Awesome: JesuOtaku

  • Listening to Jesu tear into Neon Genesis Evangelion with all the logical force she can muster is awesome, not to mention just how long it took her to deal with both subject matter and subject presentation.
  • Her Fruits Basket Radio Drama, a project that she's rightfully proud of. Her scripts convey the original manga's light and heavy material exceptionally, and the acting is on par with the anime's already well-done dub. The fact that these are all actors that are doing this project for free is awesome enough.
  • Her Digimon retrospective. The entire thing is getting into what so many of us have left to the wayside and analyzing the plot and characters we had loved so we, like her, can see the Digimon series with a new and more knowledgeable light. Of special note is her Digimon Tamers retrospective; to put this in perspective, analyzing one Tamer and their Digimon takes up to a half-hour and it's really worth a listen.
  • She starts off her Romeo X Juliet review by reciting the summary in a nearly 2-minute sonnet written in perfect Shakespearian sonnet form.
  • Her explanation as to why she doesn't like Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind; the story revolves around the title character, and that from a feminist standpoint, portraying a strong female character as a Mary Sue is just as bad as portraying women as defenceless or a sex object.
  • Someone in the comments for her and Nash's The Secret World of Arrietty blog decided to attack Nash for being a smoker, and it wasn't worded very kindlynote . JO's response (in the second page of the comments of the video) is nothing short of pure awesomeness.
  • Her Princess Mononoke review getting praise from Neil Gaiman, who thanked her for mentioning he wrote the English version, since Miramax took his name off the poster and the DVD packaging.
  • In her Puella Magi Madoka Magica review, her calling out the mindset that True Art Is Angsty and going into a speech about how angsty stories have as many hoops to jump through as lighthearted ones.
  • In Oancitizen's Melancholia review, she demonstrates She Really Can Act. As the rapidly despairing Kyle outbursts at her, she calmly drops the bubbly attitude to tell him to get a grip. It's too calm for anger, too empathetic for Tranquil Fury, and yet too stern for pity. Whatever it is, it's certainly authoritative, and one of the most awe-inspiring parts of the video.