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Brown and Peach Pikmin were planned at one point, but got Dummied Out

See the third glitch mentioned here. Also, Purple Pikmin might have been planned in the story mode, and would have had Onions. That, or the purple coloring would be assigned to another planned new type.

Life's A Zoo


This is a spoiler.

Link's Awakening

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

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The House of Night

Tsukiyo No Fromage

Curator: ShimaSpawn

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Cloak & Dagger

The Problem With Penis Land

Sonic 2: Special Edition

"Funny Aneurysm" Moment




General Tropes

  • Crack Fic:
    • Actually averted with the Homestuck installment, which is comparatively ordinary. Not counting the alternate geography of the Earth, but compared to parallel universes and living ray guns that can spawn entire people, that's nothing.
    • The Steven Universe installment is possibly slightly more "normal" than its base work, considering that the new additions are all science fiction-stuff and all of the magic elements (the cross-worlds portal, etc) are either things that appeared in the show prior or things that appeared in its prequel.
  • Deadpan Snarker: The narrator is a bit more snarky than in the author's previous works. He says this is a new thing he's trying out to add more emotion to the narrative, but it's just about limited to this series.

Tropes Present in the Homestuck Story

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Jade has some pretty weird priorities. Like when Jake considers challenging Joey to a "surf duel:"
    Jade: Don't do it. You'll get yourself killed. Or worse, humiliated!
  • The Bad Guy Wins/Bittersweet Ending: Sort of. While Joey does manage to pull off diverting funds away from the research facility Jade and Roxy work at, he also ultimately ends up wrecking his own boat. Plus, the four couples are all a little closer in the end.
  • Beta Couple: John/Jane and Dirk/Rose to Jake/Jade and Dave/Roxy. (The latter of which are the tagged pairings, and the Jake-Joey-Jade conflict is the major plot of the story.)
  • Death Mountain: The island itself has one, which is where about the second third of the story takes place.
  • Decoy Protagonist: Non-lethal example, which is actually rare for this author. The main focus is on Dave for the very beginning, then Jake until the mountain climbing part, back to Dave for exactly that portion, and then finally back to Jake as he tries to beat Joey in a surf-off.
  • Demoted to Extra: While several characters from canon neglect to make an appearance, this is actually the norm for many of the author's other Homestuck fanworks. However, this is notably the first time the trolls are absent from the main story and their only appearance is as (humanized) cameoes in crowd scenes, such as when Dave and Roxy are grilling. And, confusingly, they are mixed in with completely new characters who just act in the background.
  • Genre Savvy: Jake takes Jade's previous words about how bad Joey is very seriously, and so just a tiny bit of jerk behavoir when they meet in person tips him off that Joey isn't really a good guy at all.
  • Intentional Engrish for Funny: John breaks into Engrish when he's serverly caught off-guard of something, in what is a reference to the author's "SBIG" series. This happens three times.
  • Jerkass: Joey the surfer makes his debut here, and is confirmed to reappear (and originally debut in) the substory posted alongside Act 5 Vs Act 6.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: It would make no sense if there were 13 year olds working at research labs, going on dangerous mountain climbs, boating over from island to island by themselves, and having a "legal car chase."
  • Serious Business: Surfing seems to be regarded very highly on the island the story takes place.

Tropes Present in the King of the Hill Story

  • Fish out of Water: The main premise is about Hank stepping into an alternate universe.

Tropes Present in the Total Drama Story

Tropes Present in the Steven Universe Story

  • Bowdlerize: The recap of Desert City leaves out several of the violent details, and more-or-less covers the bare basics of the Alternate Universe. It's also done in song format. To be fair, the recap is being told to a group of little kids from Bonnie and Steven.
  • Lighter and Softer: Compared to its direct prequel, Desert City, which is possibly one of the darkest works the author wrote.
  • No Antagonist: The Homestuck installment had Joey. The King of the Hill installment had the Beyond Creature. The Total Drama installment had Izzy and (for the first half) Owen. The closest thing this has is a pair of jackass kids and their "Mothbots" gone haywire, specifically the Motherboard Mothbot.
  • Parallel Universe: Desert City makes a return, left off in the state it was in from... well, Desert City. (Still kind of crappy, but people are working on making it better.)
  • Something Completely Different: Unlike the other installments, which take place in completely seperate continuities (so far, anyway), this one is a direct sequel to another work by the author.

Tropes Present in the This Story is Sexist/Duck!/360 Degrees Fightenheit Spinoff Technically Falling Under this "Series"

  • Artistic Licence - Geography: While it's the only one that takes place in a universe with a more definite "looser" geography, there's still the oddity of a mountain that turns into a strange cliff that hovers out into a fake-"bridge" formation over the ocean before branching off into a loop. The thought of the base breaking down and dropping the entire thing into the ocean must be terrifying.

  • Fan Disservice: Both competitions so far have had focus on Ezekiel's hairy ass. World Tour Rewrite, while he was never naked in person (strangely), has Harold's Dream Sequence at the beginning of the seventh chapter, where he's standing by the edge of the bathtub asking if he can join Harold and the girls, and Zeksmit Plains has the sixth chapter, which has the contestants constantly commenting on how it's possible to have a butt that hairy. It doesn't help that he's not exactly the cleanest individual around — lampshaded in the former scene, where after jumping in the tub, the water instantly darkens and basically becomes mud. (Granted, it was a dream, but still.)

If Rose ever makes an appearance, through flashback or otherwise, she will defy the usual expectations for someone like her

I'm thinking like the Zeekeeper from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

  • Also, Superstar Saga is the only game in the series that lets you switch Mario and Luigi's places. In all other games, it's always Mario in front of Luigi.

Joey Abs

(This was originally just regarding one him in one fanwork but I'm slowly gonna turn it into one for all of his appearances even though in all three stories he's planned to appear in he might have a different personality.)

  • Captain Ersatz: The ultimate concept came from Sonic's characterizations in the "Sonic Zombie" series of Stylistic Suck GMod videoes. Hence the Hummer and the doucheness.
  • Characterization Marches On: Back in Kids Fight the Zombies, his debut, he did not have the whole "Humans Are the Real Monsters, cold and calculated" thing going for him and he was just another run off the mill psycho. His original purpose as a Parody Sue was a lot more obvious back then too, seeing as it was pretty much the only trait he was written with in mind.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Yellow. Confusingly, it matches "AltJohn's" text, even though Pikmin Fan had previously gone through some lenghts to avoid characters with matching text colors. (See the A1 trolls, counterparts, and the ancestral/guardian-based derives from HHC onward.)
  • Evil Counterpart: To either Dave, Jake, or John, although Pikmin Fan isn't certain which. To make this more confusing, in each of his appearances he can be seen as being the counterpart to each of them. In Kids Fight the Zombies, it's with Dave, as Dave is a Celebate Hero who doesn't even consider romance with any of the girls, while Joey has an unhealthy obsession with Jade and a generally perverse atittude. In the ITF story it's with Jake, as both of them generally do similar actions but for different reasons. Even their relationship to Jade is flipped around: Here, Jake is her boyfriend, except Joey actually hates her because he thinks that her and Roxy's lab is getting "underserved" funding that could go to his favorite sport organizations. And in Calliope's Back Story, it's obvious that he's meant to be some parallel to Jean (fem John, but the closest thing the story has to one unless you count a pretty major spoiler). The blue/yellow contrast is emphasized with them, and there are definite parallels with their interactions with their respective Cherub. When John is unleashed from a cloning lab, Joey is even quick to hijack him.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: Major spoilers: In all of the stories he appeared in so far, he's been the final villain.
    • While him being the antagonist of ITF wasn't even hidden (thanks to no other villain contenders aboard), he seemed to be only a oneshot in Kids Fight the Zombies that was blown up in the over-explosion that wiped out Vegas. Then he returns during the Karkatzilla battle. Calliope's Back Story, however, has way more fun with this, as it is implying that Caliborn would take the villain role from him (their castle is named after the English monicker, the point where he actually tries to double-cross Joey)... but nope.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: Pikmin Fan said that one of the driving bits of inspiration towards him was a number of defenses to Vriska, Eridan, Gamzee, and even Caliborn. Fan said that he wanted to make a villainous character who was a "human kid"-type of person (in canon, Rose might have been the closest fit, and even then she's a saint compared to them), so that culture/in-universe Values Dissonance cannot be used to justify his actions. Especially since his motivations are just pride and greed. He's an ass in a (sort of) humanly way.
  • If I Can't Have You: The second Jade actually, unambiguously rejects him, he instantly stops playing favorites with her and tries to kill her, no holds barred. Although he still takes offense at Karkat(zilla)'s crush on her.
  • Meaningful Name: The ending reveals that his surname is Abs. Not only is he easily the strongest human physically under normal circumstances (a big achievement considering he's up against the eight humans of Homestuck), but there's his grimdark upgrades. And yes, "Abs" is a real last name.
  • Perpetual Smiler: It's very rare that he does not smirk.
  • Phrase Catcher: Sort of. He's often called a douchebag.
  • Red Right Hand: His upper half is deliberately design to be in an incredibly odd, inconsistant, asymetrical shape that's also, as a whole, much bigger than his lower body. And his body is generally... for a lack of better words, disfigured and jagged. Of course, ITF downplays this, seeing as it's supposed to be a lot more of a realistic story as a whole.
  • Serial Escalation:
    • Grimdarkness is actually the first in his series of upgrades.
    • As said in Take That below, he manages to excell Bororo in having his purpose be to both spite Marty Stus and be a Hate Sink. It helps that while Bororo is a jab at a specific form of character (just fantrolls), Joey is a general self-insert that can also be applied to other fandoms, and the fact that some incarnations of him seem to only care about Homestuck's memes more than points of the actual story can be a take at the crowd that doesn't read it.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: As pointed out in Back Story, he seems to be all of them wrapped up and packed into one person. Except for sloth. Which is bad for the heroes.
  • Take That: Hoo boy, he's even worse than Bororo. His own debut is said to be a mock at fansessions that begin by ripping off Homestuck's beginning style (granted, Pikmin Fan himself wrote one such fanventure — Onionstuck — that ripped the intro, except he's planned to make a remake where, among many other things, that doesn't happen.note ), hence the "young man in his bedroom." His inexplicable attraction towards Jade (well, depending on the story. Saner incarnations of him just hate her) is a jab at the Stus and Sues that manage to effortlessly win over the hearts of canon characters who are already frequently misinterpreted. And there's his interests in Minecraft, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon (all except the middle are things the author noted have been kind of frequently referenced in fanworks or on the internet in general), which wouldn't be so bad by itself if it was for Joey thinking that he's super cool and unique for liking something as "unmainstream" as Pokemon.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss:
    • While he's introduced too early to really give this impression in the other works he appears in, he's definitely this in Calliope's Back Story. The previous two chapters? Whatever they faced in the jungle could be taken down, maybe with a little struggle. And then he comes along, beats them in a fight, and doesn't give them a chance to fight back for a long time, as he walks off and heads over to the mountain to try to summon Caliborn. Before him, the heroines just either kung-fued their way through anything or had to guess which of them would be the best for a given task, yet now they need to use actual strategy and focus on balancing the three energies.
    • Kids Fight the Zombies definitely takes a shot at this. He kills Jake off-handedly, and later forces Dirk to make a Heroic Sacrifice.note 

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Woat Kitina

  • Decoy Protagonist: Admited as Word of God to probably be the last example of such a trope for a while.
  • Meaningful Name: His last name is like "Katana," although his gunblade is nothing like that. His first name sounds a little like "What," which accurately describes the widget-ness of this.
  • Walking Spoiler: It's pretty hard to mention anything about him that's not related to how he dies halfway through the story.



A very strange witch that Woat,


Tyler Fuller

Stacy Fuller-Eristov

  • Meaningful Name: It's GPF's common initials of "EFS,"note  reversed.

    Demons and a Duck 

(This is a planned alternate name for This Story is Sexist!)

I already have a character sheet for this. Here, under "A character sheet."

    Ant Infestation 

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