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Hey, why is the title "Wiki Sandbox" instead of Wiki Sandbox? Did someone change it?

Even when you Wiki Word Wiki Sandbox, it turns into Wiki Sandbox.

(this is way funnier if you look at the source text)

^ For a period of time the title was actually changed to "Ash and Cinders."

Nardwuar Serviette


Donna Troy

THANKS FOR PAVIN' THE WAY FOR ME, BOYO. It's me, Darth Manchild of GIFT, and I would like to ruin your day!...and sell some seasonal lakefront property.

Sir, please, don't be such a jerk. There are other people who use this for practical purposes.

Who made you my father?

Sigh, working at Mc Burger Queen's is a better job than this.

Hope you get stuffed in a sandwich. You're fired.

Twisting my words huh? I WiLl NoT bE iGnOrEd! That sandwich is made from your tears and your childhood pets! I rode a rickshaw into that Mc Burgerhole while chased by rabid clowns, and blew them up with a little friend, TN, F***ing Awesome, T. I am of GIFT and My reach shall know no bounds! How about buying a little oceanfront property I have in Utah?

So this is how you TV Tropes.... Now how to create Red Links?

    The Best Writers Ever 


  • I prefer Drawception. EDIT: Oh hey, cool. It has its own page now.

It's called "kick the dog" now.


Cartoon Fight Club


  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • It's easier to list which parts of the meme fights are coherant fighting sequences and what's bizarre meme-related footage being played.
    • The results of Shrek and Donkey using the Happily Ever After Potion on Papyrus.
  • Growing the Beard: A very general opinion is that his 2D animations are getting better at least, to the point where some of them (ones made by guest animators especially) aren't exactly half-bad Death Battle follows.

Tito Dick

This is what happens when you get the idea of an intentionally bizarre shoot-em-up based on what was already some really out-there Crack Fics you did. (A lot of these names are just random and working names.)

    Not a Character 

  • Precision F-Strike: Note that despite the... style of the game's humor, it lacks any real swearing outside of these two moments:
    • The final boss's absolute last form. First his middle finger appears to explode in confetti just like the other fingers. Then it regenerates, and his index finger explodes instead. He raises the middle finger, flies to the center of the stage, and the words "FUCK YOU" flash on the back of the hand in red before the other four fingers all have weapons generate in their place.

  • Poixer's stage starts out as a seemingly harmless "beach area," with the game's run-of-the-mill weirdness. Then you dive down to fight the midboss and everything goes to hell. The midboss is some kind of enormous (it can't even fit an entire screen — also, keep in mind that all four playable characters are regular-sized human beings, and the main bosses are already considered massive compared to them) sea... statue... thing that fires stone heads with buldged-out bloodshot eyes. After beating that, you descend straight down into the ocean. The darkening background shows some kind of huge (again, screen-sized, even from their distance, while your character is barely more than a few pixels in height) sea leviathans in the background. Which look like they're about to rush after you at any moment.
    • Water eventually released a height chart of the four playable characters, the four rivals, the seven main bosses, and the minibosses (not counting the fact that Luna uses the moon itself). The miniboss of Poixer's stage absolutely dwarfs all of them, and he implied on the same post that that's not even the biggest of the sea-monsters!
  • While his actual appearance is incredibly non-threatening and goofy (a giant lawyer-friendly Hank Hill on a flying toilet mech that shoots flowers at you!), the buildup to Hendricks is something. He's claimed to be the most powerful of the Savages — even dwarfing the Big Bad in terms of strength. On a first playthrough, his character select portrait is sillouetted and he has no Mega Man-styled "space tunnel cutscene." You begin in a quiet suburbian area, then enter a mall, and fight a goofy-looking midboss. Suddenly, the music cuts off, the lights shut off one-by-one, and all of the televisions start showing green static as a voice-altered message plays: "COME INTO THE FOREST. LET THE FOREST WELCOME YOUR INEVIDABLE FATE." Following this is a very loud bang as vines explode from the television sets, then another one as the right edge of the store just collapses and gives way to a forest. Unlike the suburbs of the first half, the forest barely has any music to it, is enourmous, and empty. Oh, and there's an occasional sound that sounds like someone screaming.
  • Ironically, despite "corresponding" with the Shadow Temple (as the six initial levels are slightly based on Ocarina of Time's "elements"), Fleshmass's stage is very tame and akin to a cheesy Halloween level. One exception is the miniboss, who first seems to be a Cute Ghost Girl named Pinkieloo that even helps you out throughout the stage. Upon reaching the point where you fight her, she suddenly turns red, darkens most of the area around her, and grows a massive, six-eyed demonic head before firing at you.
  • The first two levels in Handzzzz's Tower are very lax. However, midway into the third,
  • If you don't like creepy crawlies, which Jenny doesn't, (NeedsMoreDeepWater himself doesn't, either) one of Fleshmass's attacks in his otherwise tame arsonel is to teleport right behind you and morph into what is basically a wall of ants. Speaking of Jenny, if you're playing as her, she'd look horrified throughout this too.
  • It's implied that Jenny and Fleshmass are siblingsnote . Hell, he looks slightly younger than her, so chances are that either she, her wife, or her husbands will have to kill her own little brother after he had gone off the deep end and allied with the Savages.
  • It's subtle, but there's something... off about Margaret in general. The way


  • Mega Man (Classic): The initial levels can be played in any order (barring the tutorial level). The selection is in the form of a screen showing mugshots of the antagonists in square borders (although unlike the grid style of Mega Man, they are arranged in a wheel that scrolls left and right as you select them). Picking said enemy causes a short cutscene

Main Protagonists and Allies

    The Group as a Whole 







Rival Group

    Rivals as a Whole 





The Seven Soul-Sucker Savages

    In General 

  • Expy: Your playable characters are expies of the "foursome" from Journals. Their rivals are expies of the "foursome" from Hecksing. These guys are the "Sages" from his Troll Fic "mythology," except Dr. Handzzzz.
  • Large and in Charge: All of them bar Fleshmass and Dr. Handzzzz are downright huge. And even then, Fleshmass is a Size Shifter


A sort of antromorphized wolf-like woman who claims to be the most "skimply dressed character in the game," completely ignoring a good chunk of the game's cast and thinking her Luanne-like outfit is worse than their's.


A man who has mastered the art of switching between the "Posiworld" and the "Negaworld." In reality, the latter is a sort of pocket dimension of his creation.

    The Guided Light 


  • I Am Not Left-Handed: A forced version. He fights you while he's dealing with constipation. His profile mentions that he is, by far, the strongest of the Savages, and that his gut problems hindered him greatly.
  • Toilet Humor: He fights you on a toilet, which he can fire missiles from.



An extremely powerful necromancer with an unfittingly "normal" appearance.

    Dr. Handzzzz (All Spoilers Unmarked!) 

Other Antagonists


    Luna Tickle 

The boss of the tutorial.

  • Brick Joke: The battle against her also ends up dealing damage to the Moon. Depending on which player you ended the tutorial with, this could mean either it's split in half in a lightning-shape, has a massive hole punched into it, be inflicted


A male stripper with an oversized teddy bear-like head. The midboss of Revealica's stage.






A ghost that guides you through Fleshmass's stage, appearing friendly at first but turning out to be the midboss. She's "known for making funny faces."

    Spoiler Character 

The Liberator

A Bonus Boss, taken straight from one of Water's other games,

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