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So I just did this overly-long sign explaining why there will be a big-ass gate keeping the player from entering the beach area until after more than half of the game is done. I think this calls for the beach area's theme from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, since Paper Jam's overworld inspired the overworld of i can't draw. Now... BrawlBRSTM's video titles go by their official OST name, so searching "Twinsy Tropics" won't bring it up...

Okay, the Mario wiki's "Music Player" page shows when songs play—

Why the hell is the beach theme called "Epic Story?" The other area songs fit. Sinking in Quicksand! for the desert, Mountaintop Secrets for the snowy mountain, Forest Fairy Melody for, well, the forest... the beach theme neither really says "epic" nor "story."

Main Characters



Demon Underground — Main Squad

    The Main Squad (Including Ishiko) 







  • Batter Up!: She uses baseball bats in the sequel. Out-universe, she has these and not swords (the weapon the character she's an expy of canonically uses) because swords are "taken" by Taro, and Fan wanted each character to have a completely unique weapon class. Also, it serves as a reference to OFF (not Earthbound, OFF).
  • Healer Signs Up Early: She has the game's first healing skill at Level 2, which is also the level she joins at. She's the first party member becides Taro and Ishiko themselves, and she more-or-less joins in immediately after a simple tutorial battle with a single Dragon.

Demon Underground — Other

    Demon Underground in General 




Main Antagonists — The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko Chan

The Red Empire serves as the main villain group of Unviewable. A

Main Antagonists — i can't draw: An Anime Parody RPG About Being Trapped in Another World

    King Flao's Army in General 

    King Flao 

  • Obviously Evil: He's the only Flao that lacks eyes, and is more plant-like than humanoid. He resembles Petey Piranha more than the Toad-like appearance of the Flaos.

    Green Bufflao 

    Yellow Bufflao 

    Red Bufflao 

    Blue Bufflao 

    Purple Bufflao 

    F.L.O.W.E.R. P.O.T. 

The mecha awaiting the party at the end of Mount. Tan.

    Boss Fight Summons 


They're demons from Hell. Not Sheol, Hell. Two completely different places.

  • Unique Enemy: They only appear in Yellow Bufflao and Red Bufflao's first fights. After that, they are among the few non-boss enemies that are never encountered again, unless one counts the boss rush arcade game.

i can't draw Enemy Encounters

    Tox-Tick Woods 


Beasts that breathe mildly uncomfortable warm air. Despite their size, one punch from an unfit human can beat them.

Large, "warm air"-breathing reptillian beasts. They are overpopulating the forest.

  • Fake Ultimate Mook: Despite being huge (if goofy-looking), they go down in one hit no matter what. They're the tutorial battle of the game.
  • Zerg Rush: Aside from the tutorial battles, which are just against one, two, and four Dragons respectively, their only encounter in the game is a full band of eight of them at once. Even on Level 2 or 3 and with Taro's basic armor/some panties for the demons, this would be an utter joke. Without any armor at all, with just a party of two, and on Level 1, this can easily spell death. That "2" attack might seem pathetic, but it adds up.

Bored Board

This piece of wood ran out of people to troll to pass the time, and now it wants to kill you.


A giant, but adorable, mosquito. Sucks blood.

In Season

A sapient tree that's always dressed for the occasion! ...In a "broken clock is right two times a day." On the other hand, three-fourths of these species are never in-season...

Killer Shrub

It's some guy hiding behind a prop bush. Not a real bush trying to kill you. Bummer, that would have been awesome.

    Sandfall Desert 

Hungry Sand

A pile of sand that eats people.


One of the few monsters that could potentially look kinda badass if drawn better. Has a petrifying stare.

Lost Water

A species of water monster that got stranded in the desert and is in the wrong biome. I hope you aren't relying soley on water attacks!

Sandstorm Thunderstorm

A duststorm that makes its own lightning. Great, earth AND electric damage...

Quick's Hand

A runaway hand from a troubled spirit that wants to turn this desert in to some mummy-ish themed place.

  • Brick Joke: In Handy Graveyard — the final main area in the game, while Sandfall Desert is the second — you finally meet an enemy named Quick, a violet stick figure with a stump in place of an arm asking if anyone's seen his hand.

    Snowfall Tundra 

Hungry Snow

A very lazy recolor of an already dumb enemy concept.


An iceberg that someone thought could be eaten like a hamburger. This would have worked if not for the ice being alive.


A snowflake, but made of fire. Also, enormous.


A snowman, but made of fire. Somehow, the coal, sticks, and carrot are all still in place.


Looks like a Wayne. This soul has adapted to the sudden warming of Snowfall.

  • The Cameo: He has the exact same appearance as Wayne the Wisp, a character

    Mount. Tan 


A pillar with two faces. This is what happens when the "calm" face is "dominant."

Power Crystal

A gigantic magic gemstone thing that can fire lasers. I just really like gems, that's all.

Lazy Iron Ball

A giant metal ball that was really easy to draw, even by this game's standards.


Pissed Off Column

Column, but with the "angry" face "dominant."

    Sparkle Shores 

Glass Cannon of Water

Want a glass of water? Wait, you're surronded by water...

  • Glass Cannon: as their name suggests. They have abyssmal health and the bare minimum of defense by that point in the game (although they appear significantly tougher if one encounters them at the Sparkle Shores gate as soon as it's possible to reach the point — Fan deliberately gave the player early access to them in order for "experts to buff up and slaughter everything pre-Mount. Tan")

Found Water

The Lost Waters that managed to make it across the desert. Being around their natural habitat and thus, not being dehydrated, makes them stronger.


Evil lotion. A fond researcher of evolution. Get it?


You've heard of a shark + tornado, here's a shark + hurricane...

Rubber Fuck-You

A soldier still loyal to the fallen Red Empire. Apparently, they've had contacts in this world far before Taro and the Demon Underground ended up in it...

Turtle Stack EDIT: Nah, scrapped for now

A bunch of turtles stacked up.

    Handy Graveyard 

Board to Death

What happens when a Board Bored gets bored and studies necromancy.


An interdimensional, two-dimensional, being that likes making chaotic deals with people.


A very hungry vegetable that loves butter especially. Lust, Sloth, Greed, Wrath, Envy, and Pride not included.

  • Seven Deadly Sins: Averted, as the description points out. It's the only enemy in the entire game named after one of the sins. The others aren't even Easter Eggs. Fan's other RPG Maker game GPF the RPG has cameoes of the Seven Evil Inner Devils, but they already have a Gluttony.

The Spectral Spectre

A rainbow of ghosts.


A spiritual being whose limbs often disagree with him. Has very high evasiveness.

Bone Bone EDIT: Scrapped/forgot

A skeleton with wings. They are demons from Hell. Not Sheol like the Demon Underground are from, Hell.

    Slimes (Mild Unmarked Exploration-Related Spoilers) 

Slimes in General

  • Infinity +1 Sword: The main five each drop a Sword Piece item. Bring them to the Blacksmith Flao and he'll make what is, by far, the most powerful weapon for Taro in the game. However, this is only really useful in taking down Handy Graveyard (and even then, the player will have to be pretty lucky to have encountered a Purple Slime before clearing the area, at least without a lot of back-and-forthing), the King's Castle, sidequests such as the Pit of 25 Trials, and the various hidden alternate paths.

Green Slimes

Yellow Slimes

Red Slimes

Blue Slimes

Purple Slimes

The "Challenge Octet" (Orange, Cyan, Gray, Pink, White, Indigo, Clear, Black)

Other Slimes

While not encounterable enemies,

This Terraria "Calamity" fan mod uses the term "Superbosses." I like that a lot more than calling them "Final Bosses." Technically speaking Mom and It Lives! DEFINITELY stop becoming "final" bosses as Sheol or the Cathedral become absolutely mandatory to beat in order for a run to be considered won (IE, without dying) once their requirements are met. Technically a run could end there if one doesn't grab the Polaroid/Negative or makes the mistake of going down the other path,

Heading test

Heading test

Heading test

Wait, so Level 1 Heading is different now?