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TV Tropes The Video Game Class 12 K

This Resolution Will Not Be Televised:
  • The Cape was not only cut down from thirteen episodes to ten, but its tenth and final episode was not aired on television and instead demoted to being web-only.

  • Jade Green

Epic Rap Battles of History:
  • Bleep Dammit: Luigi's opening line in Wright Brothers Vs Mario Brothers is censored, as with Donald Trump's ending f-bomb (the latter of which is also censored pretty poorly at that: it sounds like he's saying "I got my own fcking problems") in Donald Trump Vs Ebeniser Scrooge. This in spite of the fact that several other rap battles in the series have no problems with swearing before or, at least in Adam Vs Eve, being very explicit in general. Considering that this series is hosted on Youtube makes why they even bothered with censorship even more puzzling.


Anti-Climax Boss

Cowboy Bebop at His Computer

Dink Smallwood

Pencil Whipped

Some of them are based on obscure(?) games, like Dink Smallwood from the game with the same name, or Dooby Dummy, an enemy from a game that... wasn't even released?

Lyrical Dissonance

"Tsk tsk tsk. Seriously? Is this how you [Jean] treat your number one customer?"

SCP Foundation: Under the "discussion pages":
Termination test for SCP-682 using SCP-071:

682 introduced to 071's containment.




SCP-682 returned to its own containment; class-A amnesiacs administered to everyone onsite.

Wizard Of Oz 3 Dorothy Goes To Hell

The Wizard Of Oz 3 Dorothy Goes To Hell

(I'm gonna elaborate its ^ entry under Gainax Ending. But first I'm gonna look back at the last few minutes of the... uh, fan film and correct anything I have wrong, and elaborate on what I have right.)
  • It involves some kind of Stable Time Loop with the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion being turned from their unusual counterparts here into selves resembling their movie versions thanks to coming across a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze Tree, which also strips away the Lion's courage for some reason. (The Scarecrow was unnaffected and the Tin Man lost his heart in order to aid him in killing some villains earlier.) Because of this, and something about the year going from '99' to '00' also causing a reset in time, a massive time paradox occurs that turns Dorothy into a pig and prevents the movie from existing. Several explosions happen, including one last one that marks the end of the video.

Screwed by the Network: TDWTR?

    Trope List for Dorothy Goes to Hell 

  • Big Damn Heroes: Parodied. When confronting Satan, he claims that he has Dorothy and Shit Pickle trapped, then the Kool-aid Man comes out of nowhere to save them... only for him to get killed by Lucifer, Satan's evil(er) twin brother.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The gray brick road leading to K-mart just seems like a throwaway joke, except that the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion go down it after the former tries to shoot himself and the latter two try to stop that from happening.
  • Crack Fic: In case the clues weren't obvious...
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: The closest thing that this has to an aesop is an implication that the added brains, heart, and courage to the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion are bad: With his brains, the Scarecrow notices that he's part of a dumb fan film and hates it; the Tin Man's heart prevents him from fighting; and the Lion's courage once made him nearly blindly charge into battle and nearly got himself killed.
  • Gainax Ending: The Y2K Bug apparantly also affects reality, which reincarnates Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. into Baby Jesus but at the same time sends a prototype of him into 2000 B.C. since that's when he was made, but he was subsequenty destroyed by the people in that era, creating an unstable time loop that endangers the plot of the fan film since there wasn't a Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 B.C. for Satan or Lucifer to use. In addition to that, and the above Stable Time Loop with the characters from the first film, it creates a giant paradox that screws with the existing movies and history itself, ending with everything explodng.
  • Large Ham: Kool-aid Man.
  • Only Sane Man: Scarecrow. Crosses right into Breaking the Fourth Wall near the end:
    Scarecrow: You're all so ignorant. Don't you realize how it feels to be a badly-made character in a movie that lacks any intellegence?

    Dawn Not Like in Twilight New Dawn 

  • Artistic License - Religion: Again, invoked, this is purposefully bad.
    • Chapter 1 of Ulumate has Anderson saying "And the God said to the Jesus, 'Let there be no vampires'" to justify his dislike towards vampires. Not only does this line not make much sense when you think about it, but it's obvious that this isn't actually said in the Bible.
    • At the end of chapter 2 of Dawn, Anderson, again splits the Red Sea. This act is credited to Jesus.
  • Monster of the Week:
    • Chapter 3: The Sol [Or was it the Mierda? I can't remember my final name, just that the chapter accidentally called them both at one point]. As with the Flunk-outs, the supposed leader Den gets killed first.
  • Naked on Arrival: Kamina, on account of going back in time via a Delorian that only transports organic matter ala Terminator. [This... could wait until chapter 4's out. Maybe.]

  • Cerebus Retcon:
    • The story's end. After a timeskip from 2000 to 2011, and a fight between Alucard and Rip, Alucard finally sighs, leans back, and slumps down on his computer, just glad that this is finally over with and that he can spend some time on Fakebook [sic]. It's heavily implied, if not outright stated, that this is literally seconds before HUC itself begins, and that's the beginning of a series of events that leads to Alucard's death. Looks like he doesn't get time to relax after all. The retconning part comes from how it seems like he's just goofing off at the start of the story, but it turns out that he just came back home after a very hard battle.
    • If reading in the "publish order," the whole story comes off as a countdown to the moments before Alucard dies (and Integra, but that happens a bit later): Despite having the whole of ~1914 to 2011 to cover, it choses to roughly go further a decade each time, which greatly puts the spotlight closer and closer to the immediate series of events leading to his death. In a way, it makes his life seem more "finite" on a re-read, since it had the chance to just focus on World War II's era and be done with it, leaving a large gap for him to still be active, but it didn't.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Alucard's showdown with Rip is meant with phrases along the lines of "Well, it's about time" and "This is inevidable" from both of them, a nod at how Alucard and Rip never actually fought in Ulumate proper despite how Rip's constantly-revealed stream of new powers should make a battle between them more interesting.
  • Serial Escalation:
    • Rip's outfit gets more revealing chapter-by-chapter. Since this is a prequel, it can be assumed that this is leading up to what she wears in HUC. It's apparantly inspired by the Don's 100 daughters, since she looked through their body types out of boredom and decided to try to shapeshift her general figure to look like a "mean" of all of them, possibly with some exceptions.
    • Speaking of Rip, there's when she finally battles Alucard. Alucard burries his arms and legs into Texas at one point, and begins piloting the entire territory of the state itself as if it were a Humongous Mecha. Rip follows that up by doing the same thing to the continent of Austrailia. And that's not even beginning to mention the part where they both release all of their limits and send entire armies of familiars into war.
  • Trailers Always Spoil: The "preview" for chapter 4 completely gives away the fact that Kamina will join Hecksing (again?) and that the organization will encounter some form of Shrek along their way. (Thankfully, it's only an AI in the demo run.) The former through means of having Alucard accuse Kamina of being a hippie, and the latter with a dead-giveaway phrase: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP?"
  • Win to Exit:
    • Averted in the actual game-related chapter, "the Demo Run," which any member of Hecksing was free to leave at any time, they only stuck there to find out more about the HRG of the chapter.
  • What Could Have Been: According to "The Demo Run"'s closing notes [Note: Or "The Dumb." Or even "The Don." I could swap them out.], the "reality" flashforeward in 2014 was supposed to hint at a crossover between HUC and Darkstalkers, much like the 2013-flashforeward was to the Steven Universe crossover. The story there was that Carl and co would eventually interview the whole fighting roster (or at least, most of them, with some of them being an inconvenience to say the least). Thus, Carl crying about being "rejected by all of them." but the interest in this idea fell, so that was only glossed over as a brief Terrible Interviewies Montage (except the "terrible" side actually goes to the interviewers, since they always say things that turn off who they're interviewing) at the beginning of the next story.
  • ?????:
    You see, I try not to base my actual opinions on fanon or fan works, but rather on what canon has to offer. However, the content of my fics is a lot more influenced by fan events. The most obvious probably being that I try not to ripoff concepts I see a fan fic pull off (at least not specifically: You can't really take credit for adapting lifelines into a Total Drama fan fic since that's a common gameshow thing), and I tend to focus on genres for that respective fandom that I see little of. Ed, Edd n Eddy's fanworks, at a glance, look to be a lot of darkfics, shipping fics, or crossovers where they get superpowers, so I made Movie Day, something that's a little more closer to canon (something I would normally never do) but not so close that it follows the rules of not introducing more characters. 496 exists in its current plot (which I wouldn't consider a Fix Fic. I wouldn't consider anything I write Fix Fics) because the only Homestuck work under Fix Fic is a bloodswap. IE, the "fix" being based on changing the dynamics of the characters a little, while I was looking more towards something that tries keeping them the same but subjected to a different plot. Dave's Hangover and Calliope's Back Story because, from quick searches from time-to-time, most of "those" general plots are either fluff or angst (and everyone seems to be doing drugs or alcohol in those angstfics, based on AO3 tags. This isn't an insult — none of this note is aside from the 360DD part — just an observation) and don't really strike me as the kind of stories that will become mindless "save-the-world" fun. The reason why SBIG is still ongoing is because many other fanworks that try to imitate the genre amount to "OC with five names has sex with everybody" in a manner that's done way too similar to My Immortal. 360 Degree Duck is like this, but to all of media: Parts of it take trends in whatever that I don't really like and try to reverse them around.

    What I was trying to get at here was the characters. Specifically, their lifespans. I like turning around fandom in-jokes about that. Alucard is this invincible, unstoppable memetic badass? Well, in my world(s), SBIG or (later on) not, he only exists to die now. But he's still badass, just that his mortality is always showing. Aradia's reincarnation is a beautiful moment and she is determined to no longer die? Well, her dreams will be crushed repeatedly, and if you manage to get attatched somehow, your feelings might too. Kamina? He's... in a very uncomfortable purgatory. I don't know what to do with him. Nepeta, who has become walking dead-jokes now and there was that brief period of time where I saw several fic incarnations of her die? Congradulations, you just made her into the one who unlocks the secret to immor— not dying until the end of what is probably the most famous Long Runner of all time. Until Simpsons gets canceled at least once, watch as she gets increasingly annoying. Heck, going to popular minor characters, Sweet Jade and Hella John was even starting to imply that you get special plot-armor related powers for being one before that idea was dropped without another word on it and SJAHJ was swept under the rug.

    I realize that this will definitely turn a lot of people off. Not just because it takes until like chapter 5 or something before it's even possible to figure out who the hell any story is supposed to even be about, but, you know, people like Alucard unleashing heck on bad guys.


  • Troll:
  • The Unfought: Subverted. While she's the first character Alucard fought in canon that doesn't fight him here, she does end up fighting Carl and Seras during the invasion. And she does fight Alucard in Dawn after all, in the climax of the final chapter after Anderson's defeat.

  • Surrounded by Idiots: While he himself is kind of a dumbass, many of his followers are even worse. Especially Captain. Expansions seem to imply that far from all HRGs fall under this trope (Hell, the Felt inverts this, with Doc Scratch being a pothead while the Felt mooks all seem to be more competant than him, even Eggs and Biscuits), so either Major was unlucky when looking for members or he had low standards in the first place. Or Bro just hated him.

  • Name's the Same: While both of them have actual names, there's till two "Bros": The Cloud Cuckoolander of a father-figure that Dave has and appears to share his oddness, and Alucard's evil older brother that's behind many of the events in at least three of the continuity's stories. Normally, this wouldn't be that bad, except that... well, there's a pretty big difference between a good-natured oddball and a dictator snakeman.

  • Only Sane Man: There's a surprising number for a borderline Troll Fic.
    • As with Rip in HUC, Jane is the only character who talks without any buck-ups in spelling or grammar at all, while the other characters (including her own counterpart) range from "intellegeble, but with a few basic mistakes here and there" to "gibberish." This is pretty hard to notice, seeing how often Jane is Out of Focus. Even in the fourth season, which splits the Crew into four groups and has an entire chapter on each of them, the chapter with Jane's group was more about Dirk for the first half, and Jake and Roxy for the second, while all Jane was was someone who tried to challenge Dirk and usurp his current hold on the team's leader.
    • Noah. While his reason for stealing the Sand Crown isn't that clear, he seems to be one of the most rational characters in the fic. This goes double if you only count the non-Homestuck characters, since he has no competition in that entire field. The closest fit, Hank Hill, not only has a weird origin, but he acts weird sometimes himself.
    • Real Life celebrities that make an appearance tend to be this, like Tony Hawk.
    • Judging purely by his meta-commentary, Karkat fits this. However, he's probably one of the bigger Large Hams it has to offer.
    • Jade, when compared to her immediate friend group. John may be rational as well, but he seems to be obsessed with mind games while he puts up a mask that's a heavily Flanderized version of his mischaracterized fanon self. Rose is OOC-ishly rude to everyone. Dave is deranged all over. Roxy's head appears to be too firmly stuck in Party Heaven to do much of anything. Jake's a weirdo Butt Monkey. Even Jane and Dirk get into these really weird "bouts" sometimes, and even decided to hold a race down a dangerous, unfamiliar toxic river. Compared to them, Jade's only fault is that she likes a guy that, after looking into it, she's not really sure why.
    • And when she's not insulting her fellow crewmates backhandedly, Aranea becomes this. It gets to the point where, while recapping season six, she goes back and runs through all of the odd plot points (thankfully after finishing the actual recap at least, so the readers can still know what the hell just happened), and nearly pulling a Screw This, I'm Outta Here! for the whole story before her ancestor Sk8oardr [sic] convinces her to stay to the end. Considering how she appears in the final scene of the story and showed no signs of wanting to leave there (not to mention that it takes place about 30 after the fic proper), it's likely that she chose to stuck with it after all and just roll with the weirdness.

Red: Bobby, the only war you can't win is the war on facts. If someone gives facts that disprove your thoughts or call out your facts as being fake, you have no choise but to either find out if they're true or give in. You can't ignore what looks like the truth.

  • Development Hell: Simpsons Meets Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. It was originally planned to come out on Valentine's Day of 2014, with the gimmick being that all four of its admitedly short chapters are written over the span of just two weeks. That didn't happen. Then, at least the first two chapters were planned to come out on July 29th, the first annaversary of ending Sweet Jade and Hella John. That didn't happen either. Both were because of the author's general lack of interest in that story keeping him from really wanting to write it. Now, it's given a very generous date of December 12th (alongside 360 Degree Duck).note 
  • Reverse Cerebus Syndrome: The first Act is dark. Hank and Peggy die, Arlen is slowly freezing over, the villain begins pretty close to getting a seriously powerful upgrade to the Permafrost that will make it near-apocalyptic (at least regionally), Bobby can only band Joseph and Connie while most of the adults are left trying to follow Dale in order to form a decoy so the kids can escape safetly in groups, and Bobby is eventually separated from them when he tries to ride away from Johnny on a river but lands into a cave. And that's just the first chapter. It looks like it's going up at the end, when he meets Jade, yet not far into chapter 2 at all she turns out to be very unsupportave of him and not think of him as a real hero. The rest of the chapter is spent on the two going through a very empty but colorful set of natural habitats, searching for some of Jade's friends and fighting the occasional monster. Chapter 3 is primarly focused on a dying civilization, and reviving it. Then chapter 4 comes, and like Arlen, Peach Creek has evacuated its adults while the kids were supposed to split... or at least, that was the plan, before the latter group was trapped by one of them going mad with power via ingesting a Pikmin Statue. But then Act 2 rolls around, and as the Survivors and background cast both start expanding considerably, so does the light-heartedness of the fic. Especially when Bobby is finally reunited with Joseph, Connie, and later the Arlen residents. (But his interactions with Jade continue to be a little grim, since she is his biggest mental challenge to trying to become a "hero.")
    • To sum it up, Prologue/Act 1 = empty settings, only four series really get that much focus and they're all gritty in some way/portrayed as gritty, first chapter and beginning of second imply that this isn't going to be the BOBBY HILL BECOMES A HERO! fic that the summary implies. Act 2 = "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?" (But it's still not "BOBBY HILL BECOMES A HERO," per say.)
    • This could all possibly be chalked up to Early-Installment Weirdness. The story was planned from the beginning to be a "large, lively world" with several crossovers involves just to try out writing a Massive Multiplayer Crossover fic, but the actual plot put a serious prevention on that throughout most of the first act, so it feels very isolated and minimaly up until chapter 4. (The first signs of "civilization" since team Bobby-Joseph-Connie left Arlen, and even then, there's very little of it.) Which is odd since Jade exposits on how the world works in the second chapter, which made it feel like Show, Don't Tell back then
  • Trailers Always Spoil: The "sneak peek" posted at the annavarsary of ending SJAHJ gives away the climax of the first chapter.

    LOL no 

Icesky: How the hell? Where are you drawing all of this power from?
Bobby: We evolve, beyond the person we were a minute before! The faux-great may just focus on keeping themselves the most powerful in a contained inferno, but the truly great strives to fight those urges and expand! By trying things in every direction, we in turn stretch out our spirit with ideas that flow freely, and by that, find a better way to become the inferno we really desired! That is how fire works!
Icesky: That's just the path that leads to extinction! Why can't you follow your father's last words and understand how great the old tradition was?
Bobby: ...Those were only his last words because you killed him! If you never brainwashed Johnny Testnote  to do your work for you, he would still be alive, and I... I could still be who I was seven years ago! It's a scary thought now, but it goes to show how well your plan worked!
Icesky: Well, my plan now is to finish off the Hill family. And now that it's been down to you for almost a decade...
Bobby: Dad's death also killed me, emotionally. But I was reborn! Into something else! Something bigger! Someone who could understand the spirit of the Everburn! Your plan didn't work at all, all it did was let me finally come up front and do a lot! Even someone who constantly enforces the present can drive the sentient to the future! That's how great we are!

The original parts might be lolyes, but the stuff copied from Gurren is definite lolno territory.

Eve: Suggest to the council to make this a new law! Do not ingest Teleport Matter— urgh... and tell them that there should be no punishment. Say that there should be a disclaimer that doing that is the punishment. Maybe that will scare people off from doing what I tried.
Rain: But what about utilizing, and-
Eve: Look, if someone can find a way to make food and acid shoot through you faster than the speed of light into something useful and not just the beginning of a very painful bathroom session, give them a Spiral Prizenote .

This is not how the actual scene will go. I'm just signifying how much of a ripoff it is.

Dave: I'm not going to say anything ending in "Yep." I'm off, everyone.

Jade: We're counting on you...
(He implants a bomb on the dreambubble's planet, breaking it open and revealing the core.)
Dave: Alright. Fire all missiles—
(Ships interface shows several "Light" symbols appearing over each of the missiles, Dave looks to see D-Meulin now dressed as a Theif of Light.)
Dave: Damn! Right at the crucial moment!
(Thanks to luck manipulation, every single one of the ship's missiles jams and explodes, appearing to obliterate the Deserite ship.)
Aranea: We— there's a massive explosion in the Dream Bubble!
John: ...Did that free the Hat Goddess?
Karkat: He didn't even enter the core, dumbass. What do you think?
Aradia: So he went in there just to die?
Nepeta: Dave, you idiot! Did you forget everything I learned!
Rose: Wait! We're picking up something! It's a part of the ship!
Feferi: And life signs!

Dave: The Strider is still here. Another example of how you never use your powers as far as they can go. If you were more careful, you could have wiped the bow. But you're too late, D-M. Because luck no longer matters.
Dave: So I'm left with a big piece of the ship's front... I think I'll use it!
Jake: Dave!
Dave: This piece... it's Dirk's soul. Or, the Meteor Crew's soul. Actually... the soul of Beforus, Alternia, and two Earths! No... it's my soul. My soul!
Dave: Take this! Dave Strider Giga! Sword! BREAKER!!!

Dave: So I'm the first one everyone really loved. Cool. And I feel like... for the first time in my life... I can really... see... Heh heh heh heh!

Duplicate Meulin: .

It's like I'm wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all!

When in danger, the one thing you must do is— FROM MY CEREBRAL CORTEX TO MY GLUTEUS! GLUTEUS! GLEUTEUS!

Stupid Sexy Flanders

  • Lotus-Eater Machine: At some point halfway through the sixth arc, Duck gets knocked out and finds himself in a machine that is supposed to create an infitinitely or near-infinitely large virtual reality/dream world. The machine which causes this is also supposed to be able to keep his body sustained forever, making him near-immortal — at the cost that his emotions are being used to power the machine being used against the 360. He spends much of the time there pondering if this is really a bad fate, before coming to the conclusion that the rest of humanity doesn't get a fantasy world and that the Earth is in dire need, and he shouldn't be tempted to waste his time until he does his part and improves the future. The very inhabitants of the world (an increasing number of attractive women) side with him and help him get out, oddly. Eventually, Duck takes a page from one of the author's Old Shame fan fictions by having Duck escape by means of having him travel in an "undreamy" direction. (Except unlike that story, it does not end with his dream self becoming a seperate ghost-like entity with some limited dream powers. Instead, he just wakes up, and eventually gets the strength to break out of it.) Ultimately, it's rather Mind Screw by the story's standards (even compared to the seasonal chapter where the leads get into a computer system that basically serves as a mini alternate world), mainly since it's ambiguous as to whether or not the inhabitants of the LEM have their own will or if they were programed by the villain to pull a very elaborate series of reverse-psychology tricks that Duck took the "wrong" way. Word of God implies the former.

[adult swim]

Forgot Flanders Could Do That

Joey is about as German as Rose and Roxy are French. Which is to say, it's up to you. And maybe, in some cases, it's more "firmly locked" into one situation?????

It seems like Striders/Ikanames/Abses?/Badguys? are to giant, fangy grins as Hecks/Lalondes are to Frowns of Worry?

  • Freud Was Right: In-universe. When the Crew goes to the state of Washington, they find three monuments: The Washington Monument, the larger Clinton Monument from Futuramanote , and a third "Kamina Monument," which is not only wider and thicker than even the Clinton Monument, but it's so tall that it extends to space. And when the planets are aligned, it can enter Mars's atmosphere. And it has a giant copy of his signature shades near the top. Of course, considering how Kamina died no more than a month ago in-universe, it's a wonder how or why this was built so fast.
  • Narm:
    • Jade barfing from stress-induced nausea resulting from Dave being Killed Off for Real. Not only was the conversation leading up to it badly done and comes off as Hypocritical Humor (don't stress out over this— BLEEEEEGH), but there's the scene itself. She rather realistically pukes on Karkat's compter, then turns around, and suddenly there's high-pressure vomit that pushes her back. It gets worse seeing that the author's chose to illustrate that, and the visualization makes it look like something out of a bad manga.
    • The overreactions to that event in general. Seeing as, in canon, the kids die several times — Dave especially, probably — and they were 13-16 when that happened, while by this point in 496, they're all 19. (Except John and Jane, who are only 18.) Seeing the emotion of someone's death get to them so much that they act like this just comes off as very Out of Character and overly dramatic in general. Not to mention that they have dozens of Daves on board right now.
      • But that might be because all of the deaths were either overshadowed by a threat at the moment or had some revival method within some distance. Here, all of them could only watch as Dave was obliterated by HG's prison exploding on him. There was no one within distance to fight. No possible action to do. And since his body was annihilated on an atomical level, there was no possible way to bring him back. As for the duplicates, the story spent at least the last twenty or so chapters on Dave explaining how all of his alts are all different in some way, and that it was near-impossible for his "central" dream self to build a true replica of him. (Or course, that raises the question as to how all dreamselves seem to make teenage-replicas of their ancestral/guardian counterparts just fine. Apparantly Dream Dave can spawn a second B2-Bro but not a Dave replacement? Which makes this narm as well.)
    • Dave's last words. "For the first time in my life... I feel like I can see..." while he's staring into an incredibly bright ball of light. That's also what kills him less than a second afterward. Oh, and he's somehow typing this out on his shirt at the same time, since he's recording his final thoughts for the Meteor Crew for some reason. For reference, imagine someone saying what Dave said while looking into the sun.
    • Much earlier than that, John and Nepeta's entire conflict. It's ridiculous on how quick he is to criticize not just everything she does, but two entire troll cultures, all the while kissing up to Karkat for some reason even though he's been far more hostile to John than any other troll. The way he also calls her a "hobo" gets pretty jarring since she's technically not a hobo exactly. (Those are wandering people without a home. Nepeta seemed to be firmly locked into having a cave-hive.) Meanwhile, Jane and Equius somehow manage to get along just fine by comparason, which is really weird.
  • Special Snowflake Syndrome: No, this has nothing to do with her being An Ice Person, but it does come close — she deliberately managed to invert her own energy somehow and become an "anti energy" demon just to stand out more in the family at first, and renamed herself "Icesky" in some way to fit with the Colorful Theme Naming of the 360 despite not really being part of it. Her original name was Margaretnote , but she kind of just made up a color name to sound cooler, considering it "to be when the sky meets ice." (Which is technically water if you look at it one way, or just ice in the air — which kind of describes her fortresses.) Looking into it, her color is a light azure, which could be somewhere around Sky Blue or Baby Blue.
    • Technically, many of the 360 members have color names made-up — but in-universe, they were fully established in the demon culture, and made up by the author.

  • Narm Charm: It's a Youtube Poop of Spongebob where Mr. Krabs suddenly gets a desire to kill, turns into "MOAR Krabs" while in jail, and thus forms the villain. Yet despite this, the story in general manages to be pretty entertaining. And as judged by this page, it even scared some of the viewers.

  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • And Sierra is often simplified as "The girl who likes Cody," being made to be a completely ordinary girl that happens to either have a crush on him or they've already hooked up some time before the story. It's pretty jarring to see that every hint of being outright deranged or her very obsessive stalker habits are ignored since the show played them up for most of the third season, seemed to be toning them down near the end, and Flanderized them again in the first half of the fifth.
    • [This guy might already be on the DILP page but I'm sure Sierra isn't, after giving it a look] Ezekiel is canonically pretty arrogant. He's so egotistic, that he acts like he's an incredible player despite having an early elimination of the first season, and when he's also kicked off early in the third, he refuses to accept this and willingly clings on the jet. And hides there until he becomes feral. Fan works — even the ones after World Tour (although it is notably less common) — completely get rid of this and write him as a Woobie saint who actually doesn't even want to be on the show, and is actively mistreated by other characters (particularly Courtney and Eva, even though the former would probably have better things to do than repeatedly antagonize him) just for his comments back in the first season even when there's indications that his ego might rise another reason for people to not like him. The writers probably wrote the first-eliminated contestant in season four to be as unlikable as possible to prevent something like this from happening again, and they seem to have succeeded.
  • Ron the Death Eater
  • Heck, Courtney is so much of a Base Breaker that she can probably fit under both.

[Marion Delgado]


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