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Characters: Silent Hill 1

Harry Mason

Voiced by: Michael G

A writer, widower, and devoted father who bumbles into Silent Hill and proceeds to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

Cheryl Mason

Voiced by: Sandra Wane

A little girl, short black hair, about seven years old, she goes missing from Harry's car after he crashes it.

Cybil Bennett

Voiced by: Susan Papa (SH1), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Book of Memories - cameo)

A police officer dispatched from the neighboring town of Brahms. She's investigating the strange goings-on in Silent Hill, and like Harry, she's stuck in the town with no way to contact any backup. Late in the game, she gets possessed by a demon, and attacks Harry. You can either save Cybil or kill her; whether she survives the ending or not is up to the player's interpretation.

  • Armed Altruism: After realizing that Harry isn't going to stay put, and that the situation in town is highly out-of-the-ordinary, she offers him a handgun as a means of self-defense.
  • Badass Biker: Roars pasts Harry's jeep in the prologue.
  • Cool Shades: In the opening FMV.
  • Distress Ball: Despite having actual combat training, she gets overwhelmed quite easily in the sewers.
  • Donut Mess with a Cop: Played with, but you have to squint. You meet Cybil in a diner.
  • Fair Cop: Nice pants, Cybil.
  • Five Rounds Rapid: Her most defining trait. It even got transferred to the film version.
  • Implacable Man: On the carousel.
  • Oh My Gods!: "What in the Devil's name...?"
  • Painted-On Pants
  • Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Puppet Cybil.
  • The Not-Love Interest
  • The Scully: Giant fissures, pterodactyls, flying children? Must be drug-related.
    • To be fair, the player does not know whether she has actually seen the things Harry saw.
    • Actually, she outright states that Cheryl appeared to be walking on thin air, so she definitely saw "that" occur.
  • Ship Tease: The Good+ ending suggests this between herself and Harry.
  • Shrug of God: The Book of Lost Memories says that Cybil's ultimate fate is left to the player's imaginations. Masahiro Ito, when asked about her fate on Twitter, says he remembers that she's dead. When asked about the statement in the Book of Lost Memories, he said "if you choose "good+" ending among them, she is not dead, maybe."

Dahlia Gillespie

Voiced by: Liz Mamorsky (SH1), Laurence Bouvard (Origins)

This strange old woman who asks Harry to stop the birth of "Samael". She's really Alessa's mother and a major member of The Order, the cult that resides in the town. Her goal was to summon a God that would lead all to "paradise", but to do so, she burned her own daughter in the summoning ritual, and is keeping Alessa in constant agony and pain to incubate the god inside her.

Dr. Michael Kaufmann

Voiced by: Jarion Monroe (SH1), John Chancer (Origins)

A not terribly pleasant doctor Harry encounters. Was a drug runner, in bed with Dahlia (maybe literally) in regards to the demon birth plan, and most likely killed Lisa. Not a nice guy. Lisa eventually hands him a Karmic Death via dragging him to hell.

Lisa Garland

Voiced by: Thessaly Lerner (SH1), Jennifer Woodward (Origins)

A kindly nurse Harry continuously bumps into as he shifts to and from the Otherworld. Though strangely, always in the same location, as she refuses to leave it. She was also Alessa's caregiver after the girl was burned, and as a result, she is somehow kept alive, where all the other nurses and doctors have been parasitized. Unfortunately, her existence is tied to the hellish [otherside], so when something happens to dismantle that dark, nightmare world...

  • Body Horror: When the Flauros causes the Otherworld to go nutty, she does too. At first, this is mental, but before long, she is found to bleed from every orifice.
  • Dead to Begin With
  • Redheads Want the Hero
  • Hospital Hottie: Scratch the surface, though...
  • May-December Romance: Origins reveals she was sleeping with Kaufmann, who is over 20 years her senior. Subverted in the sense that the sex certainly isn't based on love, and may in fact be "payment" in return for the drugs Kaufmann was dealing her.
  • Puff of Logic: Disintegrates into blood at the same time as the environment around you loses any sense of cohesion.
  • Revenge: She is the one who drags Kaufmann to his death.
  • Stepford Smiler: In Origins she comes across as cheerful and perky when Travis meets her, even playfully joking around with him. She's also a drug addict, no thanks to Kaufmann and the Order.
  • Tears of Blood: In a sense.
  • Tragic Monster
  • Twitchy Eye: When the Otherworld starts falling apart.

Alessa Gillespie

Voiced by: Sandra Wane (SH1), Jennifer Woodward (Origins)

A young woman with mysterious powers who had the great misfortune of being Dahlia Gillespie's daughter; her suffering at her own mother's hand is what kicks off the plot to begin with.

Alessa somehow split into two people — the Alessa you see wrapped in bandages at the final sequence of the game, and the girl that Harry found and raised as "Cheryl". The God couldn't be born unless both halves of Alessa were reunited, so Dahlia manipulates Harry into doing the dirty work for her. Depending on your ending, Harry either fights and kills the Complete Alessa, or Kaufmann intervenes and draws out the God for Harry to fight. The latter ending shows Alessa dying and giving Harry a baby girl, a reincarnation of herself who will grow up to become Heather in Silent Hill 3.


The Order's mythology depicts God as a female being who descended to Earth sometime in the distant past and relieved humans of suffering. According to the myth, "God's strength ran out," and then she died. However, before dying, God promised that she would return to Earth if people remained faithful to her.

This God is implied to be the angel/demon Samael. The gender of the God remains an enigma: the cultists believe "God" to be female, but its Incubus form has a somewhat masculine appearance. Its form in 3 has a more feminine appearance. The reason for these different forms is likely due to it taking on the appearance of what the host or ritual performer perceives the God to look like.

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