Trivia: JesuOtaku

  • Actor Allusion: In her review of Princess Tutu, she says, "I see a host club in someone's future..." on a clip of Femio.
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: She reviews anime, is making a retrospective on all the Digimon anime, dubs Anime Theme Songs, is analyzing the Trigun anime, is working on a Fan Dub of Katawa Shoujo, and—oh yeah—decided to see every wide-release movie that came out, and in 2012 started doing a show about several of them (Alongside one where she looks at every anime coming out in the winter, spring, summer and fall seasons, and does a livestream every Saturday.
  • Schedule Slip: JO's "Digimon Month", a month of reviews of the first five seasons of Digimon was intended to encompass August 2010. The Digimon Adventure review finally came out on August 20th (with part 2 only half-done until about a week later). It then took until November 6th for the first part of Digimon Adventure 02 to be released, followed by parts 2 and 3 on the 23rd (and part 2 half-done until the 28th). Following 02, her weekly anime review continued for the first time since July, with the fate of rest of the Digimon reviews left uncertain until she retired from videos.