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An upcoming chapter will feature Tomoki getting a part time job.
Because what better way to push Tomoko into getting one herself? Tomoki's at an age where most people start working for the first time in their lives, and, being the responsible and hardworking young man that he is, it's only natural that he'd do the same.
The series will end with Tomoko starting a manga based on her life.
  • The author says some parts of the series come from old high school memories, so it makes sense.

The finale will be about her and some guy in serious danger of dying,
  • So she'll try invoking Must Not Die a Virgin, then will turn out the guy is not a virgin at all, then she confesses her own virginity, awkwardness issues, but she'll get her wish anyway.
    • Then she wakes up, turns out it was All Just a Dream or something, but hints are dropped that the life-threatening situation from the dream may happen soon in real-life, cut to black, the end.

Tomoko had some kind of Dark and Troubled Past
Tomoko is unrealistically shy a bit of a jerk and had a lot of strange charecter traits.

Tomoko will never become popular while in high school...
... but she will find happiness, friends and love at some later point in her life. The series will conclude with An Aesop that having no friends in high school isn't the end of the world, and that life can always get better.
  • Jossed. From Chapter 82 onward, Tomoko makes new friends (or at least regular social acquaintances), let's go of most of her resentment against schoolmates more popular than her, and matures emotionally as well. While her life is still not all flowers and sunshine, things are on a whole on the upturn.

Tomoko is foreign.
  • Most likely European or American, given that she has green eyes, but she lives her life in Japan. Japan has a habit of xenophobia (especially since Japan isn't very culturally diverse, 98% of Japan's population is Japanese), and therefore the students could be excluding Tomoko because she's foreign. She grew more and more secluded because of the exclusion. When she started high school, she's had enough of being so introverted and tries her best to fit in, but because she's spent so long by herself, it isn't working.
    • If this is true, it's likely that one of her grandparents on the foreign (most likely her father's, as her mother seems to be Japanese) side of her family is Holden Caulfield.

Tomoko will develop feelings for her brother.
  • Tomoko seems to, ever so slowly, be getting closer to her brother. And has in the past thought that him looking at her strangely was an indication that he viewed her as more than just a sister. There will be at least one chapter where she believes herself to be in love with her brother, in that kind of way. Though knowing the manga, it will turn out to be something completely different before the chapter ends. Possibly a momentary lapse in sanity after her brother finally does something kind towards her. She seems to freak out towards anyone showing her even a little bit of kindness after all.

Tomoko is actually Haruhi Suzumiya.
  • Because someone had to do this. Tomoko is what Haruhi would be if Haruhi never awakened/received her Reality Warper/GOD status.
Kyubey is stalking Tomoko.
With that much desire within her, she'd make the perfect Magical Girl.
  • In fact, she might have been the TV witch.
  • Tomoko is a borderline shut-in, who cannot take normally around anyone except her family. The perfect victim for the NHK's machinations. The boy giving her an umbrella? The middle school kids she hangs around with? All ploys to give her a sense of hope, before it is brutally torn away from her. They'll stop at nothing to turn her into a NEET and a hikkikommori. Nothing, I say!
    • Or maybe a mixture of mental issues and internalized misanthropy is keeping her from having friends. Whatever works.

Tomoko is Konata Izumi in an alternative universe.
  • Because I can't be the only one who is reminded of a really messed up Konata when I see Tomoko.

Episode 12 of the anime...

Each secondary/background character is a protagonist of their own series.
  • Tomoki is clearly more in the life of a sports series (friends, social life, afterschool sports), the students Tomoko sees daily are from a slice-of-life comedy (constantly talking and hanging out), and Imae is the protagonist of her own series; possibly a magical girl (popularity, friendly even to Tomoko). To each of them, Tomoko is a side character of their own series, hence why she never gets a high viewpoint from any of them but Imae who may want her to join her team or just be her friend. On that note, other possibilities include...
    • Yuri is from a more serious and dramatic Coming-of-Age Story about an insecure teenage recluse who has to put up with the turbulence of high school life and frequent bullying from the resident Alpha Bitch, and who learns to come out of her shell thanks to the antics of her wacky new friend (Tomoko).
    • Hina Nemoto stars in a comedic anime that celebrates otaku culture, much like Lucky Star or Himouto! Umaru-chan. Regular school girl by day, extreme fan of anime and pop culture by night!
    • Ucchi is the protagonist of a yuri dramedy about a teenage girl coming to terms with her lesbianism after developing her first crush on a girl.

The reason why Tomoki's grown cold toward his sister... because she attempted to molest him in the past. With the things she's interested in and her desire to get laid, she may have tried resorting to rape at one point.
  • Or tried to get him to "rape" her. We've seen Tomoko try to get Tomoki to play along with her scenarios, i.e. "wall-slamming" her, and she's displayed an inability to distinguish fantasy from reality, especially when at a low point. That plus Tomoko's tendency to ignore the effect she has on others, and the fact that Tomoki's the only guy she has real conversations with (plus the tendency of H-games to feature Brother–Sister Incest, blood-related or otherwise), could mean trouble.

Tomoko has genuine singing talent.
  • The ending theme has Tomoko sing a tune with an uplifting tone. It tries to go with Stylistic Suck but frequently slips up, causing Tomoko to sound quite good. She's just a little rough around the edges unless she's starting to have an emotional breakdown, then it goes into the crapper but that's true for everyone. Of course the ending theme is obviously not part of the main story. Chekhov's Gun? Doesn't quite fit the definition. Foreshadowing? Yeah, that's more appropriate.

Near the end of the series, Tomoko will get exactly what she wants, and becomes popular.
...but later realises her newfound popularity is shallow, and that people don't love her for who she is, so she wishes to return to the honest friendships she had with Yuu and (possibly) Komiyama, the moral of the story being that it doesn't matter being popular as long as there's at least one person out there who considers you a true friend.

Tomoko recieved an Esoteric Happy Ending
  • At the end of the series, she comments that her story doesn't matter and then laughs. She learned to laugh at her problems instead of taking them and herself so seriously, finding a certain humor in them. also, Tomoko's situation isnt completely hopeless; Though she didn't become popular, someone out there wants to "keep an eye on her".

Tomoko is a stealth Take That! to yandere fans
  • Showing how messed up you have to be in order to be into that.

Tomoko eventually becomes a serial killer
The opening credits show her being arrested, even chained to a wall, because she has lost her mind and has become Hannibal Lecter levels of dangerous. Maybe she even had a murderous meltdown in public.

The series will end in a Where Are They Now style ending, with a more confident Tomoko meeting Imae-senpai again, and telling her a story on just how much her life's changed since they last met.
  • Because why not? It would also serve as a nice way to show just how much Tomoko's Character Development progressed since the series started.

The girl who was applying for the school's entrance exam will play a part in Tomoko's third year
  • Because of all the new additions to Tomoko's vastly-expanded social circle, she's still missing the odd freshmen who has a skewed perception of her. And no, Akari doesn't count. Bonus points if said junior happens to be related to Imae.
    • Confirmed. Chapter 132 introduces said kohai into Tomoko's growing social circle, and expected, she's got an extremely positive perception of Tomoko. She's not related to Megumi at all, though.

We'll finally be able to see how Ucchi really looks like when she becomes honest with herself regarding her feelings toward Tomoko
  • We get small glimpses of what Ucchi may likely had she been drawn "normally" every time she experiences strong emotions, and most of the time it's due to Tomoko. Once she finally realizes that she is romantically attracted to Tomoko, she'll be drawn (at least in that moment) as a normal person.
    • Bonus points if she really does resemble Yuu.

Yuri is autistic or an Aspie.
Accusations of autism are something that get thrown around a lot when talking about socially awkward and inept characters, however in Yuri's case they hold a little more weight. Yuri's record of poor behaviour-not reciprocating Mako's gifts of chocolate every Valentine's Day or thanking her for making lunch for both of them, barging into conversations with people she doesn't know, telling embarrassing stories about the field trip, ignoring people she doesn't care for, tactlessly saying that the table tennis team's loss was the fault of Asuka, Tomoko and Nemoto (when she herself only had a single win throughout the entire tournament), playing a spot the difference game at the afterparty while the others were actively talking with each other, happily telling Tomoko that they won't be getting into college-indicates that she lacks empathy for the feelings and emotions of others (a core ASD trait). She also expresses emotion very poorly, and her habit of grasping her elbow seems to be stimming-more traits of ASD. Her strength (said to be quite something for a scrawny teenage girl) and poor table tennis skill indicate poor motor control. Admittedly, Yuri hasn't displayed narrow interests, but readers don't actually know anything about her hobbies and interests yet.

Rather than simply being an Ambiguous Disorder, Yuri has actually have been diagnosed with either high functioning autism (she doesn't have any issues with day to day living apart from poor social ability and seems to have average intelligence if her marks are an indication) or Asperger Syndrome in-universe. However, due to the stigma surrounding developmental disorders in Japan, nobody apart from Yuri, her family (who might be unwilling to take Yuri to the therapy and social skills training that she needs), Mako (her best and only friend, and it's the reason why Mako is so accepting of Yuri's lack of tact and social graces) and maybe Ogino (who has pulled strings at the school to ensure that Yuri and Mako are in her homeroom every year, so that Yuri won't be completely socially isolated and has a sympathetic homeroom teacher). However, Tomoko might find out before the end of the third year, either through Yuri telling her (possibly during or after a falling-out that's being hinted at), or she finds out about it similarly to how she found out about Nemo's dream of being a voice actress. This might bring the two closer, or it could drive them permanently apart depending on Tomoko's reaction.

It could have involved Minami who was probably a more of a bully in the past which explains why Yuri laughed when Tomoko called Minami "Kibako" in retaliation. Then Mako happened which somehow led to Minami's sort-of redemption. Minami now avoid badmouthing Yuri now but still groups her as one of the "losers" in her mind only out of respect of Mako and Yuri allows Mako to bond with Minami as part of a ceasefire.

However the damage has been done that Yuri believes in Safety in Indifference and is content with just having Mako from time to time. Yuri's new friendship with Tomoko makes it her lack of social skills apparent to the readers due to years of actively avoiding social interactions.

Yoshida's parents own Mouseland
Yoshida came from a wealthy background betraying her delinquent image, and her family actually owns or has a big share in the company that runs Tokyo Mouseland. She probably suggested to the school for their field trip to be in Mouseland and used her family background to make it happen at all cost.

Tomoko, Yuri, Nemo and Yuu will go to the same college in a sequel
Tomoko will decide to try to get into Aoyama University and succeeds and a sequel. Yuri, Nemo, and Yuu will follow suit.

Tomoko will get into Aoyama, but none of her friends will pass with her

The alternative to the scenario above — Tomoko passes, but none of her friends do. While this is a kind of soft reset, it lays some groundwork for drama among the cast. Sure, Tomoko is much more socially capable before, but how much is she willing to invest into keeping the bonds she'd manage to make in high school. And is she willing to start over with other people IN college?

The manga has been an otome game all along
Sometime before the Kyoto trip, Tomoko started playing an otome game (likely a yuri-themed one "for a change of pace"), and what we've been seeing in the manga since then has just been how she imagines the story is playing out in her head. Characters like Yuri, Hina, Asuka, Ucchi, and Shizuku are all dateable girls in the game, and Tomoko is going down the harem route. Tomoko will succeed in her endeavor and capture all their hearts, and it will initially look like she'll have gotten her happy ending...only for things to pan out and reveal to us that it isn't real and it hasn't been since around chapter 70. Tomoko is just as friendless and socially awkward as ever, and there's no sign that she'll ever get better. And that's where the manga will end.

Yoshida and Tomoki will experience a Relationship Upgrade
Despite neither of them being the main character, nearly all of their interactions thus far have had elements of a typical romantic comedy Meet Cute. It would also be a delicious bit of irony for the girl that Tomoki eventually ends up with to be the pure-hearted delinquent rather than any of his Covert Pervert admirers. The two of them will serve as the unexpectedly stable Beta Couple to Tomoko, who will receive No Romantic Resolution with anyone for the sake of keeping things open-ended.


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