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Your Grammar Sucks

  • The jingle:
    So ask me your questions, and I will ignore them! 'Cause I'm a jackask, a big fat freakin' jackask.
  • In one of the videos, Jack decided to ask his Twitter fans what they wanted for Christmas, and he read the best tweets he got. One of the tweets said "for you to be funny". Jack didn't take this very lightly, and promptly kicked his tripod.


  • Jack revenge prank calling Sean Klitzner for having trolled him earlier.
  • His sarcastic review of the The Emoji Movie is just gold.
    Jack: Is The Emoji Movie the worst film ever made? No. Is The Emoji Movie the best film ever made? (closeup) Yes.
    • Him describing the graphics of the movie as if it were a video game, in particular describing it as having "no lag" and saying how "the controls were responsive".
    • Mocking the movie's lengthy use of the Just Dance app as product placement, he shoehorns in numerous mentions of the app and how it is free to download "for your Apple or Android device".
    • Just the fact that months of shitposting about The Emoji Movie somehow ended up getting him invited to the world premiere is hilarious in and of itself.
  • When Jack won the Shorty Award for "Youtuber of the Year", he accepted it onstage in a Garfield fursuit.
    Jack: Finally, they will take me seriously.