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"Look, ramps!"
"We can use those as ramps!"
Actual quote from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

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I sell propane and propane accessories.

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:5 < remember! reality is an illu5ion the univer5e i5 a hologram buy gold byeeeee!!!!!

Ones/Nepeta Bloodswaps

All spoilers regarding the first two chapters are unmarked. Aside from that, beware of other spoilers.

    In General 


0 Rust Nepeta Leijon 0

A hiveless wanderer that always dresses in heavy winter outfits, carries a sword around, and likes to draw potential manga on her spare time. Completely unknowing to her, said manga is usually prophetic of the human's session, particularly Dave's Speaking of the Strider, she's his patron troll. Her trolltag is acetoneAlleycat. Her associated 360 member is Red/360, and her corresponding "One number" is 0 at first, but later becomes 10.

:0 < types in quick sentences and replaces the letter "O" with a zer0!
:0 < like all 0nes she prefaces her lines with a lusus-like face, in this case her usually sh0cked telepathcat
:0 < 対話は日本語で書かれています。note 
:10 < after chapter f0ur she adds a "1" in fr0nt 0f the lusus face t0 represent her scar and will n0w change any "I" 0r "L" t0 a 1 if its near a O/0
:10 < this even g0es f0r w0rds separated by spaces eg "wel1 0bserved"
:10 < after the time skip her sp0ken dia10gue is in english

  • Intelligible Unintelligible: In-person and before the three year skip, all of what she says is technically in a "thick east Alternian accent" that, like Damara, is portrayed as being written in Japanese. But that can be Google translated — when she has the scarf off. With it on, she basically sounds like Kenny and everything is written as an untranslatable "mph hmmph fhmm"-like text. All the other Ones, except Fuchsia at first but including Olive and Lime (who haven't known her that long) understand her perfectly.
  • Meaningful Name: "Alleycat" should be obvious. "Acetone" is a highly flammable liquid, which makes sense since she's technically associated with fire twice if not three times over (her associated 360 member, and both the Aires and Leo signs have the fire element).
  • Red Herring: She has nothing to do with the Teen doll despite dressing very similarly.
  • Shout-Out: According to concept art, her pre-time skip outfit is a dark red palette swap of Ezekiel's, just minus the toque and plus a really thick scarf. (Apparantly it's "highly symbolic" that Olive is the only One normally with a hat.) She swaps it out for a generic snow suit after though.




  • Berserk Button:
    • Do not try to mess with her strange orbs. She doesn't know what they're supposed to do, just that if you put a One's DNA in one of them, it will glow the color of their tied 360 member. And all Ones near them somehow know which one gets what DNA. But it's Lime's opinion that they are very important, and you do not mess with them or try to destroy them. Oh, and she has incredibly strong psychic powers and the ability to teleport stuff around as long as it doesn't involve Eldritch Locations. Don't piss her off.
    • Downplayed, but for some reason her mood is really soured whenever talking to or around Meenah. She even refers to her as a "monster" behind her back. This has yet to be explained, and said spoiled character is the only one that enlicts this reaction from Lime.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Her introduction seems to establish her as just being very hyper and playful, along with trolling around with their session's Jack. A flashback reveals that she also likes to screw around with other's heads, has sadistic tendancies, and overall acts fairly rude.
  • Cassandra Truth: In chapter 5, she tells Dave "Oh, I'm just waiting for the day you kill your best friend." Turns out this really does happen near the end. Sort of, as it was his body possessed by the Big Bad, and John was already long since dead at that point.
  • Expy: Fan says that, at some point when first writing chapter 3, he got the idea to design her character as "a toned down Bill Cipher that genuinely cares about some friends but at the same time uses them as playthings." The signs are there: She's the most dream-based of everyone (down to breaking the rule of Space players waking up first by having her dreamself be the only one active before Nepetasprite put them in the Safe Chest), spouting conspiracies, and freaking people out. This may be a nod/foreshadow to Housestuck: The Split, where's it's revealed that an alternate version of Nepeta (several of them, actually) do each merge with a Hank and dark magic or something and they make a dream projection to other multiverses in the form of Bill.


  • Red Herring: The first one and a half chapters try to trick the reader into thinking that Karkat really is among the Nepetas, and that the "mystery player" is simply Olive herself, as she has been confirmed to exist near the end when she's seen tagging along with Dave. The real situation is a lot more complicated than that.








  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Rust flies up a staircase she's been spending minutes on climbing? Fury of anger. Lime walks around naked? Fury of anger (see Hypocritical Humor below). Jade the human doesn't like being called Salty so that the Ones can distinguish her from Jade the Nepeta? Fury of anger.
  • Jerkass: Certainly one of the less pleasant Ones of the twelve. She enjoys tries to pull the other swaps around and virtually everything pisses her off. Plus she's incredibly unfriendly with most of the humans.


    Hemrit (Warning: All Spoilers Unmarked) 

Initially teased at in chapter 3 from a few name drops,

  • Disproportionate Retribution: So your lover was reincarnated across the second scratch as A3 Muelin and A4 Disciple, and has no ghosts in the dream bubbles. Does this sound like the perfect reason to alter the laws of reality and summon a number of kaiju to try to destroy everything?
  • Expy:
    • Take your average Yandere, give him the Anti-Spiral's abilities, and a hint of Sylar's powers too. That's Hemrit in a nutshell personality-wise. With emphasis on the Anti-Spiral.
    • He filled in for the reason why the troll session we see, which is actually A4 and not A2 as lead to believe, couldn't finish. As Bec Noir did. Unlike Noir, he's a lot better at hunting down players, though he normally doesn't resort to blowing up planets.
    • He's apparantly Fan's answer to Lord English, supposing to address criticisms Fan had with how he was handled as a villain.
  • Good Colors, Evil Colors: As with Great Pikmin Fan's usual "new" antagonists, he's associated with a "sickly" yellow-orange color, the web color gold. Fan usually uses this to signify villains but at times he likes changing it up.
  • Reality Warper: He takes it a step above most reality warpers in that he can even change exactly what constitutes reality. He could chose to alter virtually anything, like how timelines would work, what physics would allow, physical constants across Paradox Space, etc. He's all-but completely omnipotent.
  • Tron Lines: Loads of yellow-orange lines glow across him.
  • Walking Spoiler: Not hinted at existing in the first two chapters. Later he's tied behind some cryptic stuff. And this isn't even getting into the fact that he has the souls of two heroes locked up and controlled by Kurloz, who is the main spirit manipulating the body.

    Birdsh** 2: Birds Sh**ing Harder 

  • Noodle Incident:
    • Apparantly Alucard is the only Sage without a criminal record. Hank, Brenda, Sheldon, and Kamina are all related to canon events (respectively: Being a part of a quarry protest, starting the cat-bun war, running the red light when driving Penny to the hospital, and hijacking a mecha). Rose, however... has "the Chilli Incident," and all that's known about that is that she was eventually arrested for "misuse of lava."

    Headish Scratchersish 

  • Why did Nepeta write the information to contact Rip in plain ink but the warning to not contact her under any circumstances in invisible ink? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
    • She tried to make the plain ink entry on Rip look as plain and boring as possible. The plain ink doesn't say that Rip can fulfill deals, just vague places where Rip might be spotted. An all-caps message saying "DO NOT TRY TO MAKE A DEAL WITH HER NO MATTER HOW MUCH SHE PROMISES YOU" has the exact opposite effect on some people.
  • In a flashback a few months ago in Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals it's revealed that Nepeta was at the same high school that John, Jade, Rose, Dave, Jane, Jake, Roxy, and Dirk went to. How does that work when in Housestuck: The Split, Nepeta graduated from college at 13?
    • She's not actually attending the school and just there to spy on the Crew. In the comic, once the bell rings, she's seen walking towards the exit. Similarly, in the graduation she and Netimp are the only second-gen characters who are wearing different-tinted robes, hinting that they tried to fabricate them.
    • She could also be spying on Rick the whole time. Rick does have connections to Eldritch Abominations, and it's heavily implied that it's not the same "ordinary" dark magic like what Scratch is made of. Rick's "grimdarkness" is the only sign in any story of the Horrorterrors, and usually "unique" things like that are the exact sort of big tip-off for Nepeta-journal-level-content.
  • How come Calliope's theories piss Nepeta off so much but Dave's crazier, less-based, more constant conspiracies are ay-okay?
    • In the epilogue of Hurrcain, Dave was shown to be right at least once (about Santa being a Humanoid Abomination). Calliope was pretty much right never. That's not a clear explanation, but it's a start...
    • In the timeframe of Split, Nepeta knew Calliope a little less longer than she knew Dave (well, outside of the whole "spying to get information for Journal of the Dangerous."), and Dave grew on her as a real friend. Calliope by that time didn't.
    • Dave's ramblings are at least entertaining and have variety. When Calliope keeps constantly trying to tie everything to a villain that's genuinely irrelevant to 90% of the story it's easy to see where her patience started wearing thin. Also, during the first few chapters Nepeta didn't mind anything Calliope said. It's just when she brought it up over and over and acted like it was such a groundbreaking discovery that Nepeta started putting her foot down.
    • Dave was at least trying to make sense out of the screwed up universe Crconikals takes place in. Calliope's theories are really less of that and more like her being hopefull about what she wants to happen to happen. Dave picks evidence and forms a guess off of that, even if it's something completely incorrect. And Nepeta at least finds that admirable. Calliope goes "Wouldn't it be a cool/spooky idea if..." and cherry picks things in support, where it's a little less tollerable if she gets Critical Research Failures.
  • Where are the Rainbow Sister's parents?
    • Rainbow Red probably moved out and her five younger sisters probably live with her.

  • Why did Brenda and Game & Watch even adopt Creepypasta Sonic? If an extra-dimensional thing showed up at someone's doorstep with a strange blood-emitting blue baby creature, adopting it wouldn't be the first reaction most people will have.
    • It's implied that .GIFfany really wanted a baby brother, not knowing how she's pretty much hate his guts once they both become adults. While it's stated that their reincarnations from the blast have narrow... bits involved in reproduction, the originals might as well, making it difficult for their parents to have any more biological sons/daughters (it's stated that they tried for five years before ol' Gif was born). Add to all this, Game and Watch is said to spoil his kids...

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