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Drinking Game / No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!

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  • In her first year, have a shot when Tomoko stutters.
  • In her first year, have a drink when Tomoko jumps to outlandish conclusions and then acts on them.
  • Have a drink when others completely misunderstand Tomoko.
  • Have a drink whenever Tomoko laments that she has no friends.
  • Have a drink when Tomoko makes a wildly expressive face.
  • Have a drink when Tomoko creeps on Yuu.
  • Have a drink when another character is weirded out by Tomoko's antics.
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  • Have a shot when Tomoko accuses Kotomi of perving on her brother.
  • Have a shot when Yuri acts as Tomoko's Minder.
  • Have a shot for every chapter where Tomoko does something hypocritical.
  • Have a shot when Tomoko angers Yoshida.
  • Have a drink when Ucchi is seen stalking or in general creeping on Tomoko.
  • Have a shot for each page when you find a chapter that is close to only 5 pages long.
  • Have a shot when Kotomi talks about baseball.
  • Have a shot for each new chapter that Yuu does not appear in.
  • Have a shot each time you encounter an Ecchi chapter, switch to entire drinks after the Sports meetup chapters
  • Have a shot for each new chapter in which Yuri reveals she is not so different from Tomoko after all, or is sentimental about the field trip group in general.
  • After getting up to date on the manga, go back and have a drink when you encounter a character or plot element that would become more important later on.
  • Take a shot whenever Asuka appears in a chapter.
    • Take another one if she spends the chapter trying to monopolize Tomoko's attention.
    • Have yet another if Tomoko starts to feel flustered by her attention.
  • Have a shot for every time Yuri shows poor social skills.
  • Take a shot when Fuuka appears. Take another one if said appearance is more than a background cameo.