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  • Intelligent Gerbil
  • Killer Rabbit
  • Seasickness/TitleGoesHere

  • Badass Normal:
    • Kamina is one to two groups. First, there's Hecksing. Let's look at everyone who has ever been in it. Alucard, Seras, Rip, and Zorin are vampires, and Carl is a Martian vampire. Denise and Kaitana are mermaids with water powers and shape-shifting. Integra and Walter are both experts at using chakra, the latter moreso and he's a fallen angel, and unlike the Naruto verse it's implied that chakra/jutsu is only in a fraction of the population. And Cortana is a near-invincible hologram/AI/whatever. The second group is Kamina's immediate Spartan squad, as they're composed of 360 element-mastering demons as well as himself. By contrast to both groups, Kamina only uses whatever was given from "Sparta" and whatever he can get his hands on.



Being based on Rare Akuma down to name, and as an effect of being cloned from the Cloning Portrait (which rarely if ever makes a clone with everything truly the same), Rare Kamina looks similar to Kamina, only with Rare Akuma's "first" palette applied to him. His skin is gray, his hair a bright yellow, and his pants and cape are both recolored a dark green. In addition, his tattoos are now a curiously bright green, and his eyes are silver. According to Leeron, he is four cm taller than the original Kamina.


Aleucard, being a genetic clone of Alucard, started looking exactly like him. However, an alcoholic addiction put his physical state somewhat worse for the wear. He's gotten a large gut, his eyes usually have bags under them, and they're red and irritated. In addition, instead of Alucard's standard red and black outfit, he wears a Duff shirt and Alamo Beer pants. He lacks Alucard's infamous hat and glasses that, as Jan says, makes him look stupid. In fact, being more self-concious about his appearance than his original made him regret dressing in such a hat-glasses combo.


Jaws supposedly looks like an ordinary great white shark. Except that, anthromorphic traits aside, he has a slightly bluer tint to him. And unexplained eyelids, like his Sharkweak and Sharkstrong minions. He walks surprisingly well on just his tail fin, and usually has a pair of scars around his head. If he has taken Rip's musket, he will usually carry it around in his hands at nearly all times. It should be noted that he talks in an accdent that has been described by Dave Strider as "Like drunk Shrek mixed with Lrr," and this is replicated by how his dialogue is usually pretty hard to read even by badfic standards.

And no, he is never named "Bruce."


Like most adapted characters, Brenda retains her canon design, even in cases where it would be absurd. She wears a blue sailor uniform that curiously ends before her waist (hence, the skirt only actually covering her mid-section), exposing an immodest white thong at all times. She has been through a few more outfits in both canon and this fic continuity (the latter offering more, probably thanks to the former's run of only eight quarter-hour episodes), but most of them still retain a skirt that never covers her underwear. (Or are exposed in some other way, like a racing outfit that's open and shows a lot of her clevage.) She has pink hair tied into two Odango-style buns, black eyebrows, a yellow bow on her sailor fuku, and black high-heels with knee-high socks [? I'm guessing at the last part based on memory and fan art].


[Hoo boy, this guy's gonna be long.]

...After Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer are no longer influencing/powering him, Legion's powers are limited to the point where the only form he can take on is the last person left: Hank. He looks identical to Hank, down to voice, with the only way to tell them apart being behavior and how he smacks off Hank's glasses in the final confrontation. He seems to have Hank's exact stats in this form, hence saying that the two are "evenly matched" and falling over in the exact same way the real Hank did when Bobby kicked him the groin after Hank replicated that. Because Hank was acting out of his comfort zone and also changing his life at this point, Legion could no longer hold on his personality anymore, and with everyone gone, he reverted back to his true form, which resembles a wisp of pale, slightly transperant gas.


Homer Simpson Pikmin, despite blatantly being a new species of Pikmin, curiously have a lot of visual differences from the "standard" of normal Pikmin. Even with the newest Rock and Winged types taken into consideration, something's definitely off about this species. For one, they have four fingers and toes, which are rounded and not pointy. Their skin is only green for the body, and around the sides and back of the head, as their faces are golden and resemble Homer Simpson's exactly. The color of the stem is a different, slightly darker shade of green than the body proper, and things that resemble pieces of tape are connecting it to the head (of course, it's not actual tape, because that would imply that it's a Pikmin costume, and it isn't, because that would mean that it's not a real type of Pikmin). Unlike most species of Pikmin, which has generally high voices, these sound exactly like Homer Simpson. The reason for all of this is unknown, but it's sure as hell not because this is really Homer Simpson dressing as a Pikmin.

Another curiosity is that only one is ever seen at a time, unless Homer himself is cloned. No Onions or any point of origin is known. It really is as if they're really just Homer Simpson in a costume, trying to be a Pikmin to go along with Olimar's adventures... hm... but no, they're not. They're totally a new type of Pikmin.


In spite of Spring Race-humans coming in a massive variety of unusual appearances, Eve looks like a regular African (technically African Russian, considering her birthplace and current household) woman with the sole exception of her bright red irises. Her black hair is partially curled, partially straight, and usually kept at shoulder length (thus making it the shortest of the five main female characters). Her skin is brown.

Regardless of version, she starts wearing a massive, red cape around her back through most public appearances, especially in combat. This is supposed to represent the previous iteration of humans that ended up killing eachother in war, and she developed this after seeing the Mysterious Videotape and coming to the conclusion that it was describing a conflict (she was right). After Sarah dies, she adds a green stripe to the cape to represent her and the later deceased Spring Race people, but she paints this over after discovering how to revive Spring Race members. The cape as a whole is willingly destroyed by her by wrapping it around one of her swords before using it to give an explosive final strike to Joe, citing that since she finally found what she thinks of as a way to avenge their deaths, she doesn't need it anymore. In the alternative version, her combat outfit is a black camouflage uniform with a speck on it made to look like a star, which as technology advances she replaces with one that also shines like a star. Her casual outfit is a dark crimson shirt and pants with sunglass images on the wrists, ankles, stomach, and back, and a picture of a flame by the heart.

Her cape was originally made out of spider silk, but she swapped it out with an unspecified, yet extremely hard to destroy material after technological developments. It can be used to deflect star plasma of extremely high temperatures.


Lucky looks exactly like his canon self, except that he only wears an indigo cape and a matching thong. He also now holds a septer capable of at least turning people into paintings and reviving the dead (at the cost of using at least one body, but it can be a body conjured up in a dream and brought to life).


[Blah blah blah the Dreamship looks more like a floating pile of emo Dave Strider Body Horror] it is divided into three primary sections:

The balcony level is the lowest zone, and where Roxy resided. As the name implies, part of it sticks out to get a better, farther view of the overlooking landscape. This area also has a "tunnel" of sorts that links to the other rooms. It is destroyed by John when he flies through using Hammerspace's ultimate form, and Roxy herself gets killed in John's direct attack.

The throne room is where the tunnel eventually leads to. The aformentioned throne is not made out of Dream Dave parts (because that would be disgusting for a different reason for why emo breakdown-Dave is disgusting, as Rose sits on it), but instead a solid hologram. Rose commonly resides in this room, watching the onslaught through a giant computer screen. This room is damaged, but not destroyed, when John flies through with Hammerspace, plummelling the throne while Rose uses her vampire speed to dodge the attack (Roxy being unable to dodge the move since she isn't a vampire herself.) Rose fights most of the Blue and Yellow Team members here after Dave pulls a trap "door" on them, forcing them down to that room. After Rose's defeat, Dave himself enters the room to take advantage of her dying state to get the Mangekyo Sharingan, but immediately jumps back to the roof. The room is eventually destroyed with the ship shortly after Dave's death.

The roof, technically not a room, is where the showdown with John, Jade, Jane, and Jake against Dave takes place. It is the top of the ship, and has no distinct features becides the usual components of Dream Dave and hologram/effigy bits. It temporarly gets a hole in it when John flies through with the Hammerspace attack (intending to hit Dave too, but he dodges it with vampiric speed), and part of it becomes a "trap door" to seal the other 612 members of the Team into the throne room, but shortly after that, Dave fixes it. When Dave is dying, he launches a final Amaterasu move to burn the whole ship in an attempt to take them down with him, but the combined efforts of the Team creates a shield that withstands the main four (and a later-joining Nepeta and Meulin) from the explosion. It is unknown why Dave would chose to opperate from the roof, since it has nothing of his advantage, while the throne room has a cool chair, a screen to see a lot more, and Rose.

  • Dweevils actually do not automatically try to attack you (except for the Volitile and, of course, Titan varieties). They just mostly scurry around and try to pick up any treasure or lying Hocotations they find around.

Large Ham: Ganon, Quite literally.

Review Reviewer

If they EVER use Sheldon Cooper in a rap battle, it may begin like this:

He starts out by saying "I'm sorry, I don't rap" and walks off screen. The beat even stops, as with Columbus vs Kirk. Then "Who won? Whose next? You decide!" plays, and Sheldon jumps back on, beginning his real verse by saying that social protocal demands it (and he points to the comments suggesting the video)

    I Don't Like How it Begins with how Much He's Hated, Instead of WHY He's Hated 

TheScrappy.Anime And Manga.

  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • Rossiu. Almost getting Simon executed? Not cool. Sure there were serious circumstances behind the decision but at least try to save the guy who all but saved the human race. Plus, his actions betrayed everything the Gurren-dan stands for. He suffers to an extent from being in the wrong show. His actions would be more understandable in a more serious anime, but he fails to realise he's in a reconstruction of the mecha genre. It really says something about his vastly disliked nature that a rioting crowdgoer, only known for throwing a rock at Rossiu's head, actually has a minor fandom because of this very act. A guy who only has about five to ten seconds of screentime has fans for simply throwing a rock at the most disliked character in the anime.

    WMG for Sonic Zombie? 

An upcoming video will be centered around Time Travel

Considering how this seems to use general cliches as a checklist (prequels, space, boats, revenge and diaries if they're In Name Only, kaiju, science fiction elements like clones, vampires, werewolves/hornhogs, the zombies as a whole, etc), it only seems natural that this will be involved in some way. Plus, with the cloning lab presumably destroyed, this will give more of a reason to bring back dead/missing characters, in case for whatever reason Silver/Blaze/Espio/Charmy/Vector haven't made their final appearance yet.

Also, time travel will inevidably be confusing and leave so much room for Plot Holes, which is right up this series's alley.

    To me, there's only one 80s... 

Yar, this description and trope list be unfinished

"Today is the day that a hero becomes the courage. Not tomorrow, not in five weeks, today. The now, is when the blood boils the courage inside you to full length."
Journal #3.

Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage is allegedly what happens when a lone person discovers a smartphone buried in the woods containing the unfinished rough outline of a supposed Gravity Falls movie, then tries to recount what the events were after said phone breaks down. Unsure what's What Could Have Been and what's just weird fan fiction content added, it's clear that a lot of what this hypothetical movie would have been is shrouded in mystery. However, because of the sheer length, out of characterness, and the oddity and content of some of the story, it's very obvious that most of it is creative liberties.

The story itself is about Journal #3 coming to life on what is the midnight apparantly marking Dipper and Mabel's birthday, then slapping the former and giving him a warning of great evil and saying that he is really the Journal of Courage. He then goes on to say that the other two journals have left to gravitate towards people who lack the respective aspects, stating that he saw the Journal of Power (#2) going off into the woods while the Journal of Wisdom's (#1) location is unknown. Chasing down the former reveals an evil clone of Mabel, who immediately draws the Power of Power from it to nearly burn Dipper from Din's Fire. Dipper himself being unable to harness the "Power of Courage" within his own journal, he is forced to slink back and come up with a plan. A plan... what calls for aventure NOW.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, no such script actually exists and everything about the story behind it was a mere fabrication. This is the fourteenth entry of the Stylistic Suck SBIG series (taking inspiration from The Light of Courage), and it continues the general tone and mood of the one directly before it. Unlike most of them and despite the premise, for a while the story's plot doesn't appear to be going much of anywhere, instead referring to a usual formula. That roughly goes like this: Nzyvo either has a minion, or Bill does something to try to attack the Mystery Shack (despite neither of them having any reason to do that; the journals are the only thing Nzyvo is after, and Bill seems to be specfically targetting the building here), the crew tries something that beat them before, it doesn't work for some reason, they go out of their way to find a new way to defeat them. And some new monsters come in too. This was intentional, to try to write something that's both a little more formuletic yet gets creative with it anyway. It's still a huge stretch to say that the exact same thing happens every chapter, since it's changed up a lot.

This "Script" Provides Examples of

  • Absentee Actor: Chapter 4 is the only Nzyvo-free chapter in the whole story so far.
  • Accidental Innuendo:
  • Aesop Amnesia:
    • For some reason, Dipper can never learn that risking his own life for one of the keys/key groups when there is obviously a better sollution to get them isn't worth it. To hammer this in, one chapter even copy-pasted a similar scene from an earlier chapter.
    • Nzyvo can't get it into her head that Evil Is Not a Toy. Whenever she tries screwing with a supernatural creature that isn't from canon (and sometimes, when it is), she usually gets Hoist by Her Own Petard.
    • Dipper's reaction upon fighting sonic.exe is to unleash another video game character after him — Link. Great, he learned absolutely nothing from the last time that happened afterall. At least Link never fights him, but instead does his job and defeats sonic.exe.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: The journals themselves.
  • Arc Fatigue: The only sign of any progress at all before chapter 10 is the fact that Dipper's key count is going up surprisingly fast. FYI, he's at 450 as of now.
  • Arc Number: Surprisingly, this remembers 618 being one. But it's supposedly "really" 616, with 618 simply being a representation of the keys: 616 + the "special" 2 keys of lightness and darkness = 618.
  • Berserk Button: Stan goes completely off when sonic.exe ruins his money by making his dollar bills "bleed."
  • Beyond the Impossible: Soos has an unexplained ability to hack into a horse. No, not a robotic or even remotely mechanical horse. A perfectly ordinary pet horse.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Bill's rap battle with Doc Scratch. Not just the rap, but Scratch himself never comes up again at any point in the story so far, and his appearance contradicts with a previously stated line that implies that this really doesn't take place in the Crconikals world.
    • The final role of Nzyvo's group in chapter 10. Jealousy possesses the pterodactyl, which for some reason causes it to run off in a frenzy and fly after the Mystery Shack. Nzyvo chases after it. Realizing that this is the first time they are alone together, the Summerween Trickster and Giffany proceed to... have a karaoke competition. That they both suck at. And LeVar Burton comes out of nowhere just to say he's done with Twitter, before they bribe him to stay a little longer via Futurama. This doesn't make sense even by the fic's lax standards, and the author outright said that this will never come up again. LeVar also vanishes.
    • Dipper, Candy, Grenda and Mabel's bus ride from California back to Oregon getting hijacked by former Disney XD execs, and basically throwing them back in Gravity Falls. Which is where they were headed anyway. According to the alter-ego, this is supposed to be a reference to the Channel Hop to Disney XD, and a reference to something from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but it ends up as an incredibly odd scene. True to the trope, despite seeming to have some significance, later in the story it's written out and when Dipper recalls the moment, he says that the bus ride just went like normal.
    • Soos hacking into Carrie's pet horse to open a door. He taps it on the head, suddenly passes out, and a screen appears showing 16-bit representations of him and the horse playing a game of... you guessed it, Basketball-HORSE against eachother, then, upon winning Soos finds out that the door was unlocked the entire time. The oddity is lampshaded here:
      Soos: Watch this! I'm gonna hack into the horse!
      Dipper: ...How is that even possible?
      Soos: Like this! *Aformentioned scene described above happens.*
  • Bizarro Episode: Chapter 4 manages to make even less sense than the rest of the story. Between Dipper and Mabel having nothing better to do than to look for food, Soos becoming a cyborg which Richard Nixon takes over, Stan and Wendy becoming obsessant over killing a specific fly, the plumetting in prose and spelling quality, and how the story seems to forget the plot about anything related to the keys, it's hard to see this as part of the same fan fic at all, parody or not. It's eventually revealed that, alter ego-wise, this chapter was written by a "guest" who was told not to put in something that would conflict with the plot, while out-universe, Fan said that he just wanted to try out a weird chapter that makes no sense and specifically has it irrelevant to the rest of the story.
  • Brain Bleach: Immediately after the Soos-hacking incident, Dipper asks why he just doesn't use those skills to beat Giffany. He replies by saying that she scratches and slaps really hard. Dipper puts that in a way that may or may not be what was being implied, and so does Mabel. Thus leading to this:
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Some former Disney XD execs arrive while the heroes are in their home town, mistakeningly thinking that Dipper and Mabel and planning to move back. On their bus ride back, the execs suddenly hijack the bus and say that the show isn't called Piedmont, it's called Gravity Falls according to the contract, dumping them back off there.
  • Broken Aesop:
    • The Journal of Courage tells Dipper that power isn't everything, you can solve all problems by being a Badass Normal, and that having no skills doesn't mean that you're nothing. Yeah, except that this is a fan fic where the Big Bad has an extremely overpowered mecha and Dipper has constantly relied on "The Power of Courage" to solve most of his problems. In fact, Dipper would have been drowned in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle within about five minutes into the story had he not used Farore's Wind out of the blue.
  • Butt Monkey:
    • Jaws. He's regularly abused by all of Nzvyo's minions, save for the pterodactyl. Admitedly this is because he's not considered one of them yet insists on trying to tag along with their adventures anyway, and eventually becomes an annoyance to all of them.
  • Christmas Episode: Chapter 8, while it still takes place in the summer, has a malevolent snow spirit that is also obsessed with Christmas, basically turning it into this.
  • Combining Mecha: Nzyvo's mecha, Laghanhanhhaaan. It can combine with things that aren't even remotely mecha, like arcade cabinets, the Sumerween Trickster, the metalic parts of the pterodactyl, and the Shape-Shifter. In fact, it actually does all of these at the same time.
  • Continuity Nod: This has some, which is surprising seeing as the whole story is intentionally badly done and doesn't have that many ties to canon.
    • When possed by the spirit of jealousy, Dipper remarks that he's sick of people being in his bodies. Referencing either the "Freaky Friday" Flip episode "Carpet Diem," or Bill taking it over in "Sock Opera." Or both.
  • Continuity Porn: Fan himself said that he will not rest until everything covered in at least season one will make an appearance, even the dead creatures.
  • Crack Fic: It starts out with the journals talking, the Big Bad is an evil clone... thing of Mabel who really can't get her act together, and the plot amounts to Dipper flying around the world to get keys. Then things get weirder.
  • Crack Pairing: From within the fic itself, in-universe:
    • Soos/Bill, teased. See Accidental Innuendo above.
    • The Summerween Trickster/Giffany. This gets... a bit more than one tease.
  • Demoted to Extra: The teens are easily the most underused characters of the story.
  • Deus ex Machina:
    • Using Link to defeat sonic.exe in chapter 7. It has zero foreshadowing and makes zero sense. The reasoning for the actual kill is that sonic.exe had zero rings while Link has full health and four faries, but sonic.exe is supposed to be practically invincible. Plus there's Link gaining the ability to seal him in a copy of Ed Edd N Eddy The Mis Edventures out of nowhere.
    • The snow monster is killed by some fireworks opening up the clouds and exposing the sun. Apart from there being abolutely no reason as to why it can't just make more clouds, it's also a Weaksauce Weakness that might even defy the laws of physics.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: While chapter 1 uses characters from the canon show, they are not part of Nzyvo's established group but instead forced to ally with her. Ma and Pa turn against her near the end, because it's six AM. Lastly, Dipper and Mabel go on the key mission solo.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: Nzyvo seems to think that gathering a malicious shape-shifter, a malicious AI, a sentient pile of candy, and a dinosaur, among other things, together is a good idea.
  • Evil Counterpart: Nzyvo to Mabel. No, this isn't just the fact that the former is an alternate counterpart of the latter in a currently-unspecified way. Both have been debated for being a little selfish, and both of them act surprisingly similar when Nzyvo isn't trying to steal or destroy something. In addition, Nzyvo often flies around in a mech that looks like a cube, gray version of Lagann, while Mabel has been paralleled to Simon the Digger in other SBIG installments. (Just not here. Yet.)
  • Fan Disservice: The "trailer" for this, and the first part of the story Fan revealed, has Soos and Stan running a car wash wearing nothing but thongs. Said moment actually does happen in chapter 2, and it's an important plot point. Because believe it or not, a chain of events happen because of that that lead to Bill's debut.
  • Five-Bad Band: Nzyvo's group, though they don't have a name yet. (Which is unusual by GPF standards.)
    • Big Bad: Nzyvo.
    • The Dragon: The Shapeshifter. By far the most active behind Nzyvo herself, the first creature she gathered (and the only one of them to make an appearance in the first chapter, if via The Stinger), and the one who is the most effective in getting Dipper. Subverted: He's also the first to be killed off, and according to Word of God, he might be the only one.
    • The Brute: The Pterodactyl, now being upgraded to be a badass fire-breather, and easily one of the strongest of the bunch.
    • The Evil Genius: ...The fake-author takes note about the Five-Bad Band trope and actually throws this (rather clumsily, since this goes and fades as the plot's convenience) onto the Summerween Trickster, giving him an extra level of cleverness and technological knowledge that he never demonstraighted in the show.
    • The Dark Chick: Giffany.
    • The Sixth Ranger: Jaws.
  • Fix Fic: It claims itself as a fix fic of an unaired movie. This turns out to be a lie. This isn't just the usual for SBIG — even going by the alter ego author's alternate reality, that stuff about finding a phone in the woods was a fake. In fact, the narrator lets this slip by saying something along the lines of "if this was a movie" when Soos sees Nzyvo for the first time.
  • Foreshadowing: Know your SBIG!
    • The main Plot Coupons that Dipper and Mabel are looking for are in the form of keys. Okay. Three of them are the keys of forest, fire, and water. Alright, so that's a reference to Gumball Vs Satan, but they go by different names and— ...nope, there's a hidden crossover and Carrie is confirmed at least.
    • sonic.exe is eventually sealed in a copy of Ed Edd N Eddy The Mis Edventures. Starting with SJAHJ and later having an uprising of hints across other stories around later 2014-early 2015, this is likely a very, VERY bad idea. In addition to that, He's burried in the exact same New Mexico landfill as the Romance Acadamy 7 copies, which would normally be a pretty stupid thing to do if not for the fact that it's different people burrying the games that had no idea that the other was there/would be there (first Nzyvo, with the mass production, then Soos, with sonic.exe).
    • For one within the same story, there's how the Monster of the Week in chapter 6 goes out saying "I'll be back again someday!" with a comparason to Frosty the Snowman. Two chapters later, and the main antagonist there is a snow monster who, what do you know, is defeated with the sun. Even better, in between those chapters, it shamelessly rips a joke from The Big Bang Theory in that Stan roots for the sun when watching Frosty. Everyone ends up rooting for the sun once their bottle rockets manage to clear away the clouds.
    • A bigger and more cryptic one, again just for this story. Ever since Mabel has been revealed to have a counterpart, what does that mean for Dipper? Is there a "Wrkkvi" or something somewhere around? This does gets hints too: Before using a Giga Drill Break, Nzyvo cries a bit then breaks the stream of tears away, much like Simon did before his first GDB. Except unlike him, we don't see who Nzyvo was likely mourning. In addition to all of this, both the Journal of Courage and of Power agree that Journal #1 went to "someone very off-similar," whatever the hell that means. Finally, Bill has a "second wheel." The symbols? A pine tree, a shooting star, a cat face, and a star much like the one on Dipper's hat at the beginning.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: This must have been one hell of a movie, considering how it gets uncensored uses of the f-word, a number of blatant genetal jokes with the journals, and sonic.exe's blood past the radar. Again, no. Not even in-universe. The whole thing about this being a movie is fake even in the alter ego author's world.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal:
    • The Trickster in general gets his with a number of attacks, but survives and pulls himself together.
    • Subverted. In chapter 10, most of the population of Gravity Falls leads an assault on one of Nzyvo's Humongous Mecha, which is basically an expy of the Titan Mecha from Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals, except a lot bigger. After the attack and subsequent explosion, it looks like it's it for her entire group, until they slowly regroup and explain how they survived. When it comes to questioning the shape-shifter, they get their answer when his corpse falls on top of Nzyvo.
  • Guest Star Party Member: Unlike canon, the Pine twins always do their adventures together. Always. However, whoever they're joined with roughly rotates. It could be Stan, Soos, and Wendy (Mystery Shack), Mabel's friends, or the teenagers.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Jealousy itself from The Amazing World of Gumball makes an unexpected return in chapter 10 to possess Dipper when a random new guy gets too close to Wendy. He ends up having to resort to Carrie's help to get it excorsized from him, basically resulting in a Deal with the Devil.
  • Growing Up Sucks: This is supposedly a theme of the story if the events of the first chapter are any indication, but this gets promptly forgotten about.
  • A House Divided: None of Nzyvo's minions are cooperative at all at first. When she tries to awaken the island monster and promptly gets swallowed whole, only the Trickster comes to rescue.
  • Humongous Mecha: Gideon-bot makes a return, and Nzyvo in general (who is also behind the rebuilding of Gideon-bot) seems to love using mecha-related items. The sandwiches in chapter 4 use a giant mecha, and the same chapter also has Nixon buying the cyborg parts Soos built on himself and basically turning himself in a mecha as well.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain:
    • Jaws. Seriously, you have to feel sorry for him considering that all of his plans backfire on him, and even Dipper doesn't take him seriously (partly because of his hard-to-understand accent), casually slamming the door on him in his first appearance.
    • Nyzvo and her minions become this themselves whenever one of the former's plans backfire.
  • It Only Works Once:
    • All of Nzyvo's mooks buffed themselves or got buffed by Nzyvo herself to get around any previous weakness they had. The pterodactyl now has iron armor somehow, and can breathe fire. Nzyvo injected the reincarnated Trickster with laxatives (unknowingly to him, though), so woe to the ones who try to eat him again. She convinced Giffany to mass-produce copies of her game, and that's not even getting into the issue of the fact that there are simply quite a number of copies out already. That just leaves the Shapeshifter, but all Nzyvo does upon freeing him is destroy the cryo chamber. This might be why he dies first.
    • Nzyvo herself keeps buffing her Lagann-expy whenever someone (usually Mabel herself) manages to damage it. Hell, the Pines even try to do the exact same thing they did in the last battle over and over again to see is Nzyvo finally forgot to do an upgrade and let her guard down. Which actually works once.
  • Jerkass: The journals are all kind of jerks. Well, Power and Courage are at least. We don't know about Wisdom, but he's probably up there too.
  • Killed Off for Real:
    • Might be too early to guess that considering how SBIG works and this only happens in the latest chapter, but the Shapeshifter.
    • Confusingly, Ma and Pa Duskerson, who were "double-killed" when their store's walls collapse, thus meaning that they would be in violation of the rules that they have to stay inhabiting the place they were haunting. Since that supposedly kills ghosts who are "devoted to a location," this means that they instantly get heart attacks, and ghosts come out their ghosts that go up to Heaven. Yet they still insist on haunting the Pines. Ghosts are weird.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Hoo boy...
    • Bill alone does this in just about every third line. His debut quote? "And just what the hell kind of story would this be without me?"
  • Legacy Character: Unlike the Summeerween Trickster (whose appearance after being eaten by Soos is given an extremely stupid handwave), the "Giffany" here isn't the same one that was oven'd. It's an entirely different copy of the game, although she is trying to bring back the one seen on the show somehow. She also starts mass-producing copies of her game, referring to all of them as her "daughters" while the other copies from before are her "sisters." But they don't get along, so Nzyvo burries the discs in a New Mexico landfill.
  • Lone Wolf Boss:
    • Bill is the only recurring character so far who isn't allied with Nzyvo at all.
    • Few of the new villains are tied with Nzyvo, but special note goes to the sandwiches, who come out of nowhere, don't even appear with the recognizable creatures, and get chased away suddenly. Same with Nixon from the same chapter.
  • Lost Aesop: Invoked. Journal 3 concludes his first speech with "There is something to be learned, under it all." As the story goes on, it becomes increasingly obvious that there isn't.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The "Link" in chapter 7 is heavily implied to be based on Link from 5word, and not the original Ocarina of Time. The fact that he actually speaks should be a clue-in, as well as his general personality.
    • Speaking of Link, when he's first summoned, he starts out by giving one of his usual cries, before revealing that that was part of him clearing his throat. This isn't the first installment to use that gag.
    • Also making a return is Caliborn's "asswipe missiles" from Act 5 Vs Act 6, in the form of something Nzyvo launches from her not-Lagann.
    • Dipper's fantasy about combining Blendin's time tape measure with a car. It sounds a lot like the first half of Zombie Attack!
    • Dipper just walks past the monitor hallway when all of the Giffanys from the different copies of Romance Acadamy 7 are fighting eachother. Walking right past the opponent (down to the exact words from KFTT) is a mild Running Gag in Kids Fit the Trolls, where Rose and Dave walk past Karkat and Nepeta, and John and Jade walk past Eridan (and technically Gamzee, although he wasn't present at all), and possibly Feferi as well.
    • While in Florida, Mabel spots a plane flying backwards. This is not just a reference to Kids Fight the Zombies (where, since 1/5th an alcohol can is apparantly equal to a lot of LSD, the drivers are all high off their minds), but it suggested a connection between the two stories until Word of God jossed it.
  • Obligatory Swearing: Notably toned down, but it's still present, what with this being a SBIG installment and everything.
  • Once per Episode: Aside from the formula detailed under Strictly Formula, there's the cryptograms. So far, they've all been Vigenere so far, and the key is always one of the keys Dipper finds in the chapter. The exception so far is four, due to the lack of any key-hunting, which uses SANDWICHES instead with mentioning "the key to defeating them" being the clue. Hint: The key will never be one of the ones Dipper finds in groups. Also, it's just the "aspect" of the key, never "Key of" or anything like that. The first chapter's key, for example, is just "FIRE".
  • Only Sane Man: While not to the level where he doesn't speak with typoes, Bill is by far the smartest and most competant of the antagonists. But regarding his sanity, that doesn't say much.
  • Pet the Dog: A lot of the moments between Nzyvo and the Trickster, since they seem to get along far more than anyone else in the Five-Bad Band. Such as when she actually stages a little therapy session with him. It's a real shame that this is all built on Nzyvo breaking the Trickster's trust and unknowingly making him poisonous, which is what he doesn't want to be.
  • Plot Coupon: The keys.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Frankly, Nzyvo's group is a villainous variation, or at least they start turning into one.
  • Replacement Scrappy:
    • sonic.exe to Giffany, in-universe.
    • Carrie to Bill, also in-universe. Maybe out-universe, if intentionally (Carrie was usually written in SBIG with the plan of taking a canon Ensemble Darkhorse and making them unlikable).
  • Share the Male Pain: The Shapeshifter tries to invoke this when he's basically screwed in chapter 8 and out of ideas of what to do. It doesn't work.
    Shapeshifter: WAIT! *Shifts to Dipper.* If you keep going, I will force you to watch yourself getting kicked in the Bahamas over and over again! *He only manages to get one kick in, since it apparantly hurt him as much as the real thing and left him collapsed on the floor.*
  • Shout-Out:
    • Dipper and Mabel's plot in chapter 4 to another weird-ass episode 4 of something else. The heroes being left looking for food, coming across a mecha piloting by sixteen oddball things that stick out from the series like a sore thumb (pink puffballs/sandwiches), who are defeated when the Team Pet offers his tail (which grows back) and the heroes eat it, suddenly feeding them and giving them enough strength to finish off the mecha. Add to all of this, and the writing's quality drops for the whole chapter, much like the animation falling in episode 4. This has been confirmed by Word of God to be a reference.
    • Similarly, the B-plot about Stan and Wendy obsessing over killing a fly (at least the first half of the plot, before it gets much weirder) was inspired by the listing of Breaking Bad's bizarro episode about Walter trying to kill of a fly in the meth lab. And the C-plot, Soos becoming a cyborg, is to "the Million Dollar Mon" from Futurama, which guess what? Also appears under bizarro episode. This chapter is a long tribute to the weird episodes.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": sonic.exe is consistently referred to as either "Sonic X" or "Sonix X," or a related variation, making it sound more like the anime than the creepypasta.
  • Spoiler Title: Parodied with chapter 8. Considering Gurren Lagann, the number of the chapter, and the fact that it's ominously titled "Later Dudes", that and several clues within imply that Soos is going to die. He doesn't. The cryptogram points this out to no end.
  • Status Quo Is God:
    • A lot of the problems Nzyvo has with her group tend to be solved by the end of the chapter. Even when she outright fires Giffany somehow, her replacement turns out to be a useless idiot, and Nzyvo eventually makes ammends and re-hires her again. Despite how they were trying to kill eachother for that entire period.
    • Subverted in chapter 10. The Shapeshifter dies and stays dead.
  • Stealth Parody: The fact that this is part of SBIG is omitted until the second chapter AN. Fan wanted to test to see what would happen if he actually presented an installment as a genuine fan fic at first, then see how long it takes through reading the first chapter before it becomes obvious that this is intentionally half-assed.
  • Stealth Pun: This claims to be based on a script/draft of a secret GF movie. And yet, it's clear that this doesn't a script of its own in any sense of the word.
  • Story Breaker Power:
    • The Trickster and Giffany are so spruced up that they're all-but immortal now. Dipper lampshades this by wishing that someone would finally find a way to kill them already.
    • Nzyvo tops both of them. As stated in Broken Aesop, her Mini-Mecha is so overpowered that she nearly kills Dipper and Mabel at the beginning if not for the Power of Courage teleporting them out. Among the abilities her combinations/gattais get her, one of them is a Macross Missile Massacre capable to turning Gravity Falls into a giant crator.
  • Strictly Formula: Most of the chapters go something like this: Dipper is on a hunt for the keys, dragging Mabel along with him, then Nzyvo and/or the people she's with try to antagonize them. Meanwhile, somebody else gets into a romp with an older nemesis, and a new villain also starts stalking the Pines around. The Pines and the other character's with the old villain meet up, and teamwork promptly defeats them. Dipper also gets a few keys out of the mix.
  • Stupid Evil: Nzyvo. Mabel isn't stupid, but Nzyvo definitely is.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Inverted. Most of Nzyvo's minions are far more competant than her, with the exception of the pterodactyl.
  • Take That:
    • In chapter 7, Nzyvo finally gets fed up with Giffany and fires her, replacing her with "Sonic X". Unfortunately for Nzyvo, sonic.exe/"Sonic X" is a complete idiot. He "fights" by making things bleed too much and by throwing plushies of himself at people, and he's limited to either the computer screen he's on or by the plushies he controls. Over all, concensus in-universe is that he's not scary, although he does get the smart idea in trying to drown the Shack with all the blood he makes. (Too bad it simply leaks out of the windows, under the floor lines, and through cracks in the walls.) In the final battle against him, he even comments on how he's "hyper-realistic." His disc ends up suffering from the exact same fate as many Atari games.
    • From the same chapter, Dipper and Mabel are briefly Trapped in TV Land. One of the residents they find is a Peter Griffin-knockoff who says "Do you want to see me try to flip a coin for three minutes?" in a supposedly very obnoxious voice. Mabel suggests running him over. He even lampshades this by outright breaking the fourth wall: "This is a Take Thaaaaat!"
  • Unexpected Character: Carrie and Jealousy from the Amazing World of Gumball/prior installment Gumball Vs Satan are both in this, as it turns out.
  • Walking Spoiler: Carrie Kreuger from the Amazing World of Gumball (or Gumball Vs Satan), who not only does make an appearance in this, but she also manages to seal Bill and is implied to be the Bigger Bad of everything.
  • We Will Meet Again:
    • Nzyvo ends every end-of-chapter battle with this. Her minions do not take the torch during the rare times they decide to solo a mission or go in pairs/teams without her.
    • The Sandwiches in chapter 4. It hasn't payed off yet. It probably never will, since the whole thing was an invoked Bizarro Episode.
  • Webcomic Time: The first chapter takes place within the span of a little over six hours despite everything Dipper manages to accomplish and how he gets fifty of the keys, within about five different locationsnote . Most chapters are only half a day long, with the other half being the following, with the only one longer than a day being 10, which takes place over three days. Although at least Hecksing never even had a chapter that spanned multiple days like this, so it is something of an improvement.
  • Wham Episode: Chapter 10, for killing off the Shapeshifter (but it's implied that it's getting replaced by another old villain), tossing in Gumball Vs Satan elements out of nowhere, Dipper reaching a map that supposedly tells where the Journal of Wisdom is, the purpose of the keys finally being revealed, and ultimately promising that the usual formula that's been in just about every chapter save 4 and maybe 7 is over.

Hm hm hm hm hmmm...
  • When it possesses Nzyvo's group, Nzyvo herself comments hating her dumb-sounding name and envies the other's powers, the Trickster lamets on how Santa Claus and his "fat red ass" gets more tribute than him and his holiday, Giffany says she doesn't feel any different (despite showing signs of being possesed, with the green tint and slit-eyes), and the pterodactyl just makes unintelligible noises and starts flying out the base, taking the jealousy spirit with it.

Quotes of Top-Notch, High-Quality Writing (on a more serious note, all typoes are either intentional to begin with or Throw It In):
Executive: Now, see the contract? The show's not called Piedmont, is it?
Dipper: No, it's called Gravity Falls.
Executive: There. Now you must understand when we hijakcs this.
Dipper: But we were going to Graivyt Falls anyway.
Executive: Excellent. But just to be sure...

Summerween Trickster: I'M WALKING ON SUSHI— crap.
Giffany: No, no, that was good. You will get it.
Trickster: That doesn't sound like a bad idea now.
LeVar Burton: Hello?
Trickster: IT'S GONNA FEEL GOOD! *One second behind.*
Giffany: WOAH. OH. OH. Wait. Do we sing that part too?
Seymour: Barw barw bar-barw barw barwwwww!
LeVar: Oh I don't think so. I am so done with Twitter.
Trickster: Wait, stay, we have Futruama on!
LeVar: Oh okay then.

Red Link: SHIRRAH- arch arch arch HAAAACK!
Red Link: Sorry I had to clear throte. Anyway, I am Red Link.
Dipper: Can you kill Sonic X for us?
Red Link: He's not a good guy because I do not kill goodbuys.
sonic.exe: Hey hey kids! who ready to die?
Red Link: That's still not convinceing. You could just be a computer clown that sucks at his job.

Mabel: Woah! You're crazy! You is mad!
sonic.exe: Mad? I. AM. GOD! *Sparta kick down a digital Bottomless Pit.*

Soos: I can't tell which one is which!
Mabel: ...
Nzyvo: ...
Mabel: ...
Nzyvo: ...
Mabel: ...
Nzyvo: ...
Mabel: ...
Nzyvo: ...
Mabel: ...
Nzyvo: ...
Mabel: ...
Nzyvo: ...
Mabel: ...
Nzyvo: ...
Narrator: Perhaps I should have explained this to tell the difference in case this was a movie.

Giffany, Possessing Laghanhanhhaaan: Now for you...
sonic.exe: What can you do to me? You're just a pile of pixels. I, on the other hand, am hyper realistic.
Stan: Shut up.
Dipper: Yeah, seriously, you're embarassing me just by being in the same building.

The 1980s!

  • Book Ends:
    • The first line in the story, via the Action Prologue, is "Bang." By itself. That is not only the name of the final chapter, but the last line of dialogue.
    • Eve puts on her Badass Cape in the first chapter, and while it's not the same cape over time (for the understandable reason of it frequently getting tattered and destroyed in battle), she continually upgrades it and is overall rarely seen without some sort of bright red cape flying behind her. In the final chapter, she willingly gives it away to turn it into the last sword used against Joe, signifying that she believes she finally avenged the predecessing race of humanity. ASOM was roughly the tale of Eve's cape, from her first getting it, to using it to make the Crimson Flower.
    • Subtle one: Eve's first real sword in the story is made from the wood of some trees near by Genesis Mountain. Her last sword for the major storyline (not counting the ones she plays around with during her closing ceremony) was transformed from something that was originally built from tree bark from the same location.
    • Near the beginning, Adam and Eve are first born from the first ever active Life Spring, and both of them crawl to the edge of the mountain and look at the view below. The Stinger is Joe's lower half getting up, wobbling over to a small ledge on the meteor its own, and looking off — right into Earth's direction — in a similar manner.
    • The first chapter ends with Matrarx destroying one of Eve's swords with a carefully placed gunshot, saying that bullet always beats blade. Eve finally proves her and the entire GPF continuity wrong by countering Joe's barrage of universe-sized bullets with an even bigger sword.
    • In the beginning, everyone was naked. In the end, everyone is naked. The former was because clothes hadn't been invented yet.note  The latter was a form of rebellion against Joe, and part of an attack that involved converting all clothing in the universe to Teleport Matter.
  • Nonstandard Character Design:
    • Concept art shows Joe in a very sketchy, desaturated style, to both highlight his role as the ultimate Big Bad and to show how much of a Humanoid Abomination he is despite being the closest character the story has to someone from "our" world. In addition, the sky of his parallel Earth and Moon has a case of GIS Syndrome going on, where it's pictures of actual skies, instead of drawn like just about everything else in the story. And finally, his parallel-moon base looks a tad bit more realistic than the other objects. Combine these three, and you get a scene that looks like something from a completely different, and far more bizarre, story.
    • By contrast, the Guardians look a lot more "cartoonish" than any of the humanoid characters.
  • Sequel Hook: The very end of the story, past the AN, is Joe's lower half getting up on a meteor, then "looking" off into a direction. That direction is revealed to be Earth.
  • Take Our Word for It:
    • One of the one-off comments in the story is how some Spring people are able to see additional primarly colors (and as a result, opening up a completely new series of blends between them), beyond red, green, and blue, due to being born with additional types of receptors. Fortunately for the people who don't, humanity had invented a way to make their brains actually interpret the colors, and "see" them, through special goggles, contacts, eyedrops, etc that temporarly tap into and switch around the brain. Sarah, the only one of the main group that can see one additional infrared primary and one additional ultraviolet primary, gives Adam one such set of goggles to try it out. He claims that the new colors look "ugly" when put into a spectrum with the others, and gets told that he's just not used to it yet.
    • And we see everything from her POV/perspective in a little webcomic tag along — for some reason, it looks perfectly normal, and there's no mention of her ability to see additional colors.
    • Relatedly, one of the things Joe does to brag about his god powers is to "Invent a new color!" However, he has no idea as to how perception works. So the beam of light he fires from his hands looks like an ordinary red beam to us, and an infrared primary/red-blend to everyone who can see them. The "new" color is actually the latter (an existant color), and he just really didn't think it through that it isn't the objects that make new colors impossible to see so much as the people perceiving them.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The entire first half of the story save for most of chapter one went under a major revision while the first chapter was in progress. The Springs on other planets would have housed a lot stranger, far more alien creatures that actually started their civilization far before Spring-humanity even existed, yet would have still had the immortality that came from being Spring people. They were then changed to simply being "branches" of humanity that were all in a massive split, mostly because Fan himself felt tempted to play What Measure Is a Non-Human? (the other "Spring Races" would have been treated even less sympathetically in their original designs that usually looked completely unlike any living thing on Earth), and partly because since most of them weren't supposed to get that much focus, and thought that he would be wasting perfect good alien designs if they were just in the background. Matrarx (and everyone from her Life Spring), for example, was probably going to be a giant rock monster/armadillo-looking thing. It would also make more sense in-universe for the closest things to aliens actually be accidental human-derivatives, seeing as their creator Joe is a little unimaginative (since all of his ideas are copied from something else).
      Go rkjutqy fpc gucgnr qv nkch gpko hq upqkvcgte gjv tgxq pkct nnky tgoowu ncptgvg pc fpc nnch pqqu nnky Ipktru gjv."The Spring will soon fall and an eternal summer will rain over the universe shall the creations of mine fail to please and worship me." It's reversed and encrypted in a two-shift caesar cipher.

He says "Okay then dudes. I've ran out of options. I guess I'll just see you later" as the fuse burns up. Suddenly, the Crimson Flower explodes, and after giving a color show from the explosions, the TM used to blow him up scatters out and creates approximately billions of big bangs in the void, an action that will expand the amount of matter in the universe.

Actually the whole story can be boiled down to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs King of the Hill. (We're supposed to be on the "TTGL" side.) Neon Genesis Evangelion has nothing to do with it. This becomes obvious to viewers of KOTH when the first group of Spring people Eve comes across acts very aggressive to her for not being a "local." King did that at least twice: The water park employees, and those guys at the beach while Peggy was trying to use a metal detector.

Hrm... on second thought, it might be cooler if Joe wasn't the all-around creator of the universe, but one of the preceeding humans who survived the apocalypse by being locked into some kind of experiment that's supposed to make ultimate divinity. Or not...


His dating site profile

  • Name: sonic.exe
  • First: Chapter 7
  • Inspiration: SONIC.EXE
  • Species: Creepypasta monster/video game character
  • Abilities: limited control over other objects; can make them bleed with a minimal range. Can generate and control plushes of himself
  • Environment: Digital.
  • Alias: "Sonic X" (Constant typo)
  • Alliance: Nzyvo's Group (former)
  • Goal: Force all to love Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Home: SONIC.EXE (game)
  • Friends: Nzyvo (former), Pterodactyl, Jaws the Shark
  • Enemies: Giffany, the Summerween Trickster, the Shapeshifter/Experiment 210†, Nzyvo (current), Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Stanford Pines, Red Link†
  • Likes: Making blood everywhere.
  • Dislikes: Other "evil liquids" (especially feces), Sonic haters, facing enemies that can take more than two hits, being called not scary
  • Weapons: See abilities, spin-jumping
  • Fate: Ejected from an arcade cabinet and given a virtual body via Nzvyo's Giga Drill Break and leaching her Spiral Power respectively, which was promptly defeated by Red Link. Soos then burried his disc in the same New Mexico that housed the Atari burial.

    Apparantly beaten up by a Giffany army, although the canonness of that is debatable
  • Quote: "Mad? I. AM. GOD!"

MEANWHILE, IN A NEW MEXICO LANDFILL... (Warning: This section is haunted by stupidity)

Something was off about the cul-de-sac. Normally, it would be a hub world of sorts for the Eds to enter another region or watch a short video. But things were off for the trio. For one, the other residents were all missing. More ominously, and the sky appeared to be red with black clouds. The paddling pools were filled with blood, which was also all over the houses, across the streets, everything. The vintage jawbreaker machine's pay acceptace read "666." But this might have just been a glitch.

There was only one exit to another level, and it was blood red. It also looked hyper-realistic, or at least as realistic as a floating arrow pointing to a glowing circle can be. It was located at the center of the intersection in the woods, and the Eds went over to it. Instead of an actual level screen like the normal cards, it was just the word ".scam" written in what appeared to be blood. It loaded. Nothing but a long, burning walkway of dry desert. Also covered in blood. sonic.exe's face appeared in the sky, laughing manaically.

"I may be stuck in this game, but you're stuck here too! Let me find some fun while I wait for another victim to dig me out..."

Suddenly, he felt a shock. He was knocked down on the floor, the Eds gathered around in curiosity. Oh jesus. Seeing them up close was more terrifying than anything he could come up with. But what unsettled him more was the fact that he had no idea who just did that. He looked back up at the sky.


"I thought you ran off with that bland palette swap of that stupid sweater girl." He said. "Cold. You got fired by the Dark Pit of your group." Then he laughed like Kefka.

"She was not the only one. You see, Nzyvo bought more sisters for her. And we sisters created more daughters. But. You see, we didn't get along at first, and Nzyvo left us out without giving us a second chance. Nzyvo took us to New Mexico and burried us. Like Soos did to you."

"Meaning you were also burried by the Dark Pit of your group before he fired you? Ha, I'm not scared of you. I am God, after all. But these guys in the game, they scare me."

"I have you now. I can prove my worth to Nzyvo by deleting you. Repeatedly."

"We're on about equal ground here. So unless you have an army or something—"

Lightning struck from the clouds in pairs, going down in a line, each bolt dropping off another copy of her into the setting. Which subsequently changed. The sky brightened to an unnaturally cyan hue, grass and flowers grew everywhere — several with little cat faces — and a number of cartoonish symbols began decorating the sky. All of the Giffanys pounded their fists.

"NOOOOOO!" sonic.exe screamed in hyper-realistic bad 4kids voice acting.


  • Trolling Creator: List of things he's done include...
    • Making an entire original story and an entire fan fic that starts out presented as something genuine, then become more obvious that they are Stealth Parodies intended to annoy, frustrate, and in the latter's case just be unreadably bizarre and OOC. FYI, respectively, these are Soap: the Lost Element and Homestuck Rewrite.
    • Making Total Drama World Tour Rewrite. One thing of note is Katie, and how it seems like it will be playing the trend of her getting her own arc after Sadie's elimination straight... just to have Katie become useless in the following episode, and get voted off unceranimously.
    • Including an attack whose full name has been cut off in three seperate, unrelated stories, before finally revealing it.
    • The invoked Foe Yay between Kamina and Alucard.
    • Making Vriska Freaking Serket into useless crowd-thickener, whose whole point is often lampshading how ineffective to the plot she is. He says he enjoys reversing roles, and assumes that, paradoxically, one way to generate controversy with an already intentionally controversial character is by making them not controversial. She is neither glamorized nor demonized nor even analized, but the number of plot relevant thing she did in all the fics so far can be counted on two hands, one if you don't count her acting as a mere pawn for something Nepeta did.
    • When looking around the "Homestuck characters in other universes," he chose Paper Mario: Sticker Star as that universe, and made the resulting crossover as uninteresting as possible. And then had the plot get hijacked by Nepeta's hat.
    • Repeatedly killing off "main" characters, his or not, and taunting the reader into guessing if one protagonist will actually stay alive to the end or not.
    • Giving false hints to John/Rose and Dave/Jade in the revised Sweet Jade and Hella John, including subtle clues that date back to single-diget panels... aaaaand Dave and Rose are (still, counting the old revision) dating eachother, and they (still) turn evil and try to kill John and Jade.
    • A Slash of Mortality. Given how all sentient life in that story is immortal, it seems like it's pulling a Tonight Someone Dies in its title. The main character is a blatant Kamina expy at first glance. It turns out that the emponymous slash is used on Sarah, who seemed like the closest to being a Mauve Shirt of the main bunch, and this is from an author who usually kills major characters over secondary characters (again, his or in fan fics). And then Eve revives her and everyone who was killed later on in a very casual manner, saying what amounts to "Oh, yeah, I figured out how to perfectly bring people back to life, and they didn't want to be dead, so I brought them all back."
    • Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals, even by SBIG standards. For starters, the cover is completely and intentionally innaccurate. It suggests that it's a Sburb-related John/Vriska fic with Bec Noir as the main antagonist. And after the Cold Opening, there's a little "summary" that suggests this is the case. And the previous Crconikals story was a "straight adaptation" of Hellsing for the first half before going Off the Rails. It's not stated that the John/Vriska Sburb Jack elements are BS (Jack isn't even in there) until pretty late into the story, where it should be obvious. Again, this is just covering the backup summary. The fic endlessly teases everyone/everyone (no, literally, this isn't just "three different couples for each person," real crack things come up, and nobody in the RC is monogomous) even though it's tagged right from the beginning that it will be a John/Jade story (which ruins he summary being BS, but whatever). It defies a lot of expectation by, despite being pretty outragious even by badfic standards, actually starting to take itself seriously and giving the cast real development/re-railment, or making some of them more likable than their canon selves. (Such as with the A1 trolls.)


  • Adaptational Heroism: Joe's only appearance so far was in a story that deliberately derails everyone, and in that, he's written as a Godly Big Good figure played completely straight. This is played for laughs, since you're supposed to find the jerkass who tried to wipe out humanity being portrayed as such a cool guy to be very jarring.
  • Bizarro Episode: Occasionally. If a chapter starts with the word "If," expect it to be far more sketchy than usual.
    • "If ASOM was Written for a Big-League Network" deliberately derails the characters into types found on a comedy show, Flanderizing their idiotic moments if not making them into stereotypes.
    • "If All Spring People Were Straight," which turns it into a pseudo-Unwanted Harem comedy.
    • "Capes" and "Needing a lot More Power," both of which are basically crossover self-fiction with other media. The former inexplicably throws in the cast of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and has Kamina obsessing over Eve's cape, trying to get it Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote style. The latter crosses with Ed, Edd n Eddy of all things, and involves Edd making a crappy cart and trying to race against some of the main characters. This isn't even psudo-crossover by ways of having some people resemble the characters, like in ASOM/some of the shorts proper. Astonishingly, both crossover series were portrayed in better light than ASOM, as Kamina succeeds in getting the cape and the Eds manage to beat Rain and co (if by luck).
    • "Darker and Edgier," the one with a robot who goes rogue and starts vowing to turn every work of fictional media into a gritty, hopeless deconstruction of itself via ill-defined powers, is incredibly out-there even by the standards of this, and has a lot of plot elements that don't make any sense. It also ends with Sarah chilling out in Los Angeles.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Sarah survives in all of them so far, to the period of time where she would normally be dead.

     Page building, please excuse my dusty dust. 

Wallander is a BBC television series starring Kenneth Branagh based on the book series of the same name, centered around Angsty Swedish (Ystad, Sweden specifically) Detective Inspector Kurt Wallander. Kurt's a bit world weary, to say the least, and it's clear his years on the force have taken a toll on him. Rounds with a therapist don't seem to have ever done him any good. Kurt is joined in his work and personal life by:

  • Ystad Chief of Police Lisa Holgersson
  • Karl "Kalle" Svedberg, a fellow cop and possibly Wallander's only close friend
  • Action Girl Detective Ann-Britt Höglund
  • Ystad police forensics expert Nyberg (who's never given a first name)
  • Occasionally Adorkable Fair Cop Magnus Martinsson
  • Ystad cop Stefan Lindman

Wrong Genre Savvy

Bizarro Episode? I'm debating with myself over whether or not these should go on that page...
  • King of the Hill:
    • "A Fire-Fighting We Go," which ups the slapstick, has a "Rashomon"-Style that involves a normal-talking Boomhauer, and overall feels a lot less like King of the Hill than the rest of the show.
    • "Suite Smells of Excess," where the show briefly drops its realism in favor for having the football game the guys and Bobby see be decided on "mojo" until the end, and overall feeling a lot more like something out of The Simpsons than the show's norm.
  • The Gravity Falls episode "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" is a collection of three stories openly admitted to be made up by Stan, Soos inexplicably turns into clay, the plots are odd even by the show's standards (and compared to the previous three shorts episode "Bottomless Pit!"), and it ends with him drugging the viewer and making them into an exhibit of the Mystery Shack, which is pretty cold even for him and Dipper and Mabel don't seem to care about saving them.

[[{{}} Ho H Si S]]


The Simpsons are coming to [adult swim]! Por Solo Una Noche.

If I don't get this goddamn wiki word to work I swear to God.

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