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  • The Kickstarter video shows a low-polygonal, intentionally shitty-looking scene with a badly modeled Olivia voiced by a text-to-speech program (with a distinctly male voice, too) explaining that the funding is actually mainly for the graphics, music, etc; and that DeepWater actually does have a decent grasp of the raw coding itself. What Olivia says more-or-less comes off as a threat about NMDW publishing the game in this shitty-looking state, regardless of funding, and that funding would make it look less bad. Special note goes to her "So please. Have a heart." where she spends a good ten seconds with a frown that slowly gets bigger and lower, until it eventually just slips off her face and floats there like someone toyed around with a Nintendo Mii.
    • Low-polygonal Olivia ends up being one of the unlockable outfits. You can get it early on. How? By beating a boss without any purchased upgrades. Equipping the outfit even replaces her voice grunts with the text-to-speech voice, saying things like "High-ah," "Flying," "I am shooting you with my energy bullets," etc.
  • Another outfit marks the long-awaited return of DeepWater's "Cannon Suit" gag from way back in Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. It's a giant cannon-shaped suit that Olivia can wear. And yes, the description comments that it is in fact canon. It also has a whopping forty defense, which doesn't seem like much for the late game but is an absolute godscend if you manage to get it during Part 1.

    "Normal Route" Part 1 (Beginning — Infinity Amusement Park) 


  • In the very beginning, Ninthee basically asks Dan how willing he is to stay with her, knowing no context of why he suddenly woke up in this world or who this pink-haired person is trying to bribe him with an arcade and amusement park. You're supposed to eventually say no at one point, which kicks off the game, and it throws a lot at you to try to convince you to do so. However, Dan is given a number of ways to react to Ninthee positively — and one of them is being extremely forward about how much he "loves her," covered in innuendo. What crosses this over on here is the fact that even Ninthee, an obsessive stalker, is legitimately steamed up and bothered if you do that. There's something amusing about seeing the story's Big Bad suddenly start sweating, blushing, and swooning like some old cartoon character. Then she starts trying to see through Dan, which soon Crosses the Line Twice:
    Ninthee, thinking: Okay, think. If I chain him, would that ruin this perfect mood he is setting up for me? But I can't NOT chain him...
  • You get a "special ending" for killing time by waiting the whole 60 days in Ninthee's room in the quiz at the beginning, ignoring the obvious blaring "EXIT" sign in the door to the room she made for Dan and instead deciding to waste all the time playing the arcade games.

Green Moon

Orange Moon

  • The "Orange Juice" that's not traditional orange juice, just some psychedelic juice that happens to be colored orange. If you buy it, the screen will warp a bit and have a colorful overlay while a short piece plays.

Yellow Moon

Chartreuse Moon

Spring Green Moon

Cyan Moon

Azure Moon

Blue Moon

  • You can actually choose to litter in Myuuda

Violet Moon

Magenta Moon

Rose Red Moon

Red Moon and White Moon

  • The plot of the "dark" counterparts to the Flame/Freeze duo is that, rather than being best of friends and Lhaurflame being an overly-apologetic and defensive atoner for Lhaurfreeze, the two here are actively competing tourist-trappers. Unlike almost every other store in the game, their merchandice is very obviously cheap — the outfits are all just generic white shirts with something badly scribbled in pen on them.

Black Moon

  • Maria is what happens when your average Jerk with a Heart of Gold barely even has that much "jerk" in her, and instead she
  • The player has the option to have Olivia tell Maria that Dan is an Emazh. Maria knows that this is a lie for sure (the rest of them, she doesn't count as "100% proof") because Dan wears an outfit that covers his butt.

Infinity Amusement Park

  • Ninthee's secret room is mostly just an unsettling Stalker Shrine, but there is one little self-jab at DeepWater's "prototype" to the game, if you read a certain door-stopping book.
    "This is just fan fiction. Someone (Ninthee) apparently thought it would be a good idea to take a one-time villain, make up all these long-lost relatives for her, and have them all hijack the spotlight to the point where the original main characters are reduced to just cliffnotes. Also, what seems like a simple lesson about your social life from the episode is bloated in to some overly-analytical essay on how mankind and technology interact.

    "You cannot think of any way that this would be a good idea. Even turning it in to an original story seems kinda dumb at this point. You don't find yourself liking any of these new characters, anyway."

    "Normal Route" Part 2 (Post-Ninthee — Dimensional Rift) 

"Hardmode" in General/Hardmode Dekstop

Green Zones

  • Alexia's over-the-top enraged reaction to finding out that her forest suddenly has a gigantic cultist tower in the middle of it.
    Bethany: But, we also have towers in our—
    Alexia: YES! BUT THIS ONE IS MINE! SO I'M REALLY MAD AT THAT! Olivia, can you and your humans do something about this?
    • Her "dark counterpart," Nathalie, is a lot more calm by contrast. She just says that she "called it." How she would even consider coming to that conclusion is

Orange Zones

Yellow Zones

Chartreuse Zones

Spring Green Zones

Cyan Zones

Azure Zones

Blue Zones

Violet Zones

Magenta Zones

Rose Red Zones

Red Zones and White Zones

Black Zones

Dimensional Rift

  • Normally, Lilith's unusual fixation on squeaky toys is played for drama a bit. But the game crosses the line twice when you're "stealthing" around and end up triggering the Challenge early by stepping on one of them. Olivia's Oh, Crap! reaction sells it; even Ninthee looks a bit worried if you have her in your party.
    • It's implied that she won a good percentage of them from the Infinity Amusement Park, and that Ninthee stopped offering anything that squeaks as a prize not just because she developed a way to mass-produce a variety of video games for prizes instead, but because she was getting concerned of Lilith's aggressive plays whenever she visited IAP. Really kind of goes to show that, for however Ax-Crazy Lilith and Ninthee are, they're pretty good friends to one-another. (Ironically, unlike Eve and .GIFfany, their prototype and inspiration respectively.)
    • For a less-intentional one, it's hard to take Lilith's big speech about existence, tradition, and hate seriously when she doing so holding out an adorable looking blue frog toy to the camera and squeaking it. It makes her quickly going from "cold and emotionless" to "pissed the hell off" seem more goofy, than anything.

    "Normal Route" Part 3 (Four Extremes — Sloeth Core) 

Part 3 Intro

  • Olivia seems to be just a tiny bit Genre Savvy — after the Lilith fight, the second absolutely major boss in the game, she wonders if everything has gotten harder and is now filled with much stronger enemies, like the good ol' fourteen zones were after beating Ninthee.

The Bright Extremes

The Dark Extremes

The Light Extremes

The Dull Extremes

Sloeth Core

  • Fatephinal introduces herself by saying that the place was originally called "Slowdeath Core," but felt that it wasn't that subtle. So she just dropped the fourth, fifth, and seventh letters and called it a day.
    • Shortly after that, she invites the humans, Olivia, and Olivia's "Band" for a glass of coffee (she hates tea). Keep in mind that Fatephinal is supposed to be an extremely powerful Emazh that wants to start a war on humanity, is somewhat symbolically linked to Satan, and is a Sealed Evil in a Can; you've spent the last part of the game fighting five to eight bosses that are tough on their own right and are afraid of her. Yeah, Fatephinal is definitely Affably Evil.
  • If you've been to Haria in Part 1 (or, just before going to Sloeth Core, but mainly in Part 1 where Pre-Hardmode Haria is actually threatening to the player) and have Bethany in your party, Fatephinal will gladly and casually confess to being that one unexplained "powerful spirit"/ghost in Bethany's office area. Not only is this a parody of Real After All, it serves as a pretty lengthy Brick Joke.
  • Fatephinal's simple refusal to drop her shield in battle, trying to avert being a Tactical Suicide Boss. However, because that's her technique, her shield has been worn down from the countless battles against Charges that try to water it down. So you simply end up punching it until it shatters, leaving Fatephinal as a Glass Cannon.

    "Normal Route" Part 4 (Endgame: Labostoep Revisited — Kristie battle) 

Hardmode Labostoep

  • To prevent a knowledgeable player from just heading in to Labostoep right before fighting Fatephinal, breezing through what's basically pre-Hardmode enemies there, and setting up a warp point at the very end to effectively skip "Hardmode Labostoep" (as, unlike every other area in the game, Labostoep does not increase in difficulty after beating Ninthee; it increases after beating Fatephinal), warp points involving Labosteop are deleted as soon as the player wins the Challenge against Fatephinal. If the game needs to do that in the run, Olivia and Dan will both look very annoyed upon getting the news.

Galactic Core

  • Kristie seems extremely intimidating at first, even after the reveal that she's not really the expected god-like figure you've been led to believe all game and instead just wants to not have any pressure of her powers... then she turns around, revealing that her outfit just cuts off for the back half. She walks around with her enormous butt out for everyone to see.

    "Friendship Route" (All Four Parts) 

"Rainbow Ring" Regions

  • While most of the characters you befriend kind of pack their bags and move off to Dekstop and later, Infinity Amusement Park. Even the "hijackers" kind of do this. The one place that isn't completely empty, however, is Izjjen's tiny "office" that's just a desk out in the middle of the cave entrance. She's still there, showing little to no interest in how she's technically the only sapient life on the satelite if you leave.

Infinity Amusement Park

  • The fact that Izjjen is pretty much one of the hardest bosses in the entire game, yet does not at all seem to be aware of that. She keeps a casual tone through the entire fight. Heck, even the way you begin is an anti-climax, and you can even choose to just say "no" to her Challenge offer and walk right past her, although doing so will kick you out of the route if you decline Ninthee's demand to go back.
  • Late in to the Izjjen fight, she starts to pity you and thinks it would be easier if she telegraphed her attacks "more clearly" by outright telling you what attack she's going to do next. Not only does this make things worse in that the player would likely be distracted reading her text, since she only says the attacks while she's fighting you, but she's effectively kicking your ass despite you knowing her move a few seconds in advance.
  • Ninthee's response to bailing out of the path at the absolute last second by turning down her offer and Challenging her. She gives this over-the-top offended look and tries pretty hard not to just break down swearing like a teenager. It almost makes winning the Challenge against Izjjen worth it. Almost.
    • Izjjen slowly giving up on being the final Emazh who doesn't roll along with Ninthee's plan to basically trap the humans she wants in her amusement park seems a bit bleak, especially considering how you're effectively the reason why, but it becomes less bleak if you decide not to follow through with that. Everyone reacts strongly to you turning down Ninthee at the last second,


  • All members across the (for context, pretty dang alien-feeling even by the standards of this game) Four Extremes seem utterly puzzled by your and Ninthee's The Power of Friendship approach. What was Part 3 in the normal path becomes a massive anti-climax that's solved in less than five minutes if you

"I give, I give! I quit. Okay, ow. Yeah, I was completely expecting that. Look... I was already pushing myself farther than recommended for Emazhes, anyway. So I guess I should just give in and, uh, skip straight to joining in your Band? Yeah...

"Hey, Olivia. I'm not gonna say 'no' anymore. I'm gonna trust your judgement. But, I just want to say one thing. Whatever you do... whatever direction you go... just... don't turn in to me, okay?

"Oh, forget it.

"So, boss, what do you want to do now?"

  • Affably Evil: She basically wants to see humanity crumble, and her opinion on Emazhkind isn't really that positive either. Despite this, going purely by everyone pre-character development, she's among the nicest characters in the entire game. She offers

    "What are you talking about?" 

  • Unexpected Character: GPF has been doing this more and more often, as part of his Trolling Creator status and to fit in with the general tone of a given story:
    • House, MD showing up at the last second in Sweet Jade and Hella John, also confirming that the Dream House SBIGlet takes place in Multiverse B. This is still a surprise even though Fan wrote a SBIGlet where House, and others, are in.
    • The one of the major villains of ACT 5 VS ACT 6 is Assy McGee. Great Pikmin Fan had, prior to publishing that story, never even so much as spoke a word of the show. It's justified in that he came out of Caliborn's attempt at a multiversal portal that was supposed to bring together a bunch of Cartoon Network villains, before a switch was accidentally flipped and several [adult swim] sociopaths came out. Assy being one of them, was inexplicably the strongest, and hijacked the portal so that it caused an ass-themed apocalypse that takes off of Weirdmageddon. In other words, Assy was an unexpected out-of-the-world threat even in-universe. Since A5VA6 was written before the final part of Weirdmageddon came out, Fan did his own sort of Gecko Ending for that, where Doc Brown (he showed up in the prior story) drives the kids and trolls straight to the portal leading to Assy's dimension, and Peter Griffin and Plank suddenly hijack the plot at the last second and act as the true Big Bads.
    • The Jonas Brothers randomly show up near the end of KIDS FIGHT THE ZOMBIES, a one-off SBIG story, to help Jade, Rose, Dave, Roxy, and Jane fight against Rick Abs and an evil mad scientist Karkat Vantas.
    • Absolutely nobody going in blind has predicted that Kyu from HuniePop would not only show up in both naruto the guy with the ninja and Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, but she also turns out to be extremely important in the former and acts as a Sans expy that, despite having "low stats," manages to drive Naruto in to frustration.
    • Housestuck: The Split finally reveals what the fic's portrayal of Mars was like, something raised back in Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals over six years ago and never addressed in either Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals or Hecksing: The Dawn despite said fics being intended to expand the world of HUC a bit (which they do, for Earth). And it's like the Mars from Lesbian Spider Queens Of Mars. And the Spider Queen and Tarantua Queen play major roles in the plot, hunting down Carl as he's a wanted fugitive. There is absolutely no foreshadowing of this whatsoever, and the only other fic they have appeared in so far by this guy is Bobby Hill Gets Hit by a Car, which intentionally throws in so much crossover that it's kind of easy to forget they're there most of the time. Most of the time.
    • Being a massive crossover, Bobby Hill Gets Hit by a Car has several. What? You thought GPF was going to stick to mainstream material and things that have large fan fic followings? It's intentionally supposed to be a wild ride.
      • Fan said that he deliberately thumbed through ecchi shows or adult visual novels just to make their characters pop up and have major crossover chapters clash heavily with things they are featured near. We could have serious work, serious work, then suddenly an ecchi series that GPF has never mentioned before anywhere, with little to nothing implying that he knows about it.
      • Same goes for relatively obscure stuff. When Alta showed up as a semi-major character no less, the author commented that he thought few people would expect her because they wouldn't even know who she was in the first place.
      • Even series he said he openly did not like, he threw in anyway, and actually portrayed the characters decently rather than blatantly just bashing the ones he wasn't fond of.
      • While GPF had hinted that his own stories will be crossed over (but never through full chapters; he doesn't want his own content to overtake the various fandoms, as he feels that would be the exact wrong kind of Spotlight-Stealing Crossover), nobody expected his deliberately sloppy Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan to be the first on that list. [Probably won't do the following:] Much less is this bombshell:
        Hanako: Margaret! Once we caught up with you, you have a lot of explaining to do! More than I usual exposit, being the exposition member of the Demon Underground.
        Geraldine: Who? I keep telling everybody. Her name is Brenda.
        Young Woman: No, her name is Margaret.
        Hanako: Yes! Yes it is! Margaret, of the Demon Underground! Where the hell have you been?
        Brenda/Margaret: Shit.
      • Perhaps one of the biggest of them all, which is an accomplishment: Sheldin and Lenard. No, not Sheldon and Leonard from Big Bang Theory. Or their genderbent counterparts that were hinted at back in the first arc and revealed in the fourth. But the Stylistic Suck comic GPF did of Big Bang Theory a long time ago back around 2012. There's a reason why he revived it before starting — turns out that, to an extent, Tock About Fysicks is actually canon to BHGHBAC, even if it's not canon with most of the other SBIG installments.

    Set to be out in January, maybe 

This story provides examples of:

  • Artifact Title: Managed to be one thanks to What Could Have Been. One of the earliest prototypes for this story was going to be something completely different: a deliberate bizarre high school-set story called Ordinary High School, with the title being a Blatant Lie. There, the premise was about a high school where weird shit happened, most students were obsessive and clingy, and even killed one-another — yet always respawned shortly after. He considered moving the setting to a university level, then ditched the entire school setting completely and had it focused on people in their early twenties with jobs training to fight evil. The whole world, not just the area with the "students," became weird, so the fish out of water aspect of the main character was dropped. Without that, the contrast of their world to ours seemed less off, so the title doesn't make much sense. And, since it's not in one single school setting, the new name was picked to be something more generic. The "Ordinarily" is still a joking lie, and "United" refers to both the Unitias and the relationship between Carlson and Stella.
  • Berserk Button:
    • While just about anyone would really not like having their car damaged, this being one of Carlson's takes note as it's one of the few ways to get him genuinely angry. Hell, he's more pissed off at HRT-1 slashing his car in half and blowing it up than he is about HRT-1 slicing him near the chest several times.
    • Similarly, Stella will remain upbeat even if she feels she might be losing a battle (which isn't often), but for the love of God don't even think about implying that you are going to harm her Porn Stash. This is ultimately the thing that made her swear enemyship with the HRTs, which HRT-2 tried burning down her house with her magazines, videos, etc in it. Emphasis on tried.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: Carlson's least favorite opponents are Reality Warpers, overly "smug" people, and overly smug Reality Warpers. He claims that the Unitias barely fail to qualify under either category.
  • Creepy Good: The Unitias are an ocean (literally infinite in the Unit-verse, but they are limited in how many of them can become physical at a given moment in time, even if that number is slowly growing) of naked women with razor-sharp claws and sharp teeth, that admit to loving the taste of blood. They're also surprisingly good people and amazingly friendly, although Unitia Origin can be a bit stubborn.
  • Expy: As with GPF's other "major" original story projects released roughly around the same time, few of the main characters are that original, but several of the side characters are:
    • One of the many inspirations is "Soos and the Real Girl," and it really shows with three key characters: Stella is like Melody in being a heavy-build human Badass Normal that hates adulthood and responsibility (except this is her character arc, learning how to deal with growing up emotionally, and eventually becoming the C.E.O. of Stelkazh); while the Unitias as a whole are inversions of .GIFfany in that they appear like creepy monster immediately and with zero subtlety, but are actually friendly and help get Carlson out of a bad relationship (in this case, with Yuullieke, who isn't really like any Gravity Falls character). Carlson himself could be described as a very odd blend of an adult Dipper and Soos, if they were an Extreme Doormat with ridiculous amounts of talent. On that note, the Inventor is a hell of a lot like Gideon, in being a deconstruction of the "nice guy" who is an all-powerful stalker creep.
    • The Unitias are admitted to be based on a large mix of Shameless Fanservice Girls, minus traits about them Fan doesn't like (such as them not being naked. The Unitias are literally nude the whole story). But he says that their general design had a lot of help from Felicia.
    • Most of the HRTs take their designs and/or personalities from somewhere:
      • Like Xunter but with animal people rather than anime swordsmen, HRT-1 is Fan's general idea of a stereotypical "young male tween" appeal hero, except he got his hammyness from Matthew Patel. Fan even strongly considered having HRT-1 introduce himself in a very similar manner to Patel, but he decided instead to put that particular Shout-Out in Steve Buhvillen's Intriguing Group instead.
      • HRT-4 is a recycling of an earlier character idea from SBIG (not Steve; the series that tries to pull offinvoked So Bad, It's Good on purpose), who also went by "DEATH MECHA" in all caps. Also, his dialect is inspired by Tommy Wiseau, a new trait not seen in the original DEATH MECHA.
      • HRT-5 is inspired by the Ruined Dragon.
      • HRT-6 doesn't have any specific 1:1 counterpart (neither does -7), but Fan says that Latula Pyrope played a good part in
  • First-Episode Spoiler: Notice that there's a reason why the description says that no spoilers for Chapter 1 will be marked at all. The first chapter drops plenty:
    • Carlson gets out of his toxic relationship with Yuullieke near the end, and he does it because it's what the Unitias suggested was best for him.
    • "HRT-1" is not a joke villain. In fact, he's the first person since Carlson hit his significant "14.5th birthday" that can successfully land a good hit on him. Also, he's not evil; he's just brainwashed, and once Carlson takes off the bug that's been injecting an AI-altering virus in him, he immediately panics about HRT-8 being some big, scary figure before a giant hand (HRT-8's) pulls him in through a similar-looking three-dimensional portal as what the Unitias used.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: This is how both Yuullieke and the Inventor die, the story's two most prominent villains.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Great Pikmin Fan had already started becoming significantly more bold starting around late 2015 with Run Gifocalypse slowly upping its fanservice content (starting out with a beginning family-friendly enough to almost pass for being on Disney itself, and ending with the story openly describing .GIFfany's bare chest, Fan claiming this still gets away with a "T" rating because it's the only time female nipples are mentioned directly and it's in a case that isn't really sexualized), but this puts almost everything else he wrote to absolute shame. The first chapter alone introduces Ethical Slut Stella as she eventually does a one-time guy (Ritch), with a somewhat intense description of their lovemaking after the Unitia fight. And then there's the Unitias themselves, who spend the entire story and indeed their whole lives completely butt-naked (except for Origin, who wears spats most of the time and was directed by the Inventor to try out maid outfits before coming to the conclusion that she really did not like clothing), and draw attention to their enormous asses. And even this is tamer compared to Extraordinarily.
  • Large Ham:
    • Every single one of the HRTs when under the effects of the Inventor's mind controlling bug. HRT-1 takes the cake, as he specifically rehearses his opening speech to Carlson all Saturday and the following Sunday when he fails to find him.
  • Not So Stoic:
    • Part of Carlson's character arc is that he's been through so much shit that he just builds a stoic shell as he tries dealing with it all. Once he gets to relaxing a bit without Yuullieke in his life, he slowly begins to let that fall, and it turns out he's actually quite the goofy guy.
    • Unitia Origin is a darker example. She's a lot more vicious than she lets on to be. Her endless Unitia army acts as her sort-of Morality Pets.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: The Unitias think so. They specifically hate sexual harassers of any sort, and would openly attack them (while, otherwise, they are very neutral figures who barely even get involved in Carlson and Stella's fights with the HRTs — although they have some good reasons for that, such as not drawing attention from Big Suit/HRT-8).
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: The latter HRT units, specifically -6 and -7, almost seem completely human. A very obvious trend when looking at the HRT series in numberical order is that, the further along they go, the more organic they seem. HRT-1 is all gray and has a number of obvious metal plating spots. By HRT-4, Inventor took the time to give a bigger color range. By -5, he simulated scales and made a realistic-looking giant dragon. And by -6 and -7, he made humanoids considerably more realistic than HRT-1. HRT-9/Unitia Origin was also originally indistringuishable from a human, and even after she gave herself exaggerated proportions to look a little more like some kind of horror movie monster, she still definitely does not look like a robot despite technically being one.
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: It's easier to list the characters who aren't confirmed to have no problem being exposed. Not even simply wearing an outfit in most of their appearances can rule someone out, as seen with Yuullieke's comfort in Chapter 3.
    • The Unitias are the most obvious examples. Origin walks around in nothing but tight bike shorts, and that's mainly because her crotch could potentially act as a very mild Brown Note to people inexperienced with dealing with nudity. Her infinite creation of Unitias, on the other hand, run around completely naked at all times — the narrative flat-out states on their introduction that there was never a point where any of them wore clothing, and there never will be (although Origin did wear clothes in the past back when she followed the Inventor, and hated it). Unlike most examples, they do not become more shy of this as they develop feelings towards the leads.
    • Stella always leans towards the bare minimum dress code for a given situation, and since nudity is legal in several places of the story, this amounts to her casually walking around butt-naked herself some times. Other times, she tries to get around regulations with see-through clothing. There is never a point in the story where she's embarassed at anything — Carlson even jokingly asks her if it's possible for her to feel embarassment. She has to think for a while before she answers with "No...?"
    • Carlson himself has a wardrobe mostly limited to a pair of swim trunks and... two heavy suits (one of armor, another a space suit), but he only wears them as a handicap because he thinks fighting is even more effortless without them. He only even has the shorts on in the first place because they "feel soft enough to be more comfortable," and to minimize Groin Attack risk. When HRT-1 manages to induce Clothing Damage on him, he's more surprised at the fact that -1 even hit him at all than he is about him being nearly naked.
    • Kameel Kick does not mind wandering around in a skirt that completely flips over most of the time. Ironically, she's the only main character never seen completely naked in Ordinarily (that would have to wait for Extraordinarily), though she has been in her underwear in her own home a lot when Carlson is around, and does not care even though her relationship with Carlson is strictly platonic.
    • Yuullieke, despite not looking like it at first and being based off of the type of characters who normally do not fit this trope. She gives a Full-Frontal Assault in Chapter 3 as she attacks Carlson right after she took a shower, not bothering to get dressed. She does not care that the people in the restaurant see her naked. And frankly, nobody at the restaurant cares that some nude person just tore through the roof with a knife in hand demanding to take down some guy in gold swim trunks, implying that this is another common sight in the story's world. (Which a Fully Background Event in the spinoff would imply further.)
    • Even the Inventor completely doesn't mind being seen naked, but his unhealthy build (to the point where someone unfamiliar with the series could be told he's some sort of zombie and believe it) and his horrible stalker attitude make him Fan Disservice.
  • Spiritual Antithesis: To The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan, a one-shot GPF published as he had fun writing it and to "build up hype" for Ordinarily. Both of them critize tropes commonly seen in shonen and ecchi anime — except Ordinarily does so in a mocking, open parody with deliberately flat characters, while Ordinarily is a far more serious deconstruction of concepts such as a "chosen" hero who is special above the others (in this case, that "hero role" is taken on by the Big Bad).
  • Toilet Humor:
    • Justified example. One of the early HRTs is designed to resemble an overweight, naked man that's also attatched to a toilet. Unlike the other HRTs, Carlson completely curb-stomps him and his fight is a Gilligan Cut. The reasoning for this is to reflect on how the HRTs units were designed early in the Inventor's life (when he was even more immature; he's still pretty childish as an adult), and HRT-3 was during a phrase where he really liked poop jokes.
    • Stella apparently has a bad habit of discussing toilet-related matters, although she only does this on-screen once and notes that she's trying to fight against it. That one time is after Carlson hears her screaming from the bathroom:
      Carlson: What is it?! Is it HRT-5?!
      Stella: No, it's...
      Stella: You know how when you're on the toilet dropping bombs, and some water splashes up back to your ass?
      Carlson: ...(Confused) No?
      Stella: You don't? Wow, you really are the luckiest man in the world.
  • You Are Number 6: The HRTs each go by two names that they switch around pretty often: a "title" usually relating to their powers, and their HRT-# name. They flip them around fairly evenly, but Fan tends to gravitate towards using the HRT number term to describe them. The exception is Unitia Origin, who is not called HRT-9 very often, reflecting her own desire to break apart from the Inventor way before the others did, and the brainwashed HRTs hating her because of that.

Extraordinarily United

  • Lighter and Softer: Ordinarily covered topics such as abusive relationships and stalkers, and the Unitias were made to really push the "creepy" in "Creepy Good." Also, the heroes constantly get in to misfortune until right around the end, to the point where they rarely stay in one comfortable living place for long. In Extraordinarily, the Unitias do not speak as morbidly, the villains are a lot more harmless, and the protagonists actually get to relax.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill

King of the Hill

King of the Hill

King of the Hill

Very early idea on the characters.

Main Fighters

    In General 

  • Ass Kicks You: It's the whole point of the game. It's no surprise that they all fight like this.
  • Expy:
    • Plumbrack is an obvious testosterone-poisoned Mario.
    • Selfievanna isn't based on a direct, specific character and is one of the aversions; rather, she
    • AweZome is a mix of Ezekiel and DeepWater's previous MUGEN original character Tagger. He's got Ezekiel's ego and Tagger's obsession with becoming an online star in spite of technically having a physical disability.
    • Yamiko has the same Theme Naming as the Demon Underground from DeepWater's previous joke story, The Unviewable Panties of Ishiko-Chan, but her character design itself can be described as a cross between an older Monoko and .GIFfany.
    • Rizijjick is DeepWater's Homestuck Parody Sue, Rick Abs.
    • Blue Buffalo is a very obvious reference to the Red Bull energy drink.
    • Roxy is a character DeepWater came up with for some bizarre fake joke-game that would just be considered So Bad, It's Good. Ironically, she was an angel there [she might be changed to an angel here, though]. Her backstory is based on an actual incident involving an ice cream mascot that was posted on the Internet.
  • Foil: Each of the characters are arranged in terms of contrasting pairs, like so:
    • Plumbrack and Selfievanna: Both of them take things associated with gender stereotypes and butts (plumber men showing crack; butt selfies), and intentionally go overkill with them.
    • AweZome is an arrogant, "full of life" video star with one arm. Yamiko is a quiet, literally dead nobody with dozens of arms. Also, AweZome's normal outfit outside the battlefield covers his legs but bares his groin area, as he's practicing ass-fighting. Yamiko walks around with a skirt inverted, exposing her legs but with undergarments on.
    • Rizijjick is an Obviously Evil, over-emotional athelete based on the sea (surfing). Trucker is a stoic, well-regarded hero that is associated with the dry land (trucking across deserts).
    • Duck and Butterella are both based on action genres. Duck is a subversion of the "manly superhero" (he's not Plumbrack; he's an obvious Gentle Giant), while Butterella is a subversion of the spy genre (she's more like a Highly Visible Ninja).
    • Blue Buffallo
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: They are evenly divided between five male fighters and five female fighters. Which is downright unusual considering the developer's track record of Improbably Female Casts (this is only counting the "roster slots" themselves; assists and the like do lean towards the other trope GPF/NMDW's known for).
  • Superhero Origin Story: Parodied. All of them got their powers from some lame-sounding reason or another:
  • Would Hit a Girl: Expected as this is a fighting game. However, all ten characters are evenly divided in to "rival" pairs, and all of them are man/woman pairs (eg, Plumbrack is Selfievana's rival, etc; it's the same order they are listed in on the character sheet, which is the game's roster's order).


The Steroids From Another Castle

Age: 24
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Status: Buff

A gitty plumber who was admitted in to the Association of Super-Skilled Fighters by accident a few years ago. He was witnessed fighting a certain giant hand monster while suffering from a major plumber's crack. He decided "what the hell" and got in to butt-fighting with his pants completely down. Apparently, he got the ass-fighting skills just by doing a lot of squats.


The Snapshot Snipeshot

Status: She's constantly updating it; look on the Internet

A phonoholic bikini model that enjoys taking selfies of her rear. One day, she did so after her phone was dipped in radioactive waste, and the resulting flash from the image gave her the power to ass-fight herself.


Age: 18
Status: Awesome (or so he thinks)

An extremely arrogant video website celebrity who specializes in some kind of sport called "Skate Shedding." He once failed a grind and had to experience some serious pain between his legs as he fell down the rail the rest of the way. However, he ended up crashing in to a skilled ass-fighter, which transferred said fighter's powers over to him. Now considering himself a pro in two sports when he's barely a pro in one, he sets off to the tournament in hopes of

  • Handicapped Badass: He does not have a right arm, but he's still a pretty dangerous fighter. This parallels with the character he's an expy of, Tagger, who has "short arms" (which was just the result of Fan drawing him Off-Model before deciding to roll with it). And it contrasts with Yamiko, who has plenty of arms.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • The guy who keeps bragging about maturity and bragging about being "an adult now" fails to realize that he's the youngest fighter in the game.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Yeah, he's full of himself. There is no beating around the bush here. But, he's


The Bodyless Brains

Age: 19
Weight: [Hang on a second, I'll fill this later, I'm bad with weights and heights] (while alive); 0 lb (ghost form)
Status: Spooky

A university student who recently died, but in a manner that accidentally fulfilled a complicated ritual of the two Champions. Now, she Came Back Strong and was blessed with ass-fighting.

  • Creepy Good: Actually one of the nicest members of the cast, despite looking like someone who is seconds away from pulling you through the television screen and in to Hell.
  • Magic Skirt: Inverted with her out-of-battle outfit. Her skirt would cover her in normal circumstances, but it's flipped over inexplicably, displaying her undergarments at all times.
  • Non-Indicative Name: She actually does have a body, in contrast to her fighting title.


The Douchebag of the Decade

Status: Douchebag

A surfer, and a large asshole of one at that. He got his ass-fighting powers by

  • Shout-Out: His title to the Superhero Movie gag about the Big Bad being awarded "Douchebag of the Year."
  • Token Evil Teammate: He's the only one of the ten playable characters who is actually evil evil. The others, at worst, are just kind of jerks, and even they are far and few in between. His ending has him take over the world and imprison both Champions.

    The Trucker 

The Truck-Train Train-Wreck

Age: 37
Status: Stoic

An expert driver

  • Perpetual Frowner: Her ending is the only time in the game where she smiles. She doesn't even seem to happy to get a victory in combat.

    Duck Detonation 

The Pedalling Perfectionist

Status: Nurse


The Stealthy Vodka-Glass

Status: A proper spy never tells you what she's doing right now!

A super-spy that crafted her own ass-fighting equipment. She technically has no powers on her own.

    Blue Buffalo 

The Flightless Tired Man

Status: Can't fly

  • Butt-Monkey: Good God, he has the highest amount of crap flown at him out of anyone else in the game. And this is saying a lot.


The Insert Hot-as-Hell Joke Here

Age: 61
Height: 6 ft 6 in
Weight: 666 lbs
Status: 6 (Sick) of Not Finding Work

A demon, and the former mascot for Ass Burning Chili; she provided the eponymous ass. After the logo was changed from complaints, she 180'd in personality, became bitter, and she and her several hundreds of demons are wandering the Earth looking for work.

Demons are already born with ass-fighting skills.



  • Disproportionate Retribution: They are considered the gods of this in-universe when they're not considered the gods of ass-fighting. And there's a good reason for this, too. They started a twenty-year war over whether dogs or axolotls are better pets. The reason why they are seldom spoke to even though they are very public deity-like figures is because it's pretty easy to piss them off, and when they are just slightly inconvenienced, it tends to result in blown-up houses.
  • Static Role, Exchangeable Character: The one you side with at the beginning of Arcade Mode turns out to be the penultimate boss. Or final boss on the lower difficulties. P.A.N.T.S. is the final boss on the higher settings.

    The Legendary Flatass 


Age: 400
Height: 6 ft 6 in

  • Expy: He's more-or-less a comically exaggerated Hank Hill.

    The Fabled Pecless 

Plumber, demon, spy, ghost. Her butt smacks all without discrimination!

Age: 470
Height: 6 ft 16 in (7 ft 4 in, but without the 616-way of writing it)


    The Portable Annihilating Negative Terror Symbiote (P.A.N.T.S.) 


Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown (He has an irrational fear of rulers, too)
Weight: Don't ask
Status: Drinking coffee at Stelkazh

A man who wears a brightly-colored gi (the exact color varies on the palette, but it defaults to red) that has the "Mark of Template" given to him when he discovered its previous owner incased in stone as punishment for misusing the power. T... is pretty much misusing the power himself, and only time will tell before he crosses the line and gets frozen too.

Okay, so is a Starbucks clone named "Stelkazh" like some sort of universal constant in all of his original stories?
  • No. It's not in Emazh In. EI was the first story I thought of the place for, but no. There is a Starbucks-like one simply because I already had a .GIFfany based on the mascot and there's generally an Emazh for every .GIFfany, but it's not called Stelkazh.

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