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    Looks (not necessarily from the same story) 

Appearance (Totally not— actually, Tagger IS pretty damn original, if stupid)

Tagger appears as a tall, almost disproportioned "stick figure" boy with short arms but a generally large torso. His default palette has him wearing a short-sleeved (which appears to be long-sleeved thanks to his short arms) lime green shirt, pale blue pants, and generic pale red shoes. He has white hair in the rough shape of a backwards baseball cap, light tan skin, and blue eyes. Tagger's most noteworthy feature is his gas mask — it is gray with brown lenses

Appearance (Totally not evil demon Roxy Lalonde from Hell)

Roylel can technically take any form she wants, being the physical embodiment of all clothing. However, her preferred form when directly speaking to people is of a woman with completely white skin and long, uneven, unkept white hair. She has two gray eyes on each side of her face, half of them being cat-like while the others are wide with cross-shaped pupils. She has several stitches all over her with the appearance of blood, making her look as though she was messily sewn together at several random points. Her mouth is usually smiling, and has "cuts" on each side to make it look more like a smile, always exposing the red "gums" underneath. She "wears" a plain white long-sleeved shirt and a long skirt.

Appearance (Totally not Rip Van Winkle)

Stacy is a tall woman in her early twenties with pale skin and bright blue hair that goes past her feet. She


Back in early middle school, Stacy used to be one of the ten followers of Azzhla's clique. That lasted until a fateful day where Azzhla pulled a prank on Tyler that involved taking him from the locker room, tying him up, and setting him on fire [Note: This is one of those really weird and over-the-top stories that doesn't take itself too seriously. So yes, middle schoolers setting each other on fire. You should see Azzhla as an adult. Her name is a corruption of "asshole" for a reason.] Her friends were reluctant to do the latter part, even after Azzhla informed them that she would compromise by not killing Tyler. Tyler, in a bit of a panic, managed to talk his way out of the prank by addressing the girls one by one, eventually making friends with them. Stacy was the first, When they tried to fight back against Azzhla, she took off on her motorcycle and left, going missing for the next ten years.

Ten years later, and the ten former friends are all working in BEST HUNTERS Corps, finding supernatural threats and taking them down as their collective job. Stacy's role is as the weapon crafter and the stealth trap-setter;

Appearance (Totally not Hank Hill)

Steve is a middle-aged man with green

Appearance (Totally not inspired by all those naked waifus being one-episode characters, like half of them getting killed what bullshit...)

Unitias have a variety of appearances, but they all follow a very general template. All of them appear as adult women (NeedsMoreDeepWater implied that, just like the Emazhes of Emazh In, a male option may be implimented in the future) who generally wander around nude. They all have the "Unified Mark" on their right buttock, which can appear during extreme uses of their powers and resembles the letter U sliced in half diagonally. They can vary somewhat in body type (slightly less so than Emazhes) and come in different colors in terms of hair, skin, eyes, or even less usual features like nails, sclera, blood, teeth, or tears/sweat. In addition to colors, some of them also have patterns on themselves as well, whether arranged specifically (such as marks that resemble carefully-crafted large tattoos across the body), in repettitive shapes (such as polka dots), or just as random bits of color. Unlike Emazhes, all Unitias have above-average sized breasts and large, rounded rears.

Fan has confirmed that none of the infinite Unitias resemble anthropormorphized animals in that they have heads of or facial features of any creatures becides humans. None of them could be mistaken for children, as well. These two rules also apply for Emazhes.


  • Type: "Metaphysical" creational beings
  • Inspirations: .GIFfany (Gravity Falls), Felicia (Darkstalkers), [There's probably like a ton of them, including additional perma-nude characters I might come across — this story isn't done yet] Emazhes (Emazh In, another story by NeedsMoreDeepWater)

[This below part might be outdated.]

In chapter one of Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group, a gas giant-sized being claiming to be the "Solid Death" tried to attack Earth, declaring that he wanted to end the entire planet out of boredom of it. Carlson, the mysteriously lucky man who seems to be able to survive anything, was sent after him. Solid Death attempted to kill Carlson by severing his (non-physical) "connection to the creator-life," and was outraged when this failed, as severing the connection can kill anything — even otherwise immortal beings or those that are already dead (they are simply "double-killed"). Carlson manages to obliterate Solid Death, and once Steve and the Blood King enter the confrontation, this is quickly forgotten about as Carlson becomes a secondary character with side-ties to Steve's band of six. [Might nuke this whole paragraph but it's kind of a context-establisher.]

In chapter 5, this incident is addressed again when the Unitias make their debut. Several of them appear on the city streets, claiming to look for Carlson (who, after having his connection severed, became somewhat harder for Unitias that are not Origin to spot — and Origin does not care about hunting him yet)

Testing holy biscuits batman they have a page for me and my entire fucking army of OCs

this is a dream come true

Tropes that apply to me (I won't reveal anything personal)


Bulma Briefs (ブルマ; Buruma)

Voiced by (Japanese): Hiromi Tsuru
Voiced by (English): Wendee Swan (Harmony Gold); Maggie Blue O'Hara, Lalainia Lindbjerg, France Perras (BLT/Ocean); Leslie Alexander (DB Movie 2), Tiffany Vollmer, Monica Rial (Kai, DB Movie 1 onwards) (FUNimation), Leda Davies, Kristin Nowosad (Blue Water); Jodi Forrest, Sharon Mann (The History of Trunks) (AB Groupe/"Big Green"); Claudia Thompson (Animax)
Voiced by (Latin American): Rocío Garcel (current voice), Mónica Manjarrez (Majin Buu saga, GT and Movies 4-13'), Laura Ayala (some episodes), Isabel Martiñón (Z and Movie 4 Dragon Ball)

The very first human Goku came across (apart from his grandpa) at the start of the series. One could say she's the trigger that kicks off the series as a whole. Originally on a quest to gather the Dragon Balls for her own reason (to wish for a perfect boyfriend), Bulma gets dragged into the craziness that comes along with the search. Even when the quest is finished, she still keeps close ties with Goku and his friends and helps out whenever possible. Which, considering she's a mechanical whiz, is quite often.

  • Can we share? I have OCs I want to share too!

    Darth Manchild 
When the sun collapses into the depths of outer space, and you see a familiar smirk on the moons face, know that I am laughing at you all. I am your nightmares, put into a blender with the darker parts of lovecraft, some crushed ice, and a hint of cinnamon.Know that when you see eyes in the darkness, and the silly string begins to cocoon you, don't fear. I still need you alive to buy my seasonal waterfront property. Come on, I having trouble trying to sell it! So what if it is where the Usher house collapsed! they were a bunch of weirdos anyway, a brother and a sister that seemed a bit too close. Pale too, like vampires, or the fanbase of Second Life. I mean, people, get some sun!Even us eldritch abominations get out from our depths too!Now what was I saying? I will take your mind and replace it with pink elephants dancing to the hamster dance at half speed! You will beg for me to end the world!Too bad I can't. Powers stripped when I got fired. Who knew Chuthie loved that damned beagle so much? I mean it was kinda awkward that it couldn't breathe at the depths of his apartment. I just went to the Mi-go to get it some gills. It wasn't my fault they took out its' brain, put it in a jar, and ate the body with some navy beans and chianti?
  • GIFT: an avatar of such. Think if Nylarthotep lost his powers and had to resort to trolling on the internet.

  • Escape From Fanservice Island:
    • "Ack! You know, I just realized something. Maybe if I had just asked politely instead of kidnapping you seven, I could have gotten this fort and got off this island anyway..." Zeschariah "Zeskit" Kittenmuffin, AKA "The Troll"
    • [A shitload of Intermission deaths. They don't "exactly" stay dead, though.]
    • "GHAAAARGLE! You naked idiots still insist on fighting your destiny?" The Three Boundry Guardians, after fusing themselves together
    • "Just let her know what a mistake I made. I wasted my entire life... just to try to end yours." A Lightning Cult mook
    • "Heh... that's the best question... you could have ever asked..." Zephieye Smith, AKA "The Lightning Cultist"
    • "Yeah, I'm terrible. But hey, I'm Zeskit's friend. Were you expecting anything different?" Katjus "Kath-ustin" Othtrolll [sic], AKA "That Other Troll"
    • "I WISH UPON YOU: STARVATION!" Faminehorse
    • "I WISH UPON YOU: DISEASE!" Pestilencehorse
    • "I WISH UPON YOU: VIOLENCE!" Warhorse
    • "I WISH UPON YOU: NOT LIVING ANYMO— wait, what's that blinking light?" Deathhorse
    • "Just because Pyronica stripped me of my abilities does not render me powerless! En garde!" The revived "Anti-Sage"/Black Hexagram Emergency Guide (she was technically "dead" for a while, then briefly got brought back just to get one-shotted by Stan)
    • "STANFORD! Get it, Bill's last words were apparently 'Stanley' so uh... yeah. STANFORD!" Pyronica
  • 5x5:
    • "" Cold Dragon
    • "" Warm Dragon
    • "" Blood Dragon
    • "Yes, another man. Another human man, at that. You're probably wondering why. Well... that secret is going to die with me! GAHAHAHAAH!" The Red Knight
  • 5x5 2: (Whatever I called it on the main sandbox):

Yes, "does anyone else find it funny that everyone who (perma-)dies in this story is technically an OC except Pyronica? And people say OCs are spotlight-hogs who live from bad contrivance and everyone else gets shoved to the side."
"I wasn't just joking when I told y'all to die, eh."
"How did you know?"
You feel your muscles become weak, unable to move a thing.
Your bones feel hollow, as though they become liquid, unable to stay stable.
Numbing, overwhelming pain shoots through every nerve in your body, all centered on the mind.
Impending doom approaches!
"Everything's set for the big finale! Get ready for Weirdmageddon 2.0: Adults Only version! And to show that I mean it, guess which pair of twins is getting roasted alive!"

Beginning of the fic: "Now why in the world would Melody hang out with .GIFfany? She's such a bad influence."

Chapters 8-11: "Why would .GIFfany hang out with this Melody? She's become such a bad influence."

Chapters 12 and 13: "They're both better now and I think I have a new crack OTP."

I think it was, but I haven't exactly written down any concrete Sage <-> Aspect thing, not even in Bl:oo<dswap:
  • Fire = Time (Guarantee; goddamn Uchihas)
  • Shadow = Space (Likely; Shadow and Space are both associated with vampires in SBIG)
  • Forest = Heart (Forest's the "main one" in SBIG, Nepeta's the "main one" in SBIG/always)
  • Spirit = Breath (Forgot why; I think Tavros had something to do with it)
  • Water = Light (I recall trying to specifically avoid Light = Light because it seemed obvious...)
  • Light = Life (By proxy; also, the Sage of Light of SBIG, just like the rainbow of twelve elements, is associated with healing and shit. Also also, Rose Quartz. Heals and loves life.)

General Edgyness:
  • Cerebus Syndrome:
    • Escape From Fanservice Island probably holds the record of GPF's most drastic, in part because Fan said that he wanted the second half to feel like "an enormous emotional rollercoaster." The narrative itself has a very joke-y attitude through most of the beginning, and the first four chapters can largely be summed up as shenanigans done by Stan, Ford, Soos, Melody, .GIFfany, Darlene, and Pyronica on an island as all seven of them are made naked through contrivance and all of them have a lot of emphasis on their asses (for better or for worse). There is quite a lot of foreshadowing (although some of it was ret-conned in later, and some of it was admitted to be Fan copying Andrew Hussie's technique of "putting in a lot of details first with less of a clear goal, and then making sure the new plot elements tie in with those details"), but nothing in the first four chapters — even the relatively serious one with Ford and Pyronica — imply that the fic is going to be anything close to what it turns in to during the Lightning Cultist Arc onwards. In Chapter 5, the three storylines told across the previous chapters come together and there's a little plot about rescuing .GIFfany while Pyronica strikes a deal with her virtual army. Then the Troll is introduced: He's not that serious and even has an intentionally half-assed design, but given that he kidnaps the group and wants to turn them in to living batteries, he's kind of a mild Knight of Cerebus. Then Darlene kills him in the fic's first real fight scene, and the narrative joke-y attitude comes to a complete stop as the Troll spends his last moment giving a warning before diving off his own fortress creation. It later becomes increasingly apparent that Pyronica is actually more of a villain than the other six, the Lightning Cultist doesn't fuck around, and that the fic is going to set out to smash a bunch of fanservice tropes with a sledgehammer. Chapter 7, while the introduction of the Lightning Cultist is a bit serious, turns out to just be the preface for the physical and emotional struggles the characters face as they make it back to land, set forth to gather the Sage Guide Swords, and live up to the Hexagram Emergency.
    • Its Lighter and Softer predecessor, run:gifocalypse, has this as well, conveniently divided in to three "Arcs." Arc 1
    • SBIG downplays this. GPF said that he pretty much always wanted at least some element of sillyness, given that the whole thing is based on Stylistic Suck as part of his quest to write something deliberately So Bad, It's Good. Yet it began with a pair of continuity-less Ed, Edd n Eddy fan fics that exaggerate everything, before Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals comes and introduces a slightly longer and more coherant story that's still dumb (a main character is basically a Charlie Sheen knockoff as a literal rockstar from Mars). Then Fan decided to give some minor characters from HUC their own, longer spinoff which had even more continuity. Then he had the idea to tie most, but not all, of the installments together.
  • Fan Disservice:
    • In general, this guy writes Hank Hill getting naked a lot.
    • Escape From Fanservice Island is bar none his most sexual fan worknote  yet. (Considering the slow climb from the "kind of pushing a little compared to canon but comes off as tame considering the internet" Total Zeksmit Plains to "some risque things are mentioned once in a blue moon" of Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals to "okay, now you get the vibe that he doesn't care about covering butts and nipples" from run:gifocalypse.) Bobby Hill's Ultimate Minecraft Harem, which is just a full-blown comedy (EFFI can be described as Surprise Drama and a Deconstruction Fic), is its only competition. With that being said, it balances between actual fanservice and Fan Disservice for a while before firmly swinging on the latter until the very end:
      • It's quite telling that .GIFfany in general serves as Great Pikmin Fan's general go-to Ms. Fanservice of his Gravity Falls fanworks while simultaneously being the Ms. Fan Disservice, and this story is no exception. She
      • In Chapter 5, Soos and Melody each spank .GIFfany in the ass as part of "punishment" for what she did in canon and, to a lesser extent, Chapter 2. Right, this is while Stan, Ford, and Darlene are all watching (and the former is more-or-less Soos's father figure, the latter is a complete strander to them) and .GIFfany openly complains about issues with the pair's... "excitement" over the subject.
      • Melody's nudity is generally played for fanservice right up until the gang successfully leaves the island and her sense of modesty comes back to hit her at full force. She, along with the others, now have to evade the police
      • Pyronica. If her giant eye, messed up teeth, and general inhuman traits aren't a turn off, then her increasingly evil and psychotic actions will be. Especially near the end of the story, where she roasts Dipper and Mabel alive (they're saved before she can kill them, but she permanently damages one of Dipper's arms and one of Mabel's legs)
      • The Cloth Moths would be standard nudifiers if not for the prose of them stripping their victims coming off more as trying to eat them whole. They're inspired by a killer mosquito swarm in One-Punch Man (who, funnily enough, is commanded by a technicolored naked monster-woman — similar to the .GIFfanys, and there is one .GIFfany even based on her design-wise), specifically a scene where they absolutely cover a guy as they drain him in to a husk. These things only eat clothes... at first, as after eating enough they enter a much more violent mode where they try to eat bodies down to the bone. The Lightning Cultist weaponizes this by trying to consume the Stans, and they barely end up escaping.
      • One of the bonuses is a non-canon strip of the gang (including Pyronica) having a sexy car wash. They're finally wearing something here, except it's in the form of nothing but long white T-shirts that become see-through when soaked and barely cover their waists. For a while, the four women wash various peoples' cars like this, with predictable results (some are less worksafe than others). Then Zeskit comes in. "Conveniently," they all decide that they're sick and get the three men to replace them — cue a loving description of two brothers in their sixties pouring water over one-another. Zeskit's reaction sums it up:
        Zeskit: So uh, any of you PC nuts have any gas pumps so that I can light my eyes on fire?
      • The "harem" of .GIFfanys might seem unamusing, especially after Prime's Heel–Face Turn completes, but notice that in each scene with them literally sleeping with Soos and Melody that they're... kind of closing in around them, getting closer generally. Towards the end, Soos and Melody are completely surrounded by them and the narrative point-blank says that it's less easy to breathe in. The Artificial Army is practically suffocating them (if unintentionally) which is even eerier when you consider that The Binding of Isaac is one of this fic's inspirations and suffocation plays a part in the lore. What part? The whole game is a dream as Isaac suffocates to death in his toy chest. Now, what would the "chest" represent? A popular theory that even gained some approval by Edmund himself is that the game/chest/"box" is a metaphor for being stuck in a person's fantasy world. By
    • run:gifocalypse:
      • For some reason, the webcomic adaptation shows Risen-.GIFfany's nipples, but hides the nipples of the other copies until the end (even topless copies are given the Scenery Censor treatment, no matter how absurd it would be). According to Word of God, it's because she's intended to be the creepiest of the bunch, and in fact the only one that's consistently played for horror (the others are mostly Jerkass Woobies at worst, Shannon is the only other "horror"-ish contender but even her attack is based on a misunderstanding and she technically never ends up topless during the events of Chapter 10), so it's most obvious with her that her nipples aren't sexualized, which to him counts as squeaking by the fic's self-given "Teen-ish" rating. She also does batshit crazy things like making out with a Soos dummy while throwing a Melody dummy in to a pit of sharks, and then there's the entirety of her battle. Also, in the leadup to it, she gives herself some Body Horror forms (while thankfully fully clothed), including showing herself rotting to give an example of how real life involves growing old and dying, and turning her face in to blank skin while a minature Stan, Dipper, Mabel, and Melody appear from it, stretching it as they try to get out. GPF said that the final battle with .GIFfany really pushes the "T"-rating, and he loves that.
        Great Pikmin Fan: Protip: If you're insane, I'll show your boobs on a T-rated story. So if you want sane boobs, well... I'd recommend Escape From Fanservice Island, but it's a stretch to consider everyone there sane after
      • .GIFfany's One-Winged Angel form

Character sheet for Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group and its related media. Beware of spoilers, especially the story's number of which that happen on the first chapter.

  • Heroes:
    • The Intriguing Groupnote 
    • Support (For Carlson, see Astronaut Knight's page)note 
  • Antagonists:
    • BLOODSHOTnote 
    • Miscellaneous threats of the week not affiliated with BLOODSHOTnote 
  • Othernote 
  • Astronaut Knight for Carlson and the Unitias

    The Intriguing Group as a Whole 

    Steve Badvillain 

Main characters...?/Humans:

For the characters that feature largely in Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group, check that trope page.

    Both of them 

    Carlson, "The Astronaut Knight" 

Attributes: Skilled and Lucky

[Other stuff] He's (in)famous for being naturally ridiculously good at everything he tries out, with one of the very few exceptions being the one thing he always wanted to be good at: baking. His cooking skills were so terrible that he ended up poisoning his parents to death when he was fourteen and a half.

  • Berserk Button:
    • Don't try to obscure his vision. He enjoys his ability to navigate, and will be exceptionally aggressive to anything that deliberately blocks his vision in some way. (IE smoke bombs, etc.) Ironically, towards the beginning of the spinoff he ends up blocking the viewers from seeing Prime's vagina, such as the extended panels where he holds his arm out and, regardless of the angle, she's always covered up by at least part of him. (Or shown from the back.)
    • He had a bad history with a former friend back in college that involved said friend taking steroids, so he's generally not too happy if someone calls him "____ on steroids" or, worse, suggests that he take steroids because he looks too wimpy.
    • Slow internet connection and/or being on hold. Given what type of story this is, he ends up having to suffer through both of them,
  • Conveniently an Orphan: Water stated that he wanted Carlson to not really have ties to anyone on Earth, so that there wouldn't be any tension that he's missing anyone as he's still technically stranded. Anyway, Carlson's parents were accidentally killed by his own shitty cooking, and his friends were on the SS Cap when it blew up.
  • Dangerous Sixteenth Birthday: Averted in his backstory. His life when he was sixteen was completely uneventful. Not much happened in his thirteenth birthday, either. However, exactly half-way in between those was when his parents died.
  • Expy: He's basically an inversion of Ted Wakahisa from Water's considerably more serious (yet, at the same time, more lighthearted, idealistic, and less edgy) "sister story" to this, Emazh In. Both of them are people sent on space projects and rank among one of two unofficial "leaders" to a large group of women who aren't big fans of being fully clothed. The difference is that while Ted is a buff nerd that has very mild ego issues and ended up creating the group (by accident) and they ended up hating him, Carlson is a scrawny "jock" with a bit of an inferiority complex that stumbled upon the group by accident and many of them... became attatched. Hell, one of Dan's prototype names (in addition to "Uhztand" for a short while) was Carlson.
  • Foil:
    • To Dave back in SBIG. Dave was a Wrong Genre Savvy creepo who had deluded himself in to thinking that he's the main character of anything, and tries to sell himself as a hero when he's really an asshole. He also thinks that he has in-universe Plot Armor, which is disproven when he gets killed in chapter 5 after trying to take on the Blood King's forces. Carlson is completely Genre Blind but does have plot armor — with universal contrivance being the one thing that keeps him alive, and its heavily implied that the one force greater than the Unitias — the narrative itself — is what helps him out.
  • Lethal Chef: One of the few talents he cannot master is anything involving cooking.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Despite being a human, he's still both an armored knight and an astronaut. And later, a ninja.
  • Stripperiffic: Male example. Despite being introduced in a full space suit with a full suit of armor on top of that, once he's stranded he quickly strips both of them off and wanders around only in tiny swim trunks and with a boomerang in his hand.


    Unitia Prime, "The Dark Zipper" [Gonna rework this, mainly by possibly no longer making her the "prime" one EDIT: Also maybe she won't be the protagonist, like a villain instead. This whole section is outdated]  


Carlson was fortunate to have one of the relatively Unitias visit him first, even when some of the psychos made it to Steve's tree fort. She's the one that eventually takes Carlson in to the Unitia world at the end of chapter 5, where he spends the rest of SBIG performing the events of Astronaught Knight. She acts as his guide and unofficial body guard.

[Blah blah blah] while Carlson has raw stupid luck and over-the-top athletic strength and reflexes, Unitia Prime compliments that by having just about everything else: Infinite Supplies, an infinite army, intelligence, a manipulable close-ranged weapon, limitless (except that she has to know where the location she wants to zip to is) teleportation, and cooking (unlike Carlson). Too bad neither of them are experts in the "sane" department.

  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Downplayed in early concept art (this is not Early Installment Weirdness so much as Fan intentionally shying away from drawing full breasts while trying to promote it), where while she's drawn without a visible crotch, her nipples are still there... but in the form of "implied" bumps on her breasts. She and the other Unitias also appear this way in ads, preview images, and the like (inverting the common "clickbait" trick of trying to make something look sexier than it is). In the full comic, she has clearly defined nipples, and her crotch is usually covered by Scenery Censor, but the trope comes in to play the few times it isn't. It's clear that Water puts a bit less effort in to obscuring the other Unitias, as they sometimes just don't have the offensive bits drawn. Her ass crack is always visible, however.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Do NOT categorize/"tag" something incorrectly. Being like Water's M.U.G.E.N character "Tagger" is just about asking for a verbal asswhooping if you're good, and a physical asswhooping if you're evil.
    • Don't try to "play keep-away" with her.
    • In a Leaning on the Fourth Wall at the comic's/story's Take That! at the Reluctant Fanservice Girl, she absolutely detests anything relating to "Environment-Nuking Flameterprise" from Earth (not to be confused with the one from Steve Baydebt's Intriguing Group, which is confirmed to be set in a completely different reality altogether), or even its initials of "ENF." ENF can also be used to stand for "Embarassed Naked Female."
    • While she doesn't like being told to put clothes on, she generally doesn't get too bothered by that. Unless the "clothes" are panties or especially bras (sometimes it's the other way around. She can't decide which one she hates more). She doesn't even like the word "underwear," saying that it's just like how the word "moist" bugs some people.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: She's an exceptionally cooperative Unitia, and one of the relatively few that is fighting for good for good's sake instead of as a Blood Knight thrill. She also basically looks kind of like she would be some sort of shadow-demon.
  • Final Boss: Of Berserker's story. She's the last thing stopping you from infecting the Core and brainwashing the entire Unitia race, then inevidably using that godly power on Earth.
  • Foreign-Language Tirade: Parodied. She speaks in Black Speech when she's especially pissed off, which has the effect of casting spells by accident. This is yet another carry-over from the .GIFfany army, except they (particularly the main .GIFfany and the normally-silent Professor Burrda) speak Japanese instead, as they came from Japan rather than an alternate dimension of raw chaotic energy.
  • Male Gaze: The very first shot of her period is a close-up of her butt. Following that is a series of panels that move up to her back, then around to her breasts. Then it moves down, with nothing but a single finger half-covering her vulva. We technically see her face last.
  • Ms. Fanservice: If the whole "runs around naked and has a literally infinite harem (if of Axe-Crazy people)" weren't enough clues, Water's drawings of her (and the other Unitias...) also marks the closest he came thus far to actually drawing genetalia — considering the barely-pixellated-in-universe .GIFfanys from Escape From Fanservice Island and one particularly revealing Speech Balloon Censoring on Melody's part in chapter 10, this is saying a lot. She's barely covered by just the slightest forms of censorship, in some cases Water intentionally draws part of her goods because the "censorship" is entirely of his own standards.
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!: This is the last thing you will hear from her if you poke her Berserk Buttons.
  • The Unsmile: Carlson assumes that she looks beautiful When She Smiles. Not exactly. Even when she's genuinely happy, she still kind of always looks like she's planning to murder someone.

Champions [Might change some names so that they're not the EXACT same things as the element types used in, say, 361 Striking Degrees]:

The champions are, generally, even less of wisps that you want to mess with than the normal wisps. They are the result of a wisp gaining a significant amount of power and ranking up a certain number of "kills." Technically, Prime [again, gonna change that; maybe Prime will be the final villain's name?]

    Tropes Common to the Main Champions 

  • Adaptational Villainy: Compared to both their run:gifocalypse and Emazh In counterparts/inspirations. It's stated that the idea of this came from Water looking back at how the former story had many copies of a character that was canonically a yandere, only for many of (but not all, especially regarding the "canonical" one) the copies themselves weren't yanderes. He thought what would happen if they were.
  • Cool Starship: They all have flagships and entire planets to themselves. (Some other high-ranks have kingdoms or even whole asteroids/comets/etc to themselves, but these people have planets, and several of them even unofficially rule entire star systems or galaxies. These main fourteen, however, are just limited to planets.)
  • Prehensile Tail: Oddly, all of them except Origin have a tail of some sort, and most of them could move it. As they also have horns (again, Origin's the exception), this goes with their "demonic" image, although Fire is the only one that looks like the "typical Hollywood" red-skinned demon. That was apparently a leftover thing that was supposed to apply to the main (non-human) Striking Degress — however, Fan forgot to give most of the main twelve demon-like tails in his initial Tumblr descriptions, so he simply left them for this story.
  • Rule of Symbolism: Unlike Emazh Innote  or run:gifocalypsenote , the characters are fought in a spectrum that starts out in purple (well, magenta) and then slowly wraps to blue, then green, then just becomes redder from there. It's approaching red in a similar way a video game difficulty scale might — as Carlson gets closer to the heart of danger, he's getting closer to the redder (thus, associated with being more dangerous) colors.

    Unitia Poison 

One of the endless commanders of the chemicals,

    Unitia Meat 

One of the endless commanders of the meat,

    Unitia Water 

  • Wake-Up Call Boss: The first two bosses arn't effortless, but they still don't provide too much challenge — generally, it's possible to beat them without dying on the first try. Then Water comes in and forces you to master the art of managing your finite guard and

    Unitia Sound 

    Unitia Soap 

    Unitia Wind 

    Unitia Plant 

    Unitia Light 

  • Light 'em Up: Her specialty. As with Shannon and [Some name that starts with a "K"], she can also manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum as a whole, including harmful radiation.
  • Our Angels Are Different: She, Antifire, and their respective teammates/similar groups both seem to be derived from a "Hollywood angelic" appearance (in addition to the several other groups that could vaguely be categorized as "angels")
  • That's No Moon!: She somehow manages to hide as Carlson's reflection.

    Unitia Electricity 

    Unitia Earth 

    Unitia Fire 

    Unitia Antifire 

    Unitia Paint 

  • Art Attacker: Another rose-red-themed character by Great Pikmin Fan/NeedsMoreDeepWater that uses art, and even the paint itself, as her main weapon.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Carlson actually lets his guard down before fighting her; he just came off the heels of the resident Dual Boss and heard that the next nearest Champion target (and the last one before he had proper access to the Core) was just an asshole artist. Assuming that he'd have an easy time fighting her, he laughs his ass off and promptly nearly gets stabbed to death.
  • Filler Villain: Her only actual role in the story is to fill out the "fight at least one Champion (specifically, a 'main Champion') each chapter" quota. She's not quite as important to that particular chapter as the Duals before her, or The Dragon and Big Bad after.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: They're actually a red-magenta color, just like the rest of her. In this story, that color is specifically considered a sign of something even more dangerous, and jokingly described as being "redder than red."
  • Shout-Out: Just like the Charged Emazh leading the technological jungle region, one of her other fellow paint-class rulers has spring-like bionic arms and can rapid-fire paint as though it was from an actual gun. In other words, like an Inkling, also with ARMS.

    Unitita Psychic 

Probably one of the few important Unitias that prioritizes defeating Carlson over actually trying to make him hers. She seems him as a genuine opponent to battle against.

  • Cat Girl: Downplayed. She has a cat-like tail (loosely, at the very least it does not have some shape on the tip like the others), but that's about it. She does not act at all like a cat otherwise, or looks like one unless you count her general black coloration.
  • Catch-Phrase: Borrows Professor Dove's "...And let it be known that I do not fuck around," only she uses it more than a few times. (As that had happened with Dove, and Water made a conciencious effort in to avoiding that.)
  • The Dragon: Unofficially. She all-but serves as this, being the penultimate opponent Carlson faces and being faced near the end as the Berserker (in Date Mode, however, you can technically try for her at any time, and the Champions sans Origin in any order). She's not officially employed by Origin as her number two, but she really wants to be one.
  • More Dakka: Has this belief, hence her whole planet being stockpiled with ammunition. In her boss encounter, she immediately tries to come from above, gunning down at Carlson. She does not fuck around.
  • Telekinesis: She can fling anything around the room like nothing. Or the whole room itself. Or the entire block of buildings. Or, hell, why not entire planets?

    Unitia ∞rigin [Possible placeholder name]  

O -> 0 -> 8 -> ∞

The "first" of the Wisps, stated to be of "an infinite age" (it's highly implied that this is an exaggeration, but she still existed before the universe itself) and the one and only key to getting Carlson back home. One must defeat at least thirteen other Champions before facing her (Carlson ended up going against fourteen first; the last one really interfered with him and forced him to fight her),

  • All Your Powers Combined: Her first phrase has her directly summoning the previous Champions (also breaking their implicit rule that they don't just gang up on their target at once; it's apparently different if it's the grand leader. It's also stated to be different if they actually don't mind getting along, and considering the scope of Carlson's mission, that time they were in a weird villainous version of Enemy Mine). In her second, her monstrous form uses exaggerated versions of previous attacks
  • Berserk Button:
    • Horror story/"creepypasta" Cliché Storms. Do not compare her to characters who kill using knives, and suggesting a red and black-themed makeover for her base is an invitation for an asskicking.
    • Do not tell her to update something faster, or joke about a wait in between anything. Her base technically has infinite entertainment anyway, so it's unlikely someone would get bored and instead just say that to troll her.
    • She's somewhat willing to listen to Prime until the topic of Carlson getting back to Earth comes up. That's what starts the "every single galaxy is against us... I like those odds" part we see In Medias Res towards the beginning of the story.
  • Bishonen Line: Like .GIFfany in Run Gifocalypse, she goes from a Super Saiyan-like giant (although .GIFfany did not fight Soos in the form of a giant; this is one of the many differences) to a planet-sized monstrocity with more power than the whole observable universe... then she fights Carlson in her regular-looking form. This is justified as her One-Winged Angel form was the second of them, just that Prime and Carlson managed to knock her out of that and temporarily toned down her powers.
  • Body Horror: Her planet base-mecha thing invokes this, as it resembles a multi-faced (but not multi-headed)
  • Brought Down to Normal: By the endgame, an "inverti-ray" was just about Carlson's only hope to take her on in a fist-fight while falling through the air.
  • Brown Note: According to the legends, any human being who looks at her genitalia will immediately become brainwashed for six years (and thirty-six days) and explode after that time is up, with absolutely no cure after you're affected; the latter would happen even if they get uploaded. This has been coined as "End Vision." It gets to the point where even closing your eyes and covering them with hands don't work (with the real her, not with photographs) on account that some of the light might somehow "slip through the spaces between atomic particles" in really tiny increments, even if your brain doesn't realize it. She does not want her human servants to explode, so she wears bike shorts to get around the problem. It turns out that, like Lucky from Fan's earlier King of the Hill fan fic The Hill King, people with a higher tollerance for nudity in general are immune. This is what saves Carlson's life after his and her shorts both get burned off during re-entry. (No, if you gain a higher tollerance after brainwashing, you're still brainwashed and you'll still explode.)
  • Evil Counterpart: To both of the main protagonists. In Carlson's case, she's the only other character of any note that wears some kind of real clothing, and they both cover the same general amount of area. She also weilds a boomerang similar to his, and has in-universe Plot Armor powerful enough to negate Carlson's. When it comes to Prime,
  • Expy:
    • Emazh In-wise, it's harder to pin. Ninthee was .GIFfany's expy, so that would be the logical thing to assume. However, the sheer volume of Origin's God Complex is much higher than anything Ninthee has shown, and her rainbow theme makes her seem more similar to Kristie instead. Overall, she's a mix of Ninthee (personality-wise, sort of) and Kristie (ability-wise — and being associated with a full spectrum of color rather than hot pink).
  • Fan Disservice:
    • Just like .GIFfany and Ninthee before her, her One-Winged Angel-transformation of her location is a giant, grotesque abomination certain to put anyone off the thought of sex for a while.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Compared to the other Champions bar Prime, she seems less maniacal and more of a mysterious, stoic figure. Turns out she's the worst nut of them all.
  • Final Boss, New Dimension: Inverted. Her (third and final) battle with Carlson is the only fight in the entire story that takes place on — or rather, above — Earth.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Her most dangerous (main, and established — she's a full-blown Reality Warper, but like many of the reality benders in the story and SBIG, she doesn't really like breaking them out much) ability is stated to apply to photographs and even artistic depictions of her... somehow. (They also have to be "accurate enough," and it's implied that the comic's art style passes for accurate.) Because of the common symptoms of End Vision, some paranoid readers might get a brief worry when they start feeling the early symptoms after seeing her extremely tight shorts or crotch barely covered by Scenery Censor. Then again, it's never said that her shorts aren't effective at preventing the effect.
  • God: Implied to be the creator of every single universe that is in Astronaut Knight's plain of existence (which also means that crossover with other stories by Water is extremely unlikely) and the first of anything that has ever existed. She's the most powerful character in the story, if not the most powerful character of anything DeepWater wrote.
  • God and Satan Are Both Jerks: There are a lot of angel-like (whether through imagry or in terms of story symbolism) and demon-like (same) Unitias. An infinite amount, to be somewhat specific. Both groups are among some of the worst, with the most noteworthy "angellic" and "demonic" ones being the fourth- and fifth-to-last major Champions faced in the story respectively. And the head god(dess) isn't much better at all.
  • Large Ham: She seems to be an oddly quiet Unitia who doesn't speak much. As Carlson gets closer and closer to facing her and she finally does speak in front of him, that turns out to be pretty far from the truth.
  • Light Is Not Good: Like the characters she's an expy of, she invokes a lot of bright colors
  • Magic Pants: Her shorts can grow along with her when she becomes gigantic. Justified in that her reality warping practically makes her the god of the story's world.
  • Mirror Boss: In all modes except Berserker Mode.
  • Modesty Shorts:
    • Invokes this image in the rare time that she wears a skirt over her shorts. But when she's fighting, ironically, she rips the whole skirt off anyway. In another twist of the trope, "regular" panties would probably be more modest than her skin-tight shorts, but the only reason why she even bothers with the shorts is because she wants to avoid making Carlson explode in six years.
    • Inverted in Date Mode, where she claims that her skirt and panties are so that the "Bachelor(ette)" doesn't get distracted by staring at her tight shorts. Yes, she wears panties over the shorts,
  • Number of the Beast:
    • A variation where it applies regardless of whether or not one looks to the number as 616 or 666. End Vision lasts for six years and thirty-six days. Or, six years, one month, and six days. Or six years and six X six days.
  • Painted-On Pants: Exaggerated with her shorts, which is possibly the most clothes any Unitia is ever seen wearing. They are physical shorts, but they look completely painted on, and Water admits that he draws them as such. It's noted that when she gets goosebumps, the individual bumps are visible through the shorts like it's nothing.
  • Stop Being Stereotypical: Her reasoning for not liking knives very much. She believes that, since about the 2000s-2010s at the latest, they've become a very overused "crazy stalker weapon." She strongly encourages other Unitias to use literally any other weapon.
  • Taking You with Me: Exaggerated; she's responsible for the Unitias being designed so that, if by some incredibly bizarre chance, someone figures out the loophole to their immortality and permanently kills one of them, all of existence would be wiped out anyway. This somehow applies double for Origin herself, although how one would double wiping out everything and everyone is a mystery.
  • Wingding Eyes: Not played for laughs — her pupils turn in to infinity signs with "sparks" spinning along them when she's furious.
  • Zero-Effort Boss: In Berserker Mode. She'll still try to fight against the Berserker, but all she can do is a pitifully weak

    Other Unitias/Unitias (Including Champions) in General 

  • Adaptational Heroism: They're actually somewhat pretty decent (if polygamous) people in Date Mode. It's A Lighter Shade of Black if you play as Berserker, as they're "just" hopeless pathetic stalkers going against someone (read: your character) who outright wants to take over all of Earth.
  • Author Appeal: GPF/NMDW really likes constantly-nude ladiesnote . Fan parodied this by taking it to its ultimate conclusion, of a never-ending amount of them,
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Averted in the comic, played straight in the game: for gameplay, crotches are subjected to this in Main and Berserker mode regardless, while breasts and crotches are subjected to this in the censored mode for all three.
  • Black and Grey Morality: Far from the nicest people around and obsessive stalkers, but they generally only go after those that are dumb enough to egg them on. BLOODSHOT, from the main SBIG, is just a bunch of assholes compared to them. In fact, even they think that BLOODSHOT goes a bit too far
  • *Bleep*-dammit!:
  • Death is Cheap: Unlike Emazhes (as anyone who was forced to kill Lhaurfreeze could confirm), they'll just respawn if their bodies are "killed;" their "ghostly" forms are completely invincible. And if something does manage to somehow end their form of being alive, all of everything will simply be wiped out for no reason other than a "curse" Origin put on the entire race.
  • Expy: They're basically Emazhes, with a few changes that DeepWater was flip-flopping on when he thought of EI and tried to make it its own thing from his "multiple .GIFfanys" concept: should they all be a bit psycho, or should most of them be reasonable?note  Should they all go completley naked, or have at least some kind of clothes?note  And should they be finite yet growing in number, or infinite and still somehow growing in number?note 
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: They can be of any color. Prime is a dark gray/black, similar to Maria from Water's Emazh In.
  • Yandere: It's practically their hat. Even Prime kind of teeters towards not being all there, but she never gets outright invasive.

Other Wisps:

    Unitia Eve 

[Might put this Eve somewhere else. Originally she was going to be the main character of a story called A Slash of Mortality, but I scrapped that after realizing that the plot was way too similar to Gurren Lagann's in terms of the villains and the general events.]

An extremely energetic, but kind of out-there, fighter with a bizarre fixation on swords and inventing vehicles. She's one of the few Unitias who doesn't want to keep Carlson locked up forever as her personal object, and as such she's considered an ally.

Other "Playable Characters:"

    The Berserker 

  • Expy:
    • Of Naruto's portrayal in naruto the guy with the ninja, trying to brainwash and
    • They're very similar to the Blood King from Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group, who is also an expy of guy with the ninja-Naruto. One key difference is that they actually can fight, instead of hiding behind holograms like the Blood King does until the very end. As it's slightly implied (Water is flip-floppy about this) that this takes place in the same world as SBIG, this can also rule out the two of them being the same person. That, and this story would have taken place after the Blood King was killed by Steve,
  • Villain Protagonist: Of his/her own route.


The star of a Bizarro Mode Dating Sim parody. The opposite extreme of the Berserker's path, where instead of trying to take over the Unitias by force (and magic), you're trying to win over/date as many of them as possible.

  • Did You Just Romance Cthulhu? Your goal in this "mode."
  • Expy: Of Soos in Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, being someone who successfully managed to romance a growing mass of super-women at once thanks to simply talking them out of it. The default female option even looks a lot like his former Distaff Counterpart Melody, although the default male option looks nothing like him. To bring things in full circle, this mode is a dating sim parody, as are the characters the Unitias are expies of.
  • Pals with Jesus: You're basically trying to woo the fabrics of everything themselves.

Fun fact: Astronaut Knight is actually loosely inspired by a Chriddof video. Well, an older plan of something that I eventually merged with this idea of a "space knight." (That "merge" included the whole "army of yanderes" thing.) Uh, said video went by "My Name is Bianca" for one upload, no idea what it is if anything.

Character Sheet BEFORE the Trope Page, Why not?

Team Ass-Kick. One might think he's the "Kick" and she's the "Ass," but in reality they both have both roles.

The Legendary Astronaut Knight Vs the Infinite Naked Female Wisps (officially shorted to just Astronaut Knight, including its displayed title on Fictionpress) is an original story and the third webcomic by "NeedsMoreDeepWater," and a spinoff to Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group. This has been self-described as the "Evil Twin" of sorts to his considerably more serious and only slightly less weird Emazh In. The plot is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

Overall Tropes

Tropes Present in the Main Story

  • Adaptational Villainy: The Unitias are considerably more dickish than we saw them back in SBIG.
  • Compressed Adaptation: This game just has the plot cut down to its essentials; guy's trapped in an alternate world full of an infinite amount of superpowered yanderes. Guy must beat at least thirteen of the elites (but ends up facing against fourteen, thanks to The Dragon being insistant on fighting him too) before going against their leader, who's defeat will send him back home.

Tropes Present in Berserker Mode

  • The Bad Guy Wins: Whether you win or lose that final battle, the world's still screwed.

Tropes Present in Date Mode

  • Bathtub Bonding: You can do this to whichever Unitia you please.
  • Fanservice: The whole point of this mode is to show the sexual side of the Unitias when they're not trying to kill you while also being a lighthearted parody of Dating Sim games.
  • Polyamory: The mode is all about trying to end up dating as many Unitias as you possibly want to, until you get bored. The game has no traditional "cap" per-say, but there is a ridiculously high number of dates before the counter "maxes out" that an average player couldn't possibly dream to achieve. (Also, Water updates the game to bump up that cap just in case.)

  • Game Breaker:
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer:
    • You mean the main mode of the game is that beat-em-up with Carlson, and not the Bullet Hell dating sim hybrid with sexy pictures? Shut up, I need my 5 trillion dates! Because there is a lot more RNG involved in the game's level design than in the normal mode, there's pretty much a unique match for every playthrough.
    • Within Date Modenote  is the arcade, where you can do all sorts of stuff. One such game is effectively a Super Smash Bros. clone with limitless character potential, which is addicting on its own right.

It started off as, like, a joke thing that might have originally been a low-effort "shitpost" story similar to Axe Effect: Giffillions. Something where maybe .GIFfany tricked Soos in to thinking she was nice, but then wrapped him up with wire and dragged him to get downloaded to her computer. It'd be a black comedy. While dragging him, she'd come across Darlene dragging Stan in a wrapping of spider web. Darlene would look at .GIFfany, smirk, and say something like "Men, am I right?" Then I thought about rounding things off with Pyronica finding a way to capture Ford or something stupid like that.

Then I thought back to this old copy-pasta I saw on GameFAQS's Super Smash Bros. Brawl boards, about Link spying on people in the shower. I think the "original" was with Peach, Zelda, and Samus, but I also found a variation where he was spying on Captain Falcon and... two other dudes, all I can remember was the line "Captain Falcon swung his sweaty *** from side to side." (The original was about Zelda's hair; and yes, the censorship was part of the post.) I thought "Imagine if someone did something like that, but it was Dipper or something, and he was peeping on like, Pyronica, .GIFfany, and Darlene. And then they found out and promptly kicked his ass. (I hate pervert characters. I know Dipper is canonically better than that, but making him in to some straw pervert played for laughs sounds exactly like the kind of stupid crap I'd expect from the sort of cheap fan fiction that hypothetical story would have made fun of. So I'm not mocking Dipper's character, I'm mocking that sort of stuff.)

But both of those got me thinking about a semi-legit, kind of long-ish story involving the three of them. Especially as I had looked around and found that, to my knowledge, nobody has actually done a story about the three of them. (Nothing was advertized as such on In Archive of Our Own, with unlimited character tagging, it's more definite — there's barely any .GIFfany-tagged fics, and fewer Darlene ones. By the way, no, copy-paste "It's really similar to the events of the show down to conversations happening word for word but I swear after 39 chapters totally new content will happen! See! Dipper and Pacifica actually kiss here! They didn't in the show! Yes, all that copy-paste was completely necessary for that!" doesn't count.) So I think I ended up with the embrassing honor of writing's first-ever fic with naked .GIFfany, naked Melody, naked Darlene, and Pyronica (who was already naked) at the same time and antics about Ford and Soos' asses with Stan's "Stanhood." (When I say "antics about Ford and Soos' asses with Stan's 'Stanhood,'" I don't mean like THAT. There's no fhacking going on between man and brother, or man and son-figure. If you want Stan fhacking then there's Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, but it's not with another Pines it's with the Summerween Trickster.)


  • .GIFfany initially made the Artificial Army to serve as a sexy "harem"-themed trap for Soos and Melody (and, at first, as tools to help her build things). However, the former never completely sees them that way until near the end. Aside from the minor plot point in Chapter 5 where they're about to punish Prime, he just views them as a group of friends that happen to look attractive and enjoy running around naked.
    • .GIFfany has a conversation in the hot springs with Melody where she basically confesses that she considers the Artificial Army to sort-of be friends, or even a pseudo-family (though that drops). Note that this is before her proper My God, What Have I Done? moment kicks in, and yet she's still being genuinely honest about herself to Melody and about the people that she was reportedly angry about in another "reality" by the same author.
  • Stan and Darlene legitimately getting along in Chapter 3.
  • .GIFfany 9 and 1's reunion after the Zeskit battle.
  • News of Stan, Ford, Soos, and Melody being stranded for four months really caught on, because once they finally make it back to civilization in Chapter 9, they're greeted with most of the town holding a giant banner reading "WELCOME BACK!" It also ties in to how they've become seen as heroes over the events of canon prior.
  • Every single .GIFfany Instance immediately jumping to Melody's defense when the Lightning Cultist insults her. Even the Antifire Captain/Burrda, who normally rarely says anything, gives a hearty "FUCK YOU!" to her. Keep in mind that they are all horrified of her, and for a good reason.
  • After Lightning Cultist's death, Melody admits that she actually was terrified of Zephieye too (but was also genuinely angry). But she knew .GIFfany was afraid of her from her reaction to Zeskit bringing up her name back in Chapter 6. So, Melody essentially pulled a Kamina and acted like she was fearless against Zephieye, to try to rally some spirit back in to the Artificial Army.
  • .GIFfany finally reuniting with Rumble. They both reflect on what happened four months ago
    • What's better is that this wasn't intentional in-story. Stan just-so-happened to have summoned the _ank _ills using Yank Yill's mask with no knowledge of what it even does, and figured out that he could have flown by packing them in Oank's scythe. He also comes across Rumble because Kank referenced him, and ended up flying to the six-fusion ship without really remembering his relationship with .GIFfany (no, he was not around when Zeskit flat-out got her to confess that their relationship went downhill after Weirdmageddon made him think in a new way but not her — he and Ford were fighting Pyronica at the time)
  • In the climax of the story, each of the main six deals one blow on Pyronica at a time before they all team up to do a finishing ass-smack on her simultaneously. During the former event, each of them gives an And This Is For.... They're all completely selfless things:
    Stan: This is for the thirty-plus years of pain you gave to my brother!
    Ford: And this is for setting my nephew and niece on fire!
  • The entire ending.
    • The epilogue opens up with an inversion of a Cerebus Call Back to the first chapter — Soos and Melody are both working on repairing a boat (or in this case, the six-way temple ship fusion) when .GIFfany pops in through an electronic to say "Hi Soos!" Stan is also climbing around a cavern when Darlene pops in to say "Boo!" The difference here? Both of those cases are a legitimately harmless greeting and friendly tease respectively, in contrast to the beginning where they're alone on an island and the respective supernatural women are either planning on killing them or would threaten to kill them if they don't follow her. As for Ford, considering how Pyronica wasn't redeemed and ultimately got killed off? He's greeted by Mabel doing Stan's smoke-in from the original show's intro,
    • The Artificial Army setting up a sexy ecchi/hentai-themed tourist trap right next to the Mystery Shack might seem like a dick move, except they have a rule that people are forbidden to enter without going to the Mystery Shack itself first. They don't care about profit; they just wanted the New Mr. Mystery to get more attention. Granted, it's through Sex Sells, but still.