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  • Why doesn't Buddy just get a reverse mortgage instead of selling his house on the unusual stipulation that he be allowed to live in the basement until he dies? Reverse mortgages were created for just this kind of thing: elderly people who own their homes but can't afford their living expenses. He'd be able to continue living in his home without becoming the lodger of a bunch of strangers.
    • Other than the same reason Hamlet didn't kill his uncle when he had the chance (there wouldn't have been a play), Buddy probably just doesn't want to be hassled with all the paperwork.
    • Also, it's likely he was looking for companionship (or at least a caretaker) in his last months. He didn't seem to need the money, and the condition he be able to stay seems more about human contact than money.
  • Rather than try to do something impossible (ask for Zeke back within the span of a few hours when it normally takes weeks), put himself into Wilkes' debt with a big ask, and raise suspicion to himself, why didn't Marty go over to Mason's house and explain that if Mason could wait two or three days, he'd have his kid back? It didn't benefit Mason to do something drastic and lose a chance at his ultimate goal.
    • To put it lightly, Mason was not in a very great place, emotionally and psychologically. His wife was murdered, his faith in God shattered, and now his child taken from him. Not to mention, Marty would be the worst person to calm him down since Marty had lied to him before and arguably is the reason for all of Mason's troubles in the first place.
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    • Mason very explicitly blam3d the two Byrnes for all that had gone wrong in his life. He had repeatedly said to both their faces as such, and repeatedly spurned their (very obviously good) advice on numerous occasions throughout Season 2. There was no way he would have listened to anything Helen or Marty said at all. He literally equated them with the devil out loud, to their face.
  • Why did Helen continually put responsibility on the Snells on Marty? The Snells were impossible for Marty to handle on his own and they were also working for the cartel. Plus, it would let the Snells know that the cartel wasn't playing around strengthening their position.

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