Trivia / Jimquisition

Don't thank God for these trivial facts. Thank God only for Jim Sterling.
  • Author Existence Failure: Narrowly averted. Jim had suffered a really bad allergic reaction and had to be sent to the hospital after going into shock. Jim noted that he would have died if he had not gotten treated in time.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: Has mocked this trope in the past.
    • Despite this, he actually fell victim to this himself when talking about Tomodachi Life, and made sure to follow up within a day, pointing out that the Tomodachi Life "gay marriage" was never "patched out" in the first place.
  • Old Shame: While he's also gleefully mocked those who hated the show at first, he's been fairly open about seeing his first few episodes on The Escapist and all the episodes he did on Destructoid's Youtube channel as pretty crap. He took the early criticism well and retooled the show as he went on, keeping the anger but applying more actual thought to the rage. In addition, he's vocally rethought his sexism and feminism and disowned some of the early language he's used.
  • One of Us: May seem redundant for a video game reviewer, but his nerddom extends beyond the realm of video games. Some examples include:
    • He'll show off various pieces of swag publishers send him, purely for kicks. Items include a Imperial Guard chainsword, The Penetrator, and a Kirby beanie. Speaking of...
    • He wrapped up an episode on Kirby by doing the Kirby dance.
    • He has admitted to frequently reading TV Tropes on Podtoid, and is even aware of this very page. On the episode discussing the positives of the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy, he starts the episode In Medias Res while looking up this very page on a smartphone. And in the Fake Geek Boys episode, he references a now-deleted comment from the YMMV section.
      • In his interview with Digital Homicide, Jim mentioned that Not So Different is one of his favourite tropes after noticing the developer's repeated attempts to use such an argument against him.
    • Loves the Alien franchise, which just makes his anger for Aliens: Colonial Marines all the more painful for him.
    • After being syndicated by Escapist Magazine, his first episode on that site was to gush about "the Citizen Kane of Gaming". What game could possibly be worthy of such high praise? Dynasty Warriors.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Has had this happen to him quite frequently due to indie developers not being able to handle Jim's harsh criticism on their games. A frequent tactic the developers would use is issuing a copyright claim on the offending video, which has the video taken down and puts Jim's channel in bad standing. Jim would then issue a counterclaim so that the developer would have to give actual evidence in court (which YouTube does not get involved with). Usually, the developers never follow through, so Jim is just inconvenienced as he waits for his video to go back online. However, Digital Homicide, an indie studio he tussled with since 2014, actually followed up on their threats to sue Jim and did so in March 2016. While Jim was still able to produce content for his channel, the stress and frustration from the lawsuit did affect his ability to make content since now his time was divided between his work and the lawsuit that he cannot talk about publicly.
  • Streisand Effect: Discusses this every time a developer tries to silence him for criticizing their work. Every time one of Jim's videos gets removed for "copyright infringement", Jim's popularity just increases while the person behind the strike gets bad publicity.