Characters: Thorgal

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    Thorgal and his family 

Thorgal Aegirsson:

Son of Varth and Haynee, a pair of Ancient Astronauts who returned to Earth, abandoned by their ancestors, in search of new energy sources. After the conflict between his father and grandfather over what to do with the Puny Earthlings, Thorgal was cast down onto the Earth in a water-proof capsule and found by the Vikings. He became a foster son of the Viking chief Leif Haraldsson, but never felt fully a Viking. He is the husband of Aaricia (with a three-year gap) and father of Jolan, Louve and Aniel. Has always had a love-hate relationship with the gods.


Daughter of Gandalf, sister of Bjorn and a Viking princess born with two tear-shaped pearls in her hands, she disobeyed her father and married Thorgal, for whom she was destined from birth by the goddess Frigg. Having been a Pregnant Hostage more than once, she is the mother of Jolan and Louve as well as the foster mother of Aniel.


The son of Thorgal and Aaricia, brother of Louve and half-brother of Aniel, he inherited psychic abilities from his father and, unlike Thorgal, learned to use them in a controlled way. He offered his life to the half-god Manthor in exchange for the life of Thorgal and was sent by Manthor on a dangerous mission to Asgard.


Daughter of Thorgal and Aaricia, sister of Jolan and half-sister of Aniel. Later (in the spin-off) becomes more of an Action Girl.


The son of Thorgal and Kriss of Valnor, who, when dying, left him under the care of Aaricia. His grandfather Kahaniel, anticipating his own death, prepared his soul to enter the body of his first male descendant, who turned out to be Aniel. He was made mute by his owners while learning to make jewellery as a slave in the tin mine.

Varth / Ogotay:

The father of Thorgal and husband of Haynee. His conviction that the Star People should take over the Earth instead of sticking to the rule of non-exposure with regards to its inhabitants led him to the rebellion against Xargos. After landing on Earth and the destruction of the expedition, he became the god and tyrant of the Chaam people and declared war against their neighbors. He was killed by Kriss just after he realized that Thorgal was his son.

Xargos / Tanatloc:

The father of Haynee and grandfather of Thorgal, the leader of the expedition of the Star People in search of new sources of energy. After the conflict with Varth, in which he defended the rule of non-exposure and non-interference with regards to the inhabitants of Earth, he was overthrown, fell to Earth and led the Xinjin against Varth under the name of the god Tanatloc.

    Thorgal's friends 

Key Guardian:

The guardian goddess keeping watch over the gates between the worlds. She has a crush on Thorgal from the first time they met, when he decided to protect her from his crooked companion even though she was the opponent of both of them.


The prince of Brek Zarith, whom Thorgal helped to regain the throne usurped by his evil cousin Shardar.


A girl who fell in love with Thorgal and lied to her fellows to make them expel him in revenge, which resulted in the destruction of her village and the supposed death of Aaricia. Being left by Thorgal in the ruins of the village, she took care of him when he was out of his mind due to the despair, and went with him to the Otherworld where she gave her own life for that of Aaricia and was trapped forever in Niflheim.

Jorund the Bull:

A Viking chief who became the king of the Vikings of the North after Gandalf's death. His attitude towards Thorgal is decidedly positive, which cannot be said about some of his countrymen.


Aaricia's best friend, she helped her after the Vikings exiled Thorgal's family in revenge for Shaigan's deeds.

Arghun the Pegleg:

The uncle of Tjall and a friend of Thorgal and Jolan. He was a professional archer in the past, but after his accident became a weaponsmaker specializing in bows and arrows. He was forced by Kriss to accompany Thorgal in his journey to Qa, where he later decided to stay.

Tjall the Reckless:

The nephew of Arghun and a great archer, he travelled to Qa with Thorgal and Aaricia to rescue his uncle and Jolan. Because of his infatuation with Kriss, he abandoned Thorgal - only to later redeem himself and die while saving him.


Being the youngest and bravest of dwarfs, he was sent by the dwarf king Ivaldir to seek the non-existing metal which was to be given to Nidhogg in exchange for Ivaldir's name, and young Thorgal helped him to fulfil the task by giving him the screw from outside the Earth and joining him in his journey.


A minor deity and the messenger of Odin. He was helped by young Aaricia after being blinded by Hrun the giant during his journey to Midgard, and later returned the favour.


A Svear boy, the brother of Lehla and a friend of Jolan. He met Jolan when they were both enslaved and joined him in escape. He settled in Arachnopolis to stay with his beloved Siloe.


A Svear girl, the sister of Darek and the love interest of Jolan, rescued from prison by Darek and Jolan. She came to live in Arachnopolis along with Darek.

    Thorgal's enemies 

Kriss of Valnor:

The daughter of the evil warlock Kahaniel of Valnor and Olgava, a peasant girl, she loves and hates Thorgal at the same time. During Thorgal's divinely induced amnesia she made him believe that she was his wife, which was why he spent three years at her side under the name of Shaigan, leading a fleet of pirates. She was the mother of Aniel. She died covering the retreat of a wounded Thorgal and his family. In the spin-off it is revealed that she had a Dark and Troubled Past, including Rape as Backstory and then Roaring Rampage of Revenge.

Gandalf the Mad:

The father of Aaricia and the king of the Vikings of the North. In his youth he was quite a warrior, but later became a cruel, greedy and paranoid ruler. He usurped the throne after the death of Leif Haraldsson, the foster father of Thorgal.


The only son of Gandalf and thus Aaricia's elder brother.


A descendant of the Star People, she was known among the Vikings as the evil sorceress from the Island of Frozen Seas. She forced the native inhabitants of the island to work in her coal mines in order to gain energy necessary for the maintenance of the starship, but her main goal was to repopulate the Star People by marrying Thorgal with her daughter. Kidnapped and imprisoned by Gandalf, she sought her revenge on him with the help of Thorgal and returned to her fortress for the rest of her life.

Volsung of Nichor:

One of Aaricia's suitors during the adventure in Aran. Defeated by Thorgal, he spent a long time in the void. He was rescued from there by Nidhogg, who magically gave him Thorgal's looks and made him seduce the Key Guardian in order to steal from her the magical belt - but he failed to bring the belt to Nidhogg and, as a result, was changed into a frog.


A powerful, mythological monster creature, which Thorgal dared to go against in his youth with the help of the goddess Frigg. Based on Nhggr from Norse mythology.