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This YMMV page is for the second game in the series.

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The premade characters are often subject to this, with any one character's personality running the full gamut of the personality scale.
    • Angela Pleasant: Friendly neighborhood girl, or annoying spoiled Alpha Bitch brat who torments her twin sister?
    • Lilith Pleasant: Misunderstood soul or nothing more than an angsty, rebellious, hateful teen? Was she neglected unfairly throughout childhood leading to her current personality, or has she always simply been a downright unpleasant, rotten child from the start?
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    • Is Bella Goth a gold digger who simply married Mortimer for the money? A fair share of Simmers believe this (it doesn't help she's Romance aspiration in The Sims 2...), while Bella fans heavily disagree. The former camp sometimes even goes as far as to say Bella wasn't abducted by aliens at all, rather she left the Goth family and moved to Strangetown herself. That's right; Between an alien abduction and a woman fleeing her family, the latter is considered the more outlandish theory in the Sims 2 story. Talk about bizarro. Anyway, Bella's true nature definitely creates a bit of a rift between players and how they perceive the pre-made sims.
    • Meadow Thayer is a teenage townie NPC from Pleasantview (and any custom neighborhoods made by the player). Due to her good looks, better-than-average clothing sense, and fairly high amount of 'Nice' personality points, she is a frequent target for fulfilling a controllable teenage sim's "First Kiss" want, and other romantic wants by teenage sims. This leads to an in-joke amongst Sims forum communities that she's the town hussy, as she's so eager towards any teenage boy's advances. It's paradoxical however, since Meadow's aspiration is Family, not Romance, and many other players treat her as such, usually sending her to college then marrying her into a family afterwards. Thus the division is strong amongst players when it comes to her.
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  • Cult Classic: Like all Sims games, it was always popular, but even today with the jump to The Sims 3 and even The Sims 4 it still retains a very devoted fan base, chiefly on Tumblr and Mod The Sims 2, that still churns out mods and custom content.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Many players enjoy improving Lilith Pleasant's life, often at the expense of Angela's (Which isn't too difficult or unlikely as Lilith is set up for a more pleasant life as an adult since she's the love interest of Dirk Dreamer while Angela is dating the lawless lowlife Dustin Broke... Seems obvious which family household would be more prosperous, with happier children).
    • Goopy Gilscarbo is one of the default Townies (NPCs) in Pleasantview and custom neighborhoods. The name Goopy, his memorable facial features and his hilarious fashion sense (or lack thereof) definitely have caused him to stand out. 'The Goopster', as players sometimes call him, is such an (in)famous darkhorse among fans of The Sims that a Sims 3 dish was named after him, the Goopy Carbonara.
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    • The Pleasantview Goths and Strangetown Curious family are pretty popular.
    • Kaylynn Langerak was an NPC with a minor story role in The Sims 2, but it made her popular enough to merit a promotion to playable character with her own extended family in The Sims 3. Despite definitely being a darkhorse, she was pushed a little, since she wasn't exactly a subtle figure in Sims 2's Pleasantview, being tangled up with both the Lothario and Pleasant households through love affairs. As far as NPCs go, Kaylynn is the most remarkable, story-driven one.
    • The Landgraabs originally appeared as the main antagonists of The Sims 1 console port, but has become popular enough to appear in every game afterward.
    • Nervous Subject definitely deserves a mention, probably being the most memorable pre-made sim in The Sims 2 (other than the Goth family, obviously). His impossible-to-ignore black mohawk, his bony facial structure (hmm, where did he get that from?) and insane backstory makes him stand out. He's also got a Jerkass Woobie appeal which convinced many players to help him out and give him a better life. Or make it worse.
    • The Newsons tend to receive more attention from sim players than every other sim bin pre-made household due to their unique and rather heart-wrenching situation; a group of orphans led by two teens after their adoptive parents died.
  • Game-Breaker: Vampires are easily the most powerful life state in the whole game. They do not age in any fashion whatsoever, and, as long as it's night, their needs do not drop unless performing an activity that would make it drain. Even then, low needs are just an inconvenience for them, they won't even starve to death. The only weakness is sunlight, which can kill them, but as long as they sleep in a coffin, this is not an issue. The sunlight might interfere with jobs, but one could simply have another household member do that for them.
    • Achieving a Gold Flower Arrangement badge in the Open for Business expansion lets you craft Snapdragon Bouquets. They're relatively cheap and quick to craft, and they periodically boost all of a Sims motives in the rooms. Craft a few per room and your Sim will no longer have to bother with needs except fulfilling wishes once in a while to keep the aspiration meter in the green.
    • From the same expansion comes the Servos. They can be crafted with a Gold Robotics badge, and unlike the Snapdragon Bouquet example above they're more expensive and take more effort to make, but when you initialize them you get an immortal, fully sapient Robot Buddy who only has 4 needs (Fun, Social, Environment and Power). Oh, and they start with maxed-out Cooking, Mechanical and Cleaning skills, plus whatever skills and badges its builder had. Servo automatically performs chores around the house (cleaning, repairing, gardening, etc...), can work jobs, can take care of the kids, basically everything a Sim can do. Just keep him or her away from the water.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Female "fat" Sims, with only a slightly wider waist than the rail-thin "normal" Sim ladies, somewhat larger boobs, and Hartman Hips (or at least they're Hartman Hips compared to regular female Sims). Male fat Sims are kind of similar; they have potbellies, less muscle definition, and slightly larger thighs, but that's all. And both sexes are lumpier of build than the regular Sims.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Nervous Subject. He might be a mean, antisocial slob with no sense of humor, but he was neglected as a child and used by his 'adoptive parents', the Beakers, who are also very mean, for experiments. He's a Family Sim, and is a far more capable babysitter than the nannies the game provides (though that may say more about the nannies than Nervous Subject himself).
    • Tybalt Capp, who lost both of his parents and his grandmother in a short period of time, as well as being a Popularity Sim with no friends outside his family.
    • General Buzz Grunt. He's not the nicest dad, but his wife abandoned him and the kids and disappeared, leaving him to raise 3 young boys by himself. It's implied that since he's a career officer and he was raised as a Military Brat himself, the only way he knows how to raise his kids is like a Drill Sergeant Nasty.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Can anyone say salsa? That's right, turn on a random stereo and the first thing you'll hear will always be the Salsa music. They may not be bad songs per se, but you'll get really, really sick of it after a while. Thankfully you can put your own songs, and turning off the ones you didn't want to listen.
    • When your sim gets cranky about one of their moods being low, expect their typical whining. Favorites include "SHOO FLEE?" by some female adult sims, "PELO-PELO!" when elder male sims complain, and then there's, well, whatever the hell the elder females are saying.
    • Even worse is, unsurprisingly, when kids complain. This applies to both babies, toddlers and children.
    • Back from Sims 1 with a vengeance is the carpool's irritating honking. It will not stop going "HONK HONK" until your sim gets in. The helicopter carpool doesn't have this issue, but for a share of players the helicopter is a big annoyance on its own (didn't help that it causes surrounding Sims to stop in place and covers their ears due to the rotor noise and wind)
    • If your Sims gesturing ALL THE TIME in Bon Voyage doesn't drive you insane first, the sounds they make when they do will.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: When a sim gets boosted up to platinum in their aspiration meter, you'll get a satisfying little 'woowoowoowoo' that's the audio equivalent of pure ecstasy. It really gives you the feeling that you're making your sim happy.
    • The nice sound cue you get when you fulfill a sim's want.
    • If your Sim gets a promotion at their job you get a lovely jingle announcing it.
    • Of course if you're bent on tormenting your sim instead, the cue for fulfilling one of your sim's fears surely counts. It's a rather cartoonish sound that's a bit comparable in nature to the stock 'wahwahwah' sad trombone sound effect (which, funnily enough, was a sound effect present in the original Sims 1).
  • Polished Port: The Mac version was also given a complete overhaul recently by being ported to the modern Mac OS X native Intel x64 architecture, given support for newer graphics cards, and even added 4K resolution support. However, it only include approximately 3/4 of the expansion packs and stuff packs (it lacks the two major expansion packs Freetime and Apartment Life).
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Players of posterior games, mainly The Sims 3, may complain about The Sims 2 limitations, like the lack of customization of body types or the interactions restricted to the lot you are on. Besides that, The Sims 2 was hugely popular in the early-mid 2000's (it still has a very dedicated fanbase, though) and is the most innovative title in the franchise so far, considering it was the game that introduced aging, genetics and family trees.
  • The Scrappy:
    • The Ottomas and Crittur premade families, which, if played, causes game-breaking bug that extend to corrupt the neighborhood they was in to the point that the fix is to either remove the neighborhood or to reinstall the game. Thankfully the Ottomas has been patched since around 2006 although Crittur didn't. And you can't simply delete them as it caused corruption. Instead use this.
    • Marsha Bruenig, the child NPC who occasionally comes home from school alongside one of your child sims. Expect to get phone calls from her every subsequent day, and it will never, ever stop. Even once your child sim has moved on and aged into teenager, adult, elder,... little Marsha will still call you, asking if you're still friends. Unless you use mods to get rid of this behavior.
      • The Free Time expansion pack does allow an option to age up child and teen NPCs, allowing them to grow up when your sims do. Aging Marsha will at least get rid of the odd 'never-aging child who obsessively stalks my household' problem. At least then she'll then be simply more of a clingy friend rather than a creepy forever-child Neverland nightmare. If you want to go a step further than that though, once she's a teen, send her to college on a lot without a phone. Now she can't call anybody anymore.
    • The cow mascots in universities are downright jerks who cause a lot of mischief. The worst though is that they will randomly hit on your sim; now (assuming you play with game-shipped jealousy mechanics instead of a mod like ACR) if another sim who's in love with your sim happens to be in the same room when it happens, the sim will take it to heart and perceive it as your sim "cheating" on them, even when your sim rejects the flirt! These cows have undoubtedly lead to a lot of heartbreaks, in the dumbest way possible.
    • Not only the cow mascots (which intended as the "evil" mascot) but heck, the mascots, the cheerleaders, and the coach (who influences your Sim to work out), all qualify because their apparent lack of recognition of personal space in the college area. They'll happily goes in to not only your dorm, but your personal college home (if you manage to gain one or play a Sim already living in one) to not only do their business but also mess up with your things. Thankfully updates allow you to lock your doors, limiting access to only your Sim or your household.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Starting from Free Time, Mr. Humble will give you a new computer. Always nice - but he does this for every family you create. Needless to say, mods were instantly created to disable this since the very high end computer messes up "rags to riches" scenarios and many are annoyed at what is basically an ad for The Sims 3, which comes preinstalled with the computer.
    • "It's raining!" "It's hailing!" "It's snowing!" Yes, it's raining and hailing... how is it possible to get the "It's raining!" off of your task queue?
    • Put a computer in the house and the sims will always try and play it unless you have free will off. This gets very annoying when you try to make your sims stand out so they don't miss the school bus or the carpool... and they decide to go play the computer.
    • Put a stereo in, and you better get used to the music - because it's not turning off (unless you turn off Free Will in the options menu, so they won't try to turn the blasted thing on again).
    • If you make your Sims very Neat in their personalty, they will always make their bed when they wake up and you can't stop them once they have started.
    • Pregnancy causes hunger and energy to deplete at such an acceleration that failure to juggle both adequately is quite likely to prove fatal unless you micromanage like crazy. (Giving birth is 100% safe in the Sims' world, but pregnancy cravings can be a literal killer.) Gets even worse with Nightlife installed, as you'll often find yourself in the extremely frustrating position of watching your pregnant Sim starve to death after she (or he) falls asleep face-down in a plate of food. Luckily, the pregnancy mechanic was overhauled comprehensively in The Sims 3 to prevent this from happening.
    • Hope you enjoy the gesturing in Bon Voyage because once you install it, that's all they'll do. Unless you get a mod.
    • The Free Time expansion adds some cool new items and the hobby system into the game. The problem is, once you Sim gets some hobby enthusiasm, 90% of their wants will roll up to be hobby-related. Have a new baby? Trying to get up the career ladder? Making a best friend? No aspiration points from those, because your wants are all "talk about hobby," "read hobby page in the newspaper," "practice hobby," etc.
    • On the subject of Free Time, each time your sim will reach a next "rank" in a hobby, an NPC affiliated with the hobby's club will contact your sim, either by calling them or walking directly into your house. Hey, just because my sim earned one lousy cooking point by studying a cooking book doesn't mean a chef should break in and offer membership to some cuisine club.
    • The nannies are notorious for being incompetent to a dangerous degree (as in, "set the kitchen on fire by being too busy force-feeding a non-hungry baby to look after the TV dinner she's cooking for a toddler even though toddlers can't eat those" dangerous) and very glitchy (refusing to leave after being dismissed, getting stuck on the lot or even multiplying), to the point they're seen as the scrappies of the NPC characters.
  • The Woobie:
    • Lilith Pleasant and Ripp Grunt, the famous unfavorites.
    • The Newsons from Apartment Life. They're a family of adopted children whose parents have died, and the two teens have to juggle school, caring for the younger ones and providing a steady income. Unless you move them in with an adult Sim of course.
    • Vidcund Curious might also have been the unfavorite to his brothers. Compared to Pascal and Lazlo, Vidcund was never helped with his homework by his parents, and his girlfriend dumped him for Loki Beaker, which according to his memories is implied to be because of a bladder accident.
    • Brandi Broke, having recently lost her husband and with soon to be three mouths to feed at the start of the game, is made of this trope. So much so that many players take pity on her and give her a Second Love.

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