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  • Anvilicious / Mood Dissonance: The video for "Behind The Sun". The song is something about a talking dolphin, the sun and the beach and is a pleasant, easygoing tune. While most of the video is just as pleasant (an Animated Music Video using paintings to depict a bunch of dolphins playing around), it suddenly gets a Cruel Twist Ending when the dolphins are killed by hunters (the footage of which is taken from a controversial British advertisement from the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society). Did they have to use such a nice song to hammer through a message about dolphin poaching?
    • The band probably didn't have any involvement in the video, as it was made in 1992 (five years after "Behind The Sun" was released) to promote the What Hits?! compilation, and the only images of the band come from footage from the "Higher Ground" video.
  • Award Snub: When the Chilis were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, the judges decided that only artists who had performed on more than one RHCP album were eligible, since the band had quite a revolving-door routine. This meant that guitarists Jack Sherman and Dave Navarro, who had performed on the first and sixth album respectively, were not eligible. However, Jack Irons (a founding member who had only drummed on the third album) and Josh Klinghoffer (the current guitarist who had only released one album with the Chilis at that point) were inducted. This created a lot of tension with fans of the debut album and One Hot Minute.
    • Anthony tried to somewhat justify these omissions. He said that Jack Irons was the founding drummer, after all, and the demo versions in which he is featured were included on the remastered edition of the debut album, making him technically present on two albums. He also claimed that they were going to release a new album with Klinghoffer, soon (and the Chilis did release an album filled with songs recorded during the I'm With You sessions in 2013, called I'm Beside You). He also maintained that Dave Navarro had reconciled with his signature band Jane's Addiction and that they, too, might be inducted into the Hall of Fame one day. Guess Jack Sherman is just outta luck.
  • Awesome Music: Many people tend to think this way about anything that involves John Frusciante and a guitar. In fact, he was voted the best guitarist to come out in the past 30 years.
    • Go ahead, listen to "Venice Queen" and tell me that is not one of the finest guitar openings you've ever heard.
    • More: "How Deep Is Your Love"
    • "Tiny Dancer"
    • "Your Song"
    • & SOS"
    • Flea is also recognized by many bassists and critics as one of the best bassists of this generation.
    • The opening bass line for their cover of "Higher Ground". GOOD LORD.
  • Breakup Breakout: Although RHCP later became massively successful musicians, early member Jack Sherman went on to play on Bob Dylan's 'Knocked Out Loaded', a much bigger success than RHCP's work at the time.
  • Broken Base: Opinions are split as to which was the best line-up and album, as well as whether the band can be as successful without Frusciante.
  • Covered Up: "Higher Ground", "Fire", "Subterranean Homesick Blues", Ohio Players' "Love Rollercoaster", and "They're Red Hot", to name a few.
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  • Crazy Awesome: All of them but Anthony a bit more than the others.
  • Epic Riff: Many, especially "Give it Away", "Scar Tissue" & "By The Way" to name a few. Double points if the riff is a bass riff.
  • Face of the Band: Averted. Even casual fans can identify at least one other member of the band besides Anthony. Also, probably the most popular member is the bass player, Flea
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Faith No More - though Kiedis and that band's leader, Mike Patton, really don't like each other, and it all stems from an incredibly petty dispute that resulted in both sides acting like dicks (Kiedis had Mr. Bungle forcibly pulled off of multiple festival bills, while Patton played a series of mean-spirited, insulting RHCP covers with Mr. Bungle that included pretending to shoot up and mocking Hillel Slovak's death).
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Many fans declared this after One Hot Minute and Stadium Arcadium took the band in different directions. Also, their self-titled debut has been consigned to the Old Shame bin even by the band.
    • It has to be said that the only reason for the first album being in that situation is that there was so much Executive Meddling on it from both the guitarist they hired and the producer, and had the band been able to do it with their original members it would have been thought of more highly. They don't disown it, they were just disappointed in the way it turned out and prefer the demos, which do feature the original members.
  • Growing the Beard: Arguably done this several times, with Blood Sugar Sex Magik being one of them.
  • Ho Yay: The lead single for One Hot Minute, "Warped," displayed Kiedis and Navarro sharing a kiss at the end of the music video, and Navarro laying his head on Kiedis's shoulder in the final scene.
    • Anthony stated in his autobiography that the kiss was a reprieve from the monotony of brutal filming sessions. In addition, he claimed that the kiss was somewhat of a Gay Aesop. Homophobic fans, in any case, denounced the band and stopped following them.
    • In the videos for "Knock Me Down" and "Taste The Pain" videos, Anthony kisses John, who reciprocates, going as far as to try to French kiss Anthony during the "Taste The Pain" video. Also in the "Warped" video, Anthony and Dave Navarro kiss (with a lot of tongue). The band as a whole can be very affectionate with each other with a lot of hugging and sometimes even kissing onstage (mostly involving Flea and Anthony).
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Older Than They Think: For some reason, the younger fans of the Chili Peppers seem to constantly forget that the band formed in 1983, and are thus always amazed that "old folks" in their late 40s and early 50s know who the band is and are fans themselves.
  • Painful Rhyme: A couple. There are only so many words that rhyme with "California."
  • Replacement Scrappy: Averted with John Frusciante, played straight with all other replacement guitarists, especially current guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.
  • Sampled Up: The album track "Pretty Little Ditty" off Mother's Milk was later sampled by the Rap Rock band Crazy Town for their lone 2000 hit, "Butterfly." Hardcore Peppers fans have been known to get rather salty about such a crude, goofy song "ruining" an otherwise awesome instrumental piece.
  • Signature Song: "Give It Away", "Scar Tissue", "Californication", "Dani California", "Snow (Hey Oh)", "By the Way", and "Can't Stop" are all excellent and widely beloved singles, but the one song that propelled them to stardom and is still their most timeless and recognisable tune after all these years is “Under the Bridge.”
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Many fans have noted the striking similarity between "Dani California" and Tom Petty's song "Mary Jane's Last Dance." Petty noted this when asked on the matter but chose not to take legal action, stating that there are enough Frivolous Lawsuits in America and that "pretty much all songs sound similar."
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel
    • "The Zephyr Song." Unlike most other RHCP songs, it's not about sex, drug abuse, breaking up, or bereavement. It's simply an ode to innocent love and a spirit of adventure making it one of, if not the lightest song from the band.
    • The positively blissful "Pretty Little Ditty." The name says it all.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The Red Hot Chili Peppers have got to be one of the most striking examples in music. A lineup change in this band, particularly at guitar, usually turned a few fans away from that period of the band's history.
    • Let's review: —the early to late-1980's (Jack Sherman, Hillel Slovak); —the late 1980's/early 1990's (John Frusciante, first time around); —the mid-1990's (Dave Navarro; the band's uncontested lowest point since going mainstream); —late 1990's to 2010 (John Frusciante, second time around); —Josh Klinghoffer will probably start this debate up again.
    • The fact that at some point around Californication they changed from a funk-rock band that occasionally did some alternative ballads to an alternative band that occasionally does funk-rock doesn't help with this
  • Ugly Cute: The chola girls in the "Aeroplane" video, to a certain extent. Their sequin bodysuits, heavy makeup and constant gum-popping celebrates both their feminine curves and urban L.A. aesthetic.
  • Vindicated by History: One Hot Minute has recently gotten this reputation, with many people being a lot more gentle with it compared to the commercial failure when it came out, especially regarding Dave Navarro's role in the album. Most fans these days attribute it's backlash when it came out caused by it being squished between the band's biggest albums.


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