Fridge: They Might Be Giants

Fridge Brilliance
  • "Violin" has the section where George Washington's head is divided into quarters ("One quarter of George Washington's head / Half of George Washington's head" etc). It fits in with the general Word Salad Lyrics and just seems like another example of the band's seeming Author Appeal relationship with historical figures and disembodied heads. But more than that, it's sort of a skewed reference to U.S. currency - George Washington's head is on quarters, and of course four quarters make a dollar, which George Washington is also on.
  • A minor one: "They Got Lost" is literally about They Might Be Giants ("They" for short) getting lost.
  • Like the famous story it's based on, "The Lady And The Tiger" has No Ending: Not only does it not give a conclusion to the plot, but the music ends in a somewhat jarringly abrupt manner the moment the last lines are sung.