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Heading test

Heading test

Heading test

WMG:The Sandbox will one day gain sentience, and threaten all human life.

WMG:The Sandbox will attract a castle building contest.

And n̶o̶b̶o̶d̶y̶ SeptimusHeap will win.
  • Screw dat. I, Darth Manchild of GIFT will win

WMG:The Sandbox is actually a mobile app, not a TV Tropes area.

Confirmed, because you can get this mobile app on the App and Play stores. This is also how The Sandbox gets funded because the app is chockfull of microtransactions darn it!!

WMG: The Sandbox isn't actually a sandbox.

It's really a place to test text editing features without ruining regular articles. Just a guess, though.