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Untitled by Doc Jamore

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Yu Gi Oh East Academy

TV Tropes The Video Game Class 12-K

An ISOT In Grimdark

Douchebag Chocolat:
  • The Cape was not only cut down from thirteen episodes to ten, but its tenth and final episode was not aired on television and instead demoted to being web-only.

My Little Pony Rock Is Magic

Epic Rap Battles of History:
  • Bleep Dammit: Luigi's opening line in Wright Brothers Vs Mario Brothers is censored, as with Donald Trump's ending f-bomb in Donald Trump Vs Ebenezer Scrooge. This in spite of the fact that several other rap battles in the series have no problems with swearing before or, as seen with Adam Vs Eve, being very explicit in general. Considering that this series is hosted on Youtube makes why they even bothered with censorship even more puzzling.


Anti-Climax Boss

Cowboy Bebop at His Computer

Dink Smallwood

Pencil Whipped

Some of them are based on obscure(?) games, like Dink Smallwood from the game with the same name, or Dooby Dummy, an enemy from a game that... wasn't even released?

Trial Of The Sun

Lyrical Dissonance

"Tsk tsk tsk. Seriously? Is this how you [Jean] treat your number one customer?"

SCP Foundation: Under the "discussion pages":
Termination test for SCP-682 using SCP-071:

682 introduced to 071's containment.




SCP-682 returned to its own containment; class-A amnesiacs administered to everyone onsite.

Star Wars Light In Dark Time

Wizard Of Oz 3 Dorothy Goes To Hell

The Wizard Of Oz 3 Dorothy Goes To Hell

(I'm gonna elaborate its ^ entry under Gainax Ending. But first I'm gonna look back at the last few minutes of the... uh, fan film and correct anything I have wrong, and elaborate on what I have right.)
  • It involves some kind of Stable Time Loop with the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion being turned from their unusual counterparts here into selves resembling their movie versions thanks to coming across a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze Tree, which also strips away the Lion's courage for some reason. (The Scarecrow was unnaffected and the Tin Man lost his heart in order to aid him in killing some villains earlier.) Because of this, and something about the year going from "99" to "00" also causing a reset in time, a massive time paradox occurs that turns Dorothy into a pig and prevents the movie from existing. Several explosions happen, including one last one that marks the end of the video.

Screwed by the Network: TDWTR?
  • From "The Arrowhead":
    Professor Lerner: What's a crotch-size piece of leather go for nowadays?
    Hank: I would certainly not know!

    Trope List for Dorothy Goes to Hell 

  • Big Damn Heroes: Parodied. When confronting Satan, he claims that he has Dorothy and Shit Pickle trapped, then the Kool-aid Man comes out of nowhere to save them... only for him to get killed by Lucifer, Satan's evil(er) twin brother.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The gray brick road leading to K-mart just seems like a throwaway joke, except that the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion go down it after the former tries to shoot himself and the latter two try to stop that from happening.
  • Crack Fic: In case the clues weren't obvious...
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: The closest thing that this has to an aesop is an implication that the added brains, heart, and courage to the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion are bad: With his brains, the Scarecrow notices that he's part of a dumb fan film and hates it; the Tin Man's heart prevents him from fighting; and the Lion's courage once made him nearly blindly charge into Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. and nearly got himself killed.
  • Gainax Ending: The Y2K Bug apparantly also affects reality, which reincarnates Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. into Baby Jesus but at the same time sends a prototype of him into 2000 B.C. since that's when he was made, but he was subsequenty destroyed by the people in that era, creating an unstable time loop that endangers the plot of the fan film since there wasn't a Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. for Satan or Lucifer to use. In addition to that, and the above Stable Time Loop with the characters from the first film, it creates a giant paradox that screws with the existing movies and history itself, ending with everything explodng.
  • Large Ham: Kool-aid Man.
  • Only Sane Man: Scarecrow. Crosses right into Breaking the Fourth Wall near the end:
    Scarecrow: You're all so ignorant. I mean don't you realize how it feels to be a badly-made character in a movie that lacks any intellegence?
  • Overly Long Name: Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. Beta Version 3.0.
  • Talking to Himself: Most, if not all, of the characters appear to be voiced by James himself. It becomes obvious with characters like Scarecrow, where he doesn't even try to alter his voice.

    Dawn Not Like in Twilight New Dawn 

  • Artistic License - Religion: Again, invoked, this is purposefully bad.
    • Chapter 1 of Ulumate has Anderson saying "And the God said to the Jesus, 'Let there be no vampires'" to justify his dislike towards vampires. Not only does this line not make much sense when you think about it, but it's obvious that this isn't actually said in the Bible.
    • At the end of chapter 2 of Dawn, Anderson, again splits the Red Sea. This act is credited to Jesus.
  • Monster of the Week:
    • Chapter 3: The Sol. As with the Flunk-outs, the supposed leader Den gets killed first.
  • Naked on Arrival: Kamina, on account of going back in time via a Delorian that only transports organic matter ala Terminator. [This... could wait until chapter 4's out. Maybe.]

  • Cerebus Retcon:
    • The story's end. After a timeskip from 2000 to 2011, and a fight between Alucard and Rip, Alucard finally sighs, leans back, and slumps down on his computer, just glad that this is finally over with and that he can spend some time on Fakebook [sic]. It's heavily implied, if not outright stated, that this is literally seconds before HUC itself begins, and that's the beginning of a series of events that leads to Alucard's death. Looks like he doesn't get time to relax after all. The retconning part comes from how it seems like he's just goofing off at the start of the story, but it turns out that he just came back home after a very hard battle.
    • If reading in the "publish order," the whole story comes off as a countdown to the moments before Alucard dies (and Integra, but that happens a bit later): Despite having the whole of ~1914 to 2011 to cover, it choses to roughly go further a decade each time, which greatly puts the spotlight closer and closer to the immediate series of events leading to his death. In a way, it makes his life seem more "finite" on a re-read, since it had the chance to just focus on World War II's era and be done with it, leaving a large gap for him to still be active, but it didn't.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Alucard's showdown with Rip is meant with phrases along the lines of "Well, it's about time" and "This is inevidable" from both of them, a nod at how Alucard and Rip never actually fought in Ulumate proper despite how Rip's constantly-revealed stream of new powers should make a battle between them more interesting.
  • Serial Escalation:
    • Rip's outfit gets more revealing chapter-by-chapter. Since this is a prequel, it can be assumed that this is leading up to what she wears in HUC. It's apparantly inspired by the Don's 100 daughters, since she looked through their body types out of boredom and decided to try to shapeshift her general figure to look like a "mean" of all of them, possibly with some exceptions.
    • Speaking of Rip, there's when she finally battles Alucard. Alucard burries his arms and legs into Texas at one point, and begins piloting the entire territory of the state itself as if it were a Humongous Mecha. Rip follows that up by doing the same thing to the continent of Austrailia. And that's not even beginning to mention the part where they both release all of their limits and send entire armies of familiars into war.
  • Trailers Always Spoil: The "preview" for chapter 4 completely gives away the fact that Kamina will join Hecksing (again?) and that the organization will encounter some form of Shrek along their way. (Thankfully, it's only an AI in the demo run.) The former through means of having Alucard accuse Kamina of being a hippie, and the latter with a dead-giveaway phrase: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP?"
  • Win to Exit:
    • Averted in the actual game-related chapter, "the Demo Run," which any member of Hecksing was free to leave at any time, they only stuck there to find out more about the HRG of the chapter.
  • What Could Have Been: According to "The Demo Run"'s closing notes [Note: Or "The Dumb." Or even "The Don." I could swap them out.], the "reality" flashforeward in 2014 was supposed to hint at a crossover between HUC and Darkstalkers, much like the 2013-flashforeward was to the Steven Universe crossover. The story there was that Carl and co would eventually interview the whole fighting roster (or at least, most of them, with some of them being an inconvenience to say the least). Thus, Carl crying about being "rejected by all of them." but the interest in this idea fell, so that was only glossed over as a brief Terrible Interviewies Montage (except the "terrible" side actually goes to the interviewers, since they always say things that turn off who they're interviewing) at the beginning of the next story.
  • I'm Sure There's a Trope for This: Alucard and Kamina do not get along at first. Part of the joke is that Alucard hates Kamina for no reason. (It can't be that he's Naked on Arrival, since he tollerated the two perpetually-nude merpeople on his team.)


  • A Threesome Is Hot: Carl one-ups this with a foursome with Seras, Rip, and Zorin. It downs back to threesomes after Zorin dies, since Carl does not have any other woman try to "join" and he never invited Kamina or Integra (with Alucard being dead by that point and Walter having already defected).


  • Troll:
  • The Unfought: Subverted. While she's the first character Alucard fought in canon that doesn't fight him here, she does end up fighting Carl and Seras during the invasion. And she does fight Alucard in Dawn after all, in the climax of the final chapter after Anderson's defeat.

  • Surrounded by Idiots: While he himself is kind of a dumbass, many of his followers are even worse. Especially Captain. Expansions seem to imply that far from all HRGs fall under this trope (Hell, the Felt inverts this, with Doc Scratch being a pothead while the Felt mooks all seem to be more competant than him, even Eggs and Biscuits), so either Major was unlucky when looking for members or he had low standards in the first place. Or Bro just hated him.

  • Name's the Same: While both of them have actual names, there's till two "Bros": The Cloud Cuckoolander of a father-figure that Dave has and appears to share his oddness, and Alucard's evil older brother that's behind many of the events in at least three of the continuity's stories. Normally, this wouldn't be that bad, except that... well, there's a pretty big difference between a good-natured oddball and a dictator snakeman.

  • Only Sane Man: There's a surprising number for a borderline Troll Fic.
    • As with Rip in HUC, Jane is the only character who talks without any buck-ups in spelling or grammar at all, while the other characters (including her own counterpart) range from "intellegeble, but with a few basic mistakes here and there" to "gibberish." This is pretty hard to notice, seeing how often Jane is Out of Focus. Even in the fourth season, which splits the Crew into four groups and has an entire chapter on each of them, the chapter with Jane's group was more about Dirk for the first half, and Jake and Roxy for the second, while all Jane was was someone who tried to challenge Dirk and usurp his current hold on the team's leader.
    • Noah. While his reason for stealing the Sand Crown isn't that clear, he seems to be one of the most rational characters in the fic. This goes double if you only count the non-Homestuck characters, since he has no competition in that entire field. The closest fit, Hank Hill, not only has a weird origin, but he acts weird sometimes himself.
    • Real Life celebrities that make an appearance tend to be this, like Tony Hawk.
    • Judging purely by his meta-commentary, Karkat fits this. However, he's probably one of the bigger Large Hams it has to offer.
    • Jade, when compared to her immediate friend group. John may be rational as well, but he seems to be obsessed with mind games while he puts up a mask that's a heavily Flanderized version of his mischaracterized fanon self. Rose is OOC-ishly rude to everyone. Dave is deranged all over. Roxy's head appears to be too firmly stuck in Party Heaven to do much of anything. Jake's a weirdo Butt Monkey. Even Jane and Dirk get into these really weird "bouts" sometimes, and even decided to hold a race down a dangerous, unfamiliar toxic river. Compared to them, Jade's only fault is that she likes a guy that, after looking into it, she's not really sure why.
    • Mostly-unexplained killing spree in chpater 12 aside, Vriska fits under this for the most of her appearances, always questioning all the weird shit going on, like how the Rainbow Crew easily forgives Meenah.
    • And when she's not insulting her fellow crewmates backhandedly, Aranea becomes this. It gets to the point where, while recapping season six, she goes back and runs through all of the odd plot points (thankfully after finishing the actual recap at least, so the readers can still know what the hell just happened), and nearly pulling a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! for the whole story before her ancestor Sk8oardr [sic] convinces her to stay to the end. Considering how she appears in the final scene of the story and showed no signs of wanting to leave there (not to mention that it takes place about 30 after the fic proper), it's likely that she chose to stuck with it after all and just roll with the weirdness.


  • Development Hell: Simpsons Meets Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. It was originally planned to come out on Valentine's Day of 2014, with the gimmick being that all four of its admitedly short chapters are written over the span of just two weeks. That didn't happen. Then, at least the first two chapters were planned to come out on July 29th, the first annaversary of ending Sweet Jade and Hella John. That didn't happen either. Both were because of the author's general lack of interest in that story keeping him from really wanting to write it. Now, it's given a very generous date of December 12th (alongside 360 Degree Duck).note 
  • Reverse Cerebus Syndrome: The first Act is dark. Hank and Peggy die, Arlen is slowly freezing over, the villain begins pretty close to getting a seriously powerful upgrade to the Permafrost that will make it near-apocalyptic (at least regionally), Bobby can only band Joseph and Connie while most of the adults are left trying to follow Dale in order to form a decoy so the kids can escape safetly in groups, and Bobby is eventually separated from them when he tries to ride away from Johnny on a river but lands into a cave. And that's just the first chapter. It looks like it's going up at the end, when he meets Jade, yet not far into chapter 2 at all she turns out to be very unsupportave of him and not think of him as a real hero. The rest of the chapter is spent on the two going through a very empty but colorful set of natural habitats, searching for some of Jade's friends and fighting the occasional monster. Chapter 3 is primarly focused on a dying civilization, and reviving it. Then chapter 4 comes, and like Arlen, Peach Creek has evacuated its adults while the kids were supposed to split... or at least, that was the plan, before the latter group was trapped by one of them going mad with power via ingesting a Pikmin Statue. But then Act 2 rolls around, and as the Survivors and background cast both start expanding considerably, so does the light-heartedness of the fic. Especially when Bobby is finally reunited with Joseph, Connie, and later the Arlen residents. (But his interactions with Jade continue to be a little grim, since she is his biggest mental challenge to trying to become a "hero.")
    • To sum it up, Prologue/Act 1 = empty settings, only four series really get that much focus and they're all gritty in some way/portrayed as gritty, first chapter and beginning of second imply that this isn't going to be the BOBBY HILL BECOMES A HERO! fic that the summary implies. Act 2 = "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?" (But it's still not "BOBBY HILL BECOMES A HERO," per say.)
    • This could all possibly be chalked up to Early-Installment Weirdness. The story was planned from the beginning to be a "large, lively world" with several crossovers involved just to try out writing a Massive Multiplayer Crossover fic, but the actual plot put a serious prevention on that throughout most of the first act, so it feels very isolated and minimaly up until chapter 4. (The first signs of "civilization" since team Bobby-Joseph-Connie left Arlen, and even then, there's very little of it.) Which is odd since Jade exposits on how the world works in the second chapter, which made it feel like Show, Don't Tell back then and hardly expanded te world.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Downplayed. Everyone who has ingested a Pikmin Statue and used its power for dictator-like purposes so far has been one of the characters from their respective fandom that Fan personally doesn't like. (With the possible exception of Chris from Total Drama, who fit under this because it would feel more appropriate if the showdown in the contestant's case was against their own host). He says this was because he was stuck on Lee Kanker and Aranea Serket, and even then their roles were copies of two bosses from Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Megasparkle Goomba and Gooper Blooper respectively) and he wasn't sure what to do, before realizing that he disliked both characters to begin with and rolled with making Base Breakers or Scrappies into PS-swallowers. The downplaying comes from how none of that particular group have exactly been saints in the first place, although the story's main villain for the first chunk is another story.
  • Hate Sink: Apart from the villains, there's:
    • Justin was intended to be this, but since he's up there with Ezekiel as the show staff, it really doesn't come off as that.
    • Pikmin Fan said that he deliberately went out of his way to make Sierra as unlikable as possible while trying to avoid outright Ron the Death Eater territory or in ways that suggest he was doing this soley for shipping reasons and not because of her canon personality. Her very first appearance in a stinger in the middle of season one has her imply that she'll try to fight down Ezekiel's show staff to have him for herself, she instantly antagonizes all of the contestants except Heather when they actually meet (keep in mind that Heather had spent the previous chapter, as well as the seventh, trying to break down the contestants in the Aftermaths because she knew about season two and wanted them to be as weak-willed as possible for it), was written with the intent that she'll use blackmailing as her version of canon-season-two-Courtney's "do the challenge this way or I'll sue you" only with the campers instead of the host, reveals herself to be picking around with the other contestant's emotions for her own personal gain, and would even rather let Iris die than lose a challengeScene explanation . The spinoffs are hardly any better: In EMDHS, she pulls a Hostile Show Takeover in a brief moment in the Aftermath where she paralyzes Felicia (complete with comparing it to when she did that to Cody in canon, and keep in mind that Felicia is probably the only original character EMDHS contestant that is completely sympathetic), and she creepily follows after the same person in the fourth chapter of Side Stories before she kicks her in the face — with Sierra then tries to use to blame Felicia for reasonless assault and try to get her arrested after Felicia rejects coming over to her house. (Thankfully, it fails in the end.)
    • Zelda Smithy, whose biggest moments include victim-blaming Katie (one of the most sympathetic characters of the first season) for what Eva did to her back in Plains, casually saying that she wouldn't mind if Lindsay got hit by a bus, willingly putting Bridgette's life at risk just to make her personal progress through a challenge easier, and along with all of her other misdeeds, she tries to get out of all of them by pretending to break down sobbing with her touque over her eyes and trying to pass the blame on someone else. Ezekiel may not be written with his moe-esque characterization (in fact, this is part of the "inspiration" for Zelda's character) and isn't that sympathetic, but compared to his cousin, he's Jesus.

Each chapter also has a quote to a specific character dependant on the season.

For HUC, with reasoning being posted at the last chapter of the respective season:
  • Season one: Alucard. (To squeeze out all of the Alucard quotes, since this is the only season where he's alive/undead.)
  • Season two: Rip. (Despite not actually being a Villain Protagonist in the arc, the invasion is mostly about fighting her (Zorin being involved too), and so this is the closest the story has to Rip's own arc.)
  • Season three: Carl. (Testosterone Poisoning is kicked up a notch, it makes less sense on average than the rest of the series, and it diverges pretty heavily from fighting the Millennium in London, like the manor invasion beforehand or the Titan Mech/Major attack afterward. It suits Carl the most.)
  • Season four: Seras. (Contains what is probably the closest thing this story has to Character Development outside of Rip, and Seras might be the best suited for that. Plus, it's rounding out the "main four" of this story.)

For HHC, also giving a reasoning when the season is over:
  • Art Shift: The first eleven images that represent a chapter of HUC (usually by just taking a general "mood" of it, though sometimes it's of a specific scene) were edits in Photoshop (the twelfth is just something taken directly from an episode of Captain Planet, with no edits in any way at all, representing the chapter's minimalism, and the thirteenth takes cue from the latter-mentioned style), usually ones that take an overall image and add Alucard/Rip/Carl/Seras/etc's features on it or paint them on, but others can recolor parts so that it's more fitting. HHC's chapters, however, largely go back to MS Paint (with the exception of the season finales), due to the author prefering something a little more familiar to make images in such a short amount of time.


Glass of Water


Presumed editting level: Easy. It'll probably only have about ten sprites maximum, but that's if I don't go with the idea of a guy coming in and "KOing" it.
Update: Currently debating with myself over how exactly a Glass of Water can be drawn with a 16x16-base (not counting the table), although when that's done, the rest of the sprites should follow nicely.

First original project. The character is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. It's a glass of water on a table. If it's hit by any attacks, it's instantly KO'd and the glass shatters.

After I get to making the original, later revisions will have things like a man who comes in, drinks the water, and throws it across the stage if you spend ten seconds without doing anything. Either this will KO the "character," or maybe the glass will actually be a one-hit KO to whoever it hits (but if it misses, it's still a KO for GOW).






A small drop of water rises up from it, then goes back down. Maybe with a soft "drop" sound effect. This is also its win animation, if for whatever reason the character ends up winning.


All of these are about the color of the water itself unless otherwise noted
  1. Blue
  2. Pale Blue
  3. Yellow (It's Gatorade, not piss)
  4. Green
  5. Red
  6. Dark Red, on a black table (This one is blood, however)
  7. Black, on a black table (And this one's... oil)
  8. Violet
  9. Orange
  10. Brown (Soda)
  11. White (Milk)
  12. Jade (Seawater)


Midnight Bliss

A blue-skinned (or whatever color the liquid is) woman in a white, "glassy" dress.

John Egbert

*Text block comes up, with "oh god what is THAT." written in blue.*

Presumed editting level: Exact level depends on how I want the sprites to look. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say hard regardless.

He'll likely start off as a KFM sprite swap, but with different specials.


  • Summon Jade: ???
  • Summon Rose: She briefly appears in front of him, then fires a blast from one of her dark wand things (I can't remember their names. I hardly payed attention to the weapon names).
  • Summon Dave: A knockoff of Yoko's Kamina-summon attack. It's a throw. (Specifically, John grabs the opponent, throws them, and Dave comes in and slashes them a few times before they hit the ground.) Also, for reasons unknown, Dave uses a full sword instead of a broken sword.


  1. "Normal" (Their canon looks: All with blank-white skin)
  2. Blue-skinned (Jade: Harlequin/chatreuse/whatever you kids call it, Rose: Lavender, Dave: Red)
  3. SJAHJ, he's vaugely Mexican (Jade: Whiter&Navy-blue hair, Rose: Black&blonde, Dave: White&blond)
  4. Dream (Wearing yellow along with Jade, Rose and Dave are in purple)
  5. Reverse-dream (Him and Jade swap colors with Rose and Dave)
  6. Troll — Colors (Specifically, he's indigo-blooded, Jade's somehow lime-blooded, Rose is purple-blooded, Dave's rust/burgundy-blooded)
  7. Troll — Canon Patrons (He's cerulean-blooded, Jade's bright red-blooded, Rose's jade-blooded, and Dave's teal-blooded)
  8. Troll — GPF Patrons (He's olive-blooded, Jade's jade-blooded, Rose's... let's say indigo-blooded, meaning Dave's fuchsia-blooded)
  9. God Tier (Outfits recolored according to what their GT outfit is)
  10. Yellow-skinned (Jade: springgreen-skinned, Rose: blue-violet-skinned, Dave: yellow-lime-skinned)

Genderbent sprite set as well?


  • Quadruple Finish: Again, taking a page from Yoko here. This attack involves all four of the Sburb Beta players. The trolls, post-scratch kids, and maybe the pre-scratch trolls can get their fifteen minutes of fame sometime later.
  • Windy Thing: Briefly goes into his God Tier outfit and spawns a giant tornado. This tornado slowly moves foreward, about half a screen of distance, before fading. It deals a lot of damage to whoever touches it.

Midnight Bliss

I dunno, a female version of his guardian-counterpart dressed in a swimsuit? (HHC reference.)

Hank Hill

"I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Presumed editting level:

He's actually planned to be a pretty whacky character, despite his origin. This is because of me resisting the temptation to turn him into the fan fic-selves, and partly because he doesn't really have that much moveset potential by himself. His sprites will either all be derivatives of the sprites in the Strickland Propane stage (if that's okay), or drawn though Photoshop or... don't laugh, MS Paint.


  • Paintball Shot: His obligatory projectile move.
  • Summon Bobby: For his infamous THAT'S MY PURSE groin-kick.
  • Lawn Mower: Gets on a mower, and just drives foreward. This attack may or may not last a while, and is generally planned to work so that it goes until it is interrupted or reaches the end of the stage.


  • Charcoal? BWAH!: A charcoal bag suddenly spawns in front of Hank. He kicks it, and several bits of charcoal fly out, catching on fire and damaging whoever they hit.
  • Oh Gawd No: Nancy appears, grilling naked ala "Sug Night". The sight causes Hank to run away/backwards/whatever, which also runs over anyone he comes across. However, since he's just really running by himself, any attack directed at him can still easily harm him, so don't rely on this for cheap characters or characters with fast AI.
  • Propain: His strongest (and costliest) hyper. I'm sick of getting interrupted when I pull hypers, so this will grant him armor. Hank morphs into his Propain self from the episode "Grand Theft Arlen" (Really just represented by himself, but blockier and with bad shading), who runs towards the enemy and: Stabs them several times, burns them with a flamethrower, and finally, shoots a missile at them via a propane rocket launcher.


His dance during the touchdown they mentioned in one episode. That or a simpler "Yep."


  1. Normal
  2. The copy of him from "hankhill.avi" (this bizarre Youtube film): Red hair, darker skin... and I think his clothing color was different.
  3. "Red Team" (Red shirt? Maroon pants?)
  4. "Green Team" (Something similar to the above, but with green?)
  5. "Blue Team" (???)
  6. Beforan Hank (Don't ask): Gray skin, black clothes, maybe he has something indigo/"purple" on them?
  7. "Hanksprite" (Double don't ask): Everything's white except for the outline/outer edges, which is a dark green.
  8. "Youtube Poop": He looks very psychedellic and technicolor.
  • You're all probably expecting a Simpsons reference here since KOTH -> inspired by Simpsons and at least one version of Peter Griffin has a Homer alt but screw that for now.


  • Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer will cameo in some of his intros.

Midnight Bliss

His physical body hasn't changed, but he's now wearing nothing but leaves. Thankfully, the leaves cover a lot.



Presumed editting level:

Probably start off as a KFM edit with original spriting. Might be a more serious character than Hank, despite her origin.

Another blue—pink-haired swordsman—swordswoman? Herp a derp Sakurai is uncreative.


  • Action Hotdog Toss: Projectile attack. Except AH floats back after hitting a target, for a second hit.
  • Summon Gerald: ???
  • Summon Young Man: ???
  • Summon Uncle Grandfather: He flips a table over, which knocks the enemy down if it connects.
  • Counter: That thing implying the Fire Emblem characters in Smash and people's reactions to the thought of having a third swordsman was not just a joke. She actually can use the only move that Marth and Ike shared in Brawl.


  • Cat-Bun War: [I had an idea for this but thinking back it was a cheap near-screenfill...]


No idea. Something involving hamburgers.


  1. Normal
  2. Red and white school-outfit ("Woke Up Drunk")
  3. White coloring akin to her wedding dress
  4. Yellow scheme based on her racetrack... I don't know what the job's called, from "Tusk"
  5. Seras Victoria (Yellow top/"skirt", blonde hair)
  6. Damara Megido? (Gray skin, maroon top/"skirt", black thong, black hair, orange eyes)
  7. Twisty (Light gray skin&even lighter gray hair, reddish outfit, red eyes)
  8. Norman/Innapropriate Comedy Tree (Brown skin, deep-blue outfit, green hair)
  9. Westy (Mostly blue all over)


  • She should probably have special intros against other "Ms. Fanservice" type characters, especially the one with that name — Ms. Fanservice.
  • Well I don't really have to worry about voice clips when it comes to her now do I? :D

Midnight Bliss

She's in the Naked Apron outfit from "Woke Up Drunk."


Presumed editting level: Easy, might start off as a KFM spriteswap that gets a number of new moves (same with John, Hank, and Brenda), and could realistically be the first of these outside of Glass of Water. GoW is a test to make a new character, period. And for a deliberately weak person that is KO'd in one hit. FY is for a fighter, plus I have the excuse to tack on whatever abilities/sprites I want for him.

Basically the F1-character's look on a stick figure body, with "FY" written instead of "F1." He has pretty average moves, and otherwise has nothing special about him other than his appearance and the fact that it's a pun on "F1". (As for what it stands for... well, usually, people swap the "Y" for a "U" when they abbreviate this phrase...)


  • Drill Spin: Puts his arms out in front and does a spinning drill-like move with them. It kind of looks like M. Bison's Psycho Crusher, but without all the energy and with wind effects instead to make it look like his arms actually do turn into a giant drill.
  • Shell Toss: Throws down a Koopa shell. The effects vary by shell color (which is toggleable through whatever button is pressed after initiating the direction combo): Greens are average, reds travel slower but hit harder, blues go faster yet are weaker, and yellows are the slowest and explode? Something to that effect.


"We're here to talk about the Wii U, and nothing BUT the Wii U. Got it?"

Presumed editting level: Hard. I can probably make the sprites, but the way his attacks work... a nightmare to think about.

An idea I had way back. This guy's supposed to be a representation of those people who add a bunch of tags to descriptions just so that their video (I mainly— rather, only— saw this on Youtube back then)/post/whatever can show up more often. Of course, I often searched for things that had no actual results, so at the time it seemed like they were overtaking those results. Anyway, this guy looks like a Gas Mask Mook's face pasted on an Omega Tom Hanks-esque MS Paint drawing. He may or may not have an after image; all I know is that his tags will have magenta after images, and he will have a brief white one when he does his "wind" moves.


  • Punch: Triggered by normally pressing any of the buttons (unless it's done with a quarter-circle foreward preceeding them: Otherwise, that causes one of the below specials), this starts a state where he can summon a number of "tags" (represented by large, floating words) that slowly float across the screen and do a tiny bit of damage. But this can add up. The tags can be controlled by pressing an arrow key, which spawns them from the opposing point of the screen and they float in that direction. (The exact point might be tied to the opponent who got punched.) From there, it's a game of avoiding the words, since the hit character is not locked into a hold. After some amount (100? I don't know), he runs out of them and has to pull another punch to start it up.
  • Wind-kick: He flips in place for a brief second, then charges foreward in a kick.
  • Wind-upper: He spins around, going up.


Possibly none.


A tag comes flying in really fast (given a yellow afterimage instead of the normal purple one, but it could still possibly create mindgames), which doesn't hurt the attacked player(s) but it does briefly knock him on his feet. Ironically, the particular tag is "Fail."


  1. Default: Green shirt, blue pants (like Omega Tiger Woods? This is how I picture Tagger's stick-figure part looking, anyway)
  2. Red Team: Red shirt, maroon pants
  3. Blue Team: Blue shirt, yellow pants


  • He also has a "Cheap(er) Mode," where if Punch connects, several tags automatically flood in from the top of the screen at light speed, whailing down the enemy before they have a chance to fight back and lightly KOing them before the attack is over.
  • The best way to defeat him is to avoid triggering the "tag" phase, by keeping distance and/or being fast. "Team Ed" (See below) can do both. For a character that already exists, Most Mysterious's Dink Smallwood can probably whoop him, to name one example.
  • If not given to "Team Ed" (See below, and also for more details on each character's style), his intro will involve him flying into and killing a crowd made of: Naruto, Mario, Sonic, and Homer Simpson.
  • One of his victory poses involves him following after a cat (like Omega Tom Hank's victory), a reference to how popular cats are on the web. Originally he was going to reference certain videoes that were "overtagged," but that would be a little too oblique.
  • A later version of him may have a lot more special attacks, some of them using a different kind of tags that work as a standard projectile. But all of his moves are to be fast and unpredictable.
  • Regardless of who wins, when the match is over, a screen reading "This video was removed. Sorry about that." Will appear on-screen, implying that the match itself was a Youtube video that got taken off after the fight was over.
  • He'll take off his mask in one of his victories. No idea what he should look like underneath though. Probably a Bishonen, enraging HUC-Alucard.

Midnight Bliss

The stick figure is given a more femenine look, but the mask looks the same.

Omega Drew Pickles


Presumed editting level: Hard, since the sprites'll probably have to be original, and then there's his move list and all the animations...

Another old-school idea. Cheap on purpose.





  • The idea of him being liquid-metal came from a joke intro plan where he falls into the stage, frozen, then a gunshot from offscreen shatters him. He slowly regrows together afterward.
  • He is voiced entirely by Speakonia, which is the only thing he has in common with the "Barney Bunch" meme that inspired this.

Midnight Bliss


Team Ed

"Hey kid, hold my break if you don't mind... I have to kill fast and BULLETS TOO SLOW!"

Presumed editting level: Hard, despite of the number of sprites I already have.

Ridiculously cheap edit of the Eds from Ed, Edd n Eddy (and maybe, eventually, the other characters), with the goal to be able to beat some of the other cheap characters I have on my roster. Because coding "multiples" might be time consuming, for now this will just be a cheap edit of Eddy, because the Edd I have is already kind of a pain in the aorta to fight, and Ed can be too when he's not glitched out and standing still doing nothing until you attack him.


  • Quad Stink Bomb Toss: Throws four stinkbombs from Mis-Edventures, all of which explode and their dust can stun. This covers most of the stage's floor.
  • Ray of Rich: Projectile that replaces his lemonade glass-throw. The light variant now moves as fast as the heavy for the glass, and the medium and heavy variants are exploding (colored in with red) and homing (colored in with blue) respectively, that drain about 100 power but do what you'd expect from the sames. The exploding kind does more damage, while the homing kind... well, it follows after the opponent.
  • Summon Ed: Ed runs across the field. If he catches an opponent, they are lifted up, and tossed down in a throw. This is like a long-ranged throw attack, if those are even possible. Costs 500 power.
  • Summon Edd: Edd drives by in a tank and fires a shell directly in front of him. Costs 500 power.

There's more too.


  • Giga Drill Break: Might be air only. Eddy spawns a drill twice his size and charges foreward, with the drill doing massive damage to the enemy.
  • Rays of Riches EXTREME: This time, he fires out three different rays, with added directions being at an angle up, and an angle down. So that the downwards one has any effect at all, he can also do this in the air.
  • MARIO KART: Cinematic. Hits the enemy with a cart (actually probably the wagon, to dimish having to either take sprites from other characters or draw up new sprites), they end up in a stadium, dazzed. We cut to Eddy, who is driving by... probably on that same cart/wagon, although it would be cooler if he was riding on a giant Bullet Bill. Anyway, he throws a Blue Shell, with predictable results. Lightning McQueen may make a cameo here, if only because of a certain Cars Youtube Poop. (That also uses a Blue Shell.)
  • Hyper Super Kick: Same as regular Eddy's Super Kick, except that it homes in on the enemy (only up or down, but at a quick speed).
  • Super Hyper Kick: Same as regular Eddy's Hyper Kick, except that he makes two clones of himself on either side first. The clones may be slightly transperant and lag behind him time-wise, but they still do as much damage as Eddy himself.
  • Unleash the El Mongo Stink Bomb!: A huge blimp-shaped stinkbomb suddenly becomes summoned and takes up the screen, with fans on it propelling it foreward slowly. There is a small deck. If you wait too long, or end up past a certain point in it, it explodes, causing massive damage. However, you can jump on, which triggers a cutscene where it flies up and Eddy tries to jump on you and hit you. Pressing a button can shake him off, and if done fast enough, it ultimately deals less damage than the bomb itself blowing up (but it can do a lot more if you're not fast enough) and the character will jump off, while the bomb explodes on Eddy and damages him. This is actually probably the most merciful move in his arsonal, and a normal player using a normal character will probably deal the most damage to him by succeeding one of these attacks.
  • Magazine: Throws a magazine into the air. Moments later, a large number of women in bikinis run through the stage, trampling over the opponent. This is similar to Ms. Fanservice's Athena move, except that Eddy can activate this at any time, and it doesn't place the hit character(s) in a hold.
  • Channeling Cheapie Powers: Combo-hyper. If this hits, Eddy morphs into Omega Tiger Woods (who fires a lazer), then Super Mario 64 (who dive-slides), then Sasuke-kun (breathes fire), and finally Hank Hill himself, who simply pulls a generic combo move.
  • Tower of Eddy: The first but not only one here that depletes his entire power bar. Ed and Edd suddenly appear, the three of them arranged in a tower-like formation. Eddy throws about... let's say 10-20 stinkbombs, except not at once, more like one after the other in very quick sucession. They stun, just like his regular stinkbomb move. Meanwhile, Edd shoots water balloons right in front of him, and Ed throws rocks, each of which does damage (no idea about the water balloons. Could just change it so that they're used to heal Eddy a bit).
  • Eat This! Finishing Move! Super Tengen Toppa... Giga... Drill... BREAK-AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!: Also depletes his whole power bar. When he uses this, a pseudo-cutscene plays that's 3-4 stills from Simon using said attack, but with Eddy's head pasted on both Simon's head and Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Because this attack actually is the size of the real damn thing, once this goes back to MUGEN proper, all that can be shown without zooming out to galactac scale is a solid wall of spring green (unless the drill actually shrinks down to a more "normal" size as it goes on, but considering the circumstances of the fight that wouldn't make sense). Don't ask how the attack doesn't destroy the stage itself, or pull it/the entire galaxy it takes place in into its graviational pull and disrupt everything. This is blockable, and eventually the drill will break and Eddy is left defenseless for a few seconds, but if it hits, it's an instant KO. What's unsettling about this is that Edd can block a galaxy-dwarfing drill with a single finger. Same logic applies to most character's blocking, but still, with one finger. Edd can also counter it with his dang wagon attack, probably.


Maybe two Bartmen appear by each side of him, and they both moon? (Which is Bartman's original taunt.)


  1. Normal
  2. Blue Skin (Taken from the original Eddy)
  3. Pink Shirt (Also taken from the original Eddy)
  4. Glowing Neon Green


  • Like Dooby Dummy, when he loses a round, he gains a powerup that lasts until the match is over. In this case, he gets a green circle going above and below him (unlike Dooby, whose goes around him front and back). This buffs his initially low defense (taking away his only weakness), and is an indicator of something else. First, his health and power now slowly fills. Second, stink bombs may randomly drop from the sky and detonate shortly after, again, stunning the enemy if they're hit.
  • If Tagger (see above) doesn't get this, his intro involves the following characters in a line, before Eddy jumps down on them, the screen goes black with some flashes, and they're all dead (ala Omega Tom Hank's intro):
    • Simpsons Arcade Game-styled Homer Simpson
    • Mario Teaches Typing-styled Mario (because he looks hilarious.)
    • Sonic 1-styled Sonic
    • "Naruto-kun"-styled Naruto
  • Speaking of Tagger, this character may specifically be designed to work against him. By having a gameplay that focuses on fast and long-ranged attacks.
  • Speaking of intros, if that fails then there's a variety of other ideas, one of which being that he's using his sprites from Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures instead before a crate falls on him or something. Then he uses battle auora powers or something to break it away, revealing his Jawbreakers! form underneath.
  • It must be law that Team Ed is my strongest character, when I get to making characters. He should be able to floor even ODP and Tagger.

Midnight Bliss


Naked Shrek.



Walter White

I was thinking about him being a joke character where all that happens is that his "I've already won" line from Epic Rap Battles of History plays over (with an accompanying screen from the video overtaking everything), then his oppoent is suddenly KO'd. This may violate the rule of Team Ed being the strongest, but I don't care.

You've Moved Up to M.U.G.E.N Database Page Design Already? Bobby, You can't Skip Important Steps Like That!

Glass of Water is a joke character by Great Pikmin Fan.


Seated on a table, all the Glass of Water does is rest waiting for an inevidable demise. Any and all attacks will instantly shatter it,

John Egbert is the central protagonist of the webcomic Homestuck.

By the beginning of the story, he is a thirteen year-old boy who first tries to get the hang of his inventory system. After navigating his house, he eventually obtains a copy of the popular multiplayer-only game Sburb, which on its surface allows players to manipulate eachother's houses and add strange devices. However, Sburb is eventually revealed to be the key to both surviving and starting an apocalypse, and he is dragged into the trials of the game along with his internet friends, Jade, Rose, and Dave.

John was made by Great Pikmin Fan using original sprites, [with a work in progress(?) by someone since Googling "Homestuck MUGEN" seemed to turn up at least one MUGEN-looking result?]


This John is based primarly off of his pre-God Tier design and stats, borrowing his attacks from the weapons he made in Act 3 and relying on Jade, Rose, and Dave as strikers. [...]

John also has something of an anti-cheap mode. When faced against certain characters (such as Cheap Boss Type, Super Mario 64, Naruto-kun/Sasuke-kun, or any of Most Mysterious's fighters), Nepeta will periodically run across the stage and either perform a slash that takes up half of the screen (and depletes about a quarter of a full health bar) or try to jump on them butt-first, the latter KOing them in one hit. Both moves are based on the maker's earlier fan fiction.

Hank Hill (Full name Henry Rutherford Hill') is the main protagonist of the animated FOX sitcom King of the Hill. He is an old-fashioned resident of the fictional town of Arlen, who has to frequently brave or fight things outside of his comfort zone for the sake of his town, friends, or family.

In MUGEN, Hank Hill was made by Great Pikmin Fan.


This Hank is not very true to the original show. He attacks by wrecklessly using propane tanks, his mower, and truck, which are things he would never do. He also has the odd ability of spawning objects like charcoal bags or naked Nancy Gribbles out of thin air. His strongest hyper involves turning into his counterpart in Propain, a video game that was the subject of the episode "Grand Theft Arlen."

Like most of Pikmin Fan's creations, Hank also has an anti-cheap mode that spawns a special assisting character. In his case, it's Lucky (bizarrely wearing nothing but an indigo cape and thong), who teleports in using a staff of dark magic periodically and shoots screen-filling magic that stuns whoever gets hit.

Brenda (real name possibly Margaret) is a secondary character from the short-lived [adult swim] series Perfect Hair Forever. She is a normally-silent schoolgirl who parodies fanservice-centric characters in anime.

In MUGEN, Brenda was created once [and I'm fairly certain of this, unless the show somehow catches on a lot and a lot of MUGEN fans become into it] by Great Pikmin Fan.


She is a simple-movesetted sword user who often has the other "heroic" (or at least heroic-passing) characters from her show appear as assists. One of her intros makes Space Ghost appear. Like most of Pikmin Fan's characters, she has an anti-cheap mode against certain opponents. In this case, Coiffio (the supposed antagonist) will perodically drive through the stage on an enourmous motorcycle. If this is attacked, this will create an instant-kill explosion.

FY is an original stick figure character with the head of a non-existant key labeled "FY" (a parody of the F1-F12 keys, as well as the character F1, from whom the head-sprite is derived from).

Like most of Fan's characters, he comes with an anti-cheap mode that is set to activate when up against specific opponents by defeault. However, this does not summon a new and immensely powerful striker, but instead turns all of his shells into Spiny Shells from the Mario Kart series, which home in on the opponent and explode.

    PHF Character Sheet 

Perfect Hair Forever (Moving this from the main page)

Gerald Bald Z

Uncle Grandfather


Young Man

Action Hotdog


  • Anime Hair: He sports some of the best anime hair ever.
  • Big Bad: The closest thing the show has to one.


Model Robot


  • Season one — Alucard (his hat and glasses are photoshoped onto everything):
    • Chapter 1: His hat and glasses are on Homer's face in that "Stupid Sexy Flanders" image. Since Flanders is an actual character and he plays a pivotal role in the plot, he's left unaltered, although such a scene like this never comes up in HUC itself.
    • Chapter 2: Easy. The beginning of the chase scene from Kung Fu Hustle, with his hat and glasses on the landlady, while some of Luke's features are on Sing.
    • Chapter 3: A close scene to that part in Paper Mario where the Duplighost disguises as Kooper, with Seras's hair attempted to be drawn over Kooper's head, Alucard's hat & glasses over Mario, and Carl pasted in the far corner.
    • Chapter 4: "Later, Buddy."
  • Season two — Rip?
    • Chapter 5: Something involving zeppelins and Rip's glasses.
    • Chapter 6: Something involving a minefield. Zorin and Rip may make an appearance there too.
    • Chapter 7: Clarence's "hug force," with Charlie Harper's face tinted green and over Clarence, and Seras, Zorin, and Rip over Kimby, Courtlin, and Malessica (I'm not sure of the order yet (IE if what's written there is "respectively" or not)). If I get fancy, the background will be editted into one of the halls of Hecksing manor, but I probably won't.
  • Season three — Carl?
    • Chapter 8: A scene from the Rescue Garaa arc from Naruto, with HUC's characters having their faces posted as appropriate.
    • Chapter 9: A picture of an empty jury seat, with the ten (not twelve) jury members having their "sprites" pasted in (I'm sure they all have some kind of official sprites in some way, except for maybe Cartman. An MS Paint drawing will be used in his place).
  • Season four — Seras?
    • Chapter 10: Seras Vs the Titan Dweevil.
    • Chapter 11: Major's glasses/hair/etc over a slow-dodge scene from Matrix. Or, better, over a picture of Conker immitating Matrix.
    • Chapter 12: A picture of Hitler's glare from Captain Planet. That's it. It's completely unaltered. Well, he might have some snake-like features or something.
    • Chapter 13: I might make a "fully original" (as in, nothing's copy+pasted but it's really terrible looking) MS Paint sketch of the ending scene.

    Other Hills 



Good Hank "G.H." Hill

  • Chekhov's Gunman: He's only mentioned in brief passing near the start of Act 5 and at some points there and in Act 6, just to let the readers know that GPF didn't forget about him. Come Act 7 and he's a deturagonist.
  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: Unusually for a Decoy Protagonist like Bobby, the story doesn't exactly stay on the team right after his death, but it instead cuts to this guy for the majority of the chapter.
  • Supporting Protagonist: He was this for the first few chapters of Act 7, but once the "real" part of the act starts, he's well-enough integrated into the Survivors to avert this trope.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: He's 8 by Act 5, yet at the start of Act 7 he's already concerned about how he won't be able to live up to the Hill name. Cotton and his feats in World War II (if how true they are being questionable), Hank and his numberous problem-solving he did over the show's 13-year run, and Bobby and how he eventually grew into a respectable hero. The fact that he now lives in the city that, as a whole, was named after those three really doesn't help matters.



Red/Spirit of the Everburn

Icesky/Spirit of the Permafrost

  • The Anti-God: She was this to Red, but over time became a big enough threat to be this for the other 359 Gods at once.

    This'll be finished later 

I'm going to use my purposefully badly written fan fics to draw comparasons for the majority.

I think it's about equivalent to a character carrying around a can of 7up, then it's revealed that the 7up grants someone seven extra lives. Oh, and the majority of the story took place in a Mario-like game, where there's things called 1ups and even a 3up-moon that's actually referred to as a "3-up moon." Foreshadowed? Yes. The character's inventory in particular was almost empty anyway: She had the transportation vessel that she earlier withdrew and used, a computer, and a nude magazine. The magazine played off in a gag, but even that resulted in her getting a nosebleed that split her from the other character she was with, and they stayed separated for a while, then she adds a new item to her inventory in the form of a vaccuum, which seems suspicious, and sure enough, that ends up getting used too to distract one of the villains and make him run/teleport away. The computer is obviously how she communicates long-distance. This leaves the 7up, which starts out as a seemingly useless object that just sits there while the rest of the story is happening. But by this point, it does become plausable that the 7up could supply 7 extra lives, considering how the Mario-mechanics work and how a magazine led to two major characters being separated from eachother, it suddenly becomes somewhat plausable. But it still doesn't make any sense: even the magazine-nosebleed didn't really and it already happened. There was no indication that human's noses can propell them backwards, like how there is little indication [Trying to come up with something.]

Or let's use a more recent, less old-shame example, that was specifically written in mind to critique theories like this. This is an AU that, at first glance, seems like a harmless fluff fic (parody) about the human characters getting together for Thanksgiving. While it's "harmless," Dave gives an offhand mention about getting the Jonas Brothers, and Jane rants something about making a deal with the devil to avoid having her Thanksgiving cake ruined. Then zombies attack and kill John, and that's when the plot starts. Some stuff happens, they meet this new guy who turns out to be evil, get kidnapped by Doofenshmirts, drunk-drive an airplane backwards from ~Las Vegas to New York to Miami, find out that Karkat was the cause of the zombies, and Karkat appears to kill Jane via flinging her off a mountain. Jane stays dead for the majority of the fifth "chapter," until the end where she shows up and saves Dave by walking on water. It turns out that she was a demon by this point: She made a deal with the devil that grants her demon powers/turns her into a demon, at the exchange that she must use these powers to kill Karkat before 24 hours are up, or else she will lose the souls of the deceased John, Jake, and Dirk.

Was this foreshadowed? Yes. While the story is considerably shorter (yes it's split into chapters but each chapter has its own developments and it's intended to be read in one go; plus the "chapters" are a lot shorter than the normal length of chapters for almost anything I'll write nowadays) and posted at once, a lot of crap happened that distanced Jane's one-off figure of speech with the actual summoning. It's hard to really read any meaning into that line since the story appears to lack any, and it's a big enough strain trying to follow the plot as-is up to this point. Who is this Joey guy, and why did he come out of nowhere and suddenly become important? Why on Earth would an alcoholic-overlaid turkey being in an oven cause an explosion that wipes out all of Vegas? Where did Doofenshmirtz and Raiden come from? Why are the kids using a plane to get to another pla— oh wait that one has an explanation later. Why is Doofenshmirtz so suddenly killed off? And where did that dragon that did the deed come from? By the time Jane appears to die, her little comment is probably forgotten about over all of this and it could easily be assumed that whatever was said and done over the course of the fluff/Thanksgiving plotline was supposed to be forgotten about by the alter-ego who wrote this, since it seemed like the plot skipped from one story to another. Anyone who'd bother to read through it may think "Oh, Fan killed off another one" instead of "Now is that one time Jane briefly mentioned a deal with the devil going to pay off?" Especially since, between the quote and Jane's reveal, Jake and Dirk have already been killed off, and their deaths were permanent. And there's little ambiguity in Jane's case. Anyone tossed off of a mountain is almost certain to die for good.

Another one has a different method. Rather than trying to let you forget about it entirely, I hid along some sort of subtle clues in it, which involved looking back through the story and editting craploads of it for it to make sense (same with the demon-Jane for that one quote, it wasn't there on first draft; most of KFTZ was, in fact, made up as I went along, I just went back and added some "hints" that these were going to happen) the Jonas Brothers. Dave mentions hiring them to perform at the feast, for some reason. Then, in the grand battle, they appear out of nowhere armed to the teeth with rockets and nukes, and help to blast Joey, until they retreat when Joey enters his final form. While I would have swapped around the methods (lots of clues for Demon Jane, Jonas just has one sentence of mentioning and then it never comes up again) but that would amount to putting Satanic symbols for the majority of the story, something I felt unconfortable doing since that just seems like a big turn-off element. Anyway, the hints are all over the place here, with paragraphs that read out their names if you take the first letter of each sentence, to the same "hates that he loves them" comment that was used in How I Met Your Mother when using an image of "the Captain" and how his eyes are creepy while his smile isn't.

It's been hinted at. It's more reasonable within the story's laws of reality (after all, Karkat turns himself into a kaiju via heroin, Joey has pills that can make him go Grimdark and then escalate that from there, Doofenshmirtz comes out of nowhere and serves as a little arc bridging the "leaving Vegas" part to the "Vs Karkat and Joey" battles near the end, etc). But there's still something jarring about having the Jonas Brothers of all needing to save the kids. At least I think. I get the impression that Phineas and Ferb is/was popular on the web, while the Jonas Brothers may not be so much for the majority of the people who would read this. (Not to mention that it's pretty outdated since according to Wikipedia they disbanded in... 2012?) The whole thing just feels somewhat jarring. And

The point I'm trying to get at is that foreshadowing does not automatically make a writing choice good, nor does it mean that it makes sense. As "sound" as a theory may seem, think more about what this means for the writing than looking for symbols that may be "leading up to it."

    I Try Not to Intervene... 

  • Arc Words: "Ever thought about light and color?" This is how John's last speech begins, after that it is used as a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner from the other characters.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 5. You thought that Joey was a joke villain made to reference one of the author's earlier works? Daniel dies at his hands, Caliborn is summoned, Castle English is made, and the story starts to show signs of taking itself seriously.
    • Chapter 9 takes that further. His counterpart, Dad Egbert, was Killed Off for Real in canon at least. (Which becomes confusing when Dad Crocker comes into question.) Jade? Rose? Dave? Jane? Jake? Roxy? Dirk? John? All of them die in a meteor-destroying blaze of glory after spending all of the story up until here being the Spotlight-Stealing Squad. It's implied that they will be revived, but it's going to be longer than most of their canon revivals. And it turns out that they're not the real heroes.

    Multiplayer Stages 

Ed Edd N Eddy The Mis Edventures.



Original Pack

Reject Pack

A pack of modifications of the three most well-known and the first-discovered removed levels.

Level Description
Pool Party The stealth section of the level is removed,
Peach Creek Jr. High  
Edtropolis Playable only as Eddybots. A beginning circular room is added where the Eddybots can pick one of three chips (or go chipless) before Sarah arrives in five seconds, before the race proper starts. The boot powerup is disabled, since just like the removed level itself, "fast run" is automatically triggered on. For a number of reasons (Cutting down the unbearable length, issues with when the background changes, Eddybot normally not having a pose for snowboarding, how the addition of an item button will affect it, the items themselves), the stage ends before the "snowboard" ride into the "real" city. This aside, the level is mostly unaltered.

  • Unexpected Gameplay Change:
    • "Edtropolis" as a whole, is Ed and Eddy racing through their artificial cardboard city for reasons unknown (the level does not have any cutscenes) while an Advancing Sarah of Doom runs through and terrorizes it. The race by itself is an example, yet the level continues to have another one in the form of a snowboarding part, where Ed and Eddy get on cardboard snowboards and sled down slopes. This enters Mind Screw levels when they go into a tunnel and it suddenly cuts to an actual city.

Now there's at least six.
  • "The Void" starts out as a standard-fare mystery: Gumball and Darwin notice that records of a student, Molly, have gone completely missing. She's (not entirely) editted out of pictures, lacks a yearbook image, and there even appears to be a whole chunk of the school cut out where her locker used to be. It turns out that the world itself is behind this. That's not a slice of the school missing: It's space folded over, which is revealed when Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Small go to where her treehouse was at to see a similar distortion. Suddenly, the world becomes flat as the background turns out to be a wall on top of a ground or something, and that "wall" is ripped open to reveal a subspace with a gray sky and floating objects that represent "bad ideas" or "mistakes," which Molly was classed as due to being "boring". Clippit and the Crazy Frog mascot also make an appearance here.

  • Eldritch Location: In the penultimate chapter, the team breaks the shell Joe had put over the universe at his summoning, just to find that that he created a nearby "parallel" universe of sorts. It's not really Another Dimension so much as a whole replica, but the contents of it are what qualifies it as such a location. Namely, it's populated by evil duplicates of every Spring Race who enters it, dubbed "Drought Races" and all somehow being able to act on their own despite having zero life or electric signs. Drought People spawn from giant hand-trees that ultimately come from a face that serves as this world's Earth's moon, and they are automatically molded to be a scale larger and tougher than their respective counterparts, making brute combat alone impossible. Speaking of Earth, Joe himself is hiding at the parallel to the mountain that the first humans ever spawned from. Just to screw with their minds, spaces between stars are filled with spinning, floating geometric shapes, and every planet is lifeless bar said Drought Races and waterless aside from a whiteish-gray substance that negates the power of Teleport Matter. This is defeated by the heroes decided to create very small drones: subatomic-size to microbe-size that are easily able to enter the copies and destroy them from the inside out, since they are incapable of decreasing in size. The area is destroyed alltogether when Eve unleashes one of her strongest attack.

(On SJAHJ's)
  • The Anti-God: Takes this trope in a bit of a logical way. While the Gods themselves are able to create sections space and time, Anti God can somehow wipe them from existance. He destroys, while the Gods create.

It works like this: Yoko shoots at them a few times, then Kamina appears from the opposite end of the screen and slashes the enemy a few more times, then they meetup and both uppercut while Simon drills out of the ground, all three of them hitting at once. If it's used as the finishing move, Team Gurren/Dai-Gurren's logo appears in the background, and there's a special victory cutscene where they all say stuff I can't understand since there's no dub voicepack like there is for Alucard.

Narm Charm:
  • Epic Rap Battles of History manages to be genuinely awesome, despite/because of having moments such as Stephen King saying "Big dick bibliography," the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being matched against... the artists they were named after, and everything about Mozart Vs Skrillex. These moments should be ridiculous and Crack Fic-y, but they're so well done (and researched) and the songs are so catchy that it manages to be impressive unironically.

    "I'm a busy man, Carmen Sandiego, I'll make this quick."
    "I'm ruining vampires faster than Stephenie Meyer did."
    "I have a lot of STDs, yeah,"
    "Well you're just a D."

  • Unperson? But like an inverse?: According to Word of God (On the "The Leak" forum), SCP-_____-J doesn't exist in-universe and the Dr. who was writing the article is just lazy.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: As revealed in one of his victory poses, he's actually a white-haired bishonen. But Word of God is that he's a colossal Jerkass.

It's like I'm wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all!

When in danger, the one thing you must do is— FROM MY CEREBRAL CORTEX TO MY GLUTEUS! GLUTEUS! GLUTEUS!

Stupid Sexy Flanders

Table Theme Theme Table: Each member of the 360 has a color to them (although for the minor ones the differences are literally hue-by-hue), their own prefered weapon, an element, and possibly a number (sort of — it's based on what degree their color is, according to HSV scales, but it's hardly any more meaningful than that). Actually, every major character outside of the 360 also has a color, weapon, and element.

What makes this really odd is that Hank has always been trying to keep Bobby from getting beaten up. Hell, he even used a lie/scare tactac with the guys that "mash" on the Pooper Scooper because of his job, since "If you do something like this, people will wail on you for it" was the only thing he (or at least the guy with the job: I don't know if Hank was in on it) could come up with to finally get Bobby off of the idea of starting his own. But flashback to this episode and now "Well it's the tradition to beat up the mascot so you'll have to do it?"

[adult swim]

Forgot Flanders Could Do That

Joey is about as German as Rose and Roxy are French. Which is to say, it's up to you. And maybe, in some cases, it's more "firmly locked" into one situation?????

It seems like Striders/Ikanames/Abses?/Badguys? are to giant, fangy grins as Hecks/Lalondes are to Frowns of Worry? Actually, Badguys are confirmed to not be related to the ever-confusing Strider/Ikaname/"Ed" family, and Alucard mimicking their grins would have been a coincidence even if it was the smile-style of Badguys. But it's actually death glares, like his Bro once gave to Captain Planet.

  • Beyond the Impossible/Violation of Common Sense: Steven tries fusing with Peedee. IT WORKS. The sequel greatly involves his fusions with other humans. For those wondering, in canon, only Gems have been known to fuse with other Gems, and we only know two of the three combinations with the living older three so far (Opal and Sugilite). Garnet implies that this is possible for Steven as well. There is no indication that a full Gem is able to merge with a human, but Steven, who is a half-Gem, manages to fuse with a completely ordinary human being in an attempt to prep him for battle. The resulting combination is barely larger than Amethyst (Opal being at least twice as tall as a human and Sugilite being the size of a building), and he only quickly loses his balance and un-fuses, but it's still impressive and full of what-the-hellery.
    Kamina: Simon! Let's combine!
    • The fusion becomes a lot more stable in the sequel. Still, all Steven-human combinations have not followed the same giant-ness that the Gem fusions did.
  • Characterization Marches On:
    • After having two quick cameoes that roll with it, Geoff's first full-length appearance in the first Aftermath paints him as an extrordinarly nice pushover who is easily shoved to the sidelines by Heather's ruthless way of Aftermath interviewing. Now, it's hard to believe that he wouldn't at least try to fight for his game back, considering how quick he is to stop taking crap from Ezekiel and his signs of being a Jerkass. Come season two, and he's an outright Jerk with a Heart of Gold, which is bizarre seeing what he was like earlier. (And how this almost contradicts with his canon self.)
    • Lindsay was genuinely nice near the beginning. Upon realizing that allying with Heather was a bad idea, she gave Gwen her Guilded Zeke and let her win the first challenge, as repayment for siding with someone who antagonized her earlier. But come the Aftermath and she's suddenly extremely arrogant and refuses to take any criticism directed at herself, Beth, or Courtney.
    • Bridgette started off as a fairly generic "peace-keeper" in terms of her role in the fic, but after a semi-early elimination in the first season, she started getting a more hardened, slightly cynical side.
    • Gwen probably inverted her Character Development from canon — she starts as a snarky, joking, easy-goer who would rather laugh at Ezekiel's bad hosting methods than complain about them, and only ever acts negatively towards Heather or Courtney (and for good reasons, too, to both of them). This was said to be an attempt to fill the void of the season lacking Noah. One early elimination later, and her opinion on Lindsay, for example, shifts from "Well she has a good heart but she is kind of dumb" to "An obnoxious idiot who only thinks of herself and her closest friends," and she seems to shell off most of the other contestants so that by the time the first Aftermath rolls around, Leshawna seems to be her only real friend.
  • Freud Was Right: In-universe. When the Crew goes to the state of Washington, they find three monuments: The Washington Monument, the larger Clinton Monument from Futuramanote , and a third "Kamina Monument," which is not only wider and thicker than even the Clinton Monument, but it's so tall that it extends to space. And when the planets are aligned, it can enter Mars's atmosphere. And it has a giant copy of his signature shades near the top. Of course, considering how Kamina died no more than a month ago in-universe, it's a wonder how or why this was built so fast.
  • Special Snowflake Syndrome: No, this has nothing to do with her being An Ice Person, but it does come close — she deliberately managed to invert her own energy somehow and become an "anti energy" demon just to stand out more in the family at first, and renamed herself "Icesky" in some way to fit with the Colorful Theme Naming of the 360 despite not really being part of it. Her original name was Margaretnote , but she kind of just made up a color name to sound cooler, considering it "to be when the sky meets ice." (Which is technically water if you look at it one way, or just ice in the air — which kind of describes her fortresses.) Looking into it, her color is a light azure, which could be somewhere around Sky Blue or Baby Blue.
    • Technically, many of the 360 members have color names made-up — but in-universe, they were fully established in the demon culture, and made up by the author.

  • Narm Charm: It's a Youtube Poop of Spongebob where Mr. Krabs suddenly gets a desire to kill, turns into "MOAR Krabs" while in jail, and thus forms the villain. Yet despite this, the story in general manages to be pretty entertaining. And as judged by this page, it even scared some of the viewers.

  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • And Sierra is often simplified as "The girl who likes Cody," being made to be a completely ordinary girl that happens to either have a crush on him or they've already hooked up some time before the story. The hints of being outright deranged or her very obsessive stalker habits are ignored despite the fact that the show played them up for most of the third season, seemed to be toning them down near the end, and Flanderized them again in the first half of the fifth.
    • Ezekiel is canonically pretty arrogant. He acts like he's an incredible player despite having an early elimination in the first season, and when he's also kicked off early in the third, he refuses to accept this and willingly clings on the jet. And hides there until he becomes feral. Fan works — even the ones after World Tour (although it is notably less common) — completely get rid of this and write him as a Woobie saint who actually doesn't even want to be on the show, and is actively mistreated by other characters (particularly Courtney and Eva, even though the former would probably have better things to do than repeatedly antagonize him) just for his comments back in the first season even when there's indications that his ego might rise another reason for people to not like him. The writers probably wrote the first-eliminated contestant in season four to be as unlikable as possible to prevent something like this from happening again, and they seem to have succeeded.
  • Ron the Death Eater

Heck, Courtney is so much of a Base Breaker and so inconsistently characterized in canon that she can probably fit under both. Fans would often pretend that not only does her season two-esque persona not exist (which is fairly reasonable, as she was more realistic before and season two is often accused of derailing several of the characters), but also get rid of most of her negative qualities shown back in the first season. On the flip side, her haters will usually, near-inevidably make her into a permanent maniac who usually acts as the main antagonist to whoever is the central character of the fic (such as Ezekiel, Cody, Gwen, etc).

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

The trucks are powered by Spiral Energy

Probably gone horribly wrong, or something like that. The drivers are able to use their hot bloodedness to enable their trucks to pull off the impossible, such as phasing right through materials, treating slopes like level ground, and faster than light travel.

  • April Fools' Day:
    • And he updated his M.U.G.E.N fic with an intentionally Bowdlerized version of chapter 5 as a mostly-unnanounced eleventh chapter. Among other things, this axed about 90% of the content, tried to replace some (but not all, and part of the reason why this replacement was even added since the leftover chapter is short is part of the joke) of what's gone with clips from Hank's apparant cooking show that was never mentioned, and what did remain was heavily altered in a blatantly OOC way (Well, more OOC than the chapter itself.) since the original had the character's pervy-ness for that chapter becoming relevant to the plot. For example, Peter Griffin and Morrigan leading their respective sides to tear down the wall to see the girls/guys naked was replaced with additional dialogue where they roughhouse with eachother, with Peter and Morrigan "mishearing" Mai and Edd as legitamate cries for help. Oh, and the laxatives that the demons laced with the hero's food was replaced with ipicac, since the characters getting poisoned with the need to vomit is apparantly cleaner than them getting poisoned with the need to take a dump? What makes matters worse is that the puns and character's actions are not even changed to reflect this despite being text-only anyway, resulting in jokes that don't make that much sense, a parody of poorly-done edits. Amusingly, the final line was probably worse in this version. Again, all intentional.

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