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Bad Boss
  • All of the Guardians in OFF, with the exception of the Judge and Hugo:
    • Dedan's Establishing Character Moment is him telling one of his employees to get out of his way or get fired, and he outright lets the ghosts attack everyone in his Zone because he feels they "don't deserve" being helped out by him.
    • Japhet originally created Zone 2 as an entertainment area so that the residents could be happy. However, after they became paranoid of everything and forgot who he even was, he went mad. At one point he's even shown sending a large group of ghosts after a residential area because the citizens kept ignoring who he was, although him possessing a cat at the time might have had something to do with that.
    • Enoch/the Director. Before even finding out his name, you learn that his massive factory that is Zone 3 is creating a Fantastic Drug that's made from corpses. He knowingly runs an economy based on highly addictive cannibalism with horrible withdrawl effects and doesn't give a damn.

Clockwork Century

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