Characters: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Harry Mason

Voiced by: Kirk Thornton

The main protagonist. After a car crash, he loses his young daughter Cheryl and will stop at nothing to find her, no matter what abominations he must face.

Turns out, he has been dead for years and may or may not be a figment of Cheryl's imagination, a "perfect" idea of her father she created after the guilt of his death.

Cheryl Mason

Harry's young daughter, gone missing after he crashed his car. Harry's goal is to find her, no matter what.

She actually never was in the crash, which happened 18 years ago, that killed Harry. The therapy sessions in the game are via her perspective.

  • It's All My Fault: She blames herself for her parents not getting along with each other well.
  • Parental Incest: If her feelings for daddy are interpreted in really screwed up ways.
  • Unreliable Narrator: In the sense that Harry's quest is actually in her head. How much of the Harry you play reconciles with the real one is very difficult to be certain of.

Cybil Bennett

A cop who flip-flops between helping or hindering Harry, and will act and dress differently depending on how you act in the game and answer the questions in the therapy session.

Dahlia Mason

A woman who mysteriously pops up in the game midway, who hits on Harry as if she was his lover, despite Harry having no clue who she is. Her clothes and attitude are affected by in-game choices and the therapy sessions.

In reality, she is Harry's ex-wife and Cheryl's mother, who Cheryl resents heavily.

Michael Kaufmann

The therapist that is seen in the first-person therapy sessions. He is bitter and pessimistic about marriage and love.

  • Dr. Jerk
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: During the ending.
  • Jerkass Fašade: His jerk attitude steadily increases over the course of the game, but his final words make it clear that he really does care about his patients and wants them to get better. It's implied that being a jerk to his patients is simply his method since he's something of a last resort when it comes to troublesome patients.
  • The Alcoholic: Implied, but he smashes his drink out of anger.

Michelle Valdez

A former student/prom queen of Midwich High School and the sole attendee of the high school reunion (canceled due to the snow storm). She claims that she attended school with Cheryl Mason. She is currently dating a guy, but he either breaks up with her, or vice versa, depending on player actions. Her outfit changes depending on the in-game actions and the answers in the psychological parts of the player.

One of the endings implies that Harry was having an affair with Michelle, along with Lisa, behind Dahlia's back.

Lisa Garland

A nurse at the hospital in Silent Hill. One of the endings implies that Harry was having an affair with Lisa, along with Michelle, behind Dahlia's back. She dies, though it may or may not be the player's fault, depending on the player's actions.