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Abridged!Kyon: Why is there a show named after me full of f***in' lolis?
(In a black screen, Yuki loads up a shotgun and shoots Kyon)
Abridged!Yuki: Stay in your own series, cracka!

K-On! The Abridged Series, by the group Just5Guys, is an Abridged Series of the 2009 anime K-On!, started by the user Zeromaster with editing done by either Zero himself or Toaster, depending on the episode. All of the abridgers also work on the similar show The Abridging of Haruhi Suzumiya in various ways, so a lot of the humor and editing style reflects that show. As their name (originally and currently) suggested, the team consists of, well, 5 guys (Zeromaster, HokageTitan, Toaster (who left the group after episode 5), KnightShade, and RogueAbridger, along with FullmetalChao, who joined the group while in production of the second episode). The show regularly updates on the Just 5 Guys account, but YouTube took down the fifth episode (and eventually, the first four of said episodes and the christmas special) due to alleged copyright infringement laws (the first of the three, ironically, is due to Naruto Shippuden footage), which prompted them to form the back-up account known as The Loli Brigade.


The storyline in the broadest sense is not altered. However, the characters' personalities are vastly different, the detail of events are changed, and numerous references to other anime shows and other abridged versions of those anime shows abound!

K-On! The Abridged Series includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny! - Yui had ADD in kindergarten, ADHD in elementary school, and, as she would put it, she was "butt-fuck retarded" in middle school... And all of that's mentioned in the first 15 seconds of the second episode.
    • Hell, that episode is called "Awesome ADD Adventure"!
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall - Shouldn't all abridged series have this already?!
    Yui: I can break walls!
    Cue Onscreen Text: [The 4th wall has broken!]
  • The Cameo: In order of appearance, There's Kyon, Yuki, Roy Mustang, Itsuki, there's also— OH SHIT!!!
    Itachi: "Oh, Come on now! I'm not even in this series!"
    • As I was saying, there's also Tieto and Haruhi, among other characters.
  • Catchphrase - Yui's "Mine!"
    • Mugi's "Like", and "Yar."
    • Ritsu and Mio (mostly the latter) often say "You [insert noun here] fetish freak!"
    • In episode 8, Azusa's debut episode, there were multiple times when Azusa said "God, what a freak." It changed to "I think [insert person here] just came." in the episode after. What do you think, Zero?
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    • Yui's "I'm still a whale!" in reference to her playing pretend in the Beach Episode.
      • That one counts as a Brick Joke as well, as it appeared in episode 4 and didn't re-appear until episode 8.
      • "I'm a cardboard cut-out! ...also a whale!"
    • Ritsu's "Ritsuber! Pepsi, Pepsi!" bit in episode 4.
    • Yui's "Castanet Hero" bit, at least for the first two episodes.**
  • Christmas Episode - Made between the 5th and 6th episodes, and is not considered part of the main story. It was originally posted on Christmas Eve 2009.
  • Conveniently Common Kink - When Mio strangles Ritsu:
    Ritsu: Not to ruin the moment, but this is actually kinda hot.
  • Cooldown Hug - Performed by Yui to Azusa in episode 9. Complete with Angelic Chorus.
  • Cool Gate - Ritsu has a portal in her skirt.
    HokageTitan: I can vouch for that.
    Ritsu: Shut up, Hokage!
  • Curse Cut Short - Happens to Mio on episodes 3 and 5, no thanks to the credits.
    • Also happened to Azusa in Episode 8, in 'Scene-change' flavor.
  • Don't Explain the Joke - On-screen text is used quite often.
  • Double Entendre - Zeromaster stated that the Sex Counter will go up every time they are made (throughout Episode 8). Understandable, given the sick bastards and their writing. Subverted twice, Double Subverted once.
  • DVD Commentary - Of the first episodes, and more are planned.
  • Everyone Is Gay
    Mugi: Um, like, I'm straight.
    Ritsu: Bullshit!
  • Everything Talks
    Mio: Does everything Yui name talk?
  • Faux Horrific - In Mio's case: Endless Eight on Blu-ray.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: The same phrase, which is uttered twice. Once by Ritsu regarding Mio, once by Yui regarding Azusa.
    Ritsu: OMG! Mio-chan kawaii desu ne! (Mio-chan is cute, isn't she?)
    Mio: Ritsu! You f*cking weaboo!
  • Hilarious Outtakes: Played with in the credits to Episode 8. You just lost The Game. Thank you, Mugi.
  • Larynx Dissonance - The entire cast, cameos aside, is played by men. This ranges from surprisingly convincing (Yui), passable but weird (Sawako, Ui, Ritsu), to not really trying (Mio, Azusa). This is, of course, part of the appeal.
  • Loading Screen
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover - In Episode 6, Ritsu tries looking around for Yui's lost voice and asks other abridged characters! Even Tristan himself and Ritsu's Abridged ABRIDGED version!
  • Only Sane Man: Subverted.
    Nodoka: Oh, Mio! You're in my class. Well, at least I got the sane one.
    Mio: Oh, God, have my babies!
    Nodoka: *sigh* Spoke too soon...
  • The Other Darrin: KnightShade, known for his roles of Sawako and Nodoka, took over Toaster's role of Mio in the Christmas Special, who, for unknown reasons, left Just5Guys. (Confirmed in the J5G Vokle from April 17, 2010)
  • Real Song Theme Tune - A new OP sequence is edited to a different popular song for each episode.
  • Running Gag - Many. Mio having a penis is probably the most memorable.
    Mio: My f%@#in' balls!
  • Screwed By The Website - The Christmas Special (aka Episode 7) had been taken down in the Just5Guys and Loli Brigade accounts. So it was placed in Blip, just in case. As a preventative measure, The original versions of episodes after 7 are also put up on Blip, while altered (read: footage flipped and/or slightly darkened) versions were uploaded on the former of the two accounts.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    Ui: Let's go get some WcDonalds.
    Azusa: Awwww but I wanted to go to Durgur King!
    Ui: Well what about 5Guys?
    Azusa: Screw that! They take forever to make their burgers! .... also one of them is Canadian!
  • Shout-Out - Apparently, Kamina is Yui's brother. O_O
  • Sound-Effect Bleep
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders - In episode 2, Yui and her guitar do...things together, Zeromaster voices the whole scene out in character as Yui, and people liked it.
    Gitah: Hey, you! Sister person, get me a cigarette.
  • The Teaser
  • That's What She Said
    Ritsu, Mugi, Yui: Well, we're boned.
    Zeromaster: That's what she said!
    The Collective: SHUT UP, ZERO!
    Onscreen Text: Sounds fancy and NOT cliche, huh?
    Zeromaster: Aww...
  • Valley Girl - Mugi is given this voice.
  • A Wizard Did It
    Mio: Holy crap, how did you get good so fast?!
    Zeromaster: THAT'S WHAT I'D LIKE TO KNOW!
    Yui: Uuuuuuh... anime magic?
    Mio: That's retarded, but oh well...
  • Word-Salad Humor


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