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  • Classic Cheat Code:
    • Writing "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" (the last word replaced with "false" to inactivate the code), in the neighbour hood, then enter the desired family and you now can mess around with it how much you want. You hold in "shift" and click on a sim to suddenly get very out-of-place options and go from there. You can spawn all from wishing wells to tombstones, turn them into vampires, mess with the sims' genders or names as well as make a girl pregnant with anyone, even her brother. This is not recommended though if you have a crash-tastic computer as these cheats can make it hang. Also, no matter what language you play in, the options will always be in English.
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    • "motherlode" allows the family you play as to recieve §50000. Writing "kaching" will give you §1000. Writing "familyFunds <family/household name> <amount>" allows you the certain amount you want.
    • "maxmotives" fills up all the need bars on every sim in the household.
    • "boolprop controlpetson" allows you to control your pets, and "boolprop petactioncancelon" allows you to cancel their actions.
    • If a woman just got pregnant (you hear the lullaby), write in "forcetwins" and you will have twins when she later gives birth.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The Sims 2 Super Collection is currently the only legal way of obtaining the game and it's only available for Mac. With the Ultimate Collection no longer being offered as of October 11, 2018, Windows users have to resort to piracy or used copies note  if they want their Sims 2 fix.
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  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: There's a persistent rumor that while the game was in development, there was a fire in the EA office that caused much of the original coding to be lost, forcing Maxis to have to completely recode the game. But, as discussed in this thread at Mod the Sims, it's just that - a rumor.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • Several alleged methods of getting twins, including the nonexistent "twinzR2cute" cheat. A "forcetwins" cheat, as well as cheesecake that increases the odds of twins, were added to throw the fans a bone, but not until Open For Business.
    • Not to mention the abundant rumors that female Sims could WooHoo (and be impregnated) by the Grim Reaper. Though, the truth in that rumor is that a female sim can be impregnated, via cheats, by Grim. Though actual Woohoo is impossible as it would be game-corrupting.
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    • There are several supposed ways to bring Bella Goth back, ranging from hanging a painting of her in your house, to meeting her after getting abducted by aliens. There is a way to get the real Bella back, though this requires you to edit her data in SimPE, which if done carelessly will corrupt the entire neighborhood.
    • A surprising amount of these came about for the Nintendo DS game, most recurring being rumors that you could marry other sims.
  • What Could Have Been: Early screenshots of the Nintendo DS game show the player holding a letter from Daddy Bigbucks just outside of the hotel's entrance, in which he declares he's had enough of trying to run the hotel and that it's yours. In the final game, no names are mentioned for the previous manager, who takes off the day before the player arrives.

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