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  • Abridged Arena Array:
    • rp_downtown for the Dark RP gamemode.
    • gm_construct and gm_flatgrass are this for the regular sandbox mode, but they're slightly more justified in that they're the only two official maps that come with the game (not counting ones imported from other games), whereas rp_downtown is a custom map.
    • has_museum is extremely popular in the Hide and Seek game mode, thanks to there being quite a few good spots if you know what you're doing.
  • Broken Base:
    • Jailbreak is one of the more divisive gamemodes, as there are no official rules- this is either a good thing as it enables you to move at your own page, or it forces you through humiliating games of Simon Says with RDM being the punishment.
    • Whether or not Prop Blocking is cheap and drags things out far longer than it should in most gamemodes or is a legitimate tactic, especially in more combat/survival focused games like Murder. You'll never see someone who will agree with someone else on the server over this. Even if the server in question has Prop Blocking as a bannable offense.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • It's almost as if there's a SWEP competition for the most powerful weapon to ever be made.
    • In Dark RP servers, it's possible to crash the server while spamming props. But make sure you don't get caught, though.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Don't have the textures from Counter-Strike Source? You'll be able to see through some walls, and a lot of objects will be replaced by giant "ERROR" messages. This includes several Trouble in Terrorist Town weapons and your knife (but only if you are wielding it from first person, weirdly enough). You will also lag on some more CS-texture-heavy maps, however.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The Male_07 Master Race. Explanation 
    • Having a problem? Just type "smoking kills" into the dev console.Explanation 
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • The HEV Flatline that you get every time you die can get annoying as death is inevitable in a game like this. Thankfully, there's a simple addon that removes this. There are also addons that replace the HEV flatline with a more pleasant sound effect, like, for example, the Super Mario Bros. death jingle or The Heavy from Team Fortress 2 saying "DED!".
    • The Shell-Shock Silence ringing every time you take damage from an explosion can get annoying after awhile.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • For GMod 13, Garry removed the restrictions on facial muscle animation, and added some more ways of manipulating bones. Hoo boy.
    • "I am PAINIS Cupcake. I will eat you."
    • How about when Scout shows his manface or something? Sweet Dreams...
    • The giant "ERROR" model that replaces objects if their models can't be found. Especially if it's moving... *shudder*
      • Even worse, when you join a server and see a bunch of errors flying by with a player held upright in a prisoner pod made up of a pink/black checker pattern, then it turns out they just made a car of custom materials and models.
    • The Horror SNPC. Holy shit, the Horror.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • The Harmless Companion Cube along with the Harmless Watermelon and Harmless Gnome.
    • The map "Paranoia" found on the official GMod site.
    • Try to not feel paranoid when you got the Horror SNPC flashing every so often and can kill you quickly if you miss him. Bonus points if you've spawned multiple horrors.
    • The ghost of RP_Downtown.
    • Someone's also made the weeping angels.
    • Play a game of Murder and you will be hit by this, particularly when the murderer blends in among trolls pretending to be the real thing.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • When an add-on requires content from a certain Valve game (usually CS:S or Episode 2), it's a pain to not own it.
    • Dupes and Saves, regarding the gigantic amount of them made by the Five Nights at Freddy's fanbase.
    • The massive FPS drop when playing unoptimized maps including the smaller ones, depending on which computer you're using.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: The Melon Bomber game mode is Bomberman by another name. Considering an online multiplayer Bomberman game for the PC is unlikely anytime soon, though, Tropes Are Not Bad.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Whether it's a case of RDM in a Let's Play or someone making a funny vehicle that doesn't work, a part of the GMod fandom will immediately ignore the fun part and start shouting about how someone's doing it wrong. The same thing also happens if you spam enemies like Barnacles or Hunter Choppers in Sandbox servers, which is considered a bannable offense.
  • Tear Jerker: An Ode to Garry's Mod.
  • That One Achievement: The game has several Steam achievements that qualify:
    • The hardest achievement in the game has to be "Yes, I am the real Garry!" which requires you to play on the same server as the programmer, Garry Newman. This is made near impossible because unless you're friends with him you won't know which server he is on and he rarely plays the game anymore.
    • The achievements "Half Marathon" and "Marathon" require you to spend an absurd amount of time on the same server and map- four and eight hours (respectively) straight. Assuming your computer can handle the stress of running the game that long, you have to hope that the game and/or server doesn't spontaneously crash on you (which it is very prone to doing) and that the game doesn't just arbitrarily refuse to count your playtime and deny you the achievement (which it is also prone to doing).
    • "Addict" requires one year of combined game time. That's 8,760 hours.
    • "Secret Phrase" requires you to type in a very specific phrase on the chat. Even if you do figure it out, Garry is prone to change the phrase when he updates the game. Luckily, there are plenty of guides that tell you what the phrase is.
    • Those are nothing compared to the Workshop achievements. Hope you made something really good! The worst is "Mega Upload," which requires getting 1,000 thumbs (likes) on a single item.
  • That One Level:
    • Owing to Abridged Arena Array, games of Murder or Trouble in Terrorist Town can get rather tiring if played on gm_flatgrass, since some players tend to run as far away as possible and hide.
    • gm_construct in the Hide and Seek game mode, simply because there's next to no places to hide on that map, so any rounds on it become long, drawn out glorified games of tag that take forever to complete. Even worse, because of this, it's a popular map to pick among trolls and griefers as a result.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • The menu screen was changed from a Citizen putting a traffic cone on the G-Man to a more serious shot of a Citizen holding the Physics Gun over his shoulder and the Tool Gun in the other hand. Some people were not amused. This changed in GMod 13 as they now have various backgrounds that allow you to add or remove any backgrounds that you want.
    • GMod 13 removed the turret tool and many others. They can be easily downloaded via the workshop though.
    • The removal of the toybox in place of the new workshop support. Garry did his best to get players used to it saying that it was not a bad thing. It isn't helped by the fact that downloading larger addons can cause not only the game itself to crash but Steam as well.
  • Uncanny Valley:

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