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Heartwarming: Jimquisition
  • "Bullshit in Sheep's clothing" ends with a genuine thanks to everyone who helped with the show.
  • "Desensitized to Violence": It's oddly heartwarming to listen to Jim talking about his stepson and how, despite his contact with video games, he's still afraid of real life violence.
  • The "Go Fish" video, where he calmly and politely talks about the recent controversy around the Fez developer.
  • "The Beautiful Irony of PC Gaming" has him in some part of the video welcoming people to the PC crowd (Even noting not to let the graphic whores put you off) with the need of an open mind while stating that you wouldn't need a very powerful PC to experience the best it has to offer.
  • For Christmas, Jim's wife got him a picture of The Green Goblin, signed by Willem Dafoe.
  • In 2012, Jim named Telltale's The Walking Dead as his Game of the Year, and immediately he said that calling the game "The Best of 2012" is a disservice to how excellent and beautiful it is as a narrative.
  • "Diversity? LIEversity!" begins with Jim Sterling declaring Nintendo his winner of E3 2014
    "Before we begin, my pick of E3, my winner of E3, Nintendo. The whole week livestreaming gameplay, actual gameplay which is what a company does when it's confident in its games and doesn't need to hide behind a wall of dishonest CGI trailers and heavily-scripted demos and fucking vertical slices. Very well done to them, Plus they have got a playable Zelda in Hyrule Warriors which Koei can apparently do without going bankrupt, Amazing."
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