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  • THAT'S how you make folders!
    • Good to know.


  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: The first three forms are color-coded, which can be seen in its image above: Master Giant is purple-blue, Master Beast is orange, and Master Edges are yellow. They each have a strange substance of that color around or inside them during that form. Master Shadow is just dark all-around, and Master Fortress uses a variety of colors.
  • Palette Swap: The Master Shadow phrase is actually the same model and palette of the player character, only darkened considerably yet not completely pitch-black. The same applies for when it copies Mii Fighters.

Not Core:

Does anybody know where the page image came from? I've seen the whole series and the Anti-Spiral never once looked that... distorded or disturbing (which is saying a lot, frankly), and it's not one of the card splashes between the commercial breaks either (in fact, Anti-Spiral never appeared in any of them). Was this from the movie?

    More MUGEN, More Time 

Glass of Water

Earl Earl Earlson of Earlson, AKA Tagger

  • Glass Cannon: His life stat is pathetic. It's half of a regular fighter's life, but with mechanics like MUGENs, this is an absolutely huge difference not helped by his slightly lower defense and how he automatically takes block damage even if the original attack isn't supposed to hurt when guarded against. However, his Tag Spam is more-or-less a One-Hit Kill.

Template Man

"git gud."

  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: He has a spell called "the illusion" which changes the color of the stage depending on his and the opponent's stats. It becomes pitch-black normally, with red added depending on his opponent's HP, blue for his own HP, and green for his power. At the start of a match, if his enemy has enough health as him, it will be purple, then get redder the more damage he takes, and bluer the more damage he deals (or, more accurately, it's removing the red and blue values). If he's in the lead it can range from pure blue to cyan depending on his power, and losing likewise has the stage turn red or orange or yellow. When the life of the fighters are about even, the stage can be purple, gray, or various greens, depending on the exact life and power involved. He says this is a quick way to keep a "visual check on his health and how much left he has to go." But in reality it's just him trying to mess with the opponent.
  • Confusion Fu: This guy is a complete and utter Mind Screw. His dodges involve transforming into Lester, his back hop is him getting a rocket out of nowhere... and this isn't even getting into his hypers. One of which is a randomly generated "roulette" that could, at times, even just give a giant image of him saying "git gud." (Telling this to himself.)
  • Eyes Always Shut: Subverted, unlike the original Kung Fu Man. He has an Eye Take when doing his strongest hyper. But that's only because he does hat in reaction to getting very bad diarreah.
  • Jerkass: He seems to be incredibly rude. He often tells people to "git gud" (in at least four different ways), transforms into Bart Simpson mooning the opponent, his taunt is morphing into a giant Hank Hill telling the opponent that they're a "LOSER!" and all-around acts very, very unpleasant. Oh, and he clutters the stage with still images of some sort in all his victories.
  • Naked People Are Funny:
    • The entirety of his "Aw yeah" intro, his one timer-run striker (marked by the battery gauge), and the "dance party" ending. (Another set of) expies of the 360 pretty much in the nude.
    • If you get a perfect win as him (or, actually, just finish a match where he has 1000 health or higher (the latter is impossible without modifying the character as 1000 is his health cap)), he'll spam the screen with Hank Hill images until the next round/match. One of these images is of his bare, withered ass.
    • The "leo sign" result in his "roulette spin" move, wherein an army of streaking Nepetas of different blood colors come rushing over, knocking the opponent through the air via a very forceful push. The attack is an expy of Cheaper Edd's "Homestuck Brigade," and that is an expy of Ed's Edd summoning. Normally, this is just twelve — the "canonical" hemospectrum colors excluding mutations (reflected by the colors of the censor bars), but rarely a larger version with far more bloodswap clones will rush through. Same principle though, it's just that this one is harder to dodge.
  • Palette Swap: None of his twelve default palettes are the same as any of KFM's, though KFM's can still be loaded in as "extras" and are even listed in the extra palette list. Played straighter in how he supposedly has a blue "T" on his forehead, but it does not show up on his in-game sprites.
  • Power-Up Letdown: In his roulette attack, there's a chance that one of the results is a picture of Cranky Kong, who just turns into a giant Template Man figure or something saying "git gud" while a fart sound plays. There's no special effect or attack for this.
  • Shout-Out:

Cheaper Edd

"Are you surprised that I won? What did you expect?! I have cheap in my name!"

An edit of Edd designed to be a boss-like character.

The reason why he's Cheaper Edd is because the author found that this original "base" Edd was cheap enough as-is, with an automatic guard and a wagon hyper that left him invincible.

  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Apart from his Edd-based palette, some of his other brown skin-shades palettes, and maybe the default "yellow shirt" palette, pretty much all of his alternate colors involve some technicolor skin. Going by the defaults and starting on his third one, there's dark jade green, pitch-black with a neon green outline, dark red, dark blue, his normal palette with the colors inverted, dark gray, dark purple, teal, gray (actually a graywashed version of the default palette), and a blank-white base that gradually changes colors.
  • Berserk Button:
    • He apparantly detests invincible fighters and one-hit-killers. He outright refuses to fight the former (he shakes his head at the start of the match, walks back offscreen, and crashes the game shortly after) and attempting to do the latter on him heals him. With the one exception being Cheaper Edd's own instant-kill attack. (Which "supposedly" makes it fair and more of a "boss move" because it's highly telegraphed, easy to dodge, and he can only activate it if he lets his power meter completely fill, which is rare since he likes using it on other hypers more.)
    • Word of God says that he's about as squeamish as the canonical Double D. So he doesn't like screamer-related characters either.
  • Caffeine Bullet Time: He's like this constantly. He's the fastest of Great Pikmin Fan's characters, and he loves drinking Red Bull — which either boosts up 5000 of his power (regular) or 7000 (Red Bull X).
  • The Dev Team Thinks of Everything:
    • Afraid of playing as 2 Cheaper Edds on one team, and one Striker Gauge being behind another? That's what the tabs at the top are for. They will stick up behind the other gauge, which is why they stick up from different places depending on what striker is picked.
    • His Giffany attack cannot be dodgednote . It was originally an accident, but Fan liked the idea of characters doing a dodge just to get hit since the move lingered, and thus made it happen via leaving behind "static residue."
    • He is specifically coded to not be immune to his own Shun Goku Satsu.
  • Final Boss: He's genuinely intended to be the final boss of Fan's arcade run. All of his characters (except Glass of Water, the Homer Army, and Nude Bart Skateboarding, but including Cheaper Edd himself) have their arcade mode ending cutscenes start out with the character standing over a knocked out Cheaper Edd in Final D-ED-stination.
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You:
    • Try to make an invincible character fight him and he'll intentionally crash your game instead, giving you a message about "what it means to be cheap."
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Giffany. Cheaper Edd's readme states that she's not an actual/official ally of his, just stalks him around. But he tolerates that because she helps gets rid of other stalkers.
  • Hope Spot: Thought his Mis-Edventures hyper was just a regular "summons the other two Eds to do some mild damage" move that actually looks weaker than most of his moves? The music suddenly cutting out, Cheaper Edd gliding to the opponent, and the infamous Shun Goku Satsu "growl" playing right afterwards would convince you otherwise.
  • Hypocritcial Humor: He hates insta-kills. One of his strongest hypers is an insta-killnote .
  • Metal Slime: Ho boy, his strikers also come in X versions. For each striker, there's a 1-in-3-chance that their X counterpart will spawn (basically normal strikers are twice as likely to spawn as X versions). And they each have nasty added effects, in addition to golden borders to their icons instead of the usual white:
    • Ed X: Larger grabbing range, spin-attack leaves additional fire that burns on the enemy some time after.
    • Eddy X: Shoots out the Ray of Riches in five different directions, pretty much forcing you to block.
    • Hank Hill Smoking X: Spawns two Hank images that also move far faster. They deal more damage, too.
    • Diablo X: Insta-kills the opponent if they have less than 500 health. If not, reduces their health to 1.
    • Giffany X: In addition to the shock attack, she also follows it up with an unblockable pound on the stage, which must be dodged.
    • Red Bull X: Gives him 7000 power instead of 5000.
  • Reality Warper: According to his readme, he creates an infinite number of alternate dimensions, and this is Not Hyperbole. He can warp people around between any of them, which is what his Shun Goku Satsu is. He also holds a wagon that lets him become invincible, can summon a series of flying wagons out of nowhere, spawn colossal drills, and have other overpowered skills.
  • Super Move Portrait Attack: His "Mis-Edventures hyper parodies this, doing an Ed, Edd n' Eddy-related portrait cut.

    Not MUGEN (Might Delete this Folder Tomorrow) 

Mostly random number generator, though you can buy all of them at any time in the shop in case the RNG God is spiting you. But you can randomly get them for free to avoid the tediousness of saving up that much gold.

The exceptions are the figures of the main twelve members. Each of them correspond to a top-row entry in the challenge board (and this is kind of more of the reason why it's arranged in a 12x12 grid). Beating the challenges there will give the figure of each of them, and as the left-to-right, bottom-to-top difficulty slope implies, the last one is intended to be the "hardest." Beat the final boss of classic on 360 Hard without losing a life. It's only covering the final boss because sometimes the matches leading up to it might completely screw one over, but it's still a hell of a challenge. Especially during Ice Fortress.

Anyway with the figurines you'll also unlock the respective 360 member's gallery, where you can view around the regular models of them in addition to them in their alternate costumes, their under-uniforms, Spartan military suits, and the male versions of them in all of the previous.

By the way, yes, the Dual Witches counts as the "final boss," even if they don't directly have anything to do with Icesky's battle.

This has been jossed earlier: Namely, the explanation of Sage Vision. It states back in chapter 6 that all Sages must be dead at the same time for it to be enabled. And it was used in the last few chapters. If there is a seventh Sage, which is becoming increasingly unlikely for the reason mentioned above, they would have to be dead too. That or Nepeta's journals got the description wrong, but A: She generally fact-checks this stuff (the journal means a lot to her since it's intended to be a "How to Prevent Your Future Friends From Dying" guide), especially something as mind-blowingly important as Sage Vision, and B: Pikmin Fan is not the kind of author who would go back on something that cannot be mis-interpreted like that. He has toyed around with Exact Words before, but something like "all Sages must be dead" instead of anything even slightly more vauge like "the Sages must be dead" isn't that kind of example. Stylistic Suck or no, he generally no longer does things like "You know when I said this? Well guess what, I really meant something worded more ambiguously."

  • When the Crew is snowed in during "Lalonde Insurance Adventure", Netimp off-handedly mentions marking plans in the event that they have to resort to canabalism. Let's ignore the other-direction of Fridge Horror of what would happen if the snow wasn't taken care of and they did have to eat eachother, and instead focus on something a few chapters later. Namely, a short part of a future chapter when John and Jade enter Nepeta's dreams. Said dream is a horrific meaty jungle/cave labrynth with blood rivers and several servants carrying huge trays of meat to Nepeta seated on a throne of bones. She does not recognize John and Jade, says that the dream is full of fear, and that the two are ignorant. And most importantly, that she believes ignorance becomes lunch. With this in mind, and that Netimp has a lower respect for most of the members of the Crew (outside his own original) while Nepeta at least genuinely likes them, and it's safe to say that he probably wasn't joking when he talked about making plans of who to eat.

  • Stalked by the Bell: Wait too long in a given room (about two and a half minutes), and Specimen 9 will leave the endless hallway and come gunning after you. This even applies to save rooms, where other specimen normally aren't are.

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