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Survival is an RPG Maker video game created by Ixzion, administrator of RPG Maker Magazine and member of Let's Race with RPGM. Originally a stand-alone game, it has two upcoming sequels. As of October 2013, they are both being developed simultaneously. Survival II for RPG Maker for PlayStation, and Survival III for RPG Maker VX Ace.

The story of Survival 1: Traz Felding is a freelance detective down on his luck ever since he quit the International Biohazard Research and Combat Organization (IBRCO), on issue of shady deals between them and Ico Corp. and the death of his partner. Accepting a job from Ico to find some evidence, Traz arrives on Mainland Island. However, he is beaten and thrown into a cell. Days later, he manages to escape. However, there seems to be no human life left, but something's definitely moving outside...

Note that this page contains spoilers for Survival 1, and only a handful of information for its sequels.

Survival 1 has a Let's Play of the game by its creator, found here. A second LP by fellow Let's Race with RPGM racer Draygone, this time of the 10th Anniversary Edition, can be found here.

The Survival series provides examples of:

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