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Lesley The Pony Has An A Plus Day!

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  • GARO: The Animation
  • Garo The Animation
  • GEAR Fighter Dendoh
  • GEAR Fighter Dendoh

  • Damsel Scrappy: Luka, who is repeatedly found captured by the GEATHJERK officers in an attempt to confront them, and usually has to be saved by the team. He turns out to be something of an intentional example of this (well, the damsel part, not the Scrappy part), as his goal isn't to try to take them down on his own, but to join them. By the third time he's with one of them (Gimme), the Wonderful 100 are told that he's explicitly there under his own free will.

test King of the Hill
  • What does Hank eventually shout when dealing with Buckley, who just can't direct him anywhere? "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Jurassic World

    This Used to be Bigger But Again I'd Like to Make Room 

  • includes:
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin:
    • King of the Hill Characters Loosely Reinact Plots of Other Series, and May Do Original Things too. Its spinoff Homestuck Characters Loosely Recreate King of the Hill Plots follows in spirit.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Crossover:
    • Despite being set up as a crossover with Steven Universe and, to some degree, Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals, Carl Stevens Universe is more of a Steven-centric story, with the Ulumate characters just serving as some antagonistic forces that could easily be replaced.
    • In general, a lot of his crossovers gear more towards King of the Hill than anything. Same with MUGEN-made projects. His "test character" edit of Kung Fu Man, Template Man, has a number of Hank Hill-related attacks and transformations, and his "Sage special" among the "Roulette" attack (which in of itself has another Hank-related attack in the form of the propane explosion, the result being represented by the image of Hank smoking) book ends with Hank doing a regular slash, then turning into the "anti-cheap mode Hank" that occurs when against certain opponents.

  • Meet Your Early Installment Weirdness:
    • Also in the non-canon crossover between Sweet Jade and Hella John and Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals, with the sheer differences between the characterizations of the two stories. Seriously. The Johns, Jades, and the Nepetas especially are nothing alike to their respective other version. It's made confusing by how both stories technically take place in the same multi-multiverse, yet in different multiverses that opperate by different laws of physics and time travel.

  • The Scrappy:
    • Nepeta went from being one of the more tollerable members of the Rainbow Crew in Hurrcain Crconikals to this during Split, thanks to Flanderization upping her morally-gray qualities into full blown, Yandere-tier sociopathy. Amazingly, the first person to fully call out both HHC and SJAHJ-Nepeta's negative actions was (another) Nepeta herself. (Telling GPF's Author Avatar "You... you made me into a bitch!" after performing a Stylistic Suck puppet show and enjoying it, which perplexed the hell out of him and made him wonder why she wasn't as negative to it as her HHC self.) Even if it was less about the whole "I secretly tested dangerous weapons and have strong criminal organization ties" and more of the "I'm grimdark serious and don't like anything."


The 361 Cat Strikers are a group of original characters based on past works from the same maker. In MUGEN, they have been made as a "team-type" character by Great Pikmin Fan, with 360/Red/Jenkins being the playable stand-in.


  • Life: 1100
  • Power: 4000
  • Attack: 100
  • Defense: 90

[Yada yada yada]

When against certain "cheap" characters marked as triggers on the list, the team will "engage Unlimited Form" (based on a mode from The Wonderful 101 with the same name, but the 360 cannot do this in any of their original stories). The round will begin with maxed out power, and their power will quickly regenerate after that. This is a complete list of characters who trigger Unlimited Form:
  • Naruto-kun
  • Sasuke-kun
  • Super Mario 64
  • Ed, Edd n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures
  • Cheaper Edd (also has a special intro if this is the beginning of the match; What I'm Made of will replace any stage music for the whole match/round)
  • Even Cheaper Edd
  • Omega Tiger Woods
  • Dooby Dummy
  • Dink Smallwood
  • Kung Fu Fiunn
  • Franko
  • Rare Akuma
  • Slot Machine
  • Slot Machine MKII
  • Rox Howard Clones
  • Homer Army
  • Template Man
  • Anyone with more than 1500 life, so long as it's above 1500

Duck cameoes in one special attack.


The Secret Underground Ice Fortress is a major location in 720 Cat Ears and the primary setting for chapter 8. As the name implies, it is a frozen-over artificial tundra located within the crust of the Earth.

Location Template:
  • Planet: Earth
  • Star System: Sun
  • Size: Est. 8 square megameters
  • "Boss:"
    • General Gold, in the Dai-Gauket
    • Mudvin (Fourth Encounter)


The fortress is accessed by the Strikers somewhere from near the Grand Canyon (a call-back to the running gag in Housestuck Hurrcain Crconkals of the Rainbow Crew repeatedly visiting that location for mission-related matters), on account of a weaker ceiling spot being there. After jumping inside, the place largely consists of a hollowed frozen wasteland made nearly entirely of ice or snow. Large, dim, artificial lights hang from the ceiling to simulate weak sunlight. Several rivers of freezing water can be found. At the center is the core to Lord Carbon's mecha, as this fortress is in actuality an "under construction" state of it.


The fortress was created somewhere around fifty years before the events of 720 (meaning the estimated date of creation is 2283), ordered to be constructed by a young Lord Carbon. From here, this was the main meeting spot of all the Element Generals, Mudvin, and Rolal, as they tried to find a way to take enough energy to transform the fortress into the "trump card mother of all mecha." For the prologue and the first seven chapters of the story proper, the Strikers never enter this location, and only know of its existance through a leak from Mudvin near the end of the seventh operation.

In the eighth chapter, AKA the eighth operation, the Strikers finally infiltrate this base and find that General Gold has his flagship resting there. After navigating through the ice rivers, they board Dia-Gauket for another attack. Mudvin encounters them and Rolal sneaks through in the background. With the flagship disabled, General Gold arrogantly tells the strikers that the fortress is actually the small basis for an enormous mecha that doubles as a regular fighting mecha and a flagship, and that it must draw enough energy to greatly increase its size. Gold dives off the tip, fusing himself with some wiring that appears to go deep into the fortress's ground, and laughs saying that he's injured to the point where his only option left is to use himself as the source of the last bits of energy. He also shows them to the core of the machine, saying that if they can destroy it, Carbon's plans would be foiled. However, the core proves to be too much for the Strikers to destroy, being even larger than the Dai-Gauket. Shortly after the fortress unearths itself and transforms into Carbon's mecha, which combined with Rolal's true reveals ends up taking the Six Voluntiers with it along with Eltvum's brother Netimp and Dirk's wife Sky.

Chapter/operation nine centers around heading towards the fortress/mecha and destroying it, and once it is wrecked by the combined fusion of the hijacked mechas known as Rainbow Nepeta, the "fortress" is likewise destroyed too. A year later in the epilogue, the massive hole that was left from the fortress taking off has been in the process of being repaired.

    Template Template 

A(nother) Taste of the Oddness

This article is about his incarnation in the Crconikals continuity, specifically as Hank. For information on his "de-incarnation" as Homer Simpson, please see Homer Simpson (Crconikals). For information on other Hanks, please see Hank Hill (disambiguation). For the alternative, duplicate Homer that eventually reincarnated as well in the split timeline, see Dark Hank.

  • Full Name: Henry Ruthorford Hill
  • Nick Names: Hank Hill
  • Aliases: Homer Jay Simpson (dark magic-Simpsonian deincarnation persona), Sage of Forest (when awakened and realized),
  • Relatives:
    • John Egbert: Ectobiological father
    • Nepeta Leijon: Ectobiological mother
    • Elizabeth Egbert: Bio/ectobio grandmother
    • Harl Crocker: Bio/ectobio grandfather
    • Jane Crocker: Bio/ectobio aunt
    • Aradia Megido, Damara Medigo, Meulin Lagoin, Kanaya Maryam, Porrim Misyam, Terezi Pyrope, Latula Pyliop, Vriska Serket, Aranea Silkre, Feferi Peixes, Meenah Piexes: Bio/ectobio aunts
    • Tavors Nitram, Rufioh Martin, Sollux Captor, Mituna Castor, Karkat Vantas, Kankri Viitas, Horuss Hazzak, Gamzee Makara, Kurloz Makbro, Eridan Ampora, Cronus Aporia: Bio/ectobio uncles
    • Equius Zahhak: Bio/ectobio uncle, releaser from Simpsonian prison
    • Aurink Leijon: Bio/ectobio grandmother
    • [The other ancestors]: Bio/ectobio granduncles/grandaunts
    • Troll Empress, Mother Grub of ~1700s: Bio/ectobio great-grandmothers (Both deceased)
    • Emperor F: Bio/ectobio great-great grandfather (Deceased)
    • Abraham Simpson: Adopted father (Deceased)
    • Mona Simpson: Adopted mother (Deceased)
    • Marge Simpson: Wife while as Homer (Deceased)
    • Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson: Kids while as Homer (Deceased as of 2041)
    • Rip Van Winkle: Ectobiological half-sister or ectobiological eighth-sister depending on preferred terminology
    • Plank: Cursed/merged post-death form (Reformed/"Deceased")
    • Planksprite: Alternate of cursed/merged post-death form ("Deceased?")
    • Counterparts: Students, created through his magic, many are also bio/ectobio aunts or uncles
    • Saria: ????? Possible previous Forest Sage? (Deceased?)
    • Eltvum: ?????
    • Green: ?????
    • Brenda, Sheldon Cooper, Kamina, Alucard Badguy, Rose Quartz: Co-Sages (All deceased in split timeline; all save Sheldon and Brenda deceased in loop timeline)
    • Aranea Serket (Sweet Jade and Hella John): Hank's corpse may or may not have absorbed her DNA (Deceased)
    • Yggdrasil: Formed when as Plank (Transformed back/"Deceased")
    • Bill Cipher (Spooky's and Journals): Partial-hive mind projection of Yggdrasil though mostly told through Nepetas (Disbanded/"Deceased")
    • Other various Hank Hills in the "Plank Saga": Past reincarnations, or inspirations for his existance in the next multiverse (Deceased?)
    • Baul Scratch: Curser to Plank form/Slender form (Deceased)
    • Dark Ezekiel: Curser to Homer form (Deceased)
    • Dark Hank: Timeline clone (Deceased)
    • Jesus Christ: "Soul brother" (Deceased?)
  • Status: Deceased in both timelines, clone in Housestuck: The Split ("Dark Hank") likewise dead
  • Handle: rightWorker [RW]
  • Text color:
    • Regular: Red (FF 0000)
    • As Homer: Black (000000) and Simpsonian-Gold (ffd700)
    • Trollsona: Troll-Purple (440a7f)
    • Sage Mode: Troll-Olive (416600)
    • Plank: Unknown
    • Planksprite: Yellow (ffff00) preceeding, only uses images for dialogue
  • Typing style:
    • Normal: Proper grammar and punctuation.
    • Homer: Proper grammar and punctuation, colors the letters "H," "O," "M," "E," and "R" in the web color "golden," uses black otherwise.
    • Troll: ALL CAPS.
    • Plank(sprite): Not seen saying anything, only shown twice using compressed images of Kurloz in place of "talking"
  • Typoes: Yes (Less frequent as the respective stories go on)

  • Tangled Family Tree:
    • This is probably best shown through Hank Hill in Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals. First of all, he spent the beginning of his life forced to be reformed into the start of some species called the "Simpsonians," (specifically as Homer Simpson) and his reincarnation back into his original form involves light magic from Dracula, an arrow created from random crap found in a dungeon mansion, and Homer Simpson's pissed off ghost. If you try to connect a family tree from him, the results get incredibly complex and ridiculous, which is even worse if you include non-blood relationships. [Just see above.]

Removed in Pikmin 2:
  • Goolix
  • Pearly Clam Clamp
  • Armored Cannon Beetle
  • Smoky Progg
  • And, Most Tragic of All, the Puffstool and the Toadmin/Mushroom Pikmin it can transform. R.I.P.

Removed in Pikmin 3 (not counting the enemies added in Pikmin 2):
  • Wollywog
  • Breadbug
  • A bunch of other stuff, mostly cave-related enemies I think
  • It is nice to see more of the Toady Bloyster though

Danger Quotient (Normal): 616%. Danger Quotient (Omega Form): 616616%.

"UNITE UP OR SHIP OUT!"Translation 

  • He also cites the blue and yellow Toads from the home console New Super Mario Bros games as evidence of the Galaxy games taking place after them, despite how Super Mario Sunshine also featured a Blue Toad and a Yellow Toad.

Beatles reference, anyone? In a VEGGIETALES episode, no less. AKA. Quote Level Testing
Various French Peas: "Hey, Jude!" Context 
Jean-Claude/Jude: "Hey."


The first line is a control line:
  • Superman 64 has a lot of rings.
  • Superman 64 has
  • Superman 64
  • Superman 64 has% a% lot of rings.
  • Superman 64 has
  • Superman 64 has a lot of

Conclusion: Double percents or one word surrounded by percents mean comments, but simply having two percent signs in a row won't comment something out.

  • Visible. %Visible. Visible.% % Visible.% %Visible. % %Invisible.%

    Mewtwo's Non-existant Custom Moves 

Is this bug fixed yet now that the layout's all new and revamped?


Isolating the bug in a folder ^.

Blah blah blah character sheet for the Strikers themselves.

Blah blah blah some united universe force or something founded them and they UNLEESH HECK on the bad guys.

    The Strikers as a Whole 

"The Cat Strikers! Ensuring the status quo from every direction."

  • Aerith and Bob: Especially present since the three main characters are named Eltvum, Steoxhy, and... Jenkins.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: Each of them looks fairly distinct from one-another. Crowd shots also avert Faceless Masses (unless it's a really far shot) by having background members visible and not contrasting any details with what's been seen of their background members before.
  • Cat Girl: Duh. Gender-inverted with Dirk, though unlike the rest of them he's not naturally part-cat or even has the otherwise constant ears or tails.
  • Clothing Damage: In Chapter 9, their suits get progressively more wrecked up thanks to the sheer scale the conflicts are going on. The comic does this in three stages, with mild damage in the beginning of the chapter, more right after the final fight with Mudvin, and a third stage after Rolal. By the end (the third "stage"), their outfits are just reduced to the masks, and they lose even that as they use them to blow up Lord Carbon.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Though they grow out of their issues and learn to band together.
  • Eleventh Hour Superpower: RAINBOW NEPETA!
  • Expy:
    • The biggest is that they are a reboot of Fan's previous "360" series, and their code names even share the color of the original character they were based on (Jenkins is Red, Zeqaya is Yellow, Eltvum is Green, etc)
    • The cat elements of the bloodswaps of Nepeta in Sweet Jade And Hella John. True to this, their final combination in the last battle strongly resembles Nepeta, and is even named after her.
    • And to the Wonderful 100/101, in the general concept sense. Combine this with the above and their closest origins is a thought of crossover fic between 101 and Homestuck that Fan never really finished or went anywhere, because it was apparantly "All over the place." Nepeta would take on the role of Prince Vorkken (only even more aggressive and with bigger stalker-like vibes) and have an army of 359 other cat girl aliens, each from their own species.
  • Fusion Dance: Downplayed at first before being played straighter. They initially can't fuse, but they can "link" up their weapons, which allows for both of them to use combination-variants of stronger-leveled versions of the individual weapon. This includes being able to shoot something as a projectile without worrying about someone else stealing it. Later on, they upgrate their technology to the extent that they can fuse.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Ultimately inverted, at least in regards to the main characters. While several of the minor members have long-ranged weapons of some sort, the main twelve all use melee weapons. When Dirk joins in the epilogue, his weapon of choice is basically a super strong gun.
  • Overly Long Gag: Their own Bragging Theme Tune is practically one in-universe. Apparantly, there's a line for each member, not counting the parts that talk about the group as a whole.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Masks that look like sideways Ses. Justified in that they, like the Wonder Masks, can psychicly inhibit facial recognition in-person and distort video footage. Of course this is slightly negated with the characters having a habit of referring to eachother by their real names at times, despite being supposed to have secret identities.
  • The Power of Friendship: Weaponized. Their combining is heightened by the agreement and teamwork that said combining members share, which is why uncooperative members like Eltvum are not viewed as powerful.
  • Status Quo Is God: The general, overall belief that the group follows after, though this doesn't mean that all of them believe in that. Based on the change to their moto in the epilogue, at some point this ceased being the case when they became 361. They're more focused on making a better world than the status quo.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Well, they were all badass to begin with. But the story's more about them growing as a team and becoming more strategic, contrast to the first appearances of the major members where they were mostly just hitting the opponents head-on and trying to tank out any damage.
  • Weapon of Choice: Each of them has a specially-crafted weapon with a psychic link that only strengthens it if they are the user. Or if there are combinations that involve the user.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: They're all cat girls (unless you count Dirk in the epilogue, but he's still very close), but as all of them are aliens and each is of a different species with some clear visual distinctions, this is almost bound to happen. Like fire cat girls (one of the major members, Jenkins, being one). Mermaid cat girls. Ghost-like cat girls.
  • Screw Destiny: They successfully beat the odds of losing the final fight against METALS (they had a calculated negative one percent chance of winning. Which apparantly means there's a 99% chance their attack will fail, and a 1% chance that their attack will end up with far worse results than if they didn't fight), and in a meta sense, they're cat girls (read:Nepeta) who have their final fight in the Capricornus Void (read:Gamzee) and win.
  • Vapor Wear: None of them wear bras under their Striker suits. They invoke this in the final chapter, since Rolal converted their undergarments back into her, so they put the suits back on with nothing underneath thanks to completely lacking any possible clothes.
  • You Are Number Six: Subverted as they each have four different possible naming systems. There's their real names (which is poor practice since they're supposed to have secret identities), the numbers in groups (STK-XXX, with "XXX" being any number from 001 to 360, becoming 361 in the epilogue), the "color name," and a title usually related to some central skill or gimmick of theirs.

The Main Twelve Members as a Whole

[Screw coming up with real names (technically, again) I'm going back to just referring them via main colors from this edit onwards this includes edits that change what's above this, the edit this was added being one of them.]













Jenkins Simmons/STK-360: Striker Red, The Torch's Tip

    Minor Strikers 

Character sheet for the allies and co-workers with the Cat Strikers. They are the Six Primary Voluntiers, as they have worked their way up pretty high-classed jobs.

    In General 

  • Ambiguous Disorder: Emphasized a bit more with their group than any of the main twelve Strikers (most of which do not appear to have any disorders, or at least that was the intention). Tiffany appears to have serious issues talking to others at all, Clint contains a number of quirks and prefers repetetive mannerisism similar to his inspiration, Nofso is a borderline man child emotionally who has an obsession with sailors and the "wise mentor" archetype, and Hendricks is often shown with obsessive interests that magnify some of Hank's personality traits and would normally bore the hell out of others. Surprisingly, Aqua is presented as "just" a closet racist, and Modascend is a normal guy that happens to have a lot of quirks and energy. Though he faked the energy part — according to background files he was pretty scared back when he was with the other Fingerprints, and he's still more scared than the others who work with the Strikers.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: They all look like weirdos or idiots at a first glance, or at the very best more like comical stereotypes and less of actual fighters. All six of them are fairly proficient combat-wise.
  • Expy: Each of them is a take on the characters deemed "Sages" in other works of one of Pikmin Fan's fan fiction continuities. In the cases of Nosfo and Aqua, both of them are fairly different from their canonical inspirations (Alucard and Rose Quartz respectively) and instead take more after the fic-derivatives of them, namely Alucard being a Man Child and Rose being a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who is secretly racist against vampires.
  • Retired Badass: Hendricks, Tiffany, and Clint all used to fight in their own three-man band in the distant past known as the Tailhorns. This apparantly inspired the Strikers in the first place, who in turn started off as their own group of three before growing out into the massive 360 superheroine ensemble it is by the beginning. Modascend, Nosfo, and Aqua have also had some more individual roles in combat, but prefer stepping aside to the Strikers unless they are absolutely needed.


"No, no, you had it right the first time. We leave the traditions as-is."

[Something something something] and the oldest member of the six, at 53. (Which is also apparantly what Hank Hill's age would be in 2010.) He's one of the cooks in the team, though he insists that he only does "barbeque."

  • Expy: Of Hank Hill. He notably mixes in some of his canon traits with his self from the Crconikals series. He's also more easy-going like Crconikals Hank, instead of canon Hank's constant uptightness.
  • Not So Above It All: He's prone to his own moments of weird rambling and it's even implied he may be stoned in some of his appearances.
  • Serious Business: Grilling to him.
  • Stripperiffic: Like ( of the fan fic-ish incarnations of) his inspiration, he only wears a few artificial leaves for the most part.



The only human working with or for the Strikers for the majority of the story, she's usually silent and the second youngest of the Six Primary Voluntiers, at 19. She's the team's second cook, working more on traditional, indoors events.

  • Conveniently an Orphan: Her mother died when giving birth to her and her father was killed in battle while she was nine.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The first we ever see of her is a close-up shot of her bare ass. Shortly after that, when a fight the Strikers are going through knock down a door, she and the other Primary Voluntiers are the only people in the ship to dodge it. (While the civilians get knocked on their asses.)
  • Kid Hero: Specifically, went by Red Tailhorn in the past, with Hendricks and Clint being Green and Blue Tailhorn, respectively.
  • Naked Apron: This is her entire outfit for most of the story. The only exceptions are flashbacks (she wore a modest outfit as a kid) and when Rolal re-converges all clothing in the universe back to her, and even then, in the epilogue she has a newly knit one.
  • Only Sane Man: Despite her lack of dialogue, she's remarkably more rational than a lot of characters in this story. It also helps that the character she's based on is even more quiet and her gimmick is something commonplace in the 720 Cat Ears world.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Any time she talks.
    • Her first line of dialogue in-story is to tell the team to jump away from Rolal immediately.
    • In the flashback, she's shown to be incredibly talkative. This is already a bad sign.
  • Token Human: Subverted in the end, with Dirk's attition bumping up the human count to two. She's still the only human of the Primary Voluntiers.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Cerulean. Don't confuse it with blue.
  • You Killed My Father: Rolal killed her father ten years ago.


A scientist that spends most of his time doing research which might be in the benefit of the Strikers.

  • Lovable Coward: Probably the biggest pussy in the whole cast (Seeing as Zeqaya still at least goes out in the live combat zones, despite her cowardace otherwise). Still, he's not completely terrible and has his own moments of acting, you know, decent.


"JUST RAM OUR SHIP INTO THEIR'S! Sorry Strikers, but whenever you fail that's just my go-to strategy. It usually works."

A member of a race known as Fingerpints, this is a Hot-Blooded warrior that got admitted after the Striker officials noted his ability to take down an entire army almost completely by himself on his home planet. In spite of this, at 17 he's the youngest of the affiliates. He acts as a personal "guard dog" to the Striker's ship.

  • Anime Hair: It's very wild and usually sticks up through the front.
  • Expy: Of Kamina. The theme naming behind them is even similar.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: While he survives through the cloth galaxy, he finally meets his end giving up his life to ensure the Striker's escape in the final battle. He even uses a move similar to the Giga Drill Break, transforming his part of the mecha into a giant drill that is then crushed by Lord Carbon.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: He's never seen not wearing at least the slightest of pink, he has pastry cooking as his hobby, and he holds natural bright pink hair.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Very bright pink. It's apparantly common with his species.


A vampiric member. In spite of his species, he's pretty easy-going and energetic.


A member of the Fairy race from the planet

Other secondary characters.


Dirk Blaque/STK-361: Striker Black, the Midnight Bullet

Initially another teacher that happened to unknowingly work at the same school Eltvum does when as a civilian, he quickly gets swept along and taken by the Striker's ship by sheer accident. Starting off as a voluntier, he gets the unusual habit of barging into the frontlines despite a lack of experience or real protection save for his poor-quality Generational Gun. He's soon found out to be acting that wrecklessly in desperation to save his family from poverty.

  • Badass Normal: Eventually gets the hang of tagging along with the Strikers without a Striker Suit. Even people of alien species with biological powers wouldn't dare try something like this, let alone a race that obviously lacks outstanding natural abilities compared to what else is seen in this universe.
  • Name's the Same: Has nothing to do with Dirk Strider, and the characters themselves are near opposites in terms of personality. His hero persona likewise has nothing to do with the metal band of the same name; Fan just wanted a cool bullet and darkness-related name.
  • Purple Is The New Black: Downplayed: He's often associated with gray (his text color in-dialogue) or black (the Unsound Effects involving him are a very dark gray in color, same with sillouette shots), but not a pixel of him is ever really drawn in purple. Probably to distance himself from Mudvin as far as possible.
  • Token Human: To the Strikers seeing how often he tags in their main combat missions, [[spoilers:gets amplified when he becomes one of them.]]


Eltvum's twin brother.

  • Brutal Honesty: Practically every thing out of his mouth.
  • Distressed Dude: Averted until the final operation, where he spends all of it before the final battle captured thanks to Rolal's threads taking a hold over him. Like Sky and the Voluntiers, he tries his damndest to fight through, but ultimately needs the Strikers to burst in and save them.
  • Expy: Of... well, Netimp from Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals.
  • Jerkass: While never outright antagonizing them, he's fairly rude to the Strikers considering how they're the official superheroine defenders of the universe.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Still, there are some times where she's in the right, such as critisicing the team when two of the members were about to split up.
  • Last of His Kind: Along with Eltvum, they are the two last surviving members of their species.
  • Start My Own: Appears to have this atittude when it comes to being a hero, but he's still happy to contribute to fighting alongside the Strikers.



A high school student who attempts to blackmail the Strikers into letting her join in the direct front lines via Eltvum's secret identity. She fails pretty miserably.

  • Back for the Dead: Gets unceremoniously crushed and killed for real in her second appearance.
  • Deconstructive Parody: Basically, there's several other works where someone doing what she tried to pull off will result in an "Oh, you" and be admitted on the team for an ability unique to them.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Eltvum feeds her an amnestic before dumping her back on Earth.
  • Parody Sue: Though in her case it's more of the bare-bones concept character, just in a world that doesn't put up with a Sue's bullshit.
  • Take That: Basically, at any poorly-written tag along character that got into the plot for undeserving reasons.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Why yes, rush right into the city (on an unfamiliar planet, at that!) that's collapsing into a gigantic sink hole and surrounded by killer lasers and massive flying war ships! It's not at all like there's a chance you'll get swatted away like an ant!
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: She genuinely believes that she'll play an important part in the Striker's fight against the METALS, and not that she's just a throwaway Take That charactrer.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: Her name. It's pronounced the exact same way as Carol.

Character sheet for METALS and other antagonists. Warning: Massive unmarked spoilers!

    METALS in General 

  • Bigger Is Better: Their flagships are all huge. Bronze's is a rocket the size of a skyscraper, Silver's is a boat the size of a couple of blocks, Gold's is a city-sized tank, Mudvin's is the size of a continent, Rolal technically doesn't have one but she makes herself into a ...thing the size of a galaxy, with Lord Carbon's final mecha being the size of a galactic cluster.
  • Blue Orange Contrast: Their colors generally pop with eachother a lot, looking pretty jarring. The classic blue and orange can be seen during chapter 8, with General Gold's giant golden flagship flying around in the even bigger, blue, underground ice fortress.
  • Curtains Match the Window: All of them sans Mudvin have their hair and eye colors match.
  • Four Element Ensemble: With the exception of Mudvin and Rolal: Bronze is fire, Silver is water, Gold is wind, and Carbon is earth as well as ice.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Gender-inverted, with the five male members of note going around almost completely naked and not minding being seen like this. Rolal, the only female of note, might not mind either but is usually seen dressed up... averagely. This may or may not have something to do with her being sentient clothing crafted by Jaspercorps.
  • Stripperiffic: The only female member of note is the only one who dresses modestly, but is also the only one that almost nobody would want to see naked anyway.
  • Walking Spoiler: Bronze isn't so bad with this, being a Warmup Boss, and the minor robots fought in some of the chapters aren't bad with it either. But... Silver is behind several key turning battle points,
  • Walking Swimsuit Scene: Again, all of the important members save Rolal just wear either increasingly small swimsuits or no proper outfit at all. Those aside, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Carbon all have gauntlets, boots, and helmets on, while Mudvin just has ordinary purple lethal shoes and a cape.

    Pilot Bronze 

  • Odd Name Out: Out of the "rank"-based characters, he's the only one who isn't named after a single element, but rather a metal compound.

    Leutenant Silver 

  • Making a Splash: He apparantly has the power to conjure massive amounts of water around him, which his flagship uses to sail. And no, it's specified that this isn't an ability of the ship's — it's his own power.

    General Gold 

  • Disc One Final Boss: Though uniquely, he's established as not being the top of the totem pole before he's even seen for the first time.

    Lord Carbon 

  • Berserk Button:
    • He spends about 95% of his screentime being Affably Evil. That last five percent is what happens when his wife is threatened. Just because he's the Big Bad of the story doesn't mean that he can't also care for his family, and he holds them in high value.
    • Don't "needlessly" kill off his mooks either. He also holds a lot of respect for them, enough that he holds moments of silence and even attends as many funerals as he can when they die.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Do not be merceless against his mooks. Killing them is fine... if you're the direct opposing force and you're only doing as much as necessary. Wiping out the entire armada just because of "what might happen" was when Mudvin crossed the line in Carbon's eyes.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Green. Or rather, Green develops into the good counterpart to him. Her seeing how much of a genuinely good guy he is to his mooks and his family, then contrasting that to her own hostile atittude towards her teammates, makes her rethink herself and become a better person.
  • Gag Censor: A bright, rainbow Bishie Sparkle covers him at all times. In his first appearance, Steoxhy is seen staring at him with a dumbfounded expression and the shine reflected in her eyes.
  • Testosterone Poisoning: Like all major male members of METALS save for Mudvin, and fitting for each succeeding member upping the scale, it's ridiculous in how masculine he is.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: While he's mostly seen with a hair-obscuring helmet, the damage he recieves in the final battle reveals that his hair is, in fact, bleach-white.


"Remember! For every two eyes that don't see you, there's a thousand eyes that do! Remember that! Very important! Mind-blowingly important!"

A very bizarre person, initially of an unknown race, that first appears to be Eltvum's doll of the same name. But in a transformed state.

  • Body Horror: She purposefully takes on freaky appearances to disturb others. When disguising as a doll she has a lot of stitches everywhere (especially keeping her head together), slits "extending" her mouth, and four eyes, none of which are even. And fur-like patches messily put in at random. Now, picture that on a person, but with stuffing replaced with blood. This isn't even getting into her main weapon being her pulling her upper-left eye out and turning it into a sword.
  • Co-Dragons: With Mudvin, though she technically outranks him. And outlives him, though they and Lord Carbon are all killed in chapter 9.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Let's see here... appearing in the dead center of the Strikers without any of them noticing at first despite her alarming appearance, her own presense causes the ship's radar to freak out and makes Tiffany give her first line of dialogue in the story, said line is a paniced "JUMP AWAY FROM THE MIDDLE OF YOUR GROUP! NOW!" Her introduction shot takes note as she's the only character with ?s as stats (including species), during her first few panels of screentime she's seen facing the readers directly no matter what angle we're seeing, she slightly "bleeds" off panel when talking, stands perfectly still when Eltvum tries to attack her, stands through the resulting attack like it's nothing, and finally she takes out a Striker Mask of her own and disables the Striker's uniforms.
  • Expy:
    • Of Roxy Lalonde from Sweet Jade and Hella John. Or, more accurately, the orginal plan of Sweet Jade and Hella John HD, where she'd willingly alter herself messily to have much more resilant skin and cat parts. Aside from the cat parts being replaced with dog parts for some reason and the whole "being clothing itself" gimmick, this is otherwise the same character.
    • She's very similar to Nui Harume, except if Nui was also a wannabe Starscream. Both have a Non-Standard Character Design, have a really bizarre debut, and toy around with the fourth wall (though Fan explicitely states that Rolal's medium screwing isn't canon).
  • Female Feline, Male Mutt: Gender-inverted with her and Mudvin, though seeing their respective inspirations it'd make more sense if it was played straighter.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: Her skin and hair are both completely white, as are her eyes.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Once her mass has been reduced to a regular human shape, she's knocked into and finally disintigrated by one of her own lasers.
  • Made of Iron: Capable of taking a direct hit from a Striker's weapon without even flinching.
  • Medium Awareness: In any version of the webcomic, she often "bleeds" off of the panel itself and into space that's colored the same as the background of whichever site it's on. She also leans into her dialogue boxes, looks directly at the readers most of the time, and on occasion leans on the fourth wall as if narrating the story itself.
  • Nightmare Face: Holy lord, even in doll for it's already bad. It just gets worse in her One-Winged Angel appearance in chapter 9, where she transforms into a galaxy-sized head that's even more deformed than her normal appearance and launches what can best be described as maggot missiles.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: A dog girl-Frankenstein's monster looking-hard to damage-clothing monster. That can also spends the first half of the story disguised as a doll.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: While most of the characters are generally drawn outlineless and with very smooth lines and curves, Rolal looks like a series of MS Paint scribbles. She also has extremely simplistic facial features. This is both as a call-back to Sweet Jade and Hella John and its incredibly half-assed style, in addition to adding to her eerie atmosphere.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only female of any note in METALS.
  • The Starscream: Secretly plans to usurp Lord Carbon. This backfires on her horribly, and she apparantly learned nothing from Mudvin's failed attempt less than an hour ago.
  • Walking Spoiler: Eltvum's doll from the beginning? Not really a doll. Then it gets worse from there. For one thing, METALS and that Jaspercorps ocassionally mentioned are the same group.
  • Wham Line: "I AM clothing!"
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Probably the evilest character in the comic (though compared to the other villains this isn't saying much since many of them are Affably Evil and show a few Pet the Dog moments) and has the lowest amount of redeeming traits, and holds completely white hair.


"Well, I'll tell ya' what, ya' caught me on a good day. I suppose I can explain myself 'fore I start kickin' ass."

  • Beware the Silly Ones: Does not remotely look like a serious fighter. Yet he'll kindly deflect anything and everything thrown at him and can kick some serious ass.
  • Cloning Blues: Averted. The clones are not actually their own people, but instead are controlled directly by Mudvin's own brain, so they're "basically just big, fancy, strong puppets."
  • Evil Counterpart: To Dirk, both of them share similar atittudes to taking matters in one's own hands and have their own oddly specific codes of honor. Mudvin even leads an army of holographic copies while Dirk tags along with the Strikers before becoming an official member.
  • Expy:
    • Of Lucky from King of the Hill, believe it or not. Fan said that he specifically tried to keep his personality a lot like Lucky's, but still kept him as a Card-Carrying Villain complete with an "evil cape." The stick being a Weapon of Choice is a reference to his debut episode, where his group of friends is seen involved with a street fighting sport known as "sticking."
    • Power-wise, he's one of Prince Vorkken. Both are purple-themed, rivals to one of the leads, hold an Evil Counterpart to the main team, and Mudvin's even the only character capable of doing something similar to Unite Morphing (the Striker's combining is a bit more specific and a little less limited; more akin to the Combining Mecha in Gurren Lagann), and his stick even functions somewhere between the Unify Boomerang and Unify Naginata.
  • Faster Than Light: His stick can both be spun at FTL levels and allow him to travel that fast should he ride on it. In fact, his stick's introduction shot is the only one where the subject in question is visibly moving. The rest of them are in a huge slow-down. But the stick spins so fast that it can still be seen moving quickly even in slow-motion.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Spends most of the story coming across as an ordinary, if not completely nice, guy. Shows a bit of his true colors in the final operation where he's willing to blow up his own team.
  • Giving Someone the Pointer Finger: He's seen doing this in the stick's "introduction shot." (Yet not his.) Of course, it's hard to notice in comparison to the giant spinning purple stick of death.
  • Glass Cannon: In spite of his ultra-powerful stick being able to both hit really hard and deflect all kinds of projectiles and physical attacks, the man himself is in the exact same physical shape as his appearance would imply.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: He's ultimately sliced in half when Lord Carbon uses his mecha to throw Mudvin's over weapon back at him.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Killed by his own stick flying into him.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Themed on dark purple, and he's one of the leading officers working under Lord Carbon.
  • Left the Background Music On: Though this is a comic without [S] pages. Apparantly "The Joker" from the Steve Miller Band is playing on his introduction. This shortly turns out to be from a jukebox. That he crafted.
  • The Starscream: Is secretly trying to out-do Lord Carbon. Once he finally finds out, this backfires on him pretty horribly.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Well, story-breaker weapon. His stick is able to deflect virtually anything the Strikers throw at him, allows him to move faster than light, and he's overall far more overpowered than he looks (though the latter technically applies to all three of the major villains).
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: He's a Super Serum-induced unify-tech cat man.
  • What Measure Is a Mook?: Will cause all the ships of the METALS/Jaspercorps ships to explode without blinking an eye if it means preventing the Strikers for hijacking them to make their combining mecha even bigger. Lord Carbon, however, does not take this kindly.

    FHACK(M)ERS Resistance Force 

Darkhorse Skeltaur

  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Sort of. He's a lot more dangerous than his really silly phrases and over-the-top ham would leave you to believe. In fact, he scores a 200% danger quotient, fairly high even by the standards of the first few chapters. Effortlessly having a laser that can level a city without using a mecha.
  • Expy: Pikmin Fan has had a character named "Darkhorse" that is basically a centaur, but with a skeleton half replacing the human half. This is no different. He has his Large Ham characterization from Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals, over his more quiet but inexplicably loved self from Sweet Jade and Hella John, the latter being his earlier appearance.
  • No Indoor Voice: There's very little that he doesn't shout.
  • Starter Villain: The first villain to make any sort of appearance.

Darkerhorse Skeltaur

  • Book Ends: The story starts with Darkhorse barging into Eltvum's school and firing lasers everywhere. The epilogue begins with him doing the same thing.
  • The Ditz: Debatable for Darkhorse, but he's definitely an idiot. It takes him a solid year before he realizes that his own little brother was dead, and he has to have it told to him.
  • No Indoor Voice: Just like his brother.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Parodied. He claims to be the blue oni to Darkhorse's red, and this is even reflected in their text colors (maroon and navy), but he's just as energetic as his little brother.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Looks like a Palette Swap of Darkhorse. Steoxhy even forgets Darkhorse's exact color scheme, confuses the two, and upon seeing Darkerhorse she first says "I thought we killed you!"


  • Brick Joke:
    • In the first chapter, the team drives through city under attack in a car. Admist the chaos, a deer jumps out at them. Cue an entire group "DEEEEER!" In chapter nine, they are flying through space in a giant space car-mecha, and a space deer jumps out at them. Cue "SPACE DEEEEER!"
    • The prologue features Large Ham Darkhorse attacking the school Green and Dirk work at. Just when the tables are turned on his odd "invasion," he shouts "THIS ISN'T OVER! WHEN YOU MEET MY OLDER BROTHER, YOUR PANTS WILL BECOME YOUR TOILETS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES, WHICH WILL BE VERY SHORT BECAUSE HE WILL END THEM HA HA HA HA!" In the epilogue, his older brother Darkerhorse attacks the same school in the same way, and the first thing he says is "HAS MY BROTHER'S MESSAGE COME TRUE? HAVE ANY OF YOU SHAT YOURSELVES FROM MY AWESOMENESS?" This is an especially long Brick Joke since virtually the entire story happens between these parts, with the Skeltaurs (that's their last name) only being mentioned slightly once or twice in between.
    • On Mudvin's first appearance, he's playing "The Joker" in an attempt to get the Strikers to call him "Joker" or anything from that song (even less flattering names like "Smoker" or "Gangster of Love"). However, Blue instantly catches on and makes a blatant Big Bang Theory reference by calling him Fruit Loops. In their first encounter, this is the only time anyone calls him that. In the next encounter it's not brought up. In fact, it's not until their final fight that the team begins collectively calling him "Fruit Loops" in reference to that.

    Fake YMMV Shit 

  • Arc Fatigue: The beginning. While all chapters are long, the first four or so are mostly focused on beating borderline-Monster of the Week type villains, and the METALS officers just weren't considered that interesting to serve as major villains. It's not until Mudvin starts having more interactions with the team and Rolal makes her first in-person appearance that the plot's agreed to get rolling. Though none of this is helped by a lot of the really major events (including the deaths of three of the main antagonists) don't happen until the ninth and final chapter, where it feels like the storyline was suddenly crammed and rushed together to get an ending.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Dirk is disliked by several for not feeling like he fits with the center characters at first or that he's only there to tie up some loose plot ends, plus the fact that he's Happily Married before the start of the story means that he's mostly off-limits when it comes to romance-related speculation. Others see him as an interesting take on Only Sane Man or Badass Normal.
    • Hendricks when it comes to the six elite voluntiers. He's seen as funny to some, but others hate how he's another symptom of Pikmin Fan's apparant obsession with King of the Hill, and that he should just stop relying on KOTH-related jokes. What makes things worse is that he's the designated "main" one of them despite having the least important job (which is also redundant to part of Tiffany's job), meaning that he overshadows the other five. This little fire-debate was thrown into burning gasoline once three of the Voluntiers were Killed Off for Real while Hendricks was one of them who survived.
    • Rolal is either creepily cool or just plain disgusting, disturbing, and doesn't belong in an otherwise light-hearted and energetic story at all. There's very little middle ground here. This isn't even getting into exactly how much of a Nui ripoff she may or may not be. Amazingly her being blatantly based on one of the more popular characters in Homestuck has nothing to do with this, since it's generally agreed that she has almost nothing in common with Roxy and are glad that Fan's not even acting like it's supposed to be her.
  • Memetic Molester: Rolal. It's kind of inevidable given that she looks like a creepy stitched-together corpse (even though she actually isn't and can look like whatever she wants) and that she makes up nearly every article of clothing in the world, including underwear. And can shape-shift those clothing articles back into her.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Rolal dealing a harsh beat-down on Eltvum for the second time ("at least" the first time was "just" a strong punch) and then trying to cut most of the team in half.
    • Mudvin had spent most of the story being merely Affably Evil and having a strong sense of honor, but he catapults over the Horizon in Chapter 9 when he blows up the entire METALS space fleet to prevent the Strikers from hijacking them, killing most of his own comerades. Just when Lord Carbon was about to send them all medical supplies, too. This pisses off Carbon to the point where he refuses to assist Mudvin after that, and even contributes in his death.
  • Narm: Rainbow Nepeta to a pretty heavy extent. Nearly everyone felt that a reference to the eventual inspiration behind the Strikers (er, in one way, not counting the "original" 360) was poorly shoved-in and that the ultimate final attack could have been something better.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Holy shit where to begin with Rolal? First of all, did you ever notice that cherished doll possession move that one time? Yeah, that's because it's actually alive. Oh yeah, and it's body is not just limited to the doll, but segmented into every thread in the universe and a number of inannimate objects as well. All of your clothes and all the clothes of everyone are secretly beaming information about your body's weak spots to a secretive space colony, and you would never suspect a thing until said clothing monster morphs around you and tries to drag you into her own galaxy of captivity. Yep, clothing is a Morton's Fork in 720 Cat Ears: With it on, people will see you naked. With it off... obviously, people will see you naked.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Eltvum/Green started off as a massive asshole who refuses to help out her teammates yet takes joy in riding on the pity she gets for being one of the last members of her species. Not helped by the other two main characters, Steoxhy and Jenkins, both bending over backwards to try to excuse her behavior. It's generally agreed that she got a bit better when she started learning the importance of her team members and made up for her earlier actions by busting her ass to ensure that they all make it through a situation alive.
    • The story generally does this to Lucky from King of the Hill in a way by reviving him as Mudvin, a cape-wearing, Card-Carrying Villain that still keeps Lucky's personality.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Look through the prologue again after reading through chapter 4. Notice how Rolal's head is tilted to the right on the first panels she's visible, then to the left after a certain point and for the rest of that scene? Yeah, that's not a mistake.
  • Shocking Swerve: The deaths of Aqua, Nosfo, and Modascend got a lot of this, feeling utterly pointless and just there to reference either Crconikals (the former two) or Gurren Lagann canon (the latter) in a failed attempt to make the final battle more dramatic than it actually was.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks:
    • Got more than a few accusations of ripping of The Wonderful 101.
    • Rolal gets this in a charcter-specific manner for ripping off Nui Harime.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • Mudvin was introduced as something of a rival and evil counterpart to the team, having mindless puppet-clones that help serve the basis of his stick-attack weapons. In spite of all this buildup and his encounters shaping him up to be an important character, come chapter 9 he even pulls a Starscream... and then he's killed off pretty quickly afterwards and ultimately just treated as another one of the elites. Plus the story doesn't explore anything related to his cat modifications, or makes it important other than slamming into the reader's heads that he's an evil counterpart (though at the very least it explains it).
    • The six top-ranking voluntiers all have different, distinct, and in some cases fairly unique backstories and abilities. They are based loosely on six different characters from six very different series note , and manage to mesh in well with both eachother and the general setting despite this. Unfortunately, outside of the last battles (and even then, only in the form of heroic sacrifices) only two of them pull any real plot developments and the rest is up to the Strikers themselves, who are based on Fan's previous original "360"-centered group. In a way it's sort of like an Expy version of a Spotlight-Stealing Crossover.
    • Taken seriously, the FHAK(M)ERS could have made a decent third-party villain group. Darkhorse (and Darkerhorse) especially, what with actually somewhat living up to his Large Ham ego image of himself.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: A pretty common complaint is that the overall story is too simplistic for something with a large group of characters, and as a result most of the character development felt like it was done through filler. Fortunately some continuation-stories are set to change this.

  • Prologue: Earth, Crisis by School Grounds
  • Chapter 1:
  • Chapter 2:
  • Chapter 3:
  • Chapter 4:
  • Chapter 5:
  • Chapter 6:
  • Chapter 7:
  • Chapter 8: Earth, Hidden Ice Fortress
  • Chapter 9: Deep Space, Capricornus Void
  • Epilogue: Earth, Crisis by School Grounds (Again)

  • Book Ends:
    • Also, compare Eltvum's "Dawn of another day" at the beginning to her "Dawn of a new day" at the end.
  • Fan describes it as "How I've liked Kill la Kill to have gone, only if it was done in a manner similar to The Wonderful 101." Apparantly he came up with most of the story by beginning with a simple "What if?" of KLK until it was unrecognizable, then tried to transfer the bare-bones plot to something kind of new. The beginning and ending remained the same, so that might explain the plumet of originality.


Make It Look Like an Accident


Operation WTH: Don't Worry, This Isn't Canon is an easter egg chapter in 720 Cat Ears, and one of three "secret parts" along with Operation 101: The Pit of 101 Trails and Operation 360: Full Revolution. Unlike the aformentioned other secrets, this one is explicitely not canon. It is inspired loosely by "Out of This Dimension!" from Star Fox.

    Cheaper Edd's Quotes 

Vs anyone else by GPF not "recognized" by him:
"If you are reading this, it means that I'm against a character by GPF that he didn't plan for at first. Please update me first. I'll probably be even cheaper!"

Vs Himself:
"Really? Are you, player, so desperate that you're bringing out the very same monster that cost you all those flawless plays through arcade mode?"

Vs Template Man:
[Frowning] "Urgh. Yes, yes, you have an anti-cheap mode. I get it. I still think it's cheating. Hey mr git gud, maybe YOU should try improving your lackluster skills next time!"

Vs The Homer J. Simpson Clones:
"Yeah, sure. I guess I could go for a bit of sandbag practice."

Vs Female Character's Butts:
[Currently frowning, will be replaced with a unique angry expression] "I CANNOT STAND THIS BOLD DISPLAY OF SUCH... SUCH... VULGARITY! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON NOW!!!!!!!!!"

Vs Hank Hill:

Vs Ed, Edd n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures:
"Your graphics are lackluster, 4/10."

Vs Tagger:
"You're just a kid. Should you really even be fighting? No, wait. Then again, I'm also a kid. Meh, I'll hit you with my best shot. But I warn you: It won't be pretty!"

Vs Glass of Water:
"This should be easy! A little... too easy... I'm scared."

Vs Brenda:
[Cheaper Edd, frowning] "Hrm... who are you supposed to be again? Either way that outfit is wholly inapporpriate."
[Giffany] "Wait a minute Cheaper Edd..."
[Still Giffany] "Is that..."
[Still Giffany, and all three of these lines are in the same dialogue box. Just in seperate paragraphs] "MOM?"

Vs Red Pikmin:

Vs Sheldon Cooper:
"I'm smarter than you hurp a derp."

Vs Nepeta Leijon:
"Don't even think about playing dumb with me. I know you're after the deepest, darkest, mythical secrets of the universe. Like what's under my hat... KNOCK ME OUT AND THE ANSWER IS YOURS!"

Vs Alucard Badguy/Alucard in a Tank:
[Frowning] "...What the hell I thought you were dead."

Vs Nude Bart Skateboarding:
"Well look, another bland edit of Kung Fu Man with no effort— WHAT? GREAT PIKMIN FAN MADE THIS? How have you fallen from the greatness of me to the horribleness of... THAT?"

Vs Omega Drew Pickles:
"...You have 'omega' in your name, yet compared to Omega Tiger Woods and especially Omega Tom Hanks, you are rather tame. Very tame. It's almost sort of... sad, wouldn't you agree?"

Vs Less Cheap Edd:
[Flat/Neutral Mouth] "Aww I feel sad for you. Still, if you want to try to beat me, you can. I won't go easy on you. Just a warning in advance."

Vs Even Cheaper Edd:
[Flat/Neutral Mouth] "Oh fuck. I'm dead."

Vs Skirtless Peach:
[Frowning] "...Say, don't you usually have a shadow obscuring your nudity in your home game? Please tell me you have SOME form of shame around here!"

Vs The Wonderful 101/Wonder-Pink:
[Frowning] "Normally, I would complain about the lack of coverage your suit provides to you, but compared to the two women who go without traditional skirts you're amish. Still... put something on. I mean wow."

It took me a while to realize that I made two of them where he uses the word "Lackluster."

Final ED-stination is an original level blah blah blah Cheaper Edd's stage.

  • Creator: Great Pikmin Fan
  • Download: No
  • Animated: No
  • Music: Final Destination — Super Smash Bros. For Wii U
  • Super Jump: Yes
  • Resolution: Low-Res

(Appearance) The stage is a very long, single platform in space, though there is a large amount of scenery for most of it. Including atmosphere. These are supposed to look like different stereotypical video game locations. In order, from left to right, the stage immitates a lava area, a canyon, a desert, some plains, a forest, a beach-like zone, and a straight path through some mountains, getting snowy near the end and finally ending off with a clear, plain view out into space.

  • Abusive Parents:
    • The Troll Empress, to the extent that it's not too hard to believe the fake-author forgot he made her the biological mother to all of the ancestors. First of all, she forcefully drafts her children and grandchildren out to a battle in the middle of an offshore oil rig, forces them into a containment area for dangerous objects, and traps them under a dome, all of these she also did with the human members of the Rainbow Crew. She's also very willing to electrocute her descendants to death, and has God-knows how many illegitimate children that she doesn't support despite being the ruler of both the last tiny island that the troll world's been sold into and somehow holding some political power in the United States (possibly England as well).
    • Most of the Guardians avert this (doing bizarre light teasing at worst (Beth, Dean) or just being idiots (Dale, Harl, Kate, Lily)), but Roxy and Dirk's are more on the emotionally abusive side. Roxy's older sister Violet (called Vlie for short, to fit in with the four-letter naming convention) constantly analyses and critiques her, it's implied that until the end of chapter 11 (her debut chapter) she gave Roxy virtually no emotional support whatsoever and is probably the reason why Roxy is so boundry-ignoring now. Dirk's dad, on the other hand, rarely seems to say much to him and seems devoted to intentionally humilating him in front of both his friends and complete strangers.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Though in some cases Fan himself uses the latter mispelling because he thought it would be funnier that way.
    • "Getting Carp Past the Radar" was the first spelling of the phrase, not "Gettig Carp Past the Radar."
    • "A Shocking Twist," not "A Shckocking Twist."
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot:
    • It's also revealed that Hank Hill is really a part troll, part-human hybrid that was mixed with dark magic and "coated" over as a Simpsonian then revived as a light magic plant fairy then realized as some mythical mythos character known as a "Sage." In other words, a reincarnated troll human (ex-)Simpsonian plant light fairy Sage.

(Famous Last Words)
  • 720 Cat Ears:
    • "I have had it up to here with your annoying team gimmicks!" Pilot Bronze
    • "My work here is done. Instead of trying to escape from a burning mecha that has about... twenty seconds before blowing up, I'll just say this: Fuck. You." Leutenant Silver
    • "Look up! We already won! METALS forever!" General Gold
    • "Awwww, dang!" Mudvin
    • "Go! You deserve to live more than some passive-aggressive closet racist." Aqua
    • "NOOOOO!" Nosfo
    • "No legacy? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?" Modascend
    • "...Who the hell is Nepeta?" Lord Carbon
(I Wouldn't Exactly Use the Word "Better" Though, as it's Complete Ego-Stroking)
  • 720 Cat Ears:
    • Some people obsessed with metals start making a lot of masks. This pisses off a superhero team of alien cat girls.
    • Naked buff guy that apparantly has a really bright penis claims to want to become the ruler of all life. The best defense team in the universe is on full alert about this.
    • A self-admitted knockoff of The Wonderful 101 that tries desperately not to be a knockoff so it rams in material from other works of fiction the author liked. It's based largely off of an intentionally poorly written In Name Only Homestuck fan fic that eventually became a Take That at the elements of the sixth act that the creator didn't like.
    • A gang of cat girls and their supporters, many of the latter are usually almost naked, fight a band of escalating metal-themed male swimsuit models, a redneck in a thong, and a stitched-up corpse-like dog girl made of cloth.

    Hypothetical "Taunt" Stuff, Just for Fun 

Main Twelve & Dirk:
"Move, I just want to get back to bowling!"
"Uh... I'm gonna shock you things!"
"I FINALLY know how to beat you now!"
"I WILL dismount the Four Horsemen!"
"Sorry about this..."
"You're not even fun to analyze!"
"Ears of a cat, BLOOD OF A TIGER! Yeah!"
"This arena just became a splash zone!"
"Ready to be fed to my next pets?"
"I don't even feel like analyzing you!"
"Go away, enemies."
"Yo, we're gonna use force."
"I'm better with aiming than I look!"

Minor Members(?????):
None for now but I've toyed around with a few ideas, mostly of the characters based on other cat girls.

"Secret" Members:
"I'm gonna kick your ass!"
"My mind will overcome you!"
"It's time to UNLEASH HELL!"
"You will not disturb life."
"...Did my sister fail to kill you?"
"AC gives the enemy a loud and annoying provoke!"


  • Plank Saga? Anime character stereotype marries a 2D stick figure, and has two kids who are also video game characters, but dickish or evil. Said kids invade a licensed game and build a new realm of existance based on it, where come kids go crazy and kill eachother and a vampire tries to take over Heaven. Then some teens in the next realm of existance get killed by zombies, and one of them moves over to a weird world where a former-emo, former-ghost becomes a god and remakes it completely based on what she wants. After that, some teenagers screw around and try to kill a gang of criminals that trolled them in a World of Warcraft clone. In a split timeline to that, then things get weird. Different incarnations of Hank Hill, different incarnations of a role-playing cat troll, and a piece of wood are all critical to the overarching plot, though who cares about control over the universe since these stories are mostly just kids dicking around? After that a pair of twins from the universe that (maybe) started it all come into said split timeline and congradulate that world's incarnation of said roleplaying cat troll for amassing a large key collection. Then the author himself is forcefully dragged into the story (after already being in several of the universes to "check things out") and, annoyed, tells them all that it's just a waste of time and there's no "depth" to it whatsoever.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • In the Read or Die OVA, one character attempts to broadcast a "Death Symphony" that will cause mass suicide.
  • In Higurashi: When They Cry, Oyashiro-sama's curse (or whatever it really is) causes many characters to kill themselves throughout the various story arcs, some more than once. Methods include clawing out your own throat.

"He can't keep us in here forever — oh dear Lord he's got Risk!"


"There was an alternate timeline where you got engaged to him, but that other friend guy of yours got psycho and killed him in the altar. After moving on, that you started dating a literally two-dimensional LED man that could turn into an octopus and had some electronic game-related powers. The two of you had two kids: A crazy video game woman with electric powers that could possess electronics, and her younger brother: A possibly-stupid video game hedgehog thing with black eyes that can also possess electronics and make things bleed. Both of them got involved with a pair of Californian twins who went to Oregon for the summer. While the twins were going through some haunted house ran by a ghost girl that really liked being evil, a bunch of alternate mes made by warping to a world with laws of physics that allowed very free Many Worlds Theory-related mechanics all morphs up in my home dimension and used powerful mental powers to project a collective avatar in the twin's world. Which took the shape of... some... triangle thing... I don't want to talk about it. Bottom line is that your kids — the other you — were involved with finding an ancient magic game by the name of Ed, Edd n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures and channeled enough power into it to create the new universe. That's where it begins. It gets so much worse from there. So, so much worse."

Magnum Opus Dissonance
  • Running Gag: "Warpaport" being used as another term for "Teleport."
  • Timey-Wimey Ball: Usually averted, which is surprising considering the intentional poor quality in a lot of his fics that do have time travel. Both avoiding inconsistencies and preventing time travel from being a Story-Breaker Power (or, the opposite, "making the universe sentient" to limit it, since Fan doesn't like Because Destiny Says So especially when used as a plot device to tie up ends) are why many of the longer and serious works lack such elements. About the only thing they have in common is that Never Shall The Selves Meet is always averted, because according to Red in Housestuck: the Split, "that rule's just cheesy."
    • Zombie Attack! gets weird with this right from the get-go. At the very beginning, Edd builds a time machine and heads back in time to try to stop the zombie virus from being unleashed, but runs into himself from after the time travelling and the two fight. Past-Edd is about to finish off Future-Edd when Past-Edd "hits 88" and goes back in time, then after he's supposedly done with the zombie virus he gets Laser-Guided Amnesia from his past self hitting him accidentally and then charges after Past-Edd thinking he's a villain. This is the battle from Future-Edd's perspective. However, and the remake makes this worse by confirming that Edd did stop the zombie outbreak, the sheer existance of Future-Edd in the same timeline as when Past-Edd didn't stop the virus raises the question as to if he really changed anything. The remake confirms that he somehow did stop the virus. Then Gumball Vs Satan "explains" this by saying that the changes didn't come into effect until after Past-Edd left to the past. Basically, if you stop and think about the basic rule of things happening after another, none of the time travel makes sensenote .
    • Time travel in Sweet Jade and Hella John is very consistent: The Many Worlds Theory applies, but there is still a finite (just really large; even though this page originally mentioned that the universes were in infinities) number of universes. You can "just" time travel, which will bring you to the past of that particular universe. These will always be Stable Time Loops, and any attempt to diverge from the loop will result in making a sort of offshoot universe... that erases itself and traces from existance (and ever existing) shortly after, including ghosts in the afterlives, but some quantum-related elements may still carry some memories and the like over to other incarnations of the same person. The afterlives (one Heaven, four Hells (eight as of the epilogue), and a waiting room where you're judged) are infinite and there's only one shared timeline/universe, which is where everyone goes to when they die. Time travel is still possible there. Confusion comes in when it's also possible to travel to other universes, something an alternate Jane did, and that there's some kind of distinction that involves universes splitting into seperate ones that still contain stable time loops. Except you're still "always" in that particular split. Because of the various ways of time travel (Temporal Replicsimile, the Quantum Scatterer, using a copy of Ed, Edd, n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures (which also universe-travels), and in one instance a one-time item made by Davosesprite) things can get even more complicated, to the point where to represent the chart of John's PDA's journey through time and being cloned via the Inward Journey, there's a graph where both axises are labeled "time."
    • Crconikals on the other hand is a little more confusing. Time travel wasn't brought up much in Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals, but it is in the Millennium's plan in chapter 8 where they intend to kill the Mayor-President of London (Who, for some reason, is Joe Quimby, who always begins what he says with "er a um,") and show his dead head to the past. Which is said to change the present by scaring people into letting the Millennium rule. Okay, and Captain also talks about the rest of the Millennium being back and Rip and Zorin not having heel face turned. Then Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals, which not only takes place in the same world but also around the same time (the first twelve chapters of HUC and the first seventeen chapters of HHC take place in the same week) retcons that by saying that Millennium and Carl were just idiots and that time travel works differently. Namely, going to the past "naturally" leans to a Stable Time Loop unless you are aware of the differences. If you are, you can cause a split timeline that completely ignores paradoxes and is essentially an entirely new universe, but the probability has to be right. Too low (such as the only difference being someone randomly tripping and missing the portal to the present) and it just won't happen. Too high and there's a risk that you'll cause a split with no corresponding loop timeline, and there must be at least one timeline split that follows a stable loop or else a similar universe-destruction event will happen as with SJAHJ (namely everything "after" a certain point is forcefully erased until sheer universal RNG gets everything "right"). This is one of the reasons why the Spartan Time Traveling Corps hate it when people abuse time travel for anything other than stable loops, and while they don't enforce anything they'll be more than happy to send Kamina or Simon after his death out to give a lecture on why they should focus on the universe they're in instead of trying to make a new universe on their own.
    • This is parodied in both Hunt for the Sages and the Hill King, where the latter gets consistent if confusing with time travel (you can always change anything but you run the risk of altering yourself from the future) resulting in dosens of Hanks and borrowing a lot of mechanics from SJAHJ, while the former is so needlessly complicated that the exact mechanics of the time traveling depend on what color your time machine is.

"This page is more about licensed games that are really bad. This lists more good than bad, and even the bad consists entirely of a very vague "it's average.""

  • Jossed by Word of God. He doesn't want to weld/unify his original stories together like this, so chances are unless they're exlicitely stated to take place in the same universe right from the bat a connection between them isn't likely. As for using SBIG for evidence... well, that's done poorly on purpose. It was also confirmed in chapter 11 of ASOM that the three previous incarnations of humanity did not involve Joe or the Guardians adding anything to other planets at all. It was contained on Earth, and until the Life Spring system was established, there wasn't life in any other point in the universe (at least not intentionally, but it'd be a pretty lame way of connecting stories together if it was through life starting "accidentally." Plus knowing Joe he'd probably kill them all anyway since he's such a dick about using the universe to live out his story to the letter).
  • Further jossed in how the matter in the universe being finite is a plot pointnote  in both A Slash of Mortality and 720 Cat Ears, though both stories have ways to expanding it (respectively, Teleport Matter automatically self-replicates and serves as the basis for nearly everything in its universe, and there's implied Spiral/Striker Energy which can also self-replicate from nothing and be used to make matter), while it's infinite in Beautiful Space and that's also an important plot point there.

    Tropes of the Show Within A Show "WOAH the Show" 

  • His Name Really Is Barkeep: WOAH Guy. And yes, the "WOAH" is in all caps.
  • Large Ham: WOAH Guy often shouts "WOAH!" at the top of his lungs, earning both his name and the title of the series.
  • Made of Explodium: About half of WOAH Guy's adventures end in him exploding. Oddly, one of the exceptions is when he's hit with another bomb.
  • Minimalist Cast: Outside of expies of the Cat Strikers appearing in ads and magazines and the like as celebrities (but never in-person in the series), there's just five central characters. And maybe the "guy" from "One Guy Three Toasters," but it's implied that he's another one of the existing characters. WOAH Guy is usually the sole character in several of them.
  • Negative Continuity: WOAH Guy is repeatedly killed and blown up in several of his appearances, yet keeps re-appearing just fine with no past mention of other episodes.
  • Noodle Implements: The in-universe shock video "One Guy Three Toasters." It involves a man and three toasters. We don't know the rest.
  • Only Sane Man: Tony J. R. O. L. seems to be the only character that constantly talks in a rational manner.
  • Shock Site: WOAH Guy looks up an in-universe one titled "One Guy Three Toasters." We're not told anything about the video other than its title, but it causes WOAH Guy's head to explode. Then his house. Then his neighborhood. Then the planet.

    Tropes of the Show Within a Show "Lose!" 

  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: What the fake lava from the finale is made out of.
    Lucky: Say, this is pretty good. What's it made out of? Or is that a secret.
    Host: Ah, no, no. I'll tell you right now. Um... flour, red food coloring, THE S-S-S-SUPER SECRET SAUCE, and horse shit.
    Lucky: *Chews slower with wide eyes, but still swallows eventually.*
  • Butt Monkey: Nearly everybody, but Lucky probably takes the cake as he often gets hurt in many ways per challenge.
  • Disney Death: Everyone. No, not just their actors, there's an in-universe example where the whole cast comes Back for the Finale.
  • Everyone Calls Him Barkeep: Host.
  • Large Ham: Host.


    For a future media page 

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Thatherton's powers are described as "Near-immortality, teleportation, mild ability to alter the laws of reality, matter creation, and dickish propane-selling tactacs."

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