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If the opposite of 'pro' is 'con', what's the opposite of progress?

LOL This House Has People In It

    The Worst Crossover Idea in Existance 

There might be something here eventually.

Two more antagonists to this page.

Dreamy Mount Pajamaja

When Luigi is trapped in a deep sleep, he and Mario attempt to awaken him by travelling the dream world counterpart of Mount Pajamaja. At the summit, it turns out that there is a sapient chunk of the volcano itself lying in rest. Unfortunately, he doesn't take very kindly to being waken up.


A large mecha made of town pieces in Dreamy Wakeport.

  • Painting the Medium: What little dialogue it has is written with exclamation points both before and after. In usual robot fashion, it speaks in all caps as well. This gives it the impression of being exceptionally loud.

So Homer Army's portrait is Hank Hill smoking. I thought that as a callback to that Dipper Clone's portrait should be a shitty drawing of Steven Universe smoking, or Steven and the Steven's portrait should be a shitty drawing of Dipper smoking.

"And they censor him Austin Powers style. Now that is funny."

(STRIKE:)I don't even know exactly what this is for yet.(END STRIKE) Okay I figured it out. It might be a self-dig at some earlier fan fic I wrote that I'm half-ashamed of.

Main Characters






Everybody knows Ted, but nobody likes him. Fuck Ted.


Bruce Lee's relative, a man who was called by the Governer of Hong Kong in response to the skyrocketing of crime rate.

  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: Despite having the potential to wipe out 1.2 billion people, he still dies in one hit.

The Element Abominations

    In General 

  • Expy: Not of a specific character, but of a concept. Color/element-themed copies of a character are nothing new to Fan's work. Nepeta, .GIFfany, and Hank Hill have also been victims of it. This is, however, the first time where a character having multiple "alter egoes" of sort is actually part of their original canon.
  • Theme Naming: Their general names are taken from the months of the year,

Upon getting a perfect win, Template Man pumps his fist into the air while the victory fanfare from the Final Fantasy series plays, then he teleports everyone to Starbucks.

One of Tagger's victory quotes has him say that each time you get that particular quote, Youtube would have changed its layout.


"Game Over"
  • Soos comes to the idea that he could try flirting with a large group of copies outside of the museum to distract them. However, this instead results in one of them announcing "HEY EVERYBODY! THERE'S A HUMAN TAKING OFF HIS CLOTHES!" and rushing over to him in mass. Dove, "falling back to instincts," is the first to reach him. Because of this, by their "code of honor," Dove gets to be the first one to "take him." While everything is set up for the plan actually working and her to casually sneak him past security...
    Dove: Wait, why the fuck am I a candidate? I'm not on your side! I'm the last of the rebellious first generation! The totally-unofficial leader of the initial two point six million copies! Do you really think I'm one of the rift-made alternate recruits that feel confortable here? Hell no! I'm top rebel, and I'm just as eager to end this shit as all the rest of those copies over there! (Points at the other professors, whom were watching across the street.) And— oh. Shit. Soos, did I just give us away?
    Soos: Well, it's good to know that you're still honest, and that's what really matters.

So I don't forget

(Blah blah blah Spring green-Giffster asks "original" Pink-Giffster why she specifically had all the minor copies stay away from being the latter's followers, giving away the plot twist that she's actually using the PNG/Construction Site to make even more copies earlier compared to the original plan where it would be dropped off in chapter 13/the end of chapter 12, as part of the whole "Don't keep all the plot developments/twists sandwiched in the end and don't just have it as a monster of the week romp through the bulk of the story that would make it get stale quicker." Becides chapter 6 already confirmed that she'd somehow make the "apocalypse" larger than it is which implies that she'll make more copies of her game and dark magic 'em anyway. Also pink initially thinks Spring green was Red, she begins to yell out "DOVE" since on the last time Red snuck there Pink threatened to send Black to put her back instead.)
.GIFfany: And thanks to Professor Kathody's students, I have more than enough ghost energy to power every function of the production line!
Prof. Wendy: Right. And I forgot. What is "ghost energy" again?
.GIFfany: Really? It is what you use to fuel your created vehicles yet you are not sure what it is?
Wendy: Hey, would you rather give your exposition to Burnda instead? I could just change my mind and lend her another space suit. After all, that does sound like a very Hank-ish thing to do...
.GIFfany: (Groaning vehemently) It is an ectoplasmic-like undetectable form of energy tied with spirit magic, mostly made by ghosts.
Wendy: So ghost droppings?
.GIFfany: No, it's... something more complicated than that! Look, just know that it's ghost-like, it's a secondary source of energy most of our domains use, and it works. Remember, I told Kathody that she had to pick something for her "element theme." She really wanted to be the "electricity one." That is stupid! We are all electrical in nature! So she picked... that.
Wendy: We are also all metallic, but you let Sandy be earth and Bubbles have a kind of metal.
.GIFfany: Rocks and SOAP are different from metal! Now go before I start getting increasingly frustrated at you stepping on my construction site when you are supposed to be in your domain awaiting Soos and company to get here!
Wendy: But... they are not supposed to be in my domain. Right now they left Sonia's. But I will leave, I was in the middle of this amazing AU crossover roleplay with my students where Hank was swapped with Sheldon Cooper of The Big Ba
.GIFfany: You know Professor Dian! She might just hand them the key card to your place right away! So go!

    guy with the ninja 

  • Death by Irony: Naruto spared Sasuke because he thought he was too weak. While Sasuke isn't entirely responsible for Naruto's breakdown that ends up leaving him completely open, he is the one that simply walks right up to him and stabs him.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • In a way, every single character who actually gives Naruto trouble in the story has pink hair, reflecting how he obsesses over Sakura more than any of his other captives. It's justified in that four out of five of them are actually implied to be related somehow.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy:
    • Naruto thinks he's the protagonist-slash-Designated Hero of a large-scale wish fulfillment harem fic, that will ultimately end up getting everything he wants. He's actually the childish Big Bad of an apocalyptic-ish comedy badfic, and the bulk of it is actually focused on Sasuke and other survivors trying to stop him.

"The tables have turned."

"The Sage of Fire has awakened."

"The true power of NEO."

"Seriously? Why?"

"Naruto had a feeling that he was gonna be on a bad date."

Another favorite of mine is a sign reading "This pisspot is fucked (broken)" on a broken toilet.

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