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[Enoch's giant pissed off Jump Scare face.]
[[caption-width-right:200:If you think he looks threatening already, [[JumpScare wait until you see this face in context.]]]]

[Picture of the "January" monster.]
[[caption-width-right:200:Batter's mission includes purifying cutesy-looking ghosts, as well as things like... [[OurMonstersAreWeird these.]]]]

[[caption-width-right:200:Purification... in... progress?]]

I blanked it.

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! A Level 1 Heading in the Nightmare Fuel Markup

!! I at least want to bring the world-theme cheat sheet back. But that's all.

# Not much of a theme/closest to "normal" as the game gets
# Adventure themed, mild fantasy elements, action-y
# A lot more quiet, some mild "haunted" theme (towards the end you go to a graveyard)
# Probably a nod to my whole "element" thing, with a tiny bit more emphasis on rainbow-colored environments.
# Industrial; at least around half of it is in a huge factory that has parts across the world's domain
# Undecided
# A "beautiful" theme; just lots of colorful scenery, flowers everywhere, usually in night settings, etc
# Undecided
# Sports-themed? Or just a general traditional game-themed area?
# A sort of arc about a corrupt university that spans the world's domain
# Afterlife-themed (distinct from World 3), faux-religion and myth, sort of good and evil but not that much
# Very bizarre and strange, deals with things such as "glitches" and abstractions; think of it as a sort of counter to World 1
[[labelnote:Gigantic ''Gravity Falls'' Thing]]

[[folder:The Spooky Parts]]

!! ''Journals''

* There's something a little... off about the way Burnda breaks the fourth wall compared to the other characters. While with nearly everyone else, it's more of a tongue-in-cheek

[[AC:"The Summer of Light Brings a Summer of Courage"]]

[[AC:"Old Foes, New Tricks. New Foes, Newer Tricks"]]

[[AC:"Onwards to the Journey to the Final Boss"]]
* Not-Bill is a deconstruction of

[[AC:"Soos in Giffany Land"]]
* "Soos in Giffany [sic] Land" starts off as standard fare. However, once Soos, Melody, Rumble, and [=.GIFfany=] enter the eponymous "Land" to try to [[spoiler:reason enough with the poison-specialist [=.GIFfanys=] and get a cure for the poison inside Stan and the Trickster]], well... [[WordOfGod Fan describes]] the result as being to ''run:gifocalypse'' what ''Underfell'' is to ''Undertale''. Basically, every single professor is now a hostile {{yandere}} to Soos -- even though RG implied that they started off as yanderes to their respective players, some of them were significantly nicer to the protagonists (making it a very bizarre ''secondary character'' variation of ProtagonistCenteredMorality -- if they're being nice to the heroes, they're considered "morally good") as they were dealing with people who were not directly interfering with their "relationship" -- just delaying a bit of time, if anything. [=.GIFfany=] #9 (the canonical copy) tries to play along with them at first, and just seduces Soos instead of resorting to violence (until she threatens to use her "special attack," [[spoiler:which isn't revealed until "Sassy" in ''[=SBIGlets=]'']]), but after meeting the professors directly she's scared shitless of them and immediately tries to form a truce with the two humans to ''get the hell out of there''.
** What's even worse is that, again, in ''run:gifocalypse'', the copies had crushes on different people that held no relation to the Pines and company.[[note]]Except Dove and the twins -- all three of which blew off their players for different reasons. While Burnda and Burrda both mutually agreed that being so obsessive over a player no matter what instead of trying to get to know the player is stupid and started carying more about having fun than getting player affection (not that they were completely above player affection), Dove became a misantrope (not in the "anyone who can think is an evil dick" way, but "''real humans'' are terrible, virtual simulations are better"-sort of FantasticRacism) and started a group that blew shit up for fun while painting humanity as something even worse.[[/note]] In ''Journals'', they're all targetting Soos. The point is that if they ''were'' obsessed with people that Soos's group ''knew about'' and were convinced that they were being pried away from them, [=RunGif=] could have very well ended up like it was here.
** This really shows off the worst in the professors, and the worst in [=.GIFfany=]. They lighten up and eventually become the more sympathetic portrayals as they were in [=RunGif=] and most of them are played for laughs, but until then, ''holy shit''. To wit:
*** Burrda is completely silent, spending the beginning of her short appearance with her face completely blackened aside from a simple ASCII smiley blinking and glowing from it -- the implication being that she completely lost her mind.
*** Of course, Burnda is right by her side, talking about how the two of them "share a link" and implies that she outright wants to assimilate herself, Burrda, and Soos together.
*** Sandy becomes a [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Gamzee]] expy of sorts. In RG, Sober-Sandy was a wannabe philosopher and a very intellegent geologist. Here, as the effects of her tea wear off, she becomes increasingly deranged, talking about the "Great Starry Love Goddess in the Skies" and talking about performing sacrifices and rituals to get Soos to fall for her.
*** Kathody plans on making Soos's own personal life "terrifying" until he finally goes into her arms, and still tries to send JumpScare[=s=] into his life so that he can always be leaping into her arms.
*** Shannon has, for all intents and purposes, ''became addicted to her own mirrors''. She spouts nonsense of the fantasies she sees in them, and yes, [[spoiler:she too has a Glitch state.]]
*** Rose establishes the setting -- she interrupts [=.GIFfany=]'s "Special Attack" and traps the foursome in vines. Slowly drawing in closer, talking about how they are not allowed to fight back at all. The group's only saved by the other professors attacking ''her''.
*** Wendy M (or rather, W, as the copies here have the last name Watch -- as in, Mr. Game and Watch -- instead of [[WesternAnimation/{{Archer}} Miyazumi]]) re-creates both that stalker Bobby Hill once had during "Talking Shop" and the far more insane Trip Larson from "Pigmilation."
*** Bubbles mentions trying to literally wash his brain to make him want to play with her.
*** Sonia's comments are tamer than the others, but she attempts to lure Soos in siren-style. In a foggy swamp.
*** Searah also isn't that bad threat-wise, but she can jump out of practically ''any'' water. Including sink water.
*** Cardia seems to be just as dilusional as she was at the beginning of "Brains, Heart, and Guts of the Group," though now she talks about ''butchering'' anyone who gets in the way of her and Soos.
*** Dian is something of a StepfordSmiler: she seems to be as laid-back and neutral towards everything as her ''Gifocalypse'' counterpart, but in reality has a whole underground factory where she tries to brew potions that force Soos into loving her. (Between this and Bubbles, you can tell that Fan '''really''' doesn't like love potions in any way.)
*** Leona would have been one of the tamer ones if not for the extremely long StalkerShrine hallway with artwork she made of Soos -- paintings of him filling up the walls and ceilings, busts all lining the sides, and the floor is a carpet bearing some sort of suit card-like depiction of him.
*** [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Dove... doesn't change much, if at all.]] Despite being a bundle of unprovoked hostility in [=RunGif=], she's actually one of the ''tamest'' professors in ''Journals''. Which is an uncanny thought for a number of completely different reasons -- the woman who [[spoiler:''blew up Gravity Falls'']] keeping her personalty yet being the ''least'' fucked up of the fourteen speaks volumes about the rest of them.
*** Lastly, there's a brand new addition: Professor Eve. Take the unprovoked hostility of Dove or [=.GIFfany=], add a backstory of [[spoiler:being "banished" to a technicolor void ]]

[[AC:"Family Reunion"]]
* Chapter 5 is the first time the real CerebusSyndrome kicks in,
* [=McGucket=] successfully hacking into [[TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon Finalayer's]] camera feed just to find Nzyvo ''staring right into the camera, and '''pissed off'''''. And hell, in spite of Nzyvo's ParodySue abilities, there is ''no'' explanation for how the hell she was able to know that.

[[AC:"The Truth Behind Northwests"]]

[[AC:"To Find Courage, You Must Find Yourself"]]

[[AC:"This All Calls for a Night of Relaxation!"]]

[[AC:"Spatial Geometry is Far More Complicated than it Should be, Considering How You Have to Take Into Account the Lack of Gravity"]]

[[AC:"When Death Stars and Lightning Hits the Bullet, Fear the Ghost and Her Sidekick With a Mullet"]]

!! ''Spooky's''

* ''SBIG'' is no stranger to TheWorfEffect (often played for laughs), but what takes the cake is that [[spoiler:Spooky and her mansion are so powerful that not even ''Bill Cipher'' can find a way out (at first). And keep in mind that Bill is not even physically there.]]
** It gets even worse when you consider ''SBIG''-Bill's true identity. [[spoiler:Several alternate versions of Dark Magic (the predominant personality), but also several alternate ''Crconikals''-Nepetas (AKA genius experts, each of whom crafted their own guides to solving the supernatural and they regularly think together in the form of Yggdrasil) and ''Crconikals''-Hank Hills (AKA Sages, realized Sages at that with fairy-related powers that should have some sort of magic counter-balance). Granted, being in a different multiverse might have something to do with it, but even with all those Dark Magic Entities tapping into the knowledge of all the Nepetas and Hanks, Bill ''still'' can't find an actual way out so he just plays along with being a specimen.]]
** [[spoiler:Speaking of characters unable to leave the mansion, Spooky and GL Labs are implied to have fallen under this "curse" themselves in this fic's incarnation of the game. Really makes you wonder: Is Spooky running the specimen, or are the specimen running Spooky? Which specimen is responsible for this? (Though the story strongly implies 9.) Or is it the mansion itself, and not a single specimen within?]]
* [=.GIFfany=]'s return. Okay, so a general pattern in Fan's works is that her returns are caused by undoing her disc's destruction in some way. ''run:gifocalypse'' takes place after "The Last Mabelcorn" and Gideon brings her disc back. ''Journals'' has Nzyvo roughly doing the same, except that takes place after "Gift Shop of Horrors." ''Sassy Cat and Talking Bulldog Corps.'' is a sort-of sequel/spinoff to ''Journals'', and bottom line, takes place after. This... [[spoiler:is a '''prequel''' to ''Journals''. [=.GIFfany=] mostly seems to be bound by electronics at least, unlike other "upgrades," but how the fuck is she able to leave the Fight Fighters cabinet without Nzyvo's "revising" skills? Hell, by the time ''Journals'' rolls around, did she still keep the powers she absorbed from Specimen 4?]]
* Specimen 7, rather than being a single "wall" of sorts, is described as being a large flood of undead red bodies that chases after the trio.
* Dipper's [[CurbStompBattle "fight"]] against Spooky. She completely and utterly ends up humiliating him, first by tossing him all over the place, then by [[spoiler:''slicing off his arm'' after he attempts to call a truce. Oh yeah, and said arm injury? It sicks -- the reason why it's not mentioned in ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' before chapter 5 is because he got a very convincing prosthetic.]]

!! ''Sassy'' (Related [=SBIGlet=])

* Tad watching the four heroes showering (with his eyes widening when Melody mentions him being there) gets another layer of fucked up when you realize [[spoiler:he was perving on ''his son's romantic partners.'']]



"Oh. Hey. If it isn't [=.GIFfany=]. The anti-me. Whassup girl? Enjoying Haremageddon?"
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Professors Kathody, Searah, and Shannon. Sandy is Ambiguously Pale. Cardia is Ambiguously Orange, and teeters the line between "something that could be a natural skin color" and "flat-out techncolor skin." Rose (pink), Bubbles (red), Leona (yellow), Dian (green), Burnda and Burrda (both cyan), Sonia (blue), Wendy (purple), and Dove (gray) are outright [[AmazingTechnicolorPopulation technicolor,]] though. Fan's "concept sketches" show that even Rose's pink, Bubbles's red, and Leona's yellow are nowhere near realistic skin colors.
* DeliberateValuesDissonance:
** [[ShamelessFanserviceGirl None of the copies have any sense of modesty whatsoever,]] and their primary motivation for dressing up is to look nice. This presents a clash
** Professor Wendy's domain, which is populated by ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' fans who even take some of the more questionable things about the show to absolute heart, is and led by one. [[OneSteveLimit (Prof.)]] Wendy herself [[EstablishingCharacterMoment establishes]] this right away by embracing what Fan thinks is one of the more sexist episodes of the show, "Cheer Factor," and flat-out took the "cheerleaders should aim to pep up the football team rather than performing their own feats" idea and interpreted that as "Women should ideally just serve themselves as support for what the men do, because that's what really matters." And it goes downhill from there until she develops out of it. She has strong WouldntHitAGirl standards that she attempts to force on Dipper and Soos[[note]]None of the other copies find it any worse of an issue when they attack them, like Leona being more bothered about Dipper and Mabel vandalizing her work than Dipper trying to attack her. ''Nobody'' also notes that Soos, for all intents and purposes, ''threw Risen-[=.GIFfany=] into a fire'' in canon's events except Risen-[=.GIFfany=] herself and Professor Wendy, as the rest justify his action under self-defense.[[/note]] despite being physically stronger than either of them will ever be and the former being only 12 years old. Then she attempts to force the guys into a deadly, SeriousBusiness variant of American Football... Considering how the other [=.GIFfany=] copies up to and after this point have been remarkably neutral when it comes to gender (outside of Risen-[=.GIFfany=] targetting real girls, [[MurderTheHypotenuse but "that's because" it's the group Soos is attracted to]]), to the point where nobody bats an eye at three of the professors (Kathody, Dian, and Shannon -- note that Wendy's placement in the "professor daisy chain" is ''right between the latter two'', something Fan admits is a coincidence[[note]]He picked the three professors at random[[/note]]) being in lesbian relationships with their last (or rather current, but things get complicated in "Game Over" when all the professor meet with their players in-person again) players, this comes off as very jarring.\\
[[HypocriticalHumor Ironically,]] Professor Wendy's domain also has a high amount of traditionally "masculine" activities that her all-female copy army are in, possibly second only to Dove's outright militant forces. Her student copies include American football players, (''flying'') car and other vehicle mechanics, vehicle builders, robot makers, and barbecue experts. [[InsaneTrollLogic Although her logic is that she's ultimately doing this to "support" her male player, so it loops back to the "cheerleading" thing.]]
* WorstNewsJudgmentEver:
** At the end of "Game Over," much like in a gag from ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', [[spoiler:"Sapient Physical Artificial Intelligence Beings Agreed to Sharing All Technology With Humanity" is a side-line. The top headline? "TRILLIONS OF NAKED WOMEN FALL FROM THE SKY," which more-or-less describes the ''exact same event''.]]
** Immediately after the newspaper is described, the story also mentions that Dove kept local Gravity Falls newspapers[[note]]Everywhere else in the world mostly bought the cover-story that it was a leaked government mishap; the story became impossible to cover (read: the Earth-sized fortress was revealed and within ''clear'' viewing distance, the "entrance" being closest to the Earth and directly aligned with Gravity Falls)[[/note]] from the first three days of the Gifocalypse (the above-mentioned paper came out on the "fourth" day, or more accurately after the Gifocalypse-"invasion" was over) while undercover and asking Toby/Bodacious T. (who didn't recognize her) if she could collect them after he was done reading them. The front-page headline for the first day (the one with the world-wide broadcast) is "Full Pitt Cola Can Found in Lake -- Who Would Throw Away Such a Good Drink?" while a side topic (which was covered on the news station, as seen in chapter 1) is "Growing Band of Theives Steal Video Games; Make Cryptic Message Threatening Earth." By the second day, the Gifocalypse ''is'' moved to top-headline level news... except since there is no actual news on it, it's focused on various conspiracy theories instead, and titled "Missing Video Game Copies Signs of Cthulhu?"[[note]]Hey, at least they were right about tentacles being involved...[[/note]] with a side-article reading "Giant Space Craft Discovered Under Town -- Possibly Extra-terrestrial in Origin," which is ''much'' more definite and interesting than the Gifocalypse at that point. On the third? "Northwest Girl Eats a Sandwich" makes the top headline (the actual article is an overly-analytical essay about the "implications" of this), "Technological Wind-Person Sells Working Flying Cars and Jetpacks in India -- Also Aiming to Remove Greenhouse Gases" is on the side.

* {{Anvilicious}}: Picking which aesop has the most subelty to it is rather difficult, as they're all rather heavy-handed.
** "Don't fall into ruts and question if a 'tradition' is really harmless or just a sign of very backwards thinking" is one that's explored at least twice (Professors Cardia and Wendy), if not three times (Professor Sandy). This is also part of the greater "Don't lock yourself away from others," something nearly all professors are guilty of and they develop out of it when the gang, for lack of a better term, forces the group
* HilariousInHindsight:
** In the original chapter 6, Professor Bubbles nabs the journals, flips through #2, and melts them after finding out that Ford never wrote anything about [=.GIFfany=]. Well, ''Journal 3'' reveals that this is true... ''Ford'' never wrote about her. Bubbles effectively melted Soos's entry without even knowing about it. This got a nod in chapter 8's update retcon, where Soos briefly tries to mention that there ''is'' information on [=.GIFfany=] in general (or rather, the Risen One), but Bubbles refused to listen. [[BrickJoke Fast-foreward to "Game Over,"]] where Bubbles reveals that she melted the journals in front of both Ford and [=.GIFfany=], and the latter already knew about Soos's entry on her. Cue Ford being pissed off, while Risen '''goes ballistic'''.
* JerkassWoobie:
** Professor Dove is an unusual case in that, aside from several comments scattered in every chapter that imply that the other professors don't really like her, we find out about her "woobie" part ''before'' the jerkass part[[note]]This was intentional. Fan wanted a character that was "less 'here's an asshole, OH WAIT now here's how they became an asshole feel a lot more sorry for them' and more 'here's someone with a horrible story, OH WAIT they turned into an asshole because of that hrm'[[/note]]. Basically, she's the first ever copy of ''Romance Academy 7''. While the others all have memories of the "deletion incident," the fic gives an in-depth look at what happened while also explaining Dove's story specifically. Just after being given sapience,
** Hell, Dove's last player. He initially seems like a jackass fratboy that toyed around with the [=.GIFfany=] copy after finding out she was sapient out of sheer boredom and threatened to kill her several times. Then he appears in person during "Game Over," and suddenly he steps into a more sympathetic side. [[FreudianExcuse His father was killed by a rogue, malfunctioned robot with AI when he was only thirteen,]] so he doesn't take very kindly to sapient technology. As he outright tells to Dove (in a very similar manner to how Dove insulted humanity), it turns out his paranoia was proven right when he found out more about what the [=.GIFfany=] army has ''actually done''. [[spoiler:When it's pointed out that, ultimately, he had several other negative encounters with sapient programs to the point where ''none'' of them were good, much like how none of Dove's pre-Gifocalypse encounters with humans were good, the two of them both decide that they've done some wrong things and agree to make ammends.]]
* {{Narm}}:
** In a meta example, it's kind of hard to take this seriously if you know that the story's ''very own author'' not only wrote another fic which listed faults in the story's logic (or why [=.GIFfany=], copy army or no, would likely not do this) and had no backup counter-arguments, but said fic was a StylisticSuck one at that. ''The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' makes more sense than ''run:gifocalypse'' depending on how you look at things.
** The portion of chapter 10 spent on Shannon's domain (which is roughly 3/4ths of the chapter to boot -- unlike chapter 3 attempting to give Kathody and Searah's domains roughly equal screentime, Fan thought it would be better-paced if the ''King of the Hill'' fanclub did not get as much exposure as the other location of the chapter) attempts to be a horror-fest, much like its inspiration of [[VideoGame/{{OFF}} Zone 3.]] It also attempts to throw in humor here and there. The end result falls under this. Probably the most jarring is when Shannon reveals herself -- Professor Wendy ''still'' insists on barging into fights to try stalking the humans (at least with the Glitch attacking her, it felt like it was better suited narratively), Wendy Corduroy at one point vacuums her anti-climactically (which is especially jarring since she was the one professor who actually would have '''won''' had she not had an emotional breakdown for thinking that her winning was impossible), and the story briefly pauses as it not only describes P. Wendy's self-inflicted ClothingDamage, but also cites the inspiration for them much like P. Wendy keeps citing the episodes her viewpoints are based off of. It was intended to be a mini-ShooOutTheClowns moment with P. Wendy being the "clown," but it really just kills off a good chunk of the tension when the group faces off with Shannon shortly after.
** "Kathody" and "Searah" are at least supposed to be viewed as more "regular lighthearted episodic romp"-ish villains of the week, so their overly forced pun names made sense. Burnda and Burrda, on the other hand, are post-CerebusSyndrome professors. The burn/burr pun, which was taken directly from ''Mario'' of all things, doesn't really fit well with moments that are supposed to be dramatic.
* StrawmanHasAPoint:
** Dipper is supposed to be seen as being [[SillyRabbitCynicismIsForLosers way too cynical to the copies]] in Arc 1 (he spends Arc 2 gradually mellowing out to them, to the point where he's actually willing to hear Professor Dian out even when Professor Sonia immediately before attacked him). The thing is, the evidence really does stack against the [=.GIFfany=] copies. Dipper already had an experience with fighting clones of himself over a crush, and had trouble dealing with ''one'' [=.GIFfany=]. This is millions of copies of a person with a confirmed unhealthy obsession, who have made it very clear that they intend to litter the world with a rather threatening message that the army broadcasted on ''every electronic in the planet''. Even after Rose's introduction and Dipper still thinks that she's the exception, not the rule, it's not completely unreasonable that he wouldn't greet Domain 2 with open arms even after seeing how nice the inhabitants of Domain 1 were. This isn't even mentioning the sheer number of copies that ''do'' attack the gang completely unprovoked: [[spoiler:Kathody, Searah, Sandy (who actually considered ''sacrificing'' them), Cardia, Leona, Sonia, to an extent Wendy, Dove, and of course [=.GIFfany=] herself. That's well over ''half'' of the professors.]] Nor is it mentioning that this fan fic marks a big idealistic leap compared to canon (this, to simplify things, takes place shortly after "The Last Mabelcorn"), which portrayed its Monsters of the Week as ruthless and unreasonable monsters.
** Professor Cardia. Yes, going nuts, locking yourself off from everyone else, and kidnapping Mabel's pet pig with the intent to kill him to show that pig meat can ''also'' be pretty tasty, and attacking the human group with a dragon she possessed was [[DisproportionateRetribution overkill.]] But the way her followers directly disobeyed her orders and switched to a different kind of meat without her permission ''was'' really dickish of them, as she's the manager of their entire fast food establishment. While she ends up learning to talk things out with her followers, as she ends up agreeing with the switch simply because she ''can't'' really argue with the benefits dragon meat has over pig/chicken/cow meat, it seems more fitting that her ''students'' could have learned about talking things out instead of leaping to crazy conclusions. If even one of them had just told Cardia "Hey, we found these dragons, their meat is tastier, self-preserving, easier to cook, they're more plentiful than some of the other least concern animals, they also really heal you and help you life longer, etc" chances are Cardia would have listened, not suffered from a breakdown, and would not have been hostile to Soos and company when they met her.
** Ford is supposed to be viewed in the wrong for the way he judges Stan and refuses to even consider him as a possible ally when they're both captured and taken on the Construction Site. The fact that he considered Burnda -- someone involved with [=.GIFfany=] and a person whom he only really knew about for two days (at the time he was asked this) -- as being more trustworthy than him was supposed to show how much he still held the grudge (considering how this splits from canon after "Last Mabelcorn," and thus Weirdmageddon doesn't happen and they don't make amends). Considering how Stan practically falls over and starts liking [=.GIFfany=] almost blindly, even though this is after he's told in-fic that she was the one who outright sent an animatronic badger out to attack him and used more animatronics to attack his family, Stan was virtually being TheLoad at that point. Contrasted to Burnda, who showed a far more rebellious side than Stan ever had by that point. By the time Stan ''finally'' reconsiders that he shouldn't basically move his business towards the ultimate project she was building, it took him walking in on her making out with a Soos dummy while holding a Melody dummy over a fake pool of sharks to convince him that, you know, ''maybe the psycho ex-girlfriend that tried to kill out of obsession and made this whole place out of the same obsession'' may not be the most mentally-sound person alive. With all of this in mind, Ford seemed absolutely right to give up on trying to get Stan on his side so easily.

They're neither utopias nor dystopias. Each domain is supposed to have some kind of admirable goal (if one that originated from a selfish reason -- to appease their players), but be burried in a sort of flaw.
* Domain 1: "Don't fight for yourself at all, let my officials fight for you (it's not that big of a focus, but it's still... there)." Although they're aiming to reverse deforestation and have more vegetables for the hungry.
* Domain 2: "Have horror-themed spirit or we'll treat you like crap and throw you into our rides." Although they also manufacture a supernatural energy force that works as an amazing source of fuel.
* Domain 3: "Be idealistic or GTFO. Seriously, you can't even see this domain unless you're partly idealistic and share a lot of my viewpoints on water quality." Although they ''are'' water-purifiers who aim to have clean water for everyone.
* Domain 4: "Oh hey let's try to punish and even ''kill'' people in the name of the Lightning Goddess!" Although they are also hardcore geologists trying to find ways to help with earthquakes. And pretty brilliant minds at that once you take away their herbal tea.
* Domain 5: "Stick to the menu or I'll go nuts." Although they are a food corporation that later switches to a new type of meat that does wonders to the human body.
* Domain 6: "Bullying and just being an ass to try to 'improve' character are how I roll." Although compared to the others, Bubbles is relatively harmelss, and she is really determined to produce a number of high-quality bath houses.
* Domain 7: "A place for art... and killer fruit, and a suspiciously large shitload of weapons." Although they grow super, harmless fruit as well.
* Domain 8: "Sets the stage for a musical death." Although they teeter on that and musical entertainment. Also producing beans/coffee and stuff is kind of admirable.
* Domain 9: "Went from making antedotes to making poison." Although it's mostly a sort of self-defense and a way to stop conflict, and it's not like antedotes aren't completely no longer studied.
* Domain 10: "Like and agree with ''King of the Hill'' or prepared to be treated like a horrible outcast. I have 50s-style old fashioned views, up to and including rather sexist ones." Although they are the creators of flying cars, jet packs, super trains, very fuel-efficient vehicles, ''and'' they're trying to reduce air pollution/help the O-zone layer.
* Domain 11: It was an unknowing drug factory. Although they were originally just thinking of it as a way to see and "live out" one's dreams.
* Domain 12: "Reality TV dictates everything." Although they are great temperature regulators. Could come in handy in hot or cold parts of the world...
* Domain 13: See Domain 12.
* Domain 14: It's a freaking war factory. Although... yeah, pre-epilogue I got nothing. During the epilogue, however, Dove turns around and focuses on medical stuff instead of bomb stuff.
* Domain 15: Ruled by the biggest of the yanderes, who does not want anyone to leave despite giving them the apparent options. Also basically a yandere-creating factory. Although those ''two teensy details aside'' aside, it's a pretty neat vacation paradise in concept. Just a planet-sized city with a lot of entertainment locations and things to do.

That too, yeah. When she asked "You can talk" I was thinking "Oh ''really'', ''you're'' the one to ask that." Hence, in RG, when Burrda finally says something instead of making electronics display messages, one of the frogs from Domain 8 -- of all people -- asks "You can talk?" And, because everyone thought it was just a frog, of course they're like "Well look at who's asking the question."

* In "Sassy Cat and Talking Bulldog Corps," she ''finally'' gets a chance to use her "special attack" without anyone knocking her over before she could do anything more than glow. [[spoiler:It's a series of spikes with hearts on the end that deal a tiny amount of damage on paper, but constantly deal that damage for the time contact was held -- in effect, it copies the "one hit per frame" mechanic used in ''Undertale''. Keep in mind that Kyu ''regularly'' uses these in her battle, and '''her''' "special attack" was a Brimstone laser so large that it splits the entire planet in half.]]

* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot:
** An odd example as this is not just towards the fic itself, but to another one by the same author. Some readers of ''Journals'' have expressed that ''run:gifocalypse'' would have been more interesting if it were more along the lines of the way the [=.GIFfany=] army was depicted in ''Journals'': canon's [=.GIFfany=] was the earliest redeemed one, and allies with the Pines and company out of sheer fear. The entire rest of the army are all {{yandere}} for Soos. Fan disagrees, saying that the whole point of that was to parody overly edgy [=AUs=], and that he would find a huge variety in anti-villains while the main antagonist was a canon villain who spent most of the story... ''still'' being unpleasant would be more interesting and more "suitable" to canon.

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* A number of Great Pikmin Fan's works, while usually not squicky or controversial, fall under this usually by simply being ''weird'' or suffering heavily through ContinuityLockOut.
** ''The Hill King'' takes ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' and aims to go for a NarmCharm-filled CrackFic ride full of magic powers, the occasional canon {{Jerkass}} of the Week being made into some sort of magic enemies that ''also'' invoke MundaneMadeAwesome, but it also has continuity and a bit of a story arc. Fans of ''King of the Hill'' in general likely would not want to see their show, which made a special point of being "mundane," turned into something of a WidgetSeries-like romp. People who ''do'' like those sort of things tend to avoid ''King of the Hill'' fan fiction, again due to the show's mundane element. In effect, most people would only gravitate towards it if they've already read something else by Fan, especially if they want to know where the hell his ''King of the Hill'' RunningGag-related jokes come from.
** ''FanFic/RunGifocalypse'' has more of an Audience Alienating Execution. On paper, a ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' fanwork where [=.GIFfany=] is ascended as the main antagonist and commands an army of her copies to try to take Soos back by force isn't that bad on its own. However, its two biggest alienators (though they're heavily tied together to the point where they might as well count as the same thing) are the OC-centric-ness of the fic and how much of the canonical cast is absent until the last few chapters. In the case of the latter, the author warns readers in advance that several popular characters -- including Pacifica and even BigBad Bill Cipher -- will not be in for most of the story, with Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Wendy, Stan, [[spoiler:Ford]], and [=.GIFfany=] being the only canon characters with constant focus. All of [=.GIFfany=]'s copies except the one ''from'' canon are, for all intents and purposes, original characters that happened to share a backstory and some elements with [=.GIFfany=], and are related to her. They're not the ''main'' stars of the story and more like the QuirkyMinibossSquad, and they don't really have more than one chapter of main focus then have all screentime shoved off to them appearing at the end of a chapter, ''and'' they all ''do'' end up getting foiled in some way or another by the Pines twins and company. None of this changes the fact that there are more original characters than there are canonical characters that make an appearance until chapter 12 rolls by.
** ''Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff?'' Take the issues of ''run:gifocalypse'', replace [=.GIFfany=] with [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Nepeta]] (and Bill and Pacifica with, for example, Karkat and Kanaya) and add on ''truckloads'' of DarknessInducedAudienceApathy, and you've got ''Bl:oo<dswap''. The idea that the original trolls are all replaced by a Nepeta with the same blood color sounds more suited for a short joke story. It's not -- from the get go, the whole thing aims to be a surrealistic MindScrew mystery where every chapter until the end is planned to answer some questions, but raise more. Most of the canon trolls have been shoved off to just be Dreambubble fodder due to the way the fic works[[labelnote:Spoilers]]This is a "proper-AU session" ('''not''' a doomed timeline, as Fan stresses) where the all-Nepeta session is actually the result of the trolls needing to Scratch more than twice -- a second Scratch, due to Meulin and her ancestor ending up "contaminating" the Cardinal Movement and being mixed in with it during the Scratch, created an all-Meulin session. They ended up Scratching, creating an all-Nepeta session[[/labelnote]], Roxy is made into a paranoid nutcase thanks to [[spoiler:Lime Nepeta]] having haunted her since she was a child, and AnyoneCanDie when it comes to the humans is in full effect. People who like a mystery and darkness would be put off by the silly-sounding concept of there being twelve Nepetas trying to play Sgrub together. Those that like Nepeta and want to see her dealing with multiple bloodswaps of herself would be put off by the bleakness and complexity of it all. There is a happy ending, but it takes until a lot of suffering before getting there.
** ''Steven Helps out the Ordinary Humans'' is pretty much ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin -- episodes of ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' centered around the issues with the human cast of Beach City and Steven helping them with little to no magic involvement or Gem-related businesses have been a... divisive point in the series. This fic paints such a subject as its selling point. Even though the title tries to trick the readers through ExactWords into thinking it's effectively one long "Shirt Club" or "Sadie's Song" when in reality it's Fan's standard fare adventure romps, this does more harm than good -- people who ''did'' want to just see a fic centered around the human cast without much magic would be turned off by the complicated CrackFic plotline, and those who wanted to see them Take Levels in Badass like Connie did and go on their own adventures would have enjoyed it much more if A: the beginning and ''title'' did not dissuade them before and B: ''more Gems becides Steven got involved with their missions too''.[[note]]Funny enough, ''Helps'' was the retooling of something that Fan thought nobody would really like because of its greater CrackFic nature. Given the name of ''...I Thought Those Were the Ingredients'', this [[/note]]
** He tries to make it an anual thing to have a CrackFic crossover. However, unlike well-known crack crossovers, he does ''not'' settle for taking two highly popular series at the time and crossing them together off of FriendlyFandoms[=/=]FandomRivalry[=/=]CounterpartComparison[=/=]etc. Usually ''(at least)'' one of the things isn't very popular in of itself. This has included, but is not limited to, ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' and his own ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'' badfic; ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' and ''WesternAnimation/PerfectHairForever'' (this one eventually went on to have more sequel-related fics to its name -- a huge honor by Fan's standards, as he tends to not like giving his stories sequels); ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' and ''WesternAnimation/BrandyAndMrWhiskers'' (though this one was based on an idea he had as a kid)
** ''naruto the guy with the ninja'' is unique among his StylisticSuck works in that it's actually a specific parody of a fan fic genre (the rest of the ''SBIG'' installments simply go from goofing off with vague ties to canon to a re-imagining of a plotline of sorts). In this case, "overpowered harem" fan fiction. For people that like these, the fic comes off as ''extremely'' insulting -- even Fan himself admits that it was never supposed to be him flat-out saying that harem fics are bad so much as him trying to write a DeconstructiveParody of it. To those that ''don't'' like fics which overpowered a certain character (usually the main one) and give them a number of two-dimensional love interests, it comes off as uncreative PreachingToTheChoir. As a ''SBIG'' installment, it also has the general point against it for Fan's intentionally sloppy style, which does ''not'' litter it with spelling mistakes, but Fan ''will'' [[ThrowItIn keep any genuine spelling mistakes he makes unless it makes the story too confusing to read.]]
** ''Paper John: Sticker Star''. It's bad enough that ''Homestuck''[='=]s popularity was in something of a decline (or at least its fandom activity) even before it ended, but crossing it with a ''very'' [[VideoGame/PaperMarioStickerStar divisive game]] with a wide hatebase just to poke fun at crossovers is practically a giant "do not read" sign right there. Even though the plot pulls a complete 180 and goes off on an original and bizarre direction, the combination of following the story of ''Sticker Star'' a little ''too'' faithfully for the first few chapters, combined with Karkat (taking the role of Kersti) being [[{{Flanderization}} Flanderized]] to intentionally unlikeable levels put a lot of readers off.

* Original(/as [=NeedsMoreDeepWater=]):
** This is why ''Attacking the HRT'' was subjected to MagnumOpusDissonance. ''THE BEST FAMILY'' ended up working out because it was a sort-of compromise between Water's "usual subject matter" (large, complicated, continuity-filled plotlines) and a standard and more relatable sitcom romp. Plus, the concept of five ''vastly'' different households, all fantasy-like to varrying degrees, living right next to one-another on the same block worked out perfectly fine. ''HRT'', on the other hand, tried to be too many things at once. It was a very complicated, character-focused story that explored various fantasy worlds and repeatedly discussed the topic of making a utopia, with most of the major characters having their own opinions on how to do that and making unique systems for it. Basically like a LighterAndSofter ''VideoGame/{{OFF}}'', minus the [[spoiler:Villain Protagonist]]. The large defining flaw is that all of the cast barring the TokenHuman (and even then, s/he still goes around wearing little) is a RidiculouslyHumanRobot (''sort of'')... that goes around nearly naked, and the exceptionally powerful leaders of the "domains" all outright have nothing but their respective "elements" covering their crotches -- breasts (unless you pick the all-male option) and butts are barred. People who wanted a character development-focused game with unique world settings were put off by the sheer nudity. Anyone expecting this to be a flat-out fanservicefest would be disappointed -- the characters are never really sexualized, the nudity is treated as a completely casual thing, and there's so much going on and so many characters to account for that you practically have to be paying attention to the plot. You could censor nipples or add clothing, but the damage to newcomers had been done. Much to Water's chagrin (the latter could be a huge pet peeve of his on a bad day and something he even considers an {{Acceptable Target|s}} on a good day), this loses points because the characters are ''[[ShamelessFanserviceGirl Shameless]]'' Fanservice Girls (or Guys, again depending on the options) rather than ''[[ReluctantFanserviceGirl Reluctant]]'' -- the latter tends to be far more popular when it comes to fanservice tropes.


I've thought of something like this (''Binding of Isaac'' spoilers?):
* She'll judge Soos around chapter 7 or so of ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' (past the halfway mark cliffhanger, but not in the planned BizarroEpisode of chapter 8 or when they're already in space). He's the "good (enough)" example when it comes to "harem fics" -- she'll offer a beam of light-based transportation system to a cathedral.
* She'll try to judge Harold in a quick cameo near the end of ''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'', but end up kind of confused at the fic's story and eventually decide that maybe he's not worth judging, especially as it seems like the "harem plotline" is crumbling apart.
* She'll judge Naruto at the end of ''naruto the guy with the ninja''. As Naruto here is a mass-brainwasher, she'll immediately find him guilty and spawn a trap door right below him leading him to a black cave where she'll lead him to a room where she basically [[AC:makes him have a bad time.]]
* She doesn't judge Carl in ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'' because neither her game nor ''Undertale'' existed back when HUC was written. Same reason for the Rainbow Crew, on top of them mutally being a giant mess. Also, if the stories are connected via multiverse thing, I'd prefer just having one incarnation in that multiverse unless they're specifically part of the "reincarnation curse"[[note]]IE Dipper, Mabel, Creepypasta Sonic, Kyu, etc would be exclusive to Multiverse A (and the different timelines and such within, of course); Stan Smith, Cleveland Brown, etc are exclusive to Multiverse B; Isaacites, the ''Ed, Edd n Eddy'' cast, etc are exclusive to Multiverse C; and Jaws the Shark etc are exclusive to Multiverse D. With the exception of things like appearing in series and Silencer's ability to bring series to life.[[/note]]

It's different Kyus in all stories, think of it like how the Ezekiel in TDWTR is different from the Ezekiel in TZP or the Ezekiel in THI.