Heartwarming / Jacksfilms

  • Anytime Klondike appears in Jack's videos.
  • At Vidcon 2012, Jack joins Toby Turner onstage for a song. Everyone knows they're Vitriolic Best Buds... which makes it even more heartwarming when he stops the song to give Jack a Shout-Out for his birthday.
  • Jack refuses to get political in most of his videos... unless the topic is gay marriage, in which he will happily defend gay people from online trolls, and point out that it's incredibly backward to deny gay couples that right.
  • Jack's version of Draw My Life, in which Jack takes an honest, humble, and heartwarming introspective into himself and his past twenty-five years. He ends the video with two pieces of advice that he lives by: "Don't say no" in regards to trying new things, and to "be kind."
  • At the end of YGS #91, Jack shows just how far he's come since starting P90. He then admits that he feels much healthier and happier than he did before starting.
  • Just once, because it was the holidays, Jack decided to tell people, "Your Grammar's Awesome."
  • Surprisingly enough (especially considering the previous one), the 2015 Valentine's Day special, titled "Valentine's Day is a Lie" is this, sort of. The message of the video more or less ends up being that you shouldn't have to wait for a specific date to show your love for someone.
  • In the "what turns you on" episode of YIAY, Jack reads two back-to-back comments stating that Erin and then Klondike turn him on. Jack reacts the same way to both; defensively yet angrily approaching the camera saying "YOU MOTHERFU—". It's good to know that he can and will protect his loved ones when they are under fire from pesky commenters.
  • Your Grammar Sucks 99. It's basically a celebration of the entire series composed of comments from previous installments, ending with a heartfelt message to his loyal fans: "See you at 100, Biches."
  • In YIAY 68, Jack puts a link to a relief fund donation site for the victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal in the description. He mentions at the end of the video that it wasn't sponsored, just that he wouldn't feel right if he didn't do something to help. Note that YIAY responses (and Jack's videos in general) range from snarky to downright mean, so the sudden glimpse of Jack's true character is really sweet.
  • This painfully adorable video of Jack playing with Klondike, showing his sweet side.
  • In YGS 100, near the end of the video, after Jack is revealed to have cleaned up YouTube, he sings a edited rendition of his outro thanking the viewers for sending him all those screencaps, and the next 40 seconds are just a montage of Jack and all of his guest stars (and fans) with their arms around each other, singing "There's no more bad grammar!" and celebrating the fact that the internet is clean. Immediately slips into a funny moment when it's revealed that there's still bad grammar, but it still doesn't lessen the heartwarming value.
    Jack: Well you've helped me clean up YouTube,
    You took all these bad, bad, comments
    You took screencaps of 'em, and sent 'em my way
    via Twitter and my Facebook fanpage!
    Now the internet's clean!
    It's the coolest damn thing that I've ever seen!
    And now there's no more bad grammar!

  • As of January 2017, he and Erin are engaged.
  • In YIAY 327, a commenter asks Jack to put up a countdown to when Klondike dies. Jack then states that dogs live forever and puts up a countdown until December 31, 2100.
  • In YIAY 310, Jack responds to yet another "turns out I'm adopted" joke by saying, "That's okay, because so is she" while holding up Sundae.