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  • Adored by the Network:
    • The show is getting a lot of airtime on Cartoon Network, despite not having enough episodes to rerun. This is because the show gets high ratings from the target demographic, on par with Teen Titans Go!. It got to the point where the network added reruns of the original show on Saturday and Sunday nights beginning in late November, then weekday afternoons starting December 24th.
    • The show was confirmed to be renewed for a second season on December 22nd.
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  • Children Voicing Children: Cody and Gwen are voiced by child actors.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer:
    • Some electronic program guides list Cle Bennett, Carter Hayden, and Peter Oldring as part of the cast, when Deven Mack, Cory Doran, and Wyatt White replaced them as Chef, Noah, and Cody in this show.
    • The press synopsis for the episode "Snots Landing" mentions that Courtney's house diorama is for a contest and that she must get the furniture Beth stuck up her nose back before the judge arrives. In actuality, she made the diorama to present at show and tell, doesn't learn of Beth sticking the couch up her nose until roughly halfway into the episode and there are no illusions to a contest of any kind.
    • The press synopsis for "Duncan Disorderly" mentions that Duncan has to look after Bridgette & Cody after escaping from a community walk. But in the actual episode, Bridgette's role is given to Beth.
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    • The press synopsis for "Soother or Later" states that Duncan's reason for returning to the daycare after escaping was because he realized he forgot his pacifier. But despite said pacifier actually appearing briefly in the episode, his motive for going back is actually because he gets scared when it begins to storm outside.
  • Creator's Favorite: Christian Potenza has repeatedly emphasised that Jude is his favorite character to play of all time, and voicing a version of him on a rendition of Total Drama is a dream come true for him.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: The Latin American Spanish dub has Cody voiced by Angie Mallo, a preteen girl.
  • Descended Creator:
    • Evany Rosen (MacArthur), wrote "Tiger Fail".
    • Terry McGurrin (Colonel McColonelson & Don from The Ridonculous Race) wrote "Venthalla", "Duck Duck Juice" and "Sharing is Caring".
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.":
    • This will be Jude's first appearance in Hungary, as 6teen was never released there.
    • The show premiered in Britain on June 3, 2019. This will be MacArthur, Don, Carrie, Devin, and Chet's first appearance in the UK, since The Ridonculous Race never aired in Britain. The UK version covered the first two seasons on Disney XD and only the first season (Island) was reran on Pop! recently.
  • The Original Darrin: Lily Bartlam voices Gwen for this series instead of Megan Fahlenbock. However, Megan briefly voices her for the Flash Forward ending of "Tiger Fail".
  • The Other Darrin: When DramaRama was announced, it was revealed that not all of the original voice actors would be reprising their characters:
    • Brian Froud (Harold) which he revealed on Twitter as well as how he wanted to take part in the project only for Fresh TV to deny him. Harold is now voiced by Darren Frost, who played Darth on 6teen, Snack Shack on Stōked and Chet on The Ridonculous Race.
    • Megan Fahlenbock (Gwen) which she not only confirmed on a (now deleted) Facebook post but also hinted that she was possibly fired from the role entirely thanks to "the network" (meaning either Teletoon and/or Cartoon Network). She was replaced by Lilly Bartlam. However, Megan would voice her briefly for the ending of "Tiger Fail".
    • Cory Doran (Mike) replaces Carter Hayden as Noah.
    • Bahia Watson replaces Novie Edwards as Leshawna.
    • Clé Bennett (Chef) moved to Hollywood. He was replaced by Deven Mack.
    • Wyatt White replaces Peter Oldring as Cody.
    • Katie Griffin (Mary & Miles) and Lyon Smith (Jay & Mickey) replace the unknown female VA and Neil Crone (Dwayne) as Duncan's parents.
    • The Latin Spanish dub was confirmed and the only reprisals confirmed as of now are LeShawna, Noah, Gwen, and Mac Arthur. Chef is Brick (Roger Eliud Lopez), Duncan is Lightning (Angel Mujica), while Jude is Chet (David D'Urso). Most of the original actors had moved out of Venezuela or retired, though Maria Jose Estevez (Gwen) records alone in Miami.
    • For now, the only characters confirmed to be recast in the Brazilian Portuguese dub are Courtney and Noah. Iara Riça was denied the chance to return and was replaced by Hannah Buttel, while Ettore Zuim moved from Rio de Janeiro (the place where the series is dubbed) to São Paulo and was replaced by Hércules Fernando.
    • A few of the Italian voice actors were also replaced: Bridgette (Ilaria Latini -> Valentina Mari, who had voiced Lindsay in All-Stars), Izzy (Micaela Incitti -> Rossella Acerbo), Jude Lizowski (Alessio Ward -> Manuel Meli, who had voiced Lorenzo), and Owen (Fabrizio Vidale -> Massimo De Ambrosis).
    • Half of the cast get recasted in the Hebrew dub; some with new actors and others who already voiced a past Total Drama character: Gwen (Hilly Israel -> Lauren Savir, who was Amy and Kitty), Jude (Eran Mor, who was Dwayne), Beth (Orly Katan -> Maya Mittelpunkt, who also voices MacArthur in here), Harold (Tomer Geler -> Tomer Levy), Noah (Jonathan Magon -> Uri Salzman), and Owen (Daniel Magon -> Gilan Shahaf, who voiced Lightning).
    • The Romanian dub is going to recast every single character (though Owen, Noah, MacArthur, and Don's Ridonculous Race voice actors might reprise their roles), since all Cartoon Network series are now dubbed in Bucharest instead of Oradea.
  • Recycled Script:
    • "That's a Wrap" is more or less a truncated version of "Hook, Line and Screamer" from Island.
    • "Hic Hic Hooray", where Bridgette gets hiccups, is similar to the Little Bear episode where the titular character gets hiccups, which stands out since Kristin Farlie voices both characters.
    • "Not Without My Fudgy Lumps" is pretty much a rehashed version of "Cone in 60 Seconds".
    • The plot of Know It All is very similar to the 6teen episode One Quiet Day. Both are also the twenty-third episode of their respective shows.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Screwed by the Network: Starting with "There Are No Hoppy Endings", new episodes in the US switched from Saturdays at 9AM, to Mondays at 5PM. This was done to pair the show with Teen Titans Go! and The Amazing World of Gumball, the other popular shows on the network.
  • Short Run in Peru:
    • Despite the show being produced in Canada, it premiered first in America by about a month. Though it didn't take long for Canada to get caught up as they air two episodes a week instead of Cartoon Network usually airing only one. As a result, it's lead to a good chunk of episodes airing there first before airing in the US:
      • "Snots Landing" premiered on December 16th, 2018; six days before it aired in the US.
      • "A Licking Time Bomb" premiered on December 30th, 2018; and didn't premiere in the US until February 2nd of the following year.
      • "From Badge to Worse" & "Snow Way Out" both premiered on February 3rd. The US aired the former six days later and the latter on March 2nd.
      • "All Up in Your Drill" & "Toys Will Be Toys" both premiered on February 10th. The latter premiered first in the US on February 16th, and the former on the 23rd.
      • "Stay Goth, Poodle Girl, Stay Goth" & "Gum and Gummer" both premiered on February 24th. The former premiered in the US on March 9th, and the latter on the 16th.
      • "Wristy Business" premiered on March 24th in Canada, and on the 30th in the US.
      • "The Never Gwending Story" premiered in Canada on March 31st, and on April 6th in the US.
      • "Duncan Disorderly" premiered in Canada on April 21st, and airs in the US on May 13th.
      • "Soother or Later" & "Mutt Ado About Owen"" both premiered in Canada on May 2nd. The former aired in the US on the 20th, while the latter's US date remains unknown.
      • "Simons Are Forever" premiered in Canada on May 26th, but doesn't have an announced US airdate.
      • "Stop! Hamster Time" and "Driving Miss Crazy" both premiere in Canada on June 23rd, and don't have confirmed US airdates.
      • "I'm the Eestah-Roo, Mate" and "Apoca-lice Now" both premiere in Canada on June 30th, and don't have confirmed US airdates.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • As mentioned above, Brian Froud wanted to partake in the project but Fresh TV rejected him for reasons currently unknown.
    • If Megan Fahlenbock's initial Facebook post that lead many to assume that she'd been fired from the series is any indication, it would appear as if she too wanted to partake in the series only to be rejected just like Brian. Though she would eventually go on to make a guest appearance in "Tiger Fail" as Gwen during the ending.
    • The characters originally started off as 11 year olds, but Tom McGillis convinced Cartoon Network to age them down to being four because having them be even younger opened more ideas for stories.
  • Working Title: Total Daycare Drama and Total Drama Daycare.


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