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Uppercut is a character made by The_None that is considered to be unique, due to the fact that it attacks with nothing but uppercut shots, and his sprite usage. Since the character can only perform uppercuts, the move list has been restricted to use the punch buttons in M.U.G.E.N (x, y and z).

Ben's First Day is a fanfiction by Jussonic.

A sequel to Curse of the Demon Pony, the story takes place immediately after that story with everyone returning from Canterlot and follows Ben being given a tour of Ponyville by Twilight.

A dramatic reading has been uploaded by Again A Fanfic Critic

The fanfiction contains examples of

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: In one scene, Pinkie and the others need to get into the Golden Oak Library, but cannot because of the crowds. They circumvent this by exiting and entering the film frame, which Pinkie demonstrates. As pointed out in the dramatic reading, this fails because it is a visual gag, and does not work in text format.
  • Celebrity Is Over Rated: Upon arriving in Ponyville, Ben ends up with ponies fawning over him, to the extent they chase him around Ponyville, much to his dismay because he came to Ponyville for a quiet life with Twilight and Nyx.
  • Character Exaggeration: Diamond Tiara's trait of being a bully is exaggerated. In one chapter, she attacks Pipsqueak with rocks. While in the show she has pelted things at her classmates, it has not been with objects as hard as rocks. In another chapter, she bribes one of her dad's workers to give away the location where Ben and The Mane Six were having a picnic as revenge on Ben for helping Pipsqueak. In the show Diamond Tiara does not pick on grown-up ponies.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Events from Curse of The Demon Pony are referenced, including Ben being freed from the cage by Lorcan and Twilight's parents' house being destroyed at the end of that fic.
    • Ben unflatteringly mentions the events of Hearts and Hooves Day where the Cutie Mark Crusaders tried to hook Cherilee with Big Mac using Love Poison, much to Cherilee and Apple Bloom's embarassment.
    • Ben's unwanted attention is likened to the episodes where the Mane Five tried to get Twilight's extra gala ticket in The Ticket Master and Fluttershy being stalked by everyone after she became Photo Finish's model in Green is Not Your Color.
    • Rainbow Dash clearing the clouds in 10 seconds in Friendship is Magic Part 1 is mentioned, and she demonstrates this again.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: As with Curse of The Demon Pony, the author restates in narration what has already been spoken by a character.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Pipsqueak is revealed to have a toy of Princess Luna. A boy with a toy of a technicolor pony. Sound familiar?
  • Hammerspace: Ben brings with him a bag that is bigger on the inside to store his belongings.
  • Ho Yay: The dramatic reading by Again A Fanfic Critic noted that Ben had more chemistry with Big Mac in a few sentences than he did with Twilight...
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Ben's reason for coming to Ponyville was because he wanted a quiet life and yells at the Ponyville citizens for not giving him privacy.
  • Mood Whiplash: After being given a tour of Ponyville, Ben asks Twilight what has happened to her brother, Starlight note  only to learn he was murdered, ending a relatively pleasant chapter on a grim tone.
  • Running Gag: Wherever Ben goes, ponies keep following him.
  • Sailor Earth: Ben is revealed to be the holder of three new Elements of Harmony.
  • Series Continuity Error: Twilight claims she was able to get extra tickets due to being related to Celestia through Shining and Cadance's marriage. The marriage did not occur until season 2 whereas the incident with the Gala tickets was in season 1.
  • Shipping: Ben encourages Big Mac to get back together with Cherilee.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Ben's bigger on the inside magic bag is activated with the words "Bibidi bobidi boo", the magic words the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella used.
    • After visiting Sweet Apple Acres, Ben and the others go into the Everfree Forest, where Applejack taunts a group of steers to chase everyone. This was ripped off from a scene in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.
  • Wangst: Ben's threat of leaving Ponyville gets no sympathy from readers. The dramatic reading likened this to badly behaved internet forum members declaring "I'm leaving", leading to other forum members begging said member to not leave, which leads to said forum member not leaving.
  • Whole Plot Reference: Ben's tour of Ponyville is essentially a copy of Friendship is Magic Part 1, meeting the Mane Five and doing with Ben what they did with Twilight did in the first episode, including Ben meeting Apple Jack's relatives, Rarity getting Ben a new outfit and Pinkie Pie throwing Ben a party.

  • Apogee Of Fear
  • Krisis Reina De Argenzuela
  • Nice Mean And Inbetween
  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between
Mahō Shōjō

William Onyeabor

Ed, Edd n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures

I know it ended back in February but I'm still fucking obsessed with this show (I could say something similar about King of the Hill, 2010, and with much less obsession, whether that's to a greater degree because King of the Hill ended years before Gravity Falls or to a lesser degree because I'm still overall not nearly as into KOTH as I am with Gravity Falls but )

    I Wasn't Kidding 

ULTI HAREM SOOS is a very bizarre character based off of an intentionally poorly-written fan fiction of Gravity Falls. The fic's incarnation of Soos, the player character here, spends over half of the story going around completely nude and soon enters a polygamous relationship with Melody, Rumble McSkirmish, and all copies of .GIFfany. Mabel was the actual main protagonist (after the first two chapters attempt to trick the reader into believing it's Dipper)


ULTI HAREM SOOS was made primarly as part of goofing off, but also to try testing out a scoring system built from scratch. Namely, ULTI HAREM SOOS has three variables to keep track of:

Points (represented by a pink heart), a simple scoring system with no use other than motivation for players to try to improve a given run.

"King of the Hill" Porn [Henceforth KOTHP] (represented by a magazine with an image of Hank smoking on it), which is actually a form of currency used for summoning other SBIG characters not related to Journals of wisdom, Power, and Courage.

And Pissed the Fuck Off [Henceforth PTFO] (represented by a red "vein cross" image), a number of points needed to enable his OOC-istically Pissed (AKA Elaborate Rage Mode) hyper.


Points are calculated in a similar manner to CVS-styled characters, based on the following:
  • +100 starting out (unless continuing a run, or the next player in Turns mode).
  • +1 for every successful hit landed.
  • +1 for every 10 life points he has upon victory (theoretical total of 100; overridden by the perfect bonus below).
  • +2 for every successful throw.
  • +10 for every counter-attack.
  • +20 for every successful superguard/parry.
  • +20 for every KO, including individual KOs in Simul mode.
  • +150 for a perfect win.
  • +300 for knocking out one of Great Pikmin Fan's "boss-type" characters (Mis-Edventures, Homer Army, Cheaper Edd) (Overrides the +20 KO bonus, but not the health bonus).
  • +1000 for knocking out one of Great Pikmin Fan's "intentionally cheap" characters (Even Cheaper Edd, NBS, Cringe) (Overrides the +20 KO bonus, but not the health bonus).
  • -1 for every hit blocked.
  • -1 after every few seconds without making contact.
  • -50 each time the same hyper is used two or more times on the same round.
  • -50 each time UHS taunts more than once per round (disabled in anti-cheap mode, as taunting also doubles as a summon).


As it is more of a currency/summoning list than a scoring method, KOTHP cannot be decreased by anything other than spending it or failing the Gambling Minigame.
  • +250 starting out (unless continuing a run, or the next player in Turns mode).
  • +5 for every successful hit landed.
  • -100 entry fee for playing the Gambling Minigame.
    • An additional -100 if the Thief Card is picked (who mugs Soos to get more naked Hank Hill pics).
  • As Cheaper Edd/Homer Army/Mis-Edventures/etc are intended to be final bosses, they award no KOTHP points by default. A later version is planned to "correct" this.
  • On anti-cheap mode, points are automatically maxed out at 9,999 and are no longer consumed (internally, any "used" points are immediately refilled as the game keeps adding to the variable). Instead of a "number," this stat is always listed as infinity.


Unlike the other two values, PTFO is specifically capped at 50. This is because this variable determines stats related to Soos's "Rage Mode." Said Rage Mode can be activated at 25, will be automatically activated at 50, but Soos will stay in that mode until it slowly drains to 0. While in Rage Mode, he can still add points, but they will usually fall faster than they will increase.
  • Soos starts out with 0 PTFO points.
  • +1 each hit he recieves.
  • +3 each hit if health is 250 or lower; overrides the starting +1.
  • +5 each time his guard is broken.
  • +7 if Dipper is hit (the rest of the Gravity Falls assists are currently invincible).
  • -1 after roughly ten seconds pass with no other change (positive or negative) in PTFO score.
  • -1 each time Dipper, Mabel, Pacifica, Stan, Melody, any .GIFfany copy, or Rumble is summoned, excluding Gifocalypse and Fun With Rifts in Spacetime hyper-summons; purposefully does not apply for summoning Nzyvo or Tad.
  • -5 upon winning a match.
  • Gradually lowers should Dancing Journal be summoned and he is near it.
  • Automatically resets to 0 after using the Group Bath special. (Which has no purpose other than lowering PTFO, in case the player does not want thee automatic activation.)
  • At the start of the match, the player is allowed to decrease KOTHP points in order to increase PTFO points, but not the other way around, and this can only go up to a -500, +5 exchange. (The "in-game reason" is that he pays an internet troll to troll him to try steaming him up.)
  • On anti-cheap mode, Soos has infinite points similar to the KOTHP value, and can toggle rage mode on and off at will.



    Somehow, this went from Leela (Futurama) to Soos 

  • Emazh In: A guy has a really long dream.
    • Alternatively: A man who builds gears for a living winds up
  • Five Nights in the Alley: A "horror game" where you're constantly on the toilet. So that you're, you know, ready to be scared shitless! Oh yeah, and it's much harder than it looks.

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The game is actually a commentary on how far the player is willing to go to "complete" a game

Think of an early OFF or No Mercy Undertale, just really weird.

Look at the last level: After going through everything, the game forces you to kill seemingly regular, innocent animals, giving comments that seem to be mocking you or calling you out for it. ("WHAT?" "CRUETY" [sic] and "YEAH?") But, you'll still murder them because that's how you "progress the game." You are rewarded with an "ending"


"My readers fall in love with every character I've writtenthen I kill them! And they're like 'no he didn't!'"

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Cold Cereal

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