Trivia: Jimquisition

Don't thank God for these trivial facts. Thank God only for Jim Sterling.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer: Has mocked this trope in the past.
    • Despite this, he actually fell victim to this himself when talking about Tomodachi Life, and made sure to follow up within a day, pointing out that the Tomodachi Life "gay marriage" was never "patched out" in the first place.
  • Old Shame: While he's also gleefully mocked those who hated the show at first, he's been fairly open about seeing his first few episodes on The Escapist as pretty crap. He took the early criticism well and retooled the show as he went on, keeping the anger but applying more actual thought to the rage. In addition, he's vocally rethought his sexism and feminism and disowned some of the early language he's used.
  • One of Us: May seem redundant for a video game reviewer, but his nerddom extends beyond the realm of video games. Some examples include: