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Fridge Brilliance

Mason Young calling Marty The Devil, appears as him showing how much he hates the money launderer for ruining his life, but when you think about it, he has a good point. Marty seems to make the lives of everyone around him worse when he comes around. Rachel, Mason, even criminals like Del and the Cartel, The Snells, Politicians, Residents, and now the Kansas City Mob. It seems like things were going either great or normal for them until Marty shows up, then all kinds of problems happen. Even his own family suffers because of this. Darlin Snell calls this out several times but is ignored by her husband Jacob. There is also the concept of the show about making choices and the consequences afterwards especially if you made the wrong one. Marty makes it clear several times that he doesn't fell sorry for the people he indirectly hurts, because they made a choice and therefore chose their fate. Lastly, Marty presents himself as an Angel investor who makes promises of turning failing businesses around and making the people rich so he can use them as a cover for his laundering, something Mason calls out by admitting that he let Marty temp him with the promise of a church, playing on his pride.

  • Interesting idea. However. the Devil intentionally sets out to ruin people, and uses temptation as a means to an end (corrupting your soul). Marty has no such intentions and often works very hard to avoid (and fix, to everyone's benfit) the problems that show up. If anything, his amorality exposes the immorality of everyone else - he's here to make money with as little fuss as possible, and if everyone else would quit being idiots, everything would be just fine. Wendy, on the other hand, definitely becomes enamored with being the Villian Protagonist, and seems to revel more and more with embracing being a criminal.

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