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YMMV / Ozark

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Jonah Byrde: He is just going through a morbid phase or is he a budding psychopath?
  • Badass Decay: The Snells are absolutely terrifying in season one. But by season two, they spend much of the series on the defensive. As large as the Lake of the Ozarks is, they're big fish in a small pond, and they don't fare well when they start getting tough with a multinational cartel.
    • It's a bit less "decay" and more "getting put into context". The Snells don't stop being their scary selves. But, a freshwater pike is always going to run into trouble when facing bullsharks who can work out how to deal with fresh or salty, wherever they are.
  • Rooting for the Empire: No, Ruth is no more good news than Marty is. But, you try reminding yourself of that when she locks her uncles in with those bobcats for their crime of complete dumbass idiocy. Throughout her arc, there is a strong undercurrent of You Go, Girl! to the actions she does, however reprehensible. At least she's bleeding trying to get good at being bad.
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  • Spoiled by the Format: It's a series called Ozark, so we know in season 2 that the Byrds aren't going to leave the Ozarks.

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