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[[AC:Aaa (test edit)]]

Testing, testing, 1-2-3...

( o)\\
^ That is what we call THE SPOOKY TEXT GHOST!

[-[[caption-width-right:300:[[DemBones now send out the skeletons!]]]]-]

Woah......okay then!

Much Spoopy

Hyper-realistic BLOOD

[[folder:Thought it would be funny if something basically said "Plz Fund this it's got technical stuff, but right now it looks shitty so I need cash so it won't look as shitty."]]

|| || ''(Low polygonal, simplistic stick-figure like model of Olivia flies down, missing a nose, ears, and having large eyes and a flat mouth. She is along a pale gray cityscape -- an untextured, placeholder Dekstop -- along a dark gray background. She walks towards the camera, speaking in a synthetic voice.)'' ||
|| '''Olivia''' || Hello. My name is Olivia Wakahisa. You are probably not expecting the video presentation for a hole-in-the-wall webcomic to look like this. Well uh, there is a small reason for that. ||
|| || ''(Small window appears in the corner of the screen, showing the avatar of Water -- the weird blue fish jester thing, not his previous green Pikmin as Great Pikmin Fan -- seated by a computer. He is first seen mashing at the keyboard, with a masculine synthetic voice actor making various zombie-like grunting noises.)'' ||
|| '''Olivia''' || This is Too Much Deep Water, the creator. He has spent a lot of time coding. But what he coded was entirely gameplay-related, and some placeholder models like this so that he could have a small idea of what he was doing. He's feeling a little frustrated right now, so he can't talk coherently. ||
|| || ''(Water continues making angry zombie-like grunting noises, now picking up what looks vaguely like the case of ''Ed, Edd n Eddy the Mis-Edventures'' rendered as a simplistic rectangle, mashing the keys with the corner of the game. This display fades away.)'' ||
|| '''Olivia''' || He can't really draw, model, voice act, make music, or sound effects. Well, he can, but he'll need to take up a lot of time getting everything perfect. Here's some of what he did do: ||
|| || ''(Quick display of various scenes using the intentionally poor placeholder models. This includes Beth zip-lining around Dekstop (large overworld), a short scene of a massive combo on enemies (fight mechanics), and Lujjin diving into water (the fact that this game will have water and it will be swimmable, not instant death.))'' ||
|| '''Olivia''' || As you can see, Water is not completely stupid. He made this video to try to convince you to fund this game adaptation based on gameplay alone. And something he calls... humor about intentionally poorly made media? ''(Video shows Alexia using vine-hooks to fly around Dekstop.)'' The only reason for the money is so that he can hire some random artists, voice actors, and musicians so that the game does not look like this. The actual gameplay is already a hundred percent finished. ''(Alexia gets caught on the corner of a building, then starts glitching out.)'' Okay, more like ninety-five percent finished. Some more beta testers would also be welcome. Let me go over the features this game already has right now, in depth. ||
|| '''Olivia''' || ''(Cassie looking around the Haria desert region, throwing water into various quicksand traps.)'' The actual game is exploration-based. You can recruit a huge army of my fellow fairies, and battle random monsters that can be found around the world you are familiar with. For all you story fanatics, this is not canon to the webcomic, but the characters and locations that will appear in this will be appearing in future arcs of the comic. ''(She switches out with Alexia, who uses a large number of meat/food-themed fairies to form a sort of crowd-together by the sand.)'' Almost all of the regions have a sort of 'dungeon' acting as the boss area. They can be explored in almost any order. ||
|| '''Olivia''' || ''(Sequence showing Olivia and one assist fighting enemies that would later turn out to be Golden Rbats, but are basically rendeered as blobs.)'' This game's combat has a strong emphasis on using combos, especially with both switching and assist-summons being used to add more variety. Every major character and some random minor ones have been tested to be compatable with switching out into enemy combos. You also have a large number of attack options. This was to avoid certain... other games that try to have a combo system, but... ''(Corner-window shows a huge, buff blue figure with three triangular spikes randomly sticking from its head throwing a "lasso" (really a [=2D=] lightning bolt shape) at some kind of crimson sphere, then spinning it around before tossing it off a cliff.)'' There is at least [[VideoGame/SonicBoomRiseOfLyric one professionaly-made mainstream title game where your combat options are just "mash" or "throw the enemy away."]] We don't want that. ||
|| '''Olivia''' || ''(A showcase of the generation options menu.)'' We also have options. For... some... reason, Water wanted it to be a goal that players would have fun looking through the options menu before they go there out of annoyance because the music is too loud. Music which, with zero budget in this trainwreck of a placeholder game, currently does not exist. ''(Haruka leans in from the side of the screen, again in a very basic and crappy looking model.)'' ||
|| '''Haruka''' || That's kind of a sin, by the way! I-- I mean... all games should have music... ||
|| '''Olivia''' || I kind of agree. Anyway, options adjustable in-game include: Whether we are all female or male ''(Footage shows this being ticked. All that's visible in the low-quality model is that Oliver has shorter hair than Olivia.)'', and then there is a... 'safe for video streaming mode?' ''(When this is checked, Oliver also has the standard black undershirt and shorts applied under his apron.)'' ||
|| '''Olivia''' || Bonus modes, too. There's this... mode... you remember the Reflections, right? Our crazy parallel selves? Well, this is a mode where you play as them and just go on a 'sandbox killing spree' if you feel like it. ''(Displays Reflection Olivia slaughtering an army of reflection-verse fairies.)'' ||
|| || ''(Full-screen view of Water, now slapping the keyboard off to the side, letting an especially loud yell at the computer monitor, and eventually punching it through the screen.)'' ||
|| '''Olivia''' || Oh. Right. That. This game will be focused on gameplay, not so much story. Because if you could watch the story on the internet for free, and do not think that the gameplay is worth buying, then Water would be down by some potential money. So, this was crafted to have good gameplay above all else. With little care about story. In fact, I will spoil the entire story in code right now. ''(Large group of text appears over the screen, which is a summary of the whole game in a few sentences written in a single-shift Caesar cipher.)'' See? Take that and run it through a Caesar cipher decoder. ||


[[folder:Explaining Everything...]]

* Water's AuthorAvatar is depicted as having turned into something of a mindless zombie frustrated from writing code so much. He's just seen mashng away at a keyboard, hitting it with a whole video game, then eventually just destroying his computer and digging through the planet for no reason.

* The stretch goals. A lot of them are somewhat reasonable features (various translations, compatibility for different platforms, additional modes, etc). However, they suddenly shoot up to comical amounts of money -- at 9 trillion dollars, the game will become "a fully immersive virtual reality that can produce genuine smells." 9 quadrillion, and


-->'''Olivia, A Character With Pink Hair:''' Hey Dave, you sure seem to have a lot of posters of girls with pink-- hair... [[StalkerShrine oh boy.]]

Actually ''run:gifocalypse'' isn't as much of a ''Gravity Falls'' fan fic as it is a crossover between ''Gravity Falls'' and the first arc of ''Rear's End'', with a glimpse at the second arc near the very end.

I was sleepy when I wrote this so there might be some serious degree of forgetting stuff. Like Giffster lying to Sandy and stuff.
* DesignatedVillain: Amazingly, some of the [=AIs=] came off as this, when you would honestly expect them to be on the ''giving'' end of InformedWrongness and being UnintentionallyUnsympathetic rather than the other way around. In general, the story would have fallen under this as a whole if the major human characters simply had the ability to return to Gravity Falls whenever they wanted to, which would have resulted in the story just coming off as some magical people wanting to play a harmless game and the humans that are involved with the game reacting pretty bitterly (but then Dove attacks). To list them more specifically:
** Bubbles is treated as being about on par with Kathody, Searah, and Leona in terms of her villainy. The latter three explicitley wanted to capture the Pines entirely for selfish reasons -- first so that [=.GIFfany=] would model the Construction Site after them, then later they just wanted the grew to be their personal service prisoners/slaves. Bubbles, by contrast, had no interest in turning them into [=.GIFfany=] or keeping them for herself, and didn't actually do anything worse than some annoying yet harmless teasing with Dipper (and destroying his journals). Yet somehow she's "a massive bully" after all of that. Keep in mind that Searah basically attempted to ''suffocate'' Dipper's party with thin films of water.
** The four hijackers of "World 1-2" may ''seem'' like assholes at first, but nearly all of their arguments about not wanting [=.GIFfany=] to completely take over the world and trying to [[OffTheRails reject her game]] are pretty sound. Also, if Dian's own explanation was any accurate (and Fan implied it was), there wasn't really that much of a hijacking so much as there was a change in opinion. The follower/student [=AIs=] sided with the four team leaders entirely out of their own free will, and basically just quit working Dian's specific jobs in mass to build up their own respective fraction of the caves.
** Professor Wendy, for comitting the [[SarcasmMode oh-so-sinful]] act of wanting people to be able to travel around the world better and help humans travel through space better. Complicating things a bit, she's just about the only professor who wanted to capture the four humans for reasons that aren't entiretly selfish -- using [=.GIFfany=]'s huge loan of metals to make crafting other transportation easier, and that included sneaking off the human group so that they would be free from capture anyway.
** Burnda is on a similar boat with Bubbles, only instead of being a bit of a high-horse dick for kicks she's doing it as part of an act to make her "twin" of sorts, Burrda, feel a bit better about life in general. Seeing how much she genuinely likes the Pines family and even tries to trick a reconciliation between Stan and Ford, it's kind of hard to really hate her for any of her "reality competition show stunts" she pulls, especially since they're all rigged to be totally harmless.
** Professor [=.GIFfany=] herself is presented as some kind of ominous force of absolute pure evil throughout most of the story. However, she barely does anything actually ''wrong'' within the time span of the fic itself[[note]]Unless you count "Game Complete," which Fan all-but disowned even ''before'' it was published[[/note]]. Her "master plan" is to create what is basically a supercomputer/world hybrid where people could play an enormous video game of her design, but also go out and go to various entertainment areas with "dates" (actually the other [=AIs=]/copies of her). She even says that this was always going to be optional. She does end up capturing Stan and Ford at the beginning, and this is still constantly portrayed as a terrible action, but... Stan ends up absolutely enjoying his time there with the amusement parks, restaurants and the like, and even flat-out says that he wouldn't want to leave if he could. Ford also doesn't mind after he befriends Burnda, and the two get along with trolling [=.GIFfany=] a lot (Burnda even offers Ford a way back to Gravity Falls once they sneak off into Paricutin -- as Burrda has the key leading there. Ford declines this, prefering to stay in Paricutin a little longer). She says outright during "Game Over" that she ''would'' have just insta-teleported to Soos's watch and force-downloaded him into her game but wanted to throw the other copies a bone for helping her undo the damage Gideon gave to her new physical form, which is why she came up up with the idea of making the Gifocalypse a capturing contest. Basically, she capturs two guys under conditions ''better'' than what you would find on Earth, but does so as part of a way to help try to make her once-scattered family happy. ''Clearly'' more evil than Professor Dove, who basically just blew up a town for the fun of it. On a more serious note, her apparent HeelFaceTurn at the end of "Game Over" feels a lot sillier since it's more like she already underwent one several chapters ago. Lampshaded when Dove asks the group what [=.GIFfany=] has done that was actually evil since she came back to life, and even Ford (who ''hated'' being in the Construction Site) is barely able to come up with an answer.

No, you see:

Candy Nepeta (the "other" color out of the "fifteen," in this case a bright red) is just about the only character in the story that ''isn't'' scared of Lime Nepeta (the "chartreuse" color). Meanwhlie, in ''run:gifocalypse'', [=.GIFfany=] ("other" color, in this case pink) isn't scared of anybody ''except'' Shannon (the "chartreuse" character).

[[folder:What About that Other Major ''Gravity Falls'' Thing That I'm Planning?]]

Inspired very, very loosely by ''Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'' and ''FanFic/TheLightOfCourage'', ''The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage''

* BreatherEpisode: Chapter 8, at least as far as this {{Bathos}} story goes. You would not ''believe'' that a chapter beginning with a blood-covered monster that bites someone in half would end up being of the ''lightest'' chapters in the story, but the actual plot outside of that beginning turns out to be fairly lax. It's right before a two-parter about some SurrealHorror [[spoiler:copy of ''Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures'']] threatening to tear the universe up that almost ''everybody'', even the final BigBad, is afraid of.
* DecoyProtagonist: At best, Dipper could roughly be considered the protagonist ''of the first half''. The true main character is [[spoiler:Mabel, the only one of the "Pines Quadruplets" to lack a journal, but makes up for it by being the only one of them with proper Spiral Power]].
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: As a result of the story undergoing a ''drastic'' change in plans during a long pause before Fan resumed work on it, the first two chapters -- the first one especially -- are very tonally different from the rest of the story. They also have a slightly bigger emphasis on the talking journals and the key hunting, both of which were originally going to be much bigger plot elements. In general, it was much looser with anything resembling a plot, had more of a MonsterOfTheWeek feel (though it was always intended that Nzyvo would gather various past supernatural characters outside of her personal QuirkyMinibossSquad, and that the ghosts would be the only ones recruited before she starts aformentioned QMS), and bordered more on being a SadistShow. Chapters 3 onward had more of the usual feel of "A story that wants itself to be taken seriously, but can't" as with most other ''SBIG'' installments (such as ''naruto the guy with the ninja'' and ''Kids Fight the Zombies''), instead of "General bad crap just happening."
* NakedPeopleAreFunny:
** Soos gets his clothing destroyed a ''lot'', especially in the second half, and he does not mind this ''at all''.
** Stan's "Bill cosplay" in chapter 4. He wears replicas of Bill's hat, bowtie, and holds a replica of his cane. And wears absolutely nothing else. He spends the whole chapter like this.
** Chapter 8 in general might as well be "The Naked Chapter" with the exception of the primary antagonist group.
* ObligatorySwearing: Even by SBIG standards. Seriously, almost everybody swears in this story. [[spoiler:It's nothing short of amazing that this is a chronological sequel to ''Spooky's House'', since ''Spooky's'' has almost no swearing whatsoever]].
* RunningGag:
** It seems like all the members of Nzyvo's QuirkyMinibossSquad (except the Shape Shifter, [[spoiler:mostly because he was killed very early into the story]]) have some alien standards for what's attractive. The Trickster is at one point trying to use pickup lines on some kind of candycane mascot. [=.GIFfany=] hits on a ''television'' at one point, apparently gets rejected, and when the television falls on her she calls it a "fat bitch." And the pterodactyl is described as "affectinly rubbing against" both a giant bone and a ''Transformers'' poster.
* SelfDeprecation:
** Nzyvo and [=.GIFfany=] discuss that the plot of ''FanFic/RunGifocalypse'', another ''Gravity Falls'' fan fic by the same author that was in-progress during the run of ''Journals'', would be paper thin. [=.GIFfany=] laughs when Nzyvo brings up rumors that there are "only fifteen copies" released to the public, and cites canonical evidence that would go against that (despite Fan himself saying that ''rungif'' "assumed" certain things, basically explaining the very same fridge logic that his own later story would try to use as evidence). When she ''does'' gather an army of copy, Soos suggests that they use different hair colors and names to tell one-another apart, but they remark that they are just fine with numbers. [[spoiler:The copies just end up fighting one-another, making the whole "team-up" plan completely useless. While Nzyvo does revive the one that was killed in canon, she quickly uses that copy to "replace" all the others, basically marking a return to the status quo again, as with the usual [=.GIFfany=]-Nzyvo adventures in chapters 3-5 (Both the "Creepypasta Sonic" and "Cybernetic upgrade" prior were hit with similar reset buttons. The only difference is that this genuinely ''is'' a different copy).]] Unlike the other times Fan mocks himself, however, the subject of his mockery was ''not'' an OldShame at the time (as of August 2016 it still isn't), but rather was at the top of his own "recommended list out of the very things I wrote."
* ShipSinking: Poor, ''poor'' Dipper. Let's count the ships sunk with him:
** [[spoiler:The end of chapter 5 reveals that he and Pacifica are genetically related, making things way too squicky for them to get involved in a relationship]].
** [[spoiler:Wendy literally tells him to fuck off in chapter 4]].
* TakeThat:
** Nzyvo is a general dig at very unoriginal characters or evil counterparts, and was inspired by a rather strange theory of there being a "secret clone" of Mabel that randomly pops in to replace her.
** Late into chapter 4, Gideon attempts to give Bill a physical form. However, this goes pretty horribly, and results in the creation of what's basically a giant middle finger at Bill's fandom portrayal. He ends up making "some bishonen guy" who quickly becomes obsessed with Dipper to the point of holding him at knife point and acting like he just needs to "woo" him over. Dipper eventually says that he ''prefers'' the original, triangular, maniac Bill to that one, and aformentioned Bill ends up blowing the copy up. TheStinger has something similar happening with [=.GIFfany=], getting a "horrible waifu clone" that the original quickly kills.
** [=.GIFfany=]'s brother by adoption is a Sonic lookalike with blood coming from his eyes that has an obsession with blood. His abilities range from the totally useful killing fictional characters to making harmless blood come out of things to summoning ''plushies'' of himself. While he still proves to be somewhat dangerous, nobody actually takes him seriously. [[VideoGame/SonicExe Hrm...]]
* WeHardlyKnewYe: Out of the QuirkyMinibossSquad and the GoldfishPooGang, [[spoiler:While Nzyvo, the Trickster, and [=.GIFfany=] of the former and Gideon of the latter survive to the end, and the Pterodactyl and Bill die at the halfway mark and near the end respectively, the Shape Shifter is killed off after only one chapter's worth of spotlight. Very early into the third chapter at that. Could have been worse for him: The original plan was that he was going to be killed off at the very end of the second chapter as part of Dipper being "motivational" and using a "courage punch."]]
* WholePlotReference: It ''really'' isn't obvious at first, but this loosely follows after the plot of ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''. For the first half, anyway. The second half features a large spike in originality.



* Nzyvo's just like "mwah ha ha" and announces her finished mechas for all her allies: [=.GIFfany=] gets some giant schoolgirl thing, the Trickster gets a massive chocolate-bar looking mech, the Pterodactyl has what looks like a mecha T-rex with wings, and for Gideon she gave him what was planned for the Shape Shifter: just this huge flying saucer-shaped thing. Nzyvo isn't there physically, she's in this hologram form. Doesn't want to get her hands dirty at the moment. Trying to summon her twin. Each of these mecha are also fucking enormous, like the flagships in ''Gurren Lagann''.
* Mabel's whole "back" speech involves cornering the Pterodactyl after he left his mecha, then using her Giga Drill Breakaroony for the first time.
* So the dino's dead but his mecha is still out. Trickster is like "Let's combine! We can combine our mech too!" Bill steps in and uses some energy thing to control the dino's old mech, so that all four of them have "high-ranking officials" piloting them even though two of Nzyvo's mooks are dead.
* The combination looks ridiculous. But it still blasts a huge explosion at the Shackan/Shaggin Lagann. Mabel blocks this hit with Spiral Power, Dipper with the Power of Courage.
* The Gravity Falls gang all does some team speach and launches an assault on the combination. Mabel successfully drills through the Trickster, [=.GIFfany=], and Bill, and Gideon barely dodges out of the way and rushes to an escape pod.
* The Trickster was made of candy, and Gifs and Bill are both made of energy, so this attack fails to kill anybody. They also rush away before the combination explodes.
* Nzyvo laughs and brags about how most of that was just a waste of time, and they only managed to destroy some mechs and kill one antagonist out of all of that.
* Portal-related stuff happens later and Nzyvo ends up summoning Pacifica.


* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy:
** The second half of ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'', and to a lesser extent its older webcomic version, tells a rather dark (but still filled with StylisticSuck humor -- mostly of the BlackComedy variety) tale about canonically best-friends turning against one-another and killing each other. Unlike canon, or other fanworks, deaths there stick. Dave, Rose, and Roxy become evil at the turn of a head, and Dirk is forced to join him when his Auto Responder tries to take him over.
** ''Housestuck: The Split'' managed to avoid this in its first "season"/"arc." For the second, well... Nepeta takes even more levels in jerkass, the Rainbow ''and'' Prism Crews are stuck with her on a ship out in the middle of nowhere, it's emphasized how pointless everything in the adventure is, and the world is ruled by a brutal tyrant-god. Thre is a happy ending by the end, but to many Nepeta's actions and general behavior were so unbearable that it didn't feel like it was worth it.


* ArcNumber:
** A literal example is how four reoccurs often in Arc 2. This arc spans four chapters (5-9), and each professor has something regarding fours involved, depending on whether or not the professor herself is included: Bubbles ultimately ends up with four "bodyguards," Leona's domain is divided into four sections (Leona herself being in charge of the fourth), Sonia has three "barriers" needed to be passed before reaching her, and Dian's domain was split into four sections from the beginning but ends up getting hijacked bya team led by four [=AIs=].

Look at me I already have this sort of made-up terminology involving real words specific to this AU like "professors," "students"/"followers," "Wires," "key cards," "the Illegal Prime Neutralizer," etc.

!! Random Game Idea "of the Week"

[[folder:Something About "Totally Accurate Cattle Raising Simulator"]]


The game is also noteworthy for the relatively unique way its equipment is handled. None of the party members just have standard equipment slots. [Can't think of a name just yet] collects these objects throughout the game referred to as "Chips" or "Leos" and can equip any pair of them (including, oddly, each Chip with itself). All 196 permutations each gives a different stat buff, most also have direct stat nerfs, and they all have a distinct colorscheme. With her other party members, the three "Slaughterbots," it's a bit more straightforeward, with

* BlatantLies: The title.
* BonusBoss: A number of them, all of which are TheCameo of Water's prior works. There is one in each area, excluding the first and final sections of the game:
** [[spoiler:Duck/Darren could be encountered by the River if you return there with the Purple Chain. Thanks to a number of misunderstandings, he thinks you work for Witchita]].
** [[spoiler:The Liberator from ''Destroy All Clothing in Existance!'' can be found in the Barn, and you even get to choose which form you want to fight (male or female) right before the battle]].
** [[spoiler:The bonus boss in the Slaughterhouse is Garte, of ''Grabbing Garte's Goat'', a previous platformer Water made. Garte himself was originally planned as a sort of side-character in a very old project back in Water's old username, a Stylistic Suck ''Ed, Edd n Eddy'' comic where he would be relative to also-side character Gerta (in fact, his name is obviously a two letter swap of Gerta's)]].
* CreatorThumbprint: As with most of Water/Fan's games and projects...
** A large color-based system is in place[[note]]Exceptions when it came to his games are ''Grabbing Garte's Goat'' and ''Economic ''[[/note]]. In this case, it's not in the areas, but in the Chips, which you use to give yourself different stat boosts and changes your color accordingly.
** A more omnipresent Thumbprint in his works is that you ride down a river at some point. Accurately, this is by the River area of the game.
* DishOutDirt: The orange Chip is implied to have some earth-like ties to it, but like all the Chip "elements" this one isn't counted towards its bizarre elemental system at all. [[spoiler:Same exact thing goes with Garte, the sand user]].
* ElementalPowers: While the Chips have different little elemental "splashes" that appear when attacking with them equiped, this isn't counted towards an elemental system at all. Instead, the "true" elements of the game that actually have their own ElementalRockPaperScissors are Activeness (the speed something is completed), Organization (the quality it's done), Productivity (in this case the amount that's done), and [[BreadEggsMilkSquick Fleshtaste ("how good the worker tastes when cooked").]] It's surprisingly easy to tell which enemies would use which of these elements, and which is weak. For example, giant living clock monsters that can increase their own speed are highly resistant to Activeness. Shiny gem stones, shelves etc are associated with Organization. [[spoiler:The final boss's "true form" is in the form of four vaguely arm-looking things, each supposedly being an embodiment of those "elements."]]
* FullFrontalAssault: This bears repeating, but the protagonist is clad in nothing but panties and a CensorBox over her chest.
* GottaCatchEmAll: Getting all fourteen Chips. You will end up with six no matter what during a regular run, but ''which'' six depends on which ones you select. You'll have to trigger the other circumstances with Huntress on your own. One of them simply has to be bought.
* GreenHillZone: The Feeding Grounds, which is the first area in the game. It also has enemies that are intentionally laughably weak.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: This makes up a good chunk of the Huntress's dialogue. It doesn't help that she's also almost constantly facing the screen/player directly on the overworld. Even when you talk to her.
* MindScrew:
** Also, it's implied that [[spoiler:the first four bosses (in other words, every boss except the final and bonus ones) are all ''the same person'', just in different costumes/masks. You end up pretty much unambiguously killing him in all four cases though.]]
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Subverted with the Slaughterbots, which are your additional party members for the game.
* PaintingTheMedium:
** Everything said by MANAGEMENT is written in a very "broken" way, with random capitalization and line breaks. This becomes more frequent right before the final boss.
[[spoiler:Have not been a very SUCCESSFUL EMPLOYEE!]]\\
[[spoiler:we Fire]]\\
** Each boss has a slightly different art style. [[spoiler:This is to make it a bit harder to tell that the first four of them are all the same person... somehow]].
* SurpriseCreepy: The whole thing can be boiled down to SurrealHumor for the most part. All the way until the end, [[spoiler:when you battle MANAGEMENT]].
* TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon: [[spoiler:Nobull Corps, which is apparently where all of the meat ends up being sold. Yes, in the corporation's main building, and not in a store]].
* WarpWhistle: The golden spave points, which can be used to warp from location to location without having to "tediously walk everywhere."
* WidgetSeries: Oh boy, is it ever. Save points are consistently called "Spave points" and appear in the form of floating fishes. The whole thing is some pseudo-symbolic game about cow-killing, or at least it claims itself to be one. Considering Water's prior RPG (strangely, it's ''only'' his RPG duo of games that are outright ''surreal''; his platformer, point and click flash, and platformer/beat-em-up/third-person shooter games prior were all pretty straightforeward, and to a lesser extent his action adventure maze game.


!! Random Game Idea "of Last Week"

!!! Protagonists and Allies

[[folder:The Liberator]]

The central player character of the game. A project by the Professor, an artificial wax soldier created to "liberate" people by slicing off the evil confines secretly placed on them by the Cockroach army.


[[folder:The Professor]]



A pentet of large, automated tools that help the Liberator out during their journey. For some reason, you can only have one of them out at a time.


!!! Antagonists

[[folder:Antagonists -- The Cockroaches]]

!! Roach

The first Cockroach you encounter and the boss of World 1. He's been sent to Earth after the Roaches have narrowed down that the one rebel attempting to spread "liberation" came from that planet overall. He doesn't actually find the Liberator until they reached Canada, where the Freedom Tower for the planet lies.










!! Preacher Roach

A member of the Roach army impersonating a religious speaker, holding his place as guarding the Freedom Tower in Heaven, part of the Afterlife of Earth's universe. He's the boss of World 11.

!! Blueoach

A blue-green PaletteSwap of Roach, and supposedly the leader of the entire army. He always guards the Freedom Tower that controls the fate of all clothing in the infinite multiverse/the spaces between universes/all of existance.


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''' (The Final Boss)]]

!! Roylel

A strange


!!! Other

[[folder:"Regular" Encounter Enemies/Civilians]]

!! Enemies in General


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''' (Cleared Area Enemies)]]

!! The Giant Spiders


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''' (Bonus Boss 1)]]

!! Santa Claus

Yes, Saint Nick himself is one of your targets for liberation. Well, he does wear that big red coat, doesn't he? Normally a random encounter, but if you lose to him at a low enough level, he'll offer you a Santa Pass that will let you refight him. Not to worry, as by late-game he should be easy enough to defeat.


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''' (Bonus Boss 2)]]


A randomly-appearing wolf-like creature who, as his name implies, has a high speed stat. He appears to be a MetalSlime at first that's very prone to running away, but if you actually hit him he'll turn into quite the punch-packing bonus boss.


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''' (Bonus Boss 3)]]

!! Lucy

An animate skeleton that forms once you collect all of the bones lying around and then assemble them at command, assuming you still have some worlds left un-liberated. She claims to be the source of all sapient life in existance, using her bone structure to prove it.



!! Protagonists of Crap I Think of, Man...

So a desert guy who hates having his goats stolen, a flower put into a nude wax humanoid body obsessed with destroying clothing, a kid with an oversized gun/sword hybrid, a woman in nothing but panties with a serious case of multiple selves that kills cows for a living, a gun-obsessed construction worker who goes on supernatural adventures with her husband and three sons, a manly-but-sensitive guy who rides around on his bike with jets, a hot-blooded immortal that only likes wearing capes and sunglasses with an obsession with swords, a girl who was lost in space but after finding Earth decided to become a fleet-captain crime fighter, a "done with everything" guy who is basically a Mario ripoff but doesn't like like being one, a "demon" that's really an alien just kind of called a demon who fights crime with a massive superhero team in outer space, and a fairy that wears nothing but an apron all walk into a bar...

"Also I'd recommend not treating the male/female options as completely different characters. This isn't remotely like the whole 'counterparts' thing I used to do in my badfics or even the whole Fionna and Cake nonsense. The whole point is that they're the same person just with different genders. If you ever do a 'worlds meet' or whatever they should be saying the same things at the same time in response to one-another unless something specificaly 'desynchs' them. Plus it's just another layer of confusing, there's already a few alternate versions lying around on top of everything else and they're on top of the massive amounts of characters already. Like the 'yandere reflection' stuff."

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-->''[Blah blah blah I'll get the quote later...]''\\
''"...But they can not fly. And never will."''

''Human: Fall Flat'' is a [=3D=] SurrealHumor puzzle/platformer game by No Brakes Games, wherein you take control of an abstract stick figure-like man named Bob as he travels through his reoccuring dreams of falling. Bob is an ordinary human with no superpowers whatsoever, so he must rely on doing... er, ''totally normal human things'' in order to work his way through the various puzzles in his dream worlds and unlock the secrets in his mind.

The game currently only has a demo released, going up to the sixth level.

!! You Grabbed an Instructional Trope List. Hold on Tight!

* EasterEgg: Some areas have a number of hidden locations that don't really add anything except for decoration. Most areas also have some sort of dumpster, which can either be hidden or in plain sight.
* SuperDrowningSkills: The muddy waters in the sixth area function just like pits. Falling in one of them causes an instant respawn.

...Featuring Dante from the VideoGame/DevilMayCry™ series.

It was originally going to be Meulin, but she's already supposed to "dunk" someone in ''Housestuck: The Split'' -- in this case, Nepeta. Sans would be a stupid option since, in a fic that's basically portraying overpowered harem fantasy as the evil side (for a good reason in the story's logic), going across almost every work of media I know, it would be kinda... lame if the character that ultimately "dunks" Naruto is the guy that started it.

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