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[Enoch's giant pissed off Jump Scare face.]
[[caption-width-right:200:If you think he looks threatening already, [[JumpScare wait until you see this face in context.]]]]

[Picture of the "January" monster.]
[[caption-width-right:200:Batter's mission includes purifying cutesy-looking ghosts, as well as things like... [[OurMonstersAreWeird these.]]]]

[[caption-width-right:200:Purification... in... progress?]]

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! A Level 1 Heading in the Nightmare Fuel Markup

!! I at least want to bring the world-theme cheat sheet back. But that's all.

# Not much of a theme/closest to "normal" as the game gets
# Adventure themed, mild fantasy elements, action-y
# A lot more quiet, some mild "haunted" theme (towards the end you go to a graveyard)
# Probably a nod to my whole "element" thing, with a tiny bit more emphasis on rainbow-colored environments.
# Industrial; at least around half of it is in a huge factory that has parts across the world's domain
# Undecided
# A "beautiful" theme; just lots of colorful scenery, flowers everywhere, usually in night settings, etc
# Undecided
# Sports-themed? Or just a general traditional game-themed area?
# A sort of arc about a corrupt university that spans the world's domain
# Afterlife-themed (distinct from World 3), faux-religion and myth, sort of good and evil but not that much
# Very bizarre and strange, deals with things such as "glitches" and abstractions; think of it as a sort of counter to World 1
[[labelnote:Gigantic ''Gravity Falls'' Thing]]

[[folder:The Spooky Parts]]

!! ''Journals''

* There's something a little... off about the way Burnda breaks the fourth wall compared to the other characters. While with nearly everyone else, it's more of a tongue-in-cheek way that you would expect from a low-quality fan fic obsessed with fourth-wall humor. Burnda, on the other hand, shows a small bit of actual criticism of the story towards itself. Also, notably, she's the only character who correctly says [=.GIFfany=]'s name with the dot and the capitalization prior to chapter 6 (where there's a fake author's note specifically noting this).
* Ryan [[IronicName Christian]], the blatant expy of Brian Griffin and TakeThat at ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' as a whole. Most of the other presidential candidates are pretty much comically stupid -- from the Quimby expy that thinks he can make everyone rich by raising minimum wage to ''one million dollars'' to the old-fashioned [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill "Bank Bill"]] that single-handedly kills his popularity with a parody of the infamous Rick Perry "Strong" political ad to the '''actual''' Hank Hill. Ryan, on the other hand, is fucking nuts. He's basically what would happen if all the negativity in and criticized points of ''Family Guy'' were personified, toned up to PoliticallyIncorrectVillain levels, and ran for president in the middle of one in-progress apocalyspe (Nzyvo's attack) and another potential apolcaypse (the activation of ''Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures''). Oh yeah, and he's Melody's final standing opponent in the primaries (Stan's was aformentioned Bank Bill, who, again, dropped out after realizing how much his ad killed his chances of winning). Making matters more surreal is how Fan constantly cites actual episodes of ''Family Guy'' that inspired parts of his speeches.
-->'''Question Guy:'''[[note]]Much like "Lawyer Guy," this seems to be his actual name[[/note]] Okay there's a lot of dumb kids in this country and smart kids in others. How will you fix this without just switching the names of United States and China like that Trembly guy tried.\\
'''Melody:''' I-- I really don't-- I-- er... I really can't-- I already said not to vote for m--\\
'''Ryan:''' WELL! I'll make it so that people under a certain IQ cannot have kids! Even if they want to, I WILL PERSONALLY ABORT THE WOMAN AND TAKE THE FETUS AND STEM CELL IT INTO '''SUPER CANCER''' AND GIVE IT TO [[CriticalResearchFailure THE COUNTRY OF ISLAM]] SO THAT EVERYONE WILL BE SCARED OF US!\\
'''Melody:''' ...''What?'' Guys, did you hear that? My opponent is a sociopath! Everyone, please, just move to Canada as soon as you can. If you can't by election day, out of everyone here... vote for me. I might have no idea what I'm doing, but I promise that it will be at least one week before just I run this country through the ground, that should give you more time. I also won't try to assassinate the pope.\\
''(She looks over at Ryan, who simply glares back at her.)''\\
'''Melody:''' Wait, you're ''really'' thinking of doing that? I was just joking about that last part!
* After Mable enters the picture, she creates a strange tesseract-like portal in the sky over Gravity Falls, which also warps the atmosphere so that the [[AlienSky sky is always purple and filled with giant, distorted, demonic Mabel/Mable/Nzyvo faces along with more "regular" rips in spacetim.]] Even works of fiction trying to maintain a "modern" time period have animated apocalypic sky-backgrounds. Certain cartoons in particular went as far as editing the sky in ''every single past episode'' to this to try to be "timeless," as their directors assumed that this would be permanent.

[[AC:"The Summer of Light Brings a Summer of Courage"]]

[[AC:"Old Foes, New Tricks. New Foes, Newer Tricks"]]

[[AC:"Onwards to the Journey to the Final Boss"]]
* Not-Bill is a deconstruction of

[[AC:"Soos in Giffany Land"]]
* "Soos in Giffany [sic] Land" starts off as standard fare. However, once Soos, Melody, Rumble, and [=.GIFfany=] enter the eponymous "Land" to try to [[spoiler:reason enough with the poison-specialist [=.GIFfanys=] and get a cure for the poison inside Stan and the Trickster]], well... [[WordOfGod Fan describes]] the result as being to ''run:gifocalypse'' what ''Underfell'' is to ''Undertale''. Basically, every single professor is now a hostile {{yandere}} to Soos -- even though RG implied that they started off as yanderes to their respective players, some of them were significantly nicer to the protagonists (making it a very bizarre ''secondary character'' variation of ProtagonistCenteredMorality -- if they're being nice to the heroes, they're considered "morally good") as they were dealing with people who were not directly interfering with their "relationship" -- just delaying a bit of time, if anything. [=.GIFfany=] #9 (the canonical copy) tries to play along with them at first, and just seduces Soos instead of resorting to violence (until she threatens to use her "special attack," [[spoiler:which isn't revealed until "Sassy" in ''[=SBIGlets=]'']]), but after meeting the professors directly she's scared shitless of them and immediately tries to form a truce with the two humans to ''get the hell out of there''.
** What's even worse is that, again, in ''run:gifocalypse'', the copies had crushes on different people that held no relation to the Pines and company.[[note]]Except Dove and the twins -- all three of which blew off their players for different reasons. While Burnda and Burrda both mutually agreed that being so obsessive over a player no matter what instead of trying to get to know the player is stupid and started carying more about having fun than getting player affection (not that they were completely above player affection), Dove became a misantrope (not in the "anyone who can think is an evil dick" way, but "''real humans'' are terrible, virtual simulations are better"-sort of FantasticRacism) and started a group that blew shit up for fun while painting humanity as something even worse.[[/note]] In ''Journals'', they're all targetting Soos. The point is that if they ''were'' obsessed with people that Soos's group ''knew about'' and were convinced that they were being pried away from them, [=RunGif=] could have very well ended up like it was here.
** This really shows off the worst in the professors, and the worst in [=.GIFfany=]. They lighten up and eventually become the more sympathetic portrayals as they were in [=RunGif=] and most of them are played for laughs, but until then, ''holy shit''. To wit:
*** Burrda is completely silent, spending the beginning of her short appearance with her face completely blackened aside from a simple ASCII smiley blinking and glowing from it -- the implication being that she completely lost her mind.
*** Of course, Burnda is right by her side, talking about how the two of them "share a link" and implies that she outright wants to assimilate herself, Burrda, and Soos together.
*** Sandy becomes a [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Gamzee]] expy of sorts. In RG, Sober-Sandy was a wannabe philosopher and a very intellegent geologist. Here, as the effects of her tea wear off, she becomes increasingly deranged, talking about the "Great Starry Love Goddess in the Skies" and talking about performing sacrifices and rituals to get Soos to fall for her.
*** Kathody plans on making Soos's own personal life "terrifying" until he finally goes into her arms, and still tries to send JumpScare[=s=] into his life so that he can always be leaping into her arms.
*** Shannon has, for all intents and purposes, ''became addicted to her own mirrors''. She spouts nonsense of the fantasies she sees in them, and yes, [[spoiler:she too has a Glitch state.]]
*** Rose establishes the setting -- she interrupts [=.GIFfany=]'s "Special Attack" and traps the foursome in vines. Slowly drawing in closer, talking about how they are not allowed to fight back at all. The group's only saved by the other professors attacking ''her''.
*** Wendy M (or rather, W, as the copies here have the last name Watch -- as in, Mr. Game and Watch -- instead of [[WesternAnimation/{{Archer}} Miyazumi]]) re-creates both that stalker Bobby Hill once had during "Talking Shop" and the far more insane Trip Larson from "Pigmilation."
*** Bubbles mentions trying to literally wash his brain to make him want to play with her.
*** Sonia's comments are tamer than the others, but she attempts to lure Soos in siren-style. In a foggy swamp.
*** Searah also isn't that bad threat-wise, but she can jump out of practically ''any'' water. Including sink water.
*** Cardia seems to be just as dilusional as she was at the beginning of "Brains, Heart, and Guts of the Group," though now she talks about ''butchering'' anyone who gets in the way of her and Soos.
*** Dian is something of a StepfordSmiler: she seems to be as laid-back and neutral towards everything as her ''Gifocalypse'' counterpart, but in reality has a whole underground factory where she tries to brew potions that force Soos into loving her. (Between this and Bubbles, you can tell that Fan '''really''' doesn't like love potions in any way.)
*** Leona would have been one of the tamer ones if not for the extremely long StalkerShrine hallway with artwork she made of Soos -- paintings of him filling up the walls and ceilings, busts all lining the sides, and the floor is a carpet bearing some sort of suit card-like depiction of him.
*** [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Dove... doesn't change much, if at all.]] Despite being a bundle of unprovoked hostility in [=RunGif=], she's actually one of the ''tamest'' professors in ''Journals''. Which is an uncanny thought for a number of completely different reasons -- the woman who [[spoiler:''blew up Gravity Falls'']] keeping her personalty yet being the ''least'' fucked up of the fourteen speaks volumes about the rest of them.
*** Lastly, there's a brand new addition: Professor Eve. She starts off harmless in this chapter, the worst she actually does just being that she destroys the clothes Melody and Rumble had with them after [[spoiler:the [=.GIFfany=] Copy Orgy (and no, they were not ''in'' those clothes at the time)]]. Take the unprovoked hostility of Dove or [=.GIFfany=], add a backstory of [[spoiler:being "banished" to a technicolor void ]]

[[AC:"Family Reunion"]]
* Chapter 5 is the first time the real CerebusSyndrome kicks in,
* [=McGucket=] successfully hacking into [[TheVeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon Finalayer's]] camera feed just to find Nzyvo ''staring right into the camera, and '''pissed off'''''. And hell, in spite of Nzyvo's ParodySue abilities, there is ''no'' explanation for how the hell she was able to know that.
* A kick from Nzyvo can send Professor Dove flying a short distance. This might not seem bad, until you remember one of Dove's [[NighInvulnerable specialties.]] In ''run:gifocalypse'', she survives [[spoiler:getting mega-nuked with hardly a scratch]]
* As much of an ass as he might be, Journal 3's sheer panic as Nzyvo had just knocked everyone else out (and made Dipper flat-out ''wet himself and pass out'') and slowly starts walking over to him, preparing a Din's Fire blast. Of course, as the journals are made of paper, this would have basically spelled instant-death had [[spoiler:the portal not activated and sent Pacifica in.]]
** The story at least tries to justify some of Nzyvo's shadier actions from the first half, if [[StylisticSuck poorly.]] But this? She already had everything she need. Journal 3 may have been rude to Dipper and constantly pressured him on missions, but he never really did anything ''evil''. Yet Nzyvo seemed ''sadistically'' hell-bent on attacking him. Why? This was probably already obvious since the "reveal," but is Nzyvo really as good as the narrative tries to paint her as? The fact that she [[spoiler:conveniently bailed out ''right'' before Kyu judged the gang]] is also suspicious.

[[AC:"The Truth Behind Northwests"]]
* Mable the Typomonster, despite the stupid name, is more-or-less the AnthromorphicPersonification of all of Mabel's negative aspects turned up to ungodly levels and placed in the body of an [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Anti-Spiral-esque]] HumanoidAbomination. She basically threatens to unleash several EldritchAbomination[=s=] to destroy the planet . Oh yes, and '''[[OneManArmy Nzyvo]] [[MajorInjuryUnderreaction Fucking]] [[ParodySue Northwest]]''', the same person who basically took on the ''entire'' first-gen villain roster of ''run:gifocalypse'' times two ([[spoiler:minus [=.GIFfany=] #9 having the rift]]) without breaking a sweat, is afraid of her.
** Actually, there is a ''startling'' number of times where Mabel, even the specific character of Mabel Pines of ''Gravity Falls'', has her name mispelled as "Mable." Every time this accidentaly happens and said... post, edit, whatever ends up getting ''published'', you are making Mable the Typomonster stronger. Oh yeah, and correcting it will not solve the problem. She's powered by an all-too-common ''[[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou spelling mistake.]]''
** Once again, Fan uses a sort-of [[TheWorfEffect Worf Effect]] in the form of "powerful character is scared/threatened by this new threat." In this case? The powerful characters are [[spoiler:the '''''gods''''' of the Triforce and Mabel's Core Drill. That's right, even a quartet of gods are scared of Mable.]]
* Once Mable's apocalypse starts, Dipper is more-or-less left alone with [=.GIFfany=]. Granted, she's been through a HeelFaceTurn, but being caught in the middle of an apocalypse that was indirectly caused because ''you simply refused to kiss someone'' and only having a former-{{yandere}} who has even more powers than she did in your first fight isn't really a good situation to be in.

[[AC:"To Find Courage, You Must Find Yourself"]]
* TheMonsterOfTheWeek on Mable's side[[note]]Pyronica and Teeth provide as two other Monsters of the Week in the form of a third party not affiliated with Mable[[/note]] is the "Archangel," an insanely powerful [[Wiki/SCPFoundation Clef's SCP-001 Proposal]] expy that . Granted, if the lack of research doesn't kill any scare factor,
* Leave it to this story to make even the fact that Bill Cipher suddenly "dies" in of itself into this. The reason? There's already a powerful RealityWarper trying to cause the apocalypse. [[EnemyMine Bill is actually one of the best potential opponents that could stop Mable's tesseract portal,]] but for reasons completely unrelated to the story, he dies. Which leaves the control of the universe to lean closer to Mable's.
* You know how each of the "Pines Quadruplets" [[AnArmAndALeg loses a limb?]] Well, this chapter finally covers [[spoiler:Pacifica's (Mabel and Nzyvo lose theirs in chapter 5, Dipper in the prequel). She gets it bitten off by Pyronica. As a result of Pacifica trying to confront Pyronica solo, with... well, again, the fact that she loses an arm should be enough of an indication.]]

[[AC:"This All Calls for a Night of Relaxation!"]]
* The only reason for why this "filler-y" (but not completely filler) chapter even exists is because the heroes, for all intents and purposes, are ''procrastinating saving reality from being ripped apart and their planet from being destroyed by a HumanoidAbomination''. (Respectively, ''Mis-Edventures'' and Mable.)
* The "President of Canada" is a ''very'' threatening force. When he sees Dipper's mooning as an insult to his entire country, he unleashes a ''flying saucer apocalypse'' on the United States. He's also absolutely massive and takes out Mable's would-be MonsterOfTheWeek from her tesseract rift out with on punch. As he puts it best:
-->"If there is one thing you learn from ''SBIG'', it's that you don't fuck with Canada!"
* The town's major social split. And no, it has nothing (or... very little) to do with the election B-plot. Or the growing apocalypse on Mable's part. It all started because of a ''mooning prank''. While other people outside of Gravity Falls barely give a rat's ass about the incident (given that this is supposed to represent a VocalMinority), Tambry and Manly Dan both firmly try to split the show's regulars and background characters to . Crosses into NightmareRetardant given how Dipper's solution to the problem, which actually works, is to [[spoiler:just break their phones]].
** Tambry says "the voices in my head telling me what to do are gone" when [[spoiler:her phone is broken]].
* Seeing Melody and Stan slowly going MadWithPower over the election, growing increasingly eager to paint the other side as nothing short of an utter monster, and growing downright hostile to their supporters. Most of them firmly pick one side (or try to avoid the issue altogether),
* Mable's appearance at the very end. [[spoiler:'''"DID. YOU. ALL. JUST. FORGET ME???"''']]

[[AC:"Spatial Geometry is Far More Complicated than it Should be, Considering How You Have to Take Into Account the Lack of Gravity"]]
* Practically everything involving the Cathedral. After figuring out that the gateway to Tengen Toppa mechas lie within the "Giga Key," which is in a place called the "Cathedral," Kyu gives everyone a way to teleport over there. The place is a MindScrew, to say the least. It's full of multi-dimensional EldritchAbomination[=s=] and holds a "boss" at the end in the form of [[spoiler:]].
* While she does not go into full "Bad Time Mode" as her ''naruto the guy with the ninja'' counterpart does, Kyu '''does''' briefly drop her guard to both [=.GIFfany=] and Mabel. And doesn't have nice things to say to either of them. Complete with her ProphetEyes.
-->'''Kyu, to [=.GIFfany=]:''' Watch it! You're on thin ice!\\
'''Kyu, to Mabel:''' [[WhamLine ...You do realize that you behaving that way is the reason why we are all in this mess in the first place, right?]]
* Remember Professor Eve's "betrayal tendancies" that were seemingly dropped after being mentioned in chapter 4? Well... [[spoiler:]]

[[AC:"When Death Stars and Lightning Hits the Bullet, Fear the Ghost and Her Sidekick With a Mullet"]]
* Pacifica [[spoiler:''nearly watches her parents die'' as they attempt to pull heroic sacrifices to make up for controlling her with a bell. Granted, Nzyvo steps in -- mostly because she thinks the story ripped off ''Gurren Lagann'' enough as-is, but still.]]
* You know who ''does'' see a parent die? [[spoiler:Wendy. And her brothers. Manly Dan doesn't exactly pull a sacrifice so much as he gets sneak-attacked "because someone had to die." She's clearly [[HeroicBSOD bluescreened]] by it, and during her brief cameo at the end of the ''[=SBIGlet=]'' interquel, still hasn't completely recovered.]]
* Not that she didn't deserve it, but Mable the Typomonster's death is rather gruesome. [[spoiler:After Mabel pierces Mable with a final Giga Drill Break, ]]
* The comic version, and once mentioned in the fic version, mentions that [=McGucket=] has ''gigantic'' bite marks across his lower back. The question as to ''what'' caused them

!! ''Spooky's''

* ''SBIG'' is no stranger to TheWorfEffect (often played for laughs), but what takes the cake is that [[spoiler:Spooky and her mansion are so powerful that not even ''Bill Cipher'' can find a way out (at first). And keep in mind that Bill is not even physically there.]]
** It gets even worse when you consider ''SBIG''-Bill's true identity. [[spoiler:Several alternate versions of Dark Magic (the predominant personality), but also several alternate ''Crconikals''-Nepetas (AKA genius experts, each of whom crafted their own guides to solving the supernatural and they regularly think together in the form of Yggdrasil) and ''Crconikals''-Hank Hills (AKA Sages, realized Sages at that with fairy-related powers that should have some sort of magic counter-balance). Granted, being in a different multiverse might have something to do with it, but even with all those Dark Magic Entities tapping into the knowledge of all the Nepetas and Hanks, Bill ''still'' can't find an actual way out so he just plays along with being a specimen.]]
** [[spoiler:Speaking of characters unable to leave the mansion, Spooky and GL Labs are implied to have fallen under this "curse" themselves in this fic's incarnation of the game. Really makes you wonder: Is Spooky running the specimen, or are the specimen running Spooky? Which specimen is responsible for this? (Though the story strongly implies 9.) Or is it the mansion itself, and not a single specimen within?]]
* [=.GIFfany=]'s return. Okay, so a general pattern in Fan's works is that her returns are caused by undoing her disc's destruction in some way. ''run:gifocalypse'' takes place after "The Last Mabelcorn" and Gideon brings her disc back. ''Journals'' has Nzyvo roughly doing the same, except that takes place after "Gift Shop of Horrors." ''Sassy Cat and Talking Bulldog Corps.'' is a sort-of sequel/spinoff to ''Journals'', and bottom line, takes place after. This... [[spoiler:is a '''prequel''' to ''Journals''. [=.GIFfany=] mostly seems to be bound by electronics at least, unlike other "upgrades," but how the fuck is she able to leave the Fight Fighters cabinet without Nzyvo's "revising" skills? Hell, by the time ''Journals'' rolls around, did she still keep the powers she absorbed from Specimen 4?]]
* Specimen 7, rather than being a single "wall" of sorts, is described as being a large flood of undead red bodies that chases after the trio.
* Spooky re-enacting the King Boo fight from ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiPaperJam'', except Pacifica is the captured one being held by a minion (Specimen 2). Spooky might not be able to make herself ''look'' threatening, but she can sure as hell ''come off'' as this.
* Dipper's [[CurbStompBattle "fight"]] against Spooky. She completely and utterly ends up humiliating him, first by tossing him all over the place, then by [[spoiler:''slicing off his arm'' after he attempts to call a truce. Oh yeah, and said arm injury? It sicks -- the reason why it's not mentioned in ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' before chapter 5 is because he got a very convincing prosthetic. (And to hide the reveal that ''Spooky's'' is a prequel to ''Journals''.)]]

!! ''Sassy'' (Related [=SBIGlet=])

* Tad watching the four heroes showering (with his eyes widening when Melody mentions him being there) gets another layer of fucked up when you realize [[spoiler:he was perving on ''his son's romantic partners.'']]
* When Tad [[spoiler:ascends by merging with the souls of Rumble, Melody, and all of the [=.GIFfany=] copies -- including the procedural generator -- Soos goes into him spiritually to try talking to the souls of his main three partners. Rumble's is standard and tame -- he's reverted to his more violent, black-and-white morality self, and Soos quickly gets him back to normal. [=.GIFfany=] sounds ''incredibly'' threatening and uses some sort of Gaster Blaster/Brimstone Grimace expy (it's also noteworthy that this is technically the first time [=.GIFfany=] ever "fought hard" specifically with her own tools in ''SBIG'', and not by possessing the environment, explaining why she uses the lasers ''now''). Melody... is more interesting. She seems to be regretful of something. Soos actually tries prodding at this, and she eventually lets something slip. The name Project '''Plank.''']]

!! ''MUGEN'' Stuff that ties in with this stupid shit

* "ULTI HAREM SOOS" is normally a comedic, StylisticSuck character. But, like a number of things by Great Pikmin Fan, he has some ''weird'' Easter Eggs.
** Get at least 3,000 power and try implimenting the cheat code used to bring Rumble to life[[note]]The code Dipper said out loud and the code written on the cabinet were both different; because of this, Fan made it so that entering either one of them would still work[[/note]]. Soos will appear to prepare a move. [[spoiler:Watch as ''the screen shuts off'' (like a television), a static background appears, and a [=.GIFfany=] dressed in a uniform with a slightly different color scheme suddenly pops up to stare directly at the player, smirking. She will say, in text with a strange red-green-blue shaking shadow effect, that she is thankful that you freed her. The game resumes as normally, except this copy will immediately bombard the stage with gigantic, blood-stained pixelly-knives. (They may just be sprites taken from ''Binding of Isaac: Rebirth'', but the sheer fact that they are pixel-like is an eyebrow-raiser. Everything else about this character, including this copy herself, keeps the intentionally crappy MS Paint art style.) Say hello to Professor Eve, who from this point until the match ends, has a 50/50 chance of replacing Soos's [=.GIFfany=] summon and may switch the "usual" lightning attack with throwing a projectile that resembles a screaming electrical face. Oh, and it the match ends and it's in a mode that sends you straight to the win screen/character selection, she'll tint the entire screen red. Oh yeah, this applies for outside of the match, and sticks until you start a new one. Did you know that UHS's victory portrait actually has a hidden giant smiley face that looks like it was drawn in blood? Well, the palette effect she throws on this will definitely show you that.]]
** It's not ''nearly'' as bad as Lime Nepeta's warnings that gradually escalate to a screen-filling NightmareFace, but as with most of Fan's characters, UHS's sprite sheet begins with a warning telling you that looking through his files may spoil some hidden secrets. Naturally, as the established four-wall screwer of the foursome, [=.GIFfany=] is the one to give the warning. Again, it's rather tame, she's portrayed as being sincere and never tries to pull any NightmareFace[=s=] or scare tactacs. But her last line ''does'' say that you might "free something that shouldn't be." [[spoiler:As the first sub-bullet indicates, she's talking about Professor Eve. Who is, again, somehow far more creepypasta-y than [=.GIFfany=]'s starter "haunted video game" concept.]]
** For a non-EasterEgg example: "[[VideoGame/{{Undertale}} Photoshop]] [=.GIFfany=]" shows up here as the strong version of her assist summon. While it's really made in Gimp, and follows more of a 16 bit-like design as opposed to a photo-realistic one, ''[[UncannyValley that giant pink eye]]''[[note]]For those curious, the sprite of the eye comes from the GainaxEnding of ''VideoGame/TrioThePunch'', just colored pink instead of orange. This is also where the hidden "YOU FIGURED IT OUT" comes from[[/note]]. [[spoiler:Professor Eve's variation is, unsurprisingly, a hell of a lot worse, as it appears organic. No explanation is given for this.]]
** Another non-secret is [[BewareTheNiceOnes Professor Shannon's]] cameo. Her Main Possession, where she ropes herself into some sort of exponential loop that involves possessing her own reflection, bringing it to life, and adding it on to her body, makes the end result look like something straight out of [[VideoGame/YumeNikki the White Desert.]] Oh yeah, and you get a warning when she's about to attack with her MP in the form of a siren. A very '''loud''' siren.
** One last not-secret: Soos has a [[Webcomic/SweetJadeAndHellaJohn "Pissed the Fuck Off"]]/"Rage Mode" mechanic. It's already bad enough that any version of '''[[OOCIsSeriousBusiness Soos]]''' turns into an unstoppable rage is bad enough; it's worse when said mode involves him growing in size, looking somewhat like someone with [[Manga/{{Naruto}} the Gate of Life opened,]] with veiny red skin and blank white eyes.
*** For obvious reasons, harm done to his loved ones is the fastest way to raise his meter. Dipper and Melody are the only "vulnerable" assists, and Melody does not suffer any real injuries aside from ClothingDamage, so Fan does not count that towards his score. Cue players summoning Dipper just to put him in harm's way over and over again to efficiently build up the Rage Gauge.
*** If the Rage Mode is not completely activated, you can cool the gauge down by using a hyper where he bathes with Melody, Rumble, and [=.GIFfany=]. Trying to use this ''while'' he's in PTFO Mode just results in him throwing the bath-tub away, with a scared shitless-[=.GIFfany=] rushing up to him to try hosing down his back. The grin she makes sells that she knows it won't work, but Soos ends up backhanding her anyway.



They're neither utopias nor dystopias. Each domain is supposed to have some kind of admirable goal (if one that originated from a selfish reason -- to appease their players), but be burried in a sort of flaw.
* Domain 1: "Don't fight for yourself at all, let my officials fight for you (it's not that big of a focus, but it's still... there)." Although they're aiming to reverse deforestation and have more vegetables for the hungry.
* Domain 2: "Have horror-themed spirit or we'll treat you like crap and throw you into our rides." Although they also manufacture a supernatural energy force that works as an amazing source of fuel.
* Domain 3: "Be idealistic or GTFO. Seriously, you can't even see this domain unless you're partly idealistic and share a lot of my viewpoints on water quality." Although they ''are'' water-purifiers who aim to have clean water for everyone.
* Domain 4: "Oh hey let's try to punish and even ''kill'' people in the name of the Lightning Goddess!" Although they are also hardcore geologists trying to find ways to help with earthquakes. And pretty brilliant minds at that once you take away their herbal tea.
* Domain 5: "Stick to the menu or I'll go nuts." Although they are a food corporation that later switches to a new type of meat that does wonders to the human body.
* Domain 6: "Bullying and just being an ass to try to 'improve' character are how I roll." Although compared to the others, Bubbles is relatively harmelss, and she is really determined to produce a number of high-quality bath houses.
* Domain 7: "A place for art... and killer fruit, and a suspiciously large shitload of weapons." Although they grow super, harmless fruit as well.
* Domain 8: "Sets the stage for a musical death." Although they teeter on that and musical entertainment. Also producing beans/coffee and stuff is kind of admirable.
* Domain 9: "Went from making antedotes to making poison." Although it's mostly a sort of self-defense and a way to stop conflict, and it's not like antedotes aren't completely no longer studied.
* Domain 10: "Like and agree with ''King of the Hill'' or prepared to be treated like a horrible outcast. I have 50s-style old fashioned views, up to and including rather sexist ones." Although they are the creators of flying cars, jet packs, super trains, very fuel-efficient vehicles, ''and'' they're trying to reduce air pollution/help the O-zone layer.
* Domain 11: It was an unknowing drug factory. Although they were originally just thinking of it as a way to see and "live out" one's dreams.
* Domain 12: "Reality TV dictates everything." Although they are great temperature regulators. Could come in handy in hot or cold parts of the world...
* Domain 13: See Domain 12.
* Domain 14: It's a freaking war factory. Although... yeah, pre-epilogue I got nothing. During the epilogue, however, Dove turns around and focuses on medical stuff instead of bomb stuff.
* Domain 15: Ruled by the biggest of the yanderes, who does not want anyone to leave despite giving them the apparent options. Also basically a yandere-creating factory. Although those ''two teensy details aside'' aside, it's a pretty neat vacation paradise in concept. Just a planet-sized city with a lot of entertainment locations and things to do.

* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot:
** An odd example as this is not just towards the fic itself, but to another one by the same author. Some readers of ''Journals'' have expressed that ''run:gifocalypse'' would have been more interesting if it were more along the lines of the way the [=.GIFfany=] army was depicted in ''Journals'': canon's [=.GIFfany=] was the earliest redeemed one, and allies with the Pines and company out of sheer fear. The entire rest of the army are all {{yandere}} for Soos. Fan disagrees, saying that the whole point of that was to parody overly edgy [=AUs=], and that he would find a huge variety in anti-villains while the main antagonist was a canon villain who spent most of the story... ''still'' being unpleasant would be more interesting and more "suitable" to canon.

Just quickly putting this down so I won't have to keep opening up chapter 4's file to get the quote:
* At one point Soos says "fu-I'm sorry I don't swear-cking" in place of a swear in chapter 4.


It might be aimed to be LighterAndSofter as well as, not to the point of being a full-blown {{ecchi}} fic, HotterAndSexier than [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls its original canon]], ''FanFic/RunGifocalypse'' still manages to provide

'''Unmarked spoilers ahead, and absolutely no spoilers from canon are marked. Including ''Gravity Falls: Journal 3''.'''

* The fic's premise as a whole. You find a known supernatural, superpowered yandere out in the middle of the woods looking glitchy and distorted. But also having a physical form, something she lacked She has no memory of what happened and ''seems'' nicer at first, but as she regains memory her actions become more and more ominous. She, for all intents and purposes, finds another clone of herself that heals her. She gives that clone her own physical form and the two completely vanish. On the news, word is out that she now has an army of 15, and then she takes over the television by coldly saying that she will unleash millions of her clones on the world if she doesn't get her obsession. Just one of her was able to nearly beat you in the past. Think that over.
* Imagine that, because someone flipped a few switches by mistake, you end up being trapped in what looks like an empty black room. It's not a complete void -- there are invisible walls, an invisible floor, and an invisible ceiling. You are kind of sort-of [[TheNeedless Needless,]] so there will be no personal issues for at least a few weeks. And there's a single screen
* The sheer number of references to ''VideoGame/{{OFF}}'' imply the story's sinister undertones to anyone giving it a first reading that knows about said game. Granted, [[spoiler:the good ending, if anything, is more of a complete opposite to how ''OFF'' ends and the bad ending is completely unlike the game]]

[[AC:"Gravity Falls Vs Anti-Gravity"]]
* The chapter ends with [[spoiler:[=.GIFfany=] popping the bubble the gang is on, sending them falling in to the inter-Wire void.]]

[[AC:"Game Over"]]
* Whatever the hell was that thing that attacked the Pines as they [[spoiler:fell through the void in between Wires.]] While every single other mystery in the storyline is solved or explained, this comes out of nowhere
** It's implied that this is "Professor Eve," a copy that definitely appears in ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'', but only has some ambiguous cameos in this one. It's very telling that Fan doubled the "starter" amount of copies in ''Journals'' specifically ''just'' so that it would be ambiguous if Eve is even part of the "first generation" in RG or not.
* [=.GIFfany=]'s Main Possession. Without giving anything away, it's ''definitely'' a step up above animatronics. Giving everything away: [[spoiler:she turns the ''Planet Negation Girl itself'' into ]]

[[AC:"Game Complete"]]
* The entirety of "Game Complete" is an alternate ending where [=.GIFfany=] stops screwing around and goes on a rampage assimilating the other professors. It's bleak and especially hopeless considering how the very premise is that TheBadGuyWins, though the actual degree of which is unknown.
* This chapter is written almost ''entirely'' in first person, and ''completely'' lacks a closing note. Hell, even in the opening note, Fan... seems to have a different tone about the chapter.
** The entire meta schtick becomes NightmareRetardant if you think of it as a pissed off [=.GIFfany=] simply writing a RevengeFic, especially if Fan is viewed as less some kind of hijacked god of the world and more like one storyteller trying to stop her from taking over the whole plot.
* Hell, Fan said that he personally thinks ''this'' ending is more "canon-compliant" than "Game Over." Assuming that the [=.GIFfany=] army wasn't completely identical in every way (he admits this is a huge assumption), she'd probably end up hating them. and if she did gain that much power, well...