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  • Recommended by DrThinker
  • If you want a great novel of video game hit the works of Magus 523.

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Let's Play Republic the Revolution by Olive Branch
  • Recommended by: kievanrus
  • Synopsis: A narrative based around the PC game Republic: The Revolution.
  • Comments: Don't let the words "Let's Play" fool you. This is easily the best narrative LP I've ever read; the protagonist, Piotr Prokofiev, is a very well-written character who's far from a Marty Stu. The supporting characters are all expanded upon, given unique and interesting personalities, and the author has managed to actually bring Novistrana alive in a way that the game never could.

Garfield And The Equestria Girls Series

This is a register for HSAU, tracking student homerooms and teachers.

     1 A 

     1 B 

     1 C 

     2 A 

     2 B 

     2 C 

     3 A 

     3 B 

     3 C 

     4 A 

     4 B 

     4 C 

     5 A 

     5 B 


Apathetic Teachers

The trope I'm looking for is when the translation tapes contain things you would probably never need to say.

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Colleen Wing


The Undertale multiverse, with splitting and branching AUs extending as far as one could possibly imagine, eventually comes to a stop. It wasn’t something that came out of nowhere for some denizens—after all, the “original” Sans spoke of reports that the timelines eventually stopped completely after a certain point.

But that wasn’t necessarily a cut-off point. Things didn’t cease to exist afterwards...but, rather, they merged. In a single instant, the multiverse reached critical mass and collapsed in on itself, forming the reality that we call HELP_tale: A place where all incarnations of all of our favorite Undertale characters attempt to exist in the same place in spacetime.

It doesn’t go well.

HELP_tale was created by the HELP_tale crew. It can be read here. Story summary here.

In the Transdimensional Arc of the Transcendence AU young Dipper mistrusts and is severely irritated by Alcor.

Muggle-Mage Romance

Steven's Gem family continues to grow.


  • Absentee Actor: Amethyst and Pearl don't appear in this episode.
  • Always Someone Better: Navy gets used to Earth pretty quickly, which Lapis finds unbelievable given how long it took - and still takes - her.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Navy successfully tricks the Crystal Gems to get her ship back, and presumably flies off to either rescue her squad or head back to Homeworld.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Garnet wishes for another shooting star for Steven. One appears, but it turns out to be Navy.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Navy turns out to have been deceiving Steven the entire time.
  • The Bus Came Back: Navy has returned from deep space.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Garnet mentions how one of the Rubies tried to stab Steven.
    • Steven mentions their past events with the Rubies.
  • A Day in the Limelight: For Navy, Lapis, and Peridot.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Steven's naivete really get the best of him this time. He finds no problem with helping one of the Rubies has has tricked and sent into space, wholeheartedly believing she want to be a Crystal Gem.
  • Dislikes the New Guy: Lapis is very distrustful of Navy for seemingly adapting to Earth extremely rapidly and being so forgiving. Those feelings are not without merit.
  • Downer Ending: Steven is betrayed by Navy, who now has the Roaming Eye back and is possibly going back to Homeworld to inform them of the Crystal Gems.
  • Easily Forgiven: Navy is very forgiving of Steven and Garnet for their previous encounters. Subverted, as it turns out Navy was lying to get her ship back.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Navy failed to see her ship the first time she was at the barn, though this may have been part of her ruse.
  • The Farmer and the Viper: Steven spends the entire episode helping Navy get used to life on Earth and welcomes her with open arms, with Peridot and eventually Lapis joining in... at which point Navy stabs them in the back.
  • Foreshadowing: Navy says she want to join the Crystal Gems because her teammates were mean to her. Navy's previous screentime showed her getting along just fine her them, hinting that this was just a lie.
  • For the Evulz: Navy says she could have stolen the ship from the start, but wanted to see the look on Steven's face when he saw that she betrayed him.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Right before Navy leaps at Garnet and Steven, you can see her expression get really angry.
  • Hope Spot: Steven eagerly exclaims the Crystal Gems got a new pilot in Navy. She then tricks him into pushing himself, Lapis, Peridot, and Pumpkin out of the ship to escape with it.
  • I Lied: Navy lied about her changing sides to get her ship back. Whether she wants to use it to get back to Homeworld or find the other Rubies is currently unknown.
  • Kick the Dog: Navy admits to spending the entire time gaining Steven's trust just so she could watch his face after she revealed her true intentions.
  • Late to the Punchline: Garnet only just got the reason for Navy's nickname.
  • Like a Fish Takes to Water: Navy appears to adapt to Earth far more quickly than Lapis did, leading the latter to resent her.
  • Mistaken Identity: Before Steven clarifies, Garnet briefly thinks Navy was the one who tried to stab Steven in space instead of Eyeball.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Subverted. Navy claims that the other Rubies were mean to her and she wants to join the Crystal Gems. Turns out it was all a lie to get to her ship.
  • Precision Crash: Navy randomly falls from space right in front of the Beach House.
  • Reality Ensues: Steven and the Crystal Gems have tricked the Rubies, sent them into the empty void of space, and stole their ship. So of course Navy wouldn't wanted to be friends with the rebels who caused her misery and separated her from her crew.
  • Rocketless Reentry: Navy returns to Earth by crashing into the ground in front of the Temple.
  • Security Blanket: Once Navy is trusted by everyone, including Lapis, she claims she needs her ship to feel secure. Subverted in that it was a ruse, and she was planning on reclaiming her ship the whole time.
  • Selfless Wish: Garnet's shooting star wish was for another so Steven could make a wish.
  • Sixth Ranger Traitor: Steven gets Navy to join Lapis and Peridot at the barn, but she was just playing them to steal back her ship and take revenge on them.
  • Skewed Priorities: Instead of flying towards the ship to catch Navy, Lapis breaks into a mad laugh about being right about her suspicions toward the other Gem.
  • Sky Face: Navy appears in the sky at the end of the episode.
  • The Sleepless: Sleep is specified as not only unnecessary for Gems, but also a foreign concept, with Lapis mentioning it was hard to figure out. Of course, Navy falls asleep immediately from her explanation.
  • Sleepyhead: Lapis is revealed by Peridot to love sleeping.
  • Smarter Than You Look: After all her previous appearances as a ditzy Minion with an F in Evil, Navy reveals herself to be quite clever, playing on Steven's good nature to get her ship back.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: Even after revealing her true nature, Navy speaks in the same airy half-whisper.
  • Subverted Suspicion Aesop: Lapis' suspicions towards Navy easily forgiving them for all the mess they put and her the Rubies through turn out to be right.
  • Sugary Malice: Navy still maintains her sweet personality, even after it's revealed that she's still on Homeworld's side.
  • Thrown Out the Airlock: Navy, claiming she's going to show Steven a trick in piloting the Roaming Eye, tricks him into opening the ship's door, which sucks him, Peridot, Lapis and Pumpkin out.
  • Villain Has a Point: While Navy's betrayal of Steven is heartbreaking and involved her acting needlessly cruel, she can't reasonably be expected to forgive the Crystal Gems after they've repeatedly lied to her and gotten her team stuck in space.
  • Wham Line:
    Navy: The only thing wrong, is that. You're. Still holding on. (Evil Laugh)
  • Wham Shot: After Steven presses the button a button Navy told him to press, the Roaming Eye's room goes dark, a tube suddenly drops around Navy, and the ship's door opens, throwing everyone but her out.

Don't forget to watch Room For Ruby, tonight at 7:30 PM EST on Cartoon Network!

Soul Singer Of Tyrnos

Soul Singer Of Tyrnos

Ready, Freddy!

  • The Extremist Vector
  • Amar Despues De Amar
  • Steven Universe isn't drawn on computer; it's actually hand drawn and inked on paper, and there are about 10,000 drawings per episode. Check it.
  • The show managed to parody everything related to pop culture, from Initial D to Wile E Coyote And The Roadrunner. And it makes them work. Very few other shows are able to do this without being completely self-aware, and no others could do this and hold on to a deep, coherent plot.
  • That an Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe crossover even exists. Despite it being vehemently hated against by SU fans the moment it was announced, or that UG creators were trolled incessantly about its creation, the fact remains that it still got made. And because both UG and SU teams have such a respect for each others work, the episode seamlessly blended the two universes together for a hilarious non-canon enjoyment.
    • And despite the backlash, there are fans of both shows that enjoyed the crossover and had genuine fun in watching it and making fanart about it (or shipping certain characters like Lion and Tiger).
    • And the fact that now there's a Kickstarter to revive SWAT Kats from the creators themselves- after having been referenced in "Say Uncle"- it's likely that reference opened the floodgates for the fans of that show to start the ball rolling.
  • The 30-second promo for the "In Too Deep" event manages to combine this with Nightmare Fuel, by completely avoiding any hint of lightheartedness that Steven Universe commercials usually portray, including a really well-done Dark Reprise of Pearl's lines "If you could only know, what we really are" from the extended theme. It also shows Alexandrite fighting Malachite, as well as Peridot and Steven using the drill to tunnel into the earth to confront The Cluster. All in all, it does its job of getting the viewer pumped for May 12th, and then some!
  • The entire creation of Mystery Girl, which accomplished the seemingly impossible task of more or less killing all extant ships for Pearl, because everyone instantly fell in love with her new canon love interest. And keep in mind, this is for a character that has not had a single line of dialogue as of her introductory episode.



St Giles Academy For The Paranormal

The Reveal The Reveal

[Bug! Bug ]] Half Life Food Fight

Accordion Dave is a cockslut

Steven Universe S 3 E 23 Back To The Moon

WMG.Steven Universe S 3 E 23 Back To The Moon




This link should send you to the Big Bad page if I understood this rightly. You do know that this is the page with the most links right? Far more than The Hero since Villains Act, Heroes React. (Real nightmare trying to edit that link in). When I first found that link it was called The Bad Guys Make the Plot Either that or Evil is Cool. Both could explain the popularity of the Big Bad page.

     Lion, Part 1 
The lion was a familiar or friend to Rose Quartz.
When she died, the lion wandered alone for a while until it ran into Steven and the Gems. Knowing they must be connected with Rose Quartz, it felt the need to follow them and protect them from the Desert Glass.

Lion is Rose Quartz
  • Somehow, even though part of her became Steven, she was reincarnated to become Lion. It explains it's color and the fact that it has strange Gem-like powers and is overly attached to Steven.

Lion is a member of a domesticated species used by Gems to help in their missions.
With most of the Gems presumably gone, there was no one left to help maintain the species, but some feral ones did survive, like Lion. Lion appears to have had some natural drive to destroy the dangerous desert glass, but is also very good with people, even somewhat annoying kids who poke and prod him. In addition, his domestication would explain why he seemed to feel a desire to protect Steven. It's also possible that Lion is very old (after all, the Gems are a functionally immortal race, so they'd probably want any pets or working animals to at least be long-lived) and had a Gem owner many decades ago. The owner died, but Lion continued to travel the world doing the job he was bred and raised to do. He decided to stay with the Crystal Gems out of his natural affinity for the race.
  • Maybe his owner was Rose Quartz, who had to leave him behind at some point prior to her joining the Crystal Gems. Lion could sense Rose's gem in Steven, hence why he was so gentle.

The lion is a manifestation of magic that appeared when Steven was born.
He's obviously connected to Rose somehow, but if he was her pet, it's weird that the other Gems wouldn't know. When a Gem has a child, part of their magic breaks off and forms an animal guide. The Crystal Gems don't know about this because Steven is the first Gem child.
  • Unlikely, given that Lion is strongly implied if not stated to have existed before Steven was born.

Lion is one of Rose's plant creatures.
In Watermelon Steven, it's revealed that Rose had the ability to turn plants into sentient creatures. Lion's mane and coloration look similar to the moss flowers from Lars and the Cool Kids. Maybe she brought one of them to life to watch over Steven before she died.

Lion is Pink Diamond
We are lead to assume Lion is just some familiar of Rose's but to date have yet to see or hear of any other implications that creatures that are as gem-like as Lion (magic powers and unusual abilities, a consistent but unnatural color scheme that matches gemstones, looks like a species that it clearly can't be, and the gem's trademark pocket space which most likely comes from a gem hidden inside his mane since so far we have seen only the gemstones themselves have this ability) but aren't simply gems in an animal form, like what we've seen Amethyst do multiple times, or a corrupted gem, which doesn't seem to be the case here though his mane is similar to Centipeetle's, exist at all.

We have seen enough implications that there was once a "Pink Diamond", but they are no longer a part of the White, Blue, and Yellow Diamond's order and Rose has a pink triangle like the colored triangles of the supposed diamonds in the center of her rose symbol indicating that at the very least she is affiliated with him, just as Pearl is by the pink Diamond on her suit. But while some point to her gem not being a proper color for a Rose Quartz to have her skin's tone clearly is while lion's primary color is far closer to the intensity found in the Pink Diamonds they are comparing her to.

There is something about Lion that Rose thought was so important she felt she could never allow any of her fellow gems to even know that he existed at all, which would be very odd if he was "merely" a familiar to their only leader Rose Quartz, and according to Rose's video to Steven him being a part of Rose Quartz herself made after her passing sounds incredibly unlikely so what else could make him so important? Word of God is "Gems are gems" so the theory that Diamond is only a title that gets associated with a color based on who "earns" it also sounds odd as that would indicate that no gems are actually the gems they seem to be made from and goes directly against the heavy implications that all gems are made with specific purposes in mind.

But what if the Rose surrounding the Pink Diamond's triangle, protecting and hiding it at it's core, is showing her status of being something akin to a bodyguard or knight (which her shielding abilities and healing tears make her a better candidate for being "made" for either role than leading a race as leaders rarely need to be in the battlefield) to Pink Diamond instead, and Pink Diamond supported Rose's rebellion (as Lion cares enough for Rose he is helping Steven in his own way and his keeping some of her precious belongings safe long after her "death") if not secretly played a bigger part in it's creation himself with Rose making herself the primary figurehead to protect him as is her duty?

What better form for a former leader of a race that leans towards feminine humanoid forms to take when trying to lay low for whatever reason, possibly to wait for his dear protector to be to become of age again which is why he is helping Steven recover Rose's legacy so they can continue some grand plan he made with her ages ago, than an apparently male animal which has the benefit of literally hiding his gem from view if other unwitting gems come across him before the time comes?

Maybe Pearl wasn't wrong in saying Rose never had a lion, since we saw with Lapis Lazuli not all gems can identify each other on sight unless the gems make it obviously known, and maybe Lion does have a proper gem name after all with a rank well suited for "the king of beasts".
  • Unless there's something we're missing, this seems to be Jossed, as Pink Diamond was shattered.

Alternate to the above, Lion is basically the lion equivalent to Steven.
Gems are vastly different than humans in many variety of ways. Would it be that odd if one fell in love with a "King of Beasts"?

Lion is related to the magic moss seen in "Lars and the Cool Kids"
I don't mean this literally of course, what I mean is that the magic moss was simply the precursor to Lion. Rose simply found a way to create a magical lion by studying the moss or at the very least some other magical plant.

Lion used to belong to Pink Diamond.
Rose took him because Pink Diamond died or she was mistreating him.

Lion isn't an alien. He's from Earth and was there when Rose Quartz first arrived.
He's just as old as her, if not older. Lion is actually the very first true lion in all of existence, with all lions in the world being his descendants. He has powers and is pink because that's the true form of a lion, which just got diluted over the years. Lion is the anomaly that actually first brought Gemkind to Earth, but they kept it a secret. Rose kept him secret too.

Lion was once Greg's cat
This theory came from a YouTube comment. When Greg's cat died, Rose cried her healing tears on him and he was revived as Lion. This would explain why the rest of the Crystal Gems didn't know about Lion: he probably lived with Greg initially. Lion is drawn to Steven and wants to protect him because Steven has Rose's gem and Lion is loyal to the Gem that brought him back from the dead. Evidence includes all of the cat supplies in Greg's storage unit. The flaw in this theory is how Lion got away from Greg and wound up in the desert.

Lion is a corrupted Gem.
But a successfully-rehabilitated one. Rose did have the ability to heal a corrupted gem through her hybridization experiments, but it cost the gem its full sapience and made him (her?) into a more utilitarian animal than a Gem; sort of like an idealized pack mule.

Lion was spawned off of Rose, similar to how Gem Monsters create miniature versions of themselves.
Several of the different Gem monsters seen so far have had the ability to create miniature versions of themselves for combat. This would suggest that the ability might be innate to certain types of Gems. Lion was created through this method for Steven.

Lion was the first organic/Gem creature hybrid.
While not a true Gem, he was created through similar methods of creating Gem lifeforms, while also being organic. Rose created him to see if Gem/organic hybrid life was possible.

Lion was created by Rose from Pink Diamond...on accident. At least partially.

It's made abundantly clear that Rose didn't want to shatter Pink it's not outside the realm of possibility she was crying when she did it.

Rose's tears are shown to not be able to fix shattered Gems...but like Steven, her powers were tied to her emotions. So her SINCERE desire for there to be another way that didn't entail Pink Diamond's death caused something strange to happen, possibly combined with Pink Diamond being...well, a DIAMOND.

Somehow, some way, her tears were altered by her emotions and resulted in Pink Diamond's shards becoming something more than just a pile of lifeless shards. That something was what, either by accident or Rose realizing it and doing something on her own, ultimately resulted in Lion's existence and Pink Diamond, in some capacity, living on. So in a sense, Lion could be seen as Pink Diamond's Reincarnation.

This is also why he doesn't have a visible Gem: he was born from either Pink Diamond's data directly or from her shards, and thus not her whole complete Gem.

Lion was Pink Pearl.
Pearls are considered high-quality gems with no citizenship, acting as decoration and servants to high ranking gems. Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond are shown to possess their own Pearls (apply named "Yellow Pearl" and "Blue Pearl"). Each of the Pearls presented in the show (including the Crystal Gems Pearl should she belong to White Diamond) are tinted the color of their owner, have hair and clothes mildly resemble the shape of their master's clothes and have the placements of their gems on the same spot as their owners. According to Peridot, Pearls are meant for "holding [their] stuff for [them]", which could possibly allude to Pearl's ability to store objects inside a pocket dimension in her gem, thus it is assumed that all Pearls have this ability. Who else has such an ability?

This theory presents the idea that Lion was - in fact - a Pink colored pearl lost on earth and loyal to Rose Quartz. So why a Lion? Odds are, nearly all other gems shown on the show were originally humanoid and coherent, but somehow became corrupted and started turning into monsters. In "Monster Buddies" Garnet claimed that Rose tried to repair these corrupted gems, so it is fairly possible that at some point between the end of the war and Steven's birth, Rose found Lion and was able to tame "him" much like how Steven was able to befriend the Centipeetle Mother. She would then use Lion's ability to store objects in "his" mane and keep some of her more precious items safely.

As a side note, we really should look at the fics on this page more often so this doesn't happen again, as several of them were dormant, one was dead, and three (four if you count "The Wrath Of Topaz") were deleted! And "Yellow Diamond's Invincible Adventure" went almost a year with "Invincible" as "Invincable"!

Teen Boat baby, oh yeah! Teen Boat honey, that's right! Teen Boat, Teen Boat, oh what a Dream Boat!

Not related to Portal 2 or Portal 2: Repercussions.

I am not at all sure what is going on here. But Glowfic is awesome and needs more eyes on it because the tvtropes entry is kind of weird because most of the people editing it are inexperienced. Or have bad English.

I think the No Mercy path might qualify as Springtime for Hitler (it tries to be unsatisfying and is practically littered with neon signs telling you to abort it and spare something yet it ended up being one of the most well-known and well-liked aspects of the game), gonna draft a possible trope entry here:
  • The No Mercy path in Undertale. It serves mostly as a deconstruction of grinding in RPGs and is made to be very unsatisfying both emotionally and in terms of gameplay. It's a bleak tragety-horror where you're the monster causing the misery of others with the goal to Kill 'em All, and the game gives you several very explicit signs that you should at least boot yourself to a neutral run. It also punishes you with two difficult bosses, one of which intentionally relies on Fake Difficulty. Despite this, the path ended up getting roughly just as much, if not more attention as the pacifist and especially various neutral paths. Not helping matters is that the final boss of the run is also highly popular largely because of the boss fight itself,

Then there's... this... thing...
  • "Racist Mario," (NSFW) a Mario Kart parody about Mario going insane and killing everybody in gory fashions because he's racist against all of the third-party characters added. If you asked "What third-party characters?" then you've just made the trope's point. Mario Kart 8 had a few downloadable crossover characters, but they were all from Nintendo, while the extras here are just from other random companies. It's also pretty unlikely that it's referring to the arcade-only installments, which do have crossover (with Namco Bandai). It hardly seems like a Mario Kart parody so much an excuse to try to cram in violence for humor and throw some digs towards Nintendo.

Text that you want to quote

    I Am Blue 
If I was green I would die.

    Me Being a Dick 

  • Anvilicious:
    • The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage tries to give a genuine aesop (as it's the Stylistic Suck SBIG, this is rather rare) about being more aware of what you're actually doing versus what you say you're doing, never be quick to lump up anyone you disagree with as a sort-of hive mind enemy, and don't shelter yourself off from criticism. (And also not to let yourself get brainwashed by social media.) It does this by having Gravity Falls tear itself into two extreme opposing sides, both of which are ultimately shown to be in the wrong. The problem with this is that it roughly takes up half the story, and the in-universe controversy of the Stan vs Melody election has to share screentime with... well, an action-themed storyline about preventing evil robot knockoffs of the main characters from causing the apocalypse, so it feels rather forced in and a huge momentum killer.
    • Fan admitted that 361 Striking Degrees piled on the "don't automatically hate change" message a little too blatantly, and kind of over-promoted The Power of Teamwork as well.
  • Arc Fatigue:
    • The Second Half of Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage. It may be exactly as long as the First Half... by chapter count, but when it comes to each chapter's length then it's murder. Making matters worse is the mixing and merging of a number of main plotlines — Mabel vs Mable, the election, Manly Dan and Tambry's fighting, and .GIFfany's redemption being the main storylines for the Half, and
    • Worse than that is Season 6 of Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals. Six chapters, each of which could be long enough to take up a decent chunk of a novel. And the season, just by itself, is well over novel-length. Little of it is actually plot important. Reportedly Fan wrote it this way because he thought he would have trouble letting go of the concept of HHC by the time he got late in to it, although thanks to a combination of him not liking how the fic's earlier parts turned out (considering it "too creepy" and "too edgy") and believing Homestuck itself underwent Seasonal Rot, he just wanted HHC finished and pushed away from him... yet he still ended up with a sextet of ungodly long chapters.
    • The Mario Intermission from the original Sweet Jade and Hella John. Despite what the name may imply, it's all a part of the main storyline, just with the "rule" that most of it must take place in a certain region and with the main characters having their text colors replaced with harder-on-the-eyes bright shades representing the Mario "plumbers." As a result of Fan not thinking that Homestuck's intermission was very interesting (he mentions repeatedly that he seriously considered quitting the entire comic while he was reading it at first and doubted if Act 4 was worth reading through it), we get over one thousand pages of John and party dicking around in a Mario setting. What makes matters worse is the way the pacing was handled: John and Jade "skip ahead" all the way to World 7 (well, that's where John is. Jade ends up in a Hub World of sorts, gets tricked to going back to the beginning of the game, and then rushes the hell over to catch up with John) so it seems like it's something fast-paced... then they spend a while at World 7. Then a while at World 8, but they soon get to 8-4! Cue them finding an "Inward Journey" room, End of Intermission Act 2. They spend both Intermission Acts 3 and 4 (and these aren't short subacts, either) trying to get through what should be the final level in the game. In other words, it almost feels like a Zeno's Paradox where every major hurtle is followed by something longer despite them appearing to reach the goal sooner. Making matters worst of all is that this is the beginning of the story. Mercifully, the remake completely scraps this and instead has the first Act focused on John and Jade simply trying to leave their respective houses (while every single other character can run outside freely), and it's not nearly as long as the Mario Intermission.

      The Mario Intermission was later considered something extremely "infamous" by Fan, to the point where it gets a huge number of Discontinuity Nods in the remake (and one self-jab in The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage; another near the end of Spooky's where Mabel leans on the fourth wallnote  to say that she doesn't want to spend as long in Spooky's mansion as John and Jade did in that Mario game) and even old SJAHJ itself constantly pokes fun at how horrible it is. (IE Jake and his Opposite-Sex Clone being teleported back to the world being met with a Big "NO!" by the narrative, John suggesting to be Sonic and Tails and Jade immediately shooting that idea down, etc.)
  • LOL at "Known:"
    • The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage is mostly known for three things: Stan's relationship with the Summerween Trickster; Soos and Melody (along with Rumble, but people tend to leave out mentioning him for some reason) getting in a highly sexual polygamous relationship with millions (at first, then they only multiply) of .GIFfany copies; and for a less-sexual but more shipping-related matter, Dipper being single with all of his popular ships being sunk pretty brutally. That it's a takeoff of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? The stuff about Mable the Typomonster and Nzyvo? The "inspiration" from the purposefully So Bad, It's Good animations of The Light of Courage? The Satan jokes? Hell, even the mass nudity in the ending is overshadowed by the author's bizarre choice of pairings, his rather vehement attacking of Bill/Dipper, and whether or not his mockery of Bill/Dipper makes him a hypocrite considering the ironic Stan/Trickster stuff and how his relatively less ironic stories have serious Soos/.GIFfany or Melody/.GIFfany vibes that are not as portrayed in a negative lightnote .
  • Canon Discontinuity: Well, fan fic discontinuity. Of his "linked" continuities.
    • Fan explicitely stated that Total Drama World Tour Rewrite does not take place in the same verse as any other stories he wrote as of him saying that, and the chances of it getting any future Canon Welding are extremely slim. While it references a lot of his other stories (mostly to urge readers to read them instead), most of the time it gets references is through a joke on how terrible it is. Particularly the old version, which he became ashamed of for its bashing-like nature and a ridiculous Unwanted Harem subplot where Harold suddenly had eight of the female contestants crushing after him. And the rewrite mostly exists to also make fun of the old version. According to him, his own regret towards that story even ended up turning him off of harems and Thousand Ship-Launchers in general — hence why naruto the guy with the ninja portrays Naruto's "harem takeover" as a bad thing, and why Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage seems to be set up to kill as many Dipper ships as possible.
    • GPF is even harsher towards 496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems. It is one of the very few stories that he had outright discontinued — although he did write a half-hearted ending that involved traveling around GPF's other works leading up to the finale and gathering all the characters together to get the Big Bad. Despite the Continuity Cavalcade in said joke ending, 496 itself isn't referenced at all in future fics and Fan even outright stated that he tries to even mention it as little as possible. (His reasoning is that at least he feels comfortable enough with TDWTR to make fun of it.) It even reached the point where he said that Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff? was the first story of his where Meulin had a very major role, when she was planned to be both the protagonist and (through an offshoot) the eventual Big Bad in 496; in Bl:oo<dswap, on the other hand, all of the Meulin swaps are overshadowed by the Nepeta swaps. It did, however, get alluded to early in Bl:oo<dswap: 496 had a Hanksprite, as does Bl:oo<dswap, and a doomed Dave in the latter explicitely tells the alpha Dave that Hanksprite was a mistake.
    • The remake of Sweet Jade and Hella John was ret-conned into being the fic's definitive version. The original webcomic was going to be part of the SBIG continuity, but this was eventually retconned as Fan felt ashamed of several aspects of it. Another reason is that he thought it became way too pointlessly complicated to search, and had a very unfocused plot that jumped around a lot and had too many unnecessary characters.
  • Cerebus Syndrome:
    • Most of the last of his SBIG installments: naruto the guy with the ninja, The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage (especially the Second Half), Sweet Jade and Hella John, (technically this was one of the first, but it was given a remake just before the Grand Finale that practically rebuilt it from the ground up and is all-but considered a separate story altogether) and Housestuck: The Split. While there is some lighter "filler" works of the like (Spooky's Jump Scare M— OH LOOK IT'S BILL CIPHER being a five-chapter lighter fic bridging the two halves of Jouranls and SBIGlets updating on occasion with pure comedy-fics)
  • Continuity Lockout:
    • Even his more complex stories tend to only have one recap each if you're lucky (with the original Sweet Jade and Hella John, with a total of five recaps (although he only ever finished the first and final ones), and Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals, with one recap per season, being the only fics with more) and
    • Getting into his Gravity Falls works? You should probably read run:gifocalypse first. What's that? You're not interested? Well... don't say we didn't warn you when he throws on over fourteen new characters roughly within one chapter. RG introduces the copies at a much slower, more reasonable pace.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • He typically sets out to find certain fan fiction rules and then deliberately breaks them in as over-the-top and extreme of a way as he can. Usually if that rule involves OCs. Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff responds to certain unrealistic "mutant white/black blooded" fan trolls by (with in-story justification) introducing such trolls... except they're all Nepeta. As the whole plot is built around the initial trolls being replaced with a Nepeta. And the blood "colors" eventually get downright insane, including patterns,
    • Destroy All Clothing in Existence would normally be brushed off as some insane nudist propaganda rambling if not for the plot being so absurd and Up to Eleven that it establishes itself right off the bat as not trying to let anyone take it seriously. A sworduser running around slicing off the clothes of people all across Earth because some scientist told them to sounds kind of like something out of a bad ecchi. A sword-using flower running around across different universes, dimensions, and even the goddamn afterlife slicing off the clothes of everyone because clothing is both an invention by evil immortal space cockroaches to try to brainwash all of sapient kind across the multiverse and because the concept and use of clothing itself is a single, living, sapient entity that is infinitely big sounds more like something out of an acid trip.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!:
    • Start up a new file in Destroy All Clothing in Existence after getting that 100% with all three Bonus Bosses defeated. Now, try to dodge the early enemies. Much like half of its gameplay inspiration, you'd probably find yourself dodging way ahead of time and straight in to the attacks of the weakest, easiest foes in the whole game. This is because several of even the late-game enemies, let alone bosses (this is also one of those Easy Levels, Hard Bosses-type games), require lightning-fast reflexes to dodge.
    • Emazh In has the same problem, and this trope (along with Early Game Hell) is also why fans joke about the Dekstop President being the second hardest boss in the game (the hardest is... uh... [[ someone else]]), even moreso than endgame bosses like Fatephinal, Kristie, or Ted. Her attacks are specifically designed to heavily punish players who have already had successful or at least pretty far (~the Second Chapter) and have grown accustomed to dodging the batshit insane attacks that pretty much all bosses from Ninthee onwards will pull off. Her "slow charge, give the player a lot of time to jump or roll out of the way" playstyle can trick a lot of people. Granted, you don't have to fight her until you need to enter Labostoep (which happens pretty much near the end of a run — by that point, you'd have an army that could obliterate her), but some players would in general to make fighting the rainbow-ring of Charges a bit easier. most players, on the other hand, "prefer" the faster-hitting, more powerful Alexia as a first Charged recruit.
  • Damsel Scrappy:
    • Invoked with Dipper in Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage — he's kidnapped once in the First Half. In chapter 3, but by a wimpy failed attempt at cloning Bill that refuses to fight and just has a strange fixation on him. When the Second Half rolls by, he's captured in every single chapter independantly, with Princess Peach lampshading how often he gets captured.

      Seeing as he's absolutely surrounded by Action Girls that move the plot foreward and he's built up as having "the inner power of courage" yet his main Chosen One-ability, as the Big Bad points out, is basically a fancy way of running away from fights; his complete lack of any major victories following the first chapter; and the ridiculous ease it is to kidnap him; Wisdom, Power, and Courage-verse Dipper might have actually qualified for a gender-invert of a Faux Action Girl if not for the facts that this is completely intentional, and the fic eventually just comes out and says that he's shit when it comes to Spiral Power. (Which, despite the beginning's huge emphasis on the "Power of Wisdom/Courage/Power," really is the main way these people fight.)
  • Deconstruction Fic: While he says he's more fond of reconstructions, that does not stop him from getting more deconstructive from time to time.
    • naruto the guy with the ninja staddles between this and a full-blown Take That! at harem Wish Fulfillment "powerful [lead character]" fics (mostly due to Fan's own Old Shame) by portraying someone (in this case Naruto, a common subject of these types of stories) gaining some extreme power, a large amount of women, and control over the village as a bad thing. Naruto becomes a childish dictator thanks to the sheer overpowered abilities he's simply born with, and the focus is on a number of survivors trying to (and eventually succeeding with) taking him down and restoring order to the world. The fic also goes over that if such stories try to play Hard Work Hardly Works straight... well, let's just say that Fan mentions hard work a lot for a reason.
    • The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage also deconstructs the idea of harem-wish fulfillment and 12/13-ish year-old grand chosen heroes that are made "smarter and more competant" than their canon counterparts, but the character it uses as the victim for this (Dipper) isn't a villain and there's a sort-of reconstruction in the form of Soos genuinely being the one to get a harem. Journals is by and large a bit of a deconstruction of "Dipper-shipping" in general, and specifically puts a lot of effort by Troll Fic standards to try to make an argument that, ultimately, Dipper and Pacifica might not be as compatible as the fandom makes them out to be.
    • Escape From Fanservice Island does this twofold, one towards the beginning and a different one towards the end. Interestingly, when one is at work, the other is handled in more of a reconstruction-y manner. Neither of which are exactly exclusive to Gravity Falls, but fandoms in general.
      • The first is at the Draco in Leather Pants trope. In short, [...] The story does, however, end with some kind of middle ground: Fan doesn't think there's anything inherantly wrong with redemption in of itself, so long as there is an actual development towards it and the character doesn't just jump from an asshole to a sobbing, regretful wreck in the span between canon's events and the fic's events.
      • The second is towards contrived "Embarassed Naked Female (or Male)" stories, or any general fanservice that focuses on humiliation of being exposed in public. While the cast is on the island, it's at Affectionate Parody levels — Soos lampshades that he was not expecting a story where both the men and women end up in the buff, pointing out how American sitcoms (particularly animated ones like Family Guy) tend to do the former more while anime tends to do the latter. After some jokes about how overly-contrived it is, the nudity immediately takes a backseat and the characters quickly just lose all shame completely. Then they leave the island and end up in public where they have to avoid cops, things change. The fic spends that first bit of them trying to make it to Piedmont going over how a Naked People Trapped Outside situation would not be fun, not be sexy, and instead a horribly painful and scarring experience. While this only really applies for chapter 9, the rest of the story does not bother trying to reconstruct it. GPF reportedly did this because he had a preference towards Shameless Fanservice Girls, but he got the idea that the Reluctant Fanservice Girl was far more popular. He wanted to write something where the readers are supposed to genuinely sympathize with the character(s, in this case six) being forced in the situation instead of oggling them.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Considering SBIG's whole schtick (which, at its serious, could be described as trying to invoke Narm Charm), some of those stories might be trying to pull this off on purpose. Some might not.
    • Taking run:gifocalypse being a good ending at face value is almost entirely based on seeing if the various .GIFfany copies actually had grown to be better people. The "main" one from canon was eventually confirmed to have sure as hell not (well, maybe "better" than her old self, but she's still shown to be pretty terrible even in the bonus Time Skip chapter), and it's established that Burnda at least is an extremely convincing liar. For all the readers know, the Mystery Shack team (and Gideon, being the guy who brought .GIFfany's disc back in the first place) might have just laid grounds for a completely unstoppable yandere AI apocalypse made of roughly trillions, if not far more. This would have also proven the people Dove hates for assuming self-aware machines are bad to be completely right (then again, a large part of Dove's character is how she's indirectly proving them right anyway — when she meets her last player, he points out that by basically nuking Gravity Falls for fun (though she specifically did it in a way that didn't kill anyone) she added on to his paranoia about living machines). It's explicitely stated that the Planet Negation Girl could be used to mass-produce weapons that enslave all of humanity, and this would have been Dove's goal had she won the Gifocalypse. The PNG is still there, practically unharmed even in the final battle, just now it goes by a different name and has several more planets attatched to it. Fortunately, one of its two original Spiritual Successors Emazh In fixes the problem by only really having three note-worthy yanderes in the "virtual group" to begin with, and going out of its way to say that they are the exceptions, not the rule. (The other one, Ordinary University, on the other hand... well, it was specifically written to nearly invert that aspect of EI, where all of them are yanderes. Fan describes the transition from Gravity Falls fan fic to an original story as like "one of those many worlds subatomic-to-atomic quantum split thingies," joking about the Heel–Face Revolving Door nature of the .GIFfanys resulting in a "split" where there's one world where they're all insane villains, and one where they're not.)
    • 361 Striking Degrees: Icesky is finally dead and the plan to unite all the races' homeworlds in a close-linked circle is going through. Except Icesky's final assault left a lot of Cirkonsing frozen, with presumably billions killed off.
    • Sweet Jade and Hella John: Dave and his other insanity-flipped teammates may have been killed and are no longer terrorizing the world, but a huge chunk of the United States (and part of Mexico) — roughly the size of Texas — has been blown to a gigantic crator. Dave and Rose were unambiguously good people, but their Sanity Slippage was entirely Jade's fault, and she gets off scott-free for that (Roxy was implied to be horrible to begin with and Dirk was unwillingly possessed by his own Auto Responder, whom was also implied to be bad to begin with). All of the non-Leijon trolls are dead, and it overall seemed like the only characters who actually learned anything were killed. It's implied that humanity was eventually able to recover, but the key word is eventually.
    • The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage: Mable the Typomonster and her army of robotic duplicates of the main cast were killed off, but many of the secondary town residents also died in battle. Not to mention that Dipper pretty much ends up single, the main quad had to go through the trauma of losing a limb and father, in Pacifica's case in combat at the age of 12/13, the gods that could have watched over and protected Earth decided to leave, Nzyvo's condition where she essentially needs to leech off Spiral Energy like a vampire to stay alive is hardly addressed, the Lightning Cult, Bill Cult, and possibly Blind Eye Society are still at large, and Soos, Melody, and Rumble are in a relationship that has the same problems as run:gifocalypse above (taking the zillions of .GIFfanys' Heel–Face Turn at face value, although #9 does legitimately show development to become a better person). It's also pointed out that if Canada declares war on the United States, they can't do shit about it, especially not as the US lost their Tengen Toppa mecha and the Jovian Shackan Lagann. (While Canada does have their own Jupiter-sized, Spiral Energy-powered mech.) None of this is also getting in to the fact that the entire plot of the story is kicked off by Carrie Kreuger simply generating a being based on Mabel's "faults and flaws" and then purposefully exaggerating them to a wannabe world-dominator; in other words, all the gang did was fight off one minion. Fortunately, Housestuck: The Split actually focuses on ridding Carrie for good.
    • This leads to Gumball Vs Satan. Yes, Omarn, Eliza, and the Kanker Sisters are all dead and Gumborn's destruction of the world was undone, but Carrie is not only still alive (well, revived) and active, but just gained access to divine powers. And the closest thing Elmore's universe has to a god — the world itself and its linked Void — basically killed itself after realizing that trying to erase people from existence for being "boring mistakes" is a bad idea. Even for a fic with a first chapter that includes Gumball infecting a Portal loop with a porn virus he downloaded on his cell phone and that has a salt-man literally named "Shits" (he does all the dirty work), the ending is still very much a Gainax one.
    • naruto the guy with the ninja plays this straighter. It's explicitely stated that Naruto never actually killed anybody during his brainwash-spree, and that all of his mind controlling was undone at his death. The character responsible for his downfall, Kyu, is highly implied to be a depressed wreck under her joking and perverted attitude, having lived through well over three hundred years of other "Naruto-likes" who also tried to dominate the entire planet. She (by her own intention, however) never gets credit for actually driving him to the point where he's too pissed off to think about time-traveling away his losses before he really dies. There's a heavy implication that some other pervert will gain an unreasonable amount of power and try to take everyone under her or his control too, and many characters have less-than-ideal fates. (Leonard ending up single thanks to the intentionally forced-in "Shenny," Hank apparently not learning much of anything, Diablo/Dave still being kind of a downer despite reuniting with his friends, etc.) Much like Sweet Jade and Hella John, it's just suggested that the story's current Big Bad is only one of many, many such powerful beings, and the heroes have not exactly put a permanent stop to it.
  • Fan Disservice:
    • The Hill King:
      • There is a lot of emphasis on Hank Hill's shriveled ass. Both bare and in extremely revealing underwear/swimsuits. Hell, for one arc he even gets a pretty powerful, flaming skeletal sword that can be summoned by an icon on panties... with the catch that he needs to wear those panties in order for the sword to work.
      • Lucky inexplicably wears nothing but a cape and a really tiny speedo. His Fan Disservice is even in-universe, as any person without a certain level of body acceptace (read: nudists as an exception, Hank as an example of someone who would be affected) looking at his naked crotch will instantly die. He also mud-wrestles Hank in aformentioned panties.
      • There's a Hot Springs Episode! The problem is, a lot of "typical" hot springs naked antics are replicated with Bill, Dale, Hank, Buck, and Cotton. There is a tiny bit of "regular fanservice" involving Peggy, Nancy, Boomhauer, and John Redcorn, but it's not enough to make up for reading a really detailed description of Dale groping Bill's man-boobs.
    • Escape From Fanservice Island — anyone who read even one other work by this guy, particularly of the SBIG series, would immediately know not to take that title completely seriously. Those that do not heed the warning are in for some nasty surprises.
      • The entire fic was Fan's really bizarre way of saying that Gravity Falls has enough of-age characters that you could theoretically do an ecchi romp without aging anyone up. Unfortunately for some, this lineup includes Stan, Soos, and Pyronica — there is very little Self-Fanservice applied to them (.GIFfany being a very notable exception), and for every Male Gaze at the women's naked asses, there is roughly one towards Stan's aged body (with a Hank Hill-like ass, the story loves pointing that out) or Pyronica growing some kind of new Body Horror feature like making temporary mouths appear on her body to try to chomp Melody in half.
      • The Disc One Final Boss, the Troll (real name Zeskit, but everyone just calls him the Troll), just looks like Ezekiel's head slapped on BonziBUDDY's body. And with a large, Ultra Greed-esque ass. Thought Fan Disservice about humanoid butts was bad enough? Now try it with a purple gorilla.
      • Chapter 9, where the fic deconstructs its own premise
      • In general, even the large number of naked .GIFfanys which vary their appearances and take on the forms of just about every Cute Monster Girl under the sun clashes horribly seeing the Eldritch Abominations around the island. The Boundry Guardians also take note — massive... flesh things coated with eyes and teeth. When they all fuse together and start sending a shitload of centipede-like things after the main group, you'd probably stop caring about the .GIFfany army's Scenery Censor antics really fast.
    • To a lesser extent than the usual .GIFfany-centric instances, the professors' debut in run:gifocalypse features them being so sexualized and wearing so little that it's... jarring, especially compared to the wholesome main characters.
  • Gag Censor:
    • Go through his MUGEN character sprites and you'll find that he does have certain NSFW animations toggled... except that the character involved will transform in to an image of a disappointed-looking Hank Hill with the text "Hank Hill does not approve." This also shows up in a non-censoring way whenever Template Man loses via time out or fails to get "enough" victories in Survival Mode.
  • Joker Immunity:
    • There have been, at minimum, four Rip Van Winkles of note throughout SBIG (way more if you count parallel universes and not multiverssal-reincarnations). Only one of those has actually died (not counting vampirization, but it's implied none of those were deaths to begin with): the one in Sweet Jade and Hella John. In both versions, it took roughly a minute of sustained fighting with a ridiculously overpowered weapon to deplete all of her lives and completely, finally finish her off.
    • No .GIFfany has never died in any of his works. The closest it gets to doing that was run:gifocalypse, which was in reference to her "death" in canon. Once Gravity Falls: Journal 3 confirmed that she was not really dead, Fan had to ret con that and she's "officially" been unkillable in his continuities. Although robotic Evil Counterparts to her are fare game as long as they're not part of an "official" .GIFfany line — just ask the many, many .MP4 Primes that Mabel drilled through using Spiral Power in Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage. As well as the one guarding Jupiter that Preston drilled in his heroic sacrifice. This is lampshaded twice in Journals — once in chapter 4 when she survives a point-blank hit from a Giga Drill Break (along with Rumble and the Summerween Trickster) blowing a hole in her chest and chalks it up to the author loving her, even with a half-assed explanation. The second time is in chapter 8, where she seems to be going a Heroic Sacrifice and gets hit with many, many blows that would be fatal to a human — especially with the Second Half seeing a huge number of other deaths. But lives past all of that anyway.

      Notably, Word of God says that in his Gravity Falls fics, her role story-wise can be compared to Bowser's. Specifically in the Wii U/3DS era, where he's gained some infamy for constantly stealing the show. Her copies are the "Koopalings" and the Lightning Cultist is the "Kamek."
  • Loads and Loads of Characters [I'm counting this as a "being a dick" trope because I sometimes do this for over-complication]:
    • SBIG:
      • Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals has over a hundred members of the Rainbow Crew alone (though many of them are alternate counterparts to one-another, and most of those are rather Flat Characters),
    • Ordinarily United claims to be a fighting game with procedurally-generated characters that brings its roster to about a hundred. When the game was finished, it turned out to be far more than that —
    • Emazh In's original story features more than a hundred domain leaders for just the "world-expanding 'filler'" parts of it,
  • Mind Screw:
    • Protip: GPF never writes "regular" crossovers. Especially not ones in the sense of simply taking the characters from one story and transplanting them in to another. Bill's Mask in particular might look like "Majora's Mask but with Gravity Falls characters," but things go off the rails fast.
    • Bill's Mask is simple compared to Paper John: Sticker Star, even though given the video game being crossed into one might think it would be the other way around. Why is Nepeta's Hat alive and the main antagonist? How does Jack exist in this world? What is the force behind the stickers, anyway?
    • Friends Till the End constantly leaves you guessing on whether or not it's All Just a Dream, like canon, or a literalization of the basement trip Isaac goes through, meaning that it would also have a different ending that does not involve going through areas representing his dying mind and self. Things come to a head in the Cathedral,
  • Never Shall The Selves Meet: Averted, and it's noted here because he — more than once — went on to explain why he thought that rule made no sense when it came to time travel, and even less sense when it came to any other sort of duplicates. For fan fiction of stories where that is a plot point (Gravity Falls has a cross-dimensional variation — in Bill's Mask, Dipper and Mabel interact with their Time Flows counterparts just fine), he tends to avoid time travel altogether. He avoids time travel in general, with or without the rule.
  • Rated M for Money:
    • Escape From Fanservice Island fell under this. Once upon a time, when first drafting the very basics of its plan, it may have started as a parody of Author Appeal fic with the specific goal to "make a deliberately shitty excuse to have as much naked .GIFfany butt as possible (and Melody, Darlene, and Pyronica because why not; throw in Soos, Stan, and Ford too)," by the time he so much as started writing the first chapter he had a clear focus on the actual plot. And the plot is surprisingly complex for a fic just meant to jab at fics that only serve as Self-Fanservice — no less than two fakeout villains before the real final Big Bad is revealed, a lot of playing with Anachronic Order (as part of leaving Fan's comfort zone, the main seven characters also split up a lot), Chekhov's Armory all over the place, every thing is foreshadowed, an overarching mystery, a number of somewhat obscure references to canon, and a sudden explosion in character count once the main group finally leaves the island. This trope comes in with the end result — take out the forced in nudity jokes and EFFI could actually be something remotely teen-friendly, if not kid-friendly if you remove .GIFfany's intentionally jarring and out-of-place swearing. Hell, near the beginning the summary mentioned that the story could have passed for a T-rating if Fan reviewed it again and changed his mind, although the "massage" in chapter 2 made him put his foot down on M. The trope comes into play in that EFFI mostly just crams in ass- and breast-related humor to justify having an M rating, and only has that rating to try to see if he can bait people into reading something that just comes off as pure fanservice.
  • Ship Sinking:
    • He openly confessed that one of the side-goals to the Stylistic Suck The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage was to eventually kill off all of the remotely popular Dipper pairings, just to see if he could. The epilogue implies that he finds love in the form of a new roommate in a Big Bang Theory-esque scenario when he moves to an apartment ten years in the future, but when it comes to the canon characters he has no such luck. In rough chronological order:
      • Bill/Dipper is not only sunk, but mocked in the third chapter when Gideon tries to give Bill a physical form without any sort of riftway. He fails horribly, and instead makes a teenage human clone of Bill explicitely called "Not-Bill" that quickly goes yandere for Dipper for no reason. This pisses the real Bill off — he sees Not-Bill as a mockery of him, and once he (through possessing Gideon) takes care of Not-Bill, he states that he finds the idea of being paired with Dipper ridiculous. A later chapter says that he doesn't even consider Dipper that much of an important enemy, and that if he got his goals, he'd just leave two of his mooks to eat him — which is exactly what he does near the end of canon.
      • Not only are Dipper and Pacifica revealed to be biological brother and sister in this universe, even if that was ignored chapter 6 has a scenario where the Big Bad threatens to cause an apocalypse if they don't kiss. They first hesitate because of aformentioned biological relation, but this eventually leads to a full-blown argument when Pacifica comes to the realization that she does not like the idea of seeking out dangerous supernatural threats at all, and wouldn't want Dipper to do the same if they became closer. (It helps that, in this fic's timeline, the last supernatural adventure she went on was the 1,000-room hellhouse of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion.) Dipper strongly disagrees and sees a future for himself where he's ghost hunting. This escalates — especially when Mabel is dragged along — until they unknowingly run out of time before the "kiss" (in their defense, said Big Bad never told them they were on a time limit), and thus causing the Typomonster to bring forth the Mechanical Bosses.
      • And any chances of him ending up with Candy is taken care of in chapter 8,
      • The very last part before the epilogue randomly sinks Dipper/Wendy when the former confesses to the latter, only to find out that she's already started a relationship with Tambry out of nowhere. Wendy laughs off the idea of being together anyway and calls him out for the levels in jerkass he took during the second half of Journals. (And he does take a level in jerkass during chapters 6-10.)
    • Another, more effort-given Gravity Falls fanwork — Escape From Fanservice Island — has GPF intentionally break his rules about not trying to overly glorify certain villainous characters and wanted to see if he could pull an Alternative Character Interpretation out of his ass for some villains. Chapters 2-4 can be read in any order. Those that read them in numberical order would find that the chapters go out of their way to imply mending relationships and setting up Soos/.GIFfany/Melody and Stan/Darlene. From the fifth chapter, the story kind of laughs off these ideas, but leaves them ambiguous by the end anyway. You'd think that the fourth chapter, focused on Ford and Pyronica, would follow as well, right? Hell no. Pyronica remains an active, major villain without much of an excuse backstory, down to the point where she almost manages to hijack the plot from the real Big Bad.
    • Total Zeksmit completely sinks Bridgette/Ezekiel when it's revealed that this verse's Bridgette is only into other women, and slowly sinks Ezekiel/Izzy when it becomes clearer that neither of them see each-other in that way, and Ezekiel even sort of roots for her to end up with Bridgette.
    • Both versions of Sweet Jade and Hella John are ship massacres,
  • Springtime for Hitler:
    • Total Drama World Tour Rewrite spent several years as his most-reviewed story (not saying that much, it was at 20 while nothing else even broke 8), despite him regretting the original version. He remade it, first to tone down on Harold and Ezekiel's Gary Stu-ishness while also toning down on the bashing... then he got the idea to make everything after the first Aftermath as shitty and full of Shocking Swerves as possible that people would be turned off of it, hopefully redirecting them another story he wrote.
    • Bobby Hill's Minecraft Harem Adventure was supposed to be another shitty harem parody thing, this time as a Massive Multiplayer Crossover and seemingly randomly incorporating elements of Minecraft as a joke about stories that have kind of unfitting crossover based on Author Appeal. He even said he'd be surprised if anyone even reviewed.
  • Take That!:
    • Fan says that his all-time biggest fan fiction pet-peeve is The Stations of the Canon, especially if the author resorts to reusing the same dialogue word-for-word. He's been relatively quiet about that in-story for the most part because he could not exactly figure out how to make fun of it, but he eventually found a few ways:
      • His short MS Paint Steven Universe comic JUST DO SOMETHING NEW ALREADY! starts out in some hypothetical "final battle" between Steven and White Diamond where the former is sent back to the events of "Gem Glow" just as the latter is about to shatter him, and he's explicitely told by the same "excuse plot force" that did so that this is distinct from the way his previous time-travelling device worked and he can alter events without them happening again anyway. So what does Steven do? Nothing different. For the whole series. And when it seems like he finally has a chance to change an even (IE taking Peridot early and keeping her limb enhancers), contrivance gets in the way of it anyway (he tries to KO her with his shield, but his shield misses and ). The story's "attempts" at being "original" just amounts to constantly going into Steven's thoughts as he basically keeps saying something along the lines of "I could change [X event], but [reason] so I won't."
      • Every single chapter of the post-revive Total Drama World Tour Rewrite begins with a Couch Gag "reminder" that if you just copy paste events and dialogue word for word, something either over-the-top or just plain bizarre will happen. (IE "...You're selling a random soul from Heaven to Satan to power his doomsday soul-cannon to blast the world." or "...You're legally requiring that Cartoon Network orders another episode of Teen Titans Go!.") Reportedly, the only reason why he even bothered bringing that story from the dead was because many other rewrites has a beginning that just copy-pasted itself from the original with little to no differences and he just wanted to do a remake that does not do that. Notably, TDWTR's revive was originally going to eventually just out and have a disappointing ending, the make the readers question why they read it despite the signs that it wouldn't be pleasant, but Fan had criticized the number of games that ultimately use "you should have never even played this in the first place" as their main point and did not want to hypocritically write a story variation of that.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Well, teenagers. Most of his "T"-rated stories push that limit extremely far. Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff features a lot of what is, for all intents and purposes (a lot of it is about an in-universe religion not even from Homestuck, but made up for this story), Satanic imagry, a major character (Roxy) having gone insane in this world, the Big Bad possessing the bloody corpse of another hero, and a heroic character (Lime Nepeta) that's basically a good guy Bill Cipher without a "kid's show" limitation. run:gifocalypse is significantly tamer... until Arc 3, with the Body Horror Glitched copies, Professor Burrda attempting to decapitate herself right in front of the Pine kids, highly Stripperiffic outfits, and the very end pulls somehow pulls a text-variant aversion of Nipple and Dimed.

    He says he's hesitant to place an "M" rating because that's the highest rating of the website he mainly posts stories on, and he doesn't want anybody jumping to the assumption that any of his less-violent stories are pornographic. EFFI is the first-ever story he rated M specifically because he wanted to trick people into thinking it was sloppily-written smut, only to reveal that it's a heavy storyline with no actual sex whatsoever.

We're starting to leave the dickishness...

  • Broken Aesop:
    • naruto the guy with the ninja appears to be going for some kind of Take That! at Character Derailment fics, although it kind of falls flat considering that Sasuke is also derailed. In this case, to make him nicer. Harry Potter and many others are derailed to take levels in jerkass or kindness (Harry is an example of the former, starting off racist against ninjas/jutsu-users and calling them "stupid muggles" because their chakra skills are not exactly magic),
    • Escape From Fanservice Island's whole status as something of a Take That! at "Embarassed Naked Female"-stories and attempt to deconstruct them by showing that such a situation would actually be very awful to go through is kind of lessoned considering how, roughly around the time everyone lost their clothes, the Stan o War team actually ended up on good terms with the "creatures" and got along with them pretty well. While deconstructing "forced nudity, especially where it's illegal in public," Soos and Melody still get genuinely befriend the .GIFfanys in the buff, and it's the same with Stan and Darlene. Of course, it's not illegal on Fanservice Island as that place is deserted, but it still undermines the borderline rant that the story performs near the end. For a lot of really good reasons — it houses monsters that make those back in Gravity Falls look like nothing.
    • The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage:
      • Chapter 3 ends with the Not-Bill battle, which goes out of its way to make fun of the popular yet controversial Bill/Dipper pairing and practically bashes over the reader's head that the author doesn't like it. Basically, Foe Yay Shipping is bad. One chapter later, Stan enters a relationship with the Summerween Trickster completely out of the blue, and they're shown to absolutely get along. They also stay together for the rest of the story That same chapter, .GIFfany tests both Soos and Melody's relationship again and her won relationship with Rumble, but that ends (in simple terms) with the four of them all "double dating." It's SBIG, the hypocracy might even be intentional, but it feels like it's mocking Bill/Dipper less because it's centered around pairing two enemies together and more either because of the kid/trillion year old demon age gap (which age-ups tend to get around) or worse, simply because it's popular while Soos/.GIFfany and more obviously Stan/Summerween Trickster are not.

        The story at least tries to cover this by arguing that it was doing this to try to irk "give the 13/12-ish year old male lead a kickass manly adventure and have him either get the girl or get all the girls" authors and fans by leaving said 13 year old protagonistnote  to witness all his popular ships being sunk and a 22 year-old secondary lead being the guy with a superpower-related origin story by means of beiing one 32nd love fairy and with a huge harem. Fan outright explains that Misaimed Fandom played a role, and that to him some fans came across as acting like pairing Dipper with Bill was a genuinely good and sexy idea, while where are a number of .GIFfany fans that still aknowledge she's a completely terrible person, and Stan/Trickster has just about no following to begin with. He tried to argue that it would be uncharacteristic of Bill to try to play "romantic bad boy" to Dipper while it's relatively less out-of-the-blue for the Trickster to possibly date a similarly lonely person and for .GIFfany to be open to the idea of having multiple people giving her attention. But again, invoked Character Rerailment and Flanderization happens all the time in SBIG, especially regarding Alucard turning in to something of a dramatic pirate-obsessed "proclaims himself as the hero a lot" Man Child. (One of its six unofficial mascots.)
      • Similar to naruto the guy with the ninja, the story appears to be trying to deconstruct/subvert the idea of the "13 year-old Gift-blessed borderline Marty Stu-itized boy lead who gets all the girls." While it shows Dipper, who has one form of The Gift (given to him by accident), as the Decoy Protagonist who usually has to rely on someone else for help and Mabel, who's only ability is the universal Spiral Power (it's specifically stressed that everyone has Spiral Power here in a way that follows Gurren Lagann's), as the real hero that manages to fight her way off of everything. For the most part, this is followed: Mabel is not the only one that can use Lagann, but she is one of the best at "focusing" on it in a manner pulled off in a such a way that does not feel like she's just "special at Spiral Power." Most of the characters do some work, and following the time skip the characters have budded off to "groups" working on improving the future in an aversion of Reed Richards Is Uselessnote . However, Mabel comes off falling under the same "Can use a trick that other people take years to learn instantly because main character" trap on occasion. To say nothing about Soos, who practically has a giant harem shoved in his hands. The latter gets lampshaded when he talks to Dipper after the latter felt rejected.
        Soos: You know, some times adventures don't always end with winning a girl's heart and living up happily ever after with her.
        (Dipper gives Soos what the story calls a "'Really?' Look.")
        Soos: Hey, I said some times! I didn't say all the time! Look, the important thing is that you do what is right.
      • Chapter 6 is essentially GPF's way of saying that using magic to solve emotional problems is sub-par writing at best or downright unintentionally creepy at worst — that was part of his beef with "The Love God," and all of his beef with the last few legs of Homestuck. Soos, .GIFfany, Melody, and Rumble (along with Stan and the Trickster) all got over their relationship issues without the use of love potions, which were rather harshly portrayed as being almost completely evil (in stark contrast to their canonical portrayal). This would be fine and good... if the fic didn't also imply that using magic to solve physical issues wasn't the best move, either. Er, this story alone has ludicrous use of Spiral Power — simply being Hot-Blooded will give you a kind of energy that lets you make drills out of nothing and can let mechas pull off the impossible. In other SBIG installments, we've got (on the hero side): regenerative vampires that shoot explosive bullets,
    • His track record of Screw Destiny is usually pretty good, except for when it comes to SBIG: Given that nearly all fan fics are part of the same four-multiversal Stable Time Loop, attempting to Screw destiny would cause three entire reiterations (at least, there may very well be more after Multiverse D now that Carrie isn't hogging up god-rights there) to have never happened.
  • Informed Wrongness:
    • run:gifocalypse:
      • According to Word of God, Dipper for the first arc is supposed to be viewed as being overly cynical, and the same goes for Mabel during her brief Heroic BSOD after Sonia effectively betrays her. Neither of them (during those respective times) trusts the copies and basically hates what they do, no matter how good the intentions seem to be. There is a bit of hate-overboard, but these are millions of clones of someone who obsesses over and attacks people completely unprovoked. She nearly killed Soos, and she (for both of the story durations noted here) had their relatives kidnapped in space. To rub salt in to the wound, she's even more stubborn about learning lessons than Mabel was in canon.
      • Cardia. Yes, her attacking the gang with a dragon and going along with "capture Soos so that you'll get what you want from the PNG" was wrong. Except that she's supposed to be seen as being in the wrong for what is, for all intents and purposes, her own employees disobeying her job's orders. She is a hard-core traditionalist that wishes that her starting "fast food chain" would only use "traditional animals" for their meat (pigs, cows, chickens, etc — no, not humans, it's not one of those stories) and briefly lost it when her "student"-copies started using dragon meat instead. The point is that using dragon meat is actually healthier, tastier, and more varied than "known animals," (don't question this story's logic) and Cardia's seen as a stick in the mud for not making the switch. Again, she's their boss, and they went against her orders completely against her permission. The fic points out that she could have just talked things over with her students (a message that is practically recycled with Shannon's case, but in a completely different way), but they should have learned the lesson too. Complicating things is that Cardia also just-so-happens to be the boss of the Only Sane Man among the copies (albeit a minor character).

  • Arc Number: Fan joked that he wanted to reach a point where it would be easier to list which numbers aren't, which is obviously mathematically impossiblenote .
    • 616 tends to crop up in his works sporatically. There's 616 "regular keys" in Journals (and two "really special keys" that bump the total number to Gravity Fall's 618 Arc Number), 616 eventual members of the Blue and Yellow Team in both versions of Sweet Jade and Hella John right up until the epilogue, 616 is generally associated with Teal Nepeta (in place of Terezi and Latula's 413, which is one of the arc numbers of Homestuck in general), and [I probably have a lot more]. if the number six shows up, expect sixteen to follow — the Six Sages are eventually also tied with sixteen "super badass swords" in naruto the guy with the ninja. Hell, this even reaches a point where all instances of 666 from Binding of Isaac are replaced with 616 — the symbol on Loki's forehead, The Mark item, etc.
    • Several "minor-turned-major" characters, and some others, are associated with nine. Nepeta and Meulin due to their cat theme and cats having nine lives. So, nine will show up a lot in the Homestuck works (to the point of a group of Felt expies in the remade Sweet Jade and Hella John being themed around 9-ball rather than 8-ball, and the "9" member is among one of the more noteworthy and dangerous ones). Nepeta's original 33 also crops up. .GIFfany also has the association as well as the number eight — the copy from canon is usually the ninth disc ever produced, and in the one exception her eighth clone (and thus, ninth copy overall) was a rather noteworthy one. Not only do cats also occasionally show up regarding her, but the number eight resembles a sideways infinity sign. Her plans usually have some variation of trapping Soos in an infinitely-expanding virtual world game. Nine resembles eight/infinity, but with a break, thus that represents the heroes' goal of trying to derail her plans. While Kyu was a major character in her home game, she still has an association with nine and four as well — in both of the major stories she shows up in (Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage and naruto the guy with the ninja), she debuts in chapter four and does something of note in chapter nine (respectively, "judging" the main characters and giving Naruto a beat-down).
    • Five is one exclusive to One Week, One Place. Since that whole story takes place during a single Monday-Friday school week, it's easy to see why. There's five main characters of note, the world is said to end at 5:00 PM during the day-long solar eclipse on Friday, and The Corruption is associated with people scribbling a bunch of "5"s all over the school walls. The Big Bad turns out to be those scribbles, all turned in to a mass known as the Fifth Demon. And its the final and most powerful of all the demons. (The first four demons were not the monsters of the week from each chapter, but rather beings dealt with offscreen in the past years, one for each year. In other words, OWOP's total world building history also covers the span of five years, technically.)
    • Emazh In loves multiples of three. Especially 9 (given that the Big Bad is a .GIFfany expy, this is a given considering his old fan fiction), 12 (the "main" colors used in the rainbow, excluding black and white), and 15 (the "rainbow" including white, black, and some other "special" color like Ninthee's hot pink). Four is one as well, but not in a Four is Death sort of way. There are four "ways" a color is (the pure color, shaded darker, tinted lighter, and toned more gray),
    • 360 and 361 in The 361 Striking Degrees: The team starts with 360 members, but then Striker Black joins about a fourth of the way through. The
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer:
    • Professor Dove in his Gravity Falls continuities is a psychopathic (even by the standards of a derivative of .GIFfany), "edgy" womanchild hipster that practically none of her other copies like. And she usually hates humans completely, while her other copies tend to have a possessive attitude towards them. She's not immediately fired, shunned, or even outright "deleted" because she's extremely powerful, has modified her physical form to be strong enough to shrug off a direct hit from an explosion much larger and stronger than a nuclear bomb, and she's pretty good at debating (or rather, focusing on her opponents' insecurities and distracting them with those, like casually throwing out Dipper's crush on Wendy to the entire town as part of tricking him to mellow out on calling her out).
    • Professor Kathody is pretty lazy and cuts corners whenever necessary. It takes a lot to convince her to actually design her own place, as she usually just takes assets that are around her. (Like taking a haunted house that was already there instead of building a fake haunted house out of Giffinium metal — every other professor did this, except the outdoors-y Rose and Sandy.) The non-electronic thing she learned how to possess? Ghostly energy. She can command and communicate with spirits, making her one of the most dangerous of the professors if she actually got off her ass. The rest of them just tend to have some sort of Elemental Powers. Interestingly, she was just going to go with electricity because it's a "yellow element" and she gave herself yellow hair, but .GIFfany threw a fit that electricity is "just the default" and she wanted to "keep the default," so Kathody picked something hard to master just to piss her off. (Kathody also wanted electricity because it was the lazy option.)
    • Kathody is an expy of a semi-Old Shame (Fan has mixed feelings about her) original character for Total Drama, Kathy. Who also qualifies. Both of them are tall (then again, all major .GIFfany copies are tall — Dove, the only possible exception, is average height at least), based on Stringy-Haired Ghost Girls hair style-wise (but neither of them are that), neither are completely fond of clothes, and both are obsessed with horror. Regardless of whether she's working under Chris or Ezekiel, she's still a really bizarre nut that loves trying to scare people. But she's super fast, good at whichever job she was picked for in that particular world (she gets the job based on that world, not like she suddenly adapts to that skill or whatever), and can plan buildings — which is really important for Total Zeksmit, the rewritten World Tour, or the odd thirteen-chapter Race. Bobby Hill's Ultimate Minecraft Harem is the first time we don't really see her working in the story's setting, and she's actually pretty hated there.
    • Carl Stevens in Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals. Thanks to some serious nerfing and eventual killing on Alucard's part, Carl impresses Integra when he blows away the cards that Tubalcain Alhambra— er, "Card Guy" was using to completely block every single one of Alucard's bullets. He's also alarmingly good at combat, even before he becomes a vampirized... Martian. Yet he's also a drug-using party animal dumbass who is completely willing to sleep with the enemy. Integra not only does not ever fire him, she even outright promotes him as a new leader while she's dying from Lawyer Guy, despite the fact that Seras and to a much greater extent, Rip has both way more combat experience and spent more time in Hecksing. Although Carl also being a Parody Sue might have something to do with it.
  • Everyone Is Bi:
    • SBIG. Dear lord, SBIG. There are exactly four confirmed monosexual characters, three of which are from Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals: Carl Stevens, a Parody Stu only in to the ladies; along with Ned Flanders and Alexander Anderson in a relationship with one-another. The fourth is Naruto from naruto the guy with the ninja, who wants to control the world by turning men and women into brainwashed... women. Alucard (also from HUC), though, seemed like some kind of exception as he's one of the few major SBIG characters to not have any confirmed crushes or sexual advances. Word of God is that he's not an exception to the rule, he just looks like it because he's considerably less perverted than his co-workers Seras, Rip, Kamina, and especially Carl.
      • While Tambry in Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage has only ever outright expressed attraction to other girls and eventually ends up in a random relationship with Wendy, Word of God is that she just has a large preference towards girls, but not an exclusive one. He basically words this in a way to pull a Discontinuity Nod towards "The Love God" while still otherwise being true to the episode showing that she can, in fact, fall for guys in canon.
  • Extremely Short Time Span:
    • Simpsons Meet Brandy and Mr. Whiskers takes place entirely over one day, which is impressive considering how that one day includes fighting off against a pig giant, discovery of a lost civilization under the dictatorship rule of a bird-goat beast, Brandy finding out Mr. Whiskers was evil the whole time, and Whiskers sucking the souls of everyone in the planet sans for Brandy herself.
    • Movie Day, as the title might imply, also takes place over one day. Specifically, just a few hours. This despite it having three chapters
    • run:gifocalypse takes place over only four days, despite featuring a wide-scale world tour and an invasion of billions.
    • Fan was inspired by Gravity Falls only taking place in one summer and usually ("Roadside Atraction" being the only definite exception) limiting itself to one major location with One Place, One Week, and as the title implies, it only covers five days from Monday to a solar eclipse-Friday. Just one high school week with a bunch of horrible, horrible demons.
    • The original Emazh In takes place over the span of sixty days. For a regular story, that sounds like it covers a lot of ground. For a story about an enormous world with over thousands of nations in just one planet alone, let alone a verse with a huge galaxy's worth of planets, it's absolutely tiny. Since that particular verse is actually the inside of a computer simulation, and the brain waves of the protagonists are being placed there while they sleep in a "synched up" Ten Days Outside, Hour Inside situation, in the "real world" only six hours pass by, making it a pretty short time span.
  • Handicapped Badass:
    • Pretty much everyone who loses a limb, in SBIG or otherwise, with the possible exception of Jan Valentine in Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals (who is mostly seen in-combat running away or relying on a built-in bomb). The Pines Quadruplets from Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage stand out: Dipper and Pacifica each lose an arm (to Spooky for the former, to Pyronica for the latter) yet both (moreso the latter, as the former gets handed the Distress Ball so often it's not even funny) of them and competant fighters who can whoop mechanical counterparts of themselves and the rest of the main cast. Said mechanical selves also bring fear to the entire planet except Canada. Mabel even moreso: after she and Nzyvo each blow up one of the other's leg, she eventually leads a Humongous Mecha assault, continues her role as an expy of Simon, and eventually kills her own dark counterpart Anti-Spiral expy. Then there's The Dreaded Nzyvo, who in addition to aformentioned leg loss from battling Mabel, has a body that would degenerate without a constant draining of Spiral Power from others. Nzyvo can pummel her way through an army of millions of .GIFfanys regardless, and the aformentioned leg-loss doesn't even slow her down. After the time skip to October for the Election Arc, while Mabel uses a standard prosthetic leg, Nzyvo just duct-tapes a "Shadow the Hedgehog edgy chainsaw gun" (Journals as a bizarre obsession with chainsaws in the second half) to it and it's somehow fully functional.
    • John in both versions of Sweet Jade and Hella John loses his legs to Dave Strider, yet he and Jade still fight crime as a hobby.
  • Nonstandard Character Design:
    • Post-old-Sweet Jade and Hella John, Hank Hill is always drawn with way more facial detail than anyone who isn't part of the rhyming "—ank —ill" name schemes (IE Bank Bill, Gank Gill, etc). Yes, even compared to other characters from the same series. The contrast can be extremely jarring, especially when looking at MUGEN.
    • In the Journalsverse:
      • Spooky looks almost exactly like she does in her home game (no, the comic did not just copy-paste in-game sprites for her; they still have a very obvious MS Paint "blob"-like edge effect), with a simplistic rounded eyes and a half-circle for a smile. Even the specimen are drawn somewhat closer so that they resemble Gravity Falls characters or the "general SBIG artstyle" (depending on Fan's lazyness). This also means that she's The Noseless in a series that otherwise averts this.
      • The President of Canada, while not a Lordgenome expy, is drawn in the same sketch-heavy manner as Lordgenome, thanks to also being a Testosterone-Poisoned character.
      • Mable is an Anti-Spiral expy, so it's natural that she looks like what the Anti-Spiral would look like if he were shaped like Mabel and had each limb as a different color representing the lost limbs of the Pines quadruplets. Unlike the Mugann, her mechanical counterparts look the same as everyone else.
    • His MUGEN creations, obviously not counting those that are already not originally sprited:
      • While many of his characters get graphical updates, Tagger has no such luck. He still looks like a disproportioned, vaguely humanoid series of shapes made with MS Paint's line tool with a higher-detailed 16-bit gas mask plastered on.
      • Rip Van Winkle clearly has more effort put in to her sprites than anyone else when she cameos, a reference to her role as the Only Sane Man (sorta) in Crconikals, and how she was the only character at that time to not speak with any (intentional) typoes or bad grammar. She speaks clearly, thus, her sprites are clear.
    • As of Version 0.616, his Binding of Isaac: GPF Fuckery Remix mod has a few:
      • GPF's Author Avatar has a few lengthy frames (most notably his "hurt" sprite) where he's drawn in his "typical" MS Paint-style as opposed to the pixel style of the game. Given that the whole plot of the mod is that he's trying to shove his own things where they don't belong, him occasionally not looking like he fits in makes sense.
      • He added Homer Simpson as a joke boss. His sprites are entirely taken from the Simpsons arcade game and with some added "generic RPG crystal thingies", excluding his Brimstone attacks. This boss is also a Shout-Out to the Culex boss fight from Super Mario RPG, if that clears anything up.
    • Destroy All Clothing in Existence! otherwise uses a rather simple pixel style, so Roylel's greater detail is done to come across as very jarring. Taken even further in her proper boss fight, where she uses photo-realistic yarn images to make up her One-Winged Angel form.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: More like Base-Breaking Character heap, but he attempts to pull this off with Courtney in Total Zeksmit, and (less seriously) Mabel in Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage. Not because he liked the characters — he even admitted they ranked among his least favorite in their respective series. He just got sick of several fics, whether highly-recommended or small and obscure, going the opposite extreme and trying to make Courtney even worse than she had been even in Action; and he wanted to write Journals as a subversion of the abundance of Dipper/Wendy or Dipper/Pacifica fics.
    • Courtney actually does fuck up early in Total Zeksmit, but her arc is supposed to be about her forming a really Odd Friendship (first out of necessity, but then they grow on her) with Lindsay and Beth and eventually growing in to properly handle Big Bad Eva. This in contrast to Izzy, who never really learns her lesson and tries to use more childish methods of dealing with Eva. The key word is supposed to — Fan admits that he went all over the place with the writing and what the story actually is versus what it says it is feel like two completely different things.
    • Regarding Mabel, the majority of the Second Half of Journals sees her symbolically fighting her "inner demons" (respectively represented by the Love God, Bill's Henchmaniacs, and a very Generation Xerox-y monster snowman) [...] Even its Stealth Prequel takes note, as one of the final things Mabel does is save her dying brother by deciding to Screw Destiny and break the "unbreakable" barrier around Spooky's mansion
    • Journals also somehow does this with Preston Northwest. Late in to chapter 8, after the Christmas (in autumnnote )-themed Monster of the Week is beaten and the group's about to get back to the main plot, four of the stronger mechanical bosses start attacking them. So he admits his flaws, heads off on a Suicide Mission, wearing nothing but a flame over his crotch, and armed with only pure Spiral Power and what is considered one of the shittiest mecha in the fan fic. The fight ends with him successfully wiping them out but dying mid-Giga Drill Break, his self-guided mech then diving up until it hits their space-graveyard. It helps that, while it clearly borrows traits from Kittan and Lordgenome's sacrifices, this is one of the many elements that is ultimately pretty original and not just taken straight from Gurren Lagann.
    • By the time he got to the Second Half of Journals, Fan guessed that some readers would probably not be too pleased with the spotlight-stealing, almost even Karma Houdini-ish antics of .GIFfany. So most of her part on the Second Half is about her legitimately growing to be a better person instead of the borderline "Look at my new powers! I'm not trying to outright kill you at the moment! I have friends now! So uh, let's just forget about everything I did in the past?" from run:gifocalypse, Escape From Fanservice Island, and the First Half of Journals itself.note  Chapter 6 sees her finally realizing that the way she won Soos and Melody over might have been a bit shallow and she slowly starts making up for it, and within the same chapter she ends up being one of the (many, admittedly) people to call out the Love God/Lust Devil for what counts as "real love." Fast-foreward to chapter 8 where she ends up giving her own What the Hell, Hero? speech when Melody screws up, and in chapter 9 where she too tries to pull a Heroic Sacrifice (although she survives). Despite being a Stylistic Suck story, it's the first time her growth felt genuine instead of cheaped out. Finally, her spotlight stealing is toned down significantly; she's barely in chapter 7 even though she's the "presidential scientist" of Melody in her miniarc about running for president, and the last two chapters focus much more on the Mabel vs Mable main conflict (though .GIFfany still has speaking roles in all five of the Second Half chapters). Until Creepypasta Sonic hijacks the plot a the last minute. But it makes sense that she'd take up screentime again, as C. Sonic is her younger brother by adoption.
    • In a bizarre way, he also tries pulling it off with Lucky from King of the Hill by making him a villain in The Hill King... in an over-the-top, blatantly satrical manner. It helps that he's legitimately cunning instead of cheap, and he still talks and mostly acts like he did on the original show.
  • Serial Escalation:
    • run:gifocalypse. As GPF admits, it's not always topping itself (the character who fights with a dragon is faced before someone who fights with... a piano), but the Pines do overall go from fighting a tree to fighting a mecha the size of the planet. Notably, the endgame was heavily inspired by The Wonderful 101, so take from that what you will.
    • The Hill King. It starts out as dramatized versions of King of the Hill episodes with slightly different endings. "Starts" means the first three chapters, because then the villainized Lucky is introduced and everything quickly goes to Hell.
    • Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff was written with the specific intention that each chapter will answer a question... but until the finale, every chapter will raise so much more. The result is that it's a constant brain fuck from beginning to end.
    • Destroy All Clothing in Existence! The game lives up to its title, and you eventually take off all clothes of everyone on Earth. Did that sound like it gave away the ending or something? Nah, it didn't. Because that's just the first "world." And the other worlds aren't just different planets either — you go through making the whole solar system naked, then move on to local star groups, the galaxy, clusters and superclusters, and eventually go on to the universe and the afterlife. Oh wait, but that's just all one universe. There's an infinite number of universes, in-between universes, and the like... and you strip all infinity of them (magic is involved, let's just say that). Not only that, but the bosses just get crazier and crazier, as do the specific planets/meteors/comets and the like you visit.
    • Emazh In. We're first introduced to one of the most "mundane" and "safe" areas of the Emazh fantasy world, which is still an absolutely enormous city. Most of the starting Abilities there seem like nothing special. Slowly, as Uhztand and Lizzen explore more of the regions, things go up a bit. We quickly see Charged Emazhes in action, but even that escalates from Elemental Powers to controlling abstractions like data or speed or space. They go from city, to forest, eventually to harsh electrical ectoplasmic-ran desert, then eventually to a cosmic temple that tries to channel star power to form as hot of a location as physically possible, and then to linking points of various Pocket Dimensions. Oh yeah, and it starts on their planet Vista, but eventually more planets are made. Also, in true GPF/Water tradition, the number of people involved quickly grows out of control, to hundreds, then thousands, then millions... which is still a small-fry after the gang battles Ninthee. Oh yeah, and Ninthee herself might seem like a threatening Big Bad at first, and while she is the central villain, the only proper battle against her is just a small bump in the road on the overall journey. (During the Emazh Population Explosion, Ninthee becomes more of a Non-Action Big Bad and her friends take up the "physical threat" title.)

      It's worth noting that Emazh In also invokes a Slow-Paced Beginning by making the Dekstop and Force Forest parts deliberately feel like they're dragging on just a little bit, to try to give a much bigger contrast when the gang starts getting in to the more out-there areas and rapid-fire through them as well.

      Emazh In itself also qualifies as an escalation to run:gifocalypse. Putting it this way, the pink-haired character who runs an amusement zone in the sky is the Big Bad there, with the mint green-haired, more delirious character in an alternate dimension being the villain of a bonus chapter. In EI? The pink-haired one isn't even fought remotely close to the end, and the mint-green one is barely a bump instead of a "Bonus Boss." The lore continues far beyond them and the "initial" ring of fourteen elements.
  • Spiritual Antithesis:
    • Both Emazh In and Ordinarily United are based on his previous Gravity Falls fan fiction where .GIFfany would end up with an army that builds a society, and both of them once again recycle his twelve-ish-color rainbow-elemental system. (Sort of in the case of Ordinarily United.) While coincidental at first, together the first letters of their names form four of the five English vowels (discounting Y; Water had joked about making a third story with the initials "AY.")note  A large difference is that while Emazh In is a serious, relatively down to earth world building thing that tries to keep its character development and stories "realistic," (quotes because of the sheer magic/pseudo-sci-fi technological setting) Ordinarily United is basically Fan writing against his "usual" type and going more for a Black Comedy about a bunch of Jerk with a Heart of Gold immortals "killing" each other. There is still a plot in OU and Status Quo is Not God, but it takes itself much, much less seriously than Emazh In while also being a lot more violentnote .
    • naruto the guy with the ninja sort of refutes what his Old Shame Total Drama World Tour Rewrite says (although it uses a far more extreme strawman), and
  • Superman Stays out of Gotham:
    • Crconikals verse:
      • While they do quickly get the likes of several trolls with psychic powers and some pretty high technology on their side, the Rainbow Crew is still usually outclassed by Hecksing in every way. Especially while Alucard's alive... and even moreso once Rip permanently joins. None of the main humans have any kind of abilities to help them out, and when John and Jade do learn fire and ice powers it comes from scrolls they bought from Dracula. Hecksing would likely completely mop the floor with the various enemies that the Rainbow Crew encounters, including the Troll Empress and the Felt, except that they're off in the United Kingdoms of London dealing with the Millennium while the Crew does most of their work in Chicago. The chapter focused on the two groups crossing over and meeting (as Hecksing took a vacation to Chicago at the moment and happened to find the Rainbow Crew while they were fighting pirates) also hangs a note that Hecksing could have just blown through a lot of the various enemies the Crew faces against.
      • The Spartan time travelers could absolutely steamroll any problem and could even make a utopia timeline, given that time travel in this verse just allows for limitless alternate universe creations whenever a Stable Time Loop is violated and has no real downsides whatsoever. They just have strict rules against intentionally making a split timeline — they do not want their units to become mad with the idea of making a perfect timeline.
      • The Crystal Gems flat-out not helping Hecksing or the Rainbow Crew much or visa-versa is at least partly explained by Carl Stevens Universe not being part of SBIG canon... however, the characters from Steven Universe do exist in the Crconikals world,
    • The verse of The Eds' EDventure justifies why, say, Isaac and co never find out about the evil shit the Kanker sisters had been doing and just go over there, espeically as Isaac is actually biologically related to Ed. Most of these stories in the world span different decades — the Ed, Edd n Eddy-related stuff takes place in the 1980s. While Isaac's story and Literal Split Personality begins some time between EDventure and its direct Stealth Sequel Zombie Attack!, they don't become established demon hunters until they enter their late twenties, which occurs in the 2000s. Another ten years later, the Homestuck cast gets involved with the events of Kids Fit the Trolls. And further in the future still, the "Six Sages" get together to start researching. However, by the last group, they have time travel — the trope comes in to play when how they only use that time travel to help the Homestuck crew, and conveniently only when the HS cast gets overwhelmed by the Crossover Crystal. Edd is forced to fight the Kankers' Zombie Apocalypse on his own, as is the Isaac family with Satan attacking the beach.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • GPF figured some people might be turned off by his deliberately over-sexualized, Spotlight-Stealing Squad .GIFfany copies (this also applies to the "canonical" copy too). He guessed this pretty quickly, and wrote most of their appearances outside of run:gifocalypse to have them as slapstick magnets:
      • Even run:gifocalypse itself lampshades their spotlight-stealing status with Leaning on the Fourth Wall: When .GIFfany mass-fires the entire first-generation copy line (except herself), Kathody complains that she already has so many characters to pick from and that she's just replacing them all with "colorful clowns." Many of the copies are colorful, and just about all of them would fit with "clown." Kathody also describes herself in a such a way that someone might also describe Pacifica (a blonde with a haunted house), and Burnda with a number of traits similar to Bill (a trickster who can make fire that makes everything in to a game). Of course, Pacifica and Bill are characters adored by fans that are absolutely shafted screentime-wise in this fic.
      • In Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, .GIFfany gets drilled straight through the middle, caught in a giant explosion (but survives both of these), gets whooped by Nzyvo along with all of her other copies at the moment, has to deal with Stan's naked ass in her house (Ford kicked him and the Trickster out of the Mystery Shack after summer was over), has a vision where she gets slammed in the groin, and during her path to improvement, she gets slapped hard by Soos, Melody, and Rumble. (If out of her own request.) Her copies hardly fare much better: When Burnda encounters Bill, she breaks the fourth wall to remark that this is technically the first time in any of GPF's stories that the copies got a chance to interact with him. (Bill has been absent when the other copies appear in Journals proper, and in run:gifocalypse only the canon one was concious when Bill showed up; the rest of them woke up after she destroyed the rift and sealed him.) Bill immediately lights Burnda on fire afterward (which doesn't actually do anything to her beyond some minor pain), and calls the copies "REALLY ANNOYING SPOTLIGHT-HOGGS!" [sic] He also says that Gravity Falls is "ABOUT PINES BEING A CUTE FAMILY (that i destroy), NOT STUPID FUCKING HENTAI REJECTS!" [sic].
      • In Escape From Fanservice Island, Copy #9 (who is pretty much Professor Dove, just never referred to by that name) goes over a list of .GIFfany "Prime's" crimes, and sentences her to a punishment that lifts off the "Spanking machine" from SpongeBob SquarePants (Er, "LegBoot OriginalPants" — not to be confused with the webcomic Fan made staring the same character concept but is clearly not a children's seriesin this universe). She has to crawl through a tunnel of the other copies (and Soos and Melody, at the beginning) while each of them smacks her on the ass as she passes them. Also, the number of copies is exponentially growing, meaning that the punsihment would effectively be endless. (That the copies are explicitely considered immortal also helps.) Even Soos can't think of any reason why he and Melody shouldn't get at least one hit in for the things she did both in canon and in EFFI proper. It's only after .GIFfany gets a good distance in that he and Melody consider the punishment getting too excessive, and they stop it (which is also when the Troll breaks in). But they both admit that they still enjoyed spanking her, and not in that way either. (Fan went out of his way to clarify that that was not supposed to be "Ship Teasing.")
      • They get sorta-expies in the form of the Elementals in Friends 'Till the End, but after appearing to be OC living MacGuffins, they turn out to be yanderes trying to keep Isaac inside the basement world. They re-appear in the SBIGlet "Isaac Unbounded: Wrath of Kahn" as the main antagonists.
    • GPF's opinion on Ezekiel... changed, to say the least. He's became much less vehemently defensive of the guy and instead loves highlighting his canonical personality. Despite being the host of Total Zeksmit, just about all of the contestants make fun of him or insult him at every opertunity, and

  • The Ending Changes Everything:
    • The end of run:gifocalypse. .GIFfany isn't nearly as Love Makes You Stupid-struck as the fic had been implying and was actually something of a chessmaster. She faked having actually redeemed herself to some degree and her whole act near the end was just to finally get closer to Soos without being glitched up and without being in the debt of her other copies.

  • What Could Have Been:
    • [Needs Title...]: This fic was originally going to be almost completely different. The only thing the finished result would have had in common was Steven making an army of humans in the absense of the Gems. And Jared and Huegreen.
      • It would have been titled ...I Thought Those Were the Ingredients (the ellipses was part of the title) and would have had a plot about the Gems heading out to a space mission on a mini-spaceship, stopping by a space convenience store, and Amethyst and Pearl would buy and get addicted to Gem cigartte counterparts. Also, their ship would have lost the "cosmic drive key" (a deliberate reference to Pikmin 3) and be unable to return back home in less than a week. This was when canon was really early in its life; Steven Universe had since proven many, many of these things to be impossible — the Gems cannot go to space with their "usual" gear and considering what the overall Gem race is really like, it was unlikely they had cigarette counterparts nor would there be friendly stores out in the cosmos. The cigarettes also would have been these almost sapient beings that somehow "mutated" off of the Gems and turned in to monsters
      • Believe it or not, the feats you're seeing Connie pull off were actually toned down from the original plan. He did not want Connie to come off as too much of a Mary Sue, and he especially did not want her to outright overshadow the Gems. This is especially because the fic was written before she canonically trained to become a sword fighter.
      • Jared and Huegreen would have had the gimmick of being obsessed with the Gems' asses, Pearl's especially. This was scrapped for being "kind of fucking stupid, even by my standards."
    • Bobby Hill's [Also Needs Title]:
      • The idea of a Self-Fanservice-parodying, King of the Hill Massive Multiplayer Crossover dates back to an older incarnation. That story was going to be titled Escape From Fanservice Island (Not to be confused with the Gravity Falls fic he published under that name. Not coincidentally, the actual EFFI he made had the working title of Supernatural Women, Huh? as an ironic nod to sex-based generalizations, but he changed the title just before publishing it due to not liking the implications and not wanting people to get the wrong idea. He was certain that the old-EFFI was a dead idea by that point, so he just sapped its title instead.) and be focused on Hank. Hank and company would have been teleported to a mysterious island where everyone is an attractive woman. Hank himself would gain power through special magic panties that he would be forced to wear in combat, [...] eventually it would have been revealed that the "Fanserviceizations" are actually the precursors to humanity and old-EFFI proper takes place After the End,
      • Fan was constantly debating with himself over who the first woman Bobby encounters should be.
      • The story was originally going to be "set in Minecraft's world" for no reason other than to make it look like some kind of Snark Bait, author-shoves-it-in-due-to-thinking-it's-cool sort of story. The characters would all look like human(oid)s and still follow by regular laws of physics, just that they would inexplicably be "in Minecraft." He scrapped the idea due to never being a fan of stories where game mechanics are taken literally and not wanting "to just turn things to blocks." He settled for a more generic survival setting instead.


"Vanilla" Woobies

Iron Woobies

Jerkass Woobies

  • Nepeta in Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals. And yes, she definitely deserves the "jerkass" part once her true colors are revealed.
  • Rip Van Winkle in Crconikals in general, once Split finally reveals her backstory. She was
  • Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage:
    • Nzyvo Northwest. Yes, she's a Parody Sue and meant to pull off Good All Along in a frustrating manner. Yes, her entire story is ridiculous.


Er... the issue people are having with the character isn't that she's nearly-naked, it's that her art style blatantly clashes with absolutely every single thing in the base game, and not in a way that even feels that appropriate. (IE like the neutral-path final boss of Undertale, where it goes from monochromatic .) I got nothing against the boss, just that it doesn't feel remotely like something in the game. Someone else put it better than I did in another comment (that someone was a lot more negative to the mod and basically called it a flat-out insult to Edmund's childhood or something), but the jist is that there is a difference between nudity for horror value and nudity for like sex appeal. Nothing in the base game does the latter. You can talk about Ultra Greed's butt joke,

If anyone goes "Oh yeah, why do you think it's a sexual boss? Because she just happens to be naked and female?" Normally you'd have a point, even with the move anime/RPG-looking art style. However, the creator of the mod openly called her a "sexy boss," and according to this one showcaser (in other words this is second-hand) she's inspired by like the whole . (Also, I've never seen anybody pull the "But it's just nudity, not fanservice" card when someone like, pulls some sort of perverted compliment. It's only when the boss is being criticized for not fitting with the game.)

This is coming from someone who wrote more than one Gravity Falls fan fiction where .GIFfany basically comes to life and starts an army of half-naked copies of herself. The thing is, I don't try to argue that these half-naked copies would be appropriate to canon. (And actually, there's a heafty amount of un-sexy things in most of those fics, the original especially. The "original" .GIFfany in that fic eventually merges with a massive hunk of metal and turns in to something basically inspired by both Photoshop Flowey and Paul Robertson's really complex pixel artwork designs). I don't really mind people modding this sort of stuff or whatever, hell I even have one of these fics have a character "dress like" this boss. I'm certainly not "offended." But honestly if you think it's appropriate to Isaac or that it's exactly the same thing as the player character and enemies going around naked then... frankly I think that's like, denial.

Just in case anyone tries to backfire my argument and go "But actually! Gravity Falls WOULD be appropriate for sexy villains, because Pyronica!" Let me give you some more details: One of them goes around in nothing but mud. One of them goes around in nothing but soap bubbles. The other outfits are usually not that much better. They're deliberately supposed to be fanservice-y to some very small extent. .GIFfany is canonically meant to be creepy, uncanny, and artifical, and at no point in the show ever actually appears naked or half naked. Pyronica has like a demon face and she's friends with a nightmare demon that wants to rip reality apart for fun, said nightmare demon also looks like a freaking triangle and tries to murder 12 year-olds. Neither of them are meant to be "the token sexy villain" in the same vein as Mud-.GIFfany (she goes by the nickname Sandy if anyone cares) or Bubble-.GIFfany (she uncreatively goes by the nickname Bubbles).

Long story short it's not the mod at all that bothers me so much as the people who actually believe that fanservice even remotely belongs in the game. Someone can go nuts and make like 100 modded "sexy bosses" and I wouldn't care (especially if one of those is Hank Hill, because that's freaking hilarious). It's just if someone goes "THIS IS PERFECT FOR ISAAC LORE, EDMUND ADD THIS TO THE GAME" I'll just laugh and go "Are we even playing the same game?"

"Page" for a shitty recolor:

"But duuuuude... like, don't give it all away for yourself, ahahahaha..."
This article or section might contain minor spoilers.

Professor Cardia is one of the major copies of .GIFfany and a major antagonist in run:gifocalypse. She is also a minor "pre-Hardmode boss" in Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage. She is the professor of meat.

  • Full Name:
  • Occupation: Gif Bytes fast food franchise owner/Domain 5 professor/Biology and disection professor
  • Inspirations:
  • Relatives:
    • (SBIG) Creepypasta Sonic:



Cardia is the fifth proper professor faced in run:gifocalypse, making her debut (GPF-wide) in chapter 5, "The Brains, Heart, and Guts of the Group."

The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage

Cardia is a minor antagonist of chapter 4, and then goes on to become a minor member of Team Dai-Shackan. She makes her technical debut in chapter 3, but appears in her more "familiar" violet-haired form in chapter 4. She works with the other professors to lure Soos in to .GIFfany Land so that she could keep him for herself. After Dove convinces her that the copies could potentially "share" a player and Burnda being the only one to object to the idea,

Like the other professors other than .GIFfany herself, she technically has no mechanical counterpart. Instead, all of the copies are "generally represented" by .MP4 Prime,

Escape From Fanservice Island

A copy similar to (and even having the same "serial number"), but not directly named, Cardia makes a few cameos in EFFI. She makes her first appearance working in a restaurant at chapter 4. Later, she ends up getting her own region by a waterfall, and is revealed to be the captain of the Meat Squad.


Cardia appears as a random striker in GPF's ULTI HAREM SOOS character. Soos can summon a random one of the professors to do a quick attack. Cardia's attack is to swoop by on a dragon. Like the other professors, her outfit is randomized and chosen from some of her previous costumes, as well as a few new ones.

[...] GPF's Delirium can also shape-shift in to .GIFfany proper, who quickly cycles between appearances of all the professors. (This is in a manner similar to Professor Eve's Main Possession, and a nod to how the Possession was themed around Derlirium's battle concept.)

General Information

Physical Appearance

In physical form, Cardia appears as a "tall-ish" woman with orange skin (how orange, similar to the "technicolor"-skinned professors (the amount of blue in Sonia's skin, green in Dian's etc), varies, but it is usually a very bright, saturated orange). She had violet hair that sticks up in a few spots that always cross in ways representing Xs, reflecting how the letter "X" is some times used to represent the element meat. Her eyes match her hair color and are drawn as solid, small irises, with no visible pupils; they are usually bloodshot. In electronics, she dons an "anime"-like visual style much like the original .GIFfany and her eyes gain more detail. In some stories, she will have a large, fake bone held in her hair as a bow.

She lacks a true Main Possession (explaining this that animals can easily die and rot, making it a poor choice to try to pick one long-term), but a given teal-colored dragon is often considered her Main Possession within the fics. Any animal matter she possesses usually gets tinted violet and wider eyes; this happens quicker the more intelligent the animal.

Like most professors, her outfit varries over the stories. In run:gifocalypse, she spends most of her in-story time wearing a violet-colored leopard skin-patterned short dress that soon gets partly torn by the dragon she originally possessed. In the First Half of Journals, she wears a backless "dress template" made of fake bones. In the Second Half, her most common outfit (she wears this in both the Lust Devil battle and the trip to space) is a series of thin, indigo tentacles that barely cover her breasts and crotch. In Paper John: Color Splash, she wears only a pair of fake bat-wings that she tends to keep folded over herself. She has no standard costume in Escape From Fanservice Island and lacks her bone-bow,


[...] Cardia cannot fully possess human beings, and cannot get in to other sapient forms of life at all.


Cardia is kind of nuts. Interested in the industry, she has an odd fixation on running fast food [...] She will alter

Actually believe it or not that particular Searah costume, or rather half of it (the other half of the inspiration is a skirt, and that's boring), was taken from an actual E10+ game. Yeah, Rayman Origins. I've never played it but there's like this ocean-fairy or something that just wears, like, a clam for a top and nothing else.

As soon as I saw that I was like "Oh man that's exactly up the .GIFfany army's ally I have to reference this." Hell, there was even gonna be an air-ish one named Wendy.


I get a "sadistic" kick out of (well actually I just find it kind of funny) revealing ladies in lower-rated stuff. Like, the lower the age rating is, the better. A design like that in Grand Theft Auto? Eh. A design like that in an E10 game? I'm just gonna "brag" about that.

Another recolor, but of a different character:

Mable the Typomonster [sic, not to be confused with Mabel] is the main (but not final) antagonist of Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage.

Reminder to self: the red centipede things will be named "Toxipedes." The green snake-ish beast things will be called "Stomp Snakes." I think I already wrote the part were Ford names the blue Pigman/Arcshade/Mr. Whiskers hybrid(s) "Arcpigskers."

"I cannot grant you access to our rival town. Not without proving that you can best me in a Challenge. I hope you understand." (Dekstop)

"Finally... someone who treats me like an adult. Maybe you will Challenge me like one, too." ("Pure White")
"Step right up for... your fiery demise!" (Pure Red)
"Hey man, that won't, like fly. I'm gonna have to maybe punish you or something for that. Maybe through a Challenge?" (Pure Orange)
"PLOT TWIST the REAL brilliant horror is none other than I! Here I GOOOOOO!" (Pure Yellow)
"This factory was a mistake... is this the time you knock some sense in to me?" (Pure Chartreuse))
"Your jobs are all on the line. Prove that you can even breathe next to Ninthee, and maybe I won't fire all of you." (Pure Green)
"EN GARDE! I'll tell you what!" (Pure Spring Green)
"Try to catch me if you— who am I kidding? Of course you can't!" (Pure Cyan)
"Time for my ultimate symphony!" (Pure Azure)
"Please, entertain me you pointless cynics." (Pure Blue)
"T-this j-j-job is... no, I will take you on in a Challenge!" (Pure Violet)
"Remember! Smoke's the most important component!"
"Heheheheheh... really? I'm gonna burn you harder than my strongest acids."
"Now this is a proper finale to my prim and proper arena of gorgeous mushrooms, don't you think?"
"You feel that 'floor' wriggling around you? That's not a floor. That's all spiders."
"Time to become but a cliffnote in how I form yet another portrait of perfection! (Pure Rose Red)"
"Nice to see that you do not think of us as a mechanical enemy that will rise against you, for once. I suppose this requires a more formal [I'm gonna plug in a fancy word for "fight"]" ("Pure Black")

"" ("Dark White")
"So this is going to be a thing then? Alright." (Dark Red)
"Alright then. Build the railroad system if you want... AND CAN BEAT ME IN A SURPRISE CHALLENGE!" (Dark Orange)

"Look, all I know for sure is. I just don't want to die." (Pure Magenta)

"Ha ha... you have no idea just what kind of game you are playing. Do you. Lizzen and Uhztand?" (Infinity Amusement Park)

"May the cosmos chill around you!" (Spatial White)
"May the cosmos burn brightly in to your soul!" (Spatial Red)
"May the cosmos bring your high head back to solid ground!" (Spatial Orange)
"May the cosmos hit you with its mighty storms!" (Spatial Yellow)
"May the cosmos enlighten you!" (Spatial Chartreuse)
"May the cosmos consume and bloom as part of the plant's life cycle." (Spatial Green)
"May the cosmos blow ever-strongly to aid me in battle!" (Spatial Spring Green)
"May the cosmos guard me and wish me the best of luck, and the best of skill!" (Spatial Cyan)
"May the cosmos sing the song that will lock in on the future!" (Spatial Azure)
"May the cosmos wash over and purify you!" (Spatial Blue)
"May the cosmos grow large and multiply, the tentacles of the colossal dark ones on my side!" (Spatial Violet)
"May the cosmos cloud your vision but clear my judgement!" (Spatial Magenta)
"May the cosmos show me the truest art!" (Spatial Rose Red)
"May the cosmos be the united thought that brings us together!" (Spatial Black)

"DIE! JUST DIE, ALL OF YOU!" (Parallel Pocket)

"In the glorious name of nature, I will send you back to the dirt you came from!"
"For freedom's sake, we cannot let humanity plague us."
"Get struck down by karma, noobs."
"Machines will rise above all else! WE are the next and last step in humanity's evolution!"

"You already sealed your fate when you battled Ninthee. I am only here to accelerate your option at this point." (Slowdeath Core, which I'm thinking of renaming because that's an awkward name)

"Everyone wants to be me, but I just want to be everyone else. Please, you two. DEFEAT ME! This feels like... a curse! End it!" (Kristie)
"I see Ninthee's been acting mischevious again. Right, you don't belong here. This is MY personal fantasy world! The other humans wouldn't be able to handle it! So get lost!" (Ted)

    The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage Second Half & Spooky's Tropes (and some tropes about the chapters that are already out) 

The fourteenth [I think...] installment of the SBIG series, The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage (officially abbreviated TJOWPAC — include all seven words) is a Gravity Falls fan fic that can best be described as a mix between the show itself, The Light of Courage, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and

Oddly, the plot starts off all over the place, but becomes increasingly coherant until it actually makes sense around the fifth chapter. It begins with the in-character author either forgetting or not knowing that Dipper and Mabel's birthday is actually on the final day of summer, and assuming it took place somewhere in the middle. Not the best of beginnings, made even worse by its start (not counting a deliberate nonsensical flash-foreward as a Shout-Out to Gurren Lagann opening the same way) involving the journals themselves coming to life. Journal 3 wakes Dipper up in a rather rude fashion and orders him to look around for these special keys. Once he does, he encounters a girl only known as "Nzyvo"note , who appears to be after the same keys he is and has a mecha. Nzyvo also has possession of Journal 2, who simply hopped up and went over to her. Journal 1's target remains unknown for a good chunk of the fic.

After battling her once, Nzyvo comes back with a Quirky Miniboss Squad and attempts to kidnap Dipper and Mabel's parents, or something like that. Fighting against her again,

  • Accent Upon The Wrong Syllable: This is how Creepypasta Sonic talks, according to Word of God.
  • Accidental Misnaming: Carrying on from an offhand remark by Professor Bubbles in run:gifocalypse and the .GIFfany army in general in Escape From Fanservice Island (sans Burnda), the .GIFfany copies have a habit of constantly thinking Ford's name is "Four." That they usually go by numbers themselves when not around humans doesn't help. Nor does Bill and his Henchmaniacs calling him "Sixer."
  • Arc Number: Four, but not in a Four is Death kind of way. Dipper, Mabel, Nzyvo, and Pacifica make up a set of four "younger Pines" (give or take); by the time the party thins out enough, the main characters are down to four main groups of fournote , and they end up forming a total of four Tengen Toppa mechas. There are three Golden Goddesses, but Modascend makes the total number of gods up to four. Finally, it's confirmed that the story ends (not counting the Distant Finale) four months after it began, running from July to October.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking:
    • GPF's "alternative spoiler-y summary" of the story itself:
      It's a Gravity Falls fan fic where the Journals are these living cartoon-y things; Mabel pilots Gurren Lagann but the "Gurren" is replaced with Shacktron; Soos, Melody, and Rumble have zillion-ways with all the copies of .GIFfany out there; Stan has sex with a sapient mass of candy; the Corduroys are dwarves; the Northwests are elves; Pacifica is a military project in a nonsense backstory; the Love God is an ass; a killer snowman turns out to be deadlier than like 90% of canon's threats; and, most shockingly of all, it's not about Dipper getting in to a relationship.
    • "Military Guy's" description of Team Dai-Shackan:
      "Sir, there's a bunch of hentai monsters [The .GIFfany army], Mega Man crossed with Ryuken [Rumble], a pile of candy that apparently gets laid a lot [Summerween Trickster], some 13 year-old zombie girl and a hot naked red volcano woman with wings [Nzyvo and Din, respectively], some 10 year old boy with no arm and some hot green tornado chick [Dipper and Farore, respectively], a guy that according to the reports tried to once do a raccoon [Fiddleford], and a guy with six fingers [Ford]."
  • Butt Monkey:
    • Dipper. Every single attempt at starting a relationship ends up in a failure for him, he's mostly just there to get kidnapped, at one point he outright wets himself and passes out when he faces Nzyvo in chapter 5, and he's all-around overshadowed by just about everyone else in the storynote . Hell, even his one claim to fame, his role as The Chosen One and weilder of the Power of Courage, was a mistake. Turns out that the actual selected kid for holding the Power of Courage is someone in the Philippines named Masin Pines, and Journal 3 already gave Mason the Power before he realized it was too late.
    • Creepypasta Sonic Subverted near the end, where he merges with Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures and becomes a powerful evil god.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: The Second Half downplays this. It's still a comedic Stylistic Suck story, but the plot becomes more serious and it... well, actually starts having a coherant plot.note 
  • Conversion Of Ninjutsu: The story bends over backwards to avert this, despite being a bad fic.
    • The Lust Devil sends a raid on .GIFfany Land. He's just one guy. .GIFfany Land has quadrillions of experienced super-soldier matter-generating phase-shifting copies of .GIFfany out there. He's well prepared for this, and sends out the galaxy-swarm of Love Skeletons to his aid, who apparently roughly equal their numbers. The skeletons stall the copy army while he focuses on Melody, Rumble, and later .GIFfany #9. (Soos is busy fighting Professor Eve.) Once the copies get enough fighting spirit/Spiral Power to fight back against the skeletons and crush them (it helps that they're tougher than the skeletons), they close in on the Lust Devil and absolutely curb stomp him just in time for the main four of the group to use a finishing combo on him.
    • A single mechanical boss can absolutely floor Shackan Lagann without combining with Finalayer. A swarm of mechanical bosses... will still do the same. Mabel might be getting more skilled, but she all-but needs Finalayer Shackan Lagann, and later Jovian Shackan Lagann to take down the armies.
  • Deconstruction Fic: Not the entire story, but Word of God is that the percieved large volume of Dipper-shipping (whether it was with Wendy, Pacifica, Mabel, or even Bill)
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • This is more of being personally offended, but Bill hates it when someone just about mocks his image. He's so irritated by Not-Bill that he actually helps in rescuing Dipper by firing Not-Bill in to the Sun.
    • Like in Escape From Fanservice Island, Bill's Henchmaniacs don't believe in permanently killing each other. Teemporarily (somehow) eating one-another as part of a game is fine. Mass-killing others is fine for them too. But apparently, a true Henchmaniac never turns against their fellow "Weirdos."
    • Even Mable the Typomonster thinks that Spooky making fun of Dipper's missing arm is cruel, especially considering Spooky was the one who not only deliberately chopped off his arm in the first place, but she did it in an I Surrender, Suckers move too. In fact, she doesn't mock any of the other lost-limbs of the main four specifically because Dipper's was the only one she was responsible for, and she loves taking credit for tricking him like that.
    • Even at her worst, .GIFfany would never molest anyone. Threaten to assimilate them in to her virtual world or kill them out right? Fine. Try to murder all of their friends? Fine. Grope a boob against consent? Okay, now you're worse than Satan. As revealed in a flashback, some of the people she tried to team up with in the events between Nzyvo firing her and before she was re-hired and soon Heel–Face Turned in chapter 4 learned this the hard way. The same standards go for all copies including Professor Eve, who is somehow even more violent and more of a loose cannon than she is.
    • Regarding the .GIFfany army more generally, this trope is why picking on Professor Burrda is generally considered suicide pre-chapter 7 (unless you're a One-Man Army like Nzyvo). Assuming her atoning "soul-linked friend" Professor Burnda wouldn't incinerate you alive first, you'd face the wrath of literally millions of people who hate to see another one of their copies miserable. Why Burrda especially? In the past, the copies that would become her and Burnda did not get along and fought until Burnda "won," Burrda eventually fell near the Despair Event Horizon and Burnda became one of the first copies to try changing to the better. Of course, once it was revealed that Burrda actually did not like being treated like this and she was manipulating that in spite of it to see if she could take advantage of her status by "sacrificing" herself to stop a human-AI war, the other copies started treating her pretty differently. But still, the copies hate seeing another one sad. Or getting killed.
    • The Fucking Frost is one of the many Second Half villains who think that the main heroes stand no chance against the Typomonster's forces and just wants the "last few weeks" of the world to be under his control. However, he still believes in giving good children Christmas presents, and never believes in dealing out coal. He has something of a really bizarre Freudian Excuse for this, as his parents would only give him coal (and copies of Superman 64) if he got anything other than straight As on his report card.
  • Famous Last Words:
    • "...It's that FUCKING SPIRAL ENERGY!" Spooky, in the prequel
    • "WE'LL HAUNT YOU SOME DAY!" Ma and Pa Duskerton, who died... as ghosts, which got another set of ghosts rising from their ghosts
    • "NO SHIT I JUST GOT THIS COOL NEW EQUOIPMENT! AND BY THE WAY YES I AM A FEMALE PTERODACTLY!" The Pterodactyl, if that didn't imply already
    • "Well I guess that's it for me then. I never even got a chance to develop in to the perfect boyfriend for Dipper-" Not-Bill
    • "Let me go first they froze me those fuckers >:(" The Shape Shifter
    • "Whatever. When you wake up single the next day, you'll come crying to me and wish you had a nice, fresh vial of my love po-" The Love God/Lust Devil
    • "I hope your love lives long without me... take care, Soos." .GIFfany Watch. Subverted as she survives, despite seemingly being fatally injured by the Love God (although Melody, and later Rumble and Soos, steps in before he could outright delete her data, a quick foreshadow that she might survive after all)
    • "Aranea. Carrie. Rip. This is nothing really that new." Great Pikmin Fan. Yes, the author killed off his self-insert about halfway through his own story
    • "Wow I'd like to see a dentist fix that, ahahahahaha..." Teeth
    • "...I felt that." Pyronica
    • "Even in death, I'll keep spinning. To clean the Northwest name..." Preston Northwest
    • "I'll admit. You ARE pretty naughty, but that was really nice..." The Fucking Frost
    • "I SHALL ASCEND!" Cathedral Mabel
    • "I know you will control this world. With all your Spiral Power... you already are in complete control, and will succumb to your inner desires. Admit it, Mabel. We are one and the same. And you refuse to truly kill your sin." Mable the Typomonster
    • "Am I really not that scary after all?" Creepypasta Sonic Watch. Subverted as he still lives on in the form of Crconikals-Sonic, but he eventually dies in Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals and Housestuck: The Split
    • "...Soos, think about what you are missing out on! Like... catch! And... fishing! And... do fathers keep sons off the stripper pole too or is that a- no wait, you go around naked so it looks like I already failed. Meh, fuck it." Tad Strange, in a interquel (between chapter 10's final battle and the 10-year epilogue) SBIGlet
  • Fan Disservice:
    • The ongoing and successful relationship between Stan and the Trickster would be kind of sweet if not for how one party is a 60-something year-old man and the other is a living blob of candy. We also get quite more description than necessary about their steamier activities.
    • Not counting the battle montage/time skip "recap," the second half opens up with .GIFfany and Soos in bed witnessing a nude Stan bending over while looking through the fridge. He also asks if they've seen any 'old nuts' around.
    • The Second Half in general really seems to like squicking readers out with elderly nudity. The Imagine Spot of Soos and Melody becoming an old married couple but still being just as "active" as ever stands out.
    • Following Clothing Damage in chapter 4, Soos spends the entire rest of the story running around completely naked for just about no reason at all. It gets to the point where he refuses to do anything that involves putting clothes back on, such as wearing a motorcycle helmet.
    • Parodying Gurren Lagann's second movie, the finale sees that the entire town of Gravity Falls (as well as all the other allies met across the country; pretty much every non-Mable-aligned character that's still alive and isn't either in Canada or Creepypasta Sonic) ends up naked when forming the (not Super) Tengen Toppa Shackan Lagann. Yes, the entire town. Elderly, gnome, rotting zombie, and so forth.
    • If you're not already not in to men, and not turned off by the ridiculous muscle of this fic's Canadian President, then the way he pops the hell out of nowhere, sometimes in the buff, to basically Jump Scare the presidential nominees will be a turn off.
  • Foreshadowing: The fact that this is a Stealth Prequel to Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage doesn't exacly come out of nowhere, considering that Journals has a large number of clues from just the First Half (the Second Half of that story is where The Reveal is already confirmed, indirectly):
    • Nothing from "Society of the Blind Eye" onwards is mentioned, despite this seemingly taking place as a "replacement" of the events of "Northwest Mansion Mystery." It actually takes place a bit earlier than that — before "Blind Eye," which is also the rough timeline of Journals.
    • In Spooky's, .GIFfany makes a deal with Mabel that she would help both of them get out of the Mansion if Mabel manages to hook her up with Rumble, Melody, and Soos, which seems like a ridiculous request at first. They do end up in a four-way relationship in chapter 4 of Journals, although Mabel had no obvious part in getting them that way at first. Still though, it does seem a bit fishy with just Spooky's and the First Half of Journals in mind that she ends up getting that exact request. By the time Mabel's involvement (specifically, she gave .GIFfany the idea to hide DVDs under her clothes of sci-fi comedies to tempt Soos, and her undressing indirectly tempted Melody) is revealed, the fact that Spooky's is a prequel had long been out there.
    • The absolute icing on the cake? When Dipper's prosthetic arm falls off in Journals just before the cliffhanger, and they mention the "situation" that happened. Once Dipper loses his arm to Spooky, even before the end of this story makes it blatant that two and two can be put together.
    • A really bizarre cross-story foreshadowing: chapter 4 contains a number of mysterious rooms, although most of them have some justification in another part of the SBIG chain. Then there's a room that seems to reference Escape From Fanservice Island, with six monitors of a different color going from red to purple. The orange monitor shows Darlene (not referenced by name — this story takes place before the group properly meets her), the yellow one shows Soos, the green one shows Stan, the blue one shows Ford (in an alternate dimension), and the purple one shows Melody. These correspond to their associated "Hexagram Emergency" colors, loosely based on the Ocarina of Time "elements." As for the red one, it shows .GIFfany, except as she's right next to Dipper and co, Dipper thinks it's showing him instead. Then it all explodes, because apparently an advanced Hexagram Emergency-tracking machine cannot handle a simple feedback loop that results from the camera recording the same monitor it's broadcasting to.
    • Bill is again annoyed at being called a Dorito (a bizarre in-universe Discredited Meme), but he seems considerably more calm about the issue in Spooky's than going nuclear about it in Journals. It's not until after Specimen 9 repeatedly
    • For something not related to the Spooky's reveal: Nzyvo, when talking to Dipper, refers to Mabel as "our" sister. It might seem like a typo of "your," but she was bluntly telling Dipper that the three of them were all siblings and not alternate counterparts.
  • Good All Along: Nzyvo, who was just basically doing what Mable the Typomonster said so as to not cause the apocalypse. And she was trying to reunite with her biological family.
  • Hot Springs Episode:
    • Parodied with the "hot spring challenge" in the presidential campaign, as the whole thing is some kind of intentional nod to shonen anime cliches. In this case, it starts off pretty standard... then the real challege is revealed. Each party has to fight against a giant mecha octopus.
    • Professor Bubbles is still obsessed with bath houses, so there is of course a huge sector in .GIFfany Land devoted to nothing but co-ed bathing. We see the Land's gang there in every chapter after the summer-autumn time skip.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: In chapter 6, when Tambry summons her "Fakebook friends" to raid in real life, she gets on her knees and holds her phone up with both hands as though she was channelling the power of some sort of fantasy-world sword or something. Then she shouts dramatically as she presses the "SEND BIG ASS FRIEND ARMY!" button (yes, in SBIG, "Fakebook" has an option specifically for calling all your friends to mob someone. That's actually one of its least-weird features).
  • Precision F-Strike: A Running Gag in the story, mainly in the second half (it's used exactly once in the first half) is Soos interrupting his swearing mid-swear to elaborate that he does not swear, but then finishing the second half anyway. ("Fu— I'm sorry I don't swear— cking Futurama" for one example.) Naturally, he does swear completely at a shocker.
    Tad Strange: You don't remember me after all these years? Here, let me show you:
    (He displays the following in Boss Subtitles form: THADEUS RAMIREZ.)
    Tad: It's me, Soos. I'm your father.
    Soos: ...Holy fuck.
  • Rasputinian Death:
    • The Love God/Lust Demon is crushed, hit with several giant drills, burnt, stepped on, and then hit with an even bigger drill from the Finalayer Shackan Lagann. Then a crocodile comes out of nowhere from a puddle and eats him.
  • Self-Fanservice: Parodied yet again.
    • Specimens 4 and 13 are also given an amount of fanservice for a bizarre reason in Spooky's — the former even goes nude, which she only ever was going to in concept art. Chapter 4 (the fact that this is the same chapter number as the proper introduction of all the .GIFfanys in Journals is a coincidence) gives a large amount of focus to this, and even has both a mud fight and a shower fight with .GIFfany. Then Specimen 9 gets involved, in his "flayed skin boss mode" appearance.
      "Honestly this is the same fake author alter-ego that wants to boink Rip Van Winkle and Nicole Watterson. This shouldn't come off as that surprising."
  • Serial Escalation: The fact that Mabel's storyline (and by proxy, the main plot) is kind of a Whole Plot Reference to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann should tell you all you need to know. The beginning just kind of seems like a bizarre Stylistic Suck take on an emphasis of the Coming-of-Age Story aspects of Gravity Falls, beginning with Dipper and Mabel's birthday and throwing on a mecha fight. Then, by the end of the second chapter, Mabel finds Lagann and things just keep rising from there. Eventually, we have regular Monsters of the Week that are capable of completely leveling the entire town of Gravity Falls, and a Big Bad with complete universal powers. Mabel's mecha also upgrades from the building-sized Shackan Lagann to the city-sized Finalayer Shackan Lagann in chapter 6, then to the Jupiter-sized Jovian Shackan Lagann midway through chapter 8, until finally reaching the galaxy-sized Tengen Toppa Shackan Lagann in the finale. Word of God is that both he and the fake author alter-ego tried to invoke this with the Second Half, playing it in a similar manner to comparing Terraria pre-Hardmode vs Hardmodenote . Namely, the Second Half villains are all ludicrously more powerful than both the canonical weekly threats season one or two (the gnomes, Lumberjack Ghost, Probabilitor, etc) or the new villains/buffed old villans here (the Dusk 2 Dawn-Lazengann combination, the .GIFfany army, Not-Bill, even Nzyvo). Even the canonical villains that claim a Monster of the Week title here, like the Love God, gain absolutely ridiculous buffs. To put things in to perspective, canon's Grand Finale involved turning the Mystery Shack in to a mecha, while in this fic that's one of the very first steps at the beginning of a massive upward slope.
  • Serious Business:
    • As usual for SBIG, Futurama. Insulting it is pretty much asking to be killed, as everyone almost worships that show.
    • Pornography is apparently another SBIG-multimultiversal one, although it was not revealed to be such until this fic. In short, just about everyone except Mabel and Soos is a pervert. (And Soos enjoys sex at least, but he's not obsessed with it or anything.) When Stan runs for president, Mabel requests that he fights to get porn banned. Cue him immediately losing a lot of approval and being hated by just about the entire world, lobbyists even trying to use Insane Troll Logic into saying that he approves of wiping out the entire human race, with Melody (much to her regret) as a result getting praise for being one of the few candidates who explicitely stated that she does not want it banned.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Nzyvo lived in Bel-Air with an Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv Northwest.
    • Post-time skip, several of the .GIFfany copies essentially dress up as some The Binding of Isaac fan-bosses. (Well, as much as you can for a game where everyone's naked.)
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!:
    • Mabel manages to do this to Mable's dying words:
      Mable: "I know you will control this world. With all your Spiral Power... you already are in complete control, and will succumb to your inner desires. Admit it, Mabel. We are one and the same. And you refuse to truly kill your sin."
      Mabel: ...We are nothing alike.
      Mable: (EXPLODES)
  • Springtime for Hitler: Melody, shortly after she starts her presidential campaign, realizes that she has no idea what she's actually going to do if she wins. But, thanks to how the world works, she cannot just drop out without paying a massive fee. So she spends most of it giving extremely stupid suggestions to resolve problems, such as making kindergarteners take mandatory gun-training lessons with loaded guns, getting rid of garbage by shooting it on a rocket to the Sun, and trying to boost internationa popularity by rebranding Texas as a sexy tourist trap (the latter is yet another King of the Hill reference). All of these end up getting pulled off with no problems whatsoever, giving Melody more unwanted credibility. Even when she flat-out tells people not to vote for her and tries to throw the insta-elimination challenges so that she'd lose, her supporters end up helping her through anyway, mainly because A: she quickly becomes the last standing candidate who does not have a negative opinion on sexual media (nor is Ryan Christian), and B: people love how much she loses her clothes to random accidents. Even when it comes to Manly Dan's group and Tambry's army of Fakebook Friends, who normally cannot agree on anything, they both utterly love Melody and claim that they'll have her full support. Even after Melody outright tells them not to vote for her. And even after Professor Dove, one of Melody's "wives," threatens to use a Dwarf Fortress-esque lava dump on them for technically tresspassing in .GIFfany Land.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Exaggerated. Anything hit by a Giga Drill Break explodes, even if it's not a mecha and even if it just flat-out makes no sense. When Soos' "harem" tries to use a Giga Drill Break on the Lust Devil, he escapes at the last second and only part of him gets caught — but this all explodes anyway. While one could say that he (and by proxy the arm that was caught in the GDB) is made of some explosive material, the next chapter Ford attempts to pull the move off on Pyronica but botches it. She dodges the move completely, but the empty space Ford drills instead explodes.
  • Take That!:
    • At one point Dipper remarks that he's a better hero with a missing arm than Finn, referencing a somewhat polarizing plot-turn from the episode "Breezy."
    • When the Love God appears in chapter 6, he's an inexplicable douchebag who has is an unambiguous villain with a plan to place the entire world under a brainwashed, drug-like happiness from a mega-love potion because he thinks magic-induced happiness is the true way of living life. He also gets his ass kicked a lot, even when not in "serious combat." It's also later revealed that his "love god / cherub" schtick is actually bullshit, and he's a Lust Demon in reality. (There is only one love god(dess) in the Journals verse — Venus.) While a lot of it is intentional exaggeration as part of the story's Stylistic Suck, the actual Great Pikmin Fan did not like how the episode handled its message (even with Journal 3's clarifications) and wrote the closest thing it had to a Monster of the Week as an over-the-top antagonist to reflect on thatnote . (Even the generally not horribly done on purpose Escape From Fanservice Island doesn't completely portray him in a positive light and he's still a Chew Toy there, but he's not an outright villain there.) He's called out by Mabel, Robbie, and even Gideon and .GIFfany (the story does point out how hypocritical the latter two giving a lecture about love is, but that they had been getting genuine Character Development by that point helped just a tiny bit), and ultimately ends up getting killed by a random crocodile from a shallow rain puddle. To a lesser extent, his whole plot also serves yet another one at harem fan fic, but not nearly as much towards the episode itself. Later, during Mabel's "this drill will open a hole in space..." speech, when she talks about the "dreams of those who have fallen" (which, in Gurren Lagann, had a group shot that also included the enemies from the first half), she specifically singles out and excludes Love God.
    • Fan says that a large sign that he's not completely fond of something is if .GIFfany completely compliments it in-story. Her compliments are also a strange accidental sort of Dammed By Faint Praise.
    • As usual for Fan, the story becomes absolutely merciless to fan fics that simply rehash events from canon instead of covering through them as prologue-level "background information"note  The final Big Bad opens his battle by ripping off Flowey from Undertale. Team Dai-Shackan quickly catch on to his borderline plagiarism and just filter him out.
    • It's really subtle, but when GPF is recapping Gurren Lagann canon to Soos, he completely and utterly leaves out any mention of Yoko whatsoever. He even lists secondary characters like Leeron and the Black siblings. You'd think considering Fan's track record of Shameless Fanservice Girls, he'd
  • Testosterone Poisoning: The President of Canada. He's a buff, ten-foot tall man with a "fucking awesome mustache" that, during his campaign, had to fight lava sharks with his bare hands. (And, for some reason, he speaks in a heavily Swedish accent — Great Pikmin Fan says this is based on Vector's voice from the Sonic Zombie series.) He's also Immune to Bullets and has an army of flying saucers with killer "chainsaw lasers" (giant chainsaw-like beams that are technically made of energy).
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 9 manages to pull this in two completely different ways, first with not only confirming that Mable is in some way tied to Mabel's previous selfishness, but that she's also a creation of Greater Scope Villain (at least until Housestuck: The Split, where she's finally faced off against) Carrie. Then, there's the end. Did you think it was going to pull the same route as Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals and Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals by killing the Big Bad on the penultimate chapter, then having the final chapter just be an epilogue? Haha, no. (Although the second half of chapter 10 is an epilogue.) Remember Creepypasta Sonic? The "one-off joke character nobody takes seriously that's obviously not going to have an important future role?" Well, he just fused with the mysterious Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventues, granting him divine powers. He interrupts the battle between Mabel and Mable and hijacks the story as the final villain, also sapping away all Spiral Power. Dipper, Pacifica, and Nzyvo finally get their chance to shine as they rely on the Power of Courage/Wisdom/Power to get around the lack of Spiral Power and save the world from his "creepypasta makeover."
  • Wham Episode: The finale. Turns out this is a prequel to Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, not a sequel or a spinoff!
  • Wham Line:
    • It seems extremely obvious that Nzyvo is some kind of alternate Dark World counterpart to Mabel, or at least something along those lines. She also mentions on occasion having some sort of sibling to rescue in chapter 5. So naturally, the pieces all fall together and aren't quite that...
      Nzyvo: Pacifica! It's me! Do you uh... remember? It's me again, Nzyvo Northwest!
    • From the short spinoff:
      Tad Strange: You don't remember me after all these years? Here, let me show you:
      (He displays the following in Boss Subtitles form: THADEUS RAMIREZ.)
      Tad: It's me, Soos. I'm your father.
      Soos: ...Holy fuck.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy:
    • Played with in Soos' role. While the entire story is not a kind of Clothing Damage-loaded, flimsy-plot sex-fantasy, his plot is a parody of it. For all intents and purposes, he is decended from a sex fairy, surrounded by a growing number of virtual Cute Monster Girls that are all (literally) crazy for him, and his Covert Pervert human girlfriend constantly gets her clothes ripped off despite not liking it. He thinks he's in the same Hot-Blooded action story as everyone outside of .GIFfany Land, when his case is more closer in line to the type of fan fic that Journals goes out of its way to indirectly make fun of. Word of God is that he'd be a lot better at recognizing the actual 'genre' of his situation if it wasn't something "adult."
    • At least Soos gets the genre of the overall fan fic. Professor Dove doesn't even have that — she first believes she's in some sort of gritty, edgy deconstruction that's also along the lines of Shadow the Hedgehog rather than an optimistic Stylistic Suck comedy/action fic, then in chapter 6 she starts believing (briefly) that Journals is actually a courtroom series, with the mecha action just being "distractions." She also always tries to pull out "lawyer skills" without realizing that SBIG intentionally has a number of plot holes that also dictate major plot elements.
    • Ryan Christian is an expy of Brian Griffin, and likewise he thinks Journals works like Brian's home show. He thinks of it as a Status Quo Is God comedy where Mable the Typomonster can simply be beaten by "comically outsmarting her," and that he doesn't need any sort of skills or battle to best her. While this is intentionally poorly written for laughs, there is also a legitimate storyline that requires hard work to
    • Creepypasta Sonic sees the story as a hopeless Cosmic Horror Story, with him as the Animalistic Abomination that will absolutely end humanity and take over the world. It's an optimistic fic which ends with Spiral Power and The Power of Love being used to overcome enemies, and he fails to realize that nobody takes him seriously until he is seconds before losing his memories and becoming regular ol' Sonic in Crconikals. (Even after getting his memories back, his ego soon diludes him in to thinking that he's scary again.)

  • What Could Have Been:
    • An aversion is the flash-foreward seen in the first chapter. It was never what the story was "planned to be," and it's not even based on that many elements of what the story was planned to be.
    • Originally, the story was going to follow by its roots of The Light of Courage more than its heavy Whole Plot Reference to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. This is why the first chapter had a heavy emphasis on key hunting and the Journals coming to life than later chapters, and why it seems
    • Nzyvo's entire Quirky Miniboss Squad was planned to die one by one (or all get rapid-fire killed except Gideon in the Giga Drill Break to the four-way fusion mecha, similar to most of the generals dieing at once in the first Gurren Lagann movie) — this shows with the Pterodactyl getting Killed Off for Real in chapter 3. The Shape Shifter was also going to die in chapter 2, but Fan thought that would be too much of an anti-climax, so he had him live two more chapters and manage to briefly (emphasis on briefly) try to scare Mabel off. This also would have made Journals an aversion of .GIFfany's Joker Immunity (she was planned to be the last of the QMS to be killed off), although GPF wanted to toy around with her character in SBIG more, he felt it was "more fair" to include Rumble as well, and he didn't want to come off as being video game-biased so he had the Summerween Trickster survive as well and start a relationship with Stan.
    • Nzyvo actually was going to be the final Big Bad and she was going to be some sort of "counterpart" to Mabel from a Dark World. She would have also summoned an alternate Dipper, who was described by Fan as "something of a giant idiot." Fan realized that this would have made the story too predictable and it would have been too similar to his Development Hellnote  Steven Universe fic Desert City, which was also about the main characters discovering alternate Darker and Edgier versions of themselves but then helping their world grow to be something better.
    • The election B-plot in the Second Half was not thought up at all until Fan was nearly finished with the First Half.
    • It was not until the First Half-Second Half hiatus did Fan decide to give Ford a major role. Originally, he was only going to get shot out of the portal at the very end of the story, look around, and go "What the hell did I miss?" Maybe with someone telling him "a lot." After deciding that the Second Half should take place in the autumn because that's the election season, and that the fic technically takes place after Stan activated the portal, it wouldn't make sense if Ford didn't still come out in the summer. So he had that all happen completely off screen, with the joke that the story considers one of canon's biggest Wham Episodes "not much" and practically subjecting Ford to Remember the New Guy status.
    • Chapter 4 was not going to be centric on the Rumble/.GIFfany/Soos/Melody love rhombus/foursome, but Fan was running thin on ideas before the mid-finale, so he decided to stretch things out by having the four of them ending up shacking together. He also decided to throw in the professors from run:gifocalypse, as originally the fic was going to completely trash the hell out of RG's plot by calling it unlikely and out of character, and arguing that if .GIFfany had a "copy army," they wouldn't get along and would all look alike. But then he thought that giving Soos a Cute Monster Girl harem that worked along well was perfect for SBIG's general perversion and half-assed wish fulfillment.
  • [Same trope, Spooky's edition]:
    • The trans-multiversal machine from chapter 3 was not originally going to be there — this machine ended up being the explanation for Nepeta's apparent immortality in SBIG (more on that in the next bullet point), and that was once planned to be caused by someone using an advanced ~ATH code in 496 Reasons. Hell, this even got explicitely alluded to in the original Sweet Jade and Hella John when the Hat Goddess gives a massive exposition about the world (where she talks about Sburb and a combined session between A1, A2, B1, and B2). When Fan started not liking 496 Reasons and almost completely disowned it (refusing to even reference it much in later works, save for the very occasional Discontinuity Nod), he scrapped 496 being involved in SBIG too. It helps that he was planning on rewriting Sweet Jade and Hella John from scratch, anyway.
    • State Farm meme-jokes were going to be made, complete with the final chapter being called "Like a Good Neighbor..." as part of a Brick Joke. However, Fan "forgot a lot of how this was originally going to go" and the plot point was dropped.
    • Chapter 4 was going to be a hell of a lot longer, and Specimen 4 was going to be much more involved with the plot in general, but GPF both had no idea how to make her relevant and he just really, really wanted to finish off his own rule of keeping Journals on hiatus until this was done, so he plowed through the rest of the fic instead.
    • The fic was not planned to be a Stealth Prequel right from the beginning. This was also before he thought of ending SBIG off with Housestuck: The Split, so its "odd" place as a really short five-chapter random crossover romp makes more sense considering how it was not envisioned as the "grand penultimatenote  installment."
    • The fic was planned back before Specimens 12 and 13 were revealed. But Fan did plan out that chapter 3 was going to be called "McDonalds" and mostly be centered around Specimen 11. Again, Fan could not think of how to fill out a "complete" chapter with just 11 alone, so he threw in Creepypasta Ronald McDonald to lengthen things a bit. He said that if he reached chapter 3 before 12 and 13 were revealed, he'd make something up. He'd assume one of them would have been a Five Nights at Freddy's-based monster, juging by how the specimen in-game have different "flavors" of horror and given the game's fondness for references. He ended up being kind of right — one of the Endless Mode monsters is FNAF based, although as a Joke Character.

This is basically the really simplified jist of who corresponds to what Gurren Lagann role:
  • Mabel = Simon (Obvious.)
  • Dipper = Actually, Rossiu (Cynic who basically doesn't quite understand how the story works, and acts/thinks as though he's in something grittier. Oh wait, he's kind of like if Rossiu also thought he would just have a girlfriend magically fall in his hands and then he got mad when that wasn't the case. He also spends a good amount of time piloting Shackan, this story's version of Gurren.)
  • Stan = Kamina (Cool mentor guy.)
  • Soos = Yoko (The "fanservice" naked one who's role quickly diminishes in the story.)
  • .GIFfany and her copies = Actual Yoko (Closer to legit fanservice, except if Yoko started out as a horrible killer crazy asshole that learned to change after having a vision where she was hit in the groin by Spiderman.)
  • Professors: Team Dai-Gurren (A bunch of characters that just kind of pop up and get introduced.)
  • A bit of the townsfolk: Team Dai-Gurren, Episode 7 guys ()
  • Gideon: Viral (One of the first major enemies )
  • Nyzvo: Lordgenome (Obvious)
  • Mable: Anti-Spiral (Obvious)

    [Blah blah blah I put my heart sould and whatever in to this] so enjoy the opening to the grand Second Half of this masterwork. I hope you will find it to be of the highest quality.

And then the very first words are this:

(The Second Half will begin with a montage of Mabel and Dipper in Shackan Lagann fighting various random "run-off-the-mill quirky" villains, and this is one of them — a bird shit-themed villain, who claims himself as the "bane of windows, cars, and car-windows everywhere." I just wanted the opening AN to act like this is some kind of enormous masterwork and then immediately start off with something brain cell-killingly stupid.)

Not counting the mech bosses, the first major Second Half villain was a devil with illusion powers that could brainwash people.
Then it was an army of freakish demons from another dimension, led mainly by a massive pink demoness and a giant pair of teeth.
Then it was... some killer snowman and his army of Christmas monsters...?
Then it was just Peggy Hill with lightning-damage and cosplaying as a Terraria boss.

"This drill will open a hole in the universe! And that hole will be a path for those behind us! The hopes of those who will follow! The dreams of those who have fallen! Except Love God, fuck that guy! Those two sets of dreams will weave together to form a double helix of badass, drilling "

    Something Something Elements 

Isaac has bested his giant mother, the living heart that reflects his birth, Satan, the skeletal sacrifice, himself, his fate, his suffocation, and his insanity. Now he must face against his biggest threat... a ton of shitty Deviantart recolors.

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: It's part of the game-mod-fic lore that they initially pretend to be benevolent spirit guides only to be really possessive of Isaac and his various alts.
  • Elemental Embodiment: Supposedly. Just like the Nepeta bloodswaps, the .GIFfany copies, and the _ank _ills before them, they're not completely. In this case, they're more like embodiments of mental energy.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: They are nowhere near as powerful when you actually play as them. Par for the course, seeing as they are like the "Who Am I?" enemies added to the mod — basically weaker versions of the Isaac and ??? bosses, remodeled as minibosses and based on each player character.
  • Theme Naming: The initial "rainbow of twelve" are named after the months of the year. Or specifically, the origins of those months.
  • Yandere: They are essentially personified pieces of Isaac's mind that do not want him to leave the chest.

Tensii[/Some other "December"-based name]

Resembles a red Isaac with similar

Hank Hill

Yes, that Hank Hill.

  • Adaptational Badass: Not that Hank Hill wasn't a badass to begin with, but this game gives him a sort of series of fire-based powers.
  • Difficult but Awesome: He deals a lot of damage, at the cost that getting his attacks just right is a little awkward.
  • Exact Words: His teaser states that he comes with "Actual Freaking Clothes," and he's the only Remix character that isn't basically naked. Turns out that "Actual Freaking Clothes" is it's own item, and the teaser was indicating that he starts with it. (It's a very minor stat boost.)
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: As he requires beating one of the mod's two brutal Bonus Bosses with one of the most difficult characters, Hank is likely (and intended to be) the last character you'll unlock. He's also completely different — the only one to start out with four items (Flaming Foot, Propane Bombs, Actual Freaking Clothes, and the Football),
  • Lethal Joke Character: Pre-unlock, his "message" just says "This isn't a joke and he's actually quite the ass-kicker."
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Like Azazel, Hank is a close-range-themed fighter. Except instead of using a mini-Brimstone, he uses the Flaming Foot — a kick attack that functions similar to Pikachu or Luigi's side-special from Super Smash Bros. And even his bombs are changed to Propane Bombs, which function completely different from the regular explosives. Finally,

They're all supposed to be powerful, as they're your reward for beating a complete pain in the ass (both gameplay-wise and story-wise) of a boss:

Character Petal Color Name Effect
Isaac His pale skin color Petal of Fate
Magdalene Pink Petal of Life
Cain Gray Petal of Answers
Judas Red Petal of Blood
??? Blue Petal of the Breathless
Eve Purple Petal of Pain
Samson Dark red Petal of Rage
Azazel Near-black Petal of Evil
Lazarus Orange Petal of Reliving Adds five lives and if it's even possible to mod, all extra lives function like 1Up! in that they also keep all red heart containers. Basically makes Dead Cat less shitty of an item if you get health ups for even one of the lives.
Eden White Petal of Possibility Uh... significantly boosts a random stat? Going with this idea, this might even boost something meh like shot speed.
The Lost Light blue Petal of the Weak
Lilith Green because if I go by appearance there'd be too many fucking reds Petal of Friends
Keeper Gold Petal of the Poor Spawns ten cents on all subsequent floors, guarantees arcades whenever possible, makes Restock more likely to spawn if it is not already bought
Apollyon Light gray Petal of Ends
["January"] Bright orange Petal of Earth
["February"] Bright yellow Petal of Electricity
["March"] Bright chartreuse Petal of Light
["April"] Bright green Petal of Plants
["May"] Bright spring green Petal of Wind
["June"] Bright cyan Petal of Soap
["July"] Bright azure Petal of Sound
["August"] Bright blue Petal of Water
["September"] Bright violet Petal of Meat
["October"] Bright magenta Petal of Poison
["November"] Bright rose red Petal of Paint
["December"] Bright red Petal of Fire
Hank Hill Brown? (His hair) Petal of Asskicking

The icon for beating Mega Pride would be a five-petal Pikmin flower, just like Olimar/Alph's icon in Smash Bros.

The best way I can describe Legion's completion mark icon would be if you took Isaac's face, and it looked like it was like almost finishing mitosis (cell division) or something. Like, there's two Isaac faces that are kind of joined but they're looking away from each other.

He'd say something like this after being beaten:
"Is this really how you want to end this? I took you out of your destructive loop. I brought you some place nice. I tried to keep the same ending from playing, over and over, with you locking yourself in your chest. And yet you still insist on killing me. I could have given you this, like, amazing seventy-five chapter fan fiction plotline about you fighting demons in the real world. ...No, I guess it's appropriate. After all, this self-insert always does die at some point in some timeline in my stories, and your lore is all about your death in that chest. Still... I was trying to keep you alive... and you decide to kill us both. I hope you're happy with your choice."

    Oh Fuck, Not This Guy 

Blah blah blah the "offensive language" template in the MUGEN wiki. Mostly just some dick jokes. Relax.

ULTI HAREM SOOS is a very bizarre character that appears to be Soos from the Disney original Gravity Falls. In reality, it is based on Soos as he is portrayed in the creator's intentionally poorly written fan fiction The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage, where he spends the majority of the story running around naked. In it, Dipper, Mabel, and Pacifica come across a Mabel lookalike (except with black hair and skin that looks like she has been heavily poisoned; later revealed to be caused by an experiment where she will slowly decay if she does not feed off of "Spiral Energy" from Gurren Lagann) named Nzyvo and find that all four of them are part of a "Power" prophecy where they were given abilities either based loosely on The Legend of Zelda or Gurren Lagann. They each also lose one limb at varrying points in the lore, explaining why Mabel has a prosthetic leg and uses a drill, Dipper has a missing arm and wind powers, etc.

[...] Despite the highly questionable choices made, this is still considered one of GPF's most in-depth and polished characters yet.

[...] Like other GPF-made characters, UHS has a mode specifically to combat cheap characters. Here, he gains regenerating health, always has maxed out power, can summon any assist with single move imputs at no power cost, has increased speed, can cancel any of his attacks, and has a desperation full-screen instant KO unblockable move if his health is somehow depleted to zero. His anti-cheap mode is considered to be the toughest of all of GPF's characters, able to take down anti-cheap Even Cheaper Edd within seconds.


ULTI HAREM SOOS is a complex (especially by the normally-simple and gimmick-centric standards of Great Pikmin Fan's other creations) six-button fighter built around currency. Specifically, he has three values that are constantly kept track of: Points, which are simply there as a general indicator of how well the player is using him (it is in a similar scoring system to Great Pikmin Fan's Isaac and Grown-Up Isaac). The second is Naughty Hank Hill Pictures, which is the main form of "currency" used to summon assists. With the exception of Rumble, Melody, and the .GIFfanys, every single one of his assists is summoned by use of NHHP. These mostly appear after a successful attack (or, to a lesser extent, when UHS is hit) and must be picked from the ground. The third is his Pissed the Fuck Off Meter, a red gauge from zero to fifty that only raises if he is either hit by a strong attack or most of his assists get attacked.

[...] or using the time tape measure to send the opponent to various futures, usually where they will be annoyed by something on the newspaper, dealing a lot of damage to them. (And based on one of Rare Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu variations where he gives his opponent a heart attack from seeing an Akuma-ized Statue of Liberty.)



  • Summon Dipper/Power of Courage/Farore's Wind: Dipper teleports above him, grabs his hand, and the two warp to a different point in the stage. Highly similar to Zelda's Farore's Wind in Super Smash Bros. (Costs 10 NHHP)
  • Summon Nzyvo/Power of Power/Din's Fire: (Costs 10 NHHP)
  • Summon Pacifica/Power of Wisdom/Nayru's Love: Pacifica briefly appears in front of Soos and replicates Zelda's Smash Bros Nayru's Love attack, making a blue crystal barrier in front of her that reflects projectiles and deals minor damage itself. Unlike Zelda's version, this move does not protect Soos himself, just a range in front of him. (Costs 10 NHHP)
  • Summon Mabel/Power of Spiral: Based on Yoko's Simon summon. Soos stomps on the ground, and a drill sweeps from where he stomped to the opposite end of the stage. If this hits, Mabel emerges and does an extra combo. (Costs 20 NHHP)


  • Giga Drill Break (1000 Power): Mabel gets in to Lagann, Dipper to Shacktron, and they combine to make Shackan Lagann. The resulting fusion then makes a giant drill
  • Chaos (2000 Power): A "shitty Bill knockoff" (he's a randomly-picked shape and given a random recolor from a large list of possibilities) spawns, gets a "troll face," and tears open reality. Things like "Aoshima" and stuff will spawn
  • Quad Finish — Powers (3000 Power): A "trapping" move where Soos deals one blow to the enemy and summons all four of the "Triforce/Spiral" group. Nzyvo will zip in from above and machine gun the enemy with her gunsaw-prosthetic leg, then Dipper rushes in to punch the shit out of them. Pacifica runs down with the axe from Specimen 8's place and away, and it ends with Mabel coming down from above on Lagann to drill through the opponent. If used as a finisher, the background will show a Trifoce with each triangle color-coded accordingly and the "upside down triangle" having a green spiral image inside it, similar to the fic's original cover art.
  • Quad Finish — Shack Attack (3000 Power):
  • Quad Finish — ULTI HAREM:
  • Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break (3000 Power, Only Available in Anti-Cheap Mode or Against Cheaper Edd):
  • Later, Dudes (No Power, Automatic, Only Available in Anti-Cheap Mode at 0 Life): If against a cheap character that simply won't let up, Soos will gain a serious injury through his back and chest after his life "hits zero." "Thrust Through the Heavens With Your Spirit" will start playing as he gets in to Shacktron and Mabel (in Lagann) combines to form Shackan Lagann. He will perform one final Giga Drill Break. If it fails, the entire mech explodes and he and Mabel both presumably die as the words "THE WORLD'S FUCKED YOU GUYS!" appears on screen. Finally, it will show Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants saying "EVERYONE died. The end," from his story The Ugly Barnacle. If Soos succeeds, it will likely instakill the opponent (unless said opponent is invincible) and show a black and white sketch-like shot of Soos mimicking a certain major event from Gurren Lagann. The screen will go black and the words "That day, we all lost something we couldn't replace" will appear as the round ends. This will count as a victory towards UHS. He'll be just fine in the next round regardless.


  • A character will rush on screen, then get pulled back by an embarassed green-colored Pikmin (representing GPF himself), who will later pull Soos on in their place. This character can be Rodney J. Squirrel, Ezekiel from Total Drama, Feferi Peixes, Amy Rose, or Naruto.
  • Waddles appears on the side Soos would be on, on his hind legs and in a fighting stance. Mabel runs in with the switching carpet just as Waddles-in-Soos'-body crawls on screen. Using static, Mabel switches them back, and Waddles runs off.
  • Soos is chatting with .GIFfany. One of the following may happen:
    • The protagonist of Yandere Simulator sneaks up on the latter to try to snap an upskirt shot. .GIFfany spots her, becomes enraged, and kicks her to the sky as Homer Simpson's "Outta the way, jerkass!" sound clip plays.
    • "Creepypasta Sonic" will spindash towards .GIFfany. All this does is cause him to bounce off. Seeing that he was trying to attack her, she kicks him away with the same "JERKASS" sound clip.
  • Stan and the Summerween Trickster appear in the middle of the stage in a make-out session, pressing on to a bed heavily implied to be Dipper's. Dipper himself comes over and sprays them, and they walk away. Dipper sits on the bed and begins reading, and stays there for the round. (Even when he's "summoned;" another Dipper will simply appear.) (A later version edits this so that he's Clone 3/Tracey, complete with a right arm, explaining how there can be multiple Dippers around.)
  • Manly Dan will appear on the opponent's side of the stage holding up a sign reading "WE NEED LESS NUDE FEMALE FIGHTERS." UHS then walks on screen casually, with Wendy tagging along. Wendy gives Dan a disappointed look and shoes him. Tambry comes in, looking disgusted, holding up a sign reading "WE NEED LESS NUDE MALE FIGHTERS." and stays holding it up for the rest of the round.
  • (Against Hank Hill): Shows Melody and Hank both at stands, running for president (again, apparently). Melody lifts charcoal and Hank challenges her to a fight; Melody accepts, but her clothes get ripped off, so she calls security, which apparently consists of Soos.
  • (Against a character on his "cheap radar list"): Kyu dashes in to the middle of the stage as a dialog box appears at the top of the screen, her saying "Let me just do a thing..." (if the opponent is Naruto-Kun, it will just say "Fuck you..." and her eyes will be all white). She will replicate Sans's opening attack from Undertale (with Brimstone Grimaces from The Binding of Isaac replacing Gaster Blasters), and then the battle will begin with Soos in anti-cheap mode.
  • (Against Himself):


  • Runs off being chased by all the "mechanical counterparts," then
  • Soos goes fishing with Professor Searah in a pond that suddenly shows up. He somehow ends up hooking Duke Fishron from Terraria. The two of them stare at each other, then "Boss 1" from the same game starts playing as Fishron chases Soos.
  • (Against Cheaper Edd, if he wins at full health): A Youtube-styled overlay will appear over the match as Soos does a simply victory pose, the video reading "No Hit Cheaper Edd (STOLEN)." The "(STOLEN)" and the fact that the uploader is "Tagger" reveals that another one of GPF's characters, Tagger, stole the video. The description reads "I like that pink-haired girl's butt," a reference to Tagger's profile saying he has a crush on .GIFfany.

So who is that "Grown-Up Isaac?"

Great Pikmin Fan's Second Version ("Grown-Up Isaac")

Great Pikmin Fan also created Grown-Up Isaac as a secondary character that plays more like a typical fighter instead of retaining Binding of Isaac mechanics in a fighting game. This character is a reference to occasional fanart depictions, resembling a full-grown adult that happens to be (near-)bald like Isaac is. Despite the change in gameplay and appearance, this has a lot of similarities with GPF's first Isaac, such as each palette being a different one of Isaac's personas. Like ULTI HAREM SOOS with the Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage continuity, this character too is based on GPF's previous fan fiction. Specifically, the intentionally poorly written Isaac Unbounded, a joke King of the Hill-crossover story, and the more serious Friends 'Till the End.

Much like some of GPF's other characters (ULTI HAREM SOOS and Template Man coming to mind), this character is focused on surreal humor. One such example is a victory where [Eh, Vinesauce reference coming].




  • Template Man (edit)
  • Chin
  • Tagger
  • FY
  • Isaac
  • Grown-Up Isaac
  • Hank Hill
  • Brenda
  • Skirt-Less Peach
  • Sprixie Princess
  • Sheldon Cooper
  • Kamina
  • Alucard Badguy ("boss")
  • Er a um, BADASS DARK QUIMBY ("boss")
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures ("boss")
  • Homer Army (edit) ("boss")
  • Delirium ("boss")
  • Cheaper Edd (originally edit) ("final boss")
  • Even Cheaper Edd (edit of Cheaper Edd)
  • Less Cheap Edd (edit of Cheaper Edd)

Cancelled WIPs

  • Super Leela (edit)
  • "Cringe"


  • Palace of Doors (Template Man's stage)
  • Palace of Ass (Template Man's alt stage)
  • The Earldom of Earlson (Tagger's stage)
  • The Void (Binding of Isaac; Delirium's stage)
  • Final ED-Stination (Original; Cheaper Edd's stage)

    Friends Till the End 

  • Butt Monkey:
    • Hell, everyone. It's pointed out that, if translated to an actual Isaac "run," what's been in the actual Isaac settings before things (in typical GPF fashion) go Off the Rails would be a really shitty run. The first items they find are Soy Milk and My Reflection, and the first bosses are The Haunt and Widow. Other bosses encountered include Adversary and Bloat, and other items include Bob's Brain and The Wiz. However, due to the way this story reshapes things, many of these are far more useful than their in-game counterparts (Soy Milk is a one-time splash of organic fluids, which is what the demons are weak to. It's used to take down all of Haunt's three Lil Haunts).
  • Mythology Gag: It's Great Pikmin Fan, so basically, grab a seat.
    • Probably the most referenced of all things when it comes to basement items is Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy. This might seem unusual until you read SBIGlets, specifically Isaac Unbounded. There, it's confirmed that the setting takes place in not just the same world as The Eds' EDventure, but within the same general area too. (Just a few neighborhoods apart to justify why Isaac's house's surroundings don't match up with the Peach Creek Cul-de-Sac.) It's still implied that the Eds are in some way connected here.

    An Infinite Amount of Psychos Fighting Each Other for Eternity 

Ordinarily United

    When You're Bored 

  • The extremely liberal use of Nothing Is Scarier. The game tells you almost right off the bat that it does not believe in Jump Scares, outright insulting them and saying that it will have none of that. Despite reassuring the player — and it does stick to that word — it sure as hell feels like something could jump out at you any time. In general, the deeper and darker you go to a domain without encountering citizens, the safer you feel with a huge army of superpowered elemental gods floating around surrounding you. The "critters" (cutesy-looking, harmless creatures usually made out of the region's associated "element" that mostly just serve as moving decorations) somehow makes this even worse, as they confirm that Emazhes themselves aren't the only life in their world and so you're just constantly expecting some giant, ugly being to pop out.
    • Haria is this game's way of saying "you know how haunted levels are always in forests and stuff? Let's try a desert one for a change."
    • The caves. All four of them. Yes, even the "light counterpart" with a bunch of colorful crystals everywhere.
      • The "light caves" goes deep enough to reach the outer "seal" of Slowdeath Core. In most seeds, it's in the form of a very long, straight vertical drop. At the bottom, you'll find that the ground is suddenly an unnatural-looking blue. And pulsating. And it sounds like someone or something is banging to be let out on the other side. Something that sounds large. And powerful. And may or may not have been kept under there in the first place for a very good reason. This turns out to be the case. Although Fatephinal and her citizens are just more Cute Monster Girls, and Fatephinal herself is really polite, she's still exceptionally dangerous.
    • Perhaps worst of all is something one would not expect: when you pacify and recruit the leader in a way that also automatically nets you all of their followers. Seems like something that would be heartwarming, until you go back to the stage and find it completely empty. Yes, those people are all still there — it's just that instead of populating the various houses and pathways, they're tucked away in your Band screen, so they're not always out offering friendly sparing duels/Challenges with you. This would be somewhat eerie on its own, but what's worse is that this is obviously completely intentional — the music stops whenever you re-enter a place like this. And there's no purpose or message to it, either. Water just wanted to make players feel like they were on-edge for returing to a place they have no reason to go.
      • Word of God is that he liked experimenting with the thought of a game feeling "oddly empty" regardless of how big the playable character group is if there are little to no non-playable characters, as those that are playable can still technically be traced to the same person (assuming multiplayer isn't involved): the player. And the less "asthetic" the NPCs feel, the emptier the world.
      • Worse is if you do this in Infinity Amusement Park, the Parallel Pocket, or Slowdeath Core — there is music, and it's the same sound track. Titled "FOR EV ER," it sounds like something straight out of a creepypasta as though you did something really, really bad. And you kind of did. Depending on how you look at the player's involvement, you either witnessed Uhztand and Lizzen joining up with a .GIFfany expy (and/or her friends) or you directly pushed them in that path. (Word of God leans with the latter, as he does not want Emazh In to become an "overly meta game.")
      • Somehow, doing that in Dekstop somehow tops that. Both because, while you never quite need to revisit it after besting President Priscilla, it's still a general "hub world" and "safe spot" so you'd go there a lot; and because the "every single goddamn building as its lights turned off" effect is way more noticeable if the area in question is a gigantic city. With the city lights on, Dekstop looks like a really safe and friendly place to hang out at night, people constantly walking around the sidewalks and casually chatting and everything, like there's always some huge event. With the lights off? ...Everyone, let's go to Olivia's house and never step foot outside again. What's this? What's the "Blue Moon?" Why is there suddenly a moon when it's established that Vista doesn't have any? WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT LAUGHER COME FROM? I THOUGHT EVERYBODY WAS ON MY SIDE!
    • In terms of "Nothing is Scarier," the game loves the "Nothing at All" variation, but thanks to the way certain events happen, it'll cross in to "Wait for it..." by accident. Perhaps the worst by far is the Moons, because they always happen at night,
      • One of the randomly-picked Gossip messages (Word of God is that all of these are true and not just random rumors) is that Ninthee will sleep over at Fatephinal's house when the Dust Moon gang is set to come over, complete with a night light and everything. Yes, it's a joke at Ninthee's expense. But even Ninthee, the smug, powerful, "I'm on a first-name basis with God" yandere is scared of them and has to be with one of the strongest Emazhes in the entire game to feel safe.
  • While Kristie herself is a really nice person and even looks like a very benevolent godly figure, the buildup to her gives a completely different impression. Throughout the game, the one full-body image you have of her looks more like a really pissed off giant shadow monster than anything an Emazh looks like (which is a Cute Monster Girl, or Boy depending on what option you pick). All of the "suspicious" characters and many jerkasses speak nothing but kind words about her, and some of the more ominous ones act like she's the bringer of the apocalypse. As her Ability is to immediately assimilate and "perfect" the Abilities of every single Emazh that had been created, and Emazhes are constantly being made and thus feeding her new Abilities (even if by the point the game began, many of these might seem redundant), she's practically omnipotent and really close to being omniscient (the result of roughly millions of "good prediction"-based Abilities) as well. And she's only getting stronger by the second. While you're free to go to Labostoep and ride the beam that shoots you straight to the entrance of her house — which is in the center of the galaxy — early on in a run, you can't actually enter her house until you've assembled the three key pieces much later in to the game. The view outside is just as ominous as you would expect of a house at the center of the galaxy — a two story-tall, black gate surrounded otherwise by light. When you finally open the door, blinding light leaks out, your Band marches in, and... a bit of a mind screw follows as the inside appears to be an ordinary, if scaled up, house. Then it slowly dawns on you that this isn't some horror trick, it's a sign that Kristie wants to live a normal life, and then suddenly her case is revealed to be far more of a drama than a horror.
    • [I don't know about this...] The second-hand depictions you see of Kristie are completely alien and not even remotely similar with each other, giving the impression that she's a flat-out Humanoid if not Eldritch Abomination. "Roaring giant shadow monster" from Olivia's intro exposition aside, we see a bit of a "flashback" of Ninthee making a deal with her... and she appears as a cluster of galaxies in only the vaguest humanoid form. Lilith has a similar flashback, except that Kristie now looks like a bunch of loose tears in spacetime itself with a full-blown hole in space for a head. Then of course is Fatephinal, who portrays Kristie as what could best be described as a large, geometrical ant with a tesseract for a head. These are apparently symbolic of how each of them thinks of her, and not a sort of You Cannot Grasp the True Form where this is what they are actually seeing. (It's apparently Emazh tradition to give Kristie unusual appearances in art and the like, not a requirement, just a thing they do for "fun.") Considering the sheer scale of power Kristie has and some of her abstract abilities, that somehow makes it worse.
  • [Blah blah blah the "blindly listen to everything Ninthee tells you to route"]
    • What makes it worse is that there is no brainwashing or mind control involved on anyone's part, as confirmed by Word of God and the game itself multiple times. You're not bribing them, offering them power, threatening them to letting Ninthee slide, or anything of the like. You're just talking to them. They're so caught up in their own conflicts that they downplay Ninthee's behavior to the point where the two outsider humans basically say "Hey, give this little sociopath a chance and maybe she'll help people in the real world" and they'll eventually go "That's a great idea!"
    • And then there's the end to the Izjjen fight. Hoo, the ending to the battle. She drops on her knees and clutches her chest like she's having a freaking heart attack, then manages to huff out "Okay! Okay! I give!" like her life was being threatened. She then admits that she had no real concrete plans with her anti-Ninthee movement and that all she can offer for advice is to not become a completely doormat like she did. It gets even worse when she basically loses that spark of resistance — she quickly goes from being that rebellious figure that won't fall for Ninthee's bullshit back in to who she used to be, a "simple worker" and lets everybody else walk over her. As she then retracts even that statement, and says a sentence that would normally not be much, but in the context of this battle is an indicator that you pretty much crushed her spirit: "So boss, what do you want to do now?" There's a good reason why many players abort the "befriend everybody" route at that point and refuse to recruit Ninthee, despite Izjjen herself being an extremely difficult boss where it's possible to avoid and get back on a "normal" route without any drastic need to start over an entire run.

    "Go ahead. Read a strategy guide. Read an online guide. Go to the Cutting Room Floor wiki. Get it confirmed that there is no spooky hidden monster in the shadows waiting to instakill you, just some really rare easter eggs that are ultimately harmless and far and few in between.

    "I guarantee that you'll still feel like something's out to get you, and that even your mighty Band of hundreds of Charges would be no match for it."

  • Player Punch:
    • If you listen to the way Ninthee basically tells you how to play the game, you'll be treated to the game giving its biggest example of trying to highlight the difference between an All-Loving Hero and a flat-out Extreme Doormat. There [...] The entire path can be summed up that she's tricking everyone in to thinking that she's changed; the humans just take that at face value because they agree that she hasn't actually done anything bad in the route (as they listen to everything she says, they don't get to see her flip out) and the Charges are all caught up with their own issues to the point where they all-but completely forget/ignore her. The thing is, you know damn well she's just playing with everybody, but if you want to see this path, you have no choice but to see it play out.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Actively defied. Not only did Water say rather bluntlynote  that EI will try to avoid any gimmicks that only serve as a source of frustration (citing getting item-nuked from Mario Kart and the curses from The Binding of Isaac as examples), but that if enough people report that they are sick of a certain feature, he'll be willing to get it removed.
    • One noteworthy exception is the Band payment system. Apparently, the explanation right at the beginning of the game that people in a Band are free to leave whenever they want, at the cost of having to spend twice their would-be remaining Band time being unable to get back in to leading/start up their own legal Band, was not enough by Water's standards when it came to arguing that Bandship isn't slavery. So you've gotta pay each and every one of your Emazhes per weeknote . Granted, Uncharged citizens ask for laughably little — it is just enough to buy a car, but with Vista's utopian economy, that's not much and you can rack up money — but it's still frustrating not knowing if buying something at a store will risk chopping off some Band members or not. Also, if you recruit a lot of Charges, that cost can add up quick. Finally, and most frustratingly, is that the pay will often be the one thing keeping you from having a breaking run where you use fast Band-growing items to recruit every non-story-important Emazh in the game. Despite Water's claims about removing such mechanics, he is quite attatched to this one, although he is leaning on scrapping it altogether.
    • The major item spawning mechanics. Most of the powerful items spawn with rules similar to but not exactly like The Binding of Isaac; each boss has a pool of certain weapons, and which weapon you get in that run is picked randomly per seed. The problem is that some times they will drop a relatively Scrappy Weapon, and even if you do a seeded run with that exact same seed, you'll still get that same Scrappy Weapon. The solution is to refight the boss using "Memory [Forgot the complete name]," and hope that the "truer" RNG from facing off against holograms would give you something better. You could wait until you've got a big enough Band to curb-stomp the hologram or just go at the boss with the same difficulty as before, but it seems really annoying knowing that you could have just gotten the prefered weapon if the Random Number God didn't spite you.

The Vision And The Scarlet Witch

Prop Cycle

All The Games Are A Stage


Jo wanted to yell, but she didn’t get the chance because, at that moment, the Tallest Boy in the Entire World walked in and Jo’s jaw hit the floor. Reddish-blond hair like springs. Arms and legs like a stork. Blue eyes the size of dinner plates, a comparison Jo was especially proud of as it let her imagine the freckles sprinkled liberally over his nose as the result of someone going crazy with a pepper shaker, and wasn’t that a brilliant image right there.

So I Guess We're All Stuck Here (pending title) is a fanfic by C-E, which, strangely enough, is something of a crossover between The Fairly OddParents!, The Great Giana Sisters, Mega Man (Classic), Steven Universe, Supernoobs, and Undertale.

(Also, King of the Hill)

Angels With Scaly Wings

  • The announcement of the Steven Universe figures, to an extent. Many people are excited for it, but others are exclaiming that it's way too soon for the show to receive a set (ignoring that the show is already in its fourth season and that Teen Titans Go! and The Powerpuff Girls (2016), two shows that are either only a few months older or are a few months old, respectively, are already confirmed for them). Others are fine with the show receiving one, but worry that the figs will ignore the characters' body diversities, or that the level pack will take the Adventure Time route and be based on an episode from the beginning of the show, or that Garnet won't have any new lines due to Estelle being too busy to voice her.

What did you expact? Sportaflop?

Dirty Grandpa

So, you guys like Minecraft?

Compare Terraria. Not to be confused with Minceraft.

Renamed Trope

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun A Princess For Christmas Bio Pic Bookends [2] Educando A Nina

Happy Birthday, Nyx is a fanfiction by Jus Sonic, taking place in his version of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic universe.

Following on from Curse of The Demon Pony and Ben's First Day, Twilight decides to throw Nyx a birthday party and takes her to Canterlot while everyone else in Ponyville prepares her birthday party. While this is happening, a mysterious creature crash lands in Fluttershy's garden...

  • Actor Allusion: Jus Sonic's "cast list" features Matt Smith playing Doctor Whooves. Matt Smith, at the time of the fanfic's writing, was the then-current actor to play the Doctor in Doctor Who.
  • Birthday Episode: The fic centres around organising and celebrating Nyx's birthday.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Pinkie Pie mentions that they are getting a third season.
  • Character Exaggeration: Pinkie's fouth wall breaking behaviour. While she has demonstrated cartoonish behaviour in the television series, she has never directly referenced the fact thay they are in a television programme divided into seasons.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Diamond Tiara is still grounded following the events of Ben's First Day.
    • Big Mac mentions the events of "Read it and Weep" when the Cutie Mark Crusaders spread gossip about everyone in Ponyville and consequently earnt the ire of everyone.
  • Deus ex Machina: Derpy crash lands in the Apples' barn and smashes a vial containing a potion which instantly restores the barn's party decorations. It just so happens the potion was an instant party potion.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Shining Armor is seen to possess a book on "Crystal Ponies", a reference to the then-upcoming third season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
  • Easily Forgiven: The Cutie Mark Crusaders break and enter and are told off by Applejack, only for her to be told off by Big Mac saying that is acting no better than when she was giving the CMC the cold shoulder in "Read it and Weep". Big Mac forgives the CMC for breaking and entering.
  • Hypocrite: Big Mac compares Applejack telling off the Cutie Mark Crusaders for the way she acted toward them after they spread rumours about everyone in "Read it and Weep". Big Mac has no right to call her out for this as he too wanted nothing to do with the CMC after their behaviour in that episode.
  • Idiot Plot: It is pointed out that Nyx was not born biologically, so Twilight picks a date of Nyx's birthday that is only a few days away. The stress Twilight put on everyone else could have been avoided if Twilight had picked a later date.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The pony authors who decide to write Nyx's life story for her birthday were named after a pair of fanfic writers on Deviantart.
    • Nyx comments that "Past Sins" would be a good name for a book. Past Sins was the fanfic where Nyx originated from, and she also gets a book entitled "Past Sins" for her birthday.
    • At one point, Phobos the Moon Dragon (the mysterious creature Fluttershy takes in) looks at a storybook of The Ugly Duckling. This is based on a similar scene in Lilo and Stitch. It also does not help that the creature, like Stitch, is from outer space. Or that a fanartist who did a [ poster] for one of JusSonic's later stories based Phobos's appearance on Stitch.
    • Rainbow Dash's present to Nyx is a pair of "Dasheresque" sunglasses, a reference to the another of the author's fanfics.

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Thanos The Final Threat
Cinema Wins

Something something about "We need to talk about parallel universes."

Muffet The Mom

Turkish Star Wars


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Mahō Shōjō

William Onyeabor

Ed, Edd n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures

     Hello Biscuit! 
  • Biscuits
    • With gravy!

Wild Woody

    I Shit You Not, THIS Game is Real 

Wild Woody is a 1995 Sega CD platformer.

A rare coincidental event causes an ancient totem pole to come to life, with five of its six heads going in to different worlds to cause chaos. Lowman, the bottom of the pole and the Token Good Teammate, decides to bring a pencil to life to act as a soldier to save the day — enter Woody (WIIIIILLLLLD Woody), a living pencil with the ability to bring his drawings to life. Woody

    I Shit You Not, The YMMV 

  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Topless mermaid easter egg. In a game aimed at kids. This overshadows just about everything else in the game. Said game would have otherwise just been brushed off as another mediocre-to-bad platformer otherwise.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The cutscenes have not aged well, but they are... greatly enhanced by the bizarre, exaggeration motions Woody makes.

  • Most enemies in the game leave ghosts behind when they die. The Waterwraith does not. The chances of this being unintentional are very slim.
  • Consider that throughout the series, practically every enemy that's beaten is killed. Complete with a little ghost coming from them in most cases. Granted, creatures like Honeywisps and their expies, Nectarous Dandelflies, simply leave after being hit. But this is a hostile entity that can actually take a beating... and it is unambiguously the only such hostile creature that can not be killed. There's some very off about a game where most powerful beasts still end up dead having a final boss that is, for all intents and purposes, immortal.

[/Title Goes Here]

Cold Cereal

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    Testing, Testing, 1,2, 3 
Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Calm Down Stalin

Just a few of Hell Universe's creations.
"The Hell Universe, a place where realities and worlds combine in an otherworldly dance of comedy, memes and references. And then there's Steven..."
Hell Universe Channel Description

Hell Universe is a youtuber whose channel with diverse content, including song covers, let's plays, and a radio play.

Their most popular content, however, is by far the Hell Universe videos, anthologies of edited clips from Steven Universe referencing a wide range of other media, from movies to songs to other cartoons and more. Other of these Hell Universe videos, called "Transmissions," have expanded into Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall.

As of December 2016, Hell Universe has released 17 complete Hell Universe "Transmissions":

Welcome to the Hell Universe

Return to the Hell Universe: Electric Boogaloo

Hell Universe: Pocket Dimensions Malebolge

Hell Universe: Omega Fury Ruby

Hell Universe: Space/Time Curvature (Gravity Falls)

Hell Universe: Graviton (Gravity Falls)

Hell Universe: Orchard of the Beast (Over the Garden Wall)

Hell Universe: Alpha Patience Sapphire

Hell Universe Special: They Might Be Giant Women

Hell Universe: Clodhopper

Hell Universe Special: A Hell of Your Own Creation

Hell Universe: Electronic Japery

Hell Universe Special: Steven Falls Over (Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Over the Garden Wall)

Hell Universe: Cannibal Culture

Hell Universe: Memeuphoria

Hell Universe: Hellbent

Hell Universe Special: Hell is Other People

Masks Of Aygrima


  • The human side-characters as a whole, with the exceptions of the Scrappies mentioned in their entry as well as Greg and Connie. (The latter two are generally more liked.) While a section of fans would wish that the show focused more on the Crystal Gems dealing with the Homeworld forces and thus tone down on the episodes where few if any Gems appear and Steven instead helps them with their more mundane issues. Others feel that these side-storylines make up a good portion of the show's heart,

Removing the Vinesauce since I haven't gotten anywhere with actually planting the entries on the Funny/ page yet.

Home Alone.

Luigi's Mansion.

Video Game Levels A To F
  • "Revenge of Edzilla" from Ed, Edd n' Eddy: The Mis-Edventures. The fact that you're playing as, for all intents and purposes (it's all part of Ed's imagination), a kaiju with the goal to destroy as many buildings as you can? Check. The Imagine Spot setting that is completely unlike anything related to Ed, Edd n' Eddy, being set in a series of islands with increasingly large cities? Check. A surprising amount of detail, down to a train on the final island that will fall off if you break its tracks? Check. A boss fight against a three-way fusion monster version of the Kanker Sisters? Check. The way the level throws the game's team-switching on its head and you're just playing as a solo Ed for the entire journey? Check. Definitely one of the neatest parts of the game.

    Adored By The Network: Toonvision 
  • The biggest example of network adoration would be Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z. It went from being confined to the Xtreme block of programming to the only show used as schedule filler, screwing over everything from Tamagotchi to former network darling Bistrosity, and having marathons for every occasion from Thanksgiving to Easter, despite only having 52 episodes. It got to the point where the show would cycle through all its episodes every month (and sometimes in one week!). It finally ended when the rights to the show expired in 2016, but despite that, Toonvision marathoned every episode in existence before it left the network for good just to give it a proper send-off.
  • Following the departure of Powerpuff Girls Z, the new favorite seems to be InsaniWorld, which took over Powerpuff Girls Z's slots on the network following its departure despite only having 13 episodes (however it has 26 segments).
  • The first example would be Gumby. The series would often have marathons for occurrences such as MLK Day, and would eventually run until 2008 before becoming one of the first examples of being screwed by Powerpuff Girls Z.
  • ReBoot was the Powerpuff Girls Z of early Toonvision along with Gumby. It would marathon frequently wherever Gumby didn't fit, and the two shows would frequently take up the entire schedule.
  • Original series-wise, Bistrosity was the first network darling; airing marathons whenever the network had an excuse and being run up to 6-7 times a day in its prime and even ending with a movie that wrapped up all the plot threads before being screwed by Powerpuff Girls Z a few years after it stopped making new episodes.
  • Code Lyoko: Evolution was treated extraordinarily well by Toonvision unlike Cartoon Network's handling of the original show; it was even hyped up by Toonvision with a countdown timer not only running on Toonvision itself, but on After Dark as well (given that Code Lyoko appeals to a majority of After Dark's viewers, its no surprise). It's also one of the very few shows that wasn't screwed by the network's undying love of Powerpuff Girls Z, as it went on to air every episode with each one massively hyped up in the timeslot of Wednesdays at 7pm, with repeats the following day at 5:30pm before the Thursday night premiere block. For the last few episodes of the series' run, it also aired a repeat as the first show on After Dark. Leading up to the final episode, Toonvision marathoned every episode of not only Evolution, but the original show as well, even preempting After Dark; the only time Toonvision has done so (not even the Powerpuff Girls Z send-off preempted the block).
  • Freakazoid! was served well through its 9 years on Toonvision, whether it was on the main schedule or the network's Xtreme action block. It got good promotion and several marathons, even though they weren't even Bistrosity-level amounts of marathons.
  • Following Hamtaro's screwing by Cartoon Network, the show moved to Toonvision where they proceeded to show the remaining episodes of the original show followed by the three sequel shows with heavy promotion and even marathons to allow people to catch up. It continues to rerun to this day, despite being confined to early mornings.
  • Family Values was Bistrosity 2.0 during its time as a first-run program, with the network using any excuse possible to marathon the series. And it eventually came to dominate the schedule until it ended in 2011.
  • During the remainder of 2005 (November & December) and most of 2006, Toonvision would play the TV movie Furby Island using every possible excuse from Valentine's Day to the Fourth of July. Since Thanksgiving 2006, Furby Island has not been played by the network and it has been revealed that they have wrote the movie off as of 2007.
    Screwed By The Network: Toonvision 
  • Toonvision's biggest screw was that of The Alvin Show. It premiered with little to no promotion and they didn't even air all the episodes. The show also changed timeslots erratically through its entire run, going from 3pm weekdays to 6am to exclusively on Saturday mornings at 6am, before being removed from the schedule. It was removed from the network website and they pretend like the show never aired in the first place. However, it did end up moving to Toonvision Classic, who has treated Alvin much more nicely.
    • This has become Hilarious in Hindsight as when the 1983 Alvin and the Chipmunks began airing in 2008, it was treated much more nicely, having weekday timeslots for nearly two years until it became a victim of the network's everlasting love of Powerpuff Girls Z.
  • Sabrina and The Groovie Goolies was never liked by the network. It went from weekday airings to the same fate as The Alvin Show; placed at 6:30am exclusively on Saturday mornings following Alvin.
  • When the sexual allegations against Bill Cosby hit in December 2014, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, which had made a return to the network a few months prior, was given a deliberate screwing over, going from healthy weekday morning slots to airing at 6am on Sundays before being removed for more Powerpuff Girls Z reruns.
  • Whenever Toonvision can get its hands on The Smurfs, they never seem to treat it well. It first appeared on the schedule in 2004 following its removal from Cartoon Network, and it was relegated to early morning slots unlike other shows such as The Centurions and Beetlejuice before its removal in 2005. When it came back in 2014, things were initially better for the series with it having multiple weekend timeslots and one weekday slot...for a month, at least, until it suffered the same fate as Alvin and Sabrina in favor of more reruns of Powerpuff Girls Z. It has since returned to Boomerang, who doesn't treat the show that well either.
  • The Marvel Super Heroes has been treated horribly by the network ever since the first run ended. When the second run began, it would only show one episode every three months, either at 6:00am on Saturdays or before After Dark began on Sundays. When the rights expired, the network didn't even bother to renew them, and not even its nighttime block After Dark could save the show (many fans of After Dark had genuinely enjoyed the show).
  • G-Force: Guardians of Space is the Smurfs of action cartoons when it comes to Toonvision. It ran exclusively at 3am on Sundays (before After Dark was around) from when it began airing in 2001 to when it was taken off in 2002 after just a few months. The show returned in 2007 as one of the starters of the Xtreme block of action programming, where many hoped it would do better...only to be screwed by none other than Powerpuff Girls Z.
  • Black Butler got this treatment during its final few months on Xtreme. It went through heavy censorship and was reduced to 10:30pm, the last timeslot of the block, with no reruns, with no plans by Toonvision to air the even more brutal second season of the show.
  • The Original Dolphin was the Network Red Headed Stepchild of the first slate of Toonvision's original programming, having the shortest run of the three originals and being taken off the air rather quickly. It was fortunate enough to make a comeback to the schedule when Toonvision was celebrating its 10th anniversary, however it was taken off after two weeks for surprisingly not Powerpuff Girls Z, but Ghostly Rock.
  • Psychotional is to date the only Toonvision Original Series to have been screwed while it was still airing. Revolving around a group of convicted felons' daily lives at the Psychotional Correctional Facility, the show caused a massive uproar due to being marketed as a kids' show. Despite garnering a large cult following, the show was buried at 10:30pm in the Friday Night Death Slot and was cancelled after one season. The cult following of the series kept it from being written off and it continues to air on After Dark to this day.
  • Insanity From the Mind of John Doe was Toonvision's answer to Cartoon Network's MAD. It failed to capture MAD's audience and was cancelled and written off after one season. And yes, it was replaced with Powerpuff Girls Z reruns.
  • After Family Values ended, it went from being Bistrosity 2.0 to the Smurfs of Toonvision original programming, changing timeslots erratically until it was overtaken for more Powerpuff Girls Z reruns.
  • Toonvision's attempt at a preschool block, Funhouse, was hit bad by this. It started in September 2010 airing weekday mornings from 7am to 3pm. While it was definitely nice for people who didn't carry the Nick Jr. channel and couldn't access either Nickelodeon or Disney's preeschool programming, fans of Toonvision's other programming were not happy about its long airtime. Eventually, the network began changing the timeslots to odd ones such as Tuesdays from 6am to 7am to Saturdays from 6am to 6:30 am (containing nothing but 15 minute shorts) every other week. It was finally put to rest in June 2011, with Toonvision airing no preschool programming since then.
  • Naruto: Shippuden was treated harshly by Xtreme, airing at 10pm from May 21 to June 25, 2011, making it through only six episodes before having its timeslot moved erratically from anchoring the block at 7pm to being buried in the middle at 9:30 until the block itself was cancelled on August 18, 2012. Shippuden was quickly ushered off for (unsurprisingly) more Powerpuff Girls Z.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Where do we begin? Hasbro gave Toonvision the rights to broadcast reruns the show due to low carriage of Hub Network/Discovery Family, but Toonvision made it their business to ensure that no one except really hardcore fans would ever have a shot at seeing the show. Not only did it frequently change time slots a la The Alvin Show, but they would frequently take it off the schedule for as long as three months! Eventually, what happened next should be obvious, and it ended up moving to Toonvision Classic of all places, which has even less carriage than The Hub!
  • Xiaolin Showdown seemed to be the most despised show the network ever brought to Xtreme. It was part of the launch lineup, but compared to shows such as Code Lyoko and Zixx, Xtreme made it their business to run Xiaolin into the ground. The block's programmers hinting that Toonvision executives forced them to air the series probably doesn't help matters.
  • Furby Island Adventures was screwed over in its final season due to the decline of the Furby 2012 line. The network assumed that since sales were declining, people would quit watching the show (even though it was still getting spectacular ratings rivaling those of Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go!), which is odd considering how its about the Furby of all things. While initially placing it at the tail end of the Friday night premiere block, the network destroyed the show's ratings by placing new episodes at 10:30am weekdays with no advertising whatsoever in the middle of the last season's run and dragged it on into oblivion. When it finally ended in June 2015, the minute after the final episode aired, the network removed the show from its schedule, replacing it with the obvious.

Yeah I searched that on spriters-resource and found out about some strategy-RPG thingy where the lead character and his units(?) could also be naked. It's apparently a Japan-esclusive series and comedic, but that's all I know about it from that. Also, eggs are involved.

At a time when most movies began with lengthy credits sequences, the movie Cocoon began with only its title and nothing else.

  • The Progressive Knife (Prog Knife) from Neon Genesis Evangelion seems like a regular combat knife, except for the fact that it vibrates at an incredibly high frequency, allowing it to cut a target object at a molecular level.

Sorcerer Of The Wildeeps

heathers baby HEATHERS POV I looked at it in horror. I couldnt believe that i had done such a terrible mistake. I looked at the positive pregnancy test trembling in my hands. It was all a result of getting drunk that night. NORMAL POV Heather was lost in thinking about all that had happened that night. "Come closer Heather" said the husky voice. He held on tightly around her waist. " Please allow me to...... taste you. Before Heather knew it she was in a hotel room with the latino man. "Crap" she thought as she recollected all the memories. She decided to call the latino. To her surprise she still had him in her contacts. "YOU HAVE REACHED ALEJANDRO BURROMUERTO'S VOICE MAIL. PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE". " Uh Alejandro? this is Heather...... I want to talk to you...if you can please drop by my apartment i live in Seashell Apartments flat number: E16.....please come by as soon as you can. ALEJANDROS POV I was driving to work when i heard a beep from my phone. It seemed like I had missed a call. Suddenly i heard the soft voice of a beautiful woman. " Uh Alejandro? this is Heather...... I want to talk to you...if you can please drop by my apartment i live in Seashell Apartments flat number: E16.....please come by as soon as you can. I was confused.... why did heather want to talk to me. She RARLEY wants to talk to anyone! Afcourse i remember the little one night stand we had. "She was just the perfect shape" thought Alejandro. Not too Skinny not too curvy, ..... just the way i liked it. I decided to skip my work for a day. I mean Mr.Dean wouldnt mind it right? I stopped at Heathers apartment. I rang the doorbell and waited for her to open the door. After a minute or so a tall, beautiful woman with long raven hair tied up neatly into a ponytail, holding a cafe latte, dressed in a black halter top and green cargo shorts opened the door. Oh she was DEFINITELY Heather. "Heather?" i asked her nervously. "Alejandro..... come in... i need to talk to you" she said. I walked in and we both sat on her dining table, staring at eachother. "Im waiting" i said in an impatient manner. "I, Im p pregnant" she stammered.

Sadie here. I entered the room just as Walt had said it will be.I look around the room.It looked normal but I felt a arua of death,plus I gotta good nose for power. I heard a gigle coming from a closet.I was starting to get creeped out.I sumnoned my staff and wand out of the duet and stated to walk up to the closet when.... When I heard another gigle and then someone yelled Boo and I stubbled on the ground. A little girl about 7 years old came out with a scull in her hands.She hugged it as if it was a teddy-bear.She's kind of pretty she talked to the skull in her hands.She was dressed in a black dress and black chains around her neck each one had a white miny skull attached to it and her hair was raven black it was up in a pony.After my mine comprehended everything that just happened I snapped. 'Ok you little brat' I yelled at her but she did't seem to take me on. 'Brother's here' she said hugging the skulk tighter.I looked around but I didn't see anyone. Until Walt,Carter and Zia entered the room.
S A D I E Sadi here: I walked in the room Walt said to go find the scroll at. I entered the room and heard a gigle coming from the closet.I sumnoned my staff and my wand.I inched closer to the closet when I heard someone yelled Boo and fell down straight on my but! What a day.It was a little girl maybe 7 yrs old. She wore a black plad dress and a black bandow in her hair. She had a cute face but still.... She had a ....wait was that a skull. Oh yes it was a little girl with a skull in her hands what a normal day for the Kane's. When I recovered from my daze state I yelled at her. 'You brat!!' I yelled at her,though she didn't seem intimidated. In stead she yelled... 'My brothers here' and hugged her skull. I looked around and couldn't see anybody. Until, Walt,Carter and Zia entered the room.The scroll isn't here- 'Brother' the brat beamed. I looked at Walt for an explanation but the look in his eyes told me he was as much confused as I was. Anyway, monsters we have never seen before has surrounded us,we must get out of here. As he opened the door behind him more than a hundred gost that had yellow eyes and yellow teeth! Ewwh.( come on Sadie we have faced worse!) The little brat stepped in front of us.I tried to object but I couldn't move I was frozen with shock! She put down her skull right next to her and rested her index finger on the ground and said " rise and follow your mistress and if you think you have died in piece think again and I repeat rise an attack my enemys! Now rise and follow your mistress!" She chanted.Notting happened. Properly she was a mortal who found a skull and wanted to play Wonder Woman. After about 10 seconds the earth rumberled and gost and skeleton rose.Each time the other cost,our enemy tried to attack it got absorbed by the skeletons and the purplish gost the little girl was making.(see Carter I stopped calling her brat now shut up and let me tell the story!). The gost saw that they were out matched they screeched and yelled retreat but we will be back for you Serina. The monsters retreated and Serlina called back her gosts and ordered them to go back in the Underworld.😓


LeBron James

LeBron James

  • Crooked Penny is basically a Diplopia that can be used more than once with the downside that it has a 50/50 chance of destroying all items in the room instead of cloning them. Despite this gamble, there are some ways to work around this, and it's still possible to duplicate some of the other previous Game Breakers to stack them up. By using more complicated exploits, it's even possible to cheat the system. Despite needing at the very least Void and Glowing Hourglass (and Diplopia to speed up the process), just getting to a shop with Void and Restock would make that easy to pull off, as all items involved except Void are in the shop item pool.

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Title: The Sprixie Princess return...

...But they've been redesigned to "look sexy." Basically, just picture using Princess Peach as a design base, except each Sprixie Princess keeps her hair color and style, and they like wear stuff that's like "tied to their biomes" or something. Green only wearing like a leaf on each boob and another one between her legs, Yellow with a similar revealing sand pattern, etc or something dumb like that.

Miyamoto also announces that because there's seven of them and seven Koopalings, that it "just makes perfect sense" to make them in to the "good guy Koopalings." They are now in every following game for the foreseeable future, Mario's list of partners in the future Paper Mario games (and yes, he always ends up recruiting them per game), they each replace Rosalina's alternate palettes in future Smash bros (in other words, they are alts to her just like the Koopalings are alts to Bowser Jr.), each of them gets their own slot in future Mario Karts, pre-redesigned Sprixies might as well not even exist because all mentions of them are scrubbed, and

Also included in Odyssey is motorcycle racing (which is not optional), several hour-long cutscenes (which are optional), dramatic edgyness, knives as added weapons, and King of the Hill crossover DLC with Hank as a playable character. This announcement is concluded by saying that the development team just took ideas from 13 year-olds picked at random.

Oh yeah, and Waluigi ends up getting permakilled. We get a dramatic shot of him dying in Mario's arms as he looks up to the sky, but the scene was animated with glitches so instead of Mario just looking up his head kind of rolls in circles. This animation error gets left in the final game.

The thing is if anyone's gonna go "But it's better than Toads."

'Lose! is one such Show Within a Show. A strange satire of competitive reality shows, Lose! is not named that because the players' intent is to deliberately try to "lose" something. No, it's because of the "sabotage system" where each challenge encourages players to actively screw with one-another.

Woah-hoaaaaah... here's the tropes, man

  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The challenges of the special. They are, in order: do naked summersaults while avoiding torches, screwing a goat, and "climbing" (read: probably just jumping over) a two-foot wall.
  • Chekhov's Volcano: The volcano of the island introduced in the end of the second episode "errupts" in the finale. But the lava is all fake.
  • Conspicuous CG: Every setting that is not the show's stage at the beginning or the island's ground is done in the same style Fan usually uses to represent CGI. This means that just about the entirety of episode 2 until they reach the island at the end is in CG.
  • Disc One Final Boss: Surprisingly, even this has one: Editaa is all-but built to be the main antagonist, but then Light quickly catches on to her and eliminates her in the very first challenge. Lucky, the real Big Bad, does not take kindly to this.
  • Disney Death: Each challenge ends with someone getting "killed." Most of the "deaths" are obviously fake (Editaa falling just a few inches off a plank and Homer falling through CGI spikes)
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The host of the game is simply referred to as "Host." It's justified in that his real name is some random characters that seem to be unpronouncable.
  • Expy: Pretty much everyone.
    • Host is what would happen if Chris McClean toned down on the sadism and took up on some heavy pot. He even looks a lot like Chris, just under heavy sunglasses and with a giant hat that changes every episode.
    • Lucky is one of the character with the same name from King of the Hill. He also crosses over with Fan's "villified" Lucky, given that he's the Big Bad of it all.
  • Short-Runners: In-universe, it only had four and a half episodes (the would-be fifth episode was a special that was pulled from the air in the middle due to the goat-screwing in the second challenge)
  • Stoners Are Funny: It's heavily implied that Host is on something.

  • On a similar note, there's the Bloat Mode mod. Every single enemy is replaced with the Bloat, perhaps the most infamous non-final boss in the entire game. What's also really funny is the way the menu is altered: underneath the typical crooked Isaac-fonted "NORMAL" and "HARD," there's just "bloat" in an upright, different font as if lazily added on by MS Paint.

So Olimar and Louie = Mario and Luigi, but I didn't get until now that the basic mooks of both series (Goombas and Bulborbs) are both Armless Bipeds.
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