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** Introduced in Arc 2
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[[folder:Just One More Moment]]

Trying not to make this long...

[[DethroningMoment/{{Homestuck}} Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals]]
** @/GreatPikminFan: Agreed. I had my doubts about Act 6 for a while, and this "time travel but better, also less consistent with the previous time travel and working in the way the plot wants it to" cemented it. The timeline that John traveled away from becoming "doomed" and its ghosts continuing to exist in the afterlife isn't even really fitting for something that's supposed to be "meta travel" and not "time travel." Having him question if that would be the case "because reasons" doesn't make it any better, it's the same kind of "if we point out our flaws we don't have to fix them" you'd see in something like ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''. And there wasn't any big downfall from this. I was hoping that some twist would arise from trying to do such a blatant "do over," which was the main reason why I kept reading after that. But there wasn't. Because everyone who already survived Act 5 ended up surviving to the end and all of the villains were ultimately defeated all thanks to the retcon, the whole endgame felt like a really shallow, hasty, and poorly-written ending that tried to win fans over with a long flashy fighting sequence followed by beautiful animation, as if those things (while they were good) alone are enough to re-invest emotional attatchment after such a clunky way of setting things right happened.


[[folder:guy with the ninja]]

(It's a [[StylisticSuck badfic,]] don't worry.)

* {{Angrish}}: This becomes Naruto's go-to language when he's getting his ass kicked. He sometimes spouts this in general whenever he's not completely happy, which is surprisingly often considering how he has about 90% of the world ''and rising'' to himself.
* AnyoneCanDie: Subverted. [[spoiler:For a ''SBIG'' installment, it's odd in that none of the "deaths" are ''permenant'' aside from Naruto's at the very end. (The one other actual death was a Thanatos Gambit intentionally undone via time travel.) Though various seemingly-central characters are ''mind controlled'' by him, several of which are taken in during the "Find the keys" arc that spans chapters 3-6.]]
* DecoyProtagonist: Naruto is not the main protagonist of the story. He's actually the BigBad. It's not that he's written as an intentionally unlikable jerk as Carl was in ''Ulumate Crconikals'', it's that the story shifts focus over to Sasuke (the ''actual'' protagonist) since it's really a take on making fun of overpowered harem fan fics.
* FullFrontalAssault: Naruto attempts to get Undyne off his back by tricking her into chasing him to a heated area. It works, and the armor makes her collapse. [[spoiler:Undyne, however, is so pissed off at what he did that she ''breaks out of it'' and charges at him completely naked. It works, and she manages to get a few hits in before he warps away]].
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: [[spoiler:Undyne attacking Naruto in the buff in chapter 3]], and Sasuke's RunningGag of not packing a swimsuit for the apocalypse. The first time the latter happens, Hank dresses him up in a Strickland Propane uniform.

!! Lol

* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation:
** Hank seems to be ''remarkably'' calm at the whole "world getting taken over in just a few hours" situation he and his survivor group are in.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter:
** The most common complaint of the story was that either the Hank's group/the "Sage Group"[[note]]Quotes because Rose Quartz never interacts with them and is only a cameo (which is bizarre considering the story's running gag of having character with pink hair completely kicking Naruto's ass; also, Sheldon does not join them until near the end)[[/note]] or the "Pink-Haired Panty Penta" would make for a more interesting group Sasuke was with than his own comerades (despite the fact that the latter do not appear as a group, most of them don't even know each-other, until the ending). Now, while a badfic where your stereotypical "harem overpowered Naruto" is treated as ''the defeatable BigBad'', you'd think Sasuke teaming up with the likes of Squidward Tentacles, Dave Strider, Harry Potter, and the Master Chief would make for some decent entertainment, right? ...Not with the way those four were categorized. This might be why Fan re-cycles the Sage setup often (in fact, because he gave himself a closer date to get the latter out than the former, the concept started in ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'' when it was intended to start here), and why he considered giving the PHPP a CrackFic "spinoff."
** Pretty much everyone not part of Sasuke's group, Hank's group, the PHPP, or Naruto [[spoiler:and his (figurative) Dragon Gerald]] isn't very important to the storyline. Which is weird considering the sheer amount of crossover for such a relatively short ''SBIG'' installment. Even Hinata, who is built up as being a crucial plot-turning character, ultimately doesn't do much other than [[spoiler:disable a few barriers and illusions, at a point in the story where it becomes trivial]]. [[InformedAbility Kind of makes you wonder why]] [[spoiler:Brenda took a hit for her]], since she later admits if it wasn't for that action, she might have actually won against Naruto and thwarted Stage One.

RG: Magic teleporting gravity-manipulating pink-haired character with dating sim-related origins is the main villain, trying to force her opponent to slip into what she percieves as an ultimate power fantasy for him brought to life. (The Special Ending version of) the battle was originally going to reference the final boss of the No-Mercy route from ''Undertale''.

ntgwtn: Magic teleporting gravity-manipulating pink-haired character with dating sim-related origins is the ultimate one that saves the day, trying to force her opponent out of an ultimate power fantasy for him brought to life. The battle references the final boss of the No-Mercy route from ''Undertale''.

Everything's upside-down.

Actually wait. Why the fuck do I abbreviate ''naruto the guy with the ninja'' as ntgwtn, while ''run:gifocalypse'' is the capitalized RG? I mean, they both have that AllLowercaseLetters thing going on.


[[folder:Number One on Top Ten Worst ''Gravity Falls'' Fan Fiction That Involves a Former Oneshot Villain Coming Back to Life and Amassing an Army of Two Million Copies to Take Over the World]]

[[OverlyNarrowSuperlative (For those that don't get the folder title joke.)]]

* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** The story was originally going to be shorter, darker, and more SurrealHorror-focused. Using what it ended up becoming as a base, all the chapters from "Dry and Wet" to "Hot and Cold" would all-but be merged into one as the gang tackles the domains in a sort of montague. The professors would hardly get any development aside from Dove and ''possibly'' Rose and the twins. The Illegal Prime Neutralizer was still somewhat thought of at the time, but it was a possibility that the other copies would be flat-out killed. The ending would have revealed that everything from around... the end of "Game Over" actually took place in a simulation. [=.GIFfany=] simply beamed Dipper and Mabel inside a computer, the final battle would have taken place right "inside the monitor" of the computer, and by the end it would show the real world -- Soos had effectively been brainwashed, nabbed the other copies, and they started a ''real'' invasion with Dipper and Mabel watching helplessly from inside the computer screen. It would end with an intentionally unresolved cliffhanger where Mabel considered summoning Bill to make a deal which would get them out. This was all scrapped for being too dark and [[ShootTheShaggyDog pointless]], though the "it was ''all'' a game all along" got a passing nod in chapter 6 when Bubbles remarks that that would be a stupid twist. "Game Complete" is the biggest reminant of that original plan.
** Back in aformentioned dark take, Dove's "State of Emergency" attack was supposed to blast both of the Americas high into the sky, leaving a crator of lava with a very slim chance of the Earth surviving had that not just been a simulation. Fan toned her down a little to "just" [[spoiler:sending Gravity Falls a few miles into the air]].
** ''All'' of the professors outside of Rose, Burrda, and possibly Dian were going to be very threatening, "attack unprovoked on sight"-levels of asshole with the story coming to the conclusion that it was best shutting them out of one's life. Kathody and Searah being genuinely malevolent are what remained of that, with Leona [[spoiler:and Sonia's surprise attack]] just being there for the sake of having more than two TokenEvilTeammate[=s=].
** Giffinium that was color-coded for each professor and could be created by any copy was not thought up until chapter 5, when Fan wanted a reasonable excuse for a building out by Niagara Falls when there wouldn't be one. The mentions that the Wires were set on cyllinders made of it was added retroactively. This is also why Searah is the only one of the first four with any sort of high-tech metal setting[[note]]This was passed off as Rose not being fond of metallic bases, Sandy hating technology outright (yes, the irony of this is pointed out), and Kathody being too lazy to craft something on her own and simply taking over some random abandoned house[[/note]].
** Dove was planned to be the one who [[spoiler:broke the Illegal Prime Neutralizer, setting all the copies free]], but GPF thought it would fit the theme of the story and be a more fitting end to a certain character arc if Dipper willingly did it instead, to ''spite'' Dove and prove her wrong.
** Dove herself was, hoo boy... basically, her original purpose was to be one gigantic middle finger at glorified {{tsundere}} characters that ended up being the primary love interest, not only with the violence turned UpToEleven and directed at an innocent town (or an innocent ''pair of continents'' in the earliest plans) but with the story going through great lengths to establish her as [[HateSink a terrible person that deserves a smack on the face.]] Eventually, as Fan moved away from the story being a heavy black-and-white morality fic, saw LetsPlay/{{Markiplier}}'s playthrough of ''VideoGame/HuniePop'' and noticed how that handled its foul-mouthed asshole character, and gained interest in flipping around what he thought was a common was of writing JerkassWoobie characters (which ''started'' with them appearing to be an asshole, but ''then'' revealed sympathetic traits. Some foreshadowing of her being unpleasant aside, Dove was first truly discussed in length when explaining her backstory, which is one kick to her after another. But then it's revealed exactly ''how'' she responded from the backstory, and...), and made her a bit more of a complicated LoveToHate character. She still remained a [[TakeThat dig]] of sorts, except at poorly written redemption storylines. (In her words [[spoiler:after [=.GIFfany=] "fires" her]], "Sooooo is this the part where I just start doing cute stuff and come off as harmless and you'll all suddenly start finding me {{adorkable}} now?" She gets punched by Stan in response.)
** The story was going to end with a DistantFinale, focused on Dipper and Mabel each having long since married (with people who have not been seen before, basically removing any actual stance on shipping) and taking their kids around as part of a traditional "pranking tourist traps" road trip seen in canon. The copies would have been revealed to have turned Mystery Mountain into a sort of amusement park that functioned as a mini-[[spoiler:Planet Negation Girl]]. This was as the aformentioned hyper-fortress would have been destroyed in the final battle. Fan scrapped the DistantFinale part after "Weirdmageddon 3," feeling if canon didn't have a TimeSkip to the distant future, it would come off as really cheesy if ''Gifocalypse'' did. He later thought that [[spoiler:destroying the PNG outright]] would go against one of the story's few actual aesops about not inherantly rejecting the unfamiliar or shake-ups to tradition, and wanted to write the fort as an in-universe "good idea for humanity over all, but it's used for the wrong thing."
** For another thing that was scrapped thanks to the finale, the mecha used to combat [[spoiler:Dove's possession of the alien spacecraft]] was going to be something made of various parts of the town associated with the professors, where they possessed them and made them into a collage of a mecha. (IE Rose would possess trees from the forest, Kathody would enlist Ma and Pa's help, Searah would possess part of the lake, etc.) Since the finale had ''its own'' mecha, Fan did not want the story to come off as making the [=.GIFfany=] copies out to be the "real heroes," making something beneficial when there's a canonical counterpart, and come off as being very {{Black Hole Sue}}ish. So he had [[spoiler:the town create the Shackatron in one of the fic's few In Spite of a Nail moments]] instead. [[spoiler:Although the copies end up hijacking their own mechas anyway, and "fusing" those with the Shackatron in a Unite Morph-y way. Make of that what you will.]]
** "Game Complete" was going to tie the story in with Fan's ''MUGEN'' continuity, and end with '''Cheaper Edd''' making an appearance after [[spoiler:[=.GIFfany=] wipes out Earth]], inviting her to join his army. Since he felt it was unlikely Cheaper Edd would even be released, he canned that, and stuck with that choice after thinking that said ending would come out of nowhere and completely ruin the chapter's tone. Not to mention it would imply that "Game Complete" was in any capacity canon in some way, which is what Fan did not want to do.
** As the final area is based on World Bowser from ''VideoGame/SuperMario3DWorld'', Fan wanted there to be about two points where [=.GIFfany=] would directly send a "piece" of the Construction Site out as a sort of FinalBossPreview (except with the final ''setting'' instead), containing a unique "boss fight." As GPF worked on the story, he... simply couldn't find any good place to put them, and partway around writing Arc 2, he scrapped the concept completely.
** Earlier on in the story, Burnda was planned to secretly be a massive ass and end up kidnapping Stan and Ford to use as prizes for her "reality show," exactly as she asked [=.GIFfany=]. Again, keeping in line with Fan wanting to give the copies character development and tone down their evil moments, that part was explained as her trying to half-ass justify taking both of those twins to her domain... and trying to convince her by making it ''sound'' like a dickish plan.
** Fan decided roughly half-way into the story that the copies should have something in their hair as a short-hand sign of rank. Risen-[=.GIFfany=], the unofficial "leader," gets to keep her enormous cable-bow. Before he came up with the idea, Rose (the flower) and the twins (odango HairDecs directly modeled off of Brenda's) were the only ones with anything in their hair. When he published chapter 7, he changed things around so that most professors had a sort of clip or pin related to their "element." (Kathody having a little ghost, Searah with a water drop-shaped hair bow, Cardia's was the "X" that Fan uses as a short-hand symbol for meat and darkness, etc.) Then he thought about it making more sense if they had some kind of full-blown "sample" of their elements somehow within their hair the whole time, to match up with Rose's flower and Bubbles having suds in there. This is what led to some unusual choices, like
** Gideon was planned to be a re-occuring antagonist that would pop up, fight the group solo possibly using some tech from Dove, and overall play a role similar to Prince Vorkken from ''VideoGame/TheWonderful101''. He was also planned to KO a professor before the group got to her, much like Vorkken outright killing one of the GEATHJERK officers. While this was all scrapped, his appearance as the secondary antagonist of chapters 8 and 12 as well as him bopping an AI in each of them in the head are what remained of that.
* WordOfGod:
** Any "glitch effects" applied on nature will be corrected in a few hours. While the blood from her fall will stay on the cliffside, [=.GIFfany=]'s "liquid static" that dropped from the flashback had already turned into pure, harmless, not-weird energy. While distortions in anything "heal up" until they no longer exist. As explicitely stated by Shannon, the Mirror Factory is not doomed to become a permenant glitched-up mess.
** Professor Rose had the most followers (though if you count Burnda and Burrda's groups as one, then they have the most followers), while Professor Dove had the least (but her's is still in the tens of thousands). And this was ''before'' the latter started firing them.
** No, Wendy is ''not'' related to the [=.GIFfany=] army like she was in ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage''.
** The black magic bodies ''definitely'' did not "make the copies think in a more human-like way" (though that was an older plan) and ''probably'' did not hold as much impact on the storyline as one author's note implied. He admits that RuleOfCool and AuthorAppeal was partly into play for why they're physical, and not even made of pixels like Rumble was. He also stated that this would make the story "feel more interesting" despite going against the whole point of [=.GIFfany=]'s design, and speaking of which he thought of contrasting this all by having Risen-[=.GIFfany=] spend most of her spotlight once Soos '''finally''' gets to the PNG as only appearing through electronics, and not in-person until he breaks into where she is.
** This is ''not'' a "doomed timeline" to canon, and "Game Complete" is ''not'' a "doomed timeline" to ''[=RunGif=]''.
** Ron really was an idiot that got himself killed, he actually did not get "transported out of the meta and is now really important." Furthermore, Fan states that should he have existed in canon he would have died during Weirdmageddon while trying to save Dipper (getting eaten by 8-Ball and Teeth in the process[[note]]Doubly ironic considering Ron is a TakeThat as ''Homestuck''[='=]s lead, and said comic's BigBad has billiard eyes similar to 8-Ball[[/note]]) and even if neither Weirdmageddon nor Dove's invasion were to happen Ron "would have very likely found a stupid way to die thinking he's the main hero before Dipper and Mabel leave their summer vacation."
** If a Wire is destroyed, attempting to travel through it will result in the key card sending you a bubble... however, after getting to the center of the linking network, it will belt out an error message and the bubble will pop, sending anyone in it flying below. What happens next was already depicted in the end of "State of Emergency" and the beginning of "Game Over."
* WorkingTitle:
** Chapter 4 was nearly called "The Grand Entrance" until right up around its publishing, before Fan thought at the last second that "Getting Grand" would make more ''relative'' sense.
** Chapter 10 went through a doozy. First it was "Green With Yandere," then he decided to opt for the more "subtle" "Green With Crazy," then Fan struggled with the title for a little before he finally settled on "Green With Lust."

* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou:
** From chapter 10, while ultimately harmless, [[spoiler:the glitched copies are basically [=.GIFfany=]'s starting disfigured state in the story, but made worse, and with their minds rotted from mirror use and withdrawl. Glitches have... well, glitchy appearances, and (possibly) unlike pre-healing [=.GIFfany=] they can also (temporarly) glitch out anything around them. This includes the narrative itself, as it will become infested with intentional mispellings and [=gibberisAHDSFYRRh=] crammed in, whule stttill [=reZZZIGHQUOIUmaining=] readable ble.]]
** Double-take worthy, but towards the end of the story, [[spoiler:the fic enters first person at times when it would be referring to [=.GIFfany=]. This might come off as an error at first, but then you notice it's being done consistently. And it only happens when I am especially angry. Keep in mind that she basically has free access to other dimensions for 90% of the story.]]

!! Freezer, Not Fridge (That even I didn't think about at first)

* Consider how the copies made their domains based on their player's interests. Now factor in the huge amount of {{Stripperiffic}} copies in virtually each domain except Sonia's. Basically, [[{{Squick}} the plot of the story is that Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, and Soos travel from one washed-down]] [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids (barely)]] sex fantasy of a dating sim-player brought to life after another. With Dove's domain as the sole exception, since she's designing off of her own interests in destruction and human-hating.
* The main gang has very little privacy throughout most of the story. Being stalked by Dove and the obvious Bill-watching-over-them aside, it's implied in chapters 7 and 8 that ''Gideon'' is also spying on the group, and of course the Halloween Trickster spends chapter 3 onward hunting them down, only being late to find them because of the domains being all over the place.


-->'''Soos:''' You're a lot more [=PG-13=]-y than I last remembered.

My "secret" is that I kind of went into a different sort of direction and atmosphere for chapters 3-11, and to some extent 2 and 12. Chapter 13 (and to an extent 12) was kind of supposed to have that "Oh shit, this was supposed to be a ''Gravity Falls'' fan fic, I almost forgot" except on purpose. So, when the style of humor starts to kinda fall more in-line with the canonical show and a canonical villain re-takes the spotlight as the focused antagonist, the sudden up in sexual-related humor and events (and the naked anime video game ladies, dear ''god'' the naked anime video game ladies) comes off as '''especially''' jarring. I wanted to have an "I know Gravity Falls gets lots of Carp Past the Radar [sic] but ''come on''" reaction, and I felt that the only real way to get that across is by trying to tonally have this be as close to the original show as possible. Nobody really cares if it's just some outright X-rated fic, but something that looks like it's going closer in line with canon is a better way to catch people off guard.


* IntentionallyAwkwardTitle:
** Let's be honest here. Would you want to read something called ''The Quest for Rainbowbutt Island''?
** Chapter 9 of ''Housestuck: The Split'' is called [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls "Pine]][[IncestYayShipping cest."]] There isn't any actual Pinecest in it, it's just there as sort-of clickbait, [[spoiler:although it is a crossover with ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'', a Stylistic Suck ''Gravity Falls'' fic by the same author. And for plot reasons, said crossover lasts until the end of the story, though Dipper and Mabel's roles are bigger here]].
* NonIndicativeName:
** ''Sheldin and Lenard Tock About Fysicks'' has very little discussion on physics. It's primarly a StylisticSuck GamingWebcomic parody, but there's also a lot of adventures involving comic books, flirting, fighting crime, going after supernatural characters, etc... the one time where anything ''remotely'' related to actual, at-work science (and not what's basically science fiction-fantasy, like Sheldon using the "Large Hardon Collider" to bring Homer Simpson to life) is when Leonard [[spoiler:tests out a laser that ultimately slices him in half.]]


What about the Pink-haired Panty Penta? That sounds like a good group name for them.

2004, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015

Well, on one hand, one of his CrackFic[=s=] literally has Mabel as the Devil. On the other hand, that was a sort of Ned Flanders "the last person you would expect" joke, and also she acts fairly in-character even as the new ruler of Hell and is really relaxed.


* FrenchJerk: He's a French stereotype, and a pretty large asshole, leading the group that attacks Sonic and company. [[spoiler:As he is really Metal Silver, who speaks in a completely different accent, the whole "French" thing doesn't make much sense. Then again, neither does most of the series.]]

[[VideoGame/SuperMarioMaker Slopes, Water, and Lava: The Holy Tile Trinity.]]

This is probably related to some trope or something. WatchItForTheMeme? JustHereForGodzilla? Maybe just tack that into BestKnownForTheFanservice?
* ???: Some have admitted that they watched the show mainly just for Brenda.

[[spoiler:Tropers/{{aflockofpigeons}}]] was here.


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[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see him present day.]][[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/su_marty.png]][[/labelnote]]]]

* {{Justified|Trope}} in OfA, since blahblahblah. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] in OfA, since blahblahblah.
* {{Wiki word}}s. The s is outside the brackets. {{Wiki|Word}} with a vertical bar between Wiki and Word.

Let's say you like to {{kick the dog}}s you find in the street. It may seem forced at first, but it's {{justified|Trope}} because this is a case of KickTheSonOfABitch. Just kidding just trying out {{ }} and | .

A naked plant-fairy Hank Hill who was seemingly a reincarnated Homer Simpson but actually was Hank just cursed at birth performs a Giga Drill Break on something lifted straight from ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'', which results in a 41-year old anime schoolgirl parody (who looks younger) and a comic book-loving physicist gaining Kamina shades and a giant mecha that looks like a Hank Hill Mii which is used to blow up a giant deathship that Eric Cartman had control over in revenge for a bunch of half-naked trolls disobeying his order for them to give him a tank.