Heartwarming / JesuOtaku

  • In his Grave of the Fireflies review, he analyzes the symbolism of the fireflies at the end of the movie. He points out that the ending shot of Japan's city are lighted similar to the short-lived fireflies.
    JO: [Tahakata] is saying... this will go away, and you need to focus on what's important.
  • From his "Top 25 Anime" list: His story of how Fullmetal Alchemist came to be his favorite anime and his heartfelt thank-you to his fans.
  • Even though he has his fair share of complaints about Romeo X Juliet, he still has to admit:
    JO: Is there anything wrong with a sweeter, softer tale about star-crossed love? Despite my jaded tendencies, I hope there never will be, and for now I'll leave my cynicism at the door and proudly proclaim that true love can conquer all.
    • On a related note, his Fullmetal Alchemist starts off with nearly ten major TGWTG producers making cameos to celebrate the milestone. It's plain as day that he's eased into a whole new group of friends aside from the DesuDesBrigade quite well.
  • His explanation on why he likes and connects with My Neighbor Totoro — since it's had the little girls going out, exploring the countryside and having magical adventures, reminded him of his own childhood growing up on a farm with no other children around (except a neighbor girl) and made up her own imaginary worlds.
  • His review of Princess Mononoke gushes over how he loves Hayao's complex look into the story's conflict that averts Good vs. Evil and he proceeds to plea something he usually doesn't say, "see it, see it, see it."
  • Jacob feeding a family of bunnies next door. Just as cute as it sounds.
    • Even better he mentions how he thinks the owners haven't been home for a few days and he came over to check on them. At the end of the video he says that he is going to have a talk with the owners to make sure they get fed.
  • JesuOtaku bidding the household cats (which he does not own) goodbye in the ending of his Avengers vlog. He's right, he really does love kitty-cats as he gushed in his "The Cat Returns" retrospective.
  • It crosses with Tear Jerker, but he takes time from his Dark Knight Rises vlog to address the shooting in Colorado, sincerely stating that his heart goes out to the people who were there, and especially towards any and all viewers who maybe knew somebody in the shooting or God-forbid were there themselves.
  • At the end of his "Top Space Dandy Episodes" list, he has a long, heartwarming speech talking about his impending retirement over clips from his old reviews and tops it all off with his very last snarktitle...
    "Thank you."
  • Despite making it very clear he despises RWBY, before Monty Oum died, he retweeted a link to his charity drive and even expressed his condolences.
  • "Hello, my name is Jacob Hope Chapman."
    • The fact that someone went through Jacob's TV Tropes page and changed all the pronouns within a day of him coming out as transgender.
  • In the "Holy Matrimony" installment of Suede's Pokemon Journey, Jacob made a delightfully unexpected guest appearance discussing how much of a positive effect James had on him as a kid.