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Tropes exhibited by characters in :

Soviets vs. Nazis


The Slavic 'dark god', who appears in a manner rather similar to his appearance in Fantasia (an enormous winged black demon). Appears to combat the Nazi invasion of Russia. His physical body is destroyed in the battle with Nidhogg, but he lives on as a disembodied voice ordering around his minions. Koschei is his appointed champion and proxy, and he commands an army of demons and evil spirits.


The Steed Of Wotan, an eight-legged divine talking horse who Wotan left behind as his proxy. He is nominally on the Nazi side, but doesn't appear to care much for them. Not that it matters, seeing as at least some of the forces are in a state of cease-fire.

Koschei The Deathless

Koschei is an enormous, silent, supernatural Slavic warrior. He cannot be killed outright by normal means, and serves as Czernabog's proxy in matters outside of Russia.


The Norse All-Father, Wotan was called down to assist the Nazi forces in the fight against the Russians. He accidentally released Nidhogg, and disappeared shortly after the dragon was sealed in the underworld again, leaving Sleipnir to act in his stead. He has turned up occasionally afterwards, either in person, by possessing Sleipnir, or speaking through a flock of crows. [[spoiler: His son, Baldr, was used to power Erzengel. This caused him to return and beat Samyaza to within an inch of his life before feeding him to Nidhogg.


A Russian water fairy, Rusalka was placed under Eavle's mental control. After she encountered Sleipnir, she was freed and helped the combined Russian and Nazi forces to kill Eavle and destroy Erzengel. She has been following them ever since. She controls the element of water and ice.

Major General Takashi

One of the Nazi commanders during the battle with the Russians.

Einsatzgruppenfuhrer Ziegmund

One of the Nazi commanders during the battle, he joined the main party after ceasefire was declared. He is an nigh-skeletal vampire sorcerer paladin.

Voivode Yorik v. Eavle

The leader of a Nazi splinter faction who posed enough of a threat to both Germany and Russi for them to join forces to take him down. He was the first major villain of the game alongside his Dragon, Samyaza. He was killed in a hail of gunfire from various sources, and activated the towering cyborg Erzengel in his death throes. Since then, he has been raised from the dead by the Nazis for interrogation, and was abducted from his prison cell by Hecate.


A Fallen Angel who was working with Eavle. He was nearly killed by Wotan and then hurled into Nidhogg's domain, where he will be sealed for all time. He was working for Samael, and it is his death which sparks Samael's involvement.

Dr. Novikov

A Russian scientist, Novikov appeared during the battle with Erzengel. He utilises all manner of high-tech gadgets and inventions in battle.

  • Doomed Defeatist: Subverted. He will loudly exclaim that everyone are going to die horribly, but he'll soldier on regardless.
  • Gadgeteer Genius
  • Mac Guyvering: He constructs a tracking device in a very short amount of time from minimal materials, and later modifies it to produce a laser. Powered by cake.
  • The Professor: Builds robots, weapons systems, and teleporters, but is definitely a good guy.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He originally had to hide behind other characters and his robots, but is getting better. For example: taking on the Fenrisbrod with a handheld laser.

Allies vs. Axis

Fade (John Proudfoot)

The head of the Blackwatch, a Canadian Magical Native American special forces team who arrived on Gibraltar to aid the war effort. Over the course of his mission, Octavian kills all the Blackwatch except Fade. He was responsible for summoning the Wendigo otherwise known as Jade, his sister.


The first of the Basque Pantheon to appear, Gaueco is a god of night, darkness and black magic. He appears as an armoured humanoid with a wolf-like helmet, but transforms into a massive armoured wolf when pushed. He was originally a hound belonging to Hecate, but broke away and was adopted by Mari and Sugaar.

Mari and Sugaar

The two main players in the Basque Pantheon, Mari and Sugaar are a pair of Basque weather gods. Mari appears as a human, while her husband Sugaar is a snake composed of electricity.

San Martin TxikiA diminutive old man who walks with a cane. His appearance is deceptive, however, and he is actually a trickster god and Mari's son.

  • Cool Old Guy
  • Flower Motifs: Not quite, but chestnut leaves are a major motif of his.
  • Super Speed: His top speed is unknown, but he can outrun every character seen thus far easily.
  • Trickster Archetype: And his first appearance is intended to seem not unlike the fables surrounding the archetype.

Heracles and Hercules.

The Greek and Roman Classical heroes, returned to life. Depending on who you ask, Heracles is either a rugged and manly warrior or a heathen barbarian, and Hercules is either civilised or an effeminate pansy. Either way, they are both enormous, nigh-invincible warriors. While Heracles is nominally on the Allied side and Hercules on the Roman, they tend to go off and do their own thing most of the time.

Centurion (later Tribunus) Octavian Lexitus

The Roman Centurion commanding the defence of Gibraltar. He was nearly killed in a fight with Fade and the Wendigo, but was repaired and returned to the battlefield. He is infected with the Wendigo's corruption, but he takes a drug, Vestium, which counteracts it's effects, at the cost of causing him to burst into flame whenever he takes it. He was promoted for his valiant, and almost successful defence of Gibraltar and currently commands the garrison at Granada.

  • Accidental Misnaming: Called things like 'Octagon' and 'Octopus' by the Allies.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Fade, after he kills all the family he has left. Except Jade.
  • Handicapped Badass: After the Wendigo takes his arm off.
  • Knight Templar
  • Malevolent Masked Men: Wears a gold mask to cover up various disfiguring injuries. His first appearance wearing it is when he kills a large portion of the crew of the Oberon.
  • Playing with Fire: It's the side-effect of a drug, Vesium, he takes to fight off Wendigo-based corruption.


The Roman god of War, Mars doesn't quite live up to his reputation. While he is definitely a threat, he is also a completely insane Cloud Cuckoo Lander more notable for his extreme eccentricity than his battlefield prowess. He is backed up by the Martians, a group of jetpack-wearing elite legionnaires with lightsabers and odd names (Mers, Murs, Mors, etc.).

The Wendigo

A cannibalistic Native American spirit, the Wendigo was released by Fade to wreak havoc on the Romans. This backfired spectacularly, with the Wendgio proving a serious problem for both sides. The Wendigo wields powers over the cold and ice, can eat others to increase in size and power, turn other into Wendigos, and can regenerate from almost any injury. Revealed to be Fade's sister, Jade, who was cursed. She is returned to her original state but retains her ice powers. She vows to atone for the lives she's taken. Is currently being manipulated in some way by Loki.


A Hecatonchire (a type of giant with one hundred arms), Briareous was imprisoned by Oranos. Zeus offered to release him in exchange for help, but stabbed him in the back and left him behind. Loki releases him to rain destruction on Gibraltar during the Armistice. He leaves amicably, but it is discovered that he was merely another pawn in Loki's plan to enslave Zeus, who he releases off-screen in an attempt to gain retribution. His current fate is unknown.


Loki's daughter, Hel appears as an old crone from one side, and a skeleton on the other. She is bound within a coin. She possesses Jade briefly, but is exorcised.


The Greek supreme god of the sky and thunder, Zeus and his Pantheon were overthrown by the Romans. He was, until recently, chained under Mount Olympus, but was released by Loki, only to be bound into his service. He has since been freed, then escape from Tartarus, and is currently on the beach in Granada, brawling with Jupiter.

  • Anything That Moves: His sexual habits are discussed by Heracles and Hercules, to his consternation.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever
  • Baleful Polymorph: In addition to frying people, Zeus can use his lightning bolts to brand people with an Omega glyph that wil forcibly transform them into an eagle, a bull or an oak.
  • Boisterous Bruiser
  • Brainwashed and Crazy
  • Captured Super-Entity: He has been bound to the Well-Dressed Man's service as a result of Loki's Abstractor Spheres; understandably, he isn't happy about this. Because the Well-Dressed Man's control is absolute, he can go from perfectly erudite and amenable to trying to kill everyone in the vicinity at the drop of a hat.
    • Now that the Well-Dressed Man has been defeated for the time being, Zeus is free of has been freed of his control...only to end up imprisoned within a cell in Tartarus by his treacherous brother Hades. Of course, the joke's on Hades; turns out that Pluto has absolutely no qualms about keeping both Olympians locked up down there whatsoever. Needless to say, Zeus' mood has only soured.
  • Green Thumb: Can control oak trees, and breaks out of Tartarus by causing one to grow so large it burst through the roof of the underworld and ruptures the beach at Granada.
  • He's Back: The King of the Gods is free, and stronger than ever.
  • Large Ham
  • Shock and Awe
  • Took a Level in Badass: From dangerous comic relief to lethal battlefield god.


The supreme god of the sky and thunder, Jupiter shares many powers and traits with Zeus. He was responsible for the rise of the Roman Empire and the destruction of the Olympian Pantheon. He has appeared to return Zeus to his prison.

Japan vs. Allies

General Shinshiro Kenji

The Japanese general in charge of the island of Mindanao, Shinshiro is a man with enchanted armour and light-based powers. He is killed at the end of the Mindanao arc; after being caught in the fallout of a mini-nuke he commits suicide rather than suffer a slow death by radiation poisoning.


The Japanese sea god, Susa-No-O patrols the seas around Mindanao and kills any invaders. He is incredibly angry and ill-tempered. However, he is killed by Samael, who uses a ritual to deprive him of all his power and the belief which sustains his existence.

Tsukihime Kasumi

A Miko operative of the Showa Shogunate, Tsukihime infiltrated the Australian HMAAS Triumph disguised as a civilian. She is thwarted in her attempts the kill the Captain, and is abducted by Samael. She later returns as a brainwashed servant of Samael, and tries to bring down the Seiryuu and take all it's power. She is once again thwarted, but she transforms into a Nephilim during the attack. She has shown some signs of rebelliousness, but not enough for Samael to worry about it.

The Christmas Offensive Team

A group of Australians gathered together to make an elite strike force, the Christmas Offensive Team consists of: the Bushman, an unnamed Badass Normal, Victoria Marshall, a mecha pilot, Tom Latigan, a teleporting assassin, and the Old Man, a similarly-unnamed man who is a master in unarmed combat and mysticism. Fathe Christmas (see below) is their Mythic backup.

Father Christmas

The Christmas Offensive's associated Mythical member, Father Christmas is the famed Yuletide spirit otherwise known as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, etc.

The BLU Team

The BLU Team have been recruited to help in the war effort against the Japanese. At present, only the Spy, Pyro, Engineer and Heavy have had much effect on the story.

In-universe tropes:

  • Evolving Weapon: The Engineer's mech, which is constantly being added to and improved.
  • Laser Blade: The Heavy's miniguns now have one.
  • More Dakka: The mech has a Gatling and plasma cannon on its arms, along with a missile pod on the back and boosters. Every available exterior surface has a level-three turret (two miniguns and a missile launcher) bolted on it. And for close combat, it has flamethrowers mounted everywheree, along with a cloaking system.

  • Psychopathic Manchild: The Heavy seems a great deal more affected by the death of the Engineer than a lifetime of war would allow.
Liberty Prime

A robot deployed onto the beaches of Mindanao during the first attack, Liberty Prime was instrumental in the fall of Mindanao, holding off Susa-No-O, providing a Landing Zone for troops, and killing Shinshiro Kenji. However, during the battle of Visayas, he was destroyed by the assassin Yugure. His remains were whisked away in the aftermath.


An assassin working for Naito, Yugure seemed to be fairly normal, but he was revealed to be a Shinigami when the Seiryuu's spirit engines failed, allowing him to regain his lost power. He appears to be Naito's brother.

Hunt For The Ark


The Lwa of War, Fire and Iron, Ogoun was summoned to the field at the behest of the AREM, and now fights alongside them.


A Tanzanian hare spirit, Kalulu is a trickster. He repeatedly messes things up for both the Nazis and the British, stranding the Implacable in the Sea Of Sand and disrupting the Luftwaffe attempt to attack the Implacable. His motivations are unclear, mostly because it is impossible to trust anything he says.

South America

El Chupacabra

Metaverse Characters

The Well Dressed Man Loki

Currently one of the main villains, The Well Dressed Man appears to be manipulating everything that is going on. He first appears during the aftermath of the Poland arc in Soviets Vs. Nazis, but has appeared elsewhere since. His true identity is the trickster god Loki, of Norse mythology, and he is out to break free of his chains and prevent Ragnarok. His physical body is in the underworld, and he appears through astral projection. He is the father of the Decurion, the Private, Hel, and the mother of Sleipnir.

The Private/Fenrir

One of the Well-Dressed Man's loyal lieutenants, The Private takes the form of a British Army Private. He is really Fenrir, the great wolf of Norse Mythology. His physical form remains bound underground in Scandinavia, and he appears as an astral projection.

The Decurion/Jorumungandr

The second of The Well-Dressed Man's lieutenants, The Decurion takes the form of a decurion of the New Roman Empire's army. He is actually Jormungandr, the Norse World Serpent. Unlike The Private, he is free, but his true, massive form is rarely seen and lies at the bottom of the ocean. The Decurion himself is merely a projection of Jormungandr.


A Fallen Angel, Samael was Samyaza's master. When Samyaza was defeated, Samael appeared and made a bargain with the Well-Dressed Man. His ultimate goal appears to be causing a civil war between the angels. As of now, he has succeeded. He is also experimenting with a weapon to kill deities, and has been using it against the Japanese.


Hecate is the Greek Triune goddess of the night, darkness, crossroads, and magic. She originally appeared in Allies Vs. Axis, working as a freelancer for the Romans in the hopes of enslaving Gaueco, who was once her servant. She was defeated, and disappeared. She later appears and strikes a bargain with the Well-Dressed Man to attain more power, and appears to be working on a weapon with which to hijack control of other Mythics.


An Archangel, Phanuel is the commander of the Ophanim, strange wheel-shaped angels. He appears to be manipulating the characters so they will uncover important Judeo-Christian relics such as the Ark of the Covenant or the Spear Of Destiny. Phanuel is dead and this 'Phanuel' is merely the Well-Dressed Man masquerading as him to uncover said artefacts and restart the War In Heaven. So far, he appears to have been successful, antagonising Barachiel into attacking him. However, he has been uncovered by several parties as an impostor, though the angels are not one of those parties.