • His youtube account is similarly full of parody. Sometimes he does satires of play guides. His "play guide" for Telltale's Wolf Among Us (an adventure title that is hard to screw up) consists mostly of Jim playing an entirely different game on his handheld with annoying whooshes and dings while the video screen just lingers on a shot of the main menu for Wolf Among Us.
  • At the start of the Irrational Decisions episode, he opens it by saying he had multiple oppurtunities to make fun of David Cage, but decided not to because he is a mature games journalist, then poses and smiles smugly. At the end of the episode, he puts on a David Cage mask and starts dancing around with the Penetrator flailing in his hand singing "EMOSHUNS EMOSHUNS EMOSHUNS" over and over again.
  • This, from "Too Cool To Be Cool":
    "Instead, [Duke Nukem] should be more ironic, like, I dunno, just pulling this at random, some fat blogger with an English whiny accent, dressed up in a trenchcoat with glasses like he's some sort of rock star, with a background that makes it look like he's on a bad production of V for Vendetta. You know, something so blindingly, obviously ironic that only a fucking idiot would take it as a genuine persona."
  • His deconstruction of the term "Social Justice Warrior", culminating in him saying he'd rather be a Social Justice Bard which quickly devolves into him rambling about his D&D character.

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