YMMV / Silent Hill

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is any of the stuff Harry sees in Silent Hill even real, or is he just insane? The Mind Screw levels of the game make it look like that the player might have been intended to consider that, though later games seem indicate that everything was real.
  • Complete Monster: Dahlia Gillespie is the head of a cult known as the Sect of the Holy Woman. She also started a drug trade, selling a hallucinogen to the tourists, made from a local plant named White Claudia, that was also used in the cult's rituals. This lead to her killing the anti-drug mayor and the narcotics officer Gucci. Her ultimate goal is to gain personal power by summoning God to bring about a paradise. She kidnaps and attempts to impregnate several young girls with the god, but none of them could withstand the trauma involved in the impregnation process and they all died. Dahlia then found out that her seven year old daughter Alessa had vast mental powers. Dahlia and the cult proceeded to perform the impregnation ritual on Alessa, which led to a devastating fire and Alessa's severe burns. Although Alessa was successfully impregnated with the god, the half of her soul left from Alessa's own splitting of her soul and turning the other half into a baby was not powerful enough to give birth to it. Dahlia cast a spell to keep Alessa alive and in extreme pain, not allowing her burns to heal. Her intention was for the other half to subconsciously feel Alessa's pain, and come back to Silent Hill, where the soul would be made whole once again. Seven years later, Dahlia tricks Harry Mason into assisting her in completing the ritual.
  • Genius Bonus: Dahlia hands Harry the Flauros, a "cage of peace." Flauros is actually the duke of Hell.
    • Instead of "Virgin" records, Silent Hill boasts the "Vestal" brand.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Using the bottle of aglaophotis on one of the Larval Stalkers in the Lake Side Amusement Park allows one to skip straight to the (graphically glitched but otherwise unimpaired) cutscene after the confrontation with Cybil, allowing one to bypass the confrontation completely. Very handy for ten-star ranks and speed runs.
  • Memetic Mutation: Among the fandom, Harry's "Have you seen my daughter" line, and asking it to anyone he lays eyes on.
    Have you seen a little girl? Just turned seven last month. Short, black hair? My daughter.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Let's just say Dahlia won't be winning a Mother of the Year award anytime soon. See entry for Complete Monster above.
  • Narm/Narm Charm: The game is infamous for its stilted voice acting, although some fans find this to be part of the appeal.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Roahm's Let's Play of this game. He even makes the Jump Scare of CORPSE IN A LOCKER humorous. How? He thinks it looks like Buster.
    • The snarkier (and steely-nerved) player likely made their own all-too-easy "stuffed in a locker" joke here, too.
  • Ugly Cute: Larval Stalkers, toddler-sized transparent monsters with little stumpy arms and legs that don't try to fight harry, just laugh at him.
  • The Woobie: Lisa, who was really a nice person caught up in a horrible situation. Made worse by Silent Hill Origins, where it's more or less revealed that Michael Kaufmann is blackmailing her for sex. Alessa's situation sucks, too. Her mother kept in a state of agony for seven years to give birth to a god.