Featuring Dante from the VideoGame/DevilMayCry™ series.

-->''I suggested to the Dean that we shoot my scenes in front of the Luis Guzman statue, because the Dean has no legal right to broadcast Guzman’s image, which means every shot will be '''UNUSABLE'''. (Deal with it shades appear on the statue.) I even put in a call to Guzman’s lawyers to alert them. I’m always willing to go the extra mile to avoid doing something.''

Drawception I'm suddenly tempted to draw a sequence from one of my [[StylisticSuck badfics]] with zero context and see what people interpret that as.


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Supreme Overlord Jergingha


[[AC:Aaa (test edit)]]

Testing, testing, 1-2-3...

( o)\\
^ That is what we call THE SPOOKY TEXT GHOST!

[-[[caption-width-right:300:[[DemBones now send out the skeletons!]]]]-]

Woah......okay then!

Much Spoopy

Hyper-realistic BLOOD

-->'''Olivia, A Character With Pink Hair:''' Hey Dave, you sure seem to have a lot of posters of girls with pink-- hair... [[StalkerShrine oh boy.]]

* ArcNumber:
** A literal example is how four reoccurs often in Arc 2. This arc spans four chapters (5-9), and each professor has something regarding fours involved, depending on whether or not the professor herself is included: Bubbles ultimately ends up with four "bodyguards," Leona's domain is divided into four sections (Leona herself being in charge of the fourth), Sonia has three "barriers" needed to be passed before reaching her, and Dian's domain was split into four sections from the beginning but ends up getting hijacked by a team led by four [=AIs=].

--> "When virtual becomes real and cats come to play. The unity of the twenty under one day. Four humans, fifteen humanoids, and a monstrous unhumanlike foe. It will be by then that the path to the other colors will show."

[[folder:Edgy Foul-Mouthed Copy of [=.GIFfany=] Tries to Rap, With Predictable Results]]

"It was an ordinary day with nothing in his way, remember he needed to get a date, then he sealed our fate. Copy Number Nine, she got fried then revived, then she gathered us all and now the four of them are trying to survive.

"''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "It's game on, Soos. ''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "A game you can't refuse. ''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "Fight through flame and fog. ''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "More [=.GIF=]s than a Tumblr blog!

"We all had the same color, name, and skill. But Risen One decided we should change that if we're going out to kill. I went from hot pink to a fighter jet black. Red highlights representing my emotional heart attack. When I saw that man, Soos, I just knew right away. He'll be a better player than other dude -- just fuck him away. Two captured Grunkles later and before that some set up domains, this was gonna be the master of bringing to life our emotional pain.

"''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "Domains are just to the right. ''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "Fight to the Construction Site! ''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "Fight up hill and through log. ''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "More rainbow hair. Than. A Tumblr. Blog!

"First stop's Rose, no need to stay on your toes. But Kath-o-dy? Jumpscares be messing with me. Now Searah, she's a girl, who knows her way with water. But Sandy's the only one that started to slaughter. I mean the people, not animals, that's Cardia's job. She does her work, unlike Bubbles, who is lazy but no slob. It was really hard to find a professor with Risen One's determination. But we'll still try this out or I'll face a job termination.

"''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "Just halfway there. ''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "Takin' tour trap workers everywhere! ''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "I know it's going on a little long... ''The Gifocalypse''," (Clap) "But it's got more boobs. Than. A. Tum. Blr. Bloggggg!

"Leona paints, Sonia sings, Di-an got taken over in an eye's blink. The other Wendy, she packs a lot of energy.


[[folder:BS World]]

* PurposefullyOverpowered:
** [[spoiler:]]

Bosses: Something something about a pissed off Ezekiel.



Even more random bullshit idea throwing:

* You actually do kind of have that option, killing off the copies while the canonical one that kept her original name is the only one that stays alive. If you do that the game basically asks why the hell you kept the most depraved, abusive, murder-associated [=.GIFfany=] of them all alive but killed everyone else off. Since nobody in-game could see the fourth wall, they don't suspect you of just thinking the copies are bland Mary Sues or whatever.

* Rose and Dove: Over-passiveness, creation, and support vs over-activeness, destruction, and selfishness
* Kathody and Searah: shoving a given "taste" on someone vs locking out others for not having that same "taste"
* Sandy and Cardia: Laid-back atittude vs overworking atittude
* Bubbles and Dian: Being overly asshole-ish vs being kind of a huge pushover
* Leona and Sonia: Arrogance of your work vs being too reluctant to show your work
* Wendy and Shannon: Not bothering to change the harsh truths of reality and instead embrancing the stereotypes from it vs trying to change it via artificial drug-like simulation; to a lesser extent selfish heroism vs selfless heroism
* Burnda and Burrda: Extrovert to the point of obnoxiousness vs introvert to the point of being damaging
* Soos and [=.GIFfany=]: Jesus vs the Satan in the context of this story (Bill's obviously the "Satan" of canon, being an actual demon that makes deals and stuff). No, really, though this wasn't planned at first. Soos's Jesus parallels are already canon. (No, really.) In this story [=.GIFfany=] is a powerful figure that later uses a pitchfork as a weapon, basically collects various souls (the AI copies of professors who failed or refused to capture the humans), offers temptation,

None of this was planned at first (except Burnda/Burrda; but there was planned to be some paralleling between Leona/Sonia and Dian/Bubbles, because of the whole visual art vs musical art and acids vs bases)

[[folder:If You Hate How Often I Try to Do Trope Things With These Assholes Here's Lines of Them Dying]]

* ''run:gifocalypse'' (Tie-in RPG Maker fangame adaptation)
** "Well. I-I'm sure you had a reason for that! There had to be something I just didn't understand, and could never understand! Um, goodbye, and good luck on the rest of the domains!" [[spoiler:Rose. As the first choice in the game, she says this regardless of "path" (since it wasn't set up yet)]]
** "Ow. So... this attraction is canceled. I guess I learned my lesson: SLAVERY is BAD!" [[spoiler:Kathody, if Rose was spared/middle path]]
** "Well if you wanted even ''[[spoiler:Rose]]'' dead I guess I should have seen that coming" [[spoiler:Kathody, if Rose was killed/kill-all path]]
** "That's it? I hope you drown." [[spoiler:Searah, middle path]]
** "Urgh. Even with my special combat water... you freaks are unstoppable." [[spoiler:Searah, kill-all path]]
** "Time to make my dues with the Lightning Goddess." [[spoiler:Sandy, middle path]]
** "The stars above watch you. They will judge you. Get off this path while you still can. You already missed out on the easiest chance." [[spoiler:Sandy, kill-all path]]
** "I already lost my prized traditional meat... and I was about to lose my position as boss... as my job... taking my life was the last thing I had." [[spoiler:Cardia, middle path if she was fought while still possessing Waddles]]
** "And so I stand... the head butcher... executed in front of her employees for going mad..." [[spoiler:Cardia, middle path if she was fought after possessing the dragon]]
** "You already killed [[spoiler:four]] of my sisters! Taking one [[spoiler:stupid pig]] from you guys doesn't even make us even!" [[spoiler:Carida, kill-all path if fought in Waddles]]
** "First you try to talk things out to me... then you slaughter me like the last professors... you're toying with my emotions. Virtual girls don't mind that. Real girls... they do. They do a lot." [[spoiler:Cardia, kill-all path if fought in the dragon]]
** "JEEZ! You didn't need to prove you were strong by KILLING me! That's going just a ''tiiiiiiiny'' bit overboard, don't you think?" [[spoiler:Bubbles, middle path]]
** "Yeah, yeah, I know, you've killed everyone up to me, why should I think you guys would be nice enough to spare a big meanie like me. But listen. This path you're taking... it would make a huge difference if you just left one of us alive. Otherwise, if you go [[spoiler:eight for eight]] up until you reach [[spoiler:Dian]], she's... she's gonna make you suffer." [[spoiler:Bubbles, kill-all path]]
** "Oh yeah? Well you suck at drawing!" [[spoiler:Leona, middle path]]
** "[[spoiler:Bubbles]] tried to warn me... I have... to send... the same message... to Sonia... and... Dian... ''Dian''..." [[spoiler:Leona, kill-all path]]
** "Well, I got all of my wishes granted. I am happy. I guess I deserved that, too." [[spoiler:Sonia, middle path]]
** "Now you have done it. You are now on [[spoiler:Dian's]] bad side. And it takes a lot to get there. Believe me, none have accomplished that before you. Without any further waves of my baton, ''I welcome you to hell.''" [[spoiler:Sonia, kill-all path]]
** "Why did you do this to me? Did I do something to you in another life that you just did not know about?" [[spoiler:Dian, if you basically cancel a pacifist path by killing her in the optional "friendly battle"]]
** "Wait, there is no need to play rough! Ow, that ''really'' hurt!" [[spoiler:Dian, middle path if you kill her during your optional "friendly battle" (which you cannot initiate if Bubbles, Leona, or Sonia were killed prior)]]
** [Four Hijackers]
** "Hold on a second. I remember Dove saying you didn't actually kill anyone. Huh. Why are you killing copies now? Were you just offended by my old-fashioned sexist ways ''that much''?" [[spoiler:Wendy (the AI), once again if you cancel a pacifist run on her and she's your first kill]]
** "Just as I knew. Genre savvyness pays off again. I was just another generic monster of the day for you glorious human beings to kill triumphantly." [[spoiler:Wendy (the AI), middle path]]
** "Ha ha, I am such an idiot. Why did I think that any amount of power in a teeny AI like me would be enough to stop the glorious unstoppable wall that is humanity? I guess the other copies really are doomed, and there is no way to change our destiny. At all. This was predetermined... there is no other way..." [[spoiler:Armored Wendy, kill-all path]]
** "It's still not right! By taking away the mirrors you are taking away a harmless choice!" [[spoiler:Shannon, middle path if it's clarified before a potential flipout that your party did not kill anyone]]
** "Yeah, go ahead. I definitely went overboard there." [[spoiler:Shannon, middle path if she misbelieved that the gang killed innocent copies when they didn't]]
** "MURDERER! MURDERER! ''M U R D E R E R !''" [[spoiler:Shannon, middle path if Rose and/or Dian were among the casualties]]
** "I finally scared [=.GIFfany=] into evacuating the other copies to the Construction Site. I hope you enjoy an empty Paricutin, and may its flames serve as your personal hell. Fuck off." [[spoiler:Shannon, kill-all path]]
** "Hey, I really meant it when I said that I tried to keep Stan and Ford as happy as I could. I wouldn't tear apart a family, and while you're doing that right now, I can kind of see why if you think that's what we were doing. I'm sorry. Just leave Burrda out of this, okay?" [[spoiler:Burnda, middle path if fought first]]
** "No." [[spoiler:Burrda, middle path if Burnda was fought first and spared]]
** "Thanks." [[spoiler:Burrda, middle path if Burnda was fought first and killed]]
** "Why?" [[spoiler:Burrda, middle path if fought first]]
** "Well, thanks for keeping my twin alive. I know I'd do the same for you!" [[spoiler:Burnda, middle path if Burrda was fought first and spared]]
** "You disgust me. Completely. I don't care what your not-kill record before me is -- you had to have at least one or we'd follow a different plan -- you still disgust me. At least I'll be dead close by my twin." [[spoiler:Burnda, middle path if Burrda was fought first and killed]]
** "I remembered what [=.GIFfany=] told me about the afterlife..." "Yes [[spoiler:Burrda?]]" "It sounds horrifying." "Well, cheer up. At least we have the honor and comfort of being able to go there at the same time." "Heh. Side by side best sisters forever?" "Side by side best sisters forever." '''"Goodbye Paricutin, this is [[spoiler:Blenda]] signing off on the final episode!"''' [[spoiler:Blenda/Burrda and Burnda, kill-all route (quotes alternate between them respectively; bold is both of them talking as a fusion)]]
** "Oh? Giving up on your pacifist word to kill me just because I was 'mean?' Heh. I only caused property damage, protected myself against devs that wanted me gone, and said a few insults. But this is murder! You wanted to try to be better than me, but you're only ranking worse!" [[spoiler:Dove, if a pacifist run was canceled on her]]
** "Is there any real rhyme or reason to which one of us you're killing off? Just curious. Do you really think that you hold the final value in morality? Didn't those unicorns teach you that you shouldn't let yourself be judged by others? Did you take that as a sign that ''you'' are allowed to judge ''others'' as much as you want but get pissy the other way around? I hate you. You're all such fucking selfish hypocrites. I hope my sacrifice shows that to you." [[spoiler:Dove, middle path]]
** "Welp. I just hope I made you feel bad about doing all of this." [[spoiler:Dian, kill-all path]]
** "Yep. Shoulda seen that coming. You didn't spare anyone else why save the billion-fold bitch of all people." [[spoiler:Dove, kill-all path]]
** "Wait wait wait I didn't think you would ''really kill me again!''" [[spoiler:[=.GIFfany=], if you do a pacifist run up to this point just to kill her at the very end of the game]]
** "Did I go too far with that one?" [[spoiler:[=.GIFfany=], if you kill her at the end of an otherwise-pacifist run when she threatens to kill Melody/Stan/everyone Soos loves]]
** "Oops. I guess not then. I should not have pushed my luck..." [[spoiler:[=.GIFfany=], if you kill her at the end of an otherwise-pacifist run when she asks if the reason Soos keeps sparing her is because he's reconsidering getting back with her]]
** "''I will always be back. They love me.''" [[spoiler:[=.GIFfany=], middle path]]
** "See? I sent the last of my energy [[spoiler:after the statue of Dove]]! Look at me, I ''totally'' reformed! I am amazingly good now! You can trust me! You don't have to kill me! In fact, I have a family! ''[[DirtyCoward Kill them first!]]''" [[spoiler:[=.GIFfany=], kill-all path]]


[[folder:What About that Other Major ''Gravity Falls'' Thing That I'm Planning?]]

Inspired very, very loosely by ''Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'' and ''FanFic/TheLightOfCourage'', ''The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage''

* BreatherEpisode: Chapter 8, at least as far as this {{Bathos}} story goes. You would not ''believe'' that a chapter beginning with a blood-covered monster that bites someone in half would end up being of the ''lightest'' chapters in the story, but the actual plot outside of that beginning turns out to be fairly lax. It's right before a two-parter about some SurrealHorror [[spoiler:copy of ''Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures'']] threatening to tear the universe up that almost ''everybody'', even the final BigBad, is afraid of.
* DecoyProtagonist: At best, Dipper could roughly be considered the protagonist ''of the first half''. The true main character is [[spoiler:Mabel, the only one of the "Pines Quadruplets" to lack a journal, but makes up for it by being the only one of them with proper Spiral Power]].
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: As a result of the story undergoing a ''drastic'' change in plans during a long pause before Fan resumed work on it, the first two chapters -- the first one especially -- are very tonally different from the rest of the story. They also have a slightly bigger emphasis on the talking journals and the key hunting, both of which were originally going to be much bigger plot elements. In general, it was much looser with anything resembling a plot, had more of a MonsterOfTheWeek feel (though it was always intended that Nzyvo would gather various past supernatural characters outside of her personal QuirkyMinibossSquad, and that the ghosts would be the only ones recruited before she starts aformentioned QMS), and bordered more on being a SadistShow. Chapters 3 onward had more of the usual feel of "A story that wants itself to be taken seriously, but can't" as with most other ''SBIG'' installments (such as ''naruto the guy with the ninja'' and ''Kids Fight the Zombies''), instead of "General bad crap just happening."
* NakedPeopleAreFunny:
** Soos gets his clothing destroyed a ''lot'', especially in the second half, and he does not mind this ''at all''. At one point he flies naked just like Patrick in the ''Spongebob'' movie.
** Stan's "Bill cosplay" in chapter 4. He wears replicas of Bill's hat, bowtie, and holds a replica of his cane. And wears absolutely nothing else. He spends the whole chapter like this.
** Chapter 8 in general might as well be "The Naked Chapter" with the exception of the primary antagonist group.
* ObligatorySwearing: Even by SBIG standards. Seriously, almost everybody swears in this story. [[spoiler:It's nothing short of amazing that this is a chronological sequel to ''Spooky's House'', since ''Spooky's'' has almost no swearing whatsoever]].
* OnlySaneMan: Of all characters, the Trickster tends to make more sense than anyone else in this story.
* RunningGag:
** It seems like all the members of Nzyvo's QuirkyMinibossSquad (except the Shape Shifter, [[spoiler:mostly because he was killed very early into the story]]) have some alien standards for what's attractive. The Trickster is at one point trying to use pickup lines on some kind of candycane mascot. [=.GIFfany=] hits on a ''television'' at one point, apparently gets rejected, and when the television falls on her she calls it a "fat bitch." And the pterodactyl is described as "affectinly rubbing against" both a giant bone and a ''Transformers'' poster.
* SelfDeprecation:
** Nzyvo and [=.GIFfany=] discuss that the plot of ''FanFic/RunGifocalypse'', another ''Gravity Falls'' fan fic by the same author that was in-progress during the run of ''Journals'', would be paper thin. [=.GIFfany=] laughs when Nzyvo brings up rumors that there are "only fifteen copies" released to the public, and cites canonical evidence that would go against that (despite Fan himself saying that ''rungif'' "assumed" certain things, basically explaining the very same fridge logic that his own later story would try to use as evidence). When she ''does'' gather an army of copy, Soos suggests that they use different hair colors and names to tell one-another apart, but they remark that they are just fine with numbers. [[spoiler:The copies just end up fighting one-another, making the whole "team-up" plan completely useless. While Nzyvo does revive the one that was killed in canon, she quickly uses that copy to "replace" all the others, basically marking a return to the status quo again, as with the usual [=.GIFfany=]-Nzyvo adventures in chapters 3-5 (Both the "Creepypasta Sonic" and "Cybernetic upgrade" prior were hit with similar reset buttons. The only difference is that this genuinely ''is'' a different copy).]] Unlike the other times Fan mocks himself, however, the subject of his mockery was ''not'' an OldShame at the time (as of August 2016 it still isn't), but rather was at the top of his own "recommended list out of the very things I wrote."
* ShipSinking: Poor, ''poor'' Dipper. Let's count the ships sunk with him:
** [[spoiler:The end of chapter 5 reveals that he and Pacifica are genetically related, making things way too squicky for them to get involved in a relationship]].
** [[spoiler:Wendy literally tells him to fuck off in chapter 4]].
* TakeThat:
** Nzyvo is a general dig at very unoriginal characters or evil counterparts, and was inspired by a rather strange theory of there being a "secret clone" of Mabel that randomly pops in to replace her.
** Late into chapter 4, Gideon attempts to give Bill a physical form. However, this goes pretty horribly, and results in the creation of what's basically a giant middle finger at Bill's fandom portrayal. He ends up making "some bishonen guy" who quickly becomes obsessed with Dipper to the point of holding him at knife point and acting like he just needs to "woo" him over. Dipper eventually says that he ''prefers'' the original, triangular, maniac Bill to that one, and aformentioned Bill ends up blowing the copy up. TheStinger has something similar happening with [=.GIFfany=], getting a "horrible waifu clone" that the original quickly kills.
** [=.GIFfany=]'s brother by adoption is a Sonic lookalike with blood coming from his eyes that has an obsession with blood. His abilities range from the ''totally useful'' skill of killing fictional characters, to making harmless blood come out of things, to summoning ''plushies'' of himself. While he still proves to be somewhat dangerous, nobody actually takes him seriously. [[VideoGame/SonicExe Hrm...]]
** ''FanFic/TheLightOfCourage'' was one of the story's biggest "inspirations," though not in a positive way.
* WeHardlyKnewYe: Out of the QuirkyMinibossSquad and the GoldfishPooGang, [[spoiler:While Nzyvo, the Trickster, and [=.GIFfany=] of the former and Gideon of the latter survive to the end, and the Pterodactyl and Bill die at the halfway mark and near the end respectively, the Shape Shifter is killed off after only one chapter's worth of spotlight. Very early into the third chapter at that. Could have been worse for him: The original plan was that he was going to be killed off at the very end of the second chapter as part of Dipper being "motivational" and using a "courage punch."]]
* WholePlotReference: It ''really'' isn't obvious at first, but this loosely follows after the plot of ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. For the first half, anyway. The second half features a large spike in originality.


* MindScrew:
** ''Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff'' is fairly unique in that there are MindScrewdriver[=s=] given out pretty often. It's just that... for every MindScrewdriver, there's another MindScrew waiting around the corner. WordOfGod says that everything ''will'' be answered eventually, but probably not until the absolute end of the story.
** Aaaaand ''Bloodswap World'' manages to blow nearly everything above out of the water, including what it's a sort-of derivative of, ''Guess Who's Getting a Spinoff?'' First, you'll have to understand a universe where everyone's blood swap co-exists. This is just scratching the surface:


* Earl's incredibly blunt narration when introducing Homer Simpson:
-->''"That's Homer. Nobody likes Homer. [[PrecisionFStrike Fuck Homer.]]"''
* [[WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory Lloyd]] repeatedly saying "We got some Jon Snow in there... we got some Jon Snow in there... we got some Jon Snow in there... we got some Jon Snow in there... we got some Jon Snow in there..." as more and more Jon Snows pile up, until there's five in total. And Martin stabs all five of them in quick succession. In a later Poop, a drunk [[Series/TheBigBangTheory Sheldon]] starts singing about the elements that make up the universe. A blank table arranged like the periodic table appears over the screen, and as Sheldon lists off elements it's filled with images approrpiately fitting them... until he says "iron" five times, just like the aformentioned "Jon Snow" RunningGag. ''Then'' he starts listing other things, like five slots of Jon Snow in the table, the "shrimp" gag from ''Film/ForrestGump'',

[[folder:Why I Wish I Can Draw and Write Well, But Mostly Write Well]]

* "FUCK DAVE."[[note]]Water used to "leak" information of sorts about ''Rear's End'' on the Sandboxes of this very wiki, usually just to pound ideas out on some kind of editable site. Someone who had taken note of this eventually gave out details once the comic ''finally'' came out and started getting steam, which included plans of a HateSink character named "Dave." Basically, the "leak" in regards to him was "Be prepared in advance to ''really hate'' a guy named Dave..." After page after page and storyline after storyline passed, Water ''finally'' explained that Dave was actually an idea he already rejected, so the final comic will not have a Hate Sink character named Dave. Still, to mock this failed "prediction," it became common when asked anything related to the least favorite character to start bashing a non-existant person in the story known as "Dave." Basically, people who don't have a personal Scrappy can just turn to the now-imaginary Dave and bash on him, pretending as though he does exist and is the worst character imaginable. This meme was complicated a bit since an expy of his original plan, complete with the name, was the main antagonist of a later, smaller story Water wrote.[[/note]]
* From the Kickstarter for the video game spinoff:
** "So please. Have a heart." Accompanied by [[StylisticSuck Shitty 3D Olivia's]] expression while saying this.[[note]]Olivia flat-out confesses that Water will probably release the game with the intentionally terrible placeholder [=3D=] models, no music or real sound effects, synthetic voice acting, and textureless single-colored objects anyway if he doesn't get the funding to make it look professional, and furthers the honestly by saying that Water would offer this game at a ''lower'' price because of its lower aesthetic value being a bigger entry barrier to buying it. She says that the only real reason to back it up would be if you have a heart, so she (after a saddened Water briefly slides on the screen) puts on a desperate expression and says the aformentioned quote.[[/note]]
** The game has a rep for being one of the few Kickstarter projects that effectively spoils its entire plot in the Kickstarter trailer.[[note]]To prove that it isn't "plot heavy" and to encourage people to actually buy it instead of relying off of (in other words, buy it for the fun playing experience) uploaded videos is to have the entire basic plot flash on the screen briefly in a very simple to decipher code.[[/note]]


* {{Jossed}}:
** Yes, Peppermint was being accurate when she said that no fairy's Ability can involve outright time travel or permenantly manipulating one's emotions/thought ways (though there are forms of mind control, but they're rarely encountered in the story). Water also went on to say that no Ability -- or anything within the story, for that matter -- can involve BreakingTheFourthWall (Peppermint doesn't mention this because that would require knowing that the fourth wall ''exists''). Water is '''extremely''' strict about this story not having any time travel[[note]]What's referred to as temporal manipulation in the story's events usually means manually making the matter slower, faster, or going backwards based on "memory" -- it goes out of its way to establish this as simply changing the way the mass moves, and not that time itself is a force being controlled[[/note]] and even moreso with meta elements.



The mission's pretty simple. You're playing as a figure codenamed the Liberator. You have to destroy all clothing. Not just on the planet. Not just in the solar system. Not even in the ''galaxy''. Stop until all that evil clothing is destroyed.

Complicating things is that, much like [[VideoGame/{{OFF}} one of this game's inspirations]], the world it takes place in is utterly bizarre and barely fits in with our own. Unlike ''OFF'', everything's clearly there in some form -- you start out in Earth, which even has its own CN Tower (which is also the setting for the first boss fight). The differences are... well... you're in some kind of massive AlternateHistory where just about every body in space larger than a "regular" asteroid (and some "small" asteroids as well) has at ''least'' one humanoid sapient race on it, and they all basically intermixed with Earth's pretty well as of the day the game takes place. The ''past'', specifically October 26th of 2001[[note]]The release date of ''VideoGame/{{Pikmin}}'' in Japan[[/note]]. As a result of having zillions of alien cultures influencing it, Earth itself has gotten some pretty bizarre city designs. The reason ''why'' you're out to destroy clothing is because the Liberator's creator, a 60-something year-old known as the Professor, had done research and discovered a secret breed of unaging space Cockroaches that existed since the universe's early life are really using clothing as means to mind-control sapient life. Things like interuniversal travel, regions outside of any universe that lack sense, meeting "myths," etc are considered part of ordinary life in here, and the concept of "infinities" is discussed pretty often. This is just scratching the surface of the world's weirdness, but the line until it becomes spoiler-y is a bit blurred. Oh, and was it ever mentioned that the playable character is technically a ''flower'', and the gray humanoid you see for most of the game is really a sort of armored suit/mecha for them?

Thus is ''Destroy All Clothing in Existance!'', a SurrealHumor 16-bit RolePlayingGame that can best be described as a bizarre inverse of ''OFF'' mixed with a bizarre inverse of ''Anime/KillLaKill''. It's an... odd title that definitely doesn't take itself seriously at all --

!! Character Sheet for That Thing

!!! Protagonists and Allies

[[folder:The Gang in General]]

* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: All of them have at least one pretty significant trait about them that you don't see much else in the game, from Sarai's sheer power to Paypay's teleportation to


[[folder:The Liberator]]

The central player character of the game. A project by the Professor, an artificial wax soldier created to "liberate" people by slicing off the evil confines secretly placed on them by the Cockroach army. Actually a sapient flower placed into said wax body, used for carrying out the mission.

* CatchPhrase: Prefaces all battles with "Prisoners Spotted. Quantity:" Followed by the number of enemies. [[spoiler:The exceptions are the fights with Roylel, which is just "?," and the Giant Spiders, which is "!!!!!!!!!!"]]
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Thanks to their very isolated raising conditions and being raised by a conspiracy theorist, they're not the best at understanding certain situations.
** When finding Roach at CN Tower, he points to a sign reading "No shirt, no shoes, no service." Liberator somehow mistakes this as saying someone must fit all or none of the requirements. Them not wearing a shirt or shoes is obvious, but then they add on "...So I should refuse to give you service? Because that's what I'm doing right now, man."
** When you first encounter [[spoiler:a Giant Spider in the cleared areas]], Liberator's first concern is that [[spoiler:their silk may bypass the clothing-being-destroyed-by-the-Freedom-Towers, and not that there's spiders the size of buses roaming around]].
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: Every feature of their wax body (not the flower itself, which even has blatantly green petals) is some shade of gray. You have some degree of chosing ''which'' shades of gray, but ultimately the Liberator is a pretty monochrome character, and the only ''major'' monochrome character of note. [[spoiler:This is an early sign that he's connected to Roylel, as she's similarly just white. When you finally encounter another character with just as much of a limited palette, then you know something's off]].
* EideticMemory: When meeting with Sarai for the first time just before the World 3 boss, they instantly know she's a nudist from the start, since they have an eidetic memory and remember every single liberation target.
* {{Expy}}: Of the Batter from ''VideoGame/{{OFF}}''. They're both monochromatic, ''really'' devoted to their mission, and
* ImprobableWeaponUser: A giant sewing needle, which can only cut clothes.
* TheNudifier: Yep, it's their goal and the goal of the whole game, as stated clearly in the title. You cut the clothing off of random civilians for enemy encounters, and after beating a boss the whole overall setting of the world is nudified thanks to Freedom Towers.
* PurelyAestheticGender: Can be male or female, and this has no impact on anything gameplay or story-related.
* StrongFleshWeakSteel: Compared to the Assists. Either the Liberator's body is made out of some strong wax, or the Assists are made out of some weak metal. By default, they take the same amount of damage from attacks.
* TechnicalPacifist: The Liberator doesn't want to ''kill'' anybody or even hurt them. However, they won't stop hacking at people until they're rendered naked. They are legitimately shocked when [[spoiler:FAST]] is blown up after his optional battle. [[spoiler:This is thrown out the window with Roylel, though given how she threatened the Liberator's father figure and friends, she had it coming. Also, Roylel ''is'' clothing itself, which complicates things a little bit]].
* TomatoInTheMirror: [[spoiler:Liberator's wax body was made animate by a thread from the Massive Hat. Which is technically clothing]].
* TotallyRadical: Some of their dialogue crosses into this.
* VirtualPaperDoll: You can pick the Liberator's gender, hairstyle, very general build, etc as you please. Oddly for a game by [=TooMuchDeepWater=] (a guy known for being [[AuthorAppeal rather obsessed with]] colorful things, full rainbows/spectrums, etc), you're ''not'' free to change much of their color. Just about five shades of gray for skin and hair.


[[folder:The Professor]]

A man who, after discovering the truth about the Cockroaches and clothing in his early thirties, retreated to a hidden base he set up in Africa to hide out from an oncoming "apocalypse." A year later, he briefly peeked out of the shelter to see that, no, the Cockroaches have ''not'' turned the world into pure anarchy, and decided that there is still time to save existance. He spent the next few decades of his life experimentally creating the Liberator, the first (known) sapient form of life that was not derived from a humanoid construct. He raised the Liberator as a sort of soldier that would go out and prevent this supposed "apocalypse" from happening by slowly making more and more of the multiverse safe.

* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Even ''before'' the whole apocalypse craze and locking himself up around 35 years underground, he's implied to be a pretty big nutcase.
* TheCuckoolanderWasRight: That naked aging guy who had a laughably thin, hole-riddled theory about clothes being a conspiracy from immortal space cockroaches to control all life in the multiverse? Turns out to be totally correct. [[spoiler:The only thing he didn't account for was how ''clothing itself'' is also in on this, namely as it's all one sentient being known as Roylel]].
* TheOneGuy: If you chose Liberator to be female, he's the only major male character involved in the liberation project. (The Assists being simple robots.)



A pentet of large, automated tools that help the Liberator out during their journey. For some reason, you can only have one of them out at a time.

* ColorCodedCharacters: Red is for offense (Thumell), yellow for health (Dexin), green for skill (Centrie), blue for speed (Sibang), and pink for status effects (Plinklee).
* ThemeNaming: Their names are all corruptions of fingers on the hand.


[[folder:Kengrzee AKA "Paypay"]]

A traveling merchant, and your only ally that actively, frequently wears clothing. She appears shortly after you leave the Lab, and sells you items dressed in a spitefully heavy suit. While her prices always remain the same, she adds more to the items and equipment she sells in each subsequent appearance, so be sure to check on her often.

* {{Foil}}: Spends most of the game only found in pre-liberated areas, until [[spoiler:the Reveal with Roylel actually being all clothing]] and shows a remarkable calmness even in dire situations. This is in contrast to the Professor, who spends most of the game in ''post-''liberated areas and is paranoid at almost everything.
* OddFriendship: Goodness, she does ''not'' start off on friendly terms with the Liberator. The way she bargains with them to keep her clothing by saying she would refuse to sell if she was "Liberated," to her trollish atittude that overall makes Liberator question how much they really are devoted to their mission.
* OhCrap: She loses her cool after finding out [[spoiler:that all clothing is an extension of Roylel's being, meaning that she was basically "wearing" parts of that creepy corpse-like woman the entire time. She proceeds to instantly throw off all of her clothes and ''sets them on fire'', while saying "NO NO NO, GO AWAY YOU MONSTER THING!"]]
* PhraseCatcher: Four seperate times in the game, she manages to make Liberator grunt a frustrated "MMMMMMMMM..."
* TeleportSpam: Does this on her introduction to avoid the Liberator's... er... liberation.
* {{Troll}}: Seems to enjoy annoying or teasing the Liberator whenever she can.
-->'''Paypay, when met in World 2:''' Isn't Earth's Original Moon the best? Love that view of that whole planet you just set free?\\
'''Liberator:''' Woah, you put on a new outfit pretty quick. And an identical one, too.\\
'''Paypay:''' Oh, this? I watched your fight with Roach, then left right before you activated the Freedom Tower.\\
'''Liberator:''' ...So I wasn't tricking you into getting hit indirectly, so I wouldn't have to face the moral dilema of putting my mission on hold in order to make it easier against what the Professor wanted?\\
'''Paypay:''' I'll tell you what: If you can hit me with a blast from those, I'll still sell you everything. In fact, I'll throw half charge off! But I have access to a large chunk of existance. Way more than you'll ever explore. I can just keep zipping there while you...\\
'''Paypay:''' Well, right now you're basically going to Alpha Centauri on foot!\\
'''Liberator:''' Uh... huh...\\
'''Paypay:''' So, wanna buy?\\
'''Liberator:''' MMMMMMMMM...
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Isn't phased even by the things that ''would'' be considered unusual in the game's world. Like finding out the truth about the Cockroaches. [[spoiler:She finally gets a strong reaction when she finds out that her favorite outfit -- and all of her clothing -- was an extension of Roylel, capable of spying on her]].
* AVillainNamedZrg: A friendly alien, but it's the same principle, since her real name (IE not her "merchant name") has all three letters in it, one right after another.



A nudist engineer working at a university within the Local Bubble (World 3). Every third world, she upgrades your outdated cell phone given by the Professor.

* BewareTheNiceOnes: Her Scan during the fake battle at the "Prep for World 7" sequence shows that she actually has the highest attack stat out of anybody in the game -- at '''40'''[[note]]The health and defense measured are the health and defense ''of the clothing'', but the attack power is all on the person themselves[[/note]]. By contrast, Preacher Roach, the strongest boss in the whole game (Blueoach is intentionally underwhelming and [[spoiler:Roylel]] utilizes [[spoiler:one hit per frame]] which means on paper her attack is ''1''), has only 12. Even some of the "extra" powerful enemies don't go higher than 17. [[spoiler:When Roylel has all of the Liberator's friends and allies trapped in the final battle, she's the only one that manages to set herself free, and briefly helps out during the fight]].
* BrainyBrunette: She's an engineer, and about the second smartest of the main cast, only behind the Professor (and the Professor is offset by being pretty nuts).
* {{Expy}}: Seems to be something of an adult [[VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac Eve.]] She's named after a religious figure (Sarah, the mother of Isaac...), bears a bit of a visual resemblance to her, had some ''slight'' issues with her mother (but in her case it's more of a number of trivial disagreements, like what carreer she should go for, nothing as bad as attempted murder), and had stuggled with gender identity issues at a younger age. Just beofre the midboss of World 11, which is basically the game world's version of the devil, she'll call the Liberator just to say "You have ''no idea'' how bad I wanted to see you do this" while grinning. [[spoiler:One of the many, ''many'' endbosses in ''Binding of Isaac'' is Satan himself, with a more powerful form known as Mega Satan]].
* GuestStarPartyMember: Teams up with you and follows you around during World 10-1 and 10-2, which also happens to be where the game's plot finally gets a bit more depth than just "Work your way to the Freedom Tower, beat the Roach at the end, repeat." This ends with an UnexpectedShumpLevel where she turns your phone into a jetpack and works with your active Assist to blast down some Pilots on their clothing jetpacks.
* SlapstickKnowsNoGender: At the end of the World 10 shooter game, she, Liberator, and the active Assist all end up falling on the ground. While all three of them land comically (including the Assist, a giant metal head-hand thing), she lands on her face with her ass in the air.
* {{Transsexual}}: A trans woman, both according to WordOfGod and implied in-game when she quotes her mother from a younger age. ("Most of my early life, she was trying to spoil me too much. From 'my baby boy doesn't need perfect grades in elementary school here have these toys instead,' to 'my tween girl should go for a relaxing class' to 'oh, my baby girl, try to pick a fun elective in high school.' I, uh. I liked to challenge myself. We disagreed on that front there.")
* ZeroEffortBoss: When she proposes a compromise to clothing, in the form of leaf-garments, Liberator goes into a fake battle with her. Here, Liberator will end up destroying the garment in one attack, and Sarai will refuse to attack you (instead staring in confusion).




!!! Antagonists

[[folder:Antagonists -- The Cockroaches]]

!! In General

!! Roach

-->''"Welcome to Canada. Now, if you would, please get the heck out."''

The first Cockroach you encounter and the boss of World 1. He's been sent to Earth after the Roaches have narrowed down that the one rebel attempting to spread "liberation" came from that planet overall. He doesn't actually find the Liberator until they reached Canada, where the Freedom Tower for the planet lies.

!! Armored Roach

-->''"BWAH HA HA! Fear me, Liberator! I'm afraid your journey has to end here!"''

A Cockroach with turtle-like features that fights within the Sun's plasma itself, and the boss of World 2.

!! Rising Roach

-->''"You? Aw man, you're killing my spook. I mean, nothing ruins the scare factory more than a crazy [man/woman] running around making everyone naked."''

An overseer of the undead that roams in the graveyards along by the Local Bubble, and the boss of World 3.


!! Industrial Roach

-->''"Full steam ahead! Mostly just because I like steam..."''

A part-cyborg Cockroach that secretly oversees a particular factory at the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, acting as the boss of World 5.




!! Quarterback Roach

-->''"Alright units! Remember the plan! Blue fifty one! Eight reddy-green! Hike! Preferably down that hiking trail!"''

The boss of World 9, a massive sports fan who set up a huge triple planet-like stadium in Laniakea.

* TheLadette: Loves sports, especially football, and even fights you in a football uniform.

!! Sailor Roach

-->''"Are you ready to see the power of a '''real''' dean?"''

A "magical Cockroach" guarding the Freedom Tower in the depths of World 10, at the center of the massive supercluster-spanning school system. She's a self-proclaimed "dean" but isn't actually one legally, thanks to no legal system knowing she even exists (at first, and as with the other Roaches).

!! Preacher Roach

-->''"May the watchers of the souls realize what you are doing is terrible!"''

A member of the Roach army impersonating a religious speaker, holding his place as guarding the Freedom Tower in Heaven, part of the Afterlife of Earth's universe. He's the boss of World 11.

!! Blueoach

-->''"So... you might be a bit disappointed in this but... here we go..."''

A blue-green PaletteSwap of Roach, and supposedly the leader of the entire army. He always guards the Freedom Tower that controls the fate of all clothing in the infinite multiverse/the spaces between universes/all of existance.

* ButtMonkey: For the leader of the Roaches, he has a laughably easy boss fight (assuming you're not doing a LowLevelRun)


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''' (The Final Boss)]]

!! Roylel

A strange monochromatic woman that appears fairly suddenly after beating World 5. She appears with weak stats, vanishes after being hit, and laughs about being closer around Liberator than they think.

It turns out that all clothing in existance is really some sort of part of her, derived from and given life by something called the Massive Hat -- an entity deep in the Interplane of existance that is immune to the Liberator's activated Freedom Towers and can keep all clothing inside immune as well. Taking advantage of this, Roylel survives the Liberator extending the final Tower's infinite reach and heads back towards the lab to try to capture all of Liberator's friends. She serves as the real final boss of the game, after an intentionally underwhelming battle with a color swap of the first boss.

* BackFromTheDead: If you pick "I am the exception," the Cockroaches sneak off some of Liberator's Massive Hat fiber and attempt to re-create a form of clothing immune to the Freedom Towers. The ending of this shows some freakish patchwork laughing with Roylel's exact laugh, implying that her last words about coming back were true.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: Implied.
-->'''Roylel:''' When you hear infinite thoughts... infinite secrets across your customers... it all starts to blur together... you think things... you feel things... you feel everything, about everything. And then... you feel nothing. Kind of. Just boredom. Nice to have you to shake things up a little with your propaganda stunt, [brother/sister]!
* CombatSadomasochist: It's implied that she ''does'' feel pain, yet she sure as hell doesn't mind losing pieces of herself (likely because she's pretty good at regenerating quite a lot of mass in a short time) and definitely wants to inflict pain in the Liberator and their friends.
* DeaderThanDead: Maybe. Freedom Towers can also affect the afterlife, so clothing produced there would be destroyed. It's unclear if she even has a soul, let alone if the soul itself would be considered clothing. So... by destroying the last Massive Hat fiber in her, Liberator might just erase her from existance. Though if you return to World 11 in the PlayableEpilogue, Paypay will comment about Roylel may have a ghost there afterall, and is just hiding.
* DeathByAThousandCuts: Even in her powered up form, she still only does one damage. The difference is that she utilizes the "one hit point per frame" mechanic of the Children from this game, and Sans from ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}''.
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: The only major character outside of the Liberator to be some form of grayscale (in this case, white, while the Liberator can be customized to be various shades of gray). This is one of the earliest hints that they are both connected -- in this case, they were both given some form of motion/life by the Massive Hat.
* {{Expy}}: Basically a four-way cross between [[Anime/KillLaKill Nui Harime,]] (her abilities, uncanny quality, popping out of nowhere, partly her true nature) [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Roxy Lalonde,]] (appearance) [[VideoGame/{{Undertale}} Flowey,]] (partly personality, similar boss fight) and a rotting corpse (appearance).
* FinalBoss: The actual one, after Blueoach was only a RedHerring. Note that she is not a TrueFinalBoss -- no matter what you do, you end up facing her anyway.
* {{Foreshadowing}}:
** In a very early cutscene just before heading out to World 1, look on the shelves in the Professor's laboratory. There's a very suspicious-looking doll there that wasn't there before, ''and isn't there in following cutscenes''. Roylel strongly resembles this doll.
** In some of the detailed cinematics, you may notice that a large number of the "standard" blue or yellow outfits a large number of the civilians wear has eyes on them. Yep, clothing itself can be looking at you.
** Your enemies for most of the game are basically ordinary people, or at least close to them. They have jobs, some skills related to the jobs, are seen in the overworld before battle, show energy... regardless of how far you go from Earth or how weird the alien designs are (and to drive the point home, there's always at least regular humans mixed in too), they're still just people. (Albeit ones that are a little ''too'' quick to attack the Liberator.) Roylel, however, does not move in normal combat, her encounters are disguised as RandomEncounters (in reality they're scripted), and overall has a large number of inhuman qualities to her. She's not really a person like these civilians are, but rather some kind of near-immortal clothing abomination.
** She describes Liberator as "A [brother/sister] that never gives up!" in her first appearance.This first comes off as her using it in a religious way or as in "group member." Since they're both given animation thanks to the Massive Hat, they could be considered siblings -- at least, Roylel does consider them to be, which explains why she calls Liberator a brother or sister but nobody else.
* JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope: Her spying is definitely creepy as hell, but since it's just part of her biology and she doesn't seem to be actually getting a sick out of seeing the people who wear her naked, it does seem kind of hard to actually pin her as "evil" at first. Then, out of pure boredom, she ends up "challenging" the Liberator by threatening to kill all of their friends...
* HumanoidAbomination: While her story is vaguely something Earthly-related (sentient clothing), almost nothing else about her is. Because of the bizarre way this game's world works, the amount of clothing on the amount of sapient life is infinite, and as a result she's technically infinite in size until World 12 is liberated. An already eldritch concept that she repeatedly brings up a lot, even talking about how creepy it is to "suddenly feel limits and finity" when World 12 is cleared. She does a lot of fairly inhuman things in nature, and she ultimately came from some kind of cosmic hat thing.
* KnightOfCerebus: Turns from a quirky, lighthearted SurrealHumor RPG to a paranoia-inducing SurrealHorror-fest whenever she's around.
* MajorInjuryUnderreaction: Played for horror, considering how she basically shrugs off having increasingly large portions of her disintegrate as you liberate each world, culminating in ''an infinite amount of her'' fading away in shreds at once as everything except the bubble protected by her Massive Hat thread is gone. In fact, she simply counts how long it takes before "all possible locations of clothes" are gone.
* MarathonBoss: Has ''Five million hit points'', in a game that otherwise uses ''VideoGame/PaperMario''-level stats. Thankfully, you end up getting the ability to ''divide her hit points by ten per attack'', which makes the battle go by much quicker.
* NonstandardCharacterDesign:
** In regular gameplay, she's the only enemy that never moves during a fight. Even the Giant Spiders have ''some'' kind of limited movement, and other enemies can even have HyperactiveSprites.
** During her ''real'' boss fight, she ends up invoking a number of realistic yarn imagry.
* SinisterSurveillance: Those clothes you probably have on your back? Good thing this game isn't real, otherwise she's making "eyes" out of those to spy on your right now. And you'll have no way of knowing this until it's too late.
* SurrealHorror: Her EstablishingCharacterMoment is her pulling a random encounter on you at the end of World 5 out of nowhere, then seemingly disintegrating in one hit. You don't get the proper answer to this until World ''10'', when she appears again mid-level. In her boss fight, she turns into a giant, photo-realistic plushie that pulls shot guns out of her mouth and swings around on vine branches, among many other bizarre attacks. And she talks about "being infinite in size" and the like, as if it's no big deal for her.
* TakeThat: Water did not like Roxy Lalonde for whatever reason. Keep that in mind and look at pretty much the rest of Roylel's entire trope list. If Roylel is counted as a Roxy incarnation and not as her own character, this isn't even the first time Water turned her into some kind of cat-eyed zombie monster. Or the second (but one of them was a strange "nightmare clone" created by an alien flower).
* UncannyValley: Invoked. She intentionally takes on a lifeless looking, rotting corpse of a design and does creepy things to test how much people still trust clothes after she gives TheReveal.
* VileVillainSaccharineShow: This RPG is a very lighthearted one, set in a very technologically advanced and accepting utopia where an infinite amount of aliens and fantasy creatures are just a part of day-to-day life. Nobody really dies during the bulk of the game (unless you count FAST), and even the main bosses aren't "evil secret conspiracy controllers" so much as they are "kind of just making a dishonest profit and being a little invasive." Then comes Roylel, where the clothes themselves are stalking you, she tries to kill Liberator's friends, and uses a large amount of SurrealHorror imagry during her fight.
* WalkingSpoiler: The only character in the game that is this for 100% plot purposes, instead of just being a surprise boss character. Up to World 5-4, you're led to just thinking that it's only the Cockroaches you have to worry about. Then she appears, and you're left wondering about her for a good chunk of the game. Then her re-appearance in World 10-3 recontextualizes a good chunk of what happened earlier in the game... she's also the final boss.
* ZeroEffortBoss: In her appearances in Worlds 5 and 10. She has one hit point, only hits you with a weak attack for one damage, and no defense. Attack once, and just like that, she's gone just as suddenly as she came. Subverted in that if you goof off during the fight, she will launch an unavoidable attack that slowly drains away your health until you die.


!!! Other

[[folder:"Regular" Encounter Enemies/Civilians]]

!! Enemies in General

General format here is that the first line underneath the name of the enemies is their Scan description, with any necessary additional info (likely resulting from the Scan description being either vague or downright lying) being in the lines below.

* AmbiguouslyHuman: Because their traits are picked from a pretty extensive RNG (except for scripted, specific mook battles that have a cutscene beforehand -- so that the characters match up with their appearance in the cutscene), it's possible to get some enemies that look like they could be fully human, but the exact case isn't clear. Since Scan does ''not'' tell you an enemy's species, only the named characters or ones that are important in some way are named.

!! Introduced in World 1

!!! Children

!!! House-Parents

Probably angry that you attack their kids earlier or something. I dunno.

!!! Office Workers

Have a rather boring job.

!!! Cops

People in uniform. Wait, uniform? You know the drill.

!!! Seniors

Beware their magic hits!

* BossInMooksClothing: Just one of them spells trouble. A full crowd of eight is tougher than the game's final boss.
* MightyGlacier: Have some of the slowest speeds of any enemy in the game, but hit ''hard'' and have pretty high health.

!! Introduced in World 2

!!! Cat Trainers

No, the cat's fur does not count as clothing.

!!! Teenagers

Horrible abominations from the darkest depths of the awfulest either dimensional pockets. They skate on your lawn and never follow the rules...


!! Introduced in World 3

!!! Dragon Trainers

No, the dragon's scales do not count as clothing.

!!! Knights

Rather outdated suited warriors.

!!! Tweens

Another world, another age group. Sigh... why?

* {{Irony}}: Despite their Scan, they're actually the last "jobless" age group introduced until World 7, which marks the ''actual'' last age group.

!!! Tombstone Keepers

!! Introduced in World 4

!! Introduced in World 5

!!! Factory Workers

Smell that fresh industry smoke!

!! Introduced in World 6

!! Introduced in World 7

!!! People + Baby Group

The stupid babies are actually much worse.

!! Introduced in World 8

!! Introduced in World 9

!! Introduced in World 10

!!! Sailors

Employees of the spanning-university across the Universe Observable-Sphere.

* SailorFuku: The uniform of all of them.
* UniqueEnemy: They're only encountered in World 10. While there's a reason why they aren't encountered ''later'' (their whole fighting unit is disbanded after Sailor Roach is defeated; unlike the Guardians, who kind of operate on their own based on their respective afterlife), it doesn't really explain why they're not faced earlier, even under rare encounters.

!!! Principals

!! Introduced in World 11

!!! Guardians

Watchers of the afterlives.

* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: Beating them is basically stripping the game's equivilent of angels.

!! Introduced in World 12

!!! Models

Walking advertisements for clothes. Yuck! But hey, does this mean you're getting close?

!!! Pageants

More clothing showoff-ers. Are you getting close?

!!! Mascots

Huh. These people would have fit more in that sports-themed world... what was it... World 9, right?

!! Other

!!! Nudists

Hey! Buddies!

These appear very, very rarely in both liberated and un-liberated worlds, but are slightly more common in the latter (which is ''definitely'' a good thing). They can't be attacked, and don't attack you. Instead, they hand out items.

* HelpfulMook: Toss you items or money randomly. In fact, they don't even attack.
* MetalSlime: Oddly, they're pretty rare, even though liberating an area eventually turns almost everyone in it into a nudist. [[spoiler:They're probably scared off by the giant spiders]].


[[folder:The Couple]]

A zombie-Martian couple that spend a good chunk of World 3 being separated and want to be reunited.


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''' (Cleared Area Enemies)]]

!! The Giant Spiders


The enemies that roam liberated areas. Each world has its own Giant Spider design, but they're mostly pretty similar apart from stats and them gaining one new move roughly every three worlds.

* BossInMooksClothing: They bear extremely powerful stats, and hit like a truck with a '''starting''' attack power of ''7''. Additionally, you cannot run away from them. While Liberator can get to a point where they can trivialize these things near the end of the game (yes, even the World 11 variants), towards the beginning you're just better off not returning to the worlds you've already cleared. No wonder why the Professor still hides out in his shelter even after the whole planet is made clothing-free.
* {{Expy}}: Of the [[spoiler:Secretaries]] from ''VideoGame/{{OFF}}''. They're both extremely powerful enemies that have a more realistic design to them which appear in areas that have already been beaten. And, while later it turns out to not be the case for this game, at first this implies that [[spoiler:the presense of the Giant Spiders means that the Liberator's mission isn't as good as you would think it is.]]
* FakeUltimateMook: The ones in World 11 are exceptionally huge, but by that point in the game it's likely that your rather quadratic leveling-up curve has long passed over their very slow, very ''linear'' "world-by-world power build." This was apparently intentional.
* GiantSpider: It's right there in the name.
* HardLight: Stated to be some kind of physical hologram projection from the Cockroaches.
* JumpScare: They're random encounters in a game that otherwise uses ''Paper Mario'' overworld-enemies, and have intentionally uncanny designs that can cause a bit of a startle. Everything about them just screams "KILL IT RIGHT NOW" (even their ''own Scan description'' is simply a scream, for all eleven varieties), which you unfortunately ''can't'' early on because they pack some pretty high stats.
* LostForever: Vanish after you liberate World 12, as Blueoach was their creator and he admits defeat after you beat him in battle there. This also means that World 12 lacks a Giant Spider variation.
-->'''Game Text After Clearing World 12:''' Also, All Giant Spiders have been exterminated. ''Thank God.''
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: The ones in Worlds 1-3 look extremely realistic in a game that otherwise mocks up simple 16-bit graphics. Once you "get used to that," Worlds 4-6 shake things up with weird, abstract, sketchy spiders. Then in Worlds 7-9 they have a faux-CGI effect. World 10 uses cardboard cut-outs, and World 11 goes back to the photo-realistic images.


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''' (Bonus Boss 1)]]

!! Santa Claus

Yes, Saint Nick himself is one of your targets for liberation. Well, he does wear that big red coat, doesn't he? Normally a random encounter, but if you lose to him at a low enough level, he'll offer you a Santa Pass that will let you refight him. Not to worry, as by late-game he should be easy enough to defeat.

* BadSanta: Subverted -- he isn't exactly ''evil'', he just wants to see if you're good enough to end up "liberating" him as well.
* LostForever: Just with the other bonus bosses, he's only fightable in areas that have not been liberated yet. If you cleared all twelve worlds, he can't be faced.


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''' (Bonus Boss 2)]]


A randomly-appearing wolf-like creature who, as his name implies, has a high speed stat. He appears to be a MetalSlime at first that's very prone to running away, but if you actually hit him he'll turn into quite the punch-packing bonus boss.

* BewareTheSillyOnes: Like all BonusBoss[=es=], he looks like a joke but he packs a huge punch.
* DefeatEqualsExplosion: He explodes when defeated. His last line of dialogue implies that he was actually detonated by some kind of higher power, but this isn't clear.
* {{Expy}}: Resembles [[Memes/SonicTheHedgehog Sanic.]]
* KilledOffForReal: Notably, he's the only character aside from the true BigBad to end up dying. Although in his case, he ends up randomly exploding for no reason. The Liberator did ''not'' plan this to happen.
* LostForever: Once you clear the whole game, as there are no more possible places he can show up (he only appears in un-liberated areas).


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''' (Bonus Boss 3)]]

!! Lucy

An animate skeleton that forms once you collect all of the bones lying around various areas and then assemble them at command, assuming you still have some worlds left un-liberated. She claims to be the source of all sapient life in existance, using her bone structure to prove it.

* LostForever: Cannot be fought during the PlayableEpilogue or after clearing World 12. As her battle involves liberating her from her clothing, and you have ended up getting rid of all clothing in existance by that point (except for, between the former and the latter, [[spoiler:the sphere Roylel made using the Massive Hat, but summoning her ''on top of'' battling Roylel would be so stupid that the game doesn't even let you do it]]).
* MeaningfulName: Named after the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy_(Australopithecus) australopithecus fossil.]] Confusingly, she claims that she had that name "since creation," and that those "darn excavators stole it because of that stupid song," implying that in-universe the fossils were named after her instead of the other way around.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Predates humanity and all the other humanoid species, which is basically all of sapient life in the game's world (with the exceptions of the Liberator, whose true form is a flower, and [[spoiler:Roylel]]. Possibly [[spoiler:FAST]] as well, we have no idea what the hell he is).
* SmallNameBigEgo: Oh sweet fucking ''Jesus'', "arrogant" doesn't even ''begin'' to describe her.


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!! The Massive Hat

A cosmological entity speculated to be older than existance itself, and certainly older than Earth's universe.

* CutsceneBoss: Though you do technically fight it as it's fused with Roylel.
* ShoutOut: Resembles [[WesternAnimation/TotalDrama Ezekiel's]] teal toque.



!! Trying to do Worlds... [sic]

# Earth
# Solar System
# Local Bubble?
# Orion Arm?
# Milky Way Galaxy
# Local Group
# Local Sheet?
# Virgo Supercluster
# Laniakea
# Observable Universe?
# Universe -- Actually, one of infinite universes where Earth is (This world also includes the universe's afterlife)
# Beyond, AKA Existance, AKA for the boring cliche sci-fi people "Multiverse"

Generally I want it to be so that each world has a sort of "center" that you end up warping to to be the boss. With World 2, it's the Sun. With World 5, it's the galactic core. Exceptions are World 1 (while it would establish the general "there's society everywhere" tone of the game to head to the core, no, you're going to Canada for that one) and World 12 (there is no "center" or "edge" to the multiverse, just a certain checkpoint where the Roaches set up their main base at). So basically no "this group of stars, then the group of group of stars that that one orbits by" or whatever, because that would mean that the "center" in both cases would be the same location. This is also why Observable Universe has a questionmark by it even though it may seem like an obvious step in an escalating scale -- by definition the Observable Universe is what we... observe. A: This game takes place in a fuckin' nuts world where instantanous travel is absolutely normal, so the limit to what can be observed increases pretty much infinitely. And B: Even if that was somehow ignored, the center of that would logically be Earth if by "observable" you mean "observable to Earth."

# Not much of a theme/closest to "normal" as the game gets
# Adventure themed, mild fantasy elements, action-y
# A lot more quiet, some mild "haunted" theme (towards the end you go to a graveyard)
# Undecided
# Industrial; at least around half of it is in a huge factory that has parts across the world's domain
# Undecided
# A "beautiful" theme; just lots of colorful scenery, flowers everywhere, usually in night settings, etc
# Undecided
# Sports-themed? Or just a general traditional game-themed area?
# A sort of arc about a corrupt university that spans the world's domain
# Afterlife-themed (distinct from World 3), faux-religion and myth, sort of good and evil but not that much
# Very bizarre and strange, deals with things such as "glitches" and abstractions; think of it as a sort of counter to World 1


!! I might move this to the main Sandbox I have no clue

-->''[Blah blah blah I'll get the quote later...]''\\
''"...But they can not fly. And never will."''

''Human: Fall Flat'' is a [=3D=] SurrealHumor puzzle/platformer game by No Brakes Games, wherein you take control of an abstract stick figure-like man named Bob as he travels through his reoccuring dreams of falling. Bob is an ordinary human with no superpowers whatsoever, so he must rely on doing... er, ''totally normal human things'' in order to work his way through the various puzzles in his dream worlds and unlock the secrets in his mind.

The game currently only has a demo released, going up to the sixth level.

!! You Grabbed an Instructional Trope List. Hold on Tight!

* EasterEgg: Some areas have a number of hidden locations that don't really add anything except for decoration. Most areas also have some sort of dumpster, which can either be hidden or in plain sight.
* SuperDrowningSkills: The muddy waters in the sixth area function just like pits. Falling in one of them causes an instant respawn.

An old-fashioned propane salesman, a violent half-naked parody of anime schoolgirls, a nerdy physicist, a delinquent who started a world-changing rebel movement, an extremely powerful vampire, and a shape-shifting space rock all walk into a bar...

Hiatuses never really matter for me (2004 through 2013 between ''Pikmin'' games, not counting remakes. Now '''that''' is a long wait. Don't cry to me about your silly scale of "months")

"You won't get tired of my voice will you? You won't get tired of my voice will you? YOUWONTGETTIREDOFMYVOICEWILLYOU?"

...Still featuring Dante from the VideoGame/DevilMayCry™ series.

[[quoteright:350:[[NightmareFace http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/rsz_284049.png]]]]
[-[[caption-width-right:350:"I should… ''very much'' like to touch it once again…"]]-]