Characters: Wiki Sandbox

You can delete this and put whatever you want on here or whatever I mean it's Sandbox:

  • It began with pseudo-16 bit sprites of the main twelve arranged vertically (starting with Orange at the top and Red at the bottom) at the far right with a ton of space. Then, each week, Fan would update the image by adding rows to the left of the highest member of the main twelve. First #s 1-29 were added to the left of Orange, 31-59 to the left of Yellow, etc.

  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Yep, there are a grand total of 360 members in the group. And like Wonderful 101, each of them is given at least a short bio explaining their home planet, species, a little description of them, their element, etc. The primary/secondary/tertiary band of twelve is always designated the "major" ones by Word of God, at least them, bringing even just the main members at a cast of twelve. Then there's factoring in the other characters, usually villains, involved in their various adventures. And this isn't even getting into the sheer idea of splitting up their many different incarnations.
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