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Captions for image ideas for NightmareFuel.OFF

[Enoch's giant pissed off Jump Scare face.]
If you think he looks threatening already, wait until you see this face in context.

[Picture of the "January" monster.]
Batter's mission includes purifying cutesy-looking ghosts, as well as things like... these.

Purification... in... progress?

I blanked it.


Candle Jack Candle Jack come and join my Candle pack. Huh, I actually finished my senten

A Level 1 Heading in the Nightmare Fuel Markup

I at least want to bring the world-theme cheat sheet back. But that's all.

  1. Not much of a theme/closest to "normal" as the game gets
  2. Adventure themed, mild fantasy elements, action-y
  3. A lot more quiet, some mild "haunted" theme (towards the end you go to a graveyard)
  4. Probably a nod to my whole "element" thing, with a tiny bit more emphasis on rainbow-colored environments.
  5. Industrial; at least around half of it is in a huge factory that has parts across the world's domain
  6. Undecided
  7. A "beautiful" theme; just lots of colorful scenery, flowers everywhere, usually in night settings, etc
  8. Undecided
  9. Sports-themed? Or just a general traditional game-themed area?
  10. A sort of arc about a corrupt university that spans the world's domain
  11. Afterlife-themed (distinct from World 3), faux-religion and myth, sort of good and evil but not that much
  12. Very bizarre and strange, deals with things such as "glitches" and abstractions; think of it as a sort of counter to World 1
Gigantic Gravity Falls Thing