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Nightmare Fuel: They Might Be Giants
  • Hide Away Folk Family, especially the coda, which culminates in something not unlike Courage suffering from catatonic shock.
    • "Rabid Child" from their first album is quite haunting. It starts off with a distorted and warbling voice that says "Lord, please don't take me away..." It also has a music video, which except for one clip, has NEVER been released to the public.
  • Oh, you know that song "The Statue Got Me High"? The one with the statue that just makes people burst into flames and die? The song mentions it's being displayed publicly.
    • To add to that, try not to scare yourself with John Linnell's intense stare. Who says statues can't move. And sing.
  • "Cloissone". The narrator of the song's obviously up to some unsettling activity. "You've got a friend in law enforcement, don't go calling law enforcement..."
  • The Dial-A-Song version of "Four Of Two", which ends with the narrator strangling himself to death. In context, it's Black Comedy, but it's still a bit creepy, more so if you're used to the Lighter and Softer ending of the No! version.
  • "Turtle Songs Of North America," a free download from one of their old sites, consists entirely of weird noises and John Linnell speaking in a creepily calm southern accent about several imagined North American turtles, including the Eastern Fighting Turtle, the Downy Tortuga, and the Mudflail.
  • "The Darlings Of Lumberland" off Nanobots. If the demented woodwind section doesn't at least disturb you, John Flansburgh's demonic altered voice certainly will.
  • The Dial-A-Song version of "Token Back To Brooklyn," which starts off with pitched-down voices repeating "get away," then kicks into a bleak, slow rhythm. To say nothing of one of the original lines:
    The fare collector's drinking lighter fluid and claims he's killed our parents
  • "Stomp Box" is a fairly dark song, from lyrics like "Little stomp box tear it from my heart" to John & John screaming "KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL ME NOW..."
  • "I'll Sink Manhattan," a harrowing, emotional ode to hitting the Despair Event Horizon, backed by an instrumental that veers full-tilt between the ominous to the operatic.
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