Funny / Silent Hill

  • The UFO ending itself. Not to mention, the fact he's asking for his daughter when talking to the aliens.
    Harry: Let me ask you, have you seen a little girl around here? Short, Black Hai—AAAARGHHHHHH!!!!
  • I find the Bloodsucker in the fridge hilarious.
  • Dahlia's ramblings can come across as really out of left field. But of course, it was foretold by GYROMANCY!!
    • The idea of a member of the Order attempting to foretell the events described through gyromancy is itself probably the funniest thing in this incredibly dark series. A member of an evil, child sacrificing doomsday cult? Terrifying. A member of an evil, child sacrificing doomsday cult spinning in circles until they collapse onto a letter, then getting up and doing it again until they get a coherent message? Hilarious.
  • Examining a shower curtain gives you the helpful info "Nobody inside''.
  • Kaufmann accidentally taking a shot a poor Harry, a full second or two after Harry put up his hands and said "Hold it!"
  • Early in the game Harry can examine a dog house to retrieve a key. The subtitle reads, "This looks like a dog house, though I can't be sure, since there's no dog around." Ignoring the fact that there are plenty of dogs around, apparently a dog house isn't actually a dog house unless there's a dog living in it.