''(Black screen)''

'''Long ago. Before the rise of the races. Before the rise of the animals. There were... the forces of nature. Fire.'''

''(Shows a roaring flame consuming a forest..)''


''(Shows lightning striking mountains.)''


''(Shows a huge wave crashing down on a beach.)''

'''But in modern times, Galactic Date [=20XX=]. These lone, small beings that can witstand mighty forces such as these and more... will rise.'''

''(A really fucking HD Red Pikmin pops up along a black background. Followed by a Blue and Yellow Pikmin becides it. Then a Rock, Purple, Winged, and White Pikmin.)''

''(Then more show up -- a number of new colors and types that quickly flood the entire screen.)''

'''Coming [=Q3=] 2021...'''

''(Olimar on some kind of hang glider-like object being carried by Winged Pikmin.)''

A voice is heard saying "Everything you can see... you can touch."

[When finished, the joke is that this trailer at first seems like a ''Pikmin'' game with a shitload of effort put into it -- think of like ''Breath of the Wild'', but it's ''Pikmin'' instead of Zelda. But then it introduces increasingly sketchy concepts like male/female variations for each Pikmin (which would cause a botani-- actually, any biologist to cry considering how Pikmin are part plants and thus sex works differently), and it culminates in the reveal that there's a surprise ''King of the Hill'' crossover DLC.]



-->'''Canon Prison Bubble:''' heres this guy who isnt your dad but who you think your dad is. i know you kind of blew him off but here lets play catch. also bills fucking up the town and 4 all u know the planet.\\
'''Canon Soos:''' ok just a littel.\\
'''GPF [=.GIFfany=]:''' hey i can give u like an ulumate video game and any food u want and maybbe even a galaxy of women and computer-immortality and imma constantly updating this so even if a 4ever later u'll never see it all and always have something new to do. also im not even doing a thing to this planet in fact my clones are makking it betr playce. except dove but fuck her.\\
'''GPF Soos:''' fuk u id rather die in this fall from spayce.

''Somebody'' has a will of titanium.

[[folder:Bank Bill]]

A butane salesman who lives in Barlen, a small town that is a part of the even smaller (most of it spills in to Texas proper) "sub-state" of the United States founded after an unspecified event called "Bexas." It is a tiny jungle-suburb hybrid in the middle of Texas.

* BaldOfAwesome: Downplayed -- his hair is in considerably worse condition than his "less tropical counterpart's," but he still has a bulk of it. He also has some powerful skills.
* {{Expy}}: Obviously one of Hank Hill. Specifically, the plant motif came from ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'', where Hank is... a plant-fairy being. He's also based on WebVideo/{{Vinesauce}}'s "Bulk Bogan." -- Specifically the naming.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Never wears a shirt.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Green hair, resembling Hank's with some balding in the middle.





[[AllTheWorldsAreAStage All The Games Are A Stage]]



[[quoteblock]] Jo wanted to yell, but she didnít get the chance because, at that moment, the Tallest Boy in the Entire World walked in and Joís jaw hit the floor.
Reddish-blond hair like springs. Arms and legs like a stork. Blue eyes the size of dinner plates, a comparison Jo was especially proud of as it let her imagine the freckles sprinkled liberally over his nose as the result of someone going crazy with a pepper shaker, and wasnít that a brilliant image right there. [[/quoteblock]]

''So I Guess We're All Stuck Here'' (pending title) is a fanfic by C-E, which, strangely enough, is something of a crossover between ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents,'' ''VideoGame/TheGreatGianaSisters,'' ''VideoGame/MegaManClassic,'' ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse,'' ''WesternAnimation/{{Supernoobs}},'' and ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}.''

(Also, ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'')

** The announcement of the ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' figures, to an extent. Many people are excited for it, but others are exclaiming that it's way too soon for the show to receive a set (ignoring that the show is already in its fourth season and that ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo'' and ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls2016'', two shows that are either only a few months older or ''are'' a few months old, respectively, are already confirmed for them). Others are fine with the show receiving one, but worry that the figs will ignore the characters' body diversities, or that the level pack will take the ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' route and be based on an episode from the beginning of the show, or that Garnet [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking won't have any new lines due to Estelle being too busy to voice her.]]

[[purple: What did you expact? Sportaflop?]]

''Film/{{Dirty Grandpa}}''

''So, you guys like Minecraft?''

'''Compare''' {{Terraria}}. Not to be confused with [[AccidentalMisnaming Minceraft]].

Administrivia/{{Renamed Trope|s}}

BioPic BookEnds
''Happy Birthday, Nyx'' is a fanfiction by Jus Sonic, taking place in his version of the ''My Little Pony Friendship is Magic'' universe.

Following on from ''Curse of The Demon Pony'' and ''Ben's First Day'', Twilight decides to throw Nyx a birthday party. However, she decides on a date that is only a few days away, which puts pressure on everyone. Elsewhere, a mysterious creature crash lands in Fluttershy's garden...

* ActorAllusion: Jus Sonic's "cast list" features Matt Smith playing Doctor Whooves. Matt Smith, at the time of the fanfic's writing, was the then-current actor to play the Doctor in ''Series/DoctorWho''.
* BirthdayEpisode: The fic centres around organising and celebrating Nyx's birthday.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Pinkie Pie mentions that they are getting a third season.
* CharacterExaggeration: Pinkie's fouth wall breaking behaviour. While she has demonstrated cartoonish behaviour in the television series, she has never directly [[MediumAwareness referenced the fact thay they are in a television programme divided into seasons]].
* ContinuityNod:
** Diamond Tiara is still grounded following the events of ''BensFirstDay''.
** Big Mac mentions the events of "Read it and Weep" when the Cutie Mark Crusaders spread gossip about everyone in Ponyville and consequently earnt the ire of everyone.
* DeusExMachina: Right after the big explosion
* EarlyBirdCameo: Shining Armor is seen to possess a book on "Crystal Ponies", a reference to the then-upcoming third season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
* EasilyForgiven: The Cutie Mark Crusaders break and enter and are told off by Applejack, only for her to be told off by Big Mac saying that is acting no better than when she was giving the CMC the cold shoulder in "Read it and Weep". Big Mac forgives the CMC for ''breaking and entering''.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Big Mac compares Applejack telling off the Cutie Mark Crusaders for the way she acted toward them after they spread rumours about everyone in "Read it and Weep". Big Mac has no right to call her out for this as he too wanted nothing to do with the CMC after their behaviour in that episode.
* ShoutOut:
** The pony authors who decide to write Nyx's life story for her birthday were named after a pair of fanfic writers on Deviantart.
** Nyx comments that "Past Sins" would be a good name for a book. ''Past Sins'' was the fanfic where Nyx originated from, and she also gets a book entitled "Past Sins" for her birthday.
** At one point, the mysterious creature Fluttershy takes in looks at a storybook of ''The Ugly Duckling''. This is based on a similar scene in ''Lilo and Stitch''. It also does not help that the creature, like Stitch, is from outer space.
** Rainbow Dash's present to Nyx is a pair of "Dasheresque" sunglasses, a reference to the another of the author's fanfics.

* Series/TwoTwoSeven

* VideoGame/XCOM2
* VideoGame/{{XCOM 2}}
* VideoGame/XCom2
* VideoGame/Xcom2

* IfYouKnowWhatIMean

-->[[VideoGame/HardTime "That may not be a 'long' time, but it will be HARD time! You'll be lucky if you survive!"]]

Something something about [[DarthWiki/WikiSandbox "We need to talk about parallel universes."]]


''[[Film/TheManWhoSavesTheWorld Turkish Star Wars]]''


Trying my hand with WikiWord please don't mind me.
* [[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2]]

Testing [[note]]tenuously related or humourous aside[[/note]]

* Film/ApogeeOfFear
* VideoGame/KrisisReinaDeArgenzuela
* NiceMeanAndInbetween
* NiceMeanAndInBetween
%% *ZeroContextExample
Mahō Shōjō

* Film/TheSurvivalist



[[folder: Hello Biscuit!]]
* Biscuits
** With gravy!


[[folder:I Shit You Not, THIS Game is Real]]

''Wild Woody'' is a 1995 Sega CD platformer

A rare coincidental event causes an ancient totem pole to come to life, with five of its six heads going in to different worlds to cause chaos. Lowman, the bottom of the pole and the TokenGoodTeammate, decides to bring a pencil to life to act as a soldier to save the day -- enter Woody ('''WIIIIILLLLLD''' Woody), a living pencil with the ability to bring his drawings to life. Woody


* ArtInitiatesLife: Woody has the ability to draw something, which comes to life.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: In the end, Woody lampshades that there will only be another adventure for him if the game sells "a zillion units."
* GangplankGalleon: The first world.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar:
** The entire game appears to be part of a contest to see how many penis-related jokes can be slipped past the radar.
** A ''very'' hidden EasterEgg will replace the mermaid drawing


[[folder:I Shit You Not, The YMMV]]

* BestKnownForTheFanservice: Topless mermaid easter egg. In a game aimed at kids. This overshadows just about everything else in the game. Said game would have otherwise just been brushed off as another mediocre platformer otherwise.
* SoBadItsGood: The cutscenes have ''not'' aged well, but they are... ''greatly enhanced'' by the bizarre, exaggeration motions Woody makes.
-->'''Woody:''' Call me Woody. '''''WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLD WOODY!'''''


[[NightmareFuel/{{Pikmin}} Spooks/Pikmin:]]
** Most enemies in the game leave ghosts behind when they die. The Waterwraith does ''not''. The chances of this being unintentional are very slim.
* Consider that throughout the series, practically every enemy that's beaten is killed. Complete with a little ghost coming from them in most cases. Granted, creatures like Honeywisps and their expies, Nectarous Dandelflies, simply leave after being hit. But this is a hostile entity that can actually take a beating... and it is unambiguously the ''only'' such hostile creature that ''can not'' be killed. There's some very off about a game where most powerful beasts still end up dead having a final boss that is, for all intents and purposes, immortal.


{{Cold Cereal}}

[[folder:Testing, Testing, 1,2,3]]
Testing, Testing, 1,2,3
* TextFormatingRules



[[caption-width-right:350:Just a few of Hell Universe's creations.]]
->''"The Hell Universe, a place where realities and worlds combine in an otherworldly dance of comedy, memes and references. And then there's Steven..."''
-->-- '''Hell Universe Channel Description'''

''[[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW6voH15xjAj69Ck-F_LwGQ/featured Hell Universe]]'' is a youtuber whose channel with diverse content, including song covers, let's plays, and a radio play.

Their most popular content, however, is by far the Hell Universe videos, anthologies of edited clips from [[{{WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse}} Steven Universe]] referencing a wide range of other media, from movies to songs to other cartoons and more. Other of these Hell Universe videos, called "Transmissions," have expanded into [[{{WesternAnimation/GravityFalls}} Gravity Falls]] and [[{{WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall}} Over the Garden Wall]].

As of December 2016, Hell Universe has released 17 complete Hell Universe "Transmissions":

!!Welcome to the Hell Universe
!!Return to the Hell Universe: Electric Boogaloo
!!Hell Universe: Pocket Dimensions Malebolge
!!Hell Universe: Omega Fury Ruby
!!Hell Universe: Space/Time Curvature (Gravity Falls)
!!Hell Universe: Graviton (Gravity Falls)
!!Hell Universe: Orchard of the Beast (Over the Garden Wall)
!!Hell Universe: Alpha Patience Sapphire
!!Hell Universe Special: They Might Be Giant Women
!!Hell Universe: Clodhopper
!!Hell Universe Special: A Hell of Your Own Creation
!!Hell Universe: Electronic Japery
!!Hell Universe Special: Steven Falls Over (Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Over the Garden Wall)
!!Hell Universe: Cannibal Culture
!!Hell Universe: Memeuphoria
!!Hell Universe: Hellbent
!!Hell Universe Special: Hell is Other People


** Morton's battle theme is called [[Music/{{Queen}} "ME WILL ROCK ME."]]


** The human side-characters as a whole, with the exceptions of the Scrappies mentioned in their entry as well as Greg and Connie. (The latter two are generally more liked.) While a section of fans would wish that the show focused more on the Crystal Gems dealing with the Homeworld forces and thus tone down on the episodes where few if any Gems appear and Steven instead helps them with their more mundane issues. Others feel that these side-storylines make up a good portion of the show's heart,

[[Funny/VinesauceJoel This guy again:]]
* "Shitty Wrestling Games:"
** The first game he plays is ''WCW Nitro'', a game with an... ''interesting'' list of secret characters, ranging from simple AuthorAvatar[=s=] of THQ employees to a T-rex to Santa Claus (or, rather, Santa ''Claws''). There's a skeleton named "Bones," an alien in a wrestling speedo named "Greyling," a ghost named "Ecto," a snowman named "Whitey," and an {{Animesque}} girl named... Annie Mae. Oh yeah, and then there's [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking John.]] Before there was John Cena, there was just John.
** He sets up a match where he plays as Greyling and goes up against Annie Mae, where he tries to "make anime great again." Specifically, he targets {{moe}}[=-=]SliceOfLife, and when he wins, he claims that all anime is now ''Anime/MDGeist''.
* [Blahblahblah ''Mario 64'' Genesis]:
** He begins by talking about an e-mail sent to him with porn involving Satan and a skeleton with wings. The skeleton says that the viewer should be jealous, and goes "WE'RE DEMONS FROM HELLLLLLL..." Joel's impersonation of the skeleton and his following comment about how it's made him a bigger man (but ''not'' "in the pants") is what really sells it.
** The SlippySlideyIceWorld's music is a 16-bit remix of... ''the Jeopardy theme''. [[spoiler:This also plays for the final level.]]
** As pointed out in the comments, as unfair as the ice level was, it seems unlikely that the final area could top it, right? Cue the cave level killing Mario at the start if he doesn't move right. And pipes that lead back to the beginning. It also has "EXIT?" trollishly spelt out in coins, with coin-arrows pointing to various paths. It's almost as if the bootleggers were trying to make a Kaizo-esque game on purpose.
** The final (and only) boss has to be seen to be believed: [[spoiler:a black ball with the ''weirdest'' smile imaginable, that turns to the side and shoots out bullet bills while looking like Pac-Man.]] Also, fitting in line with the game's growing FakeDifficulty, the boss is unbelievable: You have to hit it in a frame-perfect way ''ten times''.
** For the ending, Joel edits the "THE END" and replaces it with "YOU FUCKING IDIOT." He later splices Luigi's head over Mario's and Peach's.
[[Funny/VinesauceVinny One of the Other Guys:]]
* ''Logan Kart 8'':
** He notes that he loves how the controls of the game ''actually work''... [[TemptingFate just seconds before his controller becomes unresponsive.]]
** The sheer absurdity of the game itself -- Logan, [[SdrawkcabName Nagol]], regular Wario and Waluigi, a Sonic knockoff named "Speedy," Bob (a R.O.B. knockoff), "Jimmy," and... someone named ''Bike-Obber'' race in, among other things, a shopping cart, a cement mixer, and
* Shit Show, Part 7:
** Vinny's reaction to coming across a game that plasters a certain... odd ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddysSisterLocation'' fanart is a simple "...Abort. Abort, abort, abort, abort!" until he successfully closes the game.



* "Revenge of Edzilla" from ''VideoGame/EdEddNEddyTheMisEdventures''. The fact that you're playing as, for all intents and purposes (it's all part of Ed's imagination), a {{kaiju}} with the goal to destroy as many buildings as you can? Check. The ImagineSpot setting that is completely unlike anything related to ''Ed, Edd n' Eddy'', being set in a series of islands with increasingly large cities? Check. A surprising amount of detail, down to a train on the final island that will fall off if you break its tracks? Check. A boss fight against a three-way fusion monster version of the Kanker Sisters? Check. The way the level throws the game's team-switching on its head and you're just playing as a solo Ed for the entire journey? Check. Definitely one of the neatest parts of the game.

|| || Light || Normal || Dark ||
|| 030 || || Orange || ||
|| 060 || || Yellow || ||
|| 090 || || Chartreuse || ||
|| 120 || || Green || ||
|| 150 || || Spring Green || ||
|| 180 || || Cyan || ||
|| 210 || || Azure || ||
|| 240 || || Blue || ||
|| 270 || || Violet || ||
|| 300 || || Magenta || ||
|| 330 || || Rose || ||
|| 360 || || Red || ||

VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaacAntibirth (Doodling up a character list) QUICK EDIT: I was not expecting it to actually have a page considering how the canon game's page didn't seem to list it from a glance. I guess it won't be weird that I'm doing this before the game itself even has a page, since it '''does''' have a page!



[[folder:Jacob and Esau]]

A pair of characters controlled at the same time. Jacob is the one with the "regular" pinkish-colored skin of most of the other playable alter egoes and light brown hair, while Esau is the red-skinned one with pink hair.



A planned character that was cut for the mod's release.

* MechanicallyUnusualFighter: Even more so than the other ''Antibirth'' characters as she cannot even ''move'' normally.



!! Baby Plum

!! Wormwood

!! Beelzeblub

!! The Rainmaker



!! Tuff Twins

!! Great Gideon

!! Reap Creap

!! Hornfel



!! The Heretic

!! The Visage

!! The Pile

!! The Siren



!! Rotgut

* SequentialBoss: Beat the first part, and it sucks you in to it, where you have to face off against two other bosses in a crawlspace-like sidescrolling view.

!! Chimera

!! The Scourge

!! The Witness

The final boss of ''Antibirth'', who resembles an undead Mama Gurdy.

[[folder:Adored By The Network: Toonvision]]
* The biggest example of network adoration would be ''Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ''. It went from being confined to the ''Xtreme'' block of programming to the only show used as schedule filler, [[ScrewedByTheNetwork screwing over everything]] from ''VideoGame/{{Tamagotchi}}'' to former network darling ''Bistrosity'', and having marathons for every occasion from Thanksgiving to Easter, despite only having 52 episodes. It got to the point where the show would cycle through all its episodes ''every month'' (and sometimes in ''one week!''). It finally ended when the rights to the show expired in 2016, but despite that, Toonvision marathoned every episode in existence before it left the network for good just to give it a proper send-off.
* Following the departure of ''[[Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ Powerpuff Girls Z]]'', the new favorite seems to be ''{{InsaniWorld}}'', which took over ''Powerpuff Girls Z'''s slots on the network following its departure despite only having 13 episodes (however it has 26 segments).
* The first example would be ''WesternAnimation/{{Gumby}}''. The series would often have marathons for occurrences such as MLK Day, and would eventually run until 2008 before becoming one of the first examples of being [[ScrewedByTheNetwork screwed by]] ''Powerpuff Girls Z''.
* ''WesternAnimation/ReBoot'' was the ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' of early Toonvision along with ''Gumby''. It would marathon frequently wherever ''Gumby'' didn't fit, and the two shows would frequently take up the entire schedule.
* Original series-wise, ''Bistrosity'' was the first network darling; airing marathons whenever the network had an excuse and being run up to '''6-7 times a day''' in its prime and even ending with a movie that wrapped up all the plot threads before being screwed by ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' a few years after it stopped making new episodes.
* ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyokoEvolution'' was treated extraordinarily well by Toonvision unlike Creator/CartoonNetwork's handling of [[WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko the original show]]; it was even ''hyped up'' by Toonvision with a countdown timer not only running on Toonvision itself, but on After Dark as well (given that ''Code Lyoko'' appeals to a majority of After Dark's viewers, its no surprise). It's also one of the very few shows that ''wasn't'' screwed by the network's undying love of ''Powerpuff Girls Z'', as it went on to air every episode with each one massively hyped up in the timeslot of Wednesdays at 7pm, with repeats the following day at 5:30pm before the Thursday night premiere block. For the last few episodes of the series' run, it also aired a repeat as ''the first show on After Dark''. Leading up to the final episode, Toonvision marathoned every episode of not only ''Evolution'', but ''the original show'' as well, even ''preempting'' After Dark; the only time Toonvision has done so (not even the ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' send-off preempted the block).
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Freakazoid}}'' was served well through its 9 years on Toonvision, whether it was on the main schedule or the network's ''Xtreme'' action block. It got good promotion and several marathons, even though they weren't even ''Bistrosity''-level amounts of marathons.
* Following ''Anime/{{Hamtaro}}'''s screwing by Cartoon Network, the show moved to Toonvision where they proceeded to show the remaining episodes of the original show followed by the three sequel shows with heavy promotion and even marathons to allow people to catch up. It continues to rerun to this day, despite being confined to early mornings.
* ''Family Values'' was ''Bistrosity'' 2.0 during its time as a first-run program, with the network using any excuse possible to marathon the series. And it eventually came to dominate the schedule until it ended in 2011.
* During the remainder of 2005 (November & December) and most of 2006, Toonvision would play the TV movie ''WesternAnimation/FurbyIsland'' using every possible excuse from Valentine's Day to the Fourth of July. Since Thanksgiving 2006, ''Furby Island'' has not been played by the network and it has been revealed that they have wrote the movie off as of 2007.
[[folder:Screwed By The Network: Toonvision]]
* Toonvision's biggest screw was that of ''WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow''. It premiered with [[InvisibleAdvertising little to no promotion]] and they didn't even air all the episodes. The show also changed timeslots erratically through its entire run, going from 3pm weekdays to 6am to ''exclusively'' on Saturday mornings at 6am, before being removed from the schedule. It was removed from the network website and they pretend like the show never aired in the first place. However, it ''did'' end up moving to Toonvision Classic, who has treated ''Alvin'' much more nicely.
** This has become Main/HilariousInHindsight as when the 1983 ''[[WesternAnimation/AlvinandtheChipmunks Alvin and the Chipmunks]]'' began airing in 2008, it was treated ''much more nicely'', having weekday timeslots for nearly ''two years'' until it became a victim of the network's everlasting love of ''Powerpuff Girls Z''.
* ''WesternAnimation/SabrinaAndTheGroovieGoolies'' was never liked by the network. It went from weekday airings to the same fate as ''The Alvin Show''; placed at 6:30am exclusively on Saturday mornings following ''Alvin''.
* When the sexual allegations against Bill Cosby hit in December 2014, ''WesternAnimation/FatAlbertAndTheCosbyKids'', which had made a return to the network a few months prior, was given a deliberate screwing over, going from healthy weekday morning slots to airing at 6am on ''Sundays'' before being removed for more ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' reruns.
* Whenever Toonvision can get its hands on ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'', they ''never'' seem to treat it well. It first appeared on the schedule in 2004 following its removal from Cartoon Network, and it was relegated to early morning slots unlike other shows such as ''The Centurions'' and ''WesternAnimation/{{Beetlejuice}}'' before its removal in 2005. When it came back in 2014, things were initially better for the series with it having multiple weekend timeslots and one weekday slot...for a month, at least, until it suffered the same fate as ''Alvin'' and ''Sabrina'' in favor of more reruns of ''Powerpuff Girls Z''. It has since returned to Creator/{{Boomerang}}, who doesn't treat the show that well either.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheMarvelSuperHeroes'' has been treated horribly by the network ever since the first run ended. When the second run began, it would only show one episode ''every three months'', either at 6:00am on Saturdays or before After Dark began on Sundays. When the rights expired, the network didn't even bother to renew them, and not even its nighttime block After Dark could save the show (many fans of After Dark had genuinely enjoyed the show).
* ''Anime/GForceGuardiansOfSpace'' is the ''Smurfs'' of action cartoons when it comes to Toonvision. It ran exclusively at 3am on Sundays (before After Dark was around) from when it began airing in 2001 to when it was taken off in 2002 after just a few months. The show returned in 2007 as one of the starters of the ''Xtreme'' block of action programming, where many hoped it would do better...only to be screwed by none other than ''Powerpuff Girls Z''.
* ''Manga/{{Black Butler}}'' got this treatment during its final few months on Xtreme. It went through heavy censorship and was reduced to 10:30pm, the last timeslot of the block, with no reruns, with no plans by Toonvision to air the even more brutal second season of the show.
* ''The Original Dolphin'' was the Main/NetworkRedHeadedStepchild of the first slate of Toonvision's original programming, having the shortest run of the three originals and being taken off the air rather quickly. It was fortunate enough to make a comeback to the schedule when Toonvision was celebrating its 10th anniversary, however it was taken off after two weeks for [[Main/NotMeThisTime surprisingly not]] ''[[Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ Powerpuff Girls Z]]'', but ''Ghostly Rock''.
* ''Psychotional'' is to date the only Toonvision Original Series to have been screwed ''while it was still airing''. Revolving around a group of convicted felons' daily lives at the Psychotional Correctional Facility, the show caused a massive uproar due to being marketed as a kids' show. Despite garnering a large cult following, the show was buried at 10:30pm in the Main/FridayNightDeathSlot and was cancelled after one season. The cult following of the series kept it from being written off and it continues to air on After Dark to this day.
* ''Insanity From the Mind of John Doe'' was Toonvision's answer to Cartoon Network's ''WesternAnimation/{{Mad}}''. It failed to capture ''MAD'''s audience and was cancelled and written off after one season. And yes, it was replaced with ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' reruns.
* After ''Family Values'' ended, it went from being ''Bistrosity'' 2.0 to the ''Smurfs'' of Toonvision original programming, changing timeslots erratically until it was overtaken for more ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' reruns.
* Toonvision's attempt at a preschool block, Funhouse, was hit ''bad'' by this. It started in September 2010 airing weekday mornings from 7am to 3pm. While it was definitely nice for people who didn't carry the Nick Jr. channel and couldn't access either Nickelodeon or Disney's preeschool programming, fans of Toonvision's other programming were ''not'' happy about its long airtime. Eventually, the network began changing the timeslots to odd ones such as Tuesdays from 6am to 7am to Saturdays from 6am to 6:30 am (containing nothing but 15 minute shorts) every other week. It was finally put to rest in June 2011, with Toonvision airing no preschool programming since then.
* ''Naruto: Shippuden'' was treated harshly by Xtreme, airing at 10pm from May 21 to June 25, 2011, making it through only ''six episodes'' before having its timeslot moved erratically from anchoring the block at 7pm to being buried in the middle at 9:30 until the block itself was cancelled on August 18, 2012. ''Shippuden'' was quickly ushered off for (unsurprisingly) more ''Powerpuff Girls Z''.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''. Where do we begin? Hasbro gave Toonvision the rights to broadcast reruns the show due to low carriage of Hub Network/Discovery Family, but Toonvision made it their business to ensure that no one except ''really'' hardcore fans would ''ever'' have a shot at seeing the show. Not only did it frequently change time slots a la ''The Alvin Show'', but they would frequently take it off the schedule for as long as ''three months''! Eventually, [[Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ what happened next should be obvious]], and it ended up moving to ''Toonvision Classic'' of all places, which has even ''less carriage'' than The Hub!
* ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown'' seemed to be the most despised show the network ever brought to Xtreme. It was part of the launch lineup, but compared to shows such as ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'' and ''Series/{{Zixx}}'', Xtreme made it their business to run ''Xiaolin'' into the ground. The block's programmers hinting that Toonvision executives ''forced them'' to air the series probably doesn't help matters.
* ''Furby Island Adventures'' was screwed over in its final season due to the decline of the ''Toys/{{Furby}} 2012'' line. The network assumed that since sales were declining, people would quit watching the show (even though it was still getting spectacular ratings rivaling those of Cartoon Network's ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo''), which is odd considering how its about the ''Furby'' of all things. While initially placing it at the tail end of the Friday night premiere block, the network ''destroyed'' the show's ratings by placing new episodes at 10:30am weekdays with no advertising whatsoever in the middle of the last season's run and dragged it on into oblivion. When it finally ended in June 2015, the ''minute'' after the final episode aired, the network removed the show from its schedule, replacing it with [[Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ the obvious]].