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[I'm putting this on the sandbox to give a draft of sorting this by which section of the series/superseries they're from. RPGs, Kart, etc.]

Main Platformers



Other Sport Games

  • Ukiki in Super Mario 64. On top of being a gigantic hindrance to the player in the Tall Tall Mountain, he steals your hats with annoyingly cute dialogue and he's near-impossible to catch. Which makes it all the more satisfying to roast him using Yoshi's fire flower in the DS version.
  • A less extreme example, but Neil in Mario Golf Advance Tour. From his irritating, sarcastic-sounding "Whoops!" when he gets a Bogey to his hideous character design, could they have made a less appealing player character? At least at the very beginning, the game gives you the option to play as the much less annoying Ella instead.
  • Baby Mario from Yoshi's Island gets a lot of hate. Not only is he gaming's biggest star reduced to a worthless, infantile caricature of himself, but he also irks the hell out of people with his obnoxious crying. And the whole game is a giant Escort Mission! It probably surprised nobody when a glitch allowing Yoshi to eat him was discovered, And There Was Much Rejoicing.
  • Baby Mario is bad enough, but Yoshi's Island DS decided to add even more baby versions of famous Nintendo characters including Donkey Kong, Bowser (Though he was in the original Yoshi's Island as the final boss), and Wario. However, none of them can compare to the bile that Baby Princess Peach receives. Why? Because of her ill-designed special ability that allows her to float using the wind, which usually only makes the player more likely to end up crashing headfirst into enemies or simply fall straight to the ground because she sometimes doesn't catch the wind to float. The fact that her crying is even more obnoxious than Mario's doesn't help matters either.
    • While not involved in the Yoshi's Island series herself, Baby Daisy gets a lot of flak for essentially being slot filler in Mario Kart, especially by those who already found her older self to be obnoxious as it is.
  • Starlow from the Mario & Luigi series is usually hated because she often gets credit for what Mario and Luigi do, she's an annoying Exposition Fairy, and she is very cruel to Luigi for no real reason.
    • She generally thinks that Luigi is incompetent and isn't exactly one who garners hero status unlike Mario. However, in Dream Team, she seems to have mellowed out more towards Luigi even if she's still teasing to him on occasion.
  • Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, and Sergeant Guy from the same games as Starlow are viewed by many as useless screw-ups that get way too much screentime.
  • Bowser Jr. A Replacement Scrappy for a whole villain team, he already gets a great deal of hatedom by replacing the seven most popular non Bowser villains in the older games. Even disregarding that, however, he is also hated for design being little more than a redesign of the original Baby Bowser, as well as the fact that he's fought as a recurring boss every single tower in New Super Mario Bros., ten times with just two attack patterns. Some fans did start warming up to him when he was finally shown with his siblings in the sequel, though.
    • Then the hate came back when it was stated that he was Bowser's kid and the Koopalings weren't, which smells of Creator's Pet. However, Bowser Jr. is a bit more well-liked in the Super Mario Galaxy series for using unique and creative Humongous Mechas to battle Mario rather than the same bland attack patterns.
  • Princess Peach has increasingly become a very hated Damsel Scrappy due to her Flanderized ditzy personality and annoyingly high-pitched voice. There could be some redemption for Peach, though, thanks to her own game and more active roles in the RPGs, for instance.
  • Bowser has become this for some fans of the Mario RPG spinoffs for taking over as the Big Bad and breaking the streak of creating brand-new fan-favorite villains for the RPG's, but especially in Paper Mario: Sticker Star where all his personality and humor from the previous games is wasted, and he has no dialogue whatsoever. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team made Bowser the Big Bad again, but handled it much better by making it into a Plot Twist and allowing Bowser to keep his personality. While fans of Bowser and the classic characters were pleased, some RPG fans hate Bowser for hijacking the plot from Antasma (a very cool-looking nightmare monster who was hyped as the game's Big Bad), making this particular appearance more of a Base Breaker.
  • Princess Daisy is rather divisive, but the part of the fanbase that hates her hates her hard, due to having a voice that's equally as obnoxious as (if not more than) Peach's, and her Flanderization of the Genki Girl trope that turns her into a nerve-grating twit. Also similar to the above princess, Daisy has had two equally jarring past portrayals: the generic Distressed Damsel in Super Mario Land, and the tomboyish yet coy and klutzy woman in Mario Party 4, with a design that was ripped off the Mario Tennis character, Azalea. Unlike the Princess Peach example above, however, Daisy has had no notable scrappy-rescuing appearances (or even a reference) outside of the series' party, racing and sports titles. Because of this, any defining character (if any) Daisy has is hanging around with other characters like Peach and Luigi.
  • Twink in Paper Mario is hated for being generally annoying as well as interrupting the game at inconvenient points.
  • Flurrie in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is universally disliked, due to her odd and creepy design.
  • Lubba from Super Mario Galaxy 2, for being a Replacement Scrappy for Rosalina. Some have even compared him to Patrick Star.
  • Kersti from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. She is incredibly emotional and at times needlessly jerkish to Mario, and she has a tendency to get kidnapped which deprives you of one of the game's core mechanics, as well as preventing you from leaving the level or savingnote . However, the biggest thing is that unlike the other hint fairy scrappies on this page, she tells you almost nothing useful. Her hint system flipflops between stating the obvious and making irrelevant comments on her surroundings, usually only being useful if the puzzle relies on Paperization. The fact that she has a Heroic Sacrifice during the final boss is negated by wish power undoing her death moments later. Even if her death caused an Alas, Poor Scrappy, her near-instant revival cheapens the moment.
  • People who wanted Wario and Waluigi (or just about anyone else) to be playable in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and its sequel U are not fond of the yellow and blue Toads.
  • Birdo’s gender confusion and inconsistent character alignment has earned him/her/it this reputation. It's not helped by the annoying sounds she makes and the fact that spinoffs usually pair her with Yoshi.
  • Huff N. Puff is hated for being what many people believe to be the hardest required boss in the original Paper Mario.
  • In so far as an item can be The Scrappy... The infamous Blue Shell from Mario Kart. Combine a seeking projectile that cannot be blocked, and goes directly for whoever's in first with rubber-band AI. Everyone sighs when they hear it coming.
    • Also the Lightning Bolt which hits everyone, is impossible to dodge unless you're invincible at the time, and is spammed by the computer relentlessly in the later games, especially on the last laps of the races.
    • The one item that can compete with the Blue Shell is the Thunder Cloud. The one that gets it gets a slight speed boost, but when the time is over, he'll get hit by a shrinking thunder and the only way to prevent it is to ram into another racer. The worst part it's when it pops out when you're in the last places.
    • Making matters worse is that, since Double Dash (GC), all the above forces you to forfeit/drop items upon hit, meaning that you can't play as defensively anymore.
  • The Honey Queen in Mario Kart 7. Even when we discount her flat character who´s only real purpose is for a Mario Galaxy side-quest, she is often seen as a waste of space, considering that she isn't even a main character and only made a couple minor appearances in Super Mario Galaxy and it's sequel. Many fans would've much preferred Waluigi to be a playable character over her.
    • And it´s funny because Waluigi himself was a Scrappy for quite a while. Fans weren´t very much enthusiastic regarding his presence, and he was branded as a "Wario rip-off". Then, his character grew into something larger, and he nowadays is more of a Base Breaker.
    • Mario Kart 8 introduced two new questionable characters in Baby Rosalina, who like Baby Daisy, has no basis in any previous games. The other is Pink Gold Peach, who is just a heavier re-skin of Peach, and unlike Metal Mario in Mario Kart 7, also has no basis in any other game.

Frankly I don't think Vriska qualifies, at least not anymore. She fails three out of four of the requirements.
  • Hated by fans (The Scrappy): Again, hated. Not merely "splitting." She's a divisive character, yes, but to the point where the turns off most of the fanbase and they actually don't like her at all. Also, the Scrappy is unintentionally disliked, and this was invoked.
  • Loved (or worshipped) by the writers (Creator's Favorite): The only one I'd argue that she passes, but I'd like to say that you can't judge the author's opinions by some self-insert lampshading. Otherwise we can accuse him of being a pedo.
  • Put into big scenes for no reason (Character Focus): ...Not really much of that. She wasn't introduced in the first part, and in the third part, she's only a part of this ghost team that's out to kill Lord English (I don't know how related this is, but what she's doing isn't that unique: Everyone seems to be making some plan or another to prepare for fighting the guy). She does not receive that much screentime in Act 6, and most of her appearances in Acts 5 or 6 usually have some purpose to them or are tied to the plot in some way, so she hardly gets big scenes "for no reason." I mean, by ghost characters, yeah she gets a lot of screentime, but in the bigger picture, does comparing her to the fodders that inhabit the Dream Bubbles instead of the still-alive characters really give strong evidence?
  • Talked up by the other characters (Character Shilling): Who actually does this? My memory's a bit fuzzy, but I think it was limited to John, Tavros, and the self-insert. Few other characters in the comic can stand her, and most are afraid of her. Even then, John has confessed that he thinks he hates her behind her back, and it's made pretty clear that she's still kind of a jerk overall. Regardless, one to three characters and on the occasion really doesn't

Bottom line, Creator's Pet is "A character fans loathe yet the maker cannot get enough of and the series showers them with undeserved screentime and praise," not "A character who splits the fanbase (and from what I've seen it's mostly "Is she good or evil," not so much "Does she completely ruin the comic or not," but I am very willing to believe the latter exists seeing how Ruined FOREVER is a thing and all, especially in a story that changes itself up so much like this) yet the creator likes and they're also relevant to the main plot but really mostly in one arc while they've hit the sidelines more recently."

  • Book Ends: The beginning of the story, not counting the Action Prologue or the formation of the first Spring, is a newborn Eve crawling over towards the edge of one of the mountain's cliffs and looking off into the land below, mesmerized by it. The last scene in the story is Joe's lower half standing up from a meteor out in space, then clumsily walking by itself over towards an edge of the meteor, and "looking" out in what is revealed to be the direction of Earth. Also doubles as a Sequel Hook: The end of one "book" is just the beginning of another.
  • Sequel Hook: A whopping three. First, while giving her "We killed the evil God, what else can we do" speech, the last of Eve's options (after stuff that's now fairly mundane by this story's standards, mostly related to exploration) is to try to find a way into the universe Joe came from, and that some people managed to successfully extract some of his DNA, which may hold answers. Second, the concept of Spring plants that have never actually been shredded up and mixed with puddles, and how they could turn/evolve into something... slightly unpleasant later in their lives, that can in turn make more kinds of Spring Races and spawn sentient people themselves. Third, and most obviously, the ending, with Joe's lower half getting up on its own, revealing him to not be completely dead, and "looking" over. The story ends with a textual-zoom in, showing that the direction he's "looking" off into is Earth.


  • Version 0.1: First designed for MUGEN. Consists of only an intro, portrait, character select icon, taunt, walk/run animation (running being walking, just played faster), hit animations (at least high, middle, and low if memory serves) one standing light punch, and one standing light kick. 2-button character.
  • 0.2: Air L-punch and air L-kick added. 2-button.
  • 0.3: Crouching L-punch and L-kick added. 2-button.
  • 0.4: Medium punches and kicks of all sorts added. 4-button.
  • 0.5: Heavy punches and kicks of all sorts added? 6-button.
  • 0.6: Koopa shell special.
  • 0.7: A basic hyper. Probably Triple Kung Fu Palm.
  • 0.8: A slightly more advanced hyper. "Press in," where he reverts back to his "key" form, "presses" himself in, and that does a full-screen yet blockable and not insta-kill attack?
  • 0.9: Anti-cheap mode added. Currently rolling with him summoning Peter Griffins that either run across the stage or fart Hank Hill heads periodically, like a ripoff of Dink Smallwood's anti-cheap mode but with less restrictions (no health restriction, and there can be up to two of him per FY).
  • 1.0: A full moveset, with all of the though specials and hypers.
  • 1.1 and Onwards, exact naming varies: Any bug fixes, spritework improvements (like moving the legs closer together), etc.


  • It Was His Sled: Yeah, good luck being surprised that Purple, White, Winged, and Rock Pikmin are involved in the game in some way. Chances are, if you initial battle with someone via Street Pass or the multiplayer mode, they will have an army of all fifty, of nothing but those guys. The game will allow you to fight post-7-6 players and does not spoil them, although at least the game's own generated Shadows will never have them in some way. Also, while it reveals that they are playable in multiplayer, it could easily be assumed that they're exclusive to that mode like Purples and Whites in 3. (This is the case for Winged and Rock Pikmin, but you can unlock Purple and White in the main game once you get to the Brutal Bonus Levels).
  • Production Foreshadowing: Portable's multiplayer/Shadow Pikmin Battle update, which was about two months after the game proper came out, includes a few elements that aren't seen in the main game but will be in the sequel, such as the Sherite mazes, water raising/lowering,
  • Unique Enemy:
    • Portable contains a new blue species of Bulborb exclusive to the 2P/Shadow arenas, which was taken from the concept of a Dummied Out enemy from Pikmin 2 that eventually became the Snow/Hairy Bulborb. Like all enemies in that mode, they seem to vanish when they're killed.

Arenas — the following are available at the start:
  • Grass Arena: An area based on Zone 1. It's an extremely plain battle field, consisting of only a large circular center, and smaller curved sections on opposite ends that serve as the start point. A few Red Bulborbs dot around the center area. There is no real Pikmin type that is "played to" in the area, although Red Pikmin are recommended for their strength.
  • Desert Arena: Based on Zone 2. The landing sites have no walls to them, being surrounded by a huge pit of quicksand. There is a "main" path in the shape of a "Z" that goes from one player's start to the other, crossing into a small cavern/tunnel of sorts, with a larger rectangle that borders it and is usually on a high ledge. Due to the amount of vertical travel and how it's recommended to place Pikmin down from one part to another quickly, it is recommended to have a supply of Yellow Pikmin here, and the stage itself is themed primarly around Yellow Pikmin.
  • Lake Arena: Based on Zone 3 and primarly themed on Blue Pikmin. The two landing sites are on opposite points of a circle of land, with a "short cut" submerged in water that goes through. Deep, death water surrounds the whole stage, as well as the space between the submerged trail and and surface-circular path. However, the "short cut" also contains a number of traps and hazards.
  • Snow Arena: Based on Zone 4 and primarly themed on Cyan Pikmin.
  • Jungle Arena: Based on Zone 5 and primarly themed on Orange Pikmin.

The following are only unlocked after clearing 7-6. Note that beating that also allows you to use Purple, White, Rock, and Winged Pikmin in battle courses:
  • Factory Arena: Based on Zone 6 and primarly themed on Purple Pikmin. This is a huge, walled-in square that is littered with several enemies. The starting points may be part of the square, on opposite ends, but heavy gates help keep the players/the player and the Shadow Commander apart. Thus, use Purples to lift them up. Red Pikmin are also highly recommended, for helping to defeat the enemies.
  • Forest Arena:
  • Cave Arena:
  • Sky Arena:


  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome:
    • The total number of enemies from the second or even first games that were removed for 3 would be too many to count, but one thing that stands out is the treatment of the Bulborbs: Their Snow/Hairy variant is gone outright even though there is a much bigger snow level in the game, and everything with "Bulblax" in its name is gone too. The latter might be for the better, since it would be unspeakably horrifying to imagine how they would look in the game's new HD graphics, between the Emperor's mossy back, the Empress giving birth, and the Fiery's melting face.

  • Carl was ret-conned to be dead, killed in an attempt to break into the Spartain's layer and destroy censorbot, only to get eaten by the "censor"-substance and reduced to a skeleton less than a yard into the tunnel. That Carl we see in HUC's Distant Finale was in fact a clone. We see Rip preparing a clone shortly after he dies, citing that it will take somewhere around thirty years to form. The clone finally forms about two months before HUC's finale takes place, and dies before sunset during HHC's epilogue.


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