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Generic MUGEN-ish info.

X: Light punch; Y: Medium punch; Z: Heavy punch; A: Light kick; B: Medium kick; C: Heavy kick

    Cheaper Edd 

  • Life: 2000
  • Power: 10000
  • Attack: 240?
  • Defense: 200?
  • Striker Gauge: Yes. (Cheaper Eddy, Hank Hill Smoking, Diablo Strider, Giffany (Sprite isn't finished; she looks cut off in several spots), Red Bull (Sprite isn't finished), future: Cheaper Ed and X versions of all strikers.)




  • Kamina and a Falcon Punch-giving Captain Falcon fly into eachother quickly. There is a flash of light, and suddenly Cheaper Edd is in the location they meet, just standing up.
  • Naruto(-kun), Sonic 1-styled Sonic, Arcade game-styled Homer Simpson, and Mario Teaches Typing-styled Mario are standing in the place of the player. Cheaper Edd runs over to them, the screen turns black with white flashes, and they are all gone sans Cheaper Edd, who is now in proper position to begin the fight.
  • The Hungry Pumkin is standing there and stays "I'm very hungry!" Cheaper Edd then runs up to him and kicks him from behind, and he quickly flies off the stage.
  • A normal Edd standing there, then seven Chaos Emeralds fly into him. After a flash of yellow, he appears to be glowing, yet is crossing his arms and shaking his head disaprovingly. Suddenly, many more Emeralds fly into him, and he turns into Cheaper Edd (though if you use the first palette, there does not appear to be any visual difference).
  • A rare one-in-100 chance intro is him simply in his "shocked" pose (as in surprised, not electrocuted) shouting "Oh my lord!" This is supposed to lead into an intro where a normal Edd prays, gets infused with some power, then hijacks that power source and becomes Cheaper Edd.

    Homer Simpson Army 

  • Life: 10000 (Supposedly 1000 per clone, but it doesn't work right)
  • Power: 4000
  • Attack: 100
  • Defense: 100
  • Striker Gauge: No.

Currently, Homer Army is an experiment. He's Homer Simpson with the little trick I found that lets you do a quick


  • Homer Army has one new palette right now: Pink pants, which I have dubbed "breastcancer." Future palettes may include Gamzee Makara from Homestuck and at least one more to give a good, round twelve, the limit (unless you have some odd workarounds) for how many selectable palettes a character has.
  • The others/first nine are the same as S.M.R.T. Homer: Blue, green, red, orange, purple, spring green, gray, dark gray, and Peter Griffin (the latter being the only one with more than a pant change: Along with dark green pants, his shirt is even whiter and his skin is tan).

Differences From Rox Howard Clones (Currently; in the future they'll work in more similar ways)

To be changed:
  • Spawn from the top of the screen instead of either side, but still seemingly at set points.
  • Slowly fade away instead of binking away when knocked out.
  • Instantly revert back to their stand pose when the round ends, regardless of if they win or not.
  • Maybe this is because they are set to each have the full health of a regular Homer (originally it was 100 apiece, but during my test runs every single attack knocked the clone out), but these guys seem to be almost impossible to kill just by damage alone. However, knocking them on their backs seems to wipe them out at very low damages.
  • If two or more clones are defeated at the same time, only one tenth is subtracted from their overall lifebar instead of the more balanced and less buggy "one tenth for each clone." Thankfully, clones that are defeated apart from eachother do not have to face this.

These will stay:
  • When played by the AI, each clone can act individually. In fact, this may have something to do with the AI, but it even seems like each clone gives themselves a specific task at some times, like one of them tosses donuts while another charges or a third keeps spamming the hypers. That's pretty cool. When played by a player, all clones all act at the same time unless desinced through action. The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard? Probably, but I don't really want to fix that.
  • Actually this is more of a similarity (as both have misleading images, well when it comes to the tiny selection icon), but whatever: Instead of an army of Homers or whatever, the portrait is Hank Hill smoking with his memetic "You see Bobby? Slooooow" face. His win portrait is a picture of Hank's naked butt. The character select icon is a sprite of Hank but this is just a placeholder, since that sprite is from Deviantart and I don't want to release a full character that uses that without technically getting permission. (Though stealing shit from KOTH screencaps is fair game. Heheheheheh.)

Everything below here I didn't even really start on.


  • Life: 1000
  • Power: 3000
  • Attack: 100
  • Defense: 100
  • (He's supposed to be a "Boring" character in those regards)
  • Striker Gauge: Yes? (Haven't decided who though.)

    Skirtless Peach 

  • Life: 1200
  • Power: 3000
  • Attack: 100
  • Defense: 100
  • Striker Gauge: No. One of her hypers will have a similar "random attack" factor, and I don't want two major randomizers unless that's the character's key gimmick. Which it isn't.

  • Gimmick:
    • Plays like a Smash Bros fighter: X does regular attacks, Y does specials, Z does hypers. For smash attacks, A is used. A and X have the same attacks in the air in all cases. B is to shield (which can turn into a brief dodge roll or step if pressed down, left, or right; can also air-dodge if used in the air) and C is to grab/throw.
    • Lethal Joke Character.

Changes From Her Super Smash Bros variant

  • (Asthetic) The biggest and most obvious is that, as the name implies, the skirt part of her dress is missing. This is a reference to a testing feature in Melee and Brawl that made her skirt invisible, presumably to test animations better.
  • (Asthetic) She's drawn with original-ish sprites.
  • (Asthetic) Up-special changed to riding on a rocketing Rosalina and using a hang-glider from Daisy to get back down.
    • (Nerf) Cannot move in the air while gliding down, and cannot re-toggle the gliding state after disabling it.
  • (Nerf) Pitiful shield power.
  • (Buff) Peach Blossom is not available with this character, but it is instead replaced with four hypers that loosely correspond to her specials.
  • (Nerf) Vegetable is always a new face that does rather weak damage, and instead of carrying it around (despite Fan claiming that it's likely possible within MUGEN's engine), she tosses it instantly, making it function as a projectile with a lot of starting lag.
  • (Buff) Peach Bomber now has Rosalina and Daisy using the move becide her, expanding the vertical range.
  • (Serious Nerf) Currently can no longer hover, but an update is planned to give her hovering.
  • (Nerf) (Asthetic) Taunt is her "Aw, did I win?" quote.
  • (Notice) Smash attacks currently cannot be charged up but apparantly use their fullest possible variant, and are planned to be chargable in the future. This is not a buff as it is temporary and it could fuck up people used to Smash physics.


  • Yeah, Um, Some People Want You Out of NSMB Because Wario and Waluigi or Something Like That (AKA Toad): Y. Summons Toad, which normally does nothing, but releases spores when hit. Counter move.
  • Ass Tag! You're It! (AKA Triad Bomber): Foreward+Y or Back+Y. Skirtless Peach does the regular Peach Bomber, only with Skirtless Rosalina above her and Skirtless Daisy below, expanding the hit box.
  • Oh Heck No I Hate Vegitables — Fun Trivia in SSBB at Least Did You Know that All of These Had Two-Sided Faces? (AKA Vegetable): Down+Y. Plucks a vegetable from the ground. Unlike her Smash counterpart, she immediately throws it and the attack is treated as a regular projectile. The vegetable always has the infamous "B^U" face from Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • And That is How I Met Your Mother (AKA Triad Lift): Up+Y. Asthetically works similarly to her parasol move, but pulled off in a completely different fashion and has a bit of starting lag. Skirtless Rosalina jumps under Skirtless Peach and uses a launch star-like move to propell them upwards, then Skirtless Daisy hops on Skirtless Peach's shoulders, whips out a glider, and they can glide toward. Pushing down cancels this move. Currently (actually no this character doesn't exist yet), if the gliding part ends or Peach is attacked at any point, Daisy and Rosalina vanish, but a later update is planned to add proper retreating animations.


All hypers use 1000 power.

  • Forget About Me? Z. Skirtless Pauline appears, stands for about three seconds with her arms crossed. If touched, a sequence similar to Sasuke-kun's Kakashi move (only thankfully without the godawful waiting time) will trigger, where she launches an unavoidable barrel spam.
  • Yes I Chose Them Over Bubblegum DEAL WITH IT. Foreward+Z or Back+Z. Gets out a whistle and seven characters who look suspiciously like... well, skirtless versions of humanizations of the Sprixies Princesses will all rush in, one after another, doing a variation of the Peach Bomber.
  • Item Pluck: Down+Z. A roulette looking similar to the Striker Gauge cards (but with the colors flipped: black border with white edges) pops up cycling through items. This is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the game, and can't be stopped manually. However, it randomly lands on one of these, which Peach then pulls out of the ground:
    • Red Carrot: A small red carrot with a long nose-like fixture on it. Peach throws it, and it explodes, doing exceptional damage. Enemy is "burnt" and plays that animation if they have it. Red Pikmin reference.
    • Yellow Carrot: A small yellow carrot with a pair of ear-like fixrues on it. Peach throws it, and it goes higher than usual and deals more damage than the average turnip. Enemy is "shocked" and plays that animation if they have it. Yellow Pikmin reference.
    • Blue Carrot: A small blue carrot with a pink mouth-looking part on it. Peach throws it, and it can stun the opponent. Deals as much damage as the Yellow Carrot. Enemy is "frozen" and plays that animation if they have it. Blue Pikmin reference.
    • Super Mushroom: Grows in size and automatically charges foreward a few steps, then shrinks. Invincible during this state.
    • 1-Up Mushroom: Heals 120 life, ten percent of her maximum health.
    • Hank Hill Smoking: SLP plucks out that picture, and it instantly vanishes. The stage briefly starts glowing in different colors (ideally, red, then green, then blue. No real reason for the order, just preference) while "rave music" plays. Effect is temporary and does not change the game at all.
  • Oh, Screw This: Gets on her parasol and takes off into the sky. Then the screen darkens and a countdown starting from "3" appears. A giant, 8-bit Bowser will rush across the stage once it ends at "1" and needs to be dodged or parried at the right time. Sadly, certain characters, including Kung Fu Man, are garunteed to be hit by this due to a lack of a proper dodge mechanic.


(Dais. and Ros. are technically Skirtless Daisy and Skirtless Rosalina, but let's keep things simple. These two are also the only characters that will be affected by SLP's palette.)

As with Warner's Leela, the general sprites use palette tricks to make cosmetic changes in the outfit itself.

  1. Normal Pink (Yellow Daisy and Cyan Rosalina)
  2. Yellow (Cyan Daisy and Pink Rosalina)
  3. Cyan (Pink Daisy and Yellow Rosalina)
  4. Red (Green Daisy and Blue Rosalina)
  5. Green (Blue Daisy and Red Rosalina)
  6. Blue (Red Daisy and Green Rosalina)
  7. Thong Pink (Same color scheme as #1, with skimpier outfit. Daisy and Rosalina are affected too palette-wise, and the other "Skirtless" characters have changed sprites to match this. A notice about this variation and how it is, in fact, another set of palettes despite a quick glance leading otherwise will show up when this or 8-12 is selected, as well as a redirect to the readme for further info)
  8. Thong Yellow (Same color scheme as #2)
  9. Thong Cyan (Same color scheme as #3)
  10. Thong Red (Same color scheme as #4)
  11. Thong Green (Same color scheme as #5)
  12. Thong Blue (Same color scheme as #6)

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Orange
  4. Thong White
  5. Thong Black
  6. Thong Orange
  7. SSB4 (All three of their legs are completely blackened out, all use default color scheme. This has no effect on the other strikers)
  8. Base (Fugly as hell coloring that only serves to be the base, for things like with how in order to make 7-12 out of 1-6 some things will technically be the same color, yet to initially save them and for a shorthand guide these will be colored differently)

Sprites with different skin colors have been planned for the future as well. As well as rounding out the "primary-secondary-tertiary RGB" spectrum (EG with lime green, spring green, blue-cyan, violet, and red-magenta-like palettes being in as well). And a "metal" palette.


  • She only has one intro. A normal-looking Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina are standing by. Peach smirks at the opponent, all three of them rip off their skirts, and Rosalina and Daisy both jump backwards out of the arena.


  • Similarly-dressed Palutena, Zelda, and Samus drop into the stage. A fake-credits screen appears saying "Special Guest Star: These Three," with a line underneath reading "Assistant Manager: Great Pikmin Fan." The latter is a reference to a part of Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals.
  • SLP is crushed by a giant statue of a nude Hank Hill mooning the viewers.

Win Quotes

  2. "sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet?"
  3. "oh did i win?"
  4. "You say 'sexist,' I say 'funny as hell.'"
  5. "I'm the Seinfeld of your roster: The character about nothing."
  6. "ass."
  7. "lalalalala la!"

    Omega Drew Pickles 

  • Gimmick: Generally weird as hell. Also has a limited amount of time per match he can block or crouch. He has a visible "Duck meter" and "Block meter" towards the bottom-left (or right if he's on the "player 2 side") of the screen, divided into ten segments. Each segment is depleted after about a whole second worth or guarding or crouching, giving him only a fraction of the time in a timed match to play defensively with ease.

    He is entirely "voiced" with Speakonia, though some of his other sound effects come from different sources.

    Housestuck Full Game 

Honestly this is probably gonna stay blank for a while.

    Quick Time Events (Advanced Coding) 

Cheaper Edd — Bowser Punch

Cheaper Edd actually does this a bit differently, which is why I'm listing it last instead of first or near-first like Cheaper Edd usually gets. He still has the "30% health or lower" requirement, but 'you are the one that has to do the QTE prompt. In this case, Bowser punches the opponent when the attack is called, and Bowser continues flying offscreen while Cheaper Edd jumps offscreen and the opponent is sent flying a bit, then ends up in their dizzy state. This is where things get complicated.

This next part plays out a bit like a Mario & Luigi game, where the opposing player has Mario, Luigi, and if I'm feeling nice each of them have two palette swaps (in lines of three, in other words three chances to belt each enemy line) standing in front. X, Y, and Z make Mario or a given clone jump, and A, B, and C are for the three Luigis. Goombas and Paratroopas will move over, and the Goombas must be jumped on by a given Bro. If all three Bros. in that line jump over them, or they're all down, then the Goomba will go to Cheaper Edd's enemy and do a chunk of damage to them. Paratroopas are harmless to Cheaper Edd's opponent (they will simply fly up after getting close enough), but touching one as a Bro. has the same effect as touching a Goomba. Namely, the Bro. instantly falls off the screen and can no longer be used to defend Cheaper Edd's opponent. To avoid depth problems, enemies going after the "Luigi" path are colored green or have green shells, and those that are on the "Mario" path are colored red.

This attack is unique not just out of these QTEs but out of Cheaper Edd's hyper roster in general in that its duration is entirely dependant on how much power he has, though it requires at the minimum 3000 to activate it. Unlike all of his other hypers, said requirement is not deduced upon activating it, but it instead drains as the sequence goes on. Because of this, when it ends Cheaper Edd will always be powerless, so the move is recommended to only be used as a last resort against other cheap characters thanks to C.E.'s huge reliance on mastering his hypers and other power-dependant moves.

    I Sure Do Have a Lot of Thirteenshots 

  1. Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals
  2. Technically Total Zeksmit Plains Although it Will Have a Sequel Season That's Longer
  3. Total Drama Race
  4. Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Whose Getting a Spinoff? [I don't know, I just thought of the title tonight]
  5. Housestuck the Split
  6. naruto the guy with the ninja
  7. Technically Extreme Musical Drama High School, but that is a spinoff to a much larger series

Zapp Brannigan is a male example of Dangerously Short Skirt?

    I've Had Said Bloodswap Idea Going for a While Now, But it Wasn't Until 2/ 27 that this Title was Thought of. Trope List? Nah, Characters First 

The Nepetaswaps as a Whole


The first of the Nepetaswaps introduced and distinguished by wearing a heavy snowsuit with a swarf wrapped around her head.




The most psychicly-powerful of them all and the last one introduced bar the elusive olive-blooded Nepeta.


By the beginning of the story's events, this original Nepeta has not actually appeared yet, nor was she even sighted among the meteors. The entire plot is kicked off with the rumor that "Unity of the idols" can bring information on her location, and it's implied that she will be involved in the story by the end, but as of now things are especially complicated with Sgrub's introduction.








The descendant of the current holder of the Alternian throne, but she is also easily the moodiest and most hostile of the eleven Nepetas. (In contrast to her ancestors, the nicest of the twelve.) She's also the only one who is openly bloodist, hating her own ancestor for abolishing the hemospectrum as it is what meant she is the first fuchsiablood to not be a garunteed heiress in a long time.

Karkat Vantas

The main character of the story and the only one so far who does not seem to have a Nepeta replacing his role.

The Twelve Sagettes/Meulin Leijons?

A duodecet of trolls heavily implied to be the ancestors of all the Nepetas, including an additional one representing the long-extinct (for reasons unknown, instead of lime) olive caste.

The Signless/Sufferer/Kankri Vantas

Anything about this incarnaiton of the Sufferer is currently unknown, but it is implied that he was "born" before the Sagettes were and had something to do with the extinction of the olivebloods.

Nah, Trope List

Bl:oo<dswap: Guess Whose Getting a Spinoff? (Officially abbreviated to "Bl:oo<dswap GWGAS," pronounced "Gwigas," homophonism to "Giygas" probably unintentional) is a pretty bizarre Homestuck fan fiction that took a simple concept the author emplored on in one of his past works: Bloodswapping is a pretty common Fandom-Specific Plot. You take the trolls and have them live with different blood colors, see how that would impact their personalities, quirks, lifestyles, or even abilities, and of course how that ties into the plot. But this takes it in a different direction: What if Nepeta was given the highest blood in the hemospectrum? And the lowest? And ceruleanblood? And limeblood?

As the title's odd insertion of characters may imply, the gimmick is that instead of swapping around characters, most of the trolls are replaced by Nepeta with their respective blood color. Oddly, this includes the canonical Nepeta herself, whose "place" is filled in by one with lime blood, a caste that was extinct canonically but here that part has been replaced by the olive green she used to have.

Despite what it sounds like, the story is present in a rather serious matter from start to finish, yet it's still clear enough that it knows the premise is silly and runs with it. Yet it also branches out into its own and rather bizarre tale that involves some sort of reincarnations of creation-spirits, and yet again heavily ties into the author's 360 pseudo-series.

It can be found [[ here.]] There are planned to be only thirteen chapters in total.

  • Art Evolution: More like design, but the tag-in promotional image does have a noticable step-up in effort compared to the Crconikals comics, and they are in turn a step-up from Sweet Jade and Hella John and Sheldin and Lenard Tock About Fysicks. The swaps have all come a pretty long way from their debut in Sweet Jade and Hella John and are no longer simply Palette Swaps.
  • Mind Screw: The reveal that this is a Sburb session should not be so strange since meteors were mentioned back in the prologue. What is is that the session so far has played out in a very bizarre manner. And this is also ignoring the bare-bones premise of there being eleven, possibly tweleve, Nepetas at once.
  • No Antagonist: So far, the fuchsian-blooded Nepeta is the closest this has to a villain. And even then, she's more of a jerk than she is an actual threat.
  • Wham Line:
    • "This is Nina Egbert." If that didn't hit in enough, "This is Nina Harley. This is Nina Lalonde. This is Nina Strider."

[Actually I'm not sure if this should strictly be a Sburb session.]

  • Anti-Climax Boss:
    • After a ton of buildup (the majority of the fan fic, and it is one of the longest fanworks in the Homestuck fandom by the time it's finally finished), the final battle with Doc Scratch just amounts to shooting him with a light arrow after a weak attack from his part, and the Crew beat him down. There is a showdown with Lord English shortly after... only he gets beaten worse, not even being able to get an attack in before the same process is repeated.
    • In season six, Jaws is billed as the major threat and villain for that arc that's been following the Crew around. He gets treated like a regular Monster of the Week, with, again, Equius shooting a light arrow at him to disable his magic and then the rest of the Crew going in for the kill.
    • The Troll Empress likewise gets some buildup as a major threat through seasons four and six. After taking down her "Trollcopter" in chapter 20, she's quickly bisected and never actually takes on a single member of the Crew in hand-to-hand combat save for one quick battle with Condesce in chapter 18. She doesn't even survive half of the storyline where she's supposed to be a major antagonist.

  • Ho Yay: Alucard and Kamina. Well, probably on Kamina's end (the irony being that Kamina is often on the recieving end of Ho Yay)

  • Crosses the Line Twice?
    • Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals is built around this. The Rainbow Crew uniforms would not be as entertaining if most of them were standard Sexy Whatever Outfits, but instead very absurd designs like Highblood simply having a balloon carefully float in place or Mindfang first making herself into a pile of her journal pages before that's deemed "not revealing/teasing enough" and switching to an outfit made entirely out of spider webs. There's also Hank Hill, who is a near-nude fairy that wears nothing but leaves and is treated seriously in-unvierse, which gets even worse when he dramatically removes his leaves with a nine year old right by him (because the leaves were "limiting his power for his own good" and this was a sort of Eleventh Hour Superpower, but still, it barely makes sense in context). And this isn't even getting into how the plot intentionally crosses the stupidity line twice thanks to having one of the dumbest villains in fan fiction history, and he's based on a character who is canonically omniscient.
    • Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals has a bit too. Alucard's backstory, for one, is a Hilariously Abusive Childhood where his Bro punched him so hard that he flew across an entire ocean and somehow got "stranded" in England.
    • Both of the Steven Universe SBIGlets so far are built on this:
      • The Crystal Gems Kicking Ass You Guys!!!!!!!!!!!! is, frankly, a borderline Take That at suggestions towards the show leaning more towards a heavy action-series that would ideally involve the Gems taking on more traditional Big Bads. It tries to avoid being offensive about this by ramping up that concept as much as possible via Testosterone Poisoning, so the result is having Duke Nukem side with the Gems, military vehicles and explosions everywhere, Amethyst inexplicably being harsh towards Steven and telling him "Get your feels fest outta here this is slightly more serious," and a villain literally named "Dogick the Evil Gem," who is evil for the sake of being evil and, Aizen-levels of unbeatable, and yes, makes her debut by kicking a dog. So hard that the dog flies into a mountain. And they both explode.
      • Steven the Secrets Guy. One eponymous "secret" is that Connie's parents are really Nudist Beach-esque resistors who reveal this while undressing in front of the whole city in the middle of a dead-serious conversation. Then Connie herself joins, and this is revealed via her crashing into the car wash naked on a motorcycle and ordering Greg to "Get on and possibly strip down yourself." He reluctantly does the former, and they are chased by a freeway's worth of cops who misunderstand the situation, but this comes to an end when a red light causes the cops to spiral out of control and have a pileup so large it puts Blues Brothers 2000 to shame and has about three paragraphs describing the events. (Surprisingly, without any casualties. Though one of them crashes into a lawyer's house and he (the lawyer) shouts "Oh, JACKPOT!") This isn't even covering the Big Bad, a sentient sock whose plan is to blow up pet stores around the world. In other words, the plan is an exaggeration of the literal term Kick the Dog.

        Also, it turns out the cops weren't even after Greg because they saw him riding with a nude girl out of context. They were after Connie for "driving without a liscent [sic]," because they automatically assumed naked people can't have licenses with them.
    • SBIG's general habit of killing off major characters. Major spoilers. In Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals, Alucard is offed because a minor villain did not want to face the familiar of his brother, so he set a robotic arm to nuke Alucard. Alucard himself attempts to escape, but finds out that the tank he's been driving around the story with has stalled on him, and while he's dying his Big "NO!" is "mispelt" as "MOOOOO!"
    • naruto the guy with the ninja gets away with parodying the "overpowered Naruto Team 7 bashing" trend despite actually overpowering him by A: making him the Big Bad (more important of the two) and B: by exaggerating his "new powers" so much that he effortlessly takes over the world. His insults also go from mean-spirited to impossible to get offended by when he eventually resorts to throwing weak attacks at people in almost every sentence putting a stereotypical Xbox player to shame, and even calls Sasuke "You bitch-bitching bitcher asshole meanie" more than once despite Naruto clearly being the worse of the two at this point. (And, despite his base-breaking canonical self, Sasuke hasn't ever actually done anything wrong here despite starting off as a Card-Carrying Villain who "wanted" to be evil before Naruto's world-domination made him change his mind.)
  • Rage Against the Author:
    • The only times this happened outside of SBIG were in a joke and non-canon ending of Total Drama World Tour Rewrite (where Duncan gets on a bus and leaves to "a fan fic by a different author who would respect him more."), and as a mild plot-point in Hair Idealization where Catman claims that he can help Leonard leave the THI world somehow and reset everything back to normalcy. They come across some machine that can apparantly alter reality, but Uncle Grandfather stops both of them from activating it.
    • In two different SBIGlets, a character was implied to try to leave the story alltogether. The first instance might have succeeded (he is not mentioned again), but either the second failed or the pseudo-author forgot the fourth wall gag was a fourth wall gag and made it into a plotline. Or it was just made into an important plot point from the beginning. (Seeing as he no longer seems to oppose the plot at all.)
      • During Steven the Secrets Guy, Dewey at one point gets so annoyed by the frequent monster attacks that he says "That's it, this story has gone too far. I quit." And isn't heard from again.note 
      • In Clothing, when Satsuki announces a "Surprise round in the King of the Hill Final Battle Tournament" (which is Nui), most of the Elite Four do the "Yep" that a certain similarly-named show has as a famous Once an Episode part. All except Uzu, who only says "You guys suck," walks off"screen," and then the story says that a car sound plays and he says "I'll be back for the next story but you don't have to pay me." He later appears being rescued from a COVER and basically functions as a Deus ex Machina as he also apparantly found a device that lets Ryuko do Unite Morphs, which saves humanity from the Spider Queen. If context helps, both Satsuki and Ragyo appear to hold an unexplained distain towards King of the Hill references.
  • Running Gag (SBIG):
    • Whenever there's a "credits free frame," the phrase "Assistant Manager: Great Pikmin Fan" will pop up, even though Assistant Manager is not really a title when it comes to credits. It serves as yet another King of the Hill reference.
    • There's fewer and fewer installments where Hank's appearance was not accompanied by him doing something and then trying to explain that it's "American," refusing to elaborate further.
    • Canada is usually portrayed as being completely backwards in terms of almost everything when compared to the United States. Cars stop on green and go on red,

Diddy Kong and his "hoo-hah" combo.

Beware of unmarked spoilers regarding the first chapter!

The Propane Gang


A very strange band Sasuke encounters in chapter 2, who initially get into a conflict with Sasuke's group in that same chapter because they were "invading Strickland Propane." After getting everything sorted out, Hank helps direct Sasuke and co. to the elemental stones, and they themselves dissappear until just before the invasion to take Konoha back from Naruto's overpowered hands. After this, they become more important semi-regulars.

  • Action Survivor: As with Sasuke's group, they appear to have survived the apocalypse. Only with even more supplies. Hank might take the cake, confirmed to be having a houseload of stuff and Strickland Propane.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Each member has a very distinct color that mostly appears in the concept art "splashes."
    • Hank: Red.
    • Alucard: Yellow (initially maroon, but changed to avoid too much of a redundancy).
    • Kamina: Cyan (again, initially red).
    • Leonard: Blue (no reason is given for this other than that being his color from Sheldin and Lenard; if not for that, it probably would have been green).
    • Brenda: Magenta/pink.
    • Sheldon: Green (once again originally red).
    • Penny: Purple (originally pink).
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Two examples in their debut chapter:
    • Harry Potter is destracted by Kamina's looks and too busy in his own thoughts. When Kamina offers a handshake, Harry is caught off guard, thinks it's an attack, and knocks Kamina out in "defense."
    • Dave's distracted by Brenda's Stripperiffic outfit, and even after gaining focus he delays "fighting" her and gives a monologue about it. Her refusal to say anything in response just makes him more nervous and flustered.
  • Mistaken for Gay: Alucard and Kamina. Sasuke, Harry, and (though he might have been being sarcastic) Squidward all claim them to be a couple based on their bickering.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Crossover: The first three listed here are parodying how their respective stories get shoved into everything when it comes to what Great Pikmin Fan writes, usually with references. The latter two are about Hair Idealization and what a dumb and unfitting crossover that was/is. Played straighter with the team having three Big Bang Theory members yet only one of each other series.
  • Those Two Guys: Alucard and Kamina. In fact, them having a little slapfight is the only "talksprite" in the MS Paint tagalongs that has more than one character involved.


Henry "Hank" Ruthorford Hill

"Propane's a liquid,
But also a gas.
Make fun of it,
And I'll kick your ass."

  • The Heart: While doubling as the leader, he's the guy who keeps the team down and in-check. Mostly (or, almost always) Kamina and Alucard's bickering.
  • Informed Ability: Invoked and played for laughs. Despite being referred to as a saintnote , he's the only one of the group that attacks Sasuke's band either completely unprovoked or for incredible petty reasons. He's also pretty rude in general and a bit of a major cloudcuckoolander second only to Alucard out of his band.
  • Serious Business: The name of propane, Texas in general... he becomes genuine enemies with Sasuke's group in his first appearance simply because Sasuke "disrespected" a lot of things propane-related.



"WOO! HERE EVERYTHING GOES! Wait... this place is kind of a let down from what you told me about it, Hank."

  • Even the Guys Want Him: Just ask Harry Potter.
  • Large Ham: Did you honestly expect anything otherwise? He's canonically from a World of Ham, this is based on an incarnation of him from a World of Ham, and this fan fic is a World of Ham.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He's written to be more competant on average than his depictions in a SBIGlet and in Hecksing: The Dawn, as a way of apologizing for those said stories making him into nearly a joke (then again that is the whole point of SBIG). (Although he still gets taken off guard when Harry Potter randomly attacks him, but there is at least something of a reason for that.)


Alucard (Badguy?)

"I can't wait to see what chips they have hear. Chips are a good thing to eat."

  • Beware the Silly Ones: Have you forgotten this guy's canonical powers? Remember, he still has them.
  • Bishōnen: Yet again he's stated by this in-story, whereas the canonical Alucard really can't be counted as one. Despite his Ulumate Crconikals self claiming that there's only room for one "bishie," he seems to be prety OK with Sasuke's presense, despite how Sasuke is also considered a "bishie" by him. (Then again, said other "bishie," Luke, being a villain might have had something to do with that.)
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Rivals this version of Sasuke in sheer "Weird thinking"-ness.
  • Dumb Muscle: Easily the most powerful of the bunch. But also probably the most stupid.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Bordering on Stupid Sexy Flanders. Kamina has his... moments that imply this, building up on some of the jokes about them in Hecksing: The Dawn (such as Lex Luthor making Kamina envision kissing Alucard). Leonard also gave a "Damn" when he first revealed his "bishie" self.
  • First Law of Resurrection: Fan once again breaks his promise that most Ulumate Crconikals-related works will only be centric on the people that survived Ulumate Crconikals. Mostly because he found Carl, one of said four, to be very untollerable to write.
  • Honor Before Reason: He apparantly backs down from any fight if he thinks he's being "racist." Well, maybe, he does think about it a little afterwards. Like when Squidward said that his pirate habit might be racist against sea-creatures... somehow.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: While he is significantly less scary than his canon counterpart, his glasses still do this.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Not as much as Naruto, but if he was actually sticking around with Sasuke's group in the first half, then collecting the elemental stones would be trivially easy.


"Oh uh I was just following Hank around for directions. I-in fact, I had no idea you were here."

  • Butt Monkey: He's subjected to the most slapstick in the gang's debut chapter and Sasuke's group also comes to the decision to send their most powerful member (at the time) after him.
  • Oh, Crap: His reaction to being the one that Master Chief goes after.
  • Only Sane Man: He appears to be the only character in this particular installment that is totally rational.


Brenda "Margaret"


  • Badass Normal: Unlike everybody else in the group, she never gets any special powers or uses jutsu/magic in the fan fic.
  • Berserk Button: Dave learns the hard way that she hates getting a sudden attack.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: Her canonical skirt that's at her waist remains, but a straighter example is in the Anti-Forcefield Suits. Unlike the rest of the Propane Gang's, her's has a skirt part that barely covers her, in a nod to Wonder-Pink, whose own skirt is a lot like that.
  • Shout-Out: Her Anti-Forcefield Suit resembles Wonder-Pink's outfit, which is apparantly a comparason drawn because her regular wear covers just about as much.
  • The Smurfette Principle: She's the only non-brainwashed female character of note in the first half, and definitely the only one out of the Propane Gang during that time.
  • Suddenly Voiced: As with Hair Idealization (though that gave her much more of a reason for it, as she was either required by a challenge or just stuck with writing), she's suddenly a lot more vocal if limited to Japanese in most cases.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Dave and Leonard are the only characters so far who seem to have taken note of the fact that she goes around in an exposed thong most of the time.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: She briefly implies that Gerald is still out stalking her and trying to kill Young Man as well. This has yet to come up again, and the story's two chapters away from ending.

    Spoiler Character (Chapter 9) 

Sheldon Lee Cooper

"What did you expect, Leonard without me? That's like understanding radiotopic isotopes without watching Spider-Man first to loosen up your brain to understand what I just said!"

  • Perfectly Cromulent Word: As usual for SBIG. In his case, he often says "science-sounding" words that mean nothing. Like "radiotopic" in the quote above.

    Spoiler Character (Chapter 9) 

  • One of the first rooms contains an "ambush" by a few tough villains. Who will later fight you one-by-one at different points in the dungeon. Unfortunately, they initially don't look threatening: A seemingly ordinary snowman (not even an anthromorphised one), a tiny looking guy with a stick for a weapon, and a Palette Swap of the Large Ham Warmup Boss. Not very intimidating.
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