Awesome: Jacksfilms

  • On a livestream, a few people said that gay marriage shouldn't be a thing. Jack found the comment and proceeded to give the bigots a small "The Reason You Suck" Speech, pointing out that people against it are living in the sixties mentally and need to move on.
  • FREAKING PEWDIEPIE having a cameo in his song about Ray William Johnson.
    • Also, Pewdie tweeting about one of his videos.
  • "I'll stop being vague, here's my confession, I'll make dubstep my profession!" "What is dubstep?" "That's a good FUCKING question!" (drop)
  • YGS 50 is easily the greatest Crowning Moment of Awesome in Jacksfilms history.
  • Yes, that's the Batman sign on his chest.
  • After going through P90 Jack shows the results at the end of #YGS 91.
  • At the end of JackAsk #42, focused on dating, Jack stops his snark and gives a brief talk about how "the friend zone" isn't real, and says that if somebody doesn't like you back romantically, you can't do much about it, but you can use that fact as a way to move on and find someone else to love. It's a fairly bold statement when some popular Youtubers would pander to a bitter fanbase instead.