Awesome: Jimquisition

  • His video on "The Case for a Gay Shepard," made in response to people who apparently didn't get that his reading of gay Mass Effect fanfiction was in response to people complaining about homosexual romance options in Mass Effect 3. Jim points out the Logical Fallacies used by people who were against a gay Shepard, saying that if you don't want your Shepard to be gay, s/he won't be, and it's really dumb if you go out of your way to see the gay content, knowing you'll be offended by it.
  • Any of the videos Jim makes where he uses the success of one particular title to shame the shady and/or dodgy practices of the industry as a whole
    • His video "Time To Get Paid" used the success story of PAYDAY 2 to shame companies like Square Enix and Capcom who called their recent game launches as 'failures' as they hadn't generated enough revenue to cover their massive development costs whilst PAYDAY 2 had been made specifically for a pre-existing player base (those that liked the original) without going overboard on their spending during development. The end result was a polished game that netted the developer Overkill their own pay day before the game officially launched.
    • Jim's video on "How Skyrim Proves The Industry Wrong" points out that Skyrim didn't need online passes, day-one DLC or a tacked-on multiplayer mode in order to be a huge success (it sold 3.5 million copies in just two days). It also didn't need to copy the really big sellers like Call of Duty to be successful, either. Essentially, Jim took the worst business practices of the industry, and exposed them as being needless Executive Meddling that was designed to wring money out of customers by showing a shining example of a game that succeeded without using a single one of those practices.
  • On the flip side, the "Hate Out of Ten" video calls out the Fan Dumb for making ten out of ten (and other such perfect scores) the expected score for a game, instead of a sign that a game is truly great.
  • "Why An Always-On DRM Console Would Be Dumb Dumb Dumb" ends with Jim putting the people pushing for Always-On DRM in their places, specially one Adam Orth, now infamous for telling gamers to "Deal With It".
    You know, I find it funny that the Microsoft mouthpiece answered concerns about the always on-line console with the phrase "Deal With It". And that's an attitude a lot of mainstream publishers have right now! "Don't like what we do? Deal With It, we can take your custom for granted!". Well... No, you can't. We're in a console industry right now that sees EA and Square Enix lose their CEOs, because even though they're selling millions upon millions of games they're still not hitting their fiscal targets. They're failing after selling upwards of 3 million games per release, and that's ridiculous! The console market is practically in a crash, and people like Adam Orth, they're not in a position to say "Deal With It" anymore, because... It's all drying up for them. There's more competition than ever, more luxuries for us to turn our eyes to should we get bored of one of them. There's the mobile market that they're so scared of. There's the independent scene which is going very, very well. And when enough of the audience is split apart and been cast out and alienated, and gone elsewhere, and these titans of the industry are left on their knees and wondering where everybody went, where all their loyal, taken-for-granted customers disappeared to, there's only one thing we'll be able to tell them: Deal With It.
  • Regarding the controversy surrounding Dragon's Crown's female character designs: sure, Jim himself personally doesn't like the designs(except for the Elf), but he doesn't let his personal opinion get in the way of something that needs to be said about the topic and about the gaming community as a whole. Both sides on the subject need to stop fighting and arguing over who is right or wrong, and instead start having civil discussions where people can have exchange of ideas, learn from them, understand each other, and form a compromise.
  • It's not controversial to talk about how threatening to kill someone or their family is bad, especially when the threat is over not liking a script they wrote. However, it's another thing entirely to discuss this Aesop in an episode called "I'm Going To Murder Your Children," which perfectly illustrates the point Jim is trying to make.
    • No doubt there are other reasons for giving it a title that's so likely to generate controversy.
  • Jim in "Copyright War," talking about a series of YouTube copyright claims that game publishers have started doing.
    "...Ultimately, the best YouTube personalities need only their personalities to succeed, so best of luck to them. At the end of the day we don't need any of you, game publishers. For anything. And that's what really upsets a lot of you, isn't it? We don't need you! Look at me, look at the Jimquisition- I never needed ANY of you to do ANY of this shit! I mean okay, I'm also reviews editor at The Escapist, but if you blacklist me there, the worst you're gonna do is annoy me for a minute. I'm not afraid of any of you fuckers! And that's what really makes people like you afraid. 'Cause the new generation of game coverage... isn't scared of ya. So fuck off, and thank God for me!"
  • After signing the show on with Escapist Magazine, what was Jim's first order of business on The Jimquisition? Singing praises for the oft-maligned Dynasty Warriors series, a long-time personal favorite of his!
  • In "Free To Wait", Jim goes on a tirade against Dungeon Keeper Mobile and other Free To Play "games" such as Simpsons Tapped Out that offer no gameplay to the player, while demanding their money in order to actually play them.
    ''I have nothing but scorn and disgust for any company that does something like this. These ďgamesĒ are the work of fucking hacks! Pure and simple: shiftless, lazy hacks! There are so many examples of good Free To Play games out there that ANYBODY resorting to this: the lowest of hanging fruit, the contrived and unimaginative tactic of just forcing players to wait for no justifiable reason, is acting like the most pitiful and talentless fucks! And if that offends anybody working on these games, I donít know why, I mean, you traded your dignity in to make shit like this, Iím surprised youíve any self respect left to GIVE a shit! And also, FUCK YOU for joining the gold rush, regressively exploiting a bubble before it bursts, for contributing more damage to a CLEARLY unhealthy market and for adding another tumor to the cancer thatís eating away at entertainment and killing the credibility of a business model that once showed great promise! Fuck you, you bone idle fucking locusts! *mic drop*
  • Tackling the subject of Anita Sarkeesian not by coming down on one side or the other about her, but by telling the Hate Dumb who were overtly misogynist about her before she'd even put a single video up that it's entirely their fault that anyone who criticizes the woman, no matter how well-reasoned their argument, is labeled a misogynist.
  • The ending of "Corrupt, Censoring, Suicidal Indie Devs" Deserves a mention for pointing out why trying to censor criticism never works out and why messing with internet celebrities with large fanbases will only lead to trouble.
    "You can delete the comments as much as you want, but it's too fucking late. Maybe you thought (because my Youtube channel is relatively new and still rather small) you'd get away with it where those who tackled the titan of TB failed. Unfortunately, it would appear you may not have realized who you fucked with, and you may have underestimated the gaming community's distaste for censorship. Oh dear Kobra, you done fucked up. *Beat* And I am going to crush you! [...] Censoring criticism, running to mummy and yelling 'No fair' not only makes you a corrupting individual, perhaps worse than any EA or Activision, it exposes you as a fool with an aptitude for career suicide and serves to only benefit the critic, who you bet will milk for all it's worth (see this episode) and will ensure you'll be known only for your bratty behaviour and awful, awful lack of game making talent! Ultimately we who value free criticism will win. You, who would hide as cowards behind Youtube's exploitable and poorly managed litigation system will lose. You will lose every fucking time, one way or another".
  • The entirety of the video The Slaughtering Grounds: A Steam Meltdown Story. It is essentially a lesson in "How to NOT beat the Streisand Effect" and "The Importance of Hiring Competent Creative Staff." Jim even posted a follow-up video two weeks later about how the development team at first threatened legal action, and when Jim was prepared to go to court over it, they responded that "it wasn't worth their time." It shows just how childish their reactions were, and why trying to censor criticism doesn't work.
  • "The Reviewbisoft Problem" has Jim calling out Ubisoft and SEGA for their post-release date review embargoes of Assassin's Creed: Unity and Sonic Boom. What makes this so awesome is that Jim demonstrates, just with pure logic and simple economics, why this practice is so harmful. Besides showing that a company has little faith in its own product, the post-release review date ultimately hurts a company in the long run because of all of the bad press and negative attention.
  • In "Regarding My Inquisitor And Vaginas", he wallops the Hate Dumb Dragon Age: Inquisition gets for daring to have a significant portion of LGBTQ romance making a criticism in that same line of all the hetero ones, while invoking the particularly dumb view of gamers being entirely cisgender hetero men (since he "cannot imagine being a [heterosexual] lover of Iron Bull"). No homophobe's dignity is left without pounding. And pounding. And pounding.
  • After a health scare involving an allergic reaction that put him into shock, he begins "Bloodborne is Where Survival Horror Lives On." by playing "I'm Alive".
    • And let's not forget his opening speech from that episode:
    I almost died last week. Yes, I know, it's weird to conceive, but I am, technically, mortal, and I did almost die... but as you can see, I live. Because I'm Jim Fucking Sterling, Son, and I have so much more work left to do. Speaking of which, as soon as that fucking DMCA takedown strike is released from my video of Skate Man: Intense Rescue, you can be sure there will be a video on that, and there's no way I'm shuffling off this mortal fucking coil until I get that done!
  • This withering "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Digpex games at the end of "Skate Man Intense Rescue: A Steam Spite Story":
    I mean, you've inconvenienced me a bit, well done you, I'm sure your parents are proud, but, you know, life moves on, and I'm perfectly fine, and you are now rendered a joke, so, well done you. I do have one thing to say, though, to Digpex Games and, indeed, any other developer who thinks that this is the correct course of action. Okay, now, let me clue you in. You say I am no king. And that's true. I am but a human, you are but humans, we're born, we live, and we will die one day. But here's the difference between you and I. When people think of Jim Sterling, they think of Jim Sterling. When people think of your shitty two-bit games... they think of Jim Sterling. You see, whatever meager misery of a legacy you could have hoped to attain... it has now been rendered unto me. You belong to ME now. You are but a trinket, but an ornament to go on the shelf next to Kobra Studio, next to the Slaughtering Ground guys, YOU. ARE. MINE. So I hope you enjoy that, because I am Jim Fucking Sterling Son, you can't stop me, and if you have a problem with that, you are cordially invited to eat my pussy. Thank God... for me.
    • Jim also gives a similar speech to Digital Homicide in "So Let's Talk About Mods Being Sold On Steam" where he sees how petty the company had become. Still feeling bitter over The Slaughtering Grounds fiasco, Digital Homicide created a Steam trading card showcasing a fat monster doing a russian roulette pose as an insult to Jim (Jim's YouTube profile picture is of himself doing the same pose) and selling it. Not only did Jim find the card hilariously endearing, he tells the developers that any meager profit they make from the game or the cards is all thanks to Jim Fucking Sterling, Son.