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The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Freaky Styley

  • "Jungle Man".
  • "Hollywood (Africa)". HOOOOOLLLYYYWOOOOOOD!
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  • "Yertle The Turtle". Based on a Dr. Seuss story of all things, the song brilliantly represents the Chilis' funk origins and is a killer final track.

The Uplift Mofo Party Plan

Mother's Milk

  • Their cover of "Higher Ground", one of their first stepping stones to widespread popularity. That opening bass line is killer. Total Guitar named it the 2nd best cover ever for a reason.
  • The album opener, "Good Time Boys", is an absolute rampage, one of their heaviest songs, and quite funky, too- what a way to open a record! It's also got some nice lyrical props to other bands from the L.A. scene, too - Fishbone, X, Minutemen (and offshoot band fireHOSE).
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  • And, of course, "Knock Me Down", especially the extended version, which adds some extra awesome soloing. This was another early semi-hit for them, and it's another Ode to Sobriety, albeit a somewhat more mellow one than "Fight Like A Brave". The cello part really pushes it over the top.
  • The blissful instrumental "Pretty Little Ditty," a portion of which was famously sampled for "Butterfly" by Crazy Town.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

One Hot Minute

  • "Aeroplane", usually considered one of the strongest songs from the band's Dave Navarro era, is this due to sheer variety of textural shifts it employs while still being catchy, melodic and, above all, pretty damn funky.
  • The monstrous, very heavy "Warped", is one in a Darker and Edgier kinda way- it sports an Epic Riff, plus its got a great, creepy intro and mellow coda that comes out of nowhere. And it WORKS.
  • On the subject of great riff action, there's "Coffee Shop". And it's got 'em on bass and guitar. And it's very aggressive.
  • How about Transcending? Epic riffs, an epic closer and many other things. And it helps that it's also a tribute to River Phoenix. And that last section...


By the Way

Stadium Arcadium

I'm With You

  • "Monarchy of Roses" blends doominess with funk, so well it's mind blowing.
  • "Factory of Faith". Dat fadeout tho.
  • "Goodbye Hooray" is possibly the hardest rocking song on the album. Flea picks up a rare bass solo, and Josh gets a small section devoted to his dreamy backing vocals.

The Getaway

  • "Dark Necessities" is a really good lead single for a record such as this one. The chorus sections, Flea's groovy bass, and Danger Mouse's production job make for an all-around nice ditty.
  • "Goodbye Angels". The climactic outro, especially with Flea's slap bass technique, basically makes that song as a whole.


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