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  • Can't Un-Hear It: It's hard not to think of "Ga$ Money" when "A Single Bloom in an Eternity" starts playing once fighting Shara Ishvalda, since the monster's unarmored form raps the former song in "Something About Monster Hunter World: Iceborne."
  • Creepy Cute: Kirbo looks bizarre, is a devout Christian, and is just as drenched in Comedic Sociopathy as the rest of the Something Series cast, yet is considered as adorable as normal Kirby.
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  • Crosses the Line Twice: In Something About Star Fox 64, team Star Fox flies through Corneria to dispatch Andross's forces, and they just end up shooting and destroying everything, including their allies, flying through a building of innocents (and Tony the Tiger), and letting a building fall on some dude in a fursuit and a kid in a lion costume, the last of which Falco enthusiastically yells "YES! YES!" to. It's so ridiculous and over the top that one can't help but find it hilarious.
  • Funny Moments: Yes.
  • Gateway Series: Many people have reported listening to a SiIvaGunner rip used in a video and subsequently getting hooked on the channel.
  • Heartwarming Moments
    • The Stinger for "Something About Yoshi's Story" has Brown Yoshi getting released from prison, handsomely compensated for the wrongful conviction, and reunited with his family as his friends cheer for him.
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    • In "Something About Kirby & The Amazing Mirror" when Krako dies, he is sent to heaven and forgiven, causing him to tear up. Even though it's a set up for an eye pun, many have noted that the scene is touching nonetheless.
    • The entirety of A Very Kirbo Christmas, where Kirbo spends it sending Christmas letters to his friends (even Marx), exchanging gifts and helping the poor. Also, Simon Belmont and Luigi give him a Wall Meat and a Nipper Plant respectively; in The Stinger, he feeds the meat to the plant.
    • When Luigi and Kirby finally manage to exorcise the literal speed demon from Mario, Luigi is overjoyed to have his brother back.
  • Memetic Mutation
  • Nightmare Fuel
    • In "Something About Luigi's Mansion", Luigi encounters a large, screaming ghost more detailed than the series' usual standard with visible gums and fleshy stick-arms, complete with "music" from Silent Hill. When Luigi opens a door to escape, he meets E. Gadd, who isn't even able to introduce himself before the ghost crawls into his mouth and flings him all over the room, each hit accompanied with a smacking sound, breaking his neck. The fully-possessed professor then screeches and flies into the ceiling.
    • The Running Gag of Bowser getting slapped in the face becomes more disturbing and brutal as the series progresses; his face looks distorted as if a huge portion of his brain melted, the sounds are very loud and sudden, and in "Something About World of Light", he's slapped so many times, only his skeleton remains.
    • "Something About Kirby Super Star": Marx's Nightmare Faces are genuinely unsettling, the sheer whiplash with how he changes between them and his normal and adorable Kirby-esque face can be pretty freakish, to say nothing of the distorted voice and unhinged laughter.
    • Something About COPPA starts innocent enough, with Kirbo on a pretty field, but that quickly changes as COPPA's restrictions start to apply themselves, demonstrating how easily the restrictions could be applied in such a heavy-handed manner as to strip all life out of something meant to appeal to multiple demographics. All the color in the background drains, and Kirbo is morphed into a dark grey square, screaming in agony and terror. Then 'Kirbo' and a rectangle spend the rest of the video talking about incredibly mundane things in an eerily monotonous tone, with a Shepard's Tone playing all the while. To really hammer the point home, the square and rectangle aren't even allowed to talk about things that everyone talks about (i.e. stories, asking questions about stuff that may remotely appeal to children), and their hesitance even through the monotonous TTS voices says it all.
    • Namielle's introduction in "Something About Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" involves its whiskers glowing for a bit in pitch darkness, then showing its toothy, glowing Nightmare Face and roaring loudly, mirroring its introduction in the expansion proper (albeit more intense); however, the effect is spoiled a bit by Bill going "Is that it?"
    • In "Something About Sonic The Hedgehog", during Sonic's final confrontation with Robotnik, he absorbs the Chaos Emeralds and screams in pain before Super Sanic literally pops out of his body, and while spiraling around Robotnik, he makes a Nightmare Face reminiscent of both Fleetway Super Sonic and Sonic.exe with a roaring sound.
    • "Something About The Photon Aerospace Control Engineer" is a Halloween video, which naturally means scares about. The fact that it's actually a Pac-Man video does not change the fact that the "ghosts" are actually Eldritch Abominations in their own right and have made a pile of corpses in their wake.

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