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Holiday Episodes How To Write An Example#KeepItAnExample

  • Memetic Badass: As revealed in a What Could Have Been scene, Pip was going to be an in-universe example, surviving being crushed by Carl's five-ton space ship (which was also implied to be intentional in that scene, but since it's basically a Gainax Ending and one that didn't happen at that, the canonicalness of that is debatable) despite being an ordinary human on the basis of "BECAUSE I'M PIP, DAMMIT." He then reveals that his Eyepatch of Power is actually covering a Sharingan, and he takes on Carl, who morphs into the very celebrity whose Memes he was based on.
  • Memetic Psychopath: In-universe example: Homer Simpson, according to the meme that Ezekiel based the challenge of "Beware of Homer" from. Although the meme itself seems to be fairly obscure, given how none of the final five recognizes it and Justin even knows that Ezekiel will have to explain it.
  • Spoof Aesop: Of the "Broken, then lampshaded immediately after" variety. The story ends with the two sides coming to a close about American and European animation vs anime (despite the fact that The Big Bang Theory isn't animated and Perfect Hair Forever isn't anime), until Ezekiel comes out of nowhere on a motorcycle, acting obnoxious and ticking off at least Gerald and Penny. After he drives off, the characters suddenly exempt Canadian animation from their standards. (Although seeing as the author has written several unironic, ongoing, serious and rather devoted Total Drama fan works, it's clear that he doesn't actually mean what the characters say.)note 
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Inverted. In chapter 10, an unspecified number of Quimby's soldiers are killed by the Titan Mecha, an action that's barely glossed over. That's not even factoring how Integra simply ignores the Millennium's mooks slaughtering London's population just because the sun will kill them hours later, two chapters ago. However, later in the same chapter (10, not 8), the story mentions that no Pikmin have died when Carl tries replicating Quimby's tactac, but with Pikmin instead of soldiers, and celebrates that. It clearly prioritizes the Pikmin's lives over the human's.

  • Nonstandard Character Design:
    • Carl has some really exaggerated facial features, especially when he makes big expressions (which happens often), to further highlight his role as a badly-fitting Parody Stu.
    • On the flip side of things, Kamina clearly looks like there was some effort put into drawing him, what with his far more accurate proportions, very detailed face and hair shading, etc. The fact that this went on a slightly longer pause than usual before posting a page with his face supported that Fan actually wanted to make him look more reasonable. This is averted when he's as the Master Chief, and he looks just as crappy as everyone else.

    DARKHORSE! (I think) 

(The first one may also be a One-Scene Wonder)
  • From the same Stay Tooned, there's the meme of the show Within a Game Whinefeld. As its name implies, it's a parody of Seinfeld with animated versions of Jerry, George, and Kramer making grunting noises. This is probably more known on Youtube at least than the game itself, and has several remixes and been involved in Youtube Poop. (Many of which, sadly, have been deleted.)
  • Perfect Hair Forever:
    • Brenda seems to be pretty popular among artists at least, as she is in more fanart than anybody else from the show.
    • The Fairy Companion parody, Action Hotdog.
  • Boomhauer from King Of Th Hill is considered one of the funniest characters thanks to his Motor Mouth and how good he is with women, although out of the four "alley guys," he has the least focus and the number of episodes centered on him can probably be counted on two hands.
  • Many of the characters from Steven Universe who aren't already part of the major cast. Including (or rather, especially) Fusion Gems. In any of their cases, it probably has something to do with their generally likable personalities mixed in with how they help the show's unique way of developing its world. Specific characters are:
    • [You can always thicken out the list before I do. Just because I put the draft of that (which doesn't even have to stay, I don't think vague "A lot of characters" is really something allowed on ED) doesn't mean that this can't be a collab effort]

  • Minimalist Cast:
    • "Clean Fishing" only has Hank, Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer as they deal with the Evol-Fish (a Captain Ersatz of SCP-682 that the author has planned for several stories yet ultimately never used it for one reason or another until now). This is justified for the majority of the chapter as it is spent in Lake Arlen, but towards the end, they crash into an Axe Body Spray factory (the fish's Weeksause Weakness), which is abandoned for some unknown reason.

Boring, but Practical:
  • [King of the Hill blah blah blah] One example of this can be seen when Boomhauer, Dale, and Bill end up in a mental institution thanks to a number of misunderstandings. Dale comes up with some scheme involving selling pills to make an escape rope. Then they go with Boomhauer's plan to leave by laundry room, which only failed since Bill gave his plans away earlier. As they're being knocked out, Dale says that the first one to get up calls Hank. And all Hank himself does is simply talk with the people who work there, easily sorting everything out.
  • Butt Monkey:
    • Also, Elitaa, who despite debuting in a fancomic that is an emptione of They Just Didn't Care, is also probably the most "serious" fantroll Pikmin Fan has designed (which isn't saying much, since she only has four other competetors and they're all blatant Parody Sues). After being retired, she was unretired to suffer from a lot of Mythology Gag-centered slapstick and generally having a bad life. She was also the villain of a oneshot story, trying to kill the trolls for a reason that's vaguely defined.

Warp That Aesop

  • Creator's Pet:
    • Parodied with "Cheaper Edd," a rather unnotable edit of Edd (and, due to being an edit, probably being on par with FY As the least interesting of his projects) with annoying, buffed stats and overpowered new hypers. Yes his picture on GPF's MUGEN site is three times as large as everyone else's and appears on top of them, and the gallery of him is him worfing all of GPF's other creations (whereas every other character of his is depicted showing their skills on Homer Simpson).
    • A straighter and thus more annoying example might be Debbie Grund from King of the Hill, who was canonically a minor character that ends up killing herself by accident less than four seasons into KOTH's thirteen-season run. In two seperate fanworks, she has turned into a dark-magic using villain that borders on Villain Sue levels of power and kills off some of the more likable character, heroic or otherwise.

Phone Call From The Dead.

"numlist" testing.

  1. Negative two!
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  3. Welp, my brain stopped again.
  4. Memetic Badass: Ed Edd N Eddy The Mis Edventures is sometimes even treated as a sign or a part of God, or it actually is something to that effect in the sillier stories. By contrast, The Simpsons: Hit & Run is usually a sign of the anti-God or something like that.
  5. 'Cuz Imma hurricaaaaane! WHOOSH!
  6. My boy, this place is what all true warriors strive...
  7. !
  8. Non-Indicative Name

  1. Can this do letters?
  2. Huh? Huh????

  1. How about Roman Numberals?
  2. Huh? Huh????

  1. What about capital Roman Numberals?
  2. Huh? Huh????

  1. Capital letters?
  2. Do the lalalalalalalalalala.

Ron the Death Eater if it's not already there? [This obviously isn't going to be the final entry, just a reminder for myself to come back and touch it up tomorrow.]
  • There's this episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted had this love interest that like leaves him at the altar, so then her new husband/boyfriend (can't remember which since there's so much to remember about the show.) makes this movie and in it there's this guy whose clearly Ted but named Jed and he's like giant jerkass! That's the example, the guy made Ted out to be a bigger jerk.
  • Overly Narrow Superlative: The story claims itself as "the best intergalactic nudist political god-rebellion sword fighting immortal-themed text web fiction of all time" in the final opening author's notes.










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