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[[color:green green test]]
* ComicBook/UnderSiege
* Fanfic/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAvengerS

* PokemonResetBloodlines/Tropes0ToE
* PokemonResetBloodlines/TropesFToM
* PokemonResetBloodlines/TropesNToS
* PokemonResetBloodlines/TropesTToZ

* Funny/GravityFallsDeepWoods

* Theatre/BandstandMusical


[[folder:Giga Spoilers]]

|| bordercolor=teal
|| Chapter # || BLOODSHOT Officer Killed || Monster of the Week || Other Notes ||
|| '''First Half''' ||||||||
|| 1 || Darkhorse || Inflatable Tube Guy* || Steve's backstory ||
|| 2 || Tanker || Spi-cat-der || Diane's backstory ||
|| 3 || Hacksa || [Undecided] || Poixer's backstory ||
|| 4 || Evol-Fish || Bad Chef || Hammithan's backstory ||
|| 5 || Coward's Mask || Unitias/\\
Hugh Jass || Nosfo's backstory\\
Set up for spinoff ||
|| 6 || Mudvin\\
(& CD) || [Undecided] || Quazzax's backstory\\
Witchita's introduction ||
|| '''Second Half''' ||||||||
|| 7 || Revealica || [Undecided] || ||
|| 8 || Master Master || [Undecided] || ||
|| 9 || Kenith || Bad Chef (again) || ||
|| 10 || Xunter || Zeevih || ||
|| 11 || Darkerhorse\\
(& Earl) || N/A || "Apolcaypse" Arc ||
|| 12 || Witchita || N/A || "Apocalypse" Arc ||
|| 13 || Blood King || N/A || "Apocalpse" Ending; Epilogue ||

[=*=] [[ Fear him.]] (He doesn't look exactly like that, but this is what I mean by "Inflatable Tube Guy.")

A "joke map" might look something like this:
* Dekstop: "New York; Tutorial that tricks you in to thinking the game is super easy"
* Bright Ring in General: "Welcome to ''Emazh In''! Pick your poison!"
* Dark Ring: "Just a little spooky"
* Dull Ring: "Handicapped cyborgs will utterly kick your ass"
* Infinity Amusement Park:
** In hot pink text: "FINALLY, the PLOT"
** In magenta text: "In which a cave-dwelling doormat ends more runs than the psychopathic main villain"
* Spatial Temples: "This is some ''VideoGame/{{Terraria}}''-level shit right here :O"
* Dimensional Temples: "Trippy"
* Spiritual Temples: "Trippier"
* Matrix Temples: "WHAT EVEN IS EXISTENCE??!"
* Linkway Rift: "Edgy inverta-color who likes squeaky toys"
* Four Extremes Center: "They're like four 'Heavens' but they're really four different 'Hells.'"
** Nature Grounds: "Nature is beautiful..."
** The Organics: "...Okay what the hell is this maybe I'll take that back"
** Supernature Grounds: "Dark Heaven...?"
** The Whirl: "Dark Room from ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac''"
** Magic Grounds: "Pretty cloudy Heaven"
** The Lightness: "Now this is just fucking eerie..."
** Technology Grouds: "COMPUTER PARADICE!"
** The Code: "Woahhhh..."
* Dying Core: "'Hell;' Oddly normal coming after the acid trip that was the Four Extremes"
* Labostoep/Galactic Core: "[[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} New New York;]] 'God' kicks your ass"
* The Fountain: "Some nerd turns out to be the second-hardest boss in the game (FUCK YOU IZJJEN, YOU'LL ALWAYS BE THE FIRST)"


How about like this:
* Monday: Mom
* Tuesday: It Lives!
* Wednesday: Satan(/Void as it's worth more points)
* Thursday: Lamb
* Friday: Isaac(/Void as it's worth more points)
* Saturday: ??? (the boss with that name)
* Sunday: Mega Satan; whether it's through holy path or unholy path is picked randomly, but it's always one of them (as how Sundays work currently)

When I was first getting into dailies and found out that Sunday is a Mega Satan day I kind of assumed that there was some fixed schedule like that. I listed the unholy path before the holy path because, considering how Chest (''Wrath of the Lamb'') was added before Dark Room (''Rebirth'') and how you access Sheol through a Devil Room and Cathedral from Angel Room -- the former generally being easier -- ''and'' with Sheol being the fifth floor in Greed Mode, I kind of assumed that the unholy path would rank "first." Although Dark Room is DEFINITELY harder than Chest, and Sheol is ARGUABLY harder than Cathedral.

Everyone also wins: those that want Marathon or just hate the idea of dying (maybe there can be a "staying alive to the end" point bonus distinct from the damage bonus) and people who want to go farther will have that guaruanteed instead of having the possibility of doing several "foot" runs in a row.

* HomePage/{{Crystalline}}

* VisualNovel/{{Crystalline}}

* VideoGame/HoverRevoltOfGamers

* Fanfic/TheJellaxSaga

* Literature/ConsiderTheLily

Number sign, "character," semicolon:

¾ ¼ é &eaccute; &infinity; &solidbox;

* Boxxy T. Morningwood, the Chestiest Chest that Ever Chested ''Literature/EverybodyLovesLargeChests''

* The ''Crazy Sonic'' hack of ''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog1'' includes a port of ''VideoGame/HongKong97'' that, for obvious reasons, removes all imagry of real-life dead bodies. The third image in the intro that shows "Chin" in front of what looks like a number of corpses is replaced with Chin along a black screen, the game over screen is replaced with a fake Blue Screen of Death telling you that the Fuckin' Ugly Reds have won, and the enemies simply disappear when killed instead of flashing a tiny version of the corpse image.

[[folder:I have no idea what this page is so imma put Red Links here, k?]]
* WebOriginal/{{King Dragon Canon}}
** If you don't know who Creator/{{ProZD}} is, then you should check him out because he's awesome!



Okay, excluding flashbacks:
* Steve: 43; 44 at the end (the bulk of the story takes place between his 43rd and 44th birthdays; since exactly an entire year passes, just add 1 to the end of each character who survived their birthdays, which were ''also'' listed in the bios at the end)
* Diane: 25
* Poixer: 29
* Hammithan: 18 (his birthday happens shortly after Steve, so for the bulk he's 19)
* Nosfo: 1,024 (physically somewhere in his mid-20s)
* Quazzax: 71 (physically somewhere in her mid-30s)

* Darkhorse: 104 (physically... a skeleton)
* Xunter: 18
* Coward's Mask: 26
* Tanker: 14
* Kenith: 27
* Hacksa: 27
* Evol-Fish: 21 (experimental fish)
* Revealica: 49 (literally this old, no human years/dog years. The experiment managed to make her biologically immortal, only able to die to violence as she does in Chapter 7)
* Darkerhorse: 107
* Mudvin: 47
* Witchita: 33
* Master Master: 90
* Blood King: 87 (makes himself LOOK 13, and while he acts like it, it's just because he's an immature dickwad; he's not part of some species that's stuck as a kid forever or anything)

* Carlson: 22
* Stella: 21
* Unitias: 20 biologically and physically, many are older than the Milky Way Galaxy

* Inflatable Tube Guy: 5 (Robot)
* Spi-cat-der:


[[folder:Maybe I should just do OU from the ground up since I redesigned a lot of the plot...]]

'''Unitias''' (Yoo-nih-shuhs) are a major, extradimensional race in the world of ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group'', an all-female group of immortals that are apparently infinite in number, yet new instances constantly appear in to existence. They are theorized within the world to be the grand unifying essense of everything.

While not in the first few chapters of ''Intriguing Group'' and only having secondary appearances afterward, the Unitias do play a major role in the background and serve as the main antagonists of the spinoff ''Ordinarily United''.

* First Appearance:
** SBIG: Chapter 4, "Gone Fishing" (Cameo at the end); Chapter 5, "True Fear" (Proper introduction)
** OU: Chapter 1, "Toxic Relationships"
* Home Region: Unit-verse
* Number of Members: Infinity
* Average Life Expectancy: Immortal (Can infinitely re-create bodies; bodies themselves are ageless and quickly regenerate)
* Threat Level: Apocalypse
* Powers:
** The Species as a Whole:
*** Instand body reincarnation/immortal souls (effective immortality)
*** Holding potentially infinite equipment through pocket-inventories
*** Warping to any dimension, and back to the Unit-verse
*** "Built-in" Unitiaphones that can call any other Unitia from anywhere
** Specific Individuals: Varies
* Weaknesses:
** Obsession and lack of coordination leads to frequent infighting, even "killing" each-other (but they respawn)
** If their bodies are killed outside of the Unit-verse, their souls must return to the Unit-verse before being able to make new bodies.
* Likes (in General):
** Someone to obsess over
** Gathering over somebody
** Violence (caused by them)
** Being naked
** Creating entertainment spots
** Creating or simulating natural/supernatural "walking trails" to explore
* Dislikes (in General):
** Being rejected
** Being told to put clothing on (especially undergarments, especially panties)
** Attacking them unprovoked
** Undergarments in general
* Relationships:
** Unitia Origin: "Leader"/creator
** Campions: High-ranks
* Friends:
** Stella
** Carlson
** Hammithan
** Earl Intubble† (former)
** The Bachellor(ette) (non-canon)
* Enemies:
** Blood King†
** Coward's Mask†
** Revealica†
** Earl Intubble†
** Carlson (former)
* Status: All Alive/Immortal
* Fate: Act as an endless gauntlet of challenges for Carlson to battle
* Associated Color: Black (group as a whole), rainbow/teal (Origin), varies (individual)
* Inspirations:
** [=.GIFfany=] (''Gravity Falls''/GPF's previous fan fiction ''run:gifocalypse'', ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'', and ''Escape From Fanservice Island'')
** Curse Woman (character by GPF back in ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'' and her spinoff ''Cursed'')
** Various horror franchise characters in the form of nude women
** SCP-136
** Specimen 4 (''Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion'')
** Felicia (''Darkstalkers'')
* Quote: ""

!! History

!! Story

!!! ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group''

The Unitias first appear underneath the Loading Dock in Brimcity, where a small group of them spawn there via their portals after hearing a food-poisoned Hammithan's cries for "THE GRAND CREATORS OF THE UNIVERSE" to help him with his diarrhea. After brutally murdering a group of thugs that attempted to assault them, they eventually get directions to the Intriguing Group. The first one who meets Hammithan is a non-Champion messanger who wanted to speak to him, casually explaining who the Unitias are. However, another one comes in to his house and gets jealous of the first, blasting her away with magic and forcing her to her "ghost form" where she must respawn in the Unit-Verse. This causes a chain of reactions with Unitias faux-killing one-another en-mass, confusing Hammithan. Carlson, who had just recovered from his leg broken by Tanker, rushes over to them. He thinks that this will be another boring challenge, but he is pleasantly surprized to find out that his "Diamond Boomerang" does not immediately defeat the Unitias as it does with everything else he faced against. The Unitias are likewise surprised at Carlson's ability to fight with them on even terms.

The Unitias announce that they had waited long since they had someone "worthy" of obsessing over, and ignore Hammithan completely to go after him.

!!! ''Ordinarily United: Some Knight-Astronaut Versus an Infinite Number of Crazy Naked Women''

The beginning of the story takes place immediately after the last moment Carlson is seen in Chapter 5, and continues well in through the timeline of that entire story, stopping just before Carlson's return near the end of Chapter 13 pre-epilogue.

!! Appearance

[[Characters/WikiSandbox (That's still unchanged.)]]

!! Abilities

As with the Emazhes of Fan's other story ''Emazh In'', each Unitia has her own sort of "unique" ability in addition to their default powers. However, temporal manipulation and more abstract abilities ''do'' exist in this world, unlike the "established Ability exceptions" in ''Emazh In''. (Time travel is not in ''Emazh In''[='=]s verse.)

!! Relationships

!!! Carlson

!!! Stella

Stella starts out on positive terms with the Unitias, first stemming from her noticing them because of their "naked monster" appearances.

!!! Steve Badvillain

!!! Diane Mohdez

While rarely interacting, Diane has an extremely negative view on the Unitias not because of their appearance, but because of their excessive use of force to solve their issues and how they repeatedly "kill" each-other in "yandere fits."

!!! Poixer Avaage

!!! Hammithan Descendo

!!! Nosfo the Dark

!!! Quazzax Cut


Despite the Unitia's general love of finding an excuse to be violent and possessive, Blood King's love of attractive women, and how they are the two central antagonist groups across the two works set in this world, the Unitias did not get along with BLOODSHOT while they were established. The Unitias did not appear in-story until after the deaths of Darkhorse, Tanker, Hacksa, or the Evol-Fish (although there ''were'' flashbacks of the Unitias that took place back when they were alive, but Darkhorse was the only one they had interacted with), but it is unlikely that they would have changed any of the Unitias' opinions. Aside from some brief interations with Darkhorse, they don't "meet" until Coward's Mask came across them while looking for various houses to rob. Freaking out due to percieving himself as outnumbered by forces that his Fear Mask barely worked on, he called Blood King to see if he had any solutions. Coward's Mask was only able to describe them as a crowd of naked women before the Blood King himself rushed to greet them in person, dismissing Coward's Mask to rob a completely different city. He is initially mildly disappointed to find out that, like Diane and Quazzax, their state of dress is of their own fashion choice and they are unashamed of it. Their relationship becomes outright negative when he threatens to capture them to add them as workers under BLOODSHOT when they (impolitely) decline his request that they wear undergarments. The Unitias present all mark Blood King on their "kill lists," and place Coward's Mask on their "maybe kill" lists. Scared, Blood King summons Revealica to defend him. Revealica fails to make any noteworthy impact on any of their bodies, but she does stall them in a stalemate fight that paves the way for Blood King, and later her own, escape. The Unitias call off fighting them as they have a higher priority on Carlson. It is unknown if they would have continued to "hunt" the Blood King after obtaining Carlson, given that the Blood King was killed shortly before they made the "ultimate decision" with Carlson and Stella's fates.

Following that, that group of Unitias (Origin does not care about the Blood King) and BLOODSHOT continue to view one-another as enemies. In Chapter 6,

!! Trivia

* They are the only known Apocalypse Class threat in the world of ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group''.
* Thanks to Ordinarily United, the Unitias by far have the most screentime and dialogue out of any of the races in the Intriguing Group verse.
** Only counting SBIG proper, that honor would go to the Treemasters.
* As with a lot of other stories by Great Pikmin Fan, the chapter numbers regarding them hold some kind of reference or significance:
** Their debut was in the fifth chapter originally because the fifth episode of season 2 of ''Gravity Falls'' was the one with [=.GIFfany=]. GPF stayed with that because it happened to be a good place pacing-wise according to him: supposedly, it was neither far enough in the story that it would be introducing a new major element too late, but not early enough that it would distract from establishing anything.
** The ninth chapter of SBIG
* The Unitias are among the only characters in anything by GPF thusfar drawn with visible genitalia (other "nude" characters, such as Diane or Witchita, are drawn with blank skin between their legs where something should be visible), although the entire offending part is never in complete view (counting "being at the wrong angle" as an obstruction). Fan says that this was partly just "because," and partly to give a greater emphasis to their "sexual nightmare"-like image.
* They and the Honestly Dishonest Dealer are the only two non-BLOODSHOT "villains of the week" to be more along the lines of anti-villains instead of full antagonists. In their case, however, it is because they


[[folder:The Main Villain]]

'''Timothy "Timmy" Badvillain''', better known by his Badvillain Leader alias the '''Blood King''', is the main antagonist of ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group''. He is

* First Appearance:
** SBIG: Chapter 1, "Treemates"
** OU: Chapter 6, "Taking His Breath Away" (Cameo)
* Final Appearance:
** SBIG: Chapter 13, "Tera Blood: Ashotalypse Part III"
** OU: Chapter 12, "The Gallery of Obsession"
* Age: 87 (Makes himself look 13)
* Residence: Badvillain Tower
* Occupation: Founder and leader of BLOODSHOT
* Threat Level:
** By himself: Mosquito
** BLOODSHOT as a whole: Demon
* Status: Deceased
* Fate: Exploded in to blood after being slapped by Steve Badvillain
* Abilities: Wheel (none otherwise)
* Weaknesses: Can't fight without his Wheel
* Relationships:
** Steve Badvillain: Younger brother
** Darkhorse†, Xunter†, Coward's Mask†, Tanker†, Kenith†, Hacksa†, Evol-Fish†, Revealica†, Darkerhorse†, Mudvin†, Witchita†, Master Master†: Minions/officers
** Earl Intubble†: Lawyer
** CD†: Music composer/personal "idol singer"
* Inspirations:
** "Gary Stu harem fan fiction"
** "Naruto" as portrayed in ''naruto the guy with the ninja'' (another story by Fan)
** "Unintentionally unlikable pervert protagonists"
** Lost episode-type creepypasta
** Badguy family line from ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'' (another story by Fan)
* Quote: "You don't get it! This has been my world since our parents died! Now, learn to respect me or fucking die!"

!! History

!!! ''Steve ''

!! ''Ordinarily United''

Timmy's role in OU is considerably more limited. He will cameo at times, but rarely, while Carlson is calling his lawyer Earl. Once Steve hijacks the phone in what corresponds to Chapter 9 of ''Intriguing Group'' and finally gets the chance to tell Carlson that Earl is really working for BLOODSHOT, Carlson cuts off all ties to him, and thus we don't see as much of the world outside of the Unit-Verse. Blood King's final cameo (and so far last appearance by publish-order in the SBIG-verse) is in Chapter 12, the only time he is seen actually entering the Unit-Verse. He appears near the end of the battle with Unitia Paint in desperation, using the Unit-Verse as one of many worlds that he attempts to hide out from the Intriguing Group in. However, Unitia Psychic finds him and promptly boots him out, also taking away his World Gun.

!! Personality

Above all else, Lil Timmy is described by anyone who spent more than a second talking to him as "a colossal dick." They're not accusing baselessly: the boy deliberaly does not respect personal boundaries at all and openly confesses that he dreams of making a world where all "hot" women form his army of slaves (although he has never made any actual progress in that, regardless of the resources that he has as a Badvillain). Like all members of BLOODSHOT, he values his personal money and wealth above the lives of others, and


[[folder:This folder has nothing to do with football]]

'''Spoiler warning:''' All details from Chapters 1-6 are unmarked, and many from 7 onwards might be unmarked as well.

* Badvillain City is ''always there'' floating in the sky. It's infested with some of the most powerful, destructive villains known to Earth: those that work under whatever generation's Badvillain happens to be ruling at the time. The place is just one big source of ParanoiaFuel to Brimcity's hundred thousands-population, as they all chose to live within it due to the jobs offered there.
* Some of the officers by themselves, for one reason or another:
** Revealica is a ''gigantic'', sadistic... anthropromorphic dog woman. Yet Fan takes her dog resembles to advantage; she gets a number of NightmareFace[=s=] and generally falls in to the UncannyValley even when she's not getting her murder on, in part helped by being the only actual anthro character in the entire story. It doesn't help that she's an expy of one of ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}''[='=]s most brutal villains.
** Picture this: Someone broke in to your house. You're well-prepared to fight against a home invader, but something just feels... ''off'' about this. There's an unusual blue aura around the entire house, and the burgular appears to be taking their time. Then you see the man responsible... and he's completely ignoring you. You attempt to fight back or call the police, but cue a gigantic white mask suddenly showing up behind you. The mask doesn't look ''that'' scary, yet something compulses you to just sit right back out of terror. Stay off to the sides. While he continues to steal everything. That's Coward's Mask in a nutshell.
** Kenith and Hacksa are pretty much personifications of "hacking" in various forms... if applied to real life. Hacksa can just about ''steal every aspect of your identity'' (and even shape-shift herself to look like you), while Kenith can trap you in an encryption block -- which are ''air-tight'' -- until you pay him. [[spoiler:When Hacksa's killed, Kenith gets ''extremely pissed off'' and spends the next few chapters planning against the Intriguing Group. Come Chapter 9, he's throwing everything he can at them.]]
* '''[[{{Yandere}} The Unitias.]]''' An army of borderline StringyHairedGhostGirl[=s=] from another dimension that pick a target to obsess over and will pretty much never leave that target alone, ever. They can (just about) teleport, pack a high number of weapons, each of them has ''some'' kind of additional power not part of their shared powers, have borderline uncanny proportions, and they're literally unlimited in number (and still growing). There's only a select relative few that are even slightly cooperative, and you wouldn't know which until the majority that ''aren't'' are trying to claw you dead. They're effectively if [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls .GIFfany]] was some unbeatable CosmicHorrorStory (GPF confirms that was what he was going for). Not even Carlson, a parody of contrived PlotArmor, can save you from them. Think about that from a meta stance: the one guy who can "escape from anything unkilled" and "always kills his foes with no effort" is almost nothing compared to them.
** Their EstablishingCharacterMoment is a small group of them brutally murdering ''and eating'' several thugs in Brimcity for trying to assault them. [[AssholeVictim Not that they don't deserve it,]] but still. This is considerably more violent than anything in SBIG prior (which, Tanker's death aside, had normally been rather tame), only adding to the impact. Keep in mind that the story makes it crystal clear that the Unitias were outnumbered several times over. In fact, as the chapter later reveals, it could have just been one Unitia versus millions of thugs and [[OneManArmy she still would have won.]]
** The world of ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group'' has threat levels that indicate how powerful a given villain is, usually measured by whether a BadassNormal can take them on or if they'll need a full fleet of superpowered heroes. What's the threat level for the Unitias? ''Apocalypse.'' This means that if they decide to start attacking the planet, there is absolutely nothing Earth kind can do to prevent them.
** Most fear of them [[NightmareRetardant tends to get evaporated]] after reading ''Ordinarily United'' and seeing their general over-the-top hammy behavior or the sheer levels of pure hatred they have... ''[[SeriousBusiness towards panties.]]'' Or that they're not generally ''as'' vicious as their initial appearance implied them to be (but they don't ''quite'' edge towards CreepyGood terratory). But then you get to the stuff about Origin... [[spoiler:Origin is, simply put, ]]
* Coward's Mask's last words implies that while Hell in SBIG's world is terrible, Heaven isn't a paradise itself. So, even if you're good, you've still got an unpleasant afterlife coming. Oh yeah, and this is in the same chapter as the introduction of the aformentioned Unitias.
* Mudvin's Omega Form. Just thought this overweight guy shouldn't be taken too seriously?
* Despite being right before the final three-parter, BreatherEpisode Chapter 10 ''isn't''. Most of the villains of the week (the ones that aren't affiliated with BLOODSHOT) are goofy in nature; the guy obsessed with food poisoning, the man who creates spiders... that transform in to adorable kittens, or teeter the moral line like the Unitias (but ''they'' aren't that friendly). The side-villain of this chapter? A woman with extremely powerful mind control that had taken control of her family for years, and threatens to have them cut their heads off if she's attacked by the Intriguing Group. Her shitty memory is just about her only weakness -- she doesn't need to say a word to them, her control is effectively limitless while around, her range can extend for ''miles'' as long as she knows that the person is generally there, and even when not around her there's still three hours before it wears off. [[spoiler:And she can control people ''from beyond her death'' (although only in the form of the "lingering three hours"), which she does in order to get Poixer to effectively turn himself, Diane, and Quazzax in to BLOODSHOT.]] To add insult to injury, the final arc does not have any "side-villains" (unless you count the glimpses of the day-to-day life of the IG in the epilogue), so ''[[KnightOfCerebus this]]'' is the final non-BLOODSHOT antagonist faced.
* The state of Brimcity (and most of the world around it) [[spoiler:after Witchita gains full power. Blood King crashes Badvillain City right on top of it, Witchita extends her powers everywhere, and radiation ''and'' toxic gas coats the entire outside. Even the Intriguing Group is near-powerless to stop it at first, and are barely able to keep themselves inside from the poison gas that can seep through walls.]]
** Reportedly, while Fan had planned something like this happening late in the story anyway, he threw on some details based on a dream he had where his home town was under some kind of attack that left the sky an unnatural ''magenta'' in hue. Which gave him the idea to have [[spoiler:the Intriguing Group being forced to lock themselves in their treebase to avoid the toxic gas around them.]]
* You wouldn't think that Earl, of all characters, could have some of this too, right? [[spoiler:Say hello to his death sequence! It's not that it's more violent than the deaths of the proper BLOODSHOT officers (it's, on average, less violent unless one counts that his body actually stays there instead of being blown up because he's not an officer officially), but it's that he completely drops the Affably act and, gives a warning about Witchita, and laughs while he gives a dark callback to his slogan as a lawyer.]]
* Chapter 12 is by far the story's DarkestHour. Prior, 11 [[ShooOutTheClowns Shoos Out the Clowns]] by [[spoiler:''finally'' ridding both Earl and Darkerhorse, who had been BLOODSHOT's comic reliefs up to that point. Then that chapter concludes with Witchita curb-stomping the Intriguing Group. Come 12, and Witchita adds ''even more'' to what she had already been doing by making dark counterparts of the Intriguing Group,]]
* Blood King's OneWingedAngel form is [[spoiler:some kind of giant fleshy thing with his adult appearance at the very top, looking like some sort of skinless demon, and a bizarre amalgamation of all twelve of the previous officers (only the officers; Earl and CD aren't included) for the body underneath.]] Thankfully, [[spoiler:it's just a hologram. The real Blood King... can't really fight in any way whatsoever once he has his "Make Things Up as I Go Along Wheel" taken away and just begs pathetically while Steve just punches him once. But even ''that'' has a small shocker when being hit once causes him to literally ''burst'', filling the entire room with blood (but only blood).]]
* The Intriguing Group should thank Unitia Origin every day that Blood King is bad at getting any of his ''own'', personal "harem-based" goals accomplished (and that none of the officers are willing to help him with it), because they're godawful and destructive "plans."
* Going back to the subject of SBIG's power scales: the ''second''-worst one, Demon, is nothing to slouch at, despite not being Apocalypse. Basically, before that on the list is "Monster," which can be summarized as your standard {{kaiju}} attack. When it comes to "Demon," think less "impish red mooks with pitckforks and wings that can get swatted by holy water and work under someone more powerful" and more "''That'' powerful person they're working for." In other words, if {{Satan}} himself rose from the Earth and turned an entire continent to ash. That's one of the ''bare minimal requirements'' for being classed as a Demon, given that there's all kinds of planet-sized eldritch horrors out there with the classification as well. Oh, and if you think SBIG's world is a utopia, guess what? The government recognizes over ''seven hundred'' things categorized as "Demon"-level threats.
** On the flip side, none of them bar the Unitias (which aren't actively trying to attack civilization and are... er, "neutral"-ish, ChaoticNeutral maybe) are ''Apocalypse''-level, meaning that the government has some hope that heroes are able to beat them. And for every giant tentacle-horror, there's also some benevolent "sun god-ish" figure out there to help humanity. CosmicHorrorStory SBIG ain't: it's actually surprisingly lighthearted even when you ignore that it always at least tries to crack jokes, [[spoiler:even during Witchita's "apocalypse."]]

!! The Opposite End

* [[StylisticSuck Earl's ads.]] Especially how [[PhraseCatcher oddly-similar]] the reactions to them are, from characters who otherwise never heard each-other say the previous part.
-->'''Hammithan:''' I've seen better acting from penguins at the zoo.\\
'''Random Unitia:''' Wow. I went to the zoo once and saw crack-addict stripper penguins with better acting.\\
* After a lot of buildup and establishing him as a powerful nature warrior, the fact that Steve's job is something as simple as cutting grass counts. [[MundaneUtility He uses his powers to effortlessly reshape lawns the way his clients want them to be.]] There's even some dramatic tension as the story builds up to this reveal, as though something important is going to happen.
* Magnet Body Spray. Along with Earl, [[ChekhovsGun it's introduced in the form of a television ad Poixer sees shortly after the last of the future-Intriguing Group moves in.]] It's a thiny-veiled TakeThat at Axe/Lynx body spray (or, their commercials), and is reportedly has a godawful smell to it. It's so bad that [[spoiler:it's the one thing that Evol-Fish cannot adapt to, and it actually ''dissolves his body'' faster than he can regenerate from it]].
-->'''Evol-Fish:''' [[spoiler:I ''always'' thought that shit smelled awful. I knew it would be the end of me...]]
* One of the MonstersOfTheWeek unaligned with BLOODSHOT gives the Intriguing Group food poisoning. He actually turns out to be more effective than BLOODSHOT themselves, to the point where they constantly shoo-out the BLOODSHOT mook of the weak (Evol-Fish).
* Speaking of Evol-Fish, the audacity in how such a potentially powerful character who is also based on one of the most iconic and dangerous [=SCPs=] is just treated as an afterthought... because everyone had the flu. Evol-Fish's weakness? [[spoiler:Magnet Body Spray.]]
** His casual racism [[FantasticRacism towards other sea life.]]
--->'''Evol-Fish:''' Goddamn sea stars acting so high and mighty with their 'regeneration.' YOU WANT SOME REGENERATION? How about THIS?\\
'''Poixer:''' ...You can talk to sea life?\\
'''Evol-Fish:''' No. But I can ''sense'' that that's what those sea stars are saying.
* The first part of Blood King's battle has him summon up to six minions from doors in his fort. They come out one at a time: five of them are hulking, gigantic monsters. The sixth? From that last door, it's ''always'' some adorable, tiny Mosquititte, which are basically TheGoomba of SBIG's world.
* The entire battle itself. At first glance, he seems calm and collected as he's sending out his traps and the like. It turns out that he's really having a huge OhCrap moment as he pretty much knows that, after taking down Witchita, the Intriguing Group is practically unstoppable compared to him. He keeps up this calm and collected appearance until a long time after [[spoiler:his hologram fails]]... then he just jumps down and begs.
* The Blood King in general, despite being the BigBad. This guy tries ''way'' too hard to be edgy, and coupled with his choice of making himself look 13 (back when he was around 40-ish near the beginning, he actually looked around that age), he ultimately just ends up having "bad fanfiction" written all over him. [[TakeThat Which is kind of the point.]] Even other characters can't take him seriously and he's constantly mocked by his own officers and Earl. ''Especially'' Earl. TheDreaded this guy ain't.
** [[spoiler:It's revealed that he technically meets the qualifications for a Mosquito-Class villain, meaning that he's (''by himself'') so weak an ordinary person could take him on in a fight and win. He wants to be an Apocalypse-level threat. That ain't happening.]]
* In a meta sense, the fact that Kamina and Hank Hill's expies are practically on opposite ends of the "political" spectrum (considering [[AfterTheEnd Kamina's story]], it's a lot harder to tell with him). It's one thing to imagine the ''originals'' ever speaking to one-another, it's another when the "Kamina" is constantly belting loudly about how stupid fighting for a better future is... when his mecha projects are effectively that for fun, while the "Hank" calmly and collectively tells him the importance
* Normally, Witchita is an extremely powerful BLOODSHOT officer that ultimately serves as TheDragon for the entire story and has little to no amusing quirks on her own. That is, aside from the reveal that she's actually completely naked under her hair. Which comes at an otherwise [[MoodWhiplash completely inappropriate time]] for any humor.
** Also, consider that she's an expy of a ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' character who ended up getting killed by her own gun out of stupidity. Similar to Mudvin, except he's based on Lucky, not Debbie. Can you picture Lucky running around in a cape, thong, and with an evil septer trying to bring Debbie back from the dead? Because GPF '''did''', and while he ultimately changed a lot of ''The Hill King'', this concept eventually made its way in to SBIG with a fresh coat of pain. He even said in his "Fear of Suing" post that he's not at all worried about FOX coming after him because nothing even remotely like this happens in ''King of the Hill'' canon.
** Witchita's summoning ritual. [[spoiler:Mudvin ended up with everything he needed (including ''fucking dragon scales'', and it's outright stated that dragons in SBIG's world are ''very'' rare)... except the blood of a dead virgin. He found that to be the hardest thing to get. So, he splashes some of his own blood in the middle of the triangle used to summon her; he claims he abstained purely so that his own blood would work in emergency, but Hammithan calls bullshit on that. The Intriguing Group forgets about all of this and thinks that the ritual is just nonsense. When they kill Mudvin, Poixer brings up the ritual again and laughs off the idea of virginity having any use in magic. Mudvin corrects him -- the ritual called for the blood of a ''dead'' virgin, and once he dies, he'll fulfill that. Then it ends up summoning Witchita. WHOOPS!]]
* Tanker is a heavy-smoking (she often smokes three cigarettes at once), [[SirSwearsALot foul-mouthed,]] "military-ish" commander... that is and looks like a 14 year-old girl. She's a parody/dig at TokenMiniMoe[=s=] (which Fan doesn't like) and acts ''completely'' unlike the way one would expect someone with her appearance to act. Although, her [[spoiler:killing Jim and breaking Carlson's leg]] at the beginning of her introduction chapter is considerably less funny.
** Her flagship has a button specifically for ejecting her entire crew. She tries to use it to trick Diane in to fighting her units as she runs off, but she only achieves the opposite effect as her DirtyCoward antics just gets Diane ''gunning'' straight after her instead. After hijacking her flagship and adding it to the IG's collection, they use that button to take out the trash.
* Speaking of designs, Xunter. Similar to the Blood King, he looks like an edgy tryhard OC. Except not as a kid, as some kind of shonen/seinen reject. Unlike Blood King, he's actually one of the tougher members of BLOODSHOT.
* Dave vs Revealica. The latter is one of BLOODSHOT's most elite officers, fifty-ish feet tall, can regenerate, has super strength and speed, and carries around a gigantic sword that could slice whole buildings in to two. The former is a guy who is barely experienced with anything but thinks that he just has natural talent and can master stuff; he's diluded in to thinking he's the protagonist of an action series where HardWorkHardlyWorks. [[CurbStompBattle This "fight" goes as well as one would expect.]] It helps that Dave is also kind of an AssholeVictim based on his "villain phrase" where he tried to kidnap Diane, and he only fought Revealica because he thought it would be his "path of redemption/becomming a gritty anti-hero."
** Oh god, emphasis on ''tried'' to kidnap Diane. He has no equipment and he hates touching people; an attempt to capture ''anyone'' from him would go as well as you would expect, let alone one of the toughest members of the Intriguing Group. She first closes her home's door ''and doesn't even bother locking it''; it takes Dave a full hour to figure out that it's unlocked. Once he barges in, she simply pushes him out with one finger, closes the door, ''then'' locks it. He tries to punch in the window [[AgonyOfTheFeet but just gets his hand hurt.]] Then he tries going to through the chimney, and Diane lights it. Giving up, he proudly claims that he has Diane kidnapped in her own home anyway, since he's discouraging her from leaving. A few minutes of his gloating, and Diane leaves to go to a restaurant. After a failed attempt at getting in to her car (''with all of the doors unlocked''), he rides on top and gloats again... then she goes over a speed bump, he almost falls off. Cue him screaming for the rest of the ride even though she only takes surface streets at slow traffic. The police see this, recognize Dave (who had ''long'' been convinced that he's the villain by that point, and made it well-known to everyone), but sees that Diane is driving and figure out that she's not in any danger at all. At the restaurant she basically tries to convince him in to paying the bill and it works.
*** She later implies that the only reason why she put up with him for that long was to get free food.
** [[NoodleIncident Apparently,]] Dave once tried to wrestle a clown fish and lost. One wonders why he even thought he stood a chance against Revealica, or that he could kidnap Diane.
* The Unitias are intimidating at first... except for the reason behind their summoning. While food-poisoned in Chapter 4, Hammithan at one point screams out "WOULD THE GRAND CREATORS OF THE UNIVERSE SAVE ME?!" The one who actually heard that mistook it for a prayer, and the rest of them followed because they were bored of killing each-other over and over. Also, much like [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} the Squiddles,]] the Unitias have apparently subconciously made their way in to humanity and manifest in the form of the ultra-popular anime (or {{animesque}}, this world is vastly different from ours and the only country we know of that shares a name with one in real-life is Canada) ''Infinite Ocean of Women''.
** What's a better way to establish their intentionally over-sexualized nature than the first on-screen Unitia's face being the ''last'' part of her we first see, [[MaleGaze with the comic focusing on absolutely everything else first?]] ''Four pages'' of her body quickly CrossesTheLineTwice.

* Any fear from the Unitias back in SBIG will be crushed after confirming what their home dimension is like. Whether it's the constant reminders of their ''ridiculous'' hatred towards panties (which ''did'' exist back in SBIG, but due to them having less screentime, was not as common), their [...] Of course, ''Ordinarily United'' brings up even more fears from them, but that's a different matter and most of them are related to Origin.
** Dear God, ''especially'' if you even glance at "Date Mode." From the "going to dinner with billions of Unitias at once" (where they ''all'' gather up in chairs behind ''the same table'' in a really large group) to
* The Champions introduce themselves with dramatic guestures that end with them sticking up a number of fingers corresponding to the order that you fought them. Unitia Poison, the first one, sticks up one finger. Meat, the second, sticks up two, and so on. Carlson faces more than ten of them, so what do the ones in the double digits do? They basically flip their hands upside down and start counting from there. meaning that the eleventh boss (Unitia Fire) just points a finger down.
* The "table" that shows Carlson's progress depicts the defeated ones as being face-down, with bored "I am so done with this shit" >:/ expressions on their faces, butts in the air, and holding white surrender flags with their cheeks.
** Them holding it up with their butts was something confirmed by WordOfGod, which is noted as thanks to the position it just as easily looks like an AssShove was involved instead.


* AccidentalAesop:
** WordOfGod is that the story is primarily just inspired by AuthorAppeal mixed with TakeThat, and he roughly describes it as "tropes I like versus tropes I don't like." That being said, this story in some ways handles the "oversexualized nudity/ecchi versus actual naturism" considerably better than ''Emazh In'', where that aesop was an explicit goal. Ironically, GPF said a motivation for ''Emazh In'' was to write a story with nudity in it but no violence or sex, while SBIG can be pretty violent some times (Tanker and Mudvin's deaths coming to mind, and in fact he toned them down in visual adaptations because he himself hates excessive violence) and more sexualized.
** The war between the Intriguing Group and BLOODSHOT (particularly Kenith's revenge for Hacksa's death) could be seen as a message about the CycleOfRevenge, and how
*** The problem with this is that BLOODSHOT is clearly and unambiguously written as the attackers, with the story never really making them out to be "victims" at all except for punishment they fully deserve. They are the ones killing innocent people simply so that they can get money, supplies, and take over lands under their rule. One can't even make a case that the IG was attacking Darkhorse "just to start a war," considering how he was threatening citizens and ''he'' was the one who tried to attack ''Steve'' completely unprovoked. Kenith is also the ''only'' BLOODSHOT officer who even remotely shows signs of being interested in revenge: Darkerhorse makes it clear that he does not care about his brother, Witchita remarks that her followers die all the time and shows no care for Mudvin's death, and the rest of them admit that they barely care about those who fall. Even though Kenith and Hacksa do have a genuine relationship with one-another and treat each-other well, they're still both dangerous criminal hackers who threatened the lives of people in hospitals on-screen by holding the whole building for ransom (and it's heavily implied that they have ''successfully'' both stolen from past hospitals ''and'' shut down the facilities of others that refused their demands, prior to the events of SBIG proper) so they needed to die. Many of them are powerful enough to break out of any prison or containment the government could throw at them and are clearly too [[TheSociopath selfish]] to "learn" not to be bad, so killing them is the only option that the IG had. The only one that could possibly be locked up without fear of a massive prison breakout is the Blood King, and even then the story works out a reason for why ViolenceIsTheOnlyAnswer (he'd simply attract a number of inmates to join him based entirely on his credibility and BLOODSHOT could start anew). Most of them don't even really have pleasant personalities to try to invoke an AlasPoorVillain moment: Tanker explicitely admits that she's doing everything she does just to get rich, [[DirtyCoward is willing to abandon her own troops as human shields,]] and ''deliberately'' runs over several citizens that were just trying to evacuate from the battle just out of spite. Revealica is a massive sadist BloodKnight. The Blood King is a disgusting, sexist, power-hungry asshole. It's not like we're really meant to feel sorry if any of them die, with the '''possible''' exceptions of Kenith/Hacksa, and even that doesn't really allow one to take a "revenge is wrong and the Intriguing Group should not have attacked BLOODSHOT" message from this.
* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation:
** The Unitias can (but don't really) shape the world however they want, are total "outsiders" even compared to some of the other extra-dimensional stuff, they have bodies that can be destroyed yet they have invincible "actual forms" that go back to their above-dimensional place where they can just make a new body, basically death means nothing as they can respawn, and they seem to have little care for the people inside the world because of how finite everything feels to them. In a reversal to one of their inspirations, they're players of a video game. WordOfGod was that this was completely unintentional when he came up with the concept of the Unitias at first, but after realizing that he rolled with it.
** While it seemed like the Intriguing Group was going to gravitate towards one-another eventually, Steve is quite possibly the glue that helped them really get together, and that's not factoring the obvious in that he built the mini-neighborhood rental system that the other five lived on and became neighbors to one-another. All five other members of the IG were barely even on speaking terms with one-another until they spoke to Steve ''first,''
** Mudvin ''did'' do some terrible things. But a question rises in that how much of it was for his own selfish gain (IE like most other BLOODSHOT officers), how much of it was out of him being "brainwashed" by Witchita's cult, and how much of it was through the "promise" from Witchita that she ''might'' be the thing capable of fighting off the Unitias, which he's clearly afraid of.
** Is Dave actually that stupid or does he really feel deep down that he's unable to step in the shoes of his grandmother Shineina, and thus purposefully tries to carve an image of himself as a grand hero to remind himself that he's going to make it out okay?
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Averted when it comes to nipples, which are shown left and right. However, crotches are usually drawn as complete blanks. The latter is most obvious with Diane (who only wears a tiny, non-[[MagicSkirt magic]] loincloth with nothing underneath and her favorite attack method is a DiveKick; there are some shots where Fan doesn't even try to make it look like her leg is positioned to cover her), but has exceptions with the Unitias. Their junks clearly ''exist'', but are usually [[BleepDammit half-covered]] through SceneryCensor, or just shown from "indirect angles."
* JerkassWoobie:
** Kenith. Hardened criminal. Expert hacker. Ruined the lives of at least hundreds, if not thousands or millions. [[{{Jerkass}} Generally a pretty]] [[{{Troll}} annoying person to be around, too.]] Utterly devastated when his girlfriend died to the point of actually realizing the consequences of what he had done. It's highly suggested in Chapter 9 that he only really cares about finishing off the Intriguing Group for killing Hacksa, and ''then'' he'll betray them in a fit of rage should he actually win (he would have done it earlier if not for Blood King's detonation chips).
** Most of the Intriguing Group themselves qualify (except Nosfo and Quazzax, both of which are [[NiceGuy genuinely nice]]; Steve isn't a ''jerk'' jerk, but he can be a bit stoic and blunt). Hammithan
* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotPolitical: Some have accused the concept of Badvillain City -- a city that, generation by generation, is still ruled by one asshole after another that attempts to spread corruption and greed through the world and effectively has it taken over -- to be some sort of political commentary. Fan says this is completely unintentional, and the story's plot is more of a conflict between new story ideas versus those that try to roll by with cliches in new coats of paint.

* That Take:
** He's still not that impressed at some of the elements of [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Act 6]] after all these years. The story has a swordsman named Dave with AlienBlood who is an aspiring magician that thinks of himself as the actual main character with special "meta powers" that alter the narrative. While this can't be linked to ''one'' specific character, he generally has traits of John, the trolls, and of course Dave... and yet he's a total nut. The "meta character," if anything, is actually Carlson (and he's a deconstruction rather than "that's how the story works and it's just important to the plot and aknowledged in-universe"); Dave constantly tries to guess the medium he's in and is wrong every single time. When it seems like he's ''actually'' about to fight, he's instantly killed by Revealica in an unceremoneous act where she just crushes him with her {{BFS}}.
** ''Lose!'' is a parody of cookie-cutter reality shows, even though it's more based on ''competetive'' series (which GPF legitimately likes). In short, it's an AffectionateParody of competitions, but a less affectionate one at those focused on the drama between the characters. The whole thing is piss-poor,
** While some members of BLOODSHOT are just various villain concepts (the Skeltaurs, who in fact have even been recycled) and some are "anti-AuthorAppeal" generally based on things GPF isn't that fond of, others are
*** Mudvin is a blatant expy of Lucky from ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' [[FauxAffablyEvil (on the surface, and if you ignore his outfit and superpowers)]], [[TheScrappy who was by far one of the show's least popular characters.]] They're both "stereotypical rednecks" in design, Mudvin's diction is ''extremely'' similar to Lucky's, and he's named after Lucky's friends '''Mud'''dobber and El'''vin'''. However, Mudvin is unambiguously a villain and meant to be disgusting. He brags about ruining the lives of many blonde women with his charms (although ironically he's completely and utterly submissive to a demon that takes the appearance of a blonde woman)
*** Then there's the [[BigBad Blood King.]] He's basically every negative "perverted anime hero" character trait rolled in to one. Acts extremely immature? Check. The guy is nearing 80 years old yet he acts 13 and makes himself look like that (he's also a Take That at characters that, for whatever reason, intentionally almost completely look and act like children despite chronologically being adults -- although that's part of GPF characterizing his online persona as a ChildHater). A wannabe peeping tom? Check. He specifically says that he [...] However, his actions are only played for laughs in that he's explicitely meant to be a hated assbag with no "but he's a good guy when it matters" and we're supposed to enjoy seeing him get the shit kicked out of him. When encountering Zeevih (actually, see below for more on her), she asks what he wants, and with a grin he replied "YOUR SUPERPOWER!" Confirming with no doubt that he just wants to manipulate women. All of this is in stark contrast to [[ChivalrousPervert Hammithan,]] who respects [[EveryoneIsBi men and womens']] boundaries and would ''never'' spy on them. (Which is actually more than what can be said about [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann the character]] he started out as an expy of.)
*** Blood King also doubles as a potshot against poorly-written, by-the-numbers creepypasta. Hence his obsession with red and black color schemes, blood, and JumpScare[=s=].
*** The first part of his actual battle before his [[spoiler:holographic]] OneWingedAngel form is a parody of the infamous final boss from ''VideoGame/PaperMarioStickerStar'', where he mirrors most of Bowser's phrases and requires random crap from earlier in the adventure as his weakness. Poixer explicitely calls out that if he were a boss battle, he's making use of extremely terrible game design.
** Steve's treehouse complex has a training range behind it. The dummy targets/scarecrows look a ''lot'' like [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Peter Griffin.]] Moreso when one considers that the main character is ''technically'' but not really an expy of Hank Hill. Hammithan remarks that something about their design just brings out rage in him, [[HotBlooded although that's not a very difficult thing to do.]]
** Fan's ''VideoGame/{{MUGEN}}''-debuting OC "Tagger" makes his return here and first technical story debut.
** Despite ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' serving as part of inspiration towards this (except this story itself is mostly different, [[spoiler:unless you count it ending on a three-part "apocalypse" mini-arc]]) and being a favorite of the author, there is one part that mocks/criticizes its predecessor rather than celebrating it. The MonsterOfTheWeek of a late chapter is a woman named Zeevih[[note]]Keep in mind that Fan had a character in a StylisticSuck fic named "Nzyvo," pronounced "Zee-voh," which is "Mabel" in Atbash[[/note]] that has [[AesopAmnesia mild memory issues]] and uses mind control as her main ability. She effectively has her sympathetic family (which includes but is not limited to a "twin" (actually a quadruplet) brother, an old father figure, and said figure's brother around the same age as him) hypnotized under her order and uses her extremely wide-ranged powers (which also has a lingering three hour effect when she's not around -- not only was "THREE HOURS? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?" a RunningGag that dated to [[Webcomic/SweetJadeAndHellaJohn something GPF wrote]] even before ''Gravity Falls'' aired, it's a dig on the retcon ''Journal 3'' made to "The Love God") and even forces two otherwise incompatable people to "date" purely out of her own amusement. Mabel is nowhere near '''that''' bad, but Zeevih is basically most of the problems critics had with her rolled in to one, taken UpToEleven, and made in to a sociopath. [[spoiler:The member of the Intriguing Group who finishes her off is Poixer -- a scientist (long story short, a nod to the debate over how her arc with Dipper was resolved) -- who ended up beating her by pulling the exact same trap he tried earlier in the chapter (hiding an electric blaster under the floor), taking advantage of her "not learning her lesson."]]
** Even TakeThat[=s=] themselves aren't safe. Another ShowWithinAShow is called ''We Hate Our Fans'', which consists largely of
** Similar to the above is ''Meta'',
* TT for ''Emazh In'':

* ColorCodedCharacters:
** Steve: Green
** Diane: Red
** Poixer: Blue
** Hammithan: Yellow, might be orange on occasion
** Nosfo: Magenta, might be purple on occasion
** Quazzax: Cyan, might be yellow on occasion
** Darkhorse: Maroon
** Xunter: Brown
** Coward's Mask: Dark yellow
** Tanker: Dark chartreuse
** Kenith: Dark green
** Hacksa: Jade
** Evol-Fish: Teal
** Revealica: Cerulean
** Darkerhorse: Navy blue
** Mudvin: Indigo
** Witchita: Purple
** Master Master: Tyrian purple
** Blood King: A shade of red even darker than that of Darkhorse's
** Earl: "Rainbow;" his suit changes color depending on his "health," and it's purple at full health.
** CD: Gray

* AmbiguouslyBrown:
** Liz from ''Emazh In'' is confirmed by WordOfGod to be mixed of several different races. Which races are completely up in the air.
** ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group'', which complicates things seeing as there's multiple humanoid races (humans, technically Treemasters, ) that each have different skinned varieties and most of which look pretty similar to one-another:
*** The Unfel family, which is complicated by roughly one-in-five of them having "Destiny Blood," which is where they have bright blue magic blood that inexplicably tints their skin ''greenish''. Unlike most other examples, they are confirmed to be human (although many of them have "bitten" themselves with extracted fangs of [[GreenThumb Treemasters]] to become Treemasters themselves).
*** There's also Tanker, whose odd yellowish-''greenish'' skin tone is implied to be the result of poor hygene rather than how she normally looks, but [[FlipFlopOfGod Fan flip-flops on that.]]
*** Carlson ''and'' his wife Stella both qualify, especially the latter. The former's backstory reveals that he had a long family history in Canada, but [[AlternateHistory seeing how this world works]] and how Canada here is much different from Canada in real life, [[NonAnswer that doesn't help.]]
* CrackPairing:
** ''Escape From Fanservice Island''[='=]s initial premise (it turned out to be [[CerebusSyndrome more serial]] than that) was that Stan, Ford, Soos, Melody, [=.GIFfany=], Darlene, and to ''[[VillainTeleportation some degree]]'' Pyronica end up stranded on an island together, and all of them end up naked. While the latter is established as a full-blown villian, the later half of the story has no issues teasing and hinting at just about any combination of them except for Stan/Ford (as they're brothers). Out of everyone in that list, Darlene has only ever canonically interacted with Stan, and she, [=.GIFfany=], and depending on how you look at it Melody are all canonically one-off characters. Yet there's still something of a minor LoveDodecahedron subplot -- moreso revealed in the "bonuses" between chapters -- where these seemingly arbitrary combinations get teased endlessly. That's not getting in to the totally-not-related army of "digital"/artificial women [=.GIFfany=] is capable of making, as it is established that they have their own personalities. Two in particular like hanging out with Ford. The story resolves this as such: [[spoiler:Soos and Melody are still together yet effectively "share" the Artificial Army as a harem (although this was deconstructed to hell and back starting from Chapter 8, and it took a ''lot'' to get this to work out); Ford is in a surprisingly normal relationship with Darlene; Stan's out trying to find love (while he had ''slept'' with Darlene, they both just decide to be better off as friends and eventually laugh off the idea of being in an actual relationship)]]
** [=.GIFfany=]/Hank Hill. It started when one of the former's derivatives in ''run:gifocalypse'' was a huge, devoted fan of the latter's series in an AffectionateParody of "big internet fandoms"
** After years of the occasional joke about it (mostly in ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'' and ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals''), GPF finally wrote [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Hank Hill]]/[[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Rip Van Winkle.]] As a joke, of course.
** Thanks to the way the "Sages" are set up, [...] and even [[WesternAnimation/PerfectHairForever Brenda and to a lesser extent Gerald]] being teased with all seven main characters of ''Series/TheBigBangTheory''. Mostly, ''Sheldin and Lenard Tock About Fysicks'' is the reason to blame for that.


[[HotterAndSexier Me, followed by one of EFFI's inspirations:]]
* Great Pikmin Fan:
** His fan works were on a slow uphill slope. His debut on the internet, ''The Eds' [=EDventure=]'' and ''Zombie Attack!'' have no sexual content whatsoever. Then ''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'', back in 2011, experimented a little more with fanservice, but it was extremely tame stuff that wouldn't look too out of place in [[Radar/TotalDrama its canon.]] ''FanFic/HecksingUlumateCrconikals'' blatantly sexualizes Rip, but the whole thing is StylisticSuck anyway. ''Total Zeksmit'' started out as Fan trying to "push the boundary really far" yet it too was hardly worse than canon. Then he became involved with ''Homestuck''[='=]s fandom. ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'' parodies SelfFanservice considerably more than HUC did, and a few of the side-characters introduced there or in ''Hecksing: The Dawn'' were effectively casual nuditsts, like they too were StylisticSuck. It was not until ''FanFic/RunGifocalypse'' (end of 2015--beginning of 2017) that GPF wrote a major, non-StylisticSuck fanwork that ''actively'' had a stream of fanservice (TZ pretty much dropped this and tried to mention it as little as possible), as every chapter introduced a CuteMonsterGirl in a revealing outfit and BigBad [=.GIFfany=] became more and more sexualized (although some times in a way played for FanDisservice) as the fic went on, with Chapter 9 even having a scene that describes her getting out of a bath in detail and smacking her own ass. He started 2017 with ''Escape From Fanservice Island'', which is a StealthParody of SexSells... with a ''lot'' of ([[StylisticSuck deliberately kind of goofy]]) emphasis on [=.GIFfany=], Melody, Darlene, Pyronica, Stan, Ford, and Soos's asses. Then he followed that up with ''Ultimate Hill Hot Spring: How Long Can You Shower With Hank Hill?'', another joke fic (it the title was not obvious) that took the form of a MassiveMultiplayerCrossover with a
** The original stories were much steeper in their "slope," largely because Fan started writing ''those'' much later. He claims that he actually toned down ''361 Striking Degrees'' from its eariest ideas (originally, the 360-band was to go wearing very little for their uniforms -- that would have been the surprise at the end of his [[AllThereInTheManual member profiles]] Tumblr blog). The final story, apart from a here-and-there gag of some background Degrees enjoying nudity, everyone actually seen is modestly dressed until a sequence near the end where [[spoiler:Icesky disables their Degree Suits, which also involves removing their proper uniforms, and leaves them stranded on Earth as she tries to fire a galaxy-sized beam of anti-energy at them.]] Even then, [[FullFronalAsaault this is not played for fanservice.]] He followed up the first chapter of that with the M-rated ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group'', with two '''female''' WalkingShirtlessScene[=s=] as two of the main characters (the others consist of a male WSS (except he's about 40 and based on Hank Hill), a Walking ''Pantless'' Scene, a totally nude vampire guy inspired loosely by Alucard, and... a rather conservatively-dressed MadScientist) and a group of nude interdimensional monster women that eventually got their own spinoff (which, in turn, is this trope to SBIG proper).
* 's ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' comics, which already started out a step above canon but generally went from there from comic to comic. The first one

* AudienceAlienatingPremise:
** ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group'', moreso for its execution. On the surface, there's nothing wrong with a nature hero building his own houses to get rent from, five other superpowered people living there, and starting a team to fight against said hero's evil older brother who is part of a long family line of mega-villains. The problem is that the premise and setting would seem like something geared towards teenagers at the oldest, yet its content puts it on a '''hard''' R-rating. Add to that the genre blending based on who the main characters are expies of meaning it's a sit-com/over-the-top mecha series/deep violent plot hybrid, which are naturally things that don't gel very well, and you've gotten something that's too "video game-y" and "fantasy-y" for older audiences, yet inappropriate for anyone who isn't an older teen at the youngest. Oh yeah, and the nudity manages to be another factor, although not for the reason one might think: there are a ''lot'' of naked characters, but SBIG '''refuses''' to use any type of fanservice that the author considers "against the characters' wills."[[labelnote:For example...]]ClothingDamage, anything related to groping, etc; anything related to PeepingTom[=s=] is written in a ''very'' negative light, such as the BigBad.[[/labelnote]] Some members of the {{Moe}} fandom and the UsefulNotes/FurryFandom might be alienated by Tanker and Revealica respectively[[note]]the former is the only "little girl-looking" character of note (and is an ''actual'' little girl) and the latter is the only "anthro" character (not counting Evol-Fish, who literally just looks like a fish); both are villains and end up getting killed off[[/note]], even though only the former is portrayed pathetically while the latter edges more towards some sort of EvilIsCool look.
** ''Emazh In'' attempts to use nearly-naked or completely-naked women (and men) in a story... that actually takes itself ''pretty'' seriously. It conciously avoids many fanservice tropes much like SBIG above but moreso (and it especially avoids any excessive violence, unlike SBIG above) and the focus is on the two leads' relations with the various SubcultureOfTheWeek of Emazhes they find. People expecting a regular {{ecchi}} would be ''very'' bored. People who want something long and complicated to analyze might be turned off by the near-nudity, especially as the ''main'' Emazh Olivia only wears a NakedApron. SBIG could ''at least'' draw in fans of violent humor and its plot is ''far'' more fast-paced; EI has no such claims to make ''and'' has "preachiness" to go against it as well.
** EI's fan fiction predecessor was ''FanFic/RunGifocalypse'', which took itself considerably less seriously (not that that's saying much). Basically, shove most of [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls canon's]] characters -- including the extremely popular BigBad, who becomes a one-line cameo at the end -- off to the sidelines and have the plot focus on a number of [=OCs=], whom are basically long-lost relatives to a canon character. And said canon character was canonically a MonsterOfTheWeek. The story was partially written out of trying to deliberately violate a lot of "common rules" with [=OCs=] because the author hated the general flack some writers give to the mere idea of new characters, even if they're not meant to be protagonist self-inserts (but he doesn't like self-insert [=OCs=] as protagonists either). He specifically made unspoken "rules" that the copies cannot eclipse [=.GIFfany=] for the most part (Eve breaks this rule but she's a bonus chapter character, and it ''seemed'' like Dove would break it but she does not) and the "original" must appear at least once every chapter. None of the original characters are self-inserts (although Dove "shares some opinions" of the author, she's played for laughs and is kind of a HateSink pre-VillainDecay) and the main canon characters (of this story, anyway) have more spotlight than them;
*** Also, the focus on [[DomestcAbuse .GIF]][[{{Yandere}} fany]] in the first place, which quickly catapults her in to SpotlightStealingSquad terratory when compared to canon. People who aren't really interested in her wouldn't care, and her fans would be off-put by Fan avoiding complete DracoInLeatherPants and even his AlternativeCharacterInterpretation painting her as gray ''at best'', with the constant opinion that her canonical actions were utterly terrible.
** At least he keeps the friends of ''Gravity Falls'' as friends. ''Homestuck''[='=]s cast gets no such luck: enter ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'' (2017, but a similar thing can be said about the 2012 original) specifically, where Dave, Rose, Roxy, and AR[[note]]Dirk remains sane for the whole story, but AR "possess" him[[/note]] all undergo SanitySlippage and try to cause the apocalypse, catapulting from a series of events that started with Jade just kind of Taking a Level in Jerkass.
* DisproportionateRetribution:
** ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'':
*** Dave responds to Jade's lifetime of bullying by [[spoiler:effectively starting up an evil vampire/experiment chimera/cyborg organization bent on ]]
** ''naruto the guy with the ninja'': The fic is a TakeThat at Naruto RevengeFic[=s=] that leak in to this trope yet try to justify it (often by demonizing the "offenders" in an over-the-top way). Naruto's been picked on, so he's going to TakeOverTheWorld and brainwash everyone in to being an army of sexy servants through his Midnight Bliss jutsu. He is ''repeatedly'' called out on this.
--->'''[[WesternAnimation/PerfectHairForever Brenda:]]''' Naruto, I know you are not the Nine-Tailed Fox... you are something much WORSE!\\
'''[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV Princess Robot Bubblegum:]]''' He won't stop... eating worlds... HEY SHITHEAD! Why don't you try to fight ME, huh?\\
'''Sasuke:''' HEY MAYBE THIS ISN'T A GOOD WAY TO EARN RESPECT. I MEAN, IF IT'S JUST MIND CONTROL, IT'S NOT RESPECT. IN A WEWEIRD WAY YOU'RE KIND OF PROVING THE PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU'RE EVIL RIGHT? ):([[note]]That emoticon is supposed to be a "hyperbola frown," a RunningGag in ''SBIG''.[[/note]]\\
'''[[VideoGame/HuniePop Kyu:]]''' So how many times have you "died" and reset to the beginning of this fight? Mmmm... just a thousand? Well, wake me up when you have one death for every life you sucked under your harem hellhole. Now, [[ProphetEyes f u c k o f f .]]
** ''Escape From Fanservice Island'':
*** The Troll reacts to the Lightning Cultist not giving him the powers that she'll get over their deal (never mind that he was ''already'' going to get something from the deal -- freedom from the island, although this blow hits harder considering that she's actually the reason why he's stranded in the first place but he didn't know that at the time) by kidnapping the seven people who are the source of said powers and threatening to kill them for not wanting to become his living batteries, [[StupidEvil even if it meant taking his own life down too.]] Said seven people are not actually associated with the Lightning Cultist; Melody in particular hates her, and [=.GIFfany=] is terrified of her.
*** This is why the Lightning Cultist is TheDreaded in the first place; it's not ''just'' that she's extremely powerful and knows what she's doing, but she can suddenly flip on you with little warning. In Chapter 9, Soos manages to land a blood-drawing punch on her, and she replies by breaking every bone in his arm with telekinesis. Why did he punch her? She was [[TheWorfEffect beating .GIFfany]] to a bloody pulp. And why was the Cultist doing ''that''? Because [=.GIFfany=] corrected her poor Spanish (and refused to take over the world with her, but still).
*** Deconstructing this could be considered Darlene's whole CharacterArc. The fic gives her a (deliberately contrived, as part of its StealthParody elements) FreudianExcuse for why she kills and eats pickup artists -- one of them killed her mother,


* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Made odder was that some of this was intentional (the first chapter was planned to be very different to fit with the story's theme of subverting expectations), but a lot of it wasn't:
** It's much closer in formula to a MonsterOfTheWeek-type series with a BigBad, rather than the more complicated storylines where the [=MotW=] would regularly interact with the main villain group. The side-villain just kind of shows up out of nowhere while Steve is at a bank (and Jim comes to warn him, and drags along Carlson); he's faced and killed before any of BLOODSHOT's officers are ''introduced'', not counting the Blood King. Later chapters, even the second, would have a case of TwoLinesNoWaiting, with
** The villain himself is just weird. SBIG is no stranger to silly elements, but a sapient sales tube man that rides a bank by riding in on a T-rex is just exceptionally ''goofy''. It is explained in the same chapter that Inflatable Tube Guy is simply a ''robot'' that ''looks like'' a tube man, but it's still very out-of-place in a story that has humanoid characters, with the other major "exception" just being the furry-esque Revealica (who has a ''lot'' more attention given to the fact that she has a dog-like head than ITG's "toy" tube body).
** An intentional element was that the ''actual'' Intriguing Group (Steve aside) are introduced as side-characters
** Minor, but the first chapter is the only one in the entire story where Diane never appears topless, ever. There's a story reason for this, so it's not like
** Dinosaurs aren't really mentioned again much after the first chapter (although it is confirmed that they are in the Western Desert) and dragons, which aren't talked of much, are
** Not related to Chapter 1, but the Unitias: in their debut, the one talking to Hammithan deliberately teases him just ''slightly'' by

* ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group'':
** "We're not actual fighters! So please, join us instead, and we'll give you anything you want!" [[spoiler:[Need to come up with a name. He's BK and Steve's father] Badvillain]]
** "I promise, we'll give you your own fortress! I mean, look, we just stole a capital building from another country, maybe that will work!" [[spoiler:[Mother] Badvillain]]
** "Mock my words. No person is born evil." [[spoiler:Shineina Unfel]]
** "I KNEW I should have gone with the pterodactyl!" [[spoiler:Inflatable Tube Guy]]
** "Steve! Watch out!" [[spoiler:James "Jim" Unfel]]
** "Yeah, I know that wasn't an appropriate time." [[spoiler:Spi-cat-der]]
** "[[spoiler:Kenith]]... avenge me!" [[spoiler:Hacksa]]
** "I ''always'' thought that shit smelled awful. I knew it would be the end of me..." [[spoiler:Evol-Fish]]
** "Main Protagonist Super Hidden Destiny Powers... ACTIVATE!" [[spoiler:Dave Unfel]]
** "No, but have you ''seen'' the afterlife? It is pretty scary, even for 'good' people. And I'm sure I'm not getting that treatment. Haha." [[spoiler:Coward's Mask]]
** "Okay. Ow." [[spoiler:CD]]
** "No, it was the blood of a ''dead'' virgin. I wasn't dead at the time. But soon I will be... and you'll all be screwed." [[spoiler:Mudvin]]
** "I'm still sexier than you, though. (At least, that's what Blood King's "fan art folder" says...)" [[spoiler:Revealica]]
** "Well, you've dominated me. Congratulations!" [[spoiler:Master Master]]
** "Fine. Just make sure you don't shit yourselves on your way out." [[spoiler:Bad Chef]]
** "I'm just happy that I can finally see my girlfriend again." [[spoiler:Kenith]]
** "I still have THREE HOURS on you! I'll make it work!" [[spoiler:Zeevih]]
** "I think you should turn around and consider consuming your recent vocalations." [[spoiler:Xunter]]
** "[[spoiler:Er a um,]] you take back Brimcity at all costs, and don't let me be [[spoiler:its last ruler]] with dignity." [[spoiler:Mayor Morestars (spoiler at the beginning was as his verbal tic would have given it away)]]
** "Ah, sure! Right! [[ShooOutTheClowns Kill off the comic relief!]] You know, you might enjoy that now because in your eyes, you've finally gotten rid of that stupid [[spoiler:teleporter]] that's been annoying you your whole adventure! But our trump card Witchita is still out there, and you'll be ''begging'' for things to be funny when you're around ''her!'' Because guess what? NOW YOU'RE IN TROUBLE! [[spoiler:AND YOU DON'T HAVE INTUBBLE!]]" [[spoiler:Earl Intubble]]
** "Actually, I didn't know what to expect." [[spoiler:Darkerhorse Skeltaur]]
** "...Just get it over with. I've already failed. Guess from now on my proud clan will be known as a line of... ''heroic hippies.''" [[spoiler:Timothy "Timmy" Badvillain, AKA the Blood King]]
* ''Ordinarily United'' [...][[note]]''None'' of these deaths are permanent exactly; the Unitias lose that given body, but can easily just make a new one after that, and they all do immediately after their defeats[[/note]]:
** "Well, that's a bad first impression on us." [[spoiler:Unitia Poison]]
** "Promise not to consume me at least, okay? Because I want to be doing that to you." [[spoiler:Unitia Meat]]
** "So I guess a skinny dip is out of the question?" [[spoiler:Unitia Water]]
** "CLEAN... I WANT YOU... CLEAN!" [[spoiler:Unitia Soap]]
** "Well, think of it this way: next time you need to catch your breath, ''I'll be right there to catch YOU!''" [[spoiler:Unitia Wind]]
** "Fuck the clearing! I know that all sights pale compared to your face!" [[spoiler:Unitia Plant]]
** "You mean... I couldn't win... even with... the power... of radiation...?" [[spoiler:Unitia Light]]
** "Wait a minute, no!" [[spoiler:Unitia Electricity]]
** "Whelp. Maybe I'll try again in a few days, but with a newly regenerated body." [[spoiler:Unitia Earth]]
** "Do you think he might..." [[spoiler:Unitia Fire]]
** "[[FinishingEachothersSentences ...(s)tand a chance against Origin?]] ...Nah, not really." [[spoiler:Unitia Antifire]]
** "Okay, fine! You earned it! Enjoy Origin! But know that if you cross her, your blood will mix with the blood of others, much like this paint below me mixes together!" [[spoiler:Unitia Paint]]
** "HA HA HA! ...Great performance. I haven't had that much fun in centuries." [[spoiler:Unitia Psychic]]
** "Like you'll live on without me! I've been watching your life! It was ''dead'' before I came along! Face it, I'm the only thing giving you real happiness!" [[spoiler:Unitia Origin]]

* AntiClimaxBoss:
** Tanker downplays this. She manages to put up a decent fight against Poixer, but was clearly losing anyway. [[spoiler:When Diane came in, the latter pretty much kills the former instantly by crushing her head in. Keep in mind that most later BLOODSHOT officers can easily take on three-four members of the Intriguing Group on average, with Witchita and Master Master curb-stomping all six. Tanker was already losing against just ''one'' of them.]]
** Mudvin plays this straight. He's built up as an extremely difficult sort of MirrorBoss for the entire first half of the story, showing up once in Chapter 2 and having sudden appearances in every following chapter except 3. (Which is a reference to the operations Vorkken appears in in ''VideoGame/TheWonderful101''.) [[spoiler:His final battle, on the other hand, is rather pathetic -- especially since he just entered Omega Mode prior. The Intriguing Group was so used to his tricks by that point that they had easily formed a counter, showing that while he coult rival their strength, he was still kind of an idiot when it came to strategy. He's killed off and the team struggled more with an old man in bondage gear than him.]]
** [[spoiler:Intentional with the Big Bad to highlight how pathetic he actually is and when he's not relying on his family-inherited abilities to win fights. The Blood King's "fight" takes place a few chapters after Diane already smashed his "Make Shit Up as I Go Along Wheel," meaning that he lacks his main weapon. With that, he spends the "battle" prope just throwing what few resources he has against the unstoppable Intriguing Group, pretty certain that he already lost. By the end, he's cornered: he's one guy with an extremely weak body and no actual combat skills who had been lazily relying on an overpowered artifact he was given since his birth. The Intriguing Group outnumber him six to one, are '''way''' more skilled in battle (despite all but Nosfo technically being younger than his 80-ish year age), and through some way or another made themselves considerably tougher. Steve swats him once and he explodes in to blood. Good guys win, the end.]] There's a reason why Fan says that [[spoiler:Witchita]] is pretty much the story's ''real'' final battle, while [[spoiler:the ''entirety'' of Chapter 13 can be considered an epilogue.]]
* BewareTheNiceOnes:
** Nosfo is based on [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alucard]] ability-wise, but with the personality of a ManChild {{Cloudcuckoolander}} (although her does mature, he's still a bright, cheery, easily outgoing guy). Because he's a partial expy of ''Alucard'', pissing him off -- however difficult it might be -- is obviously not something you would want to do. The guy can turn in to a literal lake's worth of darkness and blood when he's pushed to doing so. None of the Intriguing Group are people you should piss off in general, but Nosfo's probably the one genuine NiceGuy of them, as the rest are either on the stoic and unresponsive side (Steve, Diane), [[HotBlooded hot tempered]] to begin with (Hammithan), have [[CharacterDevelopment (had)]] some kind of hidden issues that revealed that they aren't as good as they initially seem (Quazzax), or some combination therof (Poixer).
** The Blood King likes to ''think'' he's this, but no aspect of him could never really be considered "nice." Dave has a similar problem, except it's less "not being a nice one to begin with" [[SmallNameBigEgo (although there's still a lot of that)]], it's "he can't fight to save his life no matter how angry he is."
* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy:
** The story itself doesn't have this (it's pretty idealistic and most of the villains are LaughablyEvil with genuine personality)... but the ''first chapter'' can be a bit alienating. The eponymous "Intriguing Group," prior to actually establishing that, are cold, distant, and spend a lot of time in SnarkToSnarkCombat at best. It's established that the BigBad is one of a line of generations that have beeen hovering about Brimcity's location for thousands of years. There's corruption going on in many of the governments -- even the forest, which at first seems like your typical "nature utopia with no technology." Chapter 2 opens up with [[spoiler:Steve's childhood "brother"-figure Jim getting killed and Carlson having a leg broken]], yet after that the IG starts to get together a little and things lighten up considerably. This keeps going until [[SurprisinglyHappyEnding by the end,]] [[spoiler:the Big Bad turns out to be a complete and utter joke without his "Wheel" device that dies with one slap, the Intriguing Group all ended up living through the end, the "apocalypse" manages to be avoided with a full recovery, and the future looks brighter than ever.]]
** In-universe, [[StylisticSuck the horrible]] ShowWithinAShow ''Meta'' is seen as this by virtually everyone but Dave (who think's it's absolutely brilliant). The ''initial'' premise already seems bad enough -- a meteor crashed on Earth and wiped out half of the population, and that meteor also sent a cloud of radiation that quickly killed another 25%, and that 25% mutated in to [[ZombieApocalypse zombies]] that killed and converted everyone but ''ten'' people, and those ten people are all assholes. So, humanity is doomed and trying to fight off both zombies and most of the world being unexplorable due to radiation. Then there's the point its title comes in: the cast finds out that they're part of a ''show'' about the apocalypse as it is all staged by an asshole "The Director..." except said Director is [[RealityWarper infinitely powerful]] and keeps them in the horrible apocalyptic setting. He keeps inventing new rules purely to screw the in-universe characters over and make them miserable, and half of the plot holes are waved off with [[BadBadActing bad acting]] as "Oh, it's what the Director says! We're breaking the fourth wall, how ''triiiiiippy!''" The remaining ten survivors -- or, at least, the [[PlotArmor "main"]] survivors of them -- aren't even allowed to die, as the Director will either force a time travel plot on the cast or just outright retcon their deaths, and ones who are designated "minor characters" to die can't be saved even with time travel. (And time travel cannot go before there were more than ten people on the planet, because, again, it's just what the Director wants.) To summarize, the plot is just one {{Jerkass}} god-like being screwing with ten other jerkasses and there's nothing they can do about it except [[LampshadeHanging point out the story's unoriginality.]] It's stated that the show ended with the in-in-universe series being cancelled, which resulted in all of its characters dying, and the Director being faced with an "actual" apocalypse happening in his life that carried the same thing -- meteor, radiation, and zombies wipe out all but ten assholes on the planet. And it's suggested that this is just part of a never-ending "meta" cycle.
* DecoyProtagonist:
** Downplayed in ''Steve Badvillains Intriguing Group'': Steve ''is'' the main character, but the eponymous "Intriguing Group" is deliberately misleading in the first chapter. By then, it seems like he's in a PowerTrio with fellow forest-experienced fighters Jim and Carlson, who are clearly much more powerful than he is and border on being Invincible Heroes. Then [[spoiler:Jim is killed in the second chapter and Carlson loses a lot of relevancy as he scrambles to find a new house since Jim was also his landlord. Carlson is a secondary character until Chapter 5, which deals with his relationship in more detail and ends with him being written off to the spinoff (which takes place during the same time as the rest of this story; Carlson doesn't "return" until the epilogue)]]. The actual main characters who accompany him are his "treemates," who at first just seem like quirky bits of comic relief that took up his houses. The same story also parodies this with Dave: he's introduced to mislead readers in to thinking he's some GenreSavvy
* MrFanservice:
** Nosfo, a [[PrettyBoy "bishonen-ish-kinda-maybe"]] ([[BuffySpeak that]] was the exact wording used by WordOfGod) vampire that goes around wearing nothing but an unusual "shadow thing" pattern like tattoos, which barely cover him -- particularily his groin. Like many other heroic characters in the story, his ass is fully exposed at all times. This is slightly offset by his ridiculously {{cloudcuckoolander}} personality, but he mellows out soon enough.
** Jim. Despite being a few years older than Steve, he's aged ''considerably'' better than him (Steve can be described as a "bootleg Hank Hill" with a moustache and wild green hair) and looks like he's in his 30s when he's well pushing 50. He wears the standard Forest Warrior uniform, which is literally just a mini-loincloth made of three leaves barely "stuck" to the waist and absolutely nothing else. Unfortunately, [[spoiler:Tanker kills him near the beginning of the second chapter.]]
** Master Master is considered one in-universe, especially by his followers, as the "sexy token villain that references bondage." The in-universe is really important, as he's a man in his 80s and does not look a year younger. [[BewareTheSillyOnes He sure fights like he's several years younger, though.]]
* MsFanservice:
** Diane, a StatuesqueStunner from the [[LethalLavaLand Skull Crater]] who has ''never'' worn anything more than a completely backless, loose loincloth (that's really more like a rectangular strip of cloth held on desperately by a tiny string) and an animal skin bikini top. She's worn less: she swims and sleeps in the nude, and her top is actually more of a training weight that she removes in battle often, before finally just ditching the thing altogether by the end of Chapter 4 unless she's in Brimcity (where toplessness of either sex is outlawed). And she doesn't go to Brimcity that often. In short, she's a ''female'' WalkingShirtlessScene with no censorship whatsoever and what little clothing she has below often just either flies up while she dive-kicks or she takes it off completely, resulting in her goods just ''barely'' being covered by SceneryCensor. She's inspired by [[WesternAnimation/PerfectHairForever Brenda,]] but Brenda is a freaking nun compared to her.
** Quazzax is odd in that she's always topless (again, unless she's in Brimcity, which doesn't happen often) but her whole character is less sexualized than Diane (less male gazes and less attention to her body in general, aside from Poixer's crush on her), and she's also heavily covered ''aside'' from her chest: heavy combat gloves on her hands, and a dress with an InUniverse CensorShadow underneath (a shadow that doesn't really cover her ''that'' well, and makes it obvious that she's GoingCommando). Her culture is relatively modest aside from not caring about chests, and this is reflected in her rarely actually being seen in a state of undress.
** The Unitias blur the line from fanservice to FanDisservice. Still, they're played for the former just as often as they are for the latter. An ''entire infinite, immortal species'' full of naked, endowed women who proudly flaunt themselves with nothing more than carefully placing a ''single finger'' as a deliberately shakey, teasing attempt at HandOrObjectUnderwear (except Origin, who wears spats instead -- ''really tight'' spats). [...] Also, despite proudly flaunting the titles of violent stalkers, it helps that they're relatively friendly compared to the other Monsters of the Week the Intriguing Group gets in to three-way tangles against BLOODSHOT with. They only outright attack either AssholeVictim[=s=], eachother, or people who explicitely challenge them. Fan planned from the beginning to sort-of give them (and Carlson and Stella) their own spinoff.
** BLOODSHOT has TheDragon Witchita. While nearly her entire body is cloaked in her extremely long hair, she's still naked underneath, and she does ''not'' follow GodivaHair's trend of being unable to blow out of the way. By the contrary, her own actions often cause her hair flying off and almost exposing her, with just a ''tiny'' strand left over her crotch (or her knee or some other limb blocking the view).
* SlowPacedBeginning: As usual for Fan's standards, the chapters are pretty ''long'' on average, despite being MonsterOfTheWeek-ish stories. Because of that, the first chapter kind of drags on a bit. It takes a short time before Steve becomes an even remotely capable fighter and adult (the beginning mostly focuses on the deaths of his parents, Blood King raising him, and then him living in the Southern Forest), longer before the introduction of the proper Intriguing Group, ''they'' don't actually do much of note until late in to ''the following chapter'', and it takes longer still before he actually kills the first BLOODSHOT officer. It especially feels slow considering the same-ness of the PowerTrio, a deliberate choice as they're not the main characters (except Steve) and the ''actual'' main characters spend the first chapter bickering and generally hating one-another. By the last quarter of Chapter 2, during Tanker, Mudvin, and Xunter's triple-attack and the ''actual'' group of heroes show their stuff is when the "meat" of the story is finally established. Even GPF himself agrees, as he statd that he utterly hated writing everything prior to Steve's training montage (he normally hates writing the beginnings of his works in general, though) and just wanted to push past his angst by the start and reach the point where he actually had powers. What makes things unusual is that WordOfGod was that he had a system established to try to keep pacing problems to a minimum: it's established right away that there are thirteen chapters and, not counting Earl and CD, thirteen major members of BLOODSHOT, with one major BLOODSHOT member being killed per chapter. (''And'' he added some kind of side MonsterOfTheWeek to give the heroes more to fight and to avoid feeling like the story is just stale and focused only on the QuirkyMinibossSquad.)

In general, they're like the thing they're named after:
* '''Mosquito Class:''' Pathetic "villains" only in the sense that they want to be villains, but do not have anywhere near the skills to take anything on. They're even weaker than normal, neutral people. But they're surprisingly common in SBIG's world, mostly thanks to the surprising number of artifacts that make people ''think'' they've become stronger to the point of being a supervillain when in reality they're weaker. Technically the Blood King himself would be an example of this, except he has money and resources, and with those money and resources he bought himself and tempted several minions that are considerably more powerful than him. As with real mosquitos, someone with no powers could swat them away, although they can still be annoying and can cause itching for a while.
* '''Bear Class:''' You wouldn't swat a bear! These guys pose a legitimate threat to people, although a significant crowd of vigilantes/those fighting in self-defense could take them on. Anyone with proper training is also able to defeat them. Examples include "ordinary" thiefs and stuff; generally anyone with a gun that's actually loaded steps out of Mosquito terratory. Coward's Mask is not one such example even without his army, given that his ability to tap in to primal fear would cause absolutely anyone who fights him without strategy to get around his floating mask will still have to pay.
* '''Tank Class:''' One-villain armies, taking on them would require a lot more effort and maybe even an actual super power or two. Darkhorse and Darkerhorse teeter the line between Tank and Monster.
* '''Monster Class:''' Think of your typical Godzilla wannabe (except not all of them are kaiju). Big as a building, immune to normal bullets, bombs just make them mad.
* '''Demon Class:''' Don't picture "demon" as "those red things you can one-shot in first-person shooters." Picture something considerably more "reduces the city they're unleashed in to to rubble within seconds just by entering." They have
* '''Apocalypse Class:''' This is less of a "definite villain" coding and more of a "being that has the ''potential'' for powers on this scale," meaning that this is the only class that isn't almost entirely restricted to those that comit themselves to crime and evil. For a good reason: Apocalypse threats are exactly as the name implies. They're so powerful that there's pretty much next to no, if not no help at all against them. Maybe their power is literally infinite. Maybe they can bend reality. Maybe they just can't die. The Unitias are the only confirmed example of this (although Blood King ''wants'' to be one, but as seen way above he has a ''lot'' of steps to climb) and they have all of the previous traits.

In short:
* Mosquito: Ordinary person could take them on and win.
* Bear: Soldier without powers could take them on and win.
* Tank: Army without powers (but with equipment) could take them on and win.
* Monster: Someone with super powers would probably be needed to take them on, but could still win with a lot of effort.
* Demon: You'll preferably need a huge team of super-powered soldiers/heroes/whatever to beat them.
* Apocalypse: The planet would be unsavably fucked if ''these'' ever attacked directly.

Actually, no, since the Foundation categorizes things by containment difficulty, and SBIG government does so by power. So, in the SCP-verse, the Unitias would simply be Keter (they ''can'' at least be sated by just giving them one person, which they can make immortal), not Apollyon.

* ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress'' has five "main" races: dwarves, humans, goblins, elves, and kobolds. In Fortress Mode, dwarves are the main race you indirectly control (although members of other races may join as mercenaries and can act as additional military units), while humans and elves often visit with caravans. HumansAreAverage, elves are the "good"-aligned allies that believe in protecting trees, and goblins are the "evil"-aligned race that can and will periodically attack a fort. Kobolds, on the other hand... just pop up once in a while to try to steal things. And there's already goblin snatchers that attempt to take children.

[[folder:Making you ask "what is going on" since twenty-one-one]]

* WidgetSeries:
** ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group''. It's set in a world with so liberal of a dosage of MundaneFantastic that lawyers are just ''given'' the ability to teleport by the government after becoming lawyers and this isn't seen as anything unusual at all. That's just the tip of the iceberg: a race of
** ''Bored With Infinity''. It starts with the reveal that [[AmbiguouslyHuman "humanity"]] in this world is born through these growing pools of green liquid... stuff, stop aging around 25-ish, and gain CompleteImmortality. It gets weirder from there. Space travel to other planets with similar races born of the pools, surreal settings such as mountains of people from overcrowding, and the main protagonist is obsessed with swords. And everyone is nude except the main character, and even she only wears a cape.
** ''The Totally Original Adventure of [=LegBoot OriginalPants=]'', where the idea of various ShoddyKnockoffProduct toys are semi-"contextualized" in a SubvertedKidsShow world. The main character is a boot, and his friends include a weird hybrid superhero, a robot/car hybrid, and a seemingly normal stripper.
** ''Emazh In''. Ordinary, hard-working couple find themselves in a world of
** ''MMMM'', where four quadruplets living in a ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros''-esque world must resist the various schemes by a set of four HornyDevil quadruplets (two succubi, two incubi). '''Much''' FoeRomanceSubtext ensues as carrots are used as the main "powerup," the regions are
** ''One Place, One Week'' is somewhat tamer than the above stories, except that its premise is a bunch of moronic highschoolers trying to take on demons that correspond to directions, all leading up to Friday where a solar eclipse happens and the BigBad -- who looks like a bunch of "5"s scribbled [[HumanoidAbomination but arranged to a very vaguely humanoid mass]] will try to cause the end of the world.


* The various works of Creator/GreatPikminFan [it's blue because I made a Tropers/ page shut up]:
** ''Escape From Fanservice Island'', at least until the story [[MindScrewdriver finally starts clearing things up]] from the end of Chapter 7 (which is when the ExpositionFairy is introduced -- yes, it takes ''seven chapters'' and an Intermission where the main characters have no idea whaat the fuck is going on). The first chapter seems to just set it up as funny, "sexy" naked shenanigans set up on an island. Then the "read in any order" arc happens. Ford finds ruins with weird stuff written in them which is actually ''heavy'' foreshadowing for the later half, [=.GIFfany=] turns in to some symbol for rapid technological growth, and weird-ass villains that include an [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Ezekiel]]-[=BonziBUDDY=] hybrid, three hemispherical giant abominations of flesh that guard the island, and a character who resembles a cross between Peggy Hill and the Lunatic Cultist. Throw in ContinuityLockout for ''FanFic/RunGifocalypse'' (which in of itself becomes a Mind Frick near the end), an extremely confusing relationship with Fan's other ''Gravity Falls'' fic ''The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' and the Intermission where there's suddenly a large number of Hank Hill lookalikes given the "_ank _ill" theme naming and with soul-based abilities.
** ''Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff?'' It's only thirteen chapters long, but until [[MindScrewdriver the end,]] each chapter is stated to raise a question as it also answers an older one. It ''starts'' as an AU where the main trolls are replaced with Nepetas of various blood colors, except for an oddly-normal Karkat, and gets weirder from there. [[spoiler:Except that first part is a lie: "Karkat" is Olive Nepeta in disguise based on the ''real'' Karkat (who is from the previous iteration of Alternia's universe -- this was all basically the result of the troll session doing ''multiple'' Scratches), and the figure assumed to be Olive Nepeta is ''Lime'' Nepeta, who was in hiding the whole time. But there ''is'' a mutant red-blooded Nepeta -- she's revealed in the chapter that introduces the post-scratch humans way ahead of time, and she's on ''a crash-landed LOWAS''.]] And ''then'' Chapter 5 ends with [[spoiler:a ''white-blooded Nepeta'' that turns in to a Godzilla-like monster, with the reveal that there are ''billions'' of various impossible-blooded Nepetas that all turn in to kaiju, and ''they're'' the creatures out in the Furthest Ring, not .]] Bro is, for some reason, a Hank Hill-loving eaglelander and Roxy is completely and utterly mentally disturbed. Making things more confusing is that this is explicitely said by WordOfGod to ''not'' just be a doomed timeline but rather a "completely different" Alpha, which is why even "fundamental" aspects to the ''Homestuck'' universe like the Furthest Ring are so screwed up.


[[center:Character Index | Main Sixteen ("Power" Holders | [=.GIFfany=] Land | Pines Research Team | Team Wendy) | First Half Villains | '''Second Half Villains''' | Others | ''Spooky's'']]

The main villains of the Second Half of ''The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage''. For Creepypasta Sonic, see the First Half villains page. For Professor Eve, see the page on [=.GIFfany=] Land.

[[folder:The Love God/Lust Devil (And Skeletons)]]

!! Lust Devil

[[caption-width-right:200:The first demon [[AndThatsTerrible (and a dick at that!)]]\\
Strengths: Drugging people\\
Weaknesses: [[Film/{{Inception}} Spinning tops]] ]]

A man claiming to be a love god/cherub (in this fic's world, neither of those actually exists), the first of the "Devils" the Shack team actually fights not counting the Mechanical Bosses, and one of the two that's defeated before the Sea Emperor reveals his conditions for "freeing" Mermando.

* ChekhovsGunman: First he just seems like Chapter 6's VillainOfTheWeek, with no direct ties to Mable the Typomonster. Chapter 7 reveals, thanks to Teeth, that he's actually one of seven "Devils" that are wanted by the Sea Emperor [[VideoGame/{{Subnautica}} (no relation, but the name is an intentional reference)]]. Not to mention that, after a small retcon that swapped who got stomped on by Finalayer Shackan Lagann and who got punched to create a riftway in space with Spiral Energy, his death marks the first of a series of chains where Mabel's actions that killed one Devil just ends up indirectly summoning another. The reason why his plot relevance wasn't mentioned in Chapter 6 is because Fan didn't think of having the main antagonists of the Second Half be linked together and themed around the SevenDeadlySins until just after getting Chapter 6 out. (The "Lust Devil" was just named as a corruption of "Love God," not to suggest that there were six more "Devils" based on the other Sins.)
* EvilCounterpart: To Soos. Both are heavy men with [[spoiler:initially-hidden immortal connections (Soos being one-fourth Love Fairy, Lust Devil is self-explanatory)]], an entire "harem" of a huge number of females, and are apparently good at sex. The difference is that Soos believes in talking his way out of situations, while the Lust Devil is a fan of using potions and violence.
* HateSink: Good lord. At least the following Devils (aside from maybe Mable) are kind of meant to have their quirks here and there. This guy? The story bends over backwards to try to make him out to be as much of a dick as possible.
* KickTheDog: Him forcing Mabel, who had lost a leg a few months ago, to climb a staircase while mocking her injury really wasn't called for since he already had a lot of what he wanted. [This isn't even the chapter ''as it stands'' but I might go back and add it in.] He did it just to be a dick.
* TakeThat: Fan did not like "The Love God" and intentionally made its eponymous AntiVillain out to be as much of a dick as possible to try to Cross the Line Twice. Whether he succeeded or not is another story, but either way, ''Journals'' makes this guy in to a total asshole.

!! Sexy Skeletons

[[caption-width-right:200:WE'RE DEMONS FROM HELLLLL!]]

* FanDisservice: They're WalkingSwimsuitScene[=s=] alright, but they're also literal skeletons. And they reference a porn film [[WebVideo/{{Vinesauce}} Joel]] said someone e-mailed him about Satan and a skeleton with wings.
* WingedHumanoid: Skeletons with wings.
* TheWorfEffect: Managed to outnumber and give some trouble to the [=.GIFfany=] Army, although they and Soos's group were able to survive with the power of Spiral Energy.


[[folder:Teeth/Sloth Devil (And Henchmaniacs)]]

!! Sloth Devil

[[caption-width-right:200:The second demon\\
Strengths: Biting people\\
Weaknesses: Plaque]]

* EvilCounterpart: To ''Stan''. They're both
* MrExposition: Mabel previously had no idea what the hell was going on with Mable the Typomonster, as even Nzyvo barely ''knew'' about her. This guy explains some things, and introduces the concept of Mabel needing to hunt down the Seven Devils in order for the Sea Emperor to free Mermando.


[[folder:The Fucking Frost/Greed Devil (And Christmas Nightmares)]]

[[caption-width-right:200:The third demon\\
Strengths: Sales\\
Weaknesses: January]]

A sapient, chain-smoking snowman obsessed with being the "Christmas-themed villain around here." He's ''considerably'' more powerful than he looks and compared to the "usual" monsters of the week from canon (the other "Devils" are more powerful than canon's one-offs, but he takes note for not at all looking like he should be).

* EvilCounterpart: To Wendy, although it's subtle at first. He's the villain of the chapter focused on Wendy's "group of four" much like Lust Devil is to Soos's "group" and Teeth to Stan's. He
* {{Jerkass}}: Kind of an un-Christmasy- person to say the least. He's a saint compared to the Lust Devil, but he's still just ''unpleasant'' compared to the slightly more FauxAffablyEvil other Devils or the stoic Mable.


[[folder:Darlene's Possession/Gluttony Devil]]

[[caption-width-right:200:The fourth demon\\
Strengths: Hijacking pick up artist-eating spiders\\
Weaknesses: [[ButtMonkey Everything else]] ]]

* BaitAndSwitch: Subverted. The fic builds up the whole post-Frost confrontation as being similar to the final Vorkken battle in ''VideoGame/TheWonderful101'' (where he kills the Second Class GEATHJERK officer offscreen). Turns out she wasn't dead, and CameBackStrong shortly after that. So, the fic sets up fighting the Gluttony Devil, then Gideon, and ''then'' the Gluttony Devil again.
* BishonenLine: Subverted. She goes from a black blob with no HE energies to a SlimeGirl after three, but then becomes a giant abomination full of mouths and eyes after getting "all"[[note]]Not counting Pyronica, who was killed by that point[[/note]] six.
* BlobMonster: Her true form is some sort of black blob. [[TertiarySexualCharacteristics With eyelashes.]] She almost looks adorable in that form, but she doesn't like staying in it for long. After absorbing the "strange orange energy" from Darlene and the "strange purple/green energy" from Melody and Stan (heavily implied to be the Hexagram Emergency from ''Escape From Fanservice Island''), she looks more like a SlimeGirl.
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: Said to be made fun of by the other Devils (excluding TheStoic Mable) for her lack of that many skills. Gideon even manages to beat her in battle offscreen. Then, however, she comes across Darlene and hijacks her powers, becoming the closest of the characters to using the extremely overpowered Hexagram Emergency skills. For added irony, half of the other Devils were already dead by the time she came in to power, and she mocked all of them. [[RunningGag Especially the Lust Devil, because screw that guy.]]


[[folder:Bill and Lightning Cultist Summons/Maan Lord and Moon Lady/Wrath and Envy Devils (And the Cults themselves)]]

!! Both Summons

* DualBoss: They're twin sisters of Cthulhu who enjoy fighting together.
* {{Expy}}: Both of them to different extents to the [[VideoGame/{{Terraria}} Moon Lord.]]
* FillerVillain: Like the Gluttony Devil, they're not as developed as the first three Devils and most of their chapter is actually devoted to fighting Cathedral-Mabel and Brobot instead. Fan said he only came up with them to fulfill the quota of Mabel having to kill seven Devils based on the Deadly Sins, and wanted to have Zephieye be at least partly involved with the plot.

!! Wrath Devil

[[caption-width-right:200:The fifth demon\\
Strengths: Causing the (''other'' other other other) apocalypse\\
Weaknesses: Killing him with equipment made from his own materials]]

!! Envy Devil

[[caption-width-right:200:The sixth demon\\
Strengths: Being the second-sexiest Devil[[note]]Behind the Lust Devil[[/note]]\\
Weaknesses: Salty-garlic holy water]]

!! Bill Cultist

!! Zephieye Smith/Lightning Cultist


[[folder:Mable the Typomonster/Pride Devil (And Mechanical Bosses)]]

!! Mable the Typomonster

[[caption-width-right:200:The seventh demon\\
Strengths: Everything\\
Weaknesses: Nothing]]

The story's true BigBad, introduced near the beginning of the Second Half as a "Typomonster" Nzyvo was working under.

* CerebusRetcon: You know all those spelling mistakes in ''SBIG'' that Fan deliberately left in as part of the "intentionally badly written" image? She's implied to have been the ultimate cause of all of them. Once she's dead, the typoes completely and abruptly stop and the writing becomes '''significantly''' more detailed and clear.
* EnemyWithout: To Mabel, although she was created artificially by Carrie of ''Gumball Vs Satan'', the GreaterScopeVillain to all of ''SBIG''.
* {{Expy}}: A very, very blatant expy of [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann the Anti-Spiral,]] down to even being a shadowy-looking being just like he is. However, there are some visual differences that set her apart from just being an Anti-Spiral Mabel: each limb is colored differently according to the lost limbs of the Pines, she can grow wings and a halo (among [[RealityWarper limitless other transformations,]] but that's her favorite), and her very composure can change in the blink of an eye.
* TheFriendNobodyLikes: Even though she's one of seven "Devils" based on the SevenDeadlySins, they don't actually get along at all and their plans kind of step all over each-other. She's ending the world completely against the permission of any of them -- which is partly why they are so obsessed with starting apocalypses on their own, to try to "best" her as much as they can. The other six actually hate her but feel that nobody, not even them and especially not the story's leads, can do anything about her due to the sheer difference in power.
* KnightOfCerebus: Downplayed since it's StylisticSuck still, but when she's introduced, the story becomes a little more internally consistent, a ''little'' more serious, and a little more complicated.
* ManBehindTheMan: To Nzyvo, for the First Half. Complicating things is that Nzyvo herself is a decent person, she was just forced to fighting the Pines out of Mable's demands.
* NotSoStoic:
** ''Really'' doesn't take kindly to being interrupted. When the four Tengen Toppa mechs try to punch her at the start of the battle while she's giving a speech, she finally stops her stoic speech, emerges ''much'' larger than any of them, and proceeds to kick their asses.
* SizeShifting: Can go from being Mabel-sized to being large enough to dwarf galaxies in an instant. She does this instead of fighting in a mecha in her actual battle.

!! Mechanical Bosses in General


* BookEnds: Quite a lot, given how fond the author is of callbacks.
** The first line of dialogue from [[AmoralAttorney Earl]] is him narrating over his own catchphrase on an ad on TV: "IF YOU'RE IN TROUBLE... GET INTUBBLE!" [[spoiler:In Chapter 11, he's finally killed. His last words are "NOW YOU'RE IN TROUBLE... AND YOU DON'T HAVE INTUBBLE!"]]
** One of the first of BLOODSHOT's officers to be properly faced in battle is Darkhorse. One of the ''last'' is Darkerhorse, his older brother that looks like a PaletteSwap of him. In fact, he would have been ''the'' last officer to be battled before Blood King himself, but Fan thought that the pacing would be better if he was faced before [[TheDragon Witchita.]]
** The beginning shows [[HeroOfAnotherStory Shineina Unfel]] killing Steve and the Blood King's parents to save Brimcity. Said parents [[VillainsWantMercy immediately resort to begging and trying to offer her a number of good things.]] By the end, [[spoiler:Steve has ''finally'' confronted the Blood King, and he... pretty much does the same thing. He begs a lot and tries to offer him a bunch of power and supplies... except unlike their parents, he admits that Steve and the Group wouldn't let temptation stop them from what's right. So he just tells Steve to get it over with.]]
** In the first chapter, Blood King uses his "Making Shit Up as I Go Along Wheel" to make a giant hand that slaps Steve, sending him flying off Badvillain City and kickstarting the events where he lives with the Unfel family. In the end, [[spoiler:Steve ''finally'' gets to slap the Blood King back. This time, it's a simple, smaller slap, except it makes BK explode.]] Also doubles as a BrickJoke considering enemy classifications: [[spoiler:the weakest enemy class is "Mosquito," (which has the example that an ordinary person could beat them with one slap) and he ends up getting swatted like a bug.]]
* LimitedSocialCircle:
** Subverted with the Intriguing Group; when Chapter 2 makes it clear that these six people are the real main characters and going to stick around and become friends, it might ''look'' like they're also the only people that hang out with one-another. However, most of them have a number of other companions (Nosfo is the only exception, due to having been at rest for hundreds of years), and they have friends-of-friends
* MeaningfulName:
** In a weird way, the surnames of the main six characters mix this with IronicName. On the surface, it might seem a bit ironic since they don't match up with the words their last names sound like, but in reality it's them fitting with the theme of breaking your destiny:
*** Steve Badvillain is by far the most obvious. Basically, his family is of what would be generations after generations of BigBad[=s=]. He's the BigGood of this, and made it explicitely clear that he wants to clear the name of "Badvillain" (which would be a tall order by itself given as the name literally is "Bad" and "villain" together), in memory of all his fallen relatives who also refused to become major leaders and died from the fall after being shoved off Badvillain City.
*** Diane Mohdez. "Mohdez" sounds and looks like "Modest," while she competes with Steve and Nosfo in wearing the most revealing outfit in the entire story (not counting the Unitias, as they don't ''have'' outfits at all). Her whole family was basically a line of



[[folder:This Exists. Look up its title if you don't believe me]]


''Toilet in Wonderland'' is a surreal RPG Maker game

[...] The gist is this: You play as a girl named Mira who is dealing with bad constipation. She ends up in a strange world where a monochrome Michael "MJ" Jackson instructs her to gathering six toilets around the world. Things get even ''weirder'' from there as SurrealHumor ensues.

* AffectionateParody: Of ''VideoGame/YumeNikki'' and the games it inspired, the "explore a strange environment" setting. This has some of those elements too, but it's obvious that little if any of the game is meant to be dead serious.
* {{Bathos}}: All over the place.
** The closest the game gets to dealing with outright "horror" is an ''VideoGame/AoOni'' throwback. Except the creatures attacking you are ''Mario''.
--->Mario has logged in.\\
* ChekhovsGun:
** [[spoiler:The fire-extinguisher around the Mario area repeatedly comes up time after time within the segment, and ''then'' he helps defeat the final boss.]]
* CrapsackWorld: Dear ''lord'' does Violence City [I'll have to look up its actual name] suck. The place is overran by these purple beasts who believe in hazing, beating others up, and locking them in jail cells.
* JumpScare:
** The Mario segment parodies this, as a deep-voiced "YAHOO" will play whenever Mario ambushes Mira and company.
** Entering a cave during the grayscale-segment will cause a "Hemorrhoids" person (a photoshopped image of eyes and some sort of face in a twisted swape) taking up the full screen and roaring.
* NoFourthWall: One part of the game has a number of [=NPCs=] lampshading that they're minor characters with no names at all. One of them asks you to name him. [[spoiler:He ends up becoming a part of the party and helps out in the final battle.]]
* SlapstickKnowsNoGender: Well, the premise is that it's about a ''girl's'' shitting issues and then it goes from there.
* SurrealHumor:
* TitleDrop: [[spoiler:It's the name of Mira's ultimate attack in the Golden Ending.]]
* ToiletHumor: Kind of inevidable since this game is about constipation. MJ in particular loves throwing out ''way'' too detailed descriptions of dealing with shitting.


[[folder:This One Doesn't (I DO like the name "Noncentigamy," but after thinking about ''Trio the Punch'' again I have a different idea...)]]

There is a man named Adam. He, for whatever reason, has a harem of nine hundred wives. Those wives and himself end up getting captured by the nine "Fighters of Sensitivity," supposedly (according to Adam) because they cannot handle breasts. So, the group ends up reuniting and saving one-another to get ready to face off against the Fighters. Sounds simple, right?

Except for how the world takes place in. Adam and his trusty wives must fight through giant ant strippers, incorrect math, seemingly ordinary football players that can tank a ''lot'' of damage, [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Homer Simpson]] lookalikes, ''Homer Simpson himself'', and giant living swear words that take the form of dinosaurs, among other things.

''Maturety'' (sic) is a game that, first and foremost, was designed to be deliberately ''[[StylisticSuck bad.]]'' Concieved as a parody of "anti-censor-ists who just make their cause look embarassing and try to act like blatant sexy author-fulfillment is deep and meaningful art," what starts out as a reasonable game quickly descends in to complete and utter madness, citing ''VideoGame/TrioThePunch'' as its inspiration.

The game can be downloaded for free [[ here,]] although '''bewarned''' if you are a sensitive manchild who cen't [sic] handle boobs like your [sic] ten!

* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking:
** Kevin's crimes include blackmailing leaders, kidnapping people, and doing the "lit bag of feces" prank to an orphanage.
* AsLongAsItSoundsForeign: Anything that's "supposed" to be in a foreign language is just gibberish. The exception, for whatever reason, is the game's take on "Russian," which is just English with non-English (not even Russian) characters swapped in for letters at random.
-->"Oosh! Meesh neins!"\\
"Katanawaina destessne, boku deska?"
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Nobody has nipples in the censored version. Not even the very few shirtless ''males'': [[spoiler:Kevin's "mega form," and Homer Simpson's omega form.]]
* BlackAndGrayMorality: On the "gray" side, you've got
* BossRush: Like ''Breath of the Wild'', you can do a mad dash straight to Kevin from the word "go." Unlike ''Breath of the Wild'', TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon is available right from the very beginning of the game and can be entered just by pressing up. However, every major boss you skip will add more and more SpikesOfDoom, and you'll have to face all the skipped bosses in quick succession before dealing with the final boss.
* TheCameo:
** One of the minibosses is the Fucking Frost from ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'', a badfic by the same creator as this game. He has the exact same name, obsession with Cristmas, and everything.
** Olivia (the orange "demon") mentions having a husband literally named "Yee Haw," ''Journals'' has a character with that exact name. Yee Haw even shows up after clearing the orange section and has
* DownerEnding: Take your pick: [[spoiler:If you don't get all the wives, Adam is accused of being a "shitty husband" by one of the remaining kidnapped wives (doesn't matter who) and is arrested. If you ''do'', it's slightly more bittersweet as at least the Noncentigamous harem can all be together, but Homer Simpson kills Adam's little sister out of sheer spite.]] There's also the joke "''horrible'' ending," if you save ''none'' of the wives (which is extremely difficult to do as beating a boss in their "normal" route automatically saves one wife, and beating bosses also makes transversing the final area a lot easier), [[spoiler:where Adam beats the boss "too early" and finds himself faced with an unfinished-tarp trying to cover an "exit" door. He leaves and finds himself in a studio where he finds out that the grand cause of everything in the game... was the mailman from the beginning.]]
* EasterEgg:
** There's a few for those looking in to the game's files. Normally, [[spoiler:Omega Homer's]] naughty bits are hidden behind a tiny cloud. However, the cloud is a seperate series of sprites -- the original sprites for him is just blank, with "Hi Spriters Resource! :)" written there. Some people who saw that on SR's sprite sheet for him mistook that for censorship added by the site -- that's actually part of the original sprites.
* GainaxEnding: ''All three endings'', which is par for the course.
** In the "good" ending, [[spoiler:Homer Simpson comes out of nowhere to kill Kevin and take the 900 wives so that he can use their souls to power himself up and bcome a god-like being. After beating him, he shoots a bolt of lightning to kill Adam's sister out of spite, then laughs as he explodes and leaves behind the wives in a pileup.]]
** As for the "bad" ending, it too starts out reasonable with [[spoiler:at least one remaining wife turning against Adam ]]
** The "horrible" ending. [[spoiler:Turns out the mailman was the cause of it all. You get to punch him afterwards, which causes him to transform in to a dinosaur that eats Adam. While in the dino's stomach, Adam encounters the same Outhouse Man from before, except he ''cannot'' leave. "And thus, Adam was forced in to violating a man's privacy... FOREVER."]]
* GreaterScopeVillain: [[spoiler:Homer was ultimately just a pawn of ''Lisa'' Simpson, who manages to get away with everything in any ending.]]
* GroinAttack: A minor sequence shows Adam going back in time and doing this to Hitler. No, no explanation for it is given, and it is optional even when going for OneHundredPercentCompletion.
-->'''Hitler:''' Oosh! [[AsLongAsItSoundsForeign Meesh neins!]]
* IllGirl: Parodied with Adam's sister, who isn't even really named. She's just "there for tragic reasons." [[spoiler:In the bad ending, she gets better and is reunited with Adam... for all of ten seconds before he's arrested. In the good ending, Homer shoots her with a lightning bolt as he dies.]]
* {{Jerkass}}:
** Adam is an asshole. He regularly
** His wives are ''probably'' better, but it's kind of hard to tell given that [[spoiler:he legitimately works his ass off to save them and his sister, and despite the wives being a parody of sex object-type characters, it's pretty clear from what little story this game has that ''Adam'' does genuinely see them as real people. They know how hard it is to go around trying to save 900 people, yet after they escape on their own in the bad ending, they decide to press abuse charges on him and arrest him. He's arrested one year per unsaved wife; assuming that people age normally in this world (considering Fan's track record, assuming otherwise is reasonable), in many endings this would mean he spends life in jail because he ''didn't try hard enough.'' All out of pettyness, too.]]
* NightmareFace: Quite a number.
* SchmuckBait:
** There's plenty of rooms the game advises against entering,
* ScrappyMechanic: ''Invoked.'' GPF wanted to make the game intentionally hard to defend, so he had a "Interference Wisard" [sic] that can cast curses on you at random rooms that screw you up until you get the respective wife.
* ShoutOut:
** [[VideoGame/SuperMarioBros1 The first stage of the "final" boss ends with his own axe destroying the bridge he's on, sending him plummeting.]] [[VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosWii After that, he grows gigantic]] [[VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBros2 and thus begins the]] [[VideoGame/NewSuperMarioBrosU next part of the battle.]]
** The final boss himself is a black demon that parallels the Satan battle from ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac'': He sends out a minion you may or may not have battled before that can split in to two, then his "statue" comes to life and he tries firing blood at you, then he grows gigantic and attempts to stomp you. Made more clear by how the other major characters at that moment (Adam and Eve) are named after religious figures.
** [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy There's a man named Kevin who, at one point, calls Adam a "Dork."]]
** Homer Simpson's favorite attack is [[VideoGame/{{Undertale}} surrounding his target with an inescapable ring of beer cans that slowly closes in on them.]]
* StealthParody: The game at first tries to present itself as being a legitimate anti-bowdlerizing (and for the most part, GPF ''is'' against bowdlerizing itself) game that tries to promote that a naked woman does not ''always'' have to be sexual. It just does a remarkably poor job at it. Then the WidgetSeries elements start kicking in, and no matter which path you take, things just keep getting more and more surreal. It becomes very obvious that the game's humor is more than just panty jokes and pop culture references, but rather how much it can mind frick ''the player'', ending in
* TakeThat:
** Generally, at denying that blatant AuthorAppeal-fanservice ''is'' Author Appeal-fanservice and trying to make some sort of statement about how artistic it is. GPF at least confesses that fulfillment was slightly involved with ''Steve Badvillain's Intriguing Group'' and ''Emazh In'',
** The game, to its credit, isn't one-sided and will occasionally stick to its word and make fun of what it states its making fun of (but far more subtle than it implies): the censored mode actually ''does'' remove men's nipples too, as seen with Kevin and [[spoiler:Omega Homer.]] It also
* ThemeNaming:
** The demons are named after the first letter of their respective color, and are given names with the same number of letters. Ron (red), Yasser (yellow), Brad (blue), Payton (purple), Olivia (orange), Gregg (green), Carl (cyan), and Pike (pink). Kevin (Blac'''k''') is the odd one out in that it's not the first letter, but it is a sound and he does have five letters in his name like the word "Black."
* TrueFinalBoss: After gathering all 900 wives. [[spoiler:It seems like Kevin is attempting to come back, but Homer quickly one-shots him and re-steals your wives. He then enters a "mega form," where he becomes this MS Paint-drawn god-like being wearing nothing but a tiny cloud between his legs.]]


!! Playable Characters

* Adam
* Adam (Goat)

!! Enemies

* Machine Made (Brad)
* Machine Made (Carl)
* Machine Made (
* Omega Mega [=SSSSSJJJ7=] Nightmare One-Winged Super Hyper Ultimate Omega Stickman

!! Bosses

* Brad
* Carl
* Gregg
* Homer Simpson/"Home-J"
* Kevin (First Stage)
* Kevin (Second Stage)
* Olivia
* Omega Home-J
* Payton
* Pike
* Ron
* Yessir

!! [=NPCs=]

* Ants [NSFW Tag]
* Football Players
* General Mayor
* Mailman
* Moai and Statues
* Propane Guy
* Wives (Censored) [NSFW Tag] [File Folder]
* Wives (Uncensored) [NSFW Tag] [File Folder]

!! Misc

* Backgrounds
* Intro [NSFW Tag]
* Endings [NSFW Tag]
* Title Screen


I thought the Converter looked more like a blue cannon, if anything. So it's an electrical converter according to Edmund himself, huh...


And basically everything I think it did good, ''Steven Universe'' does better. A weird, alien, interesting society of color-coded characters that actually feels very alien and off from humanity? Check. Integrating a relatively normal and human earth with that alien society? Check. Coming-of-age growth, with no "let's use magic to side-step characterization?" Check.


"This cyber jungle graphic designer with no arms kept kicking my ass by shooting ink at me so I came back with a weapon that's basically this world's God's tears and then I God-cried on her and one second later she was like 'Shoot you won I guess I'll give you some tools or something.'

"I beat an armless Splatoon reject by ignoring her way to get to Amusement Park Asshole (I went green even if it meant going back to the forest one that's like "You humans really shouldn't use sticks, it's bad for the trees"), beating enemies way ahead of her, and coming back with a weapon that fires the tears of some giant who just wants to live a normal life but can't because she's literally God or something. Best game ever."

'''Kristie's Eye''' is a Third Chapter, post-Four Extremes weapon only obtainable by defeating each of the Latter Four Extremes in a Challenge without using the weapons of the other Extremes or from Fatephinal. It is the only obtainable weapon themed around Kristie, and is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the game, capable of one-shotting even Fatephinal. It is inspired by the item "Godhead" from ''The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth''.

* Type: Projectile weapon
* Fire Rate: Near-instant
* Damage: 1,200
* Craft Recipies: None
* Item Description: "The tears of the creator..."
* Projectile appearance: Liquid orbs, each orb is of a different color going around the twelve-color spectrum. Each tear, in sync with the others, gradates between the "bright," "light," "dull," and "dark" variations of the color, and occasionally turn black or white.
* Item Pool:
** Final Latter Extreme, if no Latter Extreme weapons or beyond were used on any of them (guarantee; could be pre-unlock).
** Any Extreme Caravan (normal and Arena Mode).

!! Use

As the weapon comes from the player deliberately challenging themselves during the Four Extremes segment, it is meant to make most of the endgame easier. The Dying Core and Fatephinal proper should be very easy on any run where this is obtained prior, and the final ascention up Labostoep should also pose no difficulty. However, Kristie herself may still pose a mild challenge, and Ted moreso.

It could also be used to help the option battle with Olivia on Day 60, although this is not recommended as any run powerful enough to obtain it and with it in hand would have a better chance to get a victory against Ted if the player has not already gotten that achievement.

!! Weapon Appearance

The gun does not actually look like one. It instead resembles a metalic device shaped like an "X" and roughly the size of Dan or Liz. Each tip of the "X" represents an Extreme/the four "variations" of a "color:" [...] In between each line of the "X" are dots: a hot pink one representing Ninthee, a mint green one representing Lilith, a deep blue one representing Fatephinal, and the fourth part has smaller blonde-yellow and cobalt dots respectively representing Dan and Liz. An eye is in the center, which is where the bullets fire from. Twelve orbs of the "spectrum" surround the gun at all times, and two more orbs -- one black, one white -- surround the chromatic ones.


* PlayerPunch:
* PrecisionFStrike: There is exactly one swear in the entire game. [[spoiler:If you blindly follow what Ninthee says and try to make ammends with/befriend ''every'' major Charged Emazh you come across. Izjjen, the normally doormat "leader" of the toxic caves who pretty much gave up her post because four elites ''asked her to'', will come firing after you if you say you want to include her ''and'' Ninthee in your friendship group. She is, bar none, the hardest boss in the entire game, although that's mostly because it's set up so that you absolutely cannot use any game-breaking Hardmode equipment on her.]]
-->'''Izjjen:''' [[spoiler:I'm sorry, but there's one problem with your plan. You see... ''(Opening attack.)'' '''I really fucking hate Ninthee.''']]

Character Sheet Index | '''Humans''' | Main Emazhes (Olivia, Ninthee, Kristie) | Chapter 1 Charges ("Bright" Zone (Alexia, Izjjen, Lhaurflame and Lhaurfreeze, Maria)) | Chapter 2 Charges | The Four Extremes/Chapter 3 Charges | Various Followers | Spoiler Characters | Non-Canon

[[folder:Tropes applying to both Dan and Liz]]

* BadassNormal: Their "dream projections" are based on their real-life physical forms and as such have no real special moves to speak of. Despite that, they are able to first talk their way in to becoming soldiers in the first place, and use Emazh weapons and allies to fight against increasingly powerful enemies, culminating in [[spoiler:basically the "Satan" of them (Fatephinal) followed by the "God" of them (Kristie).]]
* BoringButPractical: They freaking live by this. Their jobs are both supposedly rather monotonous, they stick towards "regular old" life by the country, and neither of them take very well to excitement or "new" things. As one would imagine (or ''Emazh In''), the Emazh world started out as utter hell to them at first before they had to get used to it.
* BlueOrangeContrast: They both make up Water's signature blue/yellow contrast: Dan having yellow-blond hair and generally dressing in yellow (which is also the color of his starter outfit), and Liz having blue hair and dressing in a lot of blue (again, blue is the color of ''her'' starter outfit).
* {{Expy}}: They're inspired by the "Elsens" of ''VideoGame/{{OFF}}'', as they are people working in industrial areas (although their ''actual home'' is by the countryside) and, towards the beginning of the game, were kind of paranoid about a lot of the unusual stuff going on in the Emazh world (which is completely understandable given how dangerous it would be, and how it would be fatal if they were in their real bodies and not "dream projections")
* HappilyMarried: In fact, the only time their relationship is ever strained throughout the entire game is when [[spoiler:Ninthee starts pretty much manipulating them in Hardmode after doing a "befriend ''everybody'' everybody" run.]]
* MeaningfulName: Their last name is an obvious mash of "id" and "ego," two of
* ThoseTwoGuys: Protagonist example. Water said that he deliberately tried to make them feel "same-y" but not like completely identical characters by the beginning. They both undergo DivergentCharacterEvolution and generally become more HotBlooded as the game goes on. [[spoiler:And they become more emotionless, distant, and identical if you choose to have them follow Ninthee.]]
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Dan utterly hates the idea of ghosts (but he doesn't have anything against CuteGhostGirl-looking Emazhes), and Liz hates creepy crawlies (but likes the bug/spider/etc-themed Emazhes). Bethany takes advantage of this by having her possession resembling a ghost spider. It shows up while they debate which one is scarier (as Liz is a fan of the paranormal, and Dan would occasionally look at whatever bugs are doing even in adulthood -- neither of them like admitting this to other people), and its appearance leaves them both speechless.


[[folder:Dan Iddeego]]

A "boringly ordinary" man who works at the Gear Factory with a preference towards formula. [[RunningGag Also, Liz's husband.]] For whatever reason, Ninthee saw it fit to transfer his and Liz's subconciousess to the Emazh realm for sixty days; they must now try to look in to what all these new worlds even ''are'' and


[[folder:Liz Iddeego]]

A "boringly ordinary" woman who works at the Wrench Factory that also prefers living the same life. [[RunningGag Also, Dan's wife.]] Subconciously abducted in to the Emazh realm by Ninthee as well, and the couple spends the whole game trying to get out ''sooner'' than their given sixty days.

* NotSoStoic: A bit more prone to having slight outbursts than Dan even earlier in the game, but they become about even if you defeat Ninthee [[spoiler:and decide not to "befriend" her.]]
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: It's said she studied a lot of literature and writing before deciding that getting a high education was pointless. It shows on occasion.


[[folder:Ted Wakahisa '''(Warning: Walking Spoiler)''']]

The creator of the Emazh species. Thirty years ago, he managed to combine nature, technology, and the two forms of magic to make artificial humanoids while on board the space station project. When things went south and the people on board started killing each-other because of misunderstandings and humanity's general inability to handle something so earth-shattering, Ted -- partly of his own will, partly not -- just about locked himself in the "Fountain" that produced them.

In the game proper, he can be faced as a sort of TrueFinalBoss if just one of a number of conditions are met and, in the case of many of the conditions, luck is on your side.

* TheAce: Smart, strong, created an entire race of superpowered beings that transcend nature, technology, ''or'' magic, and a good leader. The ''one'' issue of his is... perhaps, [[SanitySlippage his sanity.]]
* BossOnlyLevel: Where he's fought. "The Fountain" isn't an actual domain at all; it's a virtual replica of part of the space station floating in the void of the computer program, leading to a giant platform that's a mish-mash of all the previous domains in terms of what it's made of (vegetation from the forests, metal from Infinity Amusement Park, etc). There are no shops, Emazhes, or anything of note -- except Kristie's Eye appearing there if you did not already get it.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: He's surprisingly friendly after getting beaten around by Liz and Dan. To a lesser extent, this just goes for freeing him in general, as in the ending he's
* GeniusBruiser: The guy is thought of as one of the most intelligent minds of the world, and he's also a buff athelete who used to climb for a living.
* NothingIsScarier: The man himself isn't really that bad or evil at all, but ''holy shit'' does the buildup to his battle seriously imply otherwise. ''The world itself falls apart'' shortly after beating Kristie if the condictions are met. The more powerful an Emazh is, the longer they stay in their physical form before turning in to their "raw energy forms" and being unable to communicate with you.
* SuspiciousVideoGameGenerocity: If he's available, the game offers you Kristie's Eye at the start of the Fountain "stage," one of if not the ''best'' weapon in the entire game. You will ''need'' it.
* {{Unperson}}: Kristie effectively tries to hide any and all information of him (and the real world in general, but ''especially'' him). The two do not get along very well.



[[folder:''Breaking Bad''... Spoilers? (Ignore this; a sequel to ''Isaac Unbounded'' or ''Dream House'' MIGHT have higher priority)]]

(One of the ''[=SBIGlets=]''.)

* AdaptedOut: Back when it can be ''called'' an "adaptation" of ''Breaking Bad''. Like [[FanFic/HecksingUlumateCrconikals another badfic by GPF that has the premise of taking canon and just twisting it to madness eventually,]] the plot of this is essentially based on skimming short Wikipedia summaries and a few memes rather than trying to be faithful to full synopsises, going by the memory of someone with really ''bad'' memory. That being said:
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Jack has some weird standards when it comes to threatening people.
-->'''Jack:''' DON'T PISS ME OFF OR ELSE I WILL KILL your friend, your Jesse, your wife, your son, your baby daughter, your dog, AND YOUR FUCKING MAILBOX! ''(Shoots the ground by Walt's feet.)''\\
* BeachEpisode: Parodied with the ''Breaking Beach'' sub-part, a contrived "fanservice beach episode" where the gang goes to the "Atlantis coast" (''In New Mexico''). Cthulhu is involved, and he too tries to deal with Walt.
* BlackAndGreyMorality: The fic does not really sugercoat Jesse ''too'' much and makes Walt even ''worse'' than he is in canon (especially near the end), but it's pretty obvious that most of the other characters are outright dicks. [[spoiler:Even after Jesse "completes his atonement," he openly admits that ]]
* BreakingTheFourthWall:
** When Walt and Jesse are running through the desert to cook for the first time, the heat causes them to both start stripping as they "run through the desert sands like a stereotypical hero adventure journey." When everything's gone, the story says that they're in censor bars. Then they take ''them'' off, and according to the text, Skinny Pete's hand is covering the lower half of the camera as he says "We can't show ''that'' here!"
* BrickJoke:
** In Part I, "Heisenberg" is photographed naked and ends up with his ass posted ''everywhere'' as the "only known form of identification." This disappears for Part II. [[spoiler:And shows up after Walt's death in Part III, when the news is announcing his death.]]
** Tuco (Part I) has an obsession with threatening Walt's mailbox, which Jack (Part III) shares. In a variation, [[spoiler:''Jesse's'' mailbox turns out to have a huge Porn Stash in it.]]
** Shortly after Jesse's introduction, Jane is seen [[KickTheDog stealing a slice of birthday cake from a neighbor's party.]] At the end, she makes up for it by buying them a full cake.
* BrownNote: The [[spoiler:black meth]] is so addictive that ''looking'' at it will get you addicted. [[spoiler:Jesse and co have to fight Walter White/"Walter Black" blindfolded.]]
* ButtMonkey:
** Jane.
** Walter is slightly more literal in that a RunningGag in Part I involves people seeing his ass worldwide due to it being used as his identification photo in media.
* CardCarryingVillain:
** It becomes obvious that the fic is leaning towards putting Walter in a BigBad role when he starts "rubbing his hands together grinning" at every major kill he pulls off.
* CompressedVice: Parodied, when Andrea says during Jesse's battle with [[spoiler:[=NegaJesse=] ]] that she's colorblind, and thus, they both look identical to her, so she doesn't know which one to shoot. Literally less than a minute later, she's able to tell the difference between green and red meth despite green/red being the most common form of colorblindness and her openly stating that she sees things in grayscale.
* CorruptTheCutie: [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation It's a bit of a different story in canon,]] but here Walter starts out as a ridiculously cuddly, sweet, nice guy who wouldn't hurt a fly. Then he gets payed for meth for the first time and ''immediately'' becomes Heisenberg after seeing the money.
* CrackFic: Putting it mildly, it's a ''Series/BreakingBad'' badfic that can't decide if it wants to ripoff ''Breath of the Wild'' or
* DeathByAdaptation: [[spoiler:Badger, Saul, and Skyler are all killed towards the end of the story, while they survived to the end of the original series.]] Considering Fan's general AnyoneCanDie rules, he's being surprisingly kind here (although several characters who died canonically die here as well).
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu:
** In the "{{Filler}} {{Fanservice}} BeachEpisode," Walt successfully manages to [[spoiler:kill Cthulhu]].
** [[spoiler:Seeing as Walter Black is a giant Eldritch Abomination that's more "black meth" than man, Jesse and his friends (minus Badger, who was dead by then) beating him in battle and convincing him to explode counts.]]
* EstablishingCharacterMoment:
** One of the first things we see Hank Shrader (DEA agent) do is take on a team of ''two thousand'' drug dealers by himself and winning. It involves him flipping his car on its back (with Walt still inside) and using it as a giant shield (''with Walt still inside''), managing to shoot someone over a hundred times while he's in the middle of just one flip (it's in [[BulletTime "slow motion,"]]) and tracing the call of the leader after a second on the phone with no equipment and managing to shoot him from a state away by pointing his gun in the air.
--->'''Hank Shrader (of the DEA):''' HALT! This is the DEA! You are surrounded! Put your hands in the air!\\
'''Crime Guy:''' We're not surrounded! There's only one of you!\\
'''Hank Shrader (DEA):''' You obviously don't know who I am...
* EvilCounterpart: Todd to Jesse. [[spoiler:''Literally''. Todd's true identity is "[=NegaJesse=]," and he's some sort of expy of Nega Scott from the ''Scott Pilgrim'' series. He was a lab experiment to try to duplicate Jesse and his "meth cooking skills," and is technically even his twin brother.]]
* GenreShift: The "Tuco Arc" makes the fic seem like it's going to be crime drama and closer to canon; by the "Gus Arc" it's closer along the lines of a non-serious shonen anime, with the various colors of meths that have different abilities being introduced. It becomes closer to a "cheese dragon-ish fantasy novel" when black meth is introduced, [[spoiler:which transforms Walter White in to Walter Black]], as the "comical anime-esque elements" disappear and the story tries to be funny through [[{{Bathos}} different means,]] becoming closer in line to a western-based adventure than an eastern-based one.
* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen: Lydia somehow became the "evil queen of the Czech Republic" entirely through dealing meth. And through the use of royal purple meth, which somehow "increases one's political power."
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Badger goes down, guns ablazing, trying to shield the rest of the gang from Walt's omnidirectional gunfire. And just prior to this, he saved everyone from dying thanks to coming up with a ridiculously complicated scheme that sets off every single Chekhov's Gun in the fic.]]
* ItOnlyWorksOnce: Angel meth can only be used to revive a person once "until it wears off," which is after a ''decade.'' And the time between a person's death and the ability for angel meth to work is only three hours, after which the body becomes too "decomposed" to work (yet, strangely, ''losing your head'' can still be recovered from angel meth as long as it has not been for three hours). [[spoiler:This is why the gang was unable to save Badger; he was brought back to life with angel meth earlier.]]
* InsaneTrollLogic: Like Nega Scott, [[spoiler:[=NegaJesse=]'s age is stated to be negative. He uses this to try to argue that Jesse hitting him would be considered physically assaulting a minor, since -27 is less than 18, so he's "technically" underaged. Saul tries to argue that he's been in existence for literally over twenty years, so his age cannot be negative. This just results in [=NegaJesse=] killing Saul.]]
* KarmaHoudini:
** Subverted with [[spoiler:Gus, as he's about to drive away "with a trillion dollars more" and brags that he managed to get away with his meth empire. Then he turns on the radio, and it's somehow Walt saying that he prepared a "special song" just for Gus. One "KNOCK KNOCK, MOTHERFUCKER" later, and his car explodes, taking Gus out with it (and an innocent civilian who happened to be driving behind him).]]
* KnightOfCerebus: Unlike other ''SBIG'' contenders like Mable the Typomonster or Aibur, this story parodies this in that it ''expects'' you to take things seriously, but it's still StylisticSuck CrackFic the whole way. Basically, Walt admits that Jack and his gang are so evil and dickish that even ''he'' breaks down [[spoiler:saying that he ''misses Gus.'']]
* LatexPerfection: Disguises come in two variations: PaperThinDisguise[=s=] and these, with absolutely no middle ground:
** At one point, Lydia and Jack both disguise as one-another.
* LightIsNotGood: Generally, with the exception of angel meth (which is white, glowing, ''and'' has wings -- one or two of those things without the other(s) are ''completely different, very harmful meths''), dark things tend to be bad, but light things tend to be even ''worse.''
* LimitedSocialCircle: The fake-author seems to think that Badger, Skinny Pete, Jane, and Andrea are the only people Jesse even ''knows'', and they only know each-other. It even gets to the point where scenes that would include other people Jesse knows are replaced with one of those four, due to having more of a role in the plot.
* LiteralAssKicking: [[spoiler:This is ultimately how Jesse finishes off Walter: By giving him "twelve steps," which is just a fancy way of saying that he kicked his ass twelve times in a row.]]
* LukeIAmYourFather: Oh boy. [[spoiler:Jack is somehow Jesse's real father, who created him in a lab experiment. An "amnesia bomb" happened when Jesse was a baby that resulted in him getting separated and ending up in the family he has in the show, although some of his "meth-making essense" remained and was shaped in to Todd/[=NegaJesse=].]]
* MythologyGag:
** This carries on ''Crconikals'' movie-naming system: ads on TV include trailers for films such as: ''Another Fucking Planet of Apes'', ''More Fucking Paranormal Activity'', ''Not Another Fucking Jumpscare'', and so on.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: Great Pikmin Fan wrote this. Come on.
** The only "taken" image of "Heisenberg" was his backside when he walked naked in to a convenience store. Every single "wanted" poster for Walter White is a shot of his naked ass, which ''really'' annoys him. [[spoiler:It disappears after Part I, but then comes back in the epilogue when Walter Jr. sees news of Walt's death, and the "file photo" is still of his ass from back then.]]
* NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer: When saying that the "pink meth" line is a reference to [[OldShame pink kryptonite]]:
-->"I'm not just saying this to try to be shocking [=DComics=] actually did this with Superman once."
* OffTheRails: It's Fan's tradition if something starts out loosely adapting the plot of its canon, like with ''FanFic/HecksingUlumateCrconikals''. Ultimately, all this has in common with canon is: Walt and Jesse are meth cooks. There's the AxCrazy Tuco, then "shenanigans" with Saul, Mike, and Gus, and towards the end there's Nazis and a woman named Lydia. Every single thing in between and ''especially'' after is just pure madness.
* OnlySaneMan: Saul is just about the only character who reacts to something the way a normal person would, even if he has inexplicable teleportation.
* PaperThinDisguise:
** Walt's "Heisenberg" disguise is just him putting his black hat on. Apparently, the two are completely indistinguishable by everyone except Saul when he's like this.
--->'''Saul:''' Aw, come on, they're obviously the same person! You can't be that fucking stupid!
** Los Pollos Hermanos just about openly sells meth right upfront. They just call it "special 'chicken'" or just "chicken" with quote marks.
* PowerPerversionPotential: The most noteworthy example of using [[TimeTravel purple meth]] is Walt using it so that multiple time-copies of him can sleep with Skyler simultaneously. In other words, this never really turns in to the time travel-mess purple meth might imply.
* RunningGag:
** Like in ''FanFic/HalfLifeFullLifeConsequences'', most of the major characters are referred to in full name, and refer to each-other in full name. The only noteworthy exceptions are Jesse (Pinkman)'s friends. Also, Hank Schrader (DEA) works for the DEA, which the story and the man himself (who is part of the DEA) constantly reminds you of.
** The various colors and types of meth offer ridiculous superpowers (most notably being the purple meth that lets you ''go back in time''). Drug users keep going after the powerless-"sky blue" meth because "it's better quality."
--->'''Mike:''' Would you like the Purple "Chicken" or the Sky Blue "Chicken?"\\
'''User:''' Uhhhhh what's the difference?\\
'''Mike:''' The Sky Blue "Chicken" is good quality and the Purple "Chicken" lets you go back in time.\\
'''User:''' Oh, well, it's obvious. Sky blue please!
** Whenever Walt blows something up, the bomb he uses first shouts "KNOCK KNOCK, MOTHERFUCKER!"
* ShoutOut: Not counting the usual many of ''SBIG''[='=]s up-front references and crossovers.
** Late in the story, Badger pulls an extremely complicated rescue plan that involves [[spoiler:riding around on a rocket board, saving the lives of two women through a process that involves kissing them (long story), manages to get water to splash a guy to wake him up, he high-fives an evil water-breathing ruler as he flies through space, he crosses through dimensions, and one of the people he saves is named Jane -- who clings on for her life on the back of his rocketboard. And at one point, he loses his head (albeit permanently)]] No, Badger ''totally'' didn't just pull a [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Dirk Strider.]] Odder is that GPF already did Unite Synchronize callbacks twice with actual ''Homestuck'' fics: the (old, nothing like this happens in the new one) ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'' series of Dave ''and'' Nepeta contributing to different points that bring everyone together, and Jade managing to save everyone from death in ''KIDS FIGHT THE TROLLS''.
** Hank Shrader (DEA) once mentioned that he [[Film/KungFury shot a criminal over the phone. As in, he shot his end of the phone and the bullet killed him through the other side.]]
* SkywardScream: Jesse's reaction to [[spoiler:Badger's death.]]
* SpoofAesop: The story ends with the CaptainObviousAesop of "drugs are bad for your body!" Even ignoring the DoNotDoThisCoolThing, it breaks this with the various colors of meth that give people superpowers, can let them go back in time, and the black meth that can cure cancer [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity at a cost.]] Green meth even is explicitely stated to '''heal people''' (not to be confused with ''glowing'' green meth, which is basicallly just kryptonite), and "angel meth" can '''bring others back to life.''' So uh... DrugsAreBad, huh?
* ThatManIsDead:
** Walter does this twice. [[spoiler:Once is when he says that he is "Only Hisenberg [sic]" and again after he merges with the black meth, claiming that he is now a ''third'', "even eviler" persona: Walter Black.]]
** For a more heroic example, [[spoiler:Jesse when he takes down Todd/[=NegaJesse=], saying that the old him is "gone for good" as the two have a Split Personality Merge.]]
* TimeTravel: Made possible with purple meth, which can only send people back in time. This is barely even really used, with the only noteworthy example being Walt using it to improve his and Skyler's love life.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight:
** Nobody really seems to mind [[spoiler:Walter Black, the giant castle-shaped entity in the middle of the desert]].
* JustForFun/XMeetsY: Fan said that he was specifically going for a ''FanFic/LightAndDarkTheAdventuresOfDarkYagami''-esque vibe of him deciding to have something with a story that does ''not'' take itself as seriously as the plot of ''Housestuck: The Split'' or ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' and instead throws in as many deliberate ShockingSwerve[=s=] as possible.

* Words [VERY incomplete]:
** "You beat me... but can you beat... YOURSELF?" [[spoiler:Jack Welker]]
** "If I don't get a spinoff, my ghost is going to kick Great Pikmin Fan's ass!" [[spoiler:Jimmy [=McGill=]/Saul Goodman]]
** "OW OW OW! STOP HUGGING ME! You're making a mistake, Jesse Pinkman! I am your problems! I am you! I. AM. METHAFETAMINE!" [[spoiler:Todd Alquist/[=NegaJesse=] ]]
** "THE EMPIRE WILL LIVE ON, WHETHER YOU WANT IT TO OR NOT! ...Oh wow, do Ireally sound like that? Oh shit. Sorry, family. Too bad I estimate based on my molecular chemisty that I am going to explode in ten seconds, otherwise I would make up for everything tha--" [[spoiler:Walter White/Heisenberg/Walter Black]]


!! OMG
* '''I''' don't "have" the slightest ''idea'' how to do this. .
** Hope it works

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->''"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Let's hear you scream for... Gladys Chucklebutty!"''

Gladys Chucklebutty is a farmer, magician and children entertainer from Scotland. Born 24th March 1973, started her job in 1996. She's part of Blackpool Magicians Club. While her looks are somewhat manly, she's definitely a woman.

Her true name is Donna Collins, since her Website/{{Facebook}} profile is called "Donna Collins (Gladys Chucklebutty)".

Links to her [[ website]], [[ Twitter]], both [[ Facebook]] [[ profiles]] and both [[ YouTube]] [[ channels]].
!!Gladys Chucklebutty provides examples of:
* ForHappiness: "i LOVE IT WHEN i MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY [[{{Emoticon}} :-D]]"
* GirlsLoveChocolate: On her fave food list, CHOCOLATE is written ''twice''.
* StageMagician: Suprisingly enough, she averts the stereotype part of this.
* {{Telepathy}}: The [[ Gladys Chucklebutty Magic Mind Reading]] act involves this.
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: She learned how to use a tractor when she was 5 years old, and a Combine Harvester when she was 7.
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Background: Brenda hails from ''WesternAnimation/PerfectHairForever'' and is fucking awesome. That's why she should be in Smash.

Brenda is one of the Six Sages and the second best of them behind [[ the Grand Lord himself.]] (Sorry Kamina, Alucard, Sheldon, and Rose fans.) Hank, however, cannot be in Smash -- at least not on the Switch installment -- and his glorious propane would melt the console at its current limitations. You'll need a quantum supercomputer in order to accurately represent Hank in a video game. Or just inaccurately represent him: ''Pro-pain'' is pretty good from what I hear.

According to some guy in purple, her name is Margaret. He "proves" this by showing a scroll of her naked and using her arms to cover herself. I bothered looking up Japanese characters and using some Google Translate-fu and it turns out the scroll reads "Supernude Brenda" so he's probably just full of shit.

* '''Neutral Special -- Action Hotdog Throw:''' Brenda tosses Action Hotdog from seemingly out of nowhere (it's the same place Peach keeps stuff), who kind of floats foreward as a slow projectile.
* '''Foreward Special -- :'''
* '''Up Special -- Just Hanging Around:''' A chandelier comes out of nowhere with a propeller on the top and she hangs on to it, ripping off Snake's recovery. This is based on the first episode.
* '''Down Special -- :'''
* '''Final Smash -- Forces of Nature:''' Brenda enters a medatative state and contacts Rod, the Anime God. Being hit will cancel the final smash. Otherwise, Rod will launch three giant fireballs at the nearest enemy and leave. Following this, Twisty/Terry will pop up on either end of the stage and act as a wind force sucking in the opponents while Norman

* '''Standard Attack:''' Sends a flurry of fast-moving strikes straight ahead.
* '''Foreward Tilt:''' Lifts a leg up like Peach's F-Tilt. Shoots opponents straight in to the air. For a split second, a word balloon will appear by her head reading "Pause the game and get a closer look you perverts ;)" in Japanese, as it is possible to look up her skirt and see her naval from here.
* '''Down Tilt:''' Whips a screaming Ganondorf out of nowhere and uses him as a bludgeon.
* '''Up Tilt:''' Gets on her hands and face and thrusts her ass up, dealing a lot of damage and likewise sending the enemy flying up. Can KO at 10%.
* '''Back Tilt:''' Brenda's special, so she (along with Hank, who does not need an explanation) gets a back tilt as well. In her case,
* '''Neutral Air:''' Does a flurry of slashes around her.
* '''Foreward Air:''' Aims her sword like a gun and fires, sending out another sword.
* '''Down Air:''' A copy of ZSS's, except instead of a kick, Brenda dives ass-downward. Can meteor smash.
* '''Back Air:''' Brenda just whistles and a bunch of those annoying fucking Bacera enemies from Smash Run come raining from the sky.
* '''Up Air:''' Copies Peach's old Up Air. Like her F Tilt, she taunts the player in Japanese to pause and look.
* '''Foreward Smash:''' Like Roy's Erruption, but it charges a lot faster, does not damage Brenda herself, and has a 10% chance of summoning Ho-oh, who functions exactly as the Pokeball counterpart.
* '''Down Smash:''' Brenda sits down with her legs spread out and [DATA EXPUNGED]
* '''Up Smash:''' Brenda tears open a hole in spacetime with her sword. What comes out depends on how long the smash attack has been held:
** '''Small Charge:''' Summons a random assistant trophy. To prevent getting bullshit like Nintendog, her options are limited to: Andross, Lyn, Sherrif, Dale Gribble, and Coiffio.
** '''Medium-ish Charge:''' Tears a hole in to Subspace, where Tabuu will do his Off-Waves attack.
** '''Full Charge:''' Bayonetta, Diddy Kong, and Cloud pre-nerf comes out and act as glorified assist trophies, aiding Brenda in battle.

* '''Up Taunt:''' "Juggles" her sword around through the tips of her index fingers in a complicated infinity sign. Like Luigi's down taunt, it does damage. In this case, it has high launching power and a 50% chance to instantly send an enemy flying at 999% damage.
* '''Side Taunt:''' Turns to the side with her butt out, shaking it and spanking it.
* '''Down Taunt:''' Brenda puts her sword on her back and flips off the enemy with both hands.

* '''Intro:''' A random character I don't like is standing there. Brenda dashes in at lightning speed and slices that character in half. Screw them. Whichever one the RNG picks.
* '''Victory 1:''' Brenda is seen getting something from a shelf while Uncle Grandfather oggles her. (Happens often I think.)
* '''Victory 2:''' Brenda is on a rotating platform holding a plate of burgers with her head down and her butt in the air. (Episode 5.)
* '''Victory 3:''' Doing the MarilynManeuver with a fan right below her. It's funny because her skirt never covers her in the first place, and this is no exception. (This is new.)
* '''Victory 4 (I know it's normally three victories but still):''' Laughs at you and brags about how her show got in before ''WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty''.
* '''Victory Theme:'''
* '''Defeat:''' Brenda's still clapping, but she's giving the winner of the match a death glare.

* '''Palettes (going by ''VideoGame/{{Terraria}}'' paint color names):''' She gets 16 instead of the usual 8 because bias: Default, green (hair, outfit, thong), yellow (same; applies to all colors until otherwise noted), blue, orange, purple, cyan, red, teal, violet, sky blue, ''rose'' pink (distinct from her default hair color), lime, black, white, and for the last one she's just completely naked (default pink hair) (this is true to canon she appears nude in the final episode).

'''Snake's Codec:'''

'''Palutena's Guidance:'''
-->'''Pit:''' ...Is that schoolgirl walking around in her underwear?\\
'''Palutena:''' That must be Brenda.\\
'''Palutena:''' You don't need to worry about her. She's just a harmless-- GAAAARRRGGHHHH ''(Dying noises)''\\
'''Pit:''' Palutena, do you copy? Palutena? PALUTENAAAAAA???!!\\
'''Brenda:''' Your goddess is dead, motherfucker. And you're next.

'''Hank's Alley Talk:'''
-->'''Hank:''' This under-dressed woman is ''fast!'' Bill! Any advice?\\


* StoppedReadingTooSoon: A flashback in Chapter 10 revealed that, just prior to the events of Chapter 6, Mable the Typomonster herself sent Mabel an e-mail calmly and collectively explaining the entire plot about the Seven Evil Inner-Demons. Mabel read Mable introducing herself as "all of your biggest issues personified," got offended, and deleted the e-mail. [[NotHyperbole (Mable wasn't exaggerating.)]] Thus, the Lust Devil was just a random MonsterOfTheWeek to her that harassed Soos and his harem, and when Teeth introduced himself as the Sloth Devil, she was left utterly confused.
* [[{{Polyamory}} This]] actually happens a lot in ''SBIG'':
** In ''KIDS FIT THE TROLLS'', at different points Sollux is described as being both Aradia and Feferi's boyfriend. No note is really made of this.
** Then there's ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'' and its LoveDodecahedron, which honestly deserves its own page. To give you an idea: It somehow manages to out-confuse canon's despite not even getting in to troll romance.
** ''The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' just about blows all of those examples out of the water. In Chapter 4, Soos "redeems" [=.GIFfany=] and they, along with Melody and Rumble, get in to a four-way relationship... and include all the various other [=.GIFfany=] copies out there. GPF kind of recycled this concept (minus Rumble, [[spoiler:directly anyway and at first]]) in ''Escape From Fanservice Island'' in a slightly more deconstructive manner, which can be found in its description there.\\
Oddly, the "harem" includes Professors Burnda and Burrda as well; in their debut of ''FanFic/RunGifocalypse'', their whole character arc is built on their player cheating on the two copies behind each-other's backs, and Burnda's words seem to imply that the copies are '''''very strictly monogamous, whether other real or virtual women are involved.''''' Dove within the fic tries to argue, treating the conversation ''[[LeaningOnTheFourthWall sort of]]'' like she's talking about the show itself (while Burnda ''[[MediumAwareness actually is]]'' talking about the show itself; Dove's debating skills are so good that she can out-cite someone who can flat-out break the fourth wall, while Dove herself does not), that [=.GIFfany=] canonically only got pissed at being dumped, and not at the possibility of other hookups. As usual for [=.GIFfany=], GPF deliberately made this ''way'' more complicated than necessary.
** ''[=SBIGlets=]'':
*** In ''Breaking Bad Presents: AMC's the Walking Meth'', Jesse is dating Jane and Andrea. At the same time.
(Things that aren't intentionally poorly written, except for ''Journals''.)
* ''Escape From Fanservice Island'' gives this a DeconReconSwitch in two different ways:
* Despite all of this, Fan takes good time to highlight the problems of an actual "harem" plot. The remade ''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'', ''Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff?'', and ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' all deconstruct the idea to different degrees. The final quarter of TDWTR is devoted to highlighting how absurd an UnwantedHarem plot, with all ''eight'' of the girls just deciding to be BetterAsFriends and with the relationship ending in [[MaybeEverAfter an open manner.]] Their LoveDodecahedron also ended up causing mass-alienation in-universe, with the popularity of Harold and the girls plummeting, [[BigBad Ezekiel]] soaring in popularity (by Chris, the viewers in-universe, and even '''the very contestants that he indirectly eliminated'''), and Chris going through hell and back to try to throw the game against them. In GWGAS, Jake becomes a HaremSeeker towards all the various Nepetas... except he fails to get a date with any of them horribly. Finally, JOWPAC

I looked back at that really old test review I wrote around 2013 and holy crap I, by complete accident, managed to call the "Heroes Vs Villains" season of ''Total Drama'' as being unpopular. I was just joking around and kinda being an asshole at the time. I had no idea it would... sort of be true with everyone hating that half-season.