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!!''Test formatting'' contains examples of:

* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: Subverted.
--> "We here at Sandbox Wiki Headquarters produce sand, boxes, and most importantly, affordable condos!"
-->-- '''Someone'''
* DependingOnTheWriter

* THAT'S how you make folders!
** Good to know.


* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: The first three forms are color-coded, which can be seen in its image above: Master Giant is purple-blue, Master Beast is orange, and Master Edges are yellow. They each have a strange substance of that color around or inside them during that form. Master Shadow is just dark all-around, and Master Fortress uses a variety of colors.
* PaletteSwap: The Master Shadow phrase is actually the same model and palette of the player character, only darkened considerably yet not completely pitch-black. The same applies for when it copies Mii Fighters.

!! Not Core:

Does anybody know where the page image came from? I've seen the whole series and the Anti-Spiral never once looked that... distorded or disturbing (which is saying a lot, frankly), and it's not one of the card splashes between the commercial breaks either (in fact, Anti-Spiral never appeared in any of them). Was this from the movie?


[[folder:More MUGEN, More Time]]

!! Glass of Water

* ColorCodedCharacters: A very light gray, occasionally blue. Based on... glass itself, sort of.
* JokeCharacter: Can't attack or even ''move'' and dies in one hit.

!! Earl Earl Earlson of Earlson, AKA Tagger

* ColorCodedCharacters: Lime green, based on the shirt of his default palette.
* GlassCannon: His life stat is ''pathetic''. It's half of a regular fighter's life, but with mechanics like ''MUGEN''[='=]s, this is an absolutely huge difference not helped by his slightly lower defense and how he automatically takes block damage even if the original attack isn't supposed to hurt when guarded against. However, his Tag Spam is more-or-less a OneHitKill.
* PrettyBoy: What he looks like under his gas mask, which is revealed in one of his victory animations.
* {{Shapeshifting}}: Downplayed. He ''inexplicably'' has the power to morph into an... oval... like... thing instead of crouching. But it's still his basic shape, pancaked.
* {{Troll}}: A mild one, but he still intentionally attempts to annoy as many people as possible by basically shoving his "videoes" for everyone to see.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: White on his default palette (even though he's a teenager), and appropriately shaped like a baseball cap when viewed at certain angles.

!! Template Man/Ralph

->''"git gud."''

* AllThereInTheManual: His readme gives the offhand mention that his real name is Ralph. At no point in-game is this revealed.
* ButtMonkey: [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alu]][[FanFic/HecksingUlumateCrconikals card.]] In all special variants of the intro, he's ran over by Template Man himself (vs Cheaper Edd), set on fire (vs Hank), gets paint that's possibly ''highly toxic'' (not that it matters to him though) sprayed on him (vs Tagger), cut in half (vs Brenda, but he recovers), and being attacked by pissed off dogs (vs Sheldon).
* ColorCodedCharacters: Gray, once again based on his default palette.
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: He has a spell called "the illusion" which changes the color of the stage depending on his and the opponent's stats. It becomes pitch-black normally, with red added depending on his opponent's HP, blue for his own HP, and green for his power. At the start of a match, if his enemy has enough health as him, it will be purple, then get redder the more damage he takes, and bluer the more damage he deals (or, more accurately, it's ''removing'' the red and blue values). If he's in the lead it can range from pure blue to cyan depending on his power, and losing likewise has the stage turn red or orange or yellow. When the life of the fighters are about even, the stage can be purple, gray, or various greens, depending on the exact life and power involved. He says this is a quick way to keep a "visual check on his health and how much left he has to go." But in reality it's just him trying to mess with the opponent.
* ConfusionFu: This guy is a complete and utter MindScrew. His dodges involve transforming into [[VideoGame/LesterTheUnlikely Lester]], his back hop is him getting a rocket out of nowhere... and this isn't even getting into his hypers. One of which is a randomly generated "roulette" that could, at times, even just give a giant image of him saying "git gud." (Telling this to ''himself''.)
* TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything:
** His (main, and highest-chance) intro involves the Six Sages in the GPF continuity trying to "summon" him (though all it really takes is anyone mentioning Starbucks when he's within earshot). He has specific variants when up against one of them, be it Fan's own Hank, Brenda, Cheaper Edd (who is technically half-Kamina: The intro involves Captain Falcon forefully fusing with Kamina by yanking him away from the summoning circle). He also has intros against the existing Alucard and any Sheldon Cooper, and just in case someone makes a Kamina or Rose Quartz character, Temps comes with intros ready for ''them'' too.
** When the roulette lands on the Nepeta attack while against Nepeta herself (or if she's teamed up with him), it's reskinned as Temp's own hummer.
** Similarly, the Shrek option just doesn't work when used against Shrek. Instead, the icon Xes itself out and a buzz sound plays. Though seeing as the only-known existing versions of Shrek are not that difficult themselves, this is hardly a major concern.
** You ''can'' use the Shrek attack against Cheaper Edd even though it involves Alucard, who is lying down on the floor since Temps ran him over. And Kamina, who is technically forefully fused with Falcon into Cheaper Edd. But ''both'' of them are replaced by [[MemeticMutation Jake from State Farm.]]
** If a second Template Man uses the Hank Hill Mii Mecha move while a first one is already using it, instead of two Hanks both going through the first person mechanic, the second one will drop down in a third-person POV. Both mecha-hypers will last longer than usual and can only be harmed by eachother, and basically the game turns into a simplified ''VideoGame/PunchOut'' when it comes to the two Template Men.
* DifficultButAwesome: All of his hypers may ''look'' overpowered, but they all have a lot of drawbacks. The defensive variation of "The Booty" does fairly weak damage unless it's done in an extremely awkward manner that involves jumping over the opponent and activating it ''just'' before hitting the ground. The offensive version drains all 3000 of his power and if blocked, it ''heals''. The roulette is luck-based, and not only is there a chance that it just might not work (the Cranky Kong result, which does nothing), but most of the attacks need Temps to place the opponent in front of the wheel[[labelnote:Specifics]]The Nepeta attack (either variation) is unblockable and spawns by the edge of the screen but it's pretty average. The Simon-drill attack is hard to avoid, but it does ''pathetic'' damage and it's more of a move intended to get an enemy off of your back. Both the Kung Fu Man ghost move and the Shrek/Sage combo require putting the enemy in front first, and to a lesser extent this also applies to the Peter Army Temporary. The Mushroom heals, but not by too much, and chances are if the healing is needed then you're fighting too tough of an opponent anyway. This leaves the Hank-propane explosion, which takes even longer to activate since in addition to the "blinking" the icon also transforms into a harmless propane tank, and the range is the shortest of all attacks[[/labelnote]]. The Hank Hill Mii Mecha takes a ''very'' long time to start, and during that time Temps is completely vulnerable.
* EvilCounterpart: To Kung Fu Man. ''Maybe''.
* EyesAlwaysShut: Subverted, unlike the original Kung Fu Man. He has an EyeTake when doing his strongest hyper. But that's only because he does hat in reaction to getting very bad diarreah.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation:
** The Mark of Template supposedly lets him tap into powerful guardian figures and call for their assistance, as well as use the power for good (as the previous holder was turned to stone for mis-using his power, then killed when he transfered it over to Temps himself). In actuality, it doesn't seem to do much by itself save for one very unimpressive attack on a timer, and most of Template Man's original hypers seem to come from his more inexplicable moves. There's also how the last guy was frozen because of power misuse, and Temps isn't quite being a criminal with the powers, but he is a huge jackass. This in itself counts too since the readme emphasizes that he's a heroic figure complete with his own theme song.
** The reason why Peter Griffins keep coming over to run over the opponents is because he managed to call the "Peter Army" because of the enemy's threat level. This does not explain why 1: Bonus Games (like Break the Targets) summon the army, since it's usually impossible to even get hurt by them, and 2: one of his Roulette hypers is Peter, and the icon itself seems to transform into a clone. Supposedly the latter is explained as a clone warping there out of his own will, and he's only running because he wants to get back home.
** More blatantly is how his Illusion supposedly stuns the enemy. This is more blatant as the readme outright states it doesn't do this in-game.
* IdenticalStranger: Even before the transformation, he and Kung Fu Man are two different people. The readme backstory says he was like any other ''aside from'' his eerie resemblance to Kung Fu Man.
* InterfaceScrew: Downplayed. He makes the stage change colors as long as he is still standing.
* {{Jerkass}}: He seems to be ''incredibly'' rude. He often tells people to "git gud" (in at least four different ways), transforms into Bart Simpson mooning the opponent, his taunt is morphing into a giant Hank Hill telling the opponent that they're a "LOSER!" and all-around acts very, ''very'' unpleasant. Oh, and he clutters the stage with still images of some sort in all his victories. And when against Cheaper Edd he runs over Alucard without really carring much.
* LethalJokeCharacter: Has odd mechanics, odd movements, and his taunt gives him an extremely large hitbox, as well as how he's openly admitted to be a "testing" character made with no standards at all. Yet proper use of him can still have him kicking ass. And this isn't getting into his anti-cheap mode, where he'll happily mow over anyone either A: Out of a set list, B: With high enough health, or C: Who deals a 999+ damage combo on him.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny:
** The entirety of his "Aw yeah" intro, his one timer-run striker (marked by the battery gauge), and the "dance party" ending. (Another set of) expies of the 360 pretty much in the nude.
** If you get a perfect win as him (or, actually, just finish a match where he has 1000 health or higher (the latter is impossible without modifying the character as 1000 is his health {{cap}})), he'll spam the screen with Hank Hill images until the next round/match. One of these images is of his bare, withered ass.
** The "leo sign" result in his "roulette spin" move, wherein an army of streaking Nepetas of different blood colors come rushing over, knocking the opponent through the air via a ''very'' forceful push. The attack is an expy of Cheaper Edd's "Homestuck Brigade," and ''that'' is an expy of Ed's Edd summoning. [[spoiler:Normally, this is just twelve -- the "canonical" hemospectrum colors excluding mutations (reflected by the colors of the censor bars), but rarely a larger version with ''far'' more bloodswap clones will rush through. Same principle though, it's just that this one is harder to dodge]].
* NightmareFace: His Midnight Bliss. It ''starts'' out regular with him turning into Brenda from ''Perfect Hair Forever'' (one of the "Sages," along with Hank, Sheldon Cooper, Kamina, Alucard, and Rose Quartz) but instead of getting "drained" he/she turns into a distorted, glitchy Sheldon Cooper head. Then the infamous "Happy Hank" meme. While a bigger, gold-tinted one flies at your face not unlike Golden Freddy in ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys2''.
* PaletteSwap: None of his twelve default palettes are the same as any of KFM's, though KFM's can still be loaded in as "extras" and are even listed in the extra palette list. Played straighter in how he supposedly has a blue "T" on his forehead, but it does not show up on his in-game sprites.
* PowerupLetdown: In his roulette attack, there's a chance that one of the results is a picture of Cranky Kong, who just turns into a giant Template Man figure or something saying "git gud" while a fart sound plays. There's no special effect or attack for this.
* ReferenceOverdosed: Let's just say that he includes a lot of references and leave it at that. ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' unquestionably dominates the representation, but there's also some nods to ''Series/{{Dexter}}'', ''VideoGame/TheWonderful101'', ''WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory'', and even ''VideoGame/LesterTheUnlikely'', among many, many others.
* ShoutOut: Oh ''boy''.
** "I'm just gonna play [[VideoGame/TheWonderful101 the Wonderful 10]][[NintendoHard git gud]]"
** "Cranky's Advice: git gud" is an actual meme, mostly now known for being used in a certain ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys'' fan RPG series.
** One of his victories involves going to Starbucks. While there, there's a chance he can meet:
*** [[WebAnimation/SonicZombie A jerkass version of Sonic the Hedgehog who mentions that he just got through a long and nasty zombie outbreak.]]
*** [[Videogame/FiveNightsAtFuckboys A text-to-speech voiced Golden Freddy that mentions having to battle through cameras because his ex-friend from the past was trying to bring back a terrible child from the dead.]]
* StuffBlowingUp:
** The Hank Hill Roulette result, which turns into a propane tank. That explodes shortly after.
** One of his victories is him running away while "Directed by Michael Bay" appears on the screen. A few seconds later, several explosion images cover the screen.
* ThisIsADrill: The [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann "Simon"]] attack spawns a number of (rather weak) drills that fly from offscreen.
* ToiletHumor: He gets diarrhea in one of his victories.

!! Cheaper Edd

->''"Are you surprised that I won? What did you expect?! I have cheap in my name!"''

An edit of [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Edd]] designed to be a boss-like character.

The reason why he's Cheap''er'' Edd is because the author found that this original "base" Edd was cheap enough as-is, with an automatic guard and a wagon hyper that left him invincible.

* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Apart from his Edd-based palette, some of his other brown skin-shades palettes, and ''maybe'' the default "yellow shirt" palette, pretty much all of his alternate colors involve some technicolor skin. Going by the defaults and starting on his third one, there's dark jade green, pitch-black with a neon green outline, dark red, dark blue, his normal palette with the colors inverted, dark gray, dark purple, teal, gray (actually a graywashed version of the default palette), and a blank-white base that gradually changes colors.
* BerserkButton:
** He apparantly detests invincible fighters and one-hit-killers. He outright refuses to fight the former (he shakes his head at the start of the match, walks back offscreen, and crashes the game shortly after) and attempting to do the latter on him ''heals'' him. With the one exception being Cheaper Edd's own instant-kill attack. (Which "supposedly" makes it fair and more of a "boss move" because it's highly telegraphed, easy to dodge, and he can only activate it if he lets his power meter completely fill, which is rare since he likes using it on other hypers more.)
** WordOfGod says that he's about as squeamish as the canonical Double D. So he doesn't like screamer-related characters either.
* {{Buff}}: Of another Edd. He was also designed with the challenge to never make any trait of the original Edd ''weaker'' than said character's regular move.
* CaffeineBulletTime: He's like this ''constantly''. He's the fastest of Great Pikmin Fan's characters, and he loves drinking Red Bull -- which either boosts up 5000 of his power (regular) or 7000 (Red Bull X).
* ColorCodedCharacters: Orange when it comes to GPF's listing, mainly thanks to his default palette and the Kamina shades of the same color.
* CoolShades: None other than Kamina shades! Following in with the palette limitations (sort of), they're the same color as his shirt, meaning the default palette gets the iconic orange sunglasses. He dons them for his victory, his portrait and character select icon have them on (to discern them from Normal Edd/Cheap Edd), and in the arcade endings of GPF's other characters, he's seen lying down with the shades not too far from him.
* TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything:
** Afraid of playing as 2 Cheaper Edds on one team, and one Striker Gauge being behind another? That's what the tabs at the top are for. They will stick up behind the other gauge, which is why they stick up from different places depending on what striker is picked.
** His Giffany attack ''cannot'' be dodged[[note]]Unless you move a ''sufficient'' distance away from te attack's origin spot[[/note]]. It was originally an accident, but Fan liked the idea of characters doing a dodge just to get hit since the move lingered, and thus made it happen via leaving behind "static residue."
** He is specifically coded to ''not'' be immune to his own Shun Goku Satsu.
* EnergyBeings: Supposedly "made of 101% energy, 49% [[StrongFleshWeakSteel ultra-tough skin]]." This is... ''supposed'' to explain his very high power gauge and how drinking Red Bull fills it past what would be the {{Cap}} for most other fighters.
* FinalBoss: He's genuinely intended to be the final boss of Fan's arcade run. ''All'' of his characters (except Glass of Water, the Homer Army, and Nude Bart Skateboarding, but [[MirrorMatch including Cheaper Edd himself]] (and these are all since the characters are ''especially'' StylisticSuck)) have their arcade mode ending cutscenes start out with the character standing over a knocked out Cheaper Edd in Final D-ED-stination.
* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou:
** Try to make an invincible character fight him and he'll intentionally crash your game instead, giving you a message about "what it means to be cheap."
** It's implied that the Giffany striker is her possessing your own computer. If left alone for long enough, her "striker icon" briefly glitches out for a split-second. No other striker icon does this. You can also see Giffany's face appear as one of the "results" in Template Man's roulette attack, even though it never lands on her (in fact, there isn't even a "flashing" animation as these is with the other results, meaning that landing on her isn't even ''planned.'') There's also how she appears ''in-person'' in the game when her original powers only involved appearing within electronics. Your computer is an electronic.
** Some of his victory quotes are unambiguously, directly addressed at the player. Very few of GPF's other oddball characters have this apply to them.
* TheFriendNobodyLikes: Giffany. Cheaper Edd's readme states that she's not an actual/official ally of his, just stalks him around. But he tolerates that because she helps gets rid of other stalkers.
* FusionDance: One of the ways he can be created is by fusing two "manly souls" like Kamina and Captain Falcon. This is one of his intros, and gets referenced a lot.
* HopeSpot: Thought his ''Mis-Edventures'' hyper was just a regular "summons the other two Eds to do some mild damage" move that actually looks weaker than most of his moves? The music suddenly cutting out, Cheaper Edd ''gliding'' to the opponent, and the infamous Shun Goku Satsu "growl" playing right afterwards would convince you otherwise.
* HumanoidAbomination: A much more benign and honorable one than usual, but just because he only fights those who pick fights with him does not mean that he isn't some EnergyBeing with TooManyHalves that has multiple methods of being created and as a result can't really properly be killed ''maybe''. Or that he's aware of the fourth wall.
* HypocriticalHumor: He hates insta-kills. One of his strongest hypers is an insta-kill[[note]]Downplayed in that there's a pretty big difference between the "usual" cheap character instant-kill and Cheaper Edd's Shun Goku Satsu. The latter gives you very sufficient warning in advance and you can prepare for it because activating it requires all of his 10000 power to be full, meaning that you don't have to worry about it so long as it's empty. Most other instant kill moves by intentionally cheap characters, like Omega Tom Hank's Hooch Bomb or Rare Akuma's own Shun Goku Satsu, can be activated at almost any time, are essentially impossible to avoid, and [[/note]].
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Just what kind of omnipotent entity uses a ''wrench'' for his main weapon? There's also the infamous "Gurren Wagon," which is a wagon that temporarly leaves its user invincible.
* MetalSlime: Ho boy, his strikers also come in X versions. For each striker, there's a 1-in-3-chance that their X counterpart will spawn (basically normal strikers are twice as likely to spawn as X versions). And they each have ''nasty'' added effects, in addition to golden borders to their icons instead of the usual white:
** Ed X: Larger grabbing range, spin-attack leaves additional fire that burns on the enemy some time after.
** Eddy X: Shoots out the Ray of Riches in ''five'' different directions, pretty much forcing you to block.
** Hank Hill Smoking X: Spawns two Hank images that also move far faster. They deal more damage, too.
** Diablo X: Insta-kills the opponent if they have less than 500 health. If not, reduces their health to 1.
** Giffany X: In addition to the shock attack, she also follows it up with an unblockable pound on the stage, which must be dodged.
** Red Bull X: Gives him 7000 power instead of 5000.
* PunnyName: His own name, as well as "Gurren Wagon."[[note]][[DontExplainTheJoke Gurren Lagann is very powerful and very hard to destroy, while "Wagon" rhymes with "Lagann" (one pronounciation, anyway) and it's... well, a wagon.]][[/note]]
* RealityWarper: According to his readme, he creates an infinite number of alternate dimensions, and this is NotHyperbole. He can warp people around between any of them, which is what his Shun Goku Satsu is. He also holds a wagon that lets him become invincible, can summon a series of flying wagons out of nowhere, spawn colossal drills, and have other overpowered skills.
* SuperMovePortraitAttack: His "''Mis-Edventures'' hyper parodies this, doing an ''Ed, Edd n' Eddy''-related portrait cut.
* TestosteronePoisoning: He's made up of Kamina and Captain Falcon... [[MultipleChoicePast sort of.]] ''Even when hit by the Midnight Bliss'', he turns into a slightly peeved Kamina instead of a female version of himself. This is supposedly because the Bliss seperates them back (as it does to Hsien-Ko), and Falcon without manliness is basically thin air, while Kamina is just plain unaffected. Period.


[[folder:Cattite Space Pirates]]

A collection of 360 space-pirates, each from different alien races and all of them with clear cat-like inspired traits. Despite having worked under TROLLJERK for some time, they did not target Earth in particular until Earth Defense Wars III and IV, and before then wandered around other planets and swiping up new members.

!! General

* AdaptationalVillainy: [[spoiler:Subverted, unlike most of the other trolls. They're not full antagonists (well neither are most of the trolls since they have revenge-related motivations) -- Nepeta was brainwashed and the others were threatened to work under her via attack satelites over their home planets]].
* AllThereInTheManual: Apparantly the one that has [[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} Felicia]]-like appearance traits is their third-in-command. This is not mentioned at all in-story or even implied. The files that include this detail also involve a lot of information on the other Cattites.
* BadassCape: They gain capes '''made out of color-coded fire''' in Omega/Delta Form.
* CatGirl: All of them ultimately have mild-to-high feline traits. In some cases their entire species are like that. In others, like Nepeta's own, they're just "extra cat-like" for their race's standards.
* CoolShip: The Hemrit, which despite its odd name has a chimera-looking design and yellow-orange TronLines.
* {{Expy}}: Twelve of them are expies of the previous Nepeta bloodswaps, and they, Nepeta herself, Meulin, and the Felicia-looking member make up the initial fifteen that encounters the Bits in Operation 001.
* MeaningfulName: "Cattite" is obvious. The ship's name, Hemrit, is a bit more complicated. It's a corruption of "Helmet." "Homer" can be the name of a helmet maker. [[spoiler:This is a nod to a very bizarre plot element of the author in some other works (that is now all-but discontinued), where the Leijons cannot die until ''The Simpsons'' ends. You know, Homer Simpson. Like the Meizerr, Hemrit replenishes the health of the Cattites after they lose a fight, and they are effectively immortal as long as they keep drawing energy from it. So, like ''Simpsons'' (or, specifically, Homer Simpson) giving the Leijons immortality, the Hemrit gives the Cattites unkillability]].
* MundaneUtility: TROLLJERK uses their massive numbers and good cooperation for sorting files when they're not part of an invasion.
* MyRulesAreNotYourRules: Invoked to stay truer to their source expy character. The Unify Morphs leave the user invincible, Unify Gusher can block anything while Unite Gusher can only block blunt attacks, Nepeta does not need any sort of liner and can form 100/200/360-woman morphs instantly. Because this isn't a game, and thus there's no real GameplayAndStorySegregation, [[spoiler:once Meulin helps out these all still apply to her, and the same goes for Nepeta herself]].

!! Ninth Class Officer Nepeta Leijon

* AccidentalMisnaming: As a result of being '''way''' too sensitive to color differences, she often misnames the major members of the Bits. She calls John/Wonder-Blue "Wonder-Cerulean," "Wonder-Sapphire," "Wonder-Cobalt," Dave/Wonder-Red "Wonder-Crimson" or "Wonder-Burnt," etc. [[spoiler:She only needs to be corrected once after the brainwashing nanovirus is eliminated]].
* AlmightyJanitor: Of the actual trolls, she has the second-lowest ranking out of all of them (and seemingly a low rank in general despite also being an officer, as she's mostly used for sorting files), with the StarterVillain [[DemotedToExtra (Gamzee)]] being the only officer she outranks.
* AntiVillain: [[spoiler:As with Vorkken, she's not really evil per-say, but got brainwashed by the antagonistic group. Once the nanovirus (the story's incarnation of Terezi, as bizarre as that sounds, ''and also'' the Second Class Officer) is taken care of, she's suddenly a lot friendlier and more in-character]].
* BewareTheSillyOnes: She and the rest of the Cattites nearly killed the 128 Bits with very little effort on their part during their fourth and final fight.
* BodyHorror: To the other Cattites, Delta Form gives them flaming capes and alternate outfits. Her and Omega Form? The same thing, except her skin cracks at parts and she appears to lose her eyelids (or her eyes grow and she just doesn't blink). And she sports a SlasherSmile. [[spoiler:Once she's cured of the nanovirus, her form looks a lot less painful and more like the usual Unlimited Form. This is revealed via Fan's Tumblr to be another variant called ''Delta'' Form, which is what the other Cattites get into]].
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Eridan's comments at the end of Operation 008 imply that he would have kicked her off [[spoiler:a lot sooner]] if not for how she's one of the few officers that nearly killed the Bits.
* ChekhovsGunman: Anyone who thinks she'd be an unimportant MonsterOfTheWeek doesn't know Pikmin Fan at this point. The fact that she's a clear Vorkken expy should be a big clue-in that she won't be a one-off joke encounter.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Pops out right out of nowhere while the team is in mid-conversation via her ship breaking up from the ground directly beneath them. She then takes off far into the sky, forcing most of the team to cling on to Hemrit's nose to avoid falling off, while John lands on a chair in part of a set seemingly glued to the ship. Nepeta is in the other seat, casually offering him tea. Until Operation 008, this is the ''tamest'' of her encounters, as this is one of the few times she doesn't surprise the Bits with a missile barrage.
* {{Expy}}: While many of the other characters are more detatched from their plot roles to avoid TheStationsOfTheCanon as much as possible, she's the obvious stand-in for Prince Vorkken.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Unlike every single other officer, [[spoiler:her eyes are said to be a "burning red" and even glow. "Pyrope" the gemstone literally means "fire-eyes." Guess whose influencing her? Or, guess which officer was being manipulated by another?]]
* FromNobodyToNightmare: Her first appearance involved only 15 members in her group, and was floored by the Bits. In her second, it was 130, and the match was more even. The third, she grouped 245, and managed to do a good amount of damage to the Wonderful Bits before they made a last-second counter. Her fourth, rallying the whole gang at 360, completely and utterly ''annhialated'' them.
* IAmNotLeftHanded: "You did a great job shaking me off of Hemrit! This serves as a first! And you know what else this fight marks the first of? When I stop holding back. Omega Form activate!" This is ''after'' she put up a good fight and gave the Wonderful 128 Bits very little breathing room. [[OhCrap Dave's reaction]] settles this.
* MoreThanMindControl: [[spoiler:She's been brainwashed for at least twenty years. ''Likely'' more depending on how fast and when she forced the other Cattites to join her space-pirate group]].
* MythologyGag:
** The "achievement" for defeating her for the fourth time is called [[Webcomic/SweetJadeAndHellaJohn "Hellish Huntress."]]
** Like in the ''Five Nights in the Alley'' duology, [[spoiler:it's revealed that their outfits and simply painted on.]]
* NumberOfTheBeast: Her danger quotient is revealed via the extras blog (in-story it's just a "?") to be 616%. All of her other stats have consecutive 6s, and this is really the only time she's associated with that number and not 3 or 9.
* NumerlogicalMotifs: 3, 9, 33, and to a lesser extent 99. Unlike basically everyone else, she follows the numbers ''very'' closely: She's the ninth officer, and Operation 009 [[spoiler:is the FantasticVoyagePlot to get rid of the nanovirus inside of her. In essense, she ''is'' Operation 009]].
* PsychopathicManchild: She's at least 30-40, considering [[spoiler:she still looks like she does in the past when she ordered Meulin to kill John's dad 20 years ago]], yet when she's not making creepy innouendos she's behaving in a faux-childish manner.
* SlasherSmile: Does this fairly often, but the one she gives while in Omega Form and the one just before entering are worth noting.
* TheStarscream: Announces that she wants to wipe out the Officiers, the last remaining trolls alive. Hence why she introduces herself as the "Future Keeper of the Throne." [[spoiler:This, combined with taking down Eridan's red- or black- crush, is what ultimately got her kicked off of the TROLLJERK forces]].
* StealthExpert: In two different variants, she has some unspecified method to making herself invisible and nearly completely indetectible by herself, which she uses to stand about two feet away from some of the team with none of them noticing. Hemrit can also make all that are on it similarly undetectable, via "sense inhibiting." With a combination of these, she gets information on most of the Wonderful Bits and figures out how to copy their Unite Morphs.
* SuperMode: It's called Omega Form, and obviously the counterpart to the 128 Bit's Unlimited Form. As with [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros what it's named after]], it allows her to spawn a long, rectangular platform underneath her in order to have a fair battle in any environment. The other Cattites enter something called Delta Form. [[spoiler:Later, Nepeta herself just settles for Delta Form, as seen in the last two "boss fights"]].
* WolverineClaws: She's actually the only one in the entire gang who uses the Unify Claw, which works much like the Unite Claw only without the inherant ice element.
* TheWorfEffect: ''Inverted''. Throughout all of Operation 008, the next big threat is foreshadowed to be Vriska. She is, indeed, revealed to be the Third Class Officer, there's huge buildup when the Bits come across a giant battleship with her sign on it, the doors open aaaaand... [[spoiler:Nepeta kills her before the Bits even see her, then places her into a coffin. Cue their final battle]].
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: [[spoiler:Eridan attempts to invoke this after Vriska's death, as she was his crush in a very odd way that was the last straw for Nepeta's quirks with him. He also didn't like her blatant planning to ursurp him and Feferi/Condesce. Thanks to a nanoscopic mission, it doesn't work out]].

!! Meulin

The second-in-command and user of the Unify Drill. Instead of being a troll, she is another alien race named a calic.

* AllThereInTheManual: Her species is not named outside of the Cattite Files extra blog.
* ThisIsADrill: Her Controlling Spiral, which serves as the basis for the Unify Drill, based on none other than ''496 Reasons''. [[spoiler:The Controlling Spiral was also the weapon that killed John's dad]].
* YouKilledMyFather: [[spoiler:She was the one who killed John's dad. Well... sort of. Brainwashed Nepeta forced her to do it, and Nepeta in turn killed Meulin's specie's version of a mother, and Vriska in turn killed Nepeta's lusus just before she got infected with the nanoweapon]].


[[folder:Other TROLLJERK Officers]]

!! In General

* AntiVillain: [[spoiler:What they're really doing is hoping that by destroying enough of Earth, the GGC will fade from existance (how time travel works in this universe is very unclear and unknown even to most of the characters) and won't launch an invasion from the future. There's also the matter of them being the last few surviving trolls in existance, with only one other that isn't allied with them]].
* BiggerIsBetter: Unlike the GEATHJERK officers, all of them are the same general size as the Wonderful Bits. However, this is played straighter with their flagships, which start small (Gamzee) then go to a more "regular" boat size (Nepeta) then quickly just get bigger and bigger, to the point where seeing Eridan's ship's lights behind the clouds was mistaken for a giant city and Feferi's [[spoiler:is the size of Jupiter. Because, in a way, it '''is''' Jupiter]].
* TheLastOfHisKind: [[spoiler:Before the beginning of the story, the GGC wiped out all planets they have conquered in secret, and they managed to somehow confirm that they and Karkat make up the last twelve trolls in the universe]].
* TronLines: A standard officer uniform involves tron lines of the respective wearer's blood color, with their signs in front. The exceptions are Gamzee, who for some reason is allowed to dress casually, and Nepeta (along with the other Cattites), whose lines are bright yellow-orange instead. [[spoiler:Nepeta's turns into the proper green and stop glowing when she's knocked off of Hemrit, implying that in her case the glow only came from the energy being drawn]].

!! Tenth Class Officer Gamzee Makara

* ButtMonkey: His flagship is considerably worse than the officer that has only one rank above him, he himself is the lowest-ranking character in the list, and the match against him is humiliating. His data file even implies that he would have been kept on [[spoiler:the remains of Alternia]] instead of being launched to the TROLLJERK invasion if not for the federation "having an extra seat." In fact, Eridan was almost ''relieved'' when [[spoiler:the Bits finished him off]].
* ComedicUnderwearExposure: His pants are ''constantly'' sagging down and revealing his boxers underneath. [[spoiler:They fall off completely shortly before he explodes]].
* FamousLastWords: "SHENANIGAAAAAAAAAAAAANS!" As in, he calls Shenanigans on the Bits.
* JokeWeapon: In-universe. His "flagship" is a tiny tub-shaped craft with pseudo-slime barely bigger than Eridan's own escape cockpit.
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: Towards the end of Operation 001, he starts showing signs of his sober self. [[spoiler:Too bad this is just before he's about to die]].
* ShoutOut: Supposedly the reason why he was even brought on in the invasion is because [[Series/ThirdRockFromTheSun "Well... they [TROLLJERK] had an extra seat."]]
* SlobsVsSnobs: He's the slob compared to all the other officers, except possibly Nepeta. Unlike everyone from Tavros above, he dresses in a baggy casual outfit.
* StarterVillain: He's the first officer to be properly fought, and as a result he takes less effort and is portrayed more comically.
* VaguenessIsComing: Warns the Bits about the following officers, and the fact that this invasion is the all-out last stand that will involve all of them (as Gamzee had been the only officer to reach Earth in the first defense war, then him, Nepeta, and Tavros in EDWII, and those three plus Aradia, Equius, and Sollux in the third war. Everyone from Kanaya above, including Eridan, is nearly new to the Bits).

!! Eighth Class Officer Tavros Nitram

!! Seventh Class Officer Aradia Megido

* BasedOnADream: The design of her flagship was taken from a dream about [[WesternAnimation/CourageTheCowardlyDog Courage]] that involves, among less comprehencible moments, a series of unblinking ducks that fit themselves to form bigger ducks, just floating above him and occasionally dropping shiny gemstones in shapes. Fan reported that shortly after waking up, he felt somewhat disturbed by this for some reason, yet changed the bird types from ducks to ravens and otherwise left it the same. The part where her ship's bigger variant (both the raven-mechs themselves and the larger form) flies over the Bits and one of them in particular is within full view, slightly darkened thanks to the sun, was a scene taken directly from that dream.
* KilledMidSentence: Played for drama. [[spoiler:Despite being put through a ''lot'', what ultimately finishes her off is a headshot from Roxy just as she was about to disclose information regarding the Greater Galactic Coalition. But because Roxy killed her before she could finish both that and details on the next attack, the team was left at a loss and completely open to enemy fire]].
* TykeBomb: Unlike the other officers, she was just a young child back in the previous Earth Defense War raised specifically by the other members of TROLLJERK to kill, but spent the events of EDWI and EDWII frozen within a capsule thanks to her blood type's short lifespan. Despite all of this, she still outranks three other, much older officers.
* YouKilledMyFather: [[spoiler:She bombed Roxy's home town in Earth Defense War III, killing pretty much everyone she knew and leading to her joining CENTINELS. Seeing Aradia is pretty much Roxy's instant BerserkButton]].

!! Sixth Class Officer Equius Zahhak

!! Fifth Class Officer Sollux Captor

!! Fourth Class Officer Kanaya Maryam

* {{Sandworm}}: Her flagship bears a strong resemblance to an extra-large sandworm. Appropriately, she's often assigned to desert-like locations, and her encounter here is no different.
* StealthExpert: Not to as big of an extent as Nepeta, but she can camoflage within the desert sands of Zeksand Plains.

!! Third Class Officer Vriska Serket

A mental manipulater and brutal fighter, her flagship is coded as the Stinger. Fittingly, she's "encountered" in Operation 008... sort of.

* BaitAndSwitchBoss: After passing a trail of broken 8 balls, Scorpio insignias carved into mountains, and climbing a flagship that dwarfed all the Bits seen before it (only because Eridan, who was encountered far earlier, didn't reveal his yet), making it past a neglegible coffin and open giant blood red doors... and instead of the story telling us what's inside right away, this is the next line of text: [[spoiler:"If it isn't the future heiress to the throne of the scattered Alternia, leader of the 360 space-pirate band known as the Cattites! TROLLJERK Officer Ninth Class, Nepeta Leijon!"]]
* ButtMonkey: The closest she gets to actual screentime is [[spoiler:the Bits running past her coffin without even noticing it until Nepeta points it out. Dave makes a bet with Dirk as to if there's a body or not, and upon opening it he vomits on her remains in disgust and tells Dirk he won the bet, terrified. Then Hemrit ruins her own flagship and knocks the coffin over]].
* DemotedToExtra: Holy '''''Hell'''''. [[SerialEscalation Fan seems to be attempting to outdo himself when it comes to applying this to Vriska.]]
* TheGhost: [[spoiler:Nepeta kills her before the readers or the 128 Bits get to know anything about this incarnation of her. Even the data file for her on GPF's Tumblr only shows her coffin]].
* GoryDiscretionShot: [[spoiler:Based on Dave's reaction to opening her coffin (itself a VomitDiscretionShot), whatever Nepeta did to her was ''not'' pretty. It can't even be decomposition either, as dialogue implies that she was killed very recently]].
* SmallRoleBigImpact: [[spoiler:Doesn't get a line of dialogue or even show up in person, but Nepeta killing her pissed Eridan off enough to suggest Terezi to take her (Nepeta) out from the inside, leading to Operation 009, leading to Nepeta's sorta HeelFaceTurn and her brainwashing being undone]].
* WalkingSpoiler: Mostly for how her role is unexpectedly small, especially since throughout chapter 8 there's huge buildup to fighting her.
* YouKilledMyFather: [[spoiler:She killed Nepeta's lusus, which explains why she had a much shorter temper when it came to taking her out]].

!! Second Class Officer Terezi Pyrope

Some point before any of the Earth Defense Wars, she converted herself into a size-shifting virus-like entity that could become anywhere from nanoscopic to the rough size of a kaiju. Because of the latter, she does not see herself as even needing a flagship.

* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: She carries two "adrenaline sacks" on her back that let her grow to huge sizes. The Bits interrupt the process by tearing one open, and [[spoiler:Nepeta grows as well to a lesser extent. This leads to a ''Punch Out''-like fight]].
* {{Expy}}: Basically what would happen if the Vaaiki was also a GEATHJERK officer.
* HeWasThereTheEntireTime: [[spoiler:Her first appearance was technically towards the end of Operation 001, just nanoscopic and somewhere in Nepeta's heart-equivilent]].
* KnightOfCerebus: She's introduced when the story takes a more serious turn, generally isn't played for comedy (outside of her interactions with Dave, mostly), and she's first seen basically [[spoiler:trying to eating Nepeta's heart]].
* MonsterModesty: Despite having an inhumanoid body, she still wears a usual commander uniform that everyone except Gamzee and the Cattites have a variation of.
* TheStarscream: To some extent. It's implied that she does not even remotely believe in the Condesce's plans at all and is just following around the two top-commander's orders out of sheer boredom.
* YouCanTalk: ''All'' of the Bits are surprised to hear her speak and announce herself as the Second Commander. Or even that she's a troll, for that matter, since only the horns are the real indicator.

!! First Class Officer Eridan Ampora

* BerserkButton: He does ''not'' take [[spoiler:Nepeta trying to ursurp him]] very well.
* CompensatingForSomething: ''The entire team'' does not fail to notice that his flagship's bridge is incredibly phallic looking. When it's finally revealed at the end of Operation 008, instead of being shocked or ready to fight, they just give a team-wide {{Beat}}.
* GagPenis: His flagship clearly takes inspiration from [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Dai-Gunzan/Dai-Gurren.]]
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: Encountered in Operation 001 in nothing but a small floating cockpit that wouldn't look out of place as something Eggman would ride in. Shows up every-so-often. Once he finally takes importance around the end of Operation 008 and reveals his enormous flagship, it's clear that he stopped toying around.
* ShoutOut: His flagship is basically a much, much bigger version of [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Dai-Gunzan.]] It even [[spoiler:gets hijacked by the heroes after its previous pilot dies!]]

!! Commander Feferi Peixes/The Condesce

* AffiblyEvil: When first encountered, she appears to lack any of the other "deceptively jackass" quirks from the proper officers and casually talks to the team as if this alien invasion mission was no big deal.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: Unlike ''the Wonderful 101'', [[spoiler:the GGC themselves show up shortly after her defeat]].
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Gives her life away to give Troll-Glubber enough power to pierce through the GGC's mecha]].
* ThatsNoMoon: [[spoiler:She somehow got to "replace" Jupiter with the Troll-Glubber, which made itself present once the team charged out into space. They later pull the actual Jupiter back into orbit, minus a few of its moons]].
* TheWorfEffect: In two different ways. [[spoiler:She herself is easily outmatched by the GGC in-person, while her Jupiter-sized fortress is swatted away like an invisible fly compared to their '''galaxy-sized''' mecha]].


[[folder:The YMMV Organization]]

* AudienceAlienatingPremise: First of all, this is really more of a reimagining (though there is some sufficient plot change) of ''Wonderful 101'' rather than a "true" ''Homestuck'' fanwork, as the majority of the latter's characters, mechanics, and even jokes/continuity nods aren't even really there. Most of the ''101'' elements themselves are also often lost, especially since the story refuses to explain anything that ''101'' already did. and the narrative flat-out breaks the fourth wall to assume the readers already know how things like Unite Morphs and the CENTINEL suits work in-universe. There's also the issue with most of the trolls being written as one- or two-dimensional [[MonsterOftheWeek Monsters of the Week]], with only four ([[spoiler:Karkat, Nepeta, Eridan, and Feferi. And while she's not a troll, maybe Meulin]]) of them being that plot-important and the rest having only one or two chapters worth of screentime before getting killed off like regular boss battles[[labelnote:Further spoilers on a related subject]]And even then, Eridan and Feferi are both killed eventually, though in the latter's case it's more of a RedemptionEqualsDeath[[/labelnote]]. None of this is helped by how the author himself has made it very clear he believes SeasonalRot set in in ''Homestuck'' canon around Act 6, projects his frustrations by making Roxy (and, to a lesser extent, John in the earlier chapters) into the ButtMonkey who must always be wrong, and it really shows in the overall [[TrollingCreator trollish]] atittude that the entire story holds.
* BaseBreaker:
** This story's incarnation of Nepeta is either greatly hated or greatly adored depending on the reader, with almost no middle ground. Reasons for ''either'' include killing Vriska before we even see her (breath of fresh air or horrible waste of an interesting character?), the issue over how much of what she did was from Terezi's brainwashing and how much was on her own will, the other Wonderful Bit's (except John and Dirk) [[DistractedByTheSexy crush on her]] being either funny or obnoxious, whether or not she was a KarmaHoudini or her being brainwashed justified her actions, her [[SpotlightStealingSquad extremely high level of screentime]] and showing up to fight with no warning, whether or not she's [[VillainSue "overpowered"]] (she's the only antagonist outside of [[spoiler:the GGC]] that the Wonderful Bits struggled with, even the virus making her act the way she is put up less of a fight), her blatant fanservice (or FanDisservice, moreso in Omega Form), and whether the brainwashing can excuse, specifically, her treatment of the other Cattites (particularly Meulin, who she is seen verbally abusing).
** Is this fic's Terezi creepily cool or just plain disgusting, especially since it's implied that she's responsible for just about every single one of Nepeta's negative actions? She only appeared in two chapters yet still became this.
* {{Narm}}:
** [[spoiler:The Greater Galactic Coalition's mecha]] has been described as the result of Nightmare Freddy having a one-night stand with a Wonder Mask.
** Nepeta's design is too over-the-top to be taken seriously as a villain ''or'' a hero. Especially when she starts talking. For that matter, her sub-division is given the [[SarcasmMode incredibly subtle name]] of the ''Cattites''. Even worse is that Fan knowingly picked a name shared by a trio in ''360 Degree Duck'' (another story by him, if not a fan fiction) who go around in color-coded muscle costumes with cat-like masks. The icing on the cake is that her ship is ultimately based on an earlier plan where the character in general is immortal until ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' ends in RealLife (this was just retconned to only apply to the StylisticSuck works as well as ''one'' other, her surviving this was just a coincidence in-universe). In other words, it's based on Homer Simpson and the name is even a corruption of what "Homer" means.
** Gamzee ''finally'' being written in a threatening manner in the first chapter. Unfortunately, during that Fan just ''had'' to make a "his pants finally drop" joke. Just try picturing a dying monster clown warning about the danger of future officers with his pants at his ankles and his goofy print boxer shorts showing.
** "Unify... Drill... ''Break!''" Didn't Fan say he was going to tone down on the ''Gurren Lagann'' references?
** When Nepeta activates Omega Form and says that she was actually holding back the entire time, Dave has an OhCrap moment. It would be appropriate, but the exact thing he says? "Oh, fuck me!" [[AccidentalInnouendo E]][[MsFanservice r]][[EvilIsSexy r]][[FreudianSlip r]][[FoeYay ...]] ''very'' bad choice of words in that context, especially since it's been established that he (and every other member of the team save John and Dirk) finds her attractive. Worse is that this wasn't intentional.
** Relatedly, Nepeta also wants to play ''Super Smash Bros for Nintendo [=3DS=] and Wii U''. Her references to Omega Form/Final Destination are so forced, so out-of-nowhere, and so innappropriate to the current events of the story that it's downright groanworthy.
** Terezi has a normal-ish looking head but a body that's described as a cross between a lizard and a bug. Not only is this just hard to picture (at least without the associated file posted on a side-blog), but once you do it's hard to take seriously. Especially when she becomes building-sized and becomes a very blatant ''Godzilla'' reference. Would you also believe this is the '''third time''' Fan had a troll go Godzilla, and both of the previous times were in fan works intended to be terrible on purpose? (The second, Karkat in ''Kids Fight the Zombies'', turned into a ''pink'' Godzilla after injecting steroids.)
** The images in general since Fan half-asses most of them with Gimp. Though it is impressive that he eventually managed to write a little something for all 128 members of the Wonderful Bits ''and'' all 360 Cattites, in addition to Karkat, CENTINELS, the officers (though with Vriska he just used her coffin), their flagships, and [[spoiler:the GGC]].
** To a lesser extent, the fact that Nepeta and Meulin's "Unique Unify Weapons" are, respectively, a regular unite morph in ''Wonderful 101'' canon, and something that a previous member of the team used.
** "UNITE ''BETTER'' SWORD!" [[SarcasmMode Once again expressing its master use of subtlety.]]
** During the assault on Dai-Gaketsu, the Bits transform into a giant, gliding Unite Cannon. Karkat and the Cattites (sans Nepeta) arrive and the Cattites split into two groups, half of them forming a Unite Sickle for Karkat and the other half forming a Unify Drill for Meulin. They then charge through the main tower like this, and this is actually somewhat badass. Then Nepeta comes in, punches the formation once, causing all three morphs to disband, and orders a Unify Claw... ''just to open a door''. Granted, it was a giant, slowly-closing door, but it's still amazing that a team of 488 cannot open it without someone else just because nobody in either team packed WolverineClaws.
** At some point Fan forgot "Dai-Gaketsu"'s design and name[[note]]The Japanese word for "bucket," just with a "B" replaced with a "G"[[/note]] were played for laughs, because it takes a more serious turn during the aformentioning storming. There's also the part where its bridge is destroyed...
* OneSceneWonder: Presenting '''new and original''' character Metal Wonder-Blue/Metal John!
* ParanoiaFuel: Mainly the fact that Nepeta was stalking the entire team from the first encounter in Operation 001 to the final battle in [[spoiler:Operation 008]]. She even proves this more than once by bringing up ultra-specific moments that even members of the team failed to notice, and in operations that they never really fought her at all. Even when her fellow officers were being slaughtered, even her close friend Equius, she still did nothing but watch via some odd radar-dodging stealth ability. And Nepeta herself spent most of the story [[spoiler:having a powerful nanovirus inside of her, for at least twenty years, that could at any moment destroy her organs and kill her from the inside]].
* TheScrappy:
** Roxy, who is depicted as being especially whiny and basically combines all the negative traits of the canonical Wonder-Blue and Wonder-Pink with none of the charm of either them or her own canonical self. There's also how she was perfectly willing to [[spoiler:endanger John's life and nearly got him killed]] just to get revenge on Aradia. This reaction may or may not be intentional -- Fan said that the canonical Roxy was one of his least favorite characters.
** John himself, for being even more blindly fueled by revenge than Roxy yet everyone treats him like someone to respect over the whole "revenge can corrupt" aesop just because he forgave Meulin really late into the story. What's worse is that unlike the canonical Wonder-Red, the person who killed his father did not do so in her own will, but was forced by someone who was already brainwashed. (Though in John's defense he had no idea of this at the time.)


* MagnumOpusDissonance:
** He admits that ''Total Zeksmit'' is the only story that he genuinely puts a lot of effort into, and would even read over certain chapters multiple times to see if they match up and look publish-worthy. Despite this the first season has not gotten a single review since it was renamed and rebranded from the more clickbaity title of ''Total Fan Service'', and it generally just doesn't appeal to others that much. Part of the reason why is that, while it lacks anything squicky or controversal viewpoints like certain other fanworks, the first season does remove half of the cast and the main character selection is those that aren't particularly well-liked by the fan base (Eva, Beth, and Sadie are often ignored and in the latter two's case overshadowed by Lindsay and Katie respectively. This was the kind of mindset the author was trying to combat (he didn't like how they seemingly got more attention mostly because of their looks), but didn't pull off well. Meanwhile, Izzy and Courtney are outright BaseBreaker[=s=], and Lindsay is derailed a bit and made a little less likable) and the following seasons are absolutely incomprehencible unless you get through the first. What also didn't help matters is the background story of elemental powers, which didn't really fit in at all and were only added so a ''spinoff AU'' (this is already an AU too) could have a "defining trait." Eventually he regretted it for not living up to the "big hype fan fic series" promise he held it up to, leading to a lot of neglect, including a long hiatus of not working on it at all while prioritizing ''Hurrcain Crconikals'' listed below.
** ''Desert City'' got a bit more popularity than its spiritual sister ''...I Thought Those Were the Ingredients'' (another ''Steven Universe'' fan fic by the same author released on the same month) for the parallel counterpart idea. Despite this, Fan regrets it now yet loved writing ''Ingredients'' and made the latter much longer. It got to the point where he threatened to remake ''Desert City'' into something more comical and lighthearted in-line with ''Ingredients'' if he kept getting pestered about sequels that have alternate versions of Lapis, Jasper, Peridot, or even Yellow Diamond and the fusions, even though the story highly implied that they were killed before its events even begun.
** ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'' was likewise self-admited to be the only StylsticSuck fanwork that he put genuine effort into character development or story arcs ''in some way'' (but it's still written with crappiness in mind, hence "character development" more-or-less being certain HateSink[=s=] pulling sudden 180s like Kankri), and it's the second-longest installment in addition to being the longest "traditionally written." There was even a period of several months were Fan put practically everything else on hiatus, and what wasn't[[note]]''360 Degree Duck'', ''A Slash of Mortality'', and ''the Fox Crew'', mostly[[/note]] was worked on at an extremely slow "one sentence per day" rate while HHC got daily writing requirements even when Fan had college[[note]]During the initial draft, he'd write all new content in green and wouldn't stop until green was visible through the whole scroll bar. While finalizing, he took the days between the last chapter's rough draft finishing and the planned goal for the season, divided them up, and put a schedule where he'd have about four days per chapter, and decided to look over about a fourth of a chapter each day[[/note]], a level of planning that he admitted he never really put into anything else in his life before. It was a bit ''too'' effective at being a TrollFic -- right off the bat, before getting into the story, the promise of being John/Jade centric scared off a lot of potential readers. Then it opens with Kanaya making out with Edward Cullen. Worse is that Jade herself basically rivals Lisa Simpson in annoyingness, and that the fic's length is over ten times that of ''My Immortal''. Even after its 26th and final chapter was complete, the review number was still countable on one hand and they were all basically saying DudeNotFunny (This is saying something since at least ''two'' other installments involved ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'' and had ThoseWackyNazis in full effect.)
** ''720 Cat Ears'' was just a joke story and a sort-of spinoff[[note]]"sort of" as in it's not the same group or even the same world at all, but they are similar in terms of being a large group of cat girls. Except instead of starting as AntiVillain[=s=] they are full-fledged heroines.[[/note]] to the Cattites from ''The Wonderful 128 Bits'' (a ''Homestuck'' fanwork) aknowledging that at this point the Nepeta of that and some of his other stories is so unlike her canon self that you can change her name and species and she'd be a completely new character. Fan did not think it would get more attention than the ''original'' plan for the 360 (who, instead of being a mix of aliens that all had some CatGirl-like traits, were all color-coded demons each royalty of their own "regions" that left to the surface of Earth partly because their boss at the time attempted to take it over), and once this became apparant, he pretty much retired the old demon idea (though they still manifest as expies of the "main" members, with Green not getting an expy as she's replaced by an expy of 128 Bits/HHC/SJAHJ/496-Nepeta) and had the "360" derivatives based on them instead.


[[folder:Okay, Let's Get a Bit More Serious Though. And Existant]]

!! Omega Tiger Woods

* EasterEgg: In either the original or the 2012 remake, you can occasionally get some comments from Rox (his story-wise creator). He'll remark about OTW training when against the Rox Howard Clones, or ask who cloned his masterpiece when against himself.
* HumanoidAbomination: He's some kind of extremely bizarre experiment. The explanation for his existance is that he's some kind of artificial project made by a "Rox Howard."
* NumberOfTheBeast: 666 shows up a lot in regards to this character. In the original version of him, his filenames are titled "mm_666," and other Most_Mysterious characters have attacks involving him total up to 666 hits.


* StalkedByTheBell: Wait too long in a given room (about two and a half minutes), and Specimen 9 will leave the endless hallway and come gunning after you. This even applies to save rooms, where other specimen normally aren't are.

[[http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/balancedhackmons-237122888 Oh boy.]]
* Sage Battle: ''Mario & Luigi: Dream Team'' -- Never Let Up.
* Hank Battle: ''Mario & Luigi: Dream Team'' -- Size Up Your Enemy!


[[spoiler:SHAD]]OW THE [[spoiler:H]]EDGE[[spoiler:HOG]].

* {{Mortis}}



* This is one of the reasons why ''VideoGame/TheWonderful101'' didn't sell well, in addition to poor advertizing. The NintendoHard, fast-paced, quick-thinking style action game with mature themes giving it a T rating did not mix well with the "cutsey" art designs with colorful superheroes.