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  • Upon working up the courage to face the cockroach everyone else is afraid of, Tomoko squishes it without remorse and happily goes to clean her shoe as she imagines what her classmates think of her. Good news, they're not ignoring her anymore. Bad news, they now think of her as the weird quiet girl who crushes anything that annoys her, even something that has the rest of the class up and running in the opposite direction. It is both sad, and completely hilarious.
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  • In the spinoff "It's not my fault my friend is not popular", during one of their earlier meetings Yuu hears Tomoko talking about "getting hard" and is confused by what it could mean. She then reads it up in a book and is confused by the word for the male genital, which she then looks up too and gets more confused. The whole scene makes it look like Yuu is very naive and has no clue about sex. Until the end where it's revealed she knew what it was the whole time but merely knew the vulgar term for it.
  • Chapter 24 of the spinoff has "It was some naked guy in a coat. He told me to give him some panties but I didn't bring any so I told him no and went home." This is said by Yuu casually to Komiyama's silent horror
  • "This slut is my friend."
  • Memories of peeping were made!!
  • brb gotta shit
  • The whole snafu with Kii-chan and Tomoko's "boyfriend".
    Kii-chan: A-Are you just using onee-chan for sex?
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  • The sequence with Tomoko's mom hearing her eroge vocals, especially in the anime.
  • This exchange.
    Tomoki: Fuck off.
  • Later in the same chapter, Tomoko Googling for NSFW images on her phone in class ...and getting caught when she fumbles her phone.
    "My mind is so stuck on dicks I can't concentrate at all..."
    Of the fraction of girls who have seen a naked guy (penis), Kuroki-san is now well-known to be one of them.
  • The anime OP. Nothing within the OP itself, but just the fact that a Slice of Life Cringe Comedy gets such a hardcore, heavy metal OP.
  • The 3rd ED. The lyrics mockingly talk about her "pure heart" and then she goes and pulls an ahegao while throwing up V-signs at 0:45.
    • The full version of the song makes it abundantly clear that it's about the Walk of Shame. More specifically, the Walk of Shame after doing business with a hooker.
  • Another moment where she ends up with an ahegao face. During an episode where she reads that sleeping while lying on your stomach can lead to erotic dreams, she tries to do this for several nights but only gets hilarious nightmares instead, leaving her extremely tired in class. Where she, during a test, accidentally falls asleep and has an erotic dream ending the episode/chapter with this face.
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  • Tomoko tends to overreact to small inconveniences with extraordinarily venomous inner monologues which, if said out loud today, would get her suspended.
    "My... My umbrella is not here. Why!? It must have been stolen!! So, there's someone in this school who would steal an umbrella when it's pouring outside like this ...and that jerk just goes about his day, without a care in the world, enjoying his youth. Worthless piece of scum is probably dating someone too... Not caring even a bit that I have to walk home in this rain and get soaked!! It's infuriating!! I want to KILL HIM! I want to make him suffer and die! I want to MURDER everyone who ever stole an umbrella!!! I WANT TO... Oh, here it is."
  • The whole scene where Tomoko is with Yuu at the mall takes Ship Tease and Cringe Comedy Up to Eleven, especially this line at the end of the scene.
    Tomoko: (Inner Monologue, regarding Yuu's physical attractiveness) If I were her boyfriend... (out-loud) I'd totally have a boner all the time!
    Yuu: Mokocchi?!
  • The author's message for the English-language release of the first volume:
    The many comments and d*ck pics we got following the publication of volume 1 in Japan live on in our hearts to this very day!
    • By the end of Tomoko's second year of high school, Tanigawa proves she still remembers the incident by making it the basis of one of Tomoko's hypothetical excuses... for looking up dicks in the early comics.
  • Tomoko has more money than usual from New Year's, so she does something she's always wanted to do: bitch-slap her brother with a stack of money.
  • "The hell did this slut just say?!?"
  • On Christmas Eve, Tomoko acts out with her plushie (which looks like Domo-kun) what she thinks Yuu is doing with her boyfriend: having sex with the plushie as Yuu.
  • The last page of chapter 24, where Tomoko explains to Yuu what happened: "I got raped by a spear today."
  • Kii-chan's expressions of anger are terrifyingly funny.
  • The ending of chapter 61, where Tomoko's attempt to act as the older cousin and give Kii a serious lecture gets undermined by her Implausible Deniability about the fact that she peed herself when Kii pulled a scary prank on her.
  • In chapter 74 Tomoko wishes at a shrine that all the girls she sees having a good time end up married to fat NEETs.
  • In the spinoff: Tomoko gets a caterpillar on her head. Yuu tries to swipe it off with a broom but she swings too hard and squishes it. Instead of screaming, Tomoko spaces out and imagines she's a samurai, sword in hand.
  • In chapter 80, we get an extended look at how others see Tomoko. It's as painfully hilarious as you would expect. It ends with her roommate having PTSD-esque flashbacks of Tomoko.
  • The complete train wreck at chapter 91. The sheer amount of embarrassment and the number of times Kotomi and Akari proceed to Open Mouth, Insert Foot in front of their crush, Tomoki, while Tomoko just smiles and makes it worse can't be sufficiently described in words.
  • Poor Akari in chapter 95. First she runs into Tomoko who casually tells her friend Sayaka that Akari wants to see Tomoki's dick. Cue Sayaka claiming that there's nothing wrong with that and her ensuing argument with Tomoko that Akari's feelings are pure much to the poor girl's increasing horror. Once Tomoko leaves she immediately runs into Tomoki and all she can do is mutter an embarrassed greeting before freaking out.
    Sayaka: Akari's been in love with Tomoki-kun since middle school! She's just a pure-hearted girl who wants to see Tomoki-kun's dick!
  • Savage Yuu in the christmas special of 2016.
  • In chapter 114 Ucchi enjoys the chocolates that Tomoko left in her locker until she notices that they fit together, and ultimately realizes that they are actually pieces of poop-shaped chocolates (that Tomoko originally made for Tomoki). Ucchi is grossed out that Tomoko would give her something like this ...and eats the chocolates anyway.
  • For the graduation ceremony in Chapter 115 the second years are given bouquets to give to the departing seniors. The hot guy from the sports festival scavenger hunt asks Tomoko to give him hers. To hide her embarrassment Tomoko decides she needs to "put on a poker face".
    Tomoko: ʘ∆ʘ
  • Chapter 118 has Okada rescue Tomoko from Yoshida's bullying. All is well and good, until Tomoko tells her the reason she was in that confrontation (she made fun of Yoshida's panties and unwittingly mocked her), causing Okada to drag her back.
  • Tomoko's photos from her fishing trip with her dad. She sends a perfectly normal one to Yuu, which even makes her look cute. To her school friends however, she sends a photo of her with a half rotten fish carcass, and she's beaming with pride.
  • Chapter 122. So far, everything seems to be going well for everyone reading the class assignments. Until Ucchi reads hers. Even though she and the rest of her clique have been assigned to the same class and she should be happy, she's not. She's so unhappy, in fact, that she drops to ground and starts wailing uncontrollably like an infant to the panicked confusion of her friends, who can only desperately beg her to stop because she's flashing her panties at everyone. The cherry on top is that Tomoko can only roll her eyes when she overhears this, oblivious to the fact that Ucchi's Freak Out is entirely because of her.
    • In that same chapter, Tomoko's about to introduce herself to the class, and this time, she's determined to not make a fool of herself like she did in her first and second years. However, spurned on by Hina's bored reaction to her refusal to do something funny, Tomoko decides to throw caution to the wind and drops a bomb on the class that leaves everyone absolutely stunned.
      "I'm currently accepting boyfriend applications! F-feel free to drop by my desk anytime."
  • Chapter 123. For a chapter focused mostly on Tomoki's observations on his sister's friends, we get this gem, as a response from hearing that Komiyama wet herself (and tried to pass it off as her period starting) after Tomoki spoke to her.
    Itou: I thought by now that nothing Koto did could gross me out anymore. But I was WRONG.
  • Chapter 125, the long-awaited Disneyland Trip. The first person Tomoko's clique runs into is... Ucchi. Who then proceeds to try and insert herself into Tomoko's group despite Mako's good-natured attempts to help her find her friends in her own class. This results in Ucchi throwing a temper tantrum in public just to stay in the group.
  • The physical comedy returns in Chapter 126, where during the roller coaster ride through Space Mountain, Ucchi gets a faceful of Tomoko's long hair. Instead of being horrified or annoyed at this though, she nearly passes out in bliss.
  • Tomoko causing Akane's Heroic BSoD in chapter 129 by explaining and showing her what an eroge is. She also claims that most voice actors end up doing at least one role in an eroge, including the entire cast of Crayon Shin-chan.
    • All of this results in the now horrified Akane immediately pulling Hina away to try and convince her to give up on being a voice actress, admitting that she was mad because her best friend felt the need to hide things from her, and then finally relenting and agreeing to support Hina since it's her dream. All very heartwarming until Hina's inner-monologue reveals that she finds the idea of Akane getting flustered at her voicing eroge or hentai "interesting" and that maybe in the future she'll tell Akane about this stuff first.
  • Hatsushiba is simply minding his own business in Disneyland, sketching portraits of people that catch his eye. Mako and Minami pass by, and Minami decides to take this opportunity to call him a "disgusting fatty." So Hatsushiba draws her...being dragged around on a leash by Mako and wearing a Disney-themed gimp mask and ball gag.
    • Earlier, Hatsushiba draws Tomoko and some of her friends while they walk by. He draws Tomoko's face well, but forgets what the faces of her friends looked like, giving them all generic faces... which ends up making them all look exactly like Ucchi.
  • The whole Sempai-Kouhai sequence in Chapter 132 is hilarious, as it juxtaposes Shizuku's terribly, TERRIBLY skewed perception of Tomoko as a caring and thoughtful sempai (complete with shoujo-filter sparkles!) and Tomoko's usual lewd thoughts.
  • Chapter 135 has a return to the old-style cringe humor when Tomoko reveals her make-over care of Asuka to Nemo. It's such a Cosmetic Catastrophe that Nemo has to force herself to not laugh at how overdone it is.
  • Chapter 138. Tomoko's Imagine Spot of Yuri being a grade-school teacher. Teacher-Yuri's stoic expression as she casually elbows a troublesome student sells it.
    Tomoko: Being a teacher won't work for you.
  • Chapter 139. Tomoko's casual destruction of Nemo's smugness after chapters of not being able to snark back is a sight to behold. And all it took was showing Nemo what hardcore eroge really looks like.
    • And earlier in the same chapter, Tomoko's Imagine Spot of herself, Yuri, and Yoshida hanging out smoking cigarettes.
  • Ucchi's Imagine Spot in chapter 140, where she imagines the statue of the Virgin Mary with Tomoko's face.
  • Chapter 144. After getting Hina to purchase a hardcore hentai game several chapters ago, and learning that Hina actually spent the remainder of her Golden Week holiday playing it (to one-up Tomoko), Tomoko casually reveals that she actually doesn't play games like that. The look on Hina's face afterward is a sight to behold.
  • The omake of Hina's special chapter. Tomoko frays the poor girl's nerves over the course of a single page. First saying how high her panties ride up in her crotch, and how a single movement would have completely exposed her. Then Tomoko offhandedly mentions how it wouldn't have been so bad, since she knows Hina keeps herself tidy "down there." Then taking note of Hina's distress, Tomoko tries to smooth things saying how her genitals were "a pretty pink color." Hina's look of horror as she smacks her is absolutely beautiful.
  • Chapter 149. Say hello again to Shizuku's shoujo filter whenever Tomoko says something supposedly profound.
    • Really, the conversation between the two is full of subtly funny moments. Just look at Tomoko's hand holding her chopsticks after Shizuku says how similar the two of them are.
    • This all culminates in the final frame of the chapter, where Tomoko, in trying to comfort Shizuku, somehow manages to come off as an old pervert trying to proposition a vulnerable girl.
  • Chapter 155. While in a study group consisting Asuka and her friends from other classes, Tomoko blurts out that she wants to grope tits while thinking about sexually harassing Yuu-chan. In response, Asuka, in the most blatant example of Les Yay yet, offers to let Tomoko grope her breasts. What sells it is the pure WTF reaction from Asuka's friends.
    That Kuroki girl is weird, but...WHAT THE HELL, ASUKA!?
    • Later, Tomoko gets a ride home from Yoshida, and as thanks offers to let Yoshida have her way with her brother.
  • By Chapter 157, Fuuka is still haunted by the question of whether Tomoko groped Asuka or not.
  • Chapter 158 has a funny volley of Hypocritical Humor between Tomoko and Masaki.
    Tomoko: Well, you're always acting like a hooligan, so I thought maybe you'd actually be susceptible to scary stories or something. Guess I was wrong.
    Masaki: Back in elementary and middle school, there was this girl who looked a lot like you, and she'd always tell scary stories on every field trip. Do gloomy-looking girls like you all have a thing for them or something?
  • Chapter 164. Kotomi's Imagine Spot of trying to spend her summer at Tomoko's house instead of the suggested study camp speaks volumes already.
    Tomoko: You seem to be thinking of something creepy, so you don't have to come...
    • Ucchi learning of Tomoko's study camp plans, which prompts her own Imagine Spot of what happened during the Kyoto field trip.
      Ucchi: (To herself) A REPEAT OF THAT GROSSNESS?!? (To Tomoko): I'LL COME TOO!
  • Chapter 165. Though they're at the beach, because there's no wind the waves aren't as strong. Nemo decides to play the sound of waves on her phone to make up for it, which leads to Tomoko and everyone else playing summer noises on their phones as well. The result? A cacophony of noise that makes it hard for anyone to study.
    Akane: This is just annoying.
    • Bonus points for the smug smile Yuri makes once Nemo's BGM suggestion falls flat.
  • Chapter 166. It's a baseball match, Kotomi's obsession rises to the surface, causing her to do a running commentary of the match, much to Tomoko's annoyance.
    Tomoko: (Inwardly) God, this is as awkward as that time we went to see a baseball match with Yuu-chan. Just shut up already!
    • Tomoko tries to sneak a peek under Fuuka's miniskirt as she passes by. Ucchi notices and warns Fuuka, but because she was shouting this through a megaphone, everyone in Tomoko's class inadvertently learns about this as well. You thought the days of Tomoko embarrassing herself had gone?
    • Fuuka calls out Tomoko for being a perv. Tomoko counters that she read what Fuuka wrote as her Tanabata wish a few chapters ago, which leads to a very embarrassed Fuuka trying to defend herself to Asuka.
      Fuuka: I'M THE VICTIM HERE.
      Asuka: I have no idea what you're trying to say.
  • Chapter 167. Tomoko gets motivation to study... from browsing Men's magazines articles on sex, of all things. Never change, Tomoko.
    • Later on, Tomoko and Yuri have a video study session, but due to how Yuri angled her smartphone (which doesn't have enough room to mirror), it made it seem like Yuri was looking down threateningly to her the entire time. Needless to say, Yuri made Tomoko uncomfortable, without meaning to.
    • In the same study session, Tomoko catches Yuri humming to herself. Tomoko tries to pass it off as a joke, but Yuri is so embarrassed that she goes on to a full facial blush ...and then hits her table hard when Tomoko implies that Yuri is tone deaf.
      Tomoko: That was close... She would've whacked me if we were in the same room...
  • Chapter 168. A perfect storm of classic cringe humor from the first part of Watamote plus rom-com hijinks, all centered on the Kuroki household.
    • Sayaka's attempts to get Tomoki and Akari to play twister... Except Tomoki's not interested at all in playing, which leaves Akari awkwardly playing alone on the Twister mat while Sayaka watches.
    • Tomoko sticking her phone on a ruler so that she could use it to peek on what was going on in her brother's room.
    • After finding out what was happening, Tomoko decides to call Kotomi about what was going on. It goes as well as you'd expect, with Kotomi angrily storming out of her online study session with Yuu and Hikari. Cue Yuu's Heroic Blue Screen of Death smile, and this little gem from Hikari:
      Itou: Even when I'm not there, I can feel cringe!
    • All of this culminating in Kotomi and Yoshida arriving at the Kuroki household ...and Tomoki walking in on Yoshida taking a shower, very naked.
  • Chapter 169 continues to be a comedy of errors, care of Sayaka trying to find any evidence of Tomoki's sexual preferences through his, err, preferred reading.
    • Then there's Sayaka's Imagine Spot of Tomoki jacking off to the football magazines in the toilet, after she decides that Tomoko was not Asexual, but football-sexual.
      Tomoki: (In Sayaka's imagination) Messi! Messi!
    • And all through this, Yoshida just casually reads through manga while lying on Tomoki's bed.
  • Chapter 170. After having her hair successfully dyed by Yuu and Asuka, Tomoko decides for whatever reason to also dye her pubes. This works as well as one might expect, which leads to Tomoko secretly texting Yuu (to avoid getting embarrassed in front of Asuka) to help her rinse down.
    • Yuu's bleached and blank-faced appearance, after being given a whole lot of review material by Asuka to prep her for the study camp.
  • Chapter 171. Yuu's blank-eyed stare even before the camp begins speaks volumes already about what the poor girl's brain had to go through to get to this point.
    • Ucchi's reaction to seeing Yuu again is funny and doubly ironic:
      Ucchi: The generic me!
    • Fuuka's thought bubbles once she learns that Tomoko will room with her and Miho are chuckle-worthy, due to how off-the-mark they are about Tomoko. Speaking of which, there's her nickname on the room distribution: "kuzu-otome" (low-life maiden).
    • Tomoko's realization that, at that point in the study camp, she's at the same level as Yuu. Likewise, Yuu eyes suddenly brightening up again when she realizes that she's in the same class as Tomoko!
  • Chapter 172: Ucchi's fantasies start off strong with her thoughts on a "Kuroki Bath", where she can "drink in the gross, relax in the gross".
    • Likewise, Ucchi's extremely shiny face after getting out of the bath after Tomoko's turn in it. Likewise her thoughts all throughout her visit to Tomoko's room.
  • Chapter 173: Kotomi's post-sauna blissed out face... Followed soon after by Yuu's.
  • Chapter 174: Tomoko wakes up late in the evening, and has to go to the toilet, but she forgets to lock the door behind her. As a result, Fuuka walks in on her, which sets the stage for another joke later on...
    • Tomoko's observations on her friends' choices of breakfast: Asuka eats like a model, Kotomi eats way too much for her own good, while Yuri eats so frugally that it brings this quip from Tomoko:
      Tomoko: It's the kind of meal Baki the Grappler would have before a match.
    • Fuuka slooooowly coming to realize that she saw something during her encounter with Tomoko in the toilet, but because she can't properly explain it to everyone (nevermind it was the middle of breakfast, and such a topic socially inappropriate), and you can see Fuuka's reputation go down the toilet.
    • Later on she finally realizes what she saw: that Tomoko dyed her pubes silver. This leads to a hilarious train of thought that is once again off the mark by miles, and furthers her wrong perceptions of Tomoko.
  • Chapter 175: Tomoko's Akuma-esque attempt to get into the shared bath to avoid having anyone see her dyed pubes... only to fail anyway as Miho noticed them right away.
    • Kotomi's spirit visibly leaving her body as she blisses out again thanks to the massage chair.
  • Chapter 175.2: Fuuka belatedly realizes that even her friends don't really take her seriously anymore.
  • Chapter 176: Tomoko thinking about Futaki and Uchi, and how despite being emojis they had curves in all the right places.
  • Chapter 177: A visit to Comiket is always rife with possibilities for humor, as Hina soon discovers. Like when she finds out that her acquaintance's product... is actually quite lewd. Seeing Tomoko's hip gyrations is one thing, but listening to the CD first-hand makes Hina break out in a full-face blush.
  • Chapter 178:
    • Hina's blank-face look as Tomoko casually rattles off what she knows about "deli-health" (a form of prostitution in Japan).
      Hina: There's a ton of words I've never heard of before.
    • Hina also gets a glimpse of Tomoko's downstairs, sparking the same awkward curiosity as Fuuka in what fans have dubbed the "Silver Pubes arc".
  • Chapter 184.2: Asuka and friends overhear people talking about rumors that Fuuka is obsessed with sex. They get mad, only for Fuuka to arrive and ask someone to actively tell everyone that she's a slut.

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