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Trivia / No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!

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  • Actor-Inspired Element: When the creators of the manga learned that Tomoko would be voiced by Izumi Kitta, of whom they were already fans, they rewrote her lines to be even more perverted just so they could make one of their favorite actresses say hilariously offensive things.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Tomoko's character design was originally meant to be taller, with smaller sanpaku eyes, however, the publisher asked for a cuter design. Arguably a positive example, since making Tomoko scrawnier and with oversized eyes ended up complimenting her characterization by making her look sickly and stunted.
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    • Yuu-chan wasn't originally a part of the manga, however the publishers thought it was too depressing for Tomoko to have no friends. Again, this was arguably a positive example, as Yuu has turned into a character foil who amplifies Tomoko's social maladjustment.
  • Fan Nickname: It might actually be easier to list characters who don't have some sort of a nickname. If a character shows up at least somewhat prominently rest assured that the fans will bestow a nickname on them and make liberal use of it. Bonus points for nicknames that Tomoko herself had come up with for the people around her over the course of her many, many internal monologues.
    • /v/'s nickname for Tomoko is "Spaghetti-tan", because of their meme about spaghetti leaking out of their pockets during socially awkward situations, seemingly for no other reason than to make the situation even more awkward and embarrassing for them. Turns into an Ascended Meme when, as a thank-you to foreign audiences, Tanigawa drew a picture of Tomoko actually eating spaghetti.
    • World Three, the primary scanlation group for the series, affectionately gave the manga the project title "loser girl."
    • "Slut-chan" for Yuu, because, in Tomoko's eyes, girls more socially adept than she is are "bitches" or "sluts".
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    • Yoshida's friend Anna is "Heroin-chan" because of her relatively large eyes and eye bags. She's also called "Meth-chan" for the same reason. Yoshida's other friend Rena tends to be called "Dark-chan" due to most of her face being shadowed over by her hat.
    • "Komi-something" for Kotomi Komiyama after Tomoko's ignorance to properly saying her name.
    • Ucchi is usually referred to as "Emoji", due to her simple but expressive face.
    • Asuka Katou was referred to as "Makeup-chan" for the longest time due her penchant of applying makeup on Tomoko, and because it took a while for the manga to even attach a name to her face. The Japanese fandom on the other hand come to call her "Katou-mama", after Tomoko sarcastically called her the "class mom" during the 2nd-year Christmas party.
    • Tomoko's social circle at high school is affectionately referred to as the "Reject Posse" due to initially consisting of loner girls who couldn't find a group for the field trip to Kyoto, though it's since expanded to include everyone Tomoko regularly interacts with at school. It consists mainly of Tomoko, Yuri, Yoshida, and Mako, with Ucchi and Hina being more tenuous additions.
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    • Speaking of Tomoko's new friends, Masaki Yoshida is often referred to as the "Pure Deliquent" due to her tough-girl attitude coexisting peacefully with her love of all things cute. The trip to Disneyland in Chapter 126 highlights this, as she's the only other member of the group after Mako who's genuinely enjoying herself.
    • Futaki, the girl with the dot eyes and fixed triangle mouth has been given a few nicknames due to not being named until chapter 128, including "Potential-san" based on a line from the Vol. 9 omake, or "Emoji 2" due to her having a similar design quirk to Ucchi as listed above.
    • Minami is typically called "Fang" or "Kibako" due to her most prominent physical trait being, well, a fang.
    • "Pineapple" for Okada due to her hairstyle looking like the top of a pineapple, thanks to her bangs being held up with a scrunchie.
    • Shizuku Hirasawa, Tomoko's new junior, is referred to as "Scum" (kuso in the original).
    • Ucchi's friend Kayo tends to be called Hyuga-chan due to her distinctive eyes. Ucchi's group of friends as a whole are referred to as Ucchi Gang by the English-speaking fandom, and as "the Female Cats" by the Japanese fandom, after the name of the room they were staying in during the Kyoto trip.
    • Due to several amusing incidents therein, fans have dubbed the events of chapter 170 and beyond the "Silver Pubes arc".
  • No Export for You:
    • The OVA, which had limited release,note  has yet to be officially localized anywhere outside Japan.
    • Outside of the first chapter being included at the end of Volume 5 of the Yen Press release, there is no English version for the prequel-spinoff, TomoMote.
  • Portmanteau Series Nickname: The title is often contracted to WataMote.
  • What Could Have Been: According to the Japanese Wikipedia at least, the authors originally planned Tomoko not to have a single friend. The editor found this premise too depressing and asked the authors to introduce a friend for Tomoko, which is why Yuu was created. Also, Tomoko's design (see Executive Meddling).
  • The Wiki Rule: Here.
  • Write Who You Know: The series is based on the authors' own experiences, so much so that one of them decided not to have Tomoko be bullied because it would have made the whole thing too personal.
    • One of the more popular fan-theories is that some of the supporting cast are stand-ins for the authors and/or people they know. Tomoko is Iko (the writer), Yuri is Niko (the artist), Hina post-anime is Izumi Kitta, etc.

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